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Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: The Drow...

Avalon's eyes widened. "How long ago was it that he left this town?" She shook her head and silently cursed herself. The drow gave her the slip again. She stood and started to pace by the table. "You said to the east? Night is quickly approaching and I do not travel at night. I must find a place to stay over night and then set out in the morn..." She sat back down and started to drink her ale again.

Posted on 2012-06-19 at 06:02:04.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: The Tasks at Hand...

A serious look shaded Avalon's features. "I am in search for the man that killed our king and queen." She looked away from the man for a brief moment as she continued. "I am one of their personal guards. I was helpless to help them from the Drow. He deceived us all. I have been tracking him, in fact to this town but when he got here it seemed he just disappeared." She took a deep breath hoping that the group did see through her story and seen who she really was. "My first task is to bring the Drow to justice, then to free my kingdom... And as for the Asgoth army... I know that I will never be able to fully beat them but I can drive them from my lands." She sipped on the drink that the dwarf offered her. her voice held passion regarding the tasks that were set in front of her. She showed no fear but a deep sadness. "I cannot fail..." her words trailed off as her gaze became distant.

Posted on 2012-06-15 at 20:09:32.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: A drink from a Dwarf...

Avalon jumped slightly at the clanging sound that rang out through the bar from the battle axe hitting the bar. Her instincts fully took over and her defense snapped up ready for a potential fight. Her left hand slid quickly to the dagger strapped to her hip as her eyes scanned the crowd to see where the noise came from. Her crystal blue eyes found the target rather quickly. She eyed him up and down with her hand ready to draw the deadly blade at any moment if she thought him be a threat. Hearing him call out for drinks for the whole tavern she released the grip of her dagger and eased her attention to the Halfling and the old man that sat before her. She smiled softly at the barmaid who had just stopped at the table and placed the drinks before Avalon and the men she was sitting with. Avalon looked over to the Dwarf smiled sweetly and nodded with gratitude towards the act. Thanking him silently and slipping her attention back to the conversation that had her attention originally.

Posted on 2012-06-13 at 05:41:16.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia Q&A
Subject: Adventures in Celestia Q&A

If ever your last and have a question about where we are and where we are going in theis, or just general confusion about Aventures in Celestia, ask away and we will find an answer for you. Ask anything you like and i will try to have an answer for you. SO ask away pwople.

we can also formulate different ideas here and build our characters. give our characters backgrounds and build theminto something great.

cath ya'll later

Posted on 2012-06-12 at 23:55:24.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: The truth is told....

Looking from the old man to the halfling. She nodded politely and waved her hand at the seat elagantly. From the the way she moved so gracefully she appeared to be of royalty.

"You ask me of my troubles and not of my name." She gave of a soft smile and a small laugh. "Very well." She waited till the halfling was seated and comfortable before she started her sad story.

"I know that it seems unusl for a Silvermoon elf to been seen so far from home but I was driven out of my homeland by forces so dark and crule." She took a deep breath. Bringing her hand upto her forhead and letting it rest gently while shilding her eyes for a brief moment she sighed. "I should start with my name, shouldn't I." She moved her hand and took her glass of ale in it. "I am Avalon Silvastii." She waited for a moment or two to see if the two shown any sign of know that she was royality, the only living heir to the royal thrown to the Elven City to the East. "As you know the King and Queen were viciously murdered in the Elven city of Telsia. The Asgoth army invaded the beautiful city bringing death and destruction to the city as they fought their way to the castle." Her eyes becoming distant as if she was slipping into a memory. "It was the night of the Moon Tree festival, the king and queen were celebrating their only daughter's coming of age birthday in the castle ball room. THe moon was about to take it's rightful place above the Moon Tree, and in turn the Moon Tree would have given it's blessing to their daughter when a hooded stranger approced the thrown. When he dropped his hood it shook the whole ballroom, for he was a single drow elf promising peace between our own people and theirs. He offered the king and queen two wine glasses as the peace offering. His smile so vile and wicked as they placed the glasses to their lips and drank. Before the glasses shattered on the floor my mother and father were dead."

She paused realizing her slip in the story, hoping the two didn't catch that her mother and father was the king she shrugged it off. If they heard she prayed that neither would turn her over to the dreaded Asgoth army.

"The princess ran for her life through the castle and made it to the river that cut through the castle garden. There she found a boat and quickly got into it, covering her self with a blanket that was left in the boast she let the water carry her down stream." She averted her eyes which were starting to mist over in tears. She shook them away. "The people in Telsia are now the slaves of the dreaded Asgoth army. I am in searh of the man that killed our king and queen. I have travled and seen a lot but the carnage and devastation that the Asgoth bring are rivaled by nothing, I have to find a way to free my people." She finished as she looked from the old man to the halfling.

"I've seen what the Asgoth do to their new recurited army, their eyes are no longer their own color, they glow an earie redm and they are branded with marking to show their ranks. They stay well hidden for their eyes do not produce that glow all the time. That is why I am so careful with whom I speak with. Their spies are everywhere and they still look for the missing princess..."

She aburptly stopped her story, shook her head and gave a weak amile and a small laugh. "I must apologize for i have drone on for far too long... I have board you to the verge of sleep." She blushed lightly and waved down the barmaid and asked for one last pint of ale.

