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Topic: Gritty and Realistic D&D variants?
Subject: asdf

There is a variant in unearted arcana where you have a pool of "endurance" and then one for "hp" where if I remember correctly endurance is like you normally would do HP but your "HP" is just your constitution score.

Normally if you get hit you take it off your endurance first, and then when that's done it goes off your HP, but if you get hit with a crit it skips the doubling or whatever and goes straight off your HP.

Didn't explain this overly well because it's 7am, but basically it means if someone crits you, you're almost certainly dead. Kinda provides that one wrong move you die feel.

Posted on 2014-04-14 at 14:24:46.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: sdaf

The pace, the quality of posts, and the energy I'm getting from this is phenomenal.

I know I said one post a week minimum, but I'll update as soon as we have all five, and will continue to do so.

We're really rolling here.

Posted on 2014-04-14 at 14:21:52.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: jik

Drop it like it's hot.

Posted on 2014-04-13 at 23:00:48.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Boom

Part two now up.

Commence posting, and discussing and breakdancing.

Breakdancing optional, other two not.

Questions may be asked here.

Posted on 2014-04-13 at 22:41:00.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured: Goats and WHEAT
Subject: And Part Two

A far cry from the bustling streets and shop lined roads typical of a Cordovan city, Schell has always been a town foreign to success. Originally a labourer camp built for the indentured servants of wealthy Cordovan merchants, the move to autonomous township did little to change Schell’s fortunes. Taxes and tithes gouged what little income its citizens generated, and the regiments sent from the capital to protect its borders held little desire for protect the town’s interests. The townsfolk would refer to their home in unkind terms, hopeless and ignored chief among them, and as Schell’s fortunes soured, so too did the attitudes of its citizens. It is not ironic then, that what would eventually be one of the few bright spots in the town’s history was a series of lies brought on by rampant destruction by a malevolent force.

The giant Feephyfophum, far from his home at the base of the Gray Mountains to the north, had come to the Schell countryside, hungry and restless. The gurgles in his massive stomach attracted him to the farms that surrounded the town, one of the few sources of income the people of Schell relied on, and his unrestrained wrath was terrible. Farm after farm was destroyed, their livestock devoured, their farmhouses shattered, those workers unlucky enough to be caught slain or worse. The capital as per usual paid no mind to the plight of its least profitable township, focussing on its ongoing expansion and domination of Jenoa at the expense of the lives of Schell’s citizens, and soon a breaking point was reached.

A militia was formed, makeshift weapons were gathered and Schell’s citizens boldly sought out the rampaging giant, rationalising that it would be better to die defending their home then sitting idly by its destruction. Their vengeance was cut short however, as they arrived at the giant’s encampment to find the great creature already defeated, lying face down on the earth, surrounded by four strangers unknown to the townsfolk.

Hailed as heroes and defenders of good honest folk, the group that became known as Fortune’s Favoured were a cause for celebration in Schell. Optimism and a sense of community the town had never known were flourishing. Men who’d wasted their days on drink found their nerve and enlisted in the town guard, children went about pretending to be their favourite hero and the Beard Dragon, the local tavern and truthfully the only financially successful business Schell had ever known, donated its guest quarters to the group, hoping to gain a bit of fame itself for being the home of the local heroes.

Things in Schell were looking up, for everyone except the Fortune’s Favoured.


Dawn, the front stoop of the Bearded Dragon, Schell

Malachi awoke with a start, his head pounding. Groggily opening his eyes, he decided better of it and shut them again as the harsh light of day overwhelmed his senses. He turned, reaching for his blanket to return to sleep but was dismayed to find his grasp found only a handful of grass. His shock suddenly turned to understanding as he realised where he had made his bed for the night. Rising to his feet, he surveyed his surroundings. It was, as he expected, the ditch outside the Bearded Dragon.

Memories came flooding back as his haze lifted; Argos the Innkeeper had offered them a job. Something about killing the rats in his cellar, with the promise of a golden reward. A golden reward that in fact had turned out to be as much of Argos’s homebrewed ale as they could stomach. Not exactly what most would consider a proper reward (or what most considered golden, the ale’s colouring resembled more of a shade of stagnant piss) but one the Fortune’s Favoured had indulged in none the less.

Arfar’s beard! That must have been some strong stuff. He found himself thinking. His thoughts turned to his companions, perhaps they’d made it back to the room. He wondered if he’d find himself the butt of any jokes about this event.

