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Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: The Party thus far:

Liriel -Human Female Mage (Jenna)

Gamard the Grim - Khord Male Cleric (Hammer)

Human Warrior - Tuned_Out

Half Elf Rogue - Jozan1

?? - Odyson (If still interested)

(BOLD = Character received)

Ok do NOT post your character sheet; my practice is that only the Player and the DM have access to the Player sheets. Do NOT post your stats or any non-RPable (it’s a word) information in your posts. If you want the party to know your history then RP that or state in your post that you have told them something of your history.; what you choose to say about yourself is up to you.

Posted on 2012-04-07 at 14:14:24.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Character Sheets

Please PM or email them to me. Thank you!

Posted on 2012-04-06 at 22:51:26.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Your characters

I should say that if any of you want your characters to know each other than talk to the other players and work something out; it is fine with me. You dont all have to know each other but how ever you want to work it is fine. It wont effect my evil plans at all.

Posted on 2012-04-06 at 22:13:07.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Rules

If it is not against site rules to post this link:
AD&D Character Creation

In case someone wishes to use this to help create a character.

Also, there is a AD&D 2nd Edition character generator in the RDI Vault

Also, I like this RDI Character sheet, so please put your character on here for ease of use.

Adding: New character generation idea: One character being used in this adventure was generated for another game on here and they used 86 total points for their Attributes. I think that is a fair system, so consider that the rule for this game. Only one 18 stat though ok? You get to add/sub any racial modifiers to the stats after the 86 points, just point out where the modifiers were added/subtracted.

Posted on 2012-04-06 at 18:50:28.
Edited on 2012-04-06 at 20:58:23 by Red Sector A

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Spots Reserved

Jenna - Female Mage

Hammer - Khord Cleric

Tuned_Out - Human Warrior

Jozan1 - Half Elf Rogue

Odyson - ? (If still interested)

Posted on 2012-04-06 at 17:04:31.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Either or

Tuned- Both of those fighter kits are acceptable, Thought the peasant hero might be more in the setting. Your choice.

I have you down for a warrior spot.

Posted on 2012-04-06 at 17:01:05.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Complete kit books

I will allow some kits out of the books; let me know which kit you are considering and I will let you know if I will allow it. I am flexible!

Posted on 2012-04-06 at 14:05:16.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: Questions & Answers

Jenna - Ok so we have a Mage reserved, I will allow the mage to be 3rd lv and I will PM you about my spell point system works.

Jozan1 - PM sent also you have the Half-elf Rogue for now.

Odyson - Sorry but no Gnomes, or Brathunspar as they are called in Audalis. If you want to be a fighter type you can have it just pick an allowed race and do up something and PM it to me.

Hammer - Yes you have the Khord Cleric. I will PM you the spell information as well as it relates to Cleric.

If all these people come up with characters then I have my 4 minimum; If anyone else wishes to join please post and I will consider your character.

If anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you!

Posted on 2012-04-06 at 13:28:33.

Topic: 'Rokash' Recruitment
Subject: 'Rokash' Recruitment

Drannon, East of the Town of Vala’Lia

“Papa?” a tiny voice asked, “when are we going to be there?”

Tal Megarson looked down at the tiny face that looked up at him from his right on the bench seat of the wagon. He couldn’t help but smile, his daughter’s tiny angelic face never failed to elicit a happy response from deep within him.

“We should get there within the hour Tara,” he replied as he went back to looking out at the road ahead of his team of horses. The wagon rattled along the road seeming to find far to many of the ruts that had been caused by the heavy rains of late.

The little girl went back to sitting quietly on the bench seat and idly played with a cloth doll in her hands. Tal glanced again at his daughter and was amazed at how so much like her mother the girl was becoming. Strange since her mother had died when Tara was only 2 years of age; he sighed at the memory of his wife, gone now these last 5 years.