"Enough about me... I wish to hear your stories. You both seem rather interesting and it takes a lot of courage to approach a complete stranger and strike up a conversation." She leaned back in her chair and relaxed a bit. she reached up and started to twist a lock of her honey brown hair around her finger as she waited for them to tell their stories.

Posted on 2012-06-12 at 23:47:24.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: On Edge...

Avalon seemed shocked as the man pulled the seat out and sat down across from her. Her left hand instinctively dropped to her dagger at her hip. She looked the man up and down and decided that he meant no harm to her and if he did she would have the clear advantage of speed considering his old age. she reached up and pulled her hood down her crystal blue eyes locking onto the man.

"What brings me here you ask..." She responded, her voice sounding melodious, calm, soft and gentle. Her voice truly betrayed the sword strapped to her back and the dagger at her side. "I take it my kinds is a rare sight here? " She smiled and gave a small laugh. She found it amusing that the man was looking at her like she was an exotic animal. "I have traveled far from my homeland..." She scoffed... "Or what used to be my homeland in search of someone..." Her gaze became distant but quickly snapped back as she gently shook her head. As she shook her head a lock of her honey brown colored hair slipped from behind her long pointed ear. She reached up and slipped the lock back behind her left ear. Her finger tip stopped to rest of the the shimmering earring at the tip of her point. The earring was oddly shaped and appeared to be made out of crystal and from what appeared to be a family crest. "How do I know that I can trust you?" She asked with an arched eyebrow.

Her gaze slipped from the man and once more scanned the ever thinning crowd in the tavern. To her relief the crowd was starting to thin out to only a scattered few in the tavern. A few of the town ruffians were in the corner of the tavern getting loud and rather rude with each other but she took no personal threat in the men. Her gaze wandered again and rested on the Halfling that had entered the tavern a while ago. She dismissed him as no threat and turned her attention back to the man in front of her.

"I do apologize for being on edge..." The sincerity sounding clear in her voice. "You must understand. If you have seen and been through what I have being on edge is second nature." Her eyes sparkling as a smile played its way across her lips. She seemed a bit more relaxed as the crowed seemed to find its way to the tavern's door weather it was by their own will or the tavern owner throwing them out.

Posted on 2012-06-10 at 01:54:25.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: The Elf Stirrs

Avalon noticed the halfling enter the Tavern and shifted a bit uneasy. Her crystal blue stareing at the halfling from the corner of her eyes. She swiftly stood for a brief moment and pulled her traveling Tunic back on, drew up the hood and calmly sat back down. She knew the reputaion of the halfling but had never seen his face. Trying not to draw too much attention to herself she continued to sip on her drink hoping that trouble would not find her that evening. Instinctivly her left hand slipped down to her dagger and played with the ring on the tip of the hilt. She was ever ready to defend herself and hardly ever found a moment to where she could fully relax. Her middle finger slipped inside the tiny circle ready to draw the weapon at a moment's notice if the situation called for it. She was on the run and didn't need the trouble or the unwanted attention.

Posted on 2012-06-09 at 08:02:25.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: Avalon Silvastii

Avalon stood up from the corner of the bar she was sitting in, scanned the crowd one last time and decided that none of the people in the tavern meant her no harm. She reached up and pulled her hood down revealing her long, slightly curled honey brown hair and her pointed ears. She decided she wanted another drink and didn't want to wait for the barmaid and sauntered up to the bar her heeled boots making a light clicking sound on the floor be neither her feet. She pulled her traveler's tunic off and draped it over the stool before she sat down. She had a pair of tight leather pants on and a white blouse. Her dagger now in plain sight was still strapped to her left leg and strapped to her back was a sword. the handle of the sword appeared to be made of gold and the blade resting soundly in it's leather sheath.

She took quick note to the man that just walked in and dismissed him as no threat as she sat and waved for another ale. The man sat not far from her now but she couldn't help but feel as if he was a bit out of place in the tavern.

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 23:49:21.

Topic: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)
Subject: Adventures in Celestia (Freeform D&D)

This adventure is based in the world of Celestia, a diverse world filled with Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs and other creatures living their day to day lives. It's a free form D&D game so feel free to join in at anytime...

And so our tale begins....

Avalon walked into the tavern of the Blind Pig with her hood drawn up over her fine Elivish features. She kept her head down to hide her features even more as she walked to a table at the far end of the tavern. She seated herself as her ice blue eyes peered at the people in the tavern from the protection of her hood. She knew that she had to stay well hidden from certain people, people that would rather see her dead than draw the same air that they breathe. A barmaid walked up as Avalon placed a silver coin on the table and a note, which read "A pint of Ale." The barmaid returned quickly with her request and just as quickly disappeared into the crowd of people at the tavern. A lock of her honey brown colored hair tumbled from her hood. She calmly reached up and tucked it back behind her pointed ear. She remained seated in the shadowy corner of the tavern watching the people coming and going, sipping on her ale. Occasionally her hand would slip to the dagger that was strapped to her right thigh when a few of the locals got rather loud and rude from the amount of liquor they had drank. She allowed her mind to wander and sink deep into thought as the tavern continued it's hustle and bustle...

Posted on 2012-06-08 at 00:01:29.

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