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Topic: Happy *Facelick* Birthday!
Subject: Well then

Happy Birthday to the "Sobberish one". Are you young enough where you still tell your age, or old enough not to care how old you are, or somewhere in between?

Posted on 2012-04-19 at 11:12:23.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Very good!

Nice posts ladies! Just what I am looking for, posts that lead your through your actions for the night and into the morning. Perfect!

I probably wont update till later this weekend, maybe Sunday, but if everyone has gotten in their posts who knows I might surprise you!

Posted on 2012-04-19 at 11:10:25.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Well

Your character has been at the Inn for several days if I remember correctly, during those morning the barkeep and his wife were always up early readying food for their guests.

As to the mounts, I believe the stable man volunteered some mounts in the morning, all you had to do was go over to the stable, right next door, and pick them up when you were ready.

So I guess that answers your assumptions.

Posted on 2012-04-18 at 18:50:24.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Answers

Well, yur character doesnt know where this place is located as they havent seen it. So to find out he is going to have to ask someone in the morning; this late at night I doubt any places are open for business.

Posted on 2012-04-18 at 10:43:41.

Topic: Ya know what we need?
Subject: Email

They do have the subscribe function on each thread where you will get an email when someone updates that thread. Of course you need immediate email access such as a smartphone to notify you, like I do.

Posted on 2012-04-18 at 10:42:20.

Topic: Trail of the Rokash
Subject: Short Update

When Gamard checked out Tal, he found only minor wounds that his least healing spell would completely heal. He was grateful and he told the Cleric that he didn’t have much but whatever he had he would give them if they brought his little girl back to him alive.

While the townsfolk were glad that more people were coming forward and offering their aid in searching for the missing girl, the boisterous actions and words of the Khord were scaring a few people who began to wonder if this person was right for this job; but having no one else to call upon they figured they had little choice in the matter.

“If you require mounts,” one man stepped forth and spoke, “I can supply you with horses and saddles, but I will need them back when you return.”

Other shopkeepers nodded and soon they had offers of aid of food and supplies that should carry them for weeks. (This will be general stores and supplies, nothing fancy, enough for your journey) When healing supplies were mentioned, one man spoke up, “Only one place in town for healing items, that would be Adriana’s place.” The way he said it sounded as if it might be a problem, “Ah… I doubt you will get anything from her for free.”

With Tal healed, he was still exhausted from his ordeal; a couple of the men helped him upstairs to a room to rest. The other townsfolk began to fade off into the night with promises of the supplies and mounts would be awaiting them in the morning at the stables next to the Inn.

The strangers were left alone with their plans and the rooms awaiting them upstairs; the bartender locked the front door once the last of the townsfolk had left, then with a good night to them and a thanks for helping out, he too retired for the night.

(OOC: Ok, this is a short update as everyone had not committed to what they were going to do tonight and what their plans were for leaving. Once that is done for all, I will update again to move the party on their way.)

Posted on 2012-04-17 at 23:06:25.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: First Post

It was a fine post there Jenna! Nothing wrong with that! And yes that was your character at the table by the window; I hope there was no confusion on that part. Yes the others might not have known it was your character but I hope you did.

Ok, since everyone has had a chance to post I might go ahead and update later tonight. If there was something you wanted to do first you can always backpost to something or someone when you post.

Keep up the great posts everyone!

Posted on 2012-04-17 at 10:47:29.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Great Start

Glad to see all the interaction thus far. If I get a post from Jenna and everyone gets caught up to the same point where you will be departing then I will update early.

Keep up the great posts.

Posted on 2012-04-16 at 22:15:40.

Topic: Trail of the Rokash
Subject: A little information

Then the Knight of Holy Anger looked intently upon the gathered crowd and asked once again, more forcefully this time: "Tell Me ... About These ... Rokash ... If You Truly Seek My Help!"

Seeing a couple of the strangers step forth to volunteer their aid in searching for the child, the bartender smiled slightly and nodded and raised a hand to forestall the Khord’s demands.

“I will tell you,” he said and looked about the room, “for I know probably as much of the legend as any here as most people have a tendency to talk to barkeeps while they drink.”

“The Rokash is a legend, a beast of demon origins they say, it is man shaped yet larger with long arms ending if huge sharp talons. It sounds like most beast stories, yet they also have a pair of furry tentacle like appendages protruding from beneath it’s arm pits.”

He shakes his head as he pauses a moment then continues, “Truly a hell spawned creature, they have been seen before in this area but not in almost a lifetime. In my father’s time they were rumored to be under the control of a cult of some kind that would make off with people of this area to be used in foul rights at their temples. I have never seen one before, the legend says that few people have and lived to tell of it. Mostly were witness to abductions such as those of…” he glanced at the man who sat distraught in one of his chairs being consoled by some of his acquaintances, “… loved ones like poor Tal.”