Tara was growing to look so much like Elisa; blond hair which grew in ringlets down to just past her shoulder, thin of build, her face was so beautiful that most people found it hard to believe she was the offspring of the harsh faced man sitting next to her. Tal thought it was a good thing she didn’t take after him, he had high hopes that she would be able to escape this simple life of a farmer and perhaps marry some nobleman; she deserved a better life than he could provide her.

He looked to the road as a particularly nasty pothole rocked the wagon, he cursed under his breath, he didn’t want to break a wheel and be stuck out here after dark. They should have been to Vala’Lia by now but Tara had wanted to stop awhile back to play in a field of wildflowers that she had exclaimed about how wild and beautiful they had looked. Tal could deny his daughter nothing; she was all that he had left in this miserable life.

He knew stopping might make them get to Vala’Lia about sundown but figured they would be close enough to the town that he could make it before it got too dark; he now hoped he hadn’t miscalculated. It was growing dark faster than he anticipated; worry began to grow upon his face.

Suddenly the horses began to grow nervous as if sensing their master’s trepidations; he slapped them on the back but instead of picking up the pace they pulled up and began to whinny as if afraid. Their eyes grew large as they glance about in fear; they sensed something out there, Tal thought.

Wolves? Or something worse?

He slapped the horses again with the reins but to no avail, they grew even more afraid and their movements became frantic. Tara looked up noticing that something wasn’t right now, she looked from the horses to her father with a concerned look upon her face.

“Papa? What is wrong with the horses?” She asked, a hint of fear creeping into her voice.

“Nothing dear,” He said as he tied off the loose reins and jumped down from the wagon, “The horses just got wind of something they don’t like and I am going to lead them on. You stay there and don’t worry.” He tried to keep his fear out of his voice but didn’t know if he was successful.

He walked up next to the horses and grabbed their bridles and tried to calm them, but whatever they had got wind of was not to be denied. He tugged at them to move forward and they inched forward a little bit but he wasn’t having much luck.

Suddenly a sound split the night air, a fierce cry, almost a roar; everything seemed to stand still for a second, then everything erupted into chaos. The horses reared in fear and a hoof lashed out and struck Tal alongside his head and he went flying backwards to fall hard upon the ground.

He heard Tara scream in fear; he looked up towards where she was and saw her for a moment standing up in the wagon looking towards him in fear. Then a large shadow rose up behind her; he tried to shout a warning but it was too late. The shadow reached out and Tara was gone, he didn’t quite see what it had been. Something large and bulky, taller than a man, he saw large muscular arms ending in clawed hands and he wasn’t sure but thought he saw a furry thin appendage … a tentacle of some kind?

“TARA” he cried and jumped up as the horses broke and ran; he had to jump out of the way of the speeding wagon lest he be run down. Throwing himself to the side he was struck again by the hub of one of the wheels as it narrowly missed running him over.

“TARA!” He yelled as he stumbled to his feet, and glanced around.

He wasn’t sure what had happened, something had grabbed her but what he couldn’t see clearly. He stumbled in the direction he thought it had gone; but he couldn’t be sure as the night was growing darker by the minute and he was disoriented and wasn’t sure of his bearings.

“TARRRRAAAAA!” He yelled one last time into the night before he collapsed to his knees and began to cry. The one good thing left in his life was gone; and there was nothing he could do.


Ok a little blurb here to set the stage for recruitment. I am looking for at least 4 players, but will entertain as many as 6 for this adventure.

AD&D 2nd edition rules (some house rules apply, such as I use a point system for spells, cleric and mage. Ask for details.)

Basic classes: Warriors, Thieves, Clerics, Mages, etc. If you want something special let me know what and I will consider it. I would like to have all the bases covered; i.e. you need a thief in case you come across that door you just can’t bash down.

Character creation: You can submit me a character you play already on here if of appropriate LV and class or you can generate one using any of the standard methods. I will entertain suggestions on what method any interested parties might like to use. I prefer 4d6, drop one; point system to buy your stats; etc.