His question was answered by a loud *thud* as an armoured form unceremoniously tumbled from its resting place on a tree branch hanging at the tavern’s far corner. Relos, the half-elven paladin of Gian raised himself up from the underbrush and met Malachi’s eye, where they seems to share an unspoken understanding of just what the pounding war drums in their heads felt like. They were joined by the sounds of confusion coming from the awning overhanging the tavern door, and they raised their eyes to find the chosen trickster of Discq, Tristan, clearly unaccustomed to the strength of Argo’s brew and a loss to explain his choice of precarious resting place.

The tavern door squeaked its way open as the group’s arcane seductress Sehanine joined the newly awakened outside. Where she spent the night in the tavern was a mystery, but from the disheveled look of her hair she hadn’t located much in the way of a pillow. The unwelcome bleating of some a goat located the final member of their band, the Halfling Calopee, who inexplicably found herself sleeping in a goat pen across the muddy street from the tavern, encircled by inquisitive goats. Composing themselves as best they could, the next sound the group heard was a deep bellowing laughter as the enormous form of Argos struggled to fit out through the doorway of his tavern.

”Bwhaha, still here, eh?” the large hairy man bellowed, ”Wondered how far you’d make it in that condition.”

The group stared blankly at their host. Almost on cue, a goat nudged Calopee’s leg, bleating loudly and breaking the silence.

”Can’t have our heroes hungry in the street now can we?” Argos’s enormous face shifted into a large toothy grin. ”Why don’t you come inside for some breakfast, unless you’d rather play with the goats.”

Argos turned and vanished through the tavern door, and the Fortune’s Favoured, lacking anything in the way of better options and slightly disoriented from the bright sunlight, followed his lead.


The Bearded Dragon, Schell

It was often said the Bearded Dragon was the crown jewel of Schell, and given the town’s history of poor luck it’s quite unsurprising that most of the townsfolk’s gold goes to a place that serves a drink which helps you forget your misfortunes. Its star only shone all the brighter since the emergence of the Fortune’s Favoured, with Argos being savvy enough donate his upstairs room to the group as a base of operations the tavern is always full of locals hoping to catch a glimpse of the “giant slayers”. That morning however, was a rare exception to the rule, as the inn was empty save Argos and the five.

A simple enough building for a simple town, the Bearded Dragon (named for an adventurer who had frequented the town a few years past) was nonetheless cozy, sporting three long tables with benches along the wall adjacent to the bar counter, where Argos was often posted making small talk with his clientele. Mounted on a plaque above the barrels of homebrewed ale behind the bar were a pair of gauntlets, a memento Argos picked up in his brief time as an adventurer, or so he claimed. A small door on the wall across from the tables led to a staircase to the sparse second floor, where both Argos’s private quarters and Fortune’s Favoured “headquarters” (little more than five poorly constructed beds behind a door that never quite shut right) were located on either side of a short hallway. A simple business indeed, though when the winds turned chill and Argos saw fit to ignite the fire pit in the centre of the tavern, it was hard to find a comfier place to rest in all of Schell.

A comfy place to rest served the group just fine as Argos brought over plates of bread and eggs, the night before was still doing a number on their throbbing heads, and little conversation broke out over breakfast. As their meal neared completion, Argos strode over, collecting plates and wiping down the table surface. Stacking the dishware on the bar, the large man peered back over his shoulder at the group still sitting quietly at the table.

”So are you getting going then? You told Isiah you’d be there by sunrise.”

The looks of confusion across the faces of the Fortune’s Favoured led to one of Argos’s trademark toothy grins.

”Thought as much, didn’t know what you were doing making those promises with the amount you’d had to drink by that point.”, he gave a hearty laugh, ”Still though, might be something worth checking out. As I recall he was promising you, now what was it, half the value of his summer crop for your help?”

The talk of reward made the ears of the few of the group’s members perk up.

”His farm’s not far west of here if I remember correctly,”, Argos made his way behind the and began filling himself a tankard of his homebrewed ale, ”not even that far of a walk, could probably still arrive timely if you left now.”

He took a large gulp of ale and gave a small laugh. ”Unless you’d rather sit around here and have another round?”


Posted on 2014-04-13 at 22:39:43.
Edited on 2015-10-26 at 22:02:02 by Grugg

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Part 1

Part One of the opening post is up! Part two to come up shortly, so please don't post in the thread yet.


In the meantime, feel free to enjoy some mad fluff and semi-backstory.

