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Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Leave-taking


So, I check the thread: No posts since December 11. I check again, a while later: No posts since December 11. I check again: No posts since December 11. Finally, I check the Q/A. I've been replaced! I guess when I check that hotmail account which has probably expired, I will realize that I have been astonishingly remiss.

It's OK. I HAVE been terribly incommunicative, and grad school doesn't seem likely to stop raking me back and forth over the coals until at least the end of this year anyway, so I am in no position whatever to complain.

Thanks for the game, everyone, and I'm sorry to have disappointed any and all. Maybe I shall stage a glorious return to the Inn once this frickin' MA is out of the way, but for now I will accept my dishonorable discharge with good grace.

Good luck, Dragon Mistress, and be kind to poor Cynil - she's had a rough time, and most likely now suffers from the trauma of repeated abandonment.


Posted on 2007-01-09 at 00:54:57.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Semi-hiatus

OK by me... my papers are killing me these days anyhow. Sorry for not posting, I got wrapped up in homework and forgot until this morning.

P.S. Death by treasure, what a way to go.

Posted on 2006-12-11 at 08:58:47.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: .

Cynil straightens thoughtfully. Perhaps the beast was natural, she thinks. She has certainly made friends with stranger and more disgusting creatures, but never with one so meaninglessly violent.

She shrugs. This is one time she doesn't feel bad about leaping to conclusions. Any adventurer worth the name knows to trust her intuition. Better false worry than false confidence.

She hopes they will start away from this place soon, though; beyond the unpleasantness of the huge, stinking corpse, there is also the possibility of its attracting further foes. Stealth hadn't really been part of their plan in any case, but attracting the attention of every living thing in miles wasn't either. She looks around at everyone else, and says as much aloud.

Cor and Conall are having some kind of religious talk off to one side; undoubtedly the dwarf is berating Conall for ranging ahead. I should agree with Cor, Cynil supposes, but it is difficult to think of Conall ever being in the wrong. He is a paladin; a knight of goodness so devout, though obviously somehow torn within himself, that he would sooner die than breach a duty or a promise sworn.

Goodness is only half of life, of course, but somehow Cynil doubts that balance will be Cor's approach. They both just need to laugh, thinks Cynil. Laughter can heal so many things.

When they are done talking, Cynil approaches Conall. "Thank you for your words," she says. Then, drawing a deep breath, she offers in a voice too quiet for anyone else to hear, "If you must go again, please tell me. I will not betray you, nor try to stop you. I know the wood, and may be of use. A man alone must sleep, and can be caught unawares, but even a single companion can be the difference between success and failure." Between life and death was what Cynil really meant, but she knew that Conall put little store in such concerns.

Posted on 2006-12-03 at 19:26:16.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Kill first, ask questions later.

Watching the beetle go down, Cynil makes a face of distaste as the hot, acidic blood eats away at the grass and dirt. She dismisses the wall of thorns with a wave of her hand.

Looking around at her friends, Cynil finds that the wounded are being seen to, and the jokes and upbraidings are already beginning. This is a hardened bunch, long accustomed to pain and death. She sees also the wreckage of the tree which had answered her summons to mêlée, and closes her eyes a moment in mixed sorrow and apology. Laying her hands to the bruised trunk, she whispers a quiet, elven benediction. But Cynil, too, is a long-time adventurer: after only a moment she turns light-heartedly to Haila, and says, "Sorry for hedging you out, there. You looked to be drawing its temper."

Conall seems unsurprisingly to be the focus of the party's attention. Why had he gone ahead alone, any how? Cynil shakes her head. She may never know about the unfortunate knight, now halved and bleeding like a cut orange. She could ask the plants around them, she supposes, but elects not to. Conall will tell them what is needful.

One question does remain, though. The beetle's appearance was unlikely to be random; such a fearsome monster could hardly rampage this woods routinely without leaving evidence of devastation everywhere. So Cynil does cast the spell, after all (speak with plants). Kneeling on the ground, she sparks a small flame with her flint and begins a soft incantation.

She asks the bracken or undergrowth about the beetle, phrasing the questions in the simple yet strange way that plants require. Has it come here before? How often? Does it come alone? These are the questions she asks, hoping they will lead her to others, but knowing that the plants' simple minds almost certainly will remember nothing. Straightening, she asks the trees as well, knowing that with longer life comes greater wisdom. Perhaps the party need not continue forward entirely without consciousness of its enemy.

Posted on 2006-11-25 at 22:06:03.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: A prickly question.

Cynil is used to natural spells: talking to trees, stone, melding into the earth; summoning animals. It saddens her now, as it always has, to watch her power destroy. The treant shudders, limbs snapped and broken, but fights on at her command. Her companions fight, some of them injured, Af'til perhaps dying. Cynil can't tell from where she is. Even at such cost... is it worth it, striving to kill?