Low level (2nd level with maybe one 3rd lv mage character; only one spell caster, other than cleric). No magic items. You can pick our your type of armor (nothing higher than Chainmail) and one main weapon for free; you will get 100 gp ea. for miscellaneous equipment.

Races: Just the usual, Sils, Khords, Human, or Half-elves (No Cidals or Brathunspar)

Ok hope I didnt forget anything.

Please post interest here please.

You can ask me questions here if it is something everyone might like to know or through PM is you wish to keep it secret.

Note: The place of Cleric has already been reserved; but the other positions are still available.

Posted on 2012-04-05 at 23:46:24.

Topic: Greetings, Salutation, Hola!
Subject: Great!

Thanks for the info; I wanted to make sure before using Audalis.

Adapting my adventure to Audalis settings now; I figure it would be easier for Innmates to take part in a setting they are more familiar.

Besides I like the setting and I can tell alot of work has gone into it's creation.

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 16:56:15.

Topic: Greetings, Salutation, Hola!
Subject: Thanks Again!

Such a friendly bunch! ~Wipes face off with the towel~ I can tell I am going to fit right in here.

Now I do have one question; I have been reading the Audalis information and must say I like what I see. A well thought out setting and one that most people here are familiar with and know better than me. I am leaning towards using this setting in my upcoming game, so to my question.

Who do I get permission from to use Audalis on here for my adventure setting? Or is it generally ok to use on this site?

Thanks! Be seeing you!

Posted on 2012-04-03 at 10:48:15.

Topic: Greetings, Salutation, Hola!
Subject: You are most kind!

Thank you all for the friendly greetings! I hope to stick around for awhile to come. I have been looking for a place to play lately as my tabletop games have dwindled in the last few years to nothing really. I long for the adventure and I love to DM. Most think I am a better DM than a player, maybe because I did more DMing than playing because no one wanted to be the DM.

Anyhow, thanks for the towel. I have been reading on here long enough to know what to do with that. I have pondered the advent of a spell or poultice or something to keep the Eol away but alas that is even beyond my powers I fear. I will just have to take my ‘lickings’ as they come; besides one is not truly a part of RDI till they have been proper indoctrinated by Eol.
As for the game I am contemplating running on RDI; it would be AD&D 2nd edition of course, my favorite by far. Once 2nd Edition came out why did they even bother making the others? Money of course is the only motivation.

I have used Faerun mostly for my background setting since its induction; though I have been studying the Audalis setting and must say it has much promise and if players here are more familiar and comfortable with that setting it wouldn’t be a problem for me to adapt.

If you are interested in playing with me soon, keep a weather-eye out on the Recruitment threads, I will have something up there soon.

Till then, I will be watching and reading. Thanks again for the welcomes.

Posted on 2012-04-02 at 10:55:05.

Topic: Greetings, Salutation, Hola!
Subject: Greetings, Salutation, Hola!

Well now that the cruel and very funny April Fool's Joke is over; I wanted to address my coming to RDI with the hopes of RPing and DMing with you all.

My name is Joel, I am most often called JC by my friends and coworkers. I have played D&D since I was 11 years old with the original D&D books, the 3 booklet boxed set. I have played all versions up to 3.5 but my love has always been AD&D 2nd edition.

I have been reading this site for a couple weeks before deciding to join and give it a try. I have done some online RPing before on other chat sites, most of which have fallen by the wayside.

I hope to maybe get into a game or two and hopefully DM a game on here in the near future.

So I will be seeing you around, even if you dont see me.

Posted on 2012-04-01 at 23:25:01.

Topic: RDINN is moving to facebook!
Subject: April Fools?

I too hope this is just a April Fool's Joke as I have only just found and joined this site and I would hate to leave it even before I get a chance to say hello.

Posted on 2012-04-01 at 11:07:25.

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