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Topic: Worlds End
Subject: To the point.

"I'm not the only one of my kind." Epkuni replied, as images of her flock passed through her head. She didn't expand upon her answer, as he didn't need to know how many of "her kind" there were. She tilted her head slightly, deciding that going in circles will not be beneficial at the moment, as her thirst continued to make itself known. "Is there a reason behind your curiosity, or are you just being friendly?"

Posted on 2011-11-14 at 21:41:04.

Topic: Worlds End
Subject: Small Talk

Epkuni swallowed unconsciously, as water dripped from the man’s chin. “I do not yet have the strength to fly,” she responded, flaring her wings a bit. “If that is what you are asking. And before you get around to asking; my name is Epkuni. What is yours?” She didn’t quite know, yet, what she was doing taking the initiative in the conversation. Part of her hoped that by asking her own questions, unexpectedly, by taking control of the conversation, she could find out what he wanted to know, and how much she would need to reveal.

Posted on 2011-11-02 at 04:14:22.

Topic: Worlds End
Subject: Talking

Epkuni blinked as a frist responce to the man's question. While the townspeople that she had met weren't afraid of her, this one seemed agressively friendly for a few reasons. 1) she hadn't really reached town and he's here, asking questions; 2)he's asking questions, normally the townsfolk waited to ask, usually by her starting the conversation; 3) he pulled a small metal jug out in her presence, almost as if he wanted to draw her attention to it. Well, if he wanted to be friendly, Epkuni decided that she will not stop him.

"I'm from the north, though stories say that my people originated far to the south from here." She answered, hoping to draw him out as to what he wanted to know, and why he was taking such a straightforward path.

Posted on 2011-10-25 at 23:31:09.

Topic: Worlds End
Subject: Town

(Made a slight change in my previous post. From second town visited to fifth. I took a closer look at the map lol.)

The trip to the next town took her close to four days, and by then she was getting slightly thirsty. The fluids from her kills helped a bit, but they were no substitute for an actual drink. The last time she saw water was possibly three weeks ago, but she had no clue how safe it was, and this wasn't the time of year for any of "fruit" plants to have anything that was ripe, or over-ripe; not that she saw many of those plants anyways.

Now the real danger about her being thirsty was twofold. One, dehydration was always bad, no matter who the person was. Two, she didn't have any of the currency to buy something to drink, which left her two options. A, spend a day gathering any type of plant life to possibly squeeze out enough liquid to do some major good; or B, see if there was any sort of temporary work that would earn her the copper needed to buy some food and liquid.

Now the main problem with solution A, was that she didn't see that many "juicy" plants about, most of them that she could see looked more like dried twigs. Which left option B as the better choice, possibly in more ways than one. Not only could she earn enough copper to help her in her travels, but she might also see what type of jobs that she might be offered. With that, she would have more information to work on, if she needed it down the road, about what to expect from the people.

(Here is a link to show where Epkuni has been. Just in-case you wanted to know.)

Posted on 2011-10-21 at 01:02:42.
Edited on 2011-10-21 at 01:24:15 by SunshineFarie

Topic: Hello
Subject: Thank you

*Laughs* You know full well that I'm not the type of person to do well in a mercenary group Wolf. But I do appreciate the offer.

Posted on 2011-10-17 at 23:50:31.

Topic: Worlds End
Subject: Wandering

Epkuni walked through a town in the dwindling afternoon, looking around her at the townspeople. It was hard to tell if the citizens were mutants or normals, but she did notice the lack of drug pushers, or people claiming to be part of the gang that controlled the area. This was the fifth town she had explored since coming down from Rat territory, no one counted the dumpsites as towns, and she was already seeing the difference about this area and what was reported to go on in Rat towns. There, as it is told, anyone who was a mutant was part of the Rat gang. And that, despite the official non-caring if anyone is a mutant line that runs through the territory, those that were mutants had little choice but to join, just to survive.

As the red sun slowly sank into the west, she headed out of the town to do some late hunting and set up camp. She was careful about staying in towns. She didn’t have any copper on hand to buy meals or a room for the night, so she took care to feed herself away from town.

As darkness fully settled over the land, Epkuni finished her meal by the light of a small campfire. Most of the time there wasn’t enough dry plants/dung around to have a fire, but tonight was a good one. Before settling down for the night, Epkuni worked on her flying ability, flapping her wings as much as she could. Getting enough strength to take off would take time, but she had the time to work on it. Tomorrow she would start to head to the next town. According to the townspeople, who weren’t afraid to talk to her, there were two more towns roughly west of her location.

Posted on 2011-10-17 at 03:09:04.
Edited on 2011-10-21 at 00:29:10 by SunshineFarie

Topic: I am new to the inn. Hi how are you and nice to meet you.
Subject: *Glomps*

Hi Wolf_Gear. I'm glad you're here. *Nuzzles* The people here are quite friendly, as you have noticed. I haven't fully explored the site yet, but that doesn't mean you can't explore here. I'll see you later. *kisses*

Posted on 2011-10-06 at 04:47:06.

Topic: Hello
Subject: Colors!

Sweet! Thanks. I'll be sure to check it out.

Posted on 2011-10-05 at 03:22:57.

Topic: Hello
Subject: Wheeee!