Tonight, she vows silently, I will ask the stones for fire. No more can I afford this romanticism; a fire storm, now, or lightning - the brutishness of this monster demands it. Fishers bite the backs of their victim's heads, killing them instantly. Wolves rip out hamstrings, and savage the throats of the fallen. Should I do less?

Devastation, too, has its part in life. The wildfire cycle of the dry plains; jellyfish pulped by the pounding surf; the stripping of the trees in the fall. Suddenly, Cynil is ashamed. She should be killing the beetle now, not dreaming about trees and watching her friends engage it.

And Conall is hurt. Somehow, that is worse than the rest. More to think about later, perhaps.

Althena is the most important, for now. And Conall is too far off to guard her. Cynil will take up his charge, for she is closest, with Althena just to her left. But the beetle is about to attack Haila. What to do? The others are scrambling to help Af'til.

Cynil makes her decision quickly. Twirling her staff, she points at the ground between the monster and Haila, and summons a wall of thorns, twenty feet high and ten feet deep, and thirty feet long. Time enough to worry about Althena once Haila is out of the beetle's path, she thinks. In a moment, the beetle will shift its attention to more accessible quarry, and Haila will be able to cast her magic around the edges of the wall.

Posted on 2006-11-04 at 21:24:33.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Bless

Looking around, Cynil is pleased to see that many of her comrades are hanging back, and not yet directly engaging the monster. She curtly directs her own "arboreal recruit" into battle, at the same time preparing a spell to aid its cause, as well as those of her companions. Sometimes the simplest ideas are also the best, she thinks.

Cynil appeals to the forest at large for blessing, calling out in elven Druidic the names of those about her, their purpose in battle, and her own ancient evocation of fidelity to the woodlands. Hopefully, the land will favour them, and her friends will take heart in the rightness of their cause, striking with steady hands and firm conviction.

(Cynil casts bless on whoever hasn't yet engaged in melee combat – i.e., Af'til, Cor, Haila, Alasdair, Magma, Althena, Ulthok, and the tree. Hopefully she can cast it early enough to have effect on some of the charging people, but either way she'll help the missile attacks!)

Posted on 2006-10-28 at 16:03:24.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Egad!

Cynil has no words for the abomination facing them. Not that I need words, she supposes, unless you count an incantation... She doesn't hesitate an instant in opposing herself to this unnatural monster—most creatures, even the superficially grotesque ones, have a certain beauty in them, a purposefulness that redeems and elevates them. This beast is hideous to its bones.

Cynil gets the feeling, with her brace defensive and informational spells, that healing will be her major contribution to this encounter—but no one is injured yet. Leaping from the horse, she shakes her hair from her face and her sleeves from her hands, spreading her feet on the ground for balance. The animal is too afraid, even with her close by, to risk disrupting her concentration. Squared in the centre of the group, near Althena and out of immediate danger, Cynil looks to the trees around her. Staff held crosswise before, she closes her eyes and begins to murmur the words of power. As the magic builds inside her she reaches out to the nearest tree, stout-trunked and blunt-boled, calling upon it to awaken. She feels the rush of its sap and the slow unclenching of its wooden thews, visualizes the roots ripping up from the earth, and the boughs wrenching forward to bring devastation to their foe. Snapping her eyes open, she thrusts the staff at the tree, and shouts, in a language none of those around her can understand: "Awake! Awake!"

OOC: Cynil uses her staff of the woodlands to animate the nearest strong-looking tree, preferably a hardwood. When (if) it obeys, she will direct it to attack the Earthquake Beetle.

Posted on 2006-10-21 at 17:49:22.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Let's ride!

So, Conall has gone. Cynil purses her lips and hooks her long, silver hair behind her ears. Humans are so childish. Like squirrels—-she loves them, but for all their incendiary temperament, they have no true understanding of constancy. The opposite of a druid, she remembers suddenly, is not an evildoer. It is a person who becomes lost. How can a tree not know what to do? How can the wind forget itself? How can a bear awake in midwinter, as from a dream, and wonder where the berries have gone? How can a man not know his duty?

That sadness again, never far. But Cynil knows her duty: it is to understand, and to smile. When Alasdair asks her about the possibility of scouting ahead, she answers, "Conall's way is clear before us, and the plants and creatures here will know only that a man passed through. I will ask them, however. Why do we not ride at speed, since there is no danger of losing the trail? Let me be toward the front, and I will keep contact with the trees as we ride—nothing unnatural need come upon us unaware."

Posted on 2006-10-13 at 22:08:35.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Funny typo

"Hmm, what nature of breast to you think might be prowling the area north of here?"

Freudian, perhaps, dear Alasdair? :-)

Posted on 2006-10-01 at 07:34:04.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: That player is me (Cailin)

Just checking to see if I'm back to being me!

I guess the computer got confused... not speaking Gaidhlig (Gaelic), it probably thought Kaelyn and Cailin were pronounced the same. ;-)

Posted on 2006-09-13 at 20:27:05.

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