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Topic: A New Dawn upon a Brand New World
Subject: Further Details

The actuall game itself is avalible online as a free PDF (Its given by the developers for free, it's not anything fishy!) and it's a very rules-lite game. Mainly guidlines and ways to stop too much happening that would unbalance or ruin other players fun.

As for the Ages, each age lasts a minimum of 5 player turns (that is, each player may take 5 turns minimum at any one stage) and then after each subsequent turn it comes to a vote as to whether players want to proceed to the next age.

The first age is the age of building, when the cost for powers that shape and change the landscape are low, and the cost for creating sentience and use them to build unnatural creations (cities, religious orders etc) are high.

The second age is the age of sentience, when the costs fro shaping the land go up, and the costs for creating new races is much, much lower. This is the time for the gods to make there mark on the world in terms of which race (or indeed, races) they wish to introduce.

The third, and final, age is the age of politics. Shaping the land is at it's costliest, and creating races has become more expensive again, however the costs to order the various peoples of the world have become low, and this is when wars, politiking and the real meat and flavour of the world is brought into being.

As for play, each turn players roll 2d6 and add any bonuses to the result and any power they had left over from the last round. The bonuses are a cumulative +1 bonus to the roll (up to a maximum of +3) for each turn you end with 5 or less power.
(For example, Sya I had 4 power at the end of my last turn. I roll 2d6 +5 (4 for last turns power, and 1 for the bonus) so if I roll 10 I have 15 power this turn.)
the power is then spent according to a table that lists the various powers that each god has avaliable to them, however they're fairly open powers (For examplee "Shape Land 1 Inch" Is a power that lets you shape the land over an area of the map equal to one each (that is, one inch of map space, not the eqivilant land space, its probably closer to 10 miles depending on scale) but there is no limits as to what that entails. Grow mountains, sink it into the sea or form a river. It's up to the gods own agenda.)

So thats the basic premise. It's very very easy to pick up and yet is able to create hugely detailed worlds. As for posting speed, once a week is fine because players obviously have lives of their own, but if all players turns are taken before time then we can advance early.

Posted on 2014-10-20 at 07:13:42.

Topic: A New Dawn upon a Brand New World
Subject: A New Dawn upon a Brand New World

In the beginning, there was nothing but The Creator. He (or she, or it, for The Creator transends such catagorisation) turned his omnipotent gaze upon the empty void that he occupied, and was displeased. Firstly, he took the hair from his body, and from it wove the threads of reality, ensuring the upon them, things may be made real, and physical. From his breath he made the winds of time, so that there may be a past, present and future. And so that anything that should come to be would pass through time and age. Then he took the light from his eyes, and split it into a thousand thousand sparks which he scattered into the void and extended his gaze to infinity and also created the stars.

He then split his body into flesh and bone, and from the flesh formed figures of myth and legends. Gods beneath him that would, in time, take the newly created universe and craft from it their own playgrounds. He took his mind, his thoughts, feelings desires and goals and in his final action as a singular living entity split it, and placed it within the flesh constructs he had built. Granting within each of them a slither of his power. Finally his bones crumbled and scattered themselves, and over millenia they collided, split apart and floated to form the planets and planetoids of the new galactic bodies.

The newly created Gods took time to get used to their new found being, and whilst the worlds were forming around them they came to terms with sudden existances and took to shaping the many worlds in their image.

You are one of those new Gods, having arrived with several of your kin to a particularly promising planet. Upon it you will exersize your power, shape and change the land and introduce new life to live, learn and die. Your kin may help you, they may seek to hinder. One thing is certain, the world will not be the same when you're finished.


Dawn of Worlds is a RPG system where the players take the role of gods upon a newly created world and over the course of three "ages" use their power to affect the world. It's simple, easy and fun and bes tof all, t will create a unique and individual setting for playing other RPGs in.

My plan is to gather a collection of Players, as many as are interested, to form this worlds Pantheon and create it and the peoples within, forming the land, culture and history. Afterwards, I will take a selection of the players, or all of them (depends on how many people want to play!) and will run a more traditional game (Probably D&D 3.5) within the world you built.

So, anyone interested?

Posted on 2014-10-19 at 19:03:20.

Topic: A new player has entered the game!
Subject: A new player has entered the game!

Hey, I'm SapientPearwood. I play roleplaying games, I make glasses for a living and have more ideas than people to help me realise them.

Which is why i'm here! I'm hoping that this magical internet thing will allow me to explore some of my so far unrealised plans, plots and ideas and see how well they do. I'm sure not all of them will be gold, but I hope at least I'll touch on some kind of diamond in the rough.

Like my first tester, I want to see if I can get a few of my fellow forum members here to play a World-Building game as the Gods, and become the Panthon inside of a more typical roleplaying game of some flavour of D&D.

The thought being that you're much more likely to be invested in saving, adventuring and having fun inside of a world of your own creation, working for deified personas of yourselves.

Or something, i'll gauge interest!

Posted on 2014-10-18 at 18:56:38.

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