Posted on 2014-04-13 at 19:30:08.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured: Goats and WHEAT
Subject: Fortune's Favoured: Secrets, Lies and Adventure

Dusk, Somewhere on Jenoa

He paused for a moment to consider the rune he’d just etched on the scroll. He’d been writing for hours, in fact the candle he’d been using for light was little more than a glob of wax with a flickering flame struggling to remain lit on what little remained of the wick, but it didn’t bother him. He took comfort in writing, especially by hand. Some of his colleagues derided him as old fashioned, but the feel of the quill in his wrinkled hand gave him comfort that what he was doing was concrete. The mages of Magnagoth could keep their arcane scripts and conjured messages, his ink would stand the test of time.


The voice intruded on his reverie, and the old man looked up from his writing. A figure was silhouetted there in his doorway; the torches burning in the hallway outside his study leaving the visitor’s face a shadow. Kaene squinted behind his tiny spectacles, his hand unconsciously running through his long white beard as he tried to identify his quest.

”Geoffrey? Is that you boy?”, he asked.

The figure stepped into the dim candlelight, his illuminated features revealing the face of Kaene’s young apprentice.

”Is this where you’ve been all day?”, the man asked incredulously.

A boy in the wizened eyes of the wizard Kaene, Geoffrey was actually in his late twenties, the prime of his human life span. His short blond hair and electric blue eyes reminded Kaene of a youth he scarcely remembered, his own magically extended centuries of life leading many to question whether he was truly human. ”So much more to learn…”, the wizard thought to himself wistfully.

”Aye my boy,”, Kaene set the quill down and removed his spectacles, his eyes adjusting to the sudden onset of light streaming in through the open door. ”…I suppose I’ve been a bit caught up in my work. How goes the day?”

”How went the day is more like it.”, Geoffrey said with a grin that betrayed more of his youthful mirth. ”It’s sundown now; the miners have retired to the longhouse. A few of us wondered if perhaps you’d nodded off.”

”Ah is it now?”, the old man looked about his study, somewhere he had a gnome invention that tracked the passage of the sun, though he couldn’t locate it in his brief scan. He’d have to seek that out when he found the time, it was one of his favourites. It always reminded him that for all the magic of his home in Caledon, sometimes a mundane animatronic box could hold just as much power. This was another lesson he’d have to impress on his young apprentice, given time, of course. He found he never had enough time.

”Some real progress was made today.”

Geoffrey had shuffled a handful of maps off a nearby chest and pulled it adjacent to Kaene’s desk, using it as a makeshift seat. Normally Kaene would have derided him for disregarding the importance of those maps, but the news of progress turned the old man’s mind in another direction as Geoffrey continued.

”They found some more pottery a shard, the hilt of a blade the foreman thinks may be Dwarven, and that’s not even the best part.” His apprentice’s face was split ear to ear now by a toothy grin. Kaene had grown accustomed to his behaviour, though it didn’t leave him finding it any less impish. His apprentice simply knew something he didn’t yet, and was relishing the moment before revealing it to him.

”Well boy? On with it. What’s the best part?” Kaene sighed, he would indulge his apprentice, for the sake of the revelation.

”Well we’re not sure yet, but it looks…it looks like we’ve found stairs.” Geoffrey could hardly contain his excitement, and Kaene despite himself, felt it too.

”Stairs…” Kaene’s mind was racing, ”…are the accessible? Where do they lead!?”

”Sealed by a cave in, probably sometime in the first age, but it’s unmistakable, carved steps, right into the stone. The foreman says they’ll begin excavating the rubble in the morning, though it looks like a long job. Do you think this is it? Have we found it?”

Kaene stopped for a moment, his thoughts going a mile of minute. Have we found it? He allowed himself a moment of optimism. He tried so many times before and failed, but this time his calculations felt so right. Maybe this was it? Letting his mirth shine through, he flashed a rare smile at his apprentice.

”I believe so Geoffrey my boy, I believe so.”

If it was possible for Geoffrey’s smile to widen any further it did so, and the young man jumped up with an exuberant “whoop”. Kaene admired the youth’s spirit, part of the reason he’d brought him along in the first place. That drive would serve him well if he could keep his head on straight.

”I can’t wait to tell the College! They’ll feel like such fools for doubting you now, eh Kaene? We’ll have our names on texts for ages!” Geoffrey could hardly contain himself. ”And my parents! Can you imagine what they’ll think?! I’ll have to send a message first thing in the morning!”

A wry smile cracking Kaene’s lined face; he waited for his apprentice to settle before he continued.