Thanks for all the welcomes. *Wipes face with towel.* Now I feel a bit less stupid in posting.
I've done some post-by-post roleplay before, but mostly on Neopets, which is a different kind of ball game than what I expect to find here. Maybe like softball compared to baseball?
Anywho, I've already read Pit F(r)iend's lovely thread. Which, amongst other things, taught me how to get the nifty avatar picture. Now if only I knew if it was possible to change font color, I would be highly content.
Once again thanks for the welcomes, and I do hope that I have fun here.

Posted on 2011-10-05 at 02:57:40.

Topic: Hello
Subject: Hello

Hi, I'm new here. Torene and Jing recommended this site to me and I decided to join. I consider myself a second generation player, my parents play D&D (and sometimes other games) and they taught me the basics of tabletop roleplaying. Torene told me that I should post a "new here" post/thread, just to be nice and introduce myself to everyone.

Posted on 2011-10-04 at 02:34:21.

Topic: Worlds End Q&A
Subject: Epkuni

Name: Epkuni

Species: Raptorian (Mutation, Human/Bird hybrids)

Age: 10 (hatch date one-third through the extreme heat season, Late October to mid-November)

Distinguishing features: Wings, green head-feathers (painted), clawed feet

Personality: Thoughtful and cautious, weighing as much as possible before making a decision. She is willing to stand on a tree branch for hours, before deciding which path to take. Likes things that sparkle, or are soft to the touch. It will take awhile to show that your are trustworthy enough to be a friend.

Wearing: Knee-length breeches (or knickerbockers), well-fitting shirt and vest. All pockets have buttons to close them during flight.

Carrying: A bow, quiver of arrows, and a knife. Some fruit or dried meat may be there, but only so long as they last. (She eats on her way, usually grazing on fresh fruit, or small animals.)

Story thus far:
Since the egg, Epkuni was slightly different. Well that is to say, she and her twin were different. Apparently, there are still some eggs that were double-yoked, and even rarer that those are the ones that hatch healthy chicks. So instead of the three children her parents were expecting, they had four.
Beyond that Epkuni and Cipnu (kip-new) were normal Raptorians. They learned how to hunt and the finer points of debating on par with the rest of their fellow fledglings. They were separable, and they didn't seem to have any unexplainable connection with each other.
Seven years passed uneventfully to the twins until the day that Cipnu didn't return from her hunting practice. By the time that her absence was fully noted, it was too dark to send a search party until dawn. Although the search lasted well over a week, she was not found. It could be that she had died, but there are those who argue that fact with the lack of remains. Now whether she still lives is unknown.
Now another nine years have passed. For awhile Epkuni was more withdrawn, which was understandable given the uncertainty of her twin's continued existence, but as most children do in a dangerous world, she put the vague loneliness and sadness into the back of her mind. Her best friend for the past couple of years has been Uzmit, a young male of the same year.
One evening, the eldest of her flock visited her family's dwelling, informing her that she is ready to take her Walk. Knowing what is expected of her when she returns, and somewhat of the dangers that she would be facing, Epkuni spent the night in packing, hoping that she truly was as prepared as the elder thought she was.
The following morning, she set out on her Walk, heading to the closest border edge. There she stopped and debated on which way she should go. Eventually she settled on heading south.

Why south? (Besides the obvious plot/grouping reason?) For the past few years the Raptorians have heard of "some trouble down in the South." While that "trouble" has be very vague, they were able to learn that a clan called the "Suns" were trying to move into Rat territory. Now, while the trouble is still slight, the Raptorians don't take it into much consideration. Especially since they don't know anything about these "Suns." Epkuni decided after starting out on her Walk, that she would travel south to see what this new clan is like, so that on her return she may be able to provide more information for the clan. Whether or not she joins the "Suns" is a different matter.

(I am basing this character of the Raptorian species found in D'n'D's Species of the Wild book.)
Raptorian Society and how it fits in this world:
Originating from the south in what is known in the bigger circles as "Phoenix territory," the Raptorians lived in what was once knows as the Appachian Mountains. They migrated north as the Phoenix became more aggressive in their enslavement of all "mutant" types. Settling far into the north, in an isolated area of "Rat territory" the Raptorians build new homes out of nearby cliffs. As the Rats seem to have a "live and let live" attitude about mutants, which meshes with the Raptorian view of life, they got along with the humans of the area, mostly by ignoring them unless they got too close to the cliffs.
Officially the Raptorians, as a group, are not directly tied with the Rat clan, but it has been known from time to time that individual Raptorians on their Walks have joined up with the Rats. This and their current non-interference with mutants, makes members of the Rat clan more likely to be "welcomed" if they are in the area.
For the most part, the Raptorians developed into a hunter/gatherer culture, with strong isolationistic tendencies. Any Raptorian is able to control wind at some degree, allowing for better flight time, some are so strong in this gift that they can use the winds to create new dwellings in the Cliffside, and decorate the cliff-face in swirling patterns.
Favorite pastimes include debate; about any subject one can form two sides of, and astronomy. The former they use whenever time permits and the latter helps them know the time at night, as well as knowing which way is north. Spending as much time outside, day and night, Raptorian eyes have developed to the point where they can see things clearly in moonlight or starlight. (Low-light vision)

Posted on 2011-10-02 at 22:52:42.
Edited on 2011-10-05 at 04:07:22 by SunshineFarie

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