(OOC: I may update in situations like this with information you request, but this is not my weekly update.)

Posted on 2012-04-15 at 19:56:52.

Topic: Trail of the Rokash
Subject: Trail of the Rokash

Drannon, East of the Town of Vala’Lia

“Papa?” a tiny voice asked, “when are we going to be there?”

Tal Megarson looked down at the tiny face that looked up at him from his right on the bench seat of the wagon. He couldn’t help but smile, his daughter’s tiny angelic face never failed to elicit a happy response from deep within him.

“We should get there within the hour Tara,” he replied as he went back to looking out at the road ahead of his team of horses. The wagon rattled along the road seeming to find far to many of the ruts that had been caused by the heavy rains of late.

The little girl went back to sitting quietly on the bench seat and idly played with a cloth doll in her hands. Tal glanced again at his daughter and was amazed at how so much like her mother the girl was becoming. Strange since her mother had died when Tara was only 2 years of age; he sighed at the memory of his wife, gone now these last 5 years.

Tara was growing to look so much like Elisa; blond hair which grew in ringlets down to just past her shoulder, thin of build, her face was so beautiful that most people found it hard to believe she was the offspring of the harsh faced man sitting next to her. Tal thought it was a good thing she didn’t take after him, he had high hopes that she would be able to escape this simple life of a farmer and perhaps marry some nobleman; she deserved a better life than he could provide her.

He looked to the road as a particularly nasty pothole rocked the wagon, he cursed under his breath, he didn’t want to break a wheel and be stuck out here after dark. They should have been to Vala’Lia by now but Tara had wanted to stop awhile back to play in a field of wildflowers that she had exclaimed about how wild and beautiful they had looked. Tal could deny his daughter nothing; she was all that he had left in this miserable life.

He knew stopping might make them get to Vala’Lia about sundown but figured they would be close enough to the town that he could make it before it got too dark; he now hoped he hadn’t miscalculated. It was growing dark faster than he anticipated; worry began to grow upon his face.

Suddenly the horses began to grow nervous as if sensing their master’s trepidations; he slapped them on the back but instead of picking up the pace they pulled up and began to whinny as if afraid. Their eyes grew large as they glance about in fear; they sensed something out there, Tal thought.

Wolves? Or something worse?

He slapped the horses again with the reins but to no avail, they grew even more afraid and their movements became frantic. Tara looked up noticing that something wasn’t right now, she looked from the horses to her father with a concerned look upon her face.

“Papa? What is wrong with the horses?” She asked, a hint of fear creeping into her voice.

“Nothing dear,” He said as he tied off the loose reins and jumped down from the wagon, “The horses just got wind of something they don’t like and I am going to lead them on. You stay there and don’t worry.” He tried to keep his fear out of his voice but didn’t know if he was successful.

He walked up next to the horses and grabbed their bridles and tried to calm them, but whatever they had got wind of was not to be denied. He tugged at them to move forward and they inched forward a little bit but he wasn’t having much luck.

Suddenly a sound split the night air, a fierce cry, almost a roar; everything seemed to stand still for a second, then everything erupted into chaos. The horses reared in fear and a hoof lashed out and struck Tal alongside his head and he went flying backwards to fall hard upon the ground.

He heard Tara scream in fear; he looked up towards where she was and saw her for a moment standing up in the wagon looking towards him in fear. Then a large shadow rose up behind her; he tried to shout a warning but it was too late. The shadow reached out and Tara was gone, he didn’t quite see what it had been. Something large and bulky, taller than a man, he saw large muscular arms ending in clawed hands and he wasn’t sure but thought he saw a furry thin appendage … a tentacle of some kind?

“TARA” he cried and jumped up as the horses broke and ran; he had to jump out of the way of the speeding wagon lest he be run down. Throwing himself to the side he was struck again by the hub of one of the wheels as it narrowly missed running him over.

“TARA!” He yelled as he stumbled to his feet, and glanced around.

He wasn’t sure what had happened, something had grabbed her but what he couldn’t see clearly. He stumbled in the direction he thought it had gone; but he couldn’t be sure as the night was growing darker by the minute and he was disoriented and wasn’t sure of his bearings.

“TARRRRAAAAA!” He yelled one last time into the night before he collapsed to his knees and began to cry. The one good thing left in his life was gone; and there was nothing he could do.


Vala’Lia, Drannon
Later that same Evening


The evening was cool and clear; the hot day had waned and the farmers and townsfolk had turned in for the night. Most had adjourned to their homes, but a few decided to relax and enjoy a few drinks at the local Inn, The Broken Rock.