”Let’s not get to hasty Geoffrey, I’ve been wrong before after all. Perhaps we wait until we’re clearer before he rush off to glory, hmm?”

The words quieted the young man, though a grin was still plastered on his face.

”You are right, as ever, my friend.” Geoffrey seemed to suddenly feel the weight of the hour. ”Perhaps we could all use a good night’s sleep right now, lest your old bones give out before you’re ready, eh?”

Giving his teacher a playful shot to the arm, the young man was up and out of the room before Kaene even had a chance to wish him a good rest. ”So much left to learn…” the old man muttered to himself, dipping his quill in the ink before turning back to his scroll.

”Now where was I…”


A little after Midnight, Somewhere on Jenoa


The noise woke Kaene from his slumber. His candle had extinguished itself, its flame starved for fuel as the wick burnt out. Some of the hot wax had crusted onto the wizard’s beard, and he absently flicked at the glob. It seems he should have heeded his apprentice’s advice; the old man had fallen asleep at his work yet again.

His senses returned to him, and he suddenly remembered the reason for his waking. That had without doubt been the door of his cabin, opened with enough force to splinter it. There had to be someone in here with him.

”Geoffrey?” Kaene fumbled about his desk in the dark, searching for his spectacles but not wanting to conjure light and reveal his position. His intruder could be anyone.

His efforts were for naught however. No sooner did he find his spectacles did he look up to see a figure, only just visible in the darkness of his doorway. The figure’s arm gestured and the room was immediately illuminated by an arcane globe of light, suspended just below the ceiling. Kaene hadn’t had time for magic lately, his mind cluttered by research, and only a few spells floated to the forefront of his mind, though he doubted any of them would be much use to him in this instance. As his eyes adjusted to the bright glare of the orb, his eyes focussed on the intruder.

His mind raced, and out of the corner of his eye he spied his gnomish timepiece. ”Ah, there it is.” , his mind thought absently. The figure in the doorway hadn’t moved, secure in apparent awareness of Kaene’s defenseless state, and the old wizard made his way over to the clock. He picked the small silver device up in his hands, flipping it over and around.

”A marvel of gnomish invention, all animatronic, no magic.” Kaene spoke plainly, his thoughts almost betraying a disregard for his precarious situation. ”Much like that…I scarcely needed divination to know the day you would come for me would soon be arriving.”

The figure remained still, unmoving, eyes locked on the old wizard.

”Well then…” Kaene’s voice had just a touch of regret to it, ”…I guess you’re expecting me to give a last attempt to protect myself.” He turned the clock over again in his hands. ”I guess I’m not going to give you that satisfaction. If you’re going to go through with this, you’re going to have to accept that you’re killing an enfeebled old man.”

Kaene gazed down at the clock again, his own lined face reflected in its shining silver countenance. He looked back up at his presumed attacker.

”Well? Now you’re just wasting both of our time.”

The blast that followed woke every miner sleeping in the longhouse that night.

Posted on 2014-04-13 at 19:28:38.
Edited on 2015-10-26 at 22:01:18 by Grugg

Topic: Borderlands 2
Subject: Indeed

A phenomenal game, if only I wasn't restricted to the XBOX, I think I'd join you in some adventuring.

Posted on 2014-04-13 at 18:56:31.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: BOOM

The third yes was obviously answering the question you just asked! Holy hells, Nimu just crushing it up in here!

Depending on my day, I'll get to writing on this intro post. Got laundry, business and a favour for a friend on the agenda, so I don't know how it'll go, but I'll try to get this up tonight/tomorrow so we can get to rolling.

Posted on 2014-04-13 at 16:26:35.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Alrighty

Still waiting an accounting of Nimu's alcoholism. That's just an awesome sentence.

Also, I forged your group a background in the Character Thread. I assembled your brainstorming and gave it form. Hope you enjoy.

Posted on 2014-04-13 at 03:53:48.

Topic: New Prestige Class
Subject: .

I approve.

Posted on 2014-04-12 at 21:37:45.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Alrighty

First page fleshed out, including a truly enormous infodump. Small Q&A thread is located at the bottom of the page, any other questions can be dropped here.

Once I know whether you all drink, we can get started.

Yes, literally.

Posted on 2014-04-12 at 21:33:50.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: adsf

To both?

