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Topic: Nomachron: recruitment
Subject: subs

As I know your full, are you or will you be looking for subs?
If so looking to play a fighter.

Posted on 2013-06-04 at 20:54:38.

Topic: Looking to join a current game or smaller new solo game.
Subject: Looking to join a current game or smaller new solo game.

Hello everyone,

As I am waiting for one game to start, I would like to
expand out to other games.
I'm seeking to join a current either 3.5 or 4.0 d&d game.
I would also like to join a game that somebody is willing to run as a smaller solo game. With maybe 2 to 3 participates. Or at least till the ranks swell up for a larger game. Any suggestions or comments for me let me know.


Posted on 2013-02-25 at 19:44:42.

Topic: new here
Subject: Thank you

Thank you everyone one for the warm welcome. Its nice to feel welcome in a new place. Hope everyones week goes well.


Posted on 2013-02-13 at 04:24:50.

Topic: Tales of the Hunter
Subject: Tales of the Hunter

Spoiler: This is just a beginning so don't get mad if I leave you hanging. Testing out my writing skills. Let me know what you think. I always have room to expand. Thank you.

The cold north wind blows across a blanket of snow and ice. High on top of the great mountain ranges of Ghuthern.
The many craggy valley and cave networks play host to a great many distinct groups of creatures. Depending
on the height of mountain the choice of animals or beasts will range accordingly to the degree of constitution
they can weather. In the middle regions of the mountain resides a single entrance to a cave. Where you see a
a rather giant, strong and husky mountain of a humanoid known as a ogre is sitting upon a tree stump facing the entrance
of the cave. His hair is long and thick. Black with various strands of white reflecting his age. Rather some
what knotted and tangled in some spots. His face has deep claw marks that go diagonally from his right to his left.
A blue tattoo of a rhino is on his left cheek. His eyes are a deep darker blue. His teeth are a off white ,
rather large and jagged. His thick body and legs are covered in the most thickest of black and brown bear skins.
The head of wolf sits facing sideways on his right shoulder. The antlers of great elk are on his left side of his
shoulder. His belt is made of several various beaver skins which hold a assortment of animal trophies ranging from
heads, claws, teeth and feet. The head of great mammoth with long ivory tusks is the center piece of his belt.
His feet in black boots are decorated with the thick blanket of polar bear paws and furs that he uses for warmth.
To his right side his club, a rather large thick piece of wood with metal spikes that surround it going down in three
places is his main weapon. His ranged weapon is a harpoon gun that he wields like a crossbow. Another weapon he
likes to use a very long and sturdy spear that is used mainly for pocking and prodding animals or beasts out of their
hiding places. As he faces the door you notice a cold blank far look in his eye as if he is remembering something. His
breath can be clearly seen each and every time he exhales inside the cold cave home from which he sits. The
ogre blinks slightly as he regains his mind and looks back at the entrance grasping for his cross bow. His head
tilts forward slightly, his ears perk up a bit as if he is straining to listen for any sort of sound. Small
crunching sounds (like maybe walking in snow)low at first are heard. The Ogre stands to his feet, quite and still
ever watchful looking towards the door. More of these crunching sounds are heard more clearly now. The ogre grits
his teeth as he grabs his club with the right hand and points his crossbow towards the entrance. The sounds are
getting louder now as they come close to the door and stop. The ogre breath starts getting more heavy as he
prepares for anything at this moment to come through the door. The sounds of sniffing is heard before a low growl sound starts making its way down the cave.....

If you like to know more please let me know. And more tales of the Hunter shall come forth.

Posted on 2013-02-13 at 02:51:02.
Edited on 2013-02-13 at 04:19:57 by loneowl

Topic: 3.5e DnD Adventure Starting Up
Subject: charactor sheet

I have sent a character sheet to your email. If you haven't received it let me know please.

Posted on 2013-02-11 at 03:31:55.

Topic: new here
Subject: new here

hello everybody,
I'll start out by saying greeting and happy gaming everyone. I have played mostly all editions of AD&D except the newest one. I a learning the pathfinder game. And have a wide variety of Pc and X-box games. I also have played some table top games. I am looking for a bunch of good fellow role players to share adventures with and befriend along the way. I am looking to play in several campaigns and somewhere down the line possible host my own campaign.
Thanks for stopping by and reading.


Posted on 2013-02-11 at 02:28:10.

Topic: 3.5e DnD Adventure Starting Up
Subject: if theres a spot?

I am interested if there is a spot open. I am experienced with 3.5.

Posted on 2013-02-10 at 17:49:48.

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