There was a little over a dozen people milling about the common area of the Inn, most were simply dressed, looking like farmers and merchants, a lone Bartender (BT) and a single middle-aged barmaid (BM) tended to the customers which consisted mostly of Townies (T).

Scattered about the inn were five individuals who sat alone and wore the accoutrements of a profession outside that of simple townsfolk

(G) - At the bar sat a Khord dressed in chain mail; his one very noticeable trait was the black eye patch emblazoned with a yellow blazing sun over his left eye.

(L) - At a lone table by the front window was a young woman, who could almost passed for a townie, except for the gown and staff she carried made her seem more a scholar than a simple merchant‘s daughter.

(E) - Sitting alone at another table sat a young man who looked like a peasant yet he wore armor made from the hide of some beast, a short sword on his hip and a spear leaning against the wall behind his chair.

(R) - Looking more like a warrior, at a corner table near the front, sat a young man dressed in hide armor and carrying a large bastard sword.

(S) - At the last available table near the stairs sat a cloaked half-Sil female who did her best to meld into the shadows of the back of the room.

The evening was going well, the strangers about the Inn were known only as travelers who were passing through and staying the night breaking their journey to who knew where. They were the topic of quiet conversations at the other tables but as the evening went on the conversation turned to other more interesting topics.

The evening grew late and seemed to be winding to a close; two of the townies rose from their seats a little wobbly and waving their goodbyes stumbled towards the door. As they approached it it suddenly opened and a gust of wind blew dust into the room causing people to avert their eyes for a moment; in that moment they heard a scream, it was the barmaid as she stared towards the door.

People jumped from their seats, hands went to grip weapons not knowing the cause of the sudden apprehension in the place. But as they looked to the doorway they saw a man, his clothes tattered and dirty stumble into the room.

“Help me please!” he cried and collapsed to the floor.

The two men who had been leaving paused and then went to the man, the name Tal was mentioned by one of them as they helped him into a chair at the center table. It wasn’t clear if the man was a townsman or just someone who came to the town often, but he seemed known by several of the locals.

In a few minutes the Inn was abuzz with the strange tale from the man, at first he was frantic as he told his story. He had been a few miles outside of town on the East road with his wagon and his 7 year-old daughter Tara, when something attacked them and his daughter was taken. He was unable to give a good description of the thing that had taken her, but he had seen only something large with strong powerful arms ending in talons, and a strange tentacle-like appendage.

At this a few whispers could be heard about the Inn, a word overheard a couple of times was “Rokash”. A strange word unknown to all of the strangers here in the room but apparently it meant something to the townsfolk.

He had tried to follow it but was unable to see in the growing darkness, but he was sure it had gone North, towards the border with Sendria. He was sure that his daughter was alive as he had seen no signs of blood. So he had stumbled towards the town and barely managed to make it to the Inn here where he had seen lights.

After his tale, talk began about what to do, the townsfolk were simple people and not warriors or adventurers. The bartender turned from where they were tending to the man and glanced at the strangers in the Inn; walking over to them he addressed them all.

“Is there anything that you folks can do?” he asked them expectantly.

(Ok there it is, a simple beginning; I am sure you can recognize yourselves within the inn. It is now up to you all to decide if you are going on this adventure; of course being mostly good aligned characters and the fact that you are all here, you have already decided to partake. Please interact amongst yourselves as character here; any OOC discussions should take place within the Q&A thread. If you have questions for the townsfolk, I will try and answer them as posted and not necessarily wait for the weekly update. If you have any private questions for me; please PM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. )

Posted on 2012-04-14 at 16:37:38.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: no problem

I got the sheet and I adjusted a few things, dont worry about the THAC0, I take care of all that. You hit all the important parts. We can start this weekend. Thanks!

Posted on 2012-04-14 at 12:52:59.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Final statements

Confirmed players

Liriel -Human Female Mage (Jenna)

Gamard the Grim - Khord Male Cleric (Hammer)

Eadric Stough- Hero of Wilwarin - Human Male Warrior (Tuned_Out)

Roger DeAmore - Human Male Ranger (Odyson)

Half-Sil Rogue ?? - Kriea

(BOLD = Character received)

I will finalize my starting post once I receive the final character from Kriea; so we are close to starting. So if you have any final questions or statements, go ahead and make them either here or in the game Q&A.

You still have time to make statements about your characters knowing each other; if none then I will assume you are all strangers to one another.

Posted on 2012-04-13 at 14:24:53.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Great!

Glad to see Tuned and 'Odybear' helping out here.

If you need anything from me Kriea let me know. but most of what is required is in the previous posts of this thread. You can email me your character when you have it, just use the email address listed here on the site.

Looking forward to starting this game with such a talented and wonderful group of players. Yep still working on that smoooooth talking

Posted on 2012-04-12 at 10:48:47.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Great!

Thanks for stepping up! If you need help with the character let me know what you need.

I plan to start as soon as I have your character.

you will do fine with 2nd ed. The main part you have to worry about is the RP part, I handle all the rolls and rules.


Posted on 2012-04-12 at 01:31:04.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: One more player needed

Ok Jozan1 has elected to withdraw from the game for personal reasons; so we will need someone to play a Rogue character.

Anyone interested please post their interest here or PM me if you like.

This will of course set the game back to probably not start till next week until we find a replacement. You will need a thief for this adventure.

Posted on 2012-04-11 at 10:45:15.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Thanks but

Thanks for the advice but I wont be posting the characters on here. You will each have your characters and anything the others know about them they will have to learn through the game. I am funny like that.

As for Updates; I would rather have them at the end of the thread rather than the beginning. If I reserve spots in the thread then when I update them no one will know as it doesnt seem to consider it updated as far as putting it on the latest update list or even at the top of the catagory.

In any case; thanks for the advice. Who knows, I may regret it later.

Posted on 2012-04-11 at 00:23:26.

Topic: A new Innmate.
Subject: Welcome

Allow me to be the first to welcome you to RDI. Dont try to avoid the Eol, he will find you, oh yes he will!

Hope you enjoy your time here!

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 23:03:43.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: No Problem

Understandable, just email or PM the character sheet when you finish. If you have any questions just ask.


Confirmed players

Liriel -Human Female Mage (Jenna)

Gamard the Grim - Khord Male Cleric (Hammer)

Eadric Stough- Hero of Wilwarin - Human Male Warrior (Tuned_Out)

Roger DeAmore - Human Male Ranger (Odyson)

Half Elf Rogue - Jozan1

(BOLD = Character received)

Ok, I have all but one character sheet; some of you still need to fill in your final equipment, etc. Please get these to me as soon as possible.

I plan to start the game later this week, maybe Thursday night if everything is ready.

Read last page of so of posts here to make sure you didn’t miss anything from me. Once I have all the characters I will close this thread; I have opened a Q&A thread if you want to use that one.

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 23:02:23.

Topic: Rokash Adventure Q&A
Subject: Rokash Adventure Q&A

This thread is for Q&A for the Rokash game; place any gaming questions here. Thank you!

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 22:55:40.

Topic: Floyd Hiatus
Subject: Comics

I havent said this yet, but I love you comic. Just been getting caught up on all the ones you have on here, they are all great.

As to the artist; I think you should wait and keep the one you have (Jing) as she is great! As you said, might take you that long to find another; besides great artist are hard to find so stick with the one you got.

My 2 cents!

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 13:58:15.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Sils and other things

Nothing says a Sil, or Half-sil, cant be anywhere. Half-Sils are usually Half Human; he could be from Drannon, or one of his parents could be.

Either case, it is up to you what you want to play. Not a problem either way.


Ok still waiting on sheet from someone, ~coughs~ not going to mention names ~coughs~ Jozan1

I plan to make my posts in the middle of the week, say Wed or Thursday, since most people seem to get on during the weekend they have a chance to post then or early in the week. I would like to see a post once a week, more posts are welcome but a minimum of one a week is good.

Still havent seen if any of you know each other; discuss it amongst yourselves but if I havent seen anything then I will assume you are all strangers.

Posted on 2012-04-10 at 11:00:36.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Choices

While I did have reservations about the Kazari, I told Ody he might play one. He decided to open it up to the rest of you to decide. I have given him some restrictions if he does chose the Cat; but thus far the vote isnt going that way.

I vote, half-Sil Ranger; hey a DM gets a vote too right?

Posted on 2012-04-09 at 13:46:57.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Character Update

Liriel -Human Female Mage (Jenna)

Gamard the Grim - Khord Male Cleric (Hammer)

Eadric Stough (Hero of Wilwarin) - Human Male Warrior - Tuned_Out

Half Elf Rogue - Jozan1

Half-Sil Ranger - Odyson

(BOLD = Character received)

Posted on 2012-04-08 at 02:59:28.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Balance?

Balance is an illusion; Evil always prevails!

Glad you can join us.

Posted on 2012-04-07 at 23:01:28.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Rangers are good!

No problem in waiting a couple more days, I am still waiting on more character sheets from the others. A Sil or Half-Sil Ranger would be good. Hate to tell you no again, but I would prefer not to have another caster in the group. Per the Audalis information, Magic is rare so to have 3 out of the 5 character having magic abilities would be a little too much. So I hope you are ok with the straight Ranger as I would like to have you on the crew.

Make sure you read the previous posts in this thread as there is important info on character generation there and how I want that information presented and sent to me. If you have questions you can ask here or through PM if private.

Let me know what you want to do. Thanks!

Posted on 2012-04-07 at 20:04:53.


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