Posted on 2014-04-12 at 20:36:43.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Characters
Subject: Sehanine Meliai (Nimu)

Name: Sehanine Meliai
Race: Moonlit Elf
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Class/Level: Sorceress 4
Deity: The Silver Tongue
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Experience: 6850/10000

Height: 53
Weight: 98lbs
Eyes: Incandescent Violet
Hair: Silver

Str 10 (+0)
Dex 14 (+2)
Con 10 (+0)
Int 16 (+3)
Wis 14 (+2)
Cha 17 (+3)

HP: 16
AC: 13
Flat-footed: 11
Touch: 13
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30ft.

BAB: +2
Melee: +2
Ranged: +4
Grapple: +2

Weapon: Longsword
To Hit: +2, Crit Range 19-20
Damage: 1d8, Crit x2

Weapon: Dagger
To Hit: +2 (melee), +4 (ranged), Crit Range 19-20, Range Increment 10ft.
Damage: 1d4, Crit x2

Fortitude +2
Reflex +4
Will +7

Appraise +3 (+3 Int)
Balance +2 (+2 Dex)
Bluff +8 (+3 Cha, +5 ranks)
Climb +0 (+0 Str)
Concentration +6 (+0 Con, +6 ranks)
Decipher Script* +3 (+3 Int)
Diplomacy +5 (+3 Cha, +2 synergy)
Disable Device* +3 (+3 Int)
Disguise +3 (+3 Cha)
Escape Artist +2 (+2 Dex)
Forgery +3 (+3 Int)
Gather Information +3 (+3 Cha)
Handle Animal* +3 (+3 Cha)
Heal +2 (+2 Wis)
Hide +2 (+2 Dex)
Intimidate +5 (+3 Cha, +2 synergy)
Jump +0 (+0 Str)
Knowledge (Arcana)* +8 (+3 Int, +5 ranks)
Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Geography)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (History)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Local)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Nature)* +5 (+3 Int, +2 ranks (cross class))
Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Religion)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (The Planes)* +4 (+3 Int, +1 ranks (cross class))
Listen +4 (+2 Wis, +2 racial)
Move Silently +2 (+2 Dex)
Open Lock* +2 (+2 Dex)
Ride +3 (+2 Dex, +1 ranks (cross class))
Search +5 (+3 Int, +2 racial)
Sense Motive +2 (+2 Wis)
Sleight of Hand* +4 (+2 Dex, +2 synergy)
Spellcraft* +10 (+3 Int, +5 ranks, +2 synergy)
Spot +4 (+2 Wis, +2 racial)
Survival +2 (+2 Wis)
Swim +0 (+0 Str)
Tumble* +2 (+2 Dex)
Use Magic Device* +3 (+3 Cha) (+5 related to scrolls)
Use Rope +3 (+3 Dex)

Common, Elven, Draconic, Orc, Sylvan

Fey Heritage, Fey Skin

Racial Traits:
Immunity to magic sleep effects
+2 save bonus vs Enchantment spells
+2 Listen, Search, Spot checks
Automatic search check to notice secret/concealed doors when passing within 5 feet of one
Low-light vision
Proficient with longsword, rapier, long bow, composite long bow, short bow, composite short bow
+3 bonus on Will saving throws against enchantment effects (Fey Heritage)
+2 Damage Reduction (overcome by cold iron) (Fey Skin)

Class Features:
Summon Familiar

Spells per Day:
6/7/4, Spell DC 13 + Spell Level
Spells Known:
Lvl 0 - Daze, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic
Lvl 1 - Charm Person, Magic Missile, Silent Image
Lvl 2 - Invisibility

Longsword, Dagger, Cloak of Resistance +1, Ring of Protection +1, Travellers Outfit, Spell Component Pouch, Hewards Handy Haversack [Containsotion of Cure Light Wounds, Eternal Wand of Identify, Bedroll, Blanket, Flint and Steel, Small Steel Mirror, Formal Outfit, Simple Outfit]

161gp, 4sp

Sehanine is blessed with an unearthly beauty. Her fey ancestry lends her a haunting grace that is remarkable even among the elves. A mane of long, silvery white hair, flows in loose, spiral curls over pointed ears. Lithe bodied, she possesses the slender curves of a dancers physique. Her copper hued skin is tinged with a slight blue cast that makes it appear as if she is ever under the soft shadow of twilight. Her face is ageless with smooth, flawless skin and high cheekbones that narrow to dark, full lips. Almond shaped eyes gaze out in a brilliant violet hue and burn with the telltale incandescent light of the faery folk. It is here that her fey ancestry is written most clearly. Although few outside of vainlewyn know the signs of a faery, those that do will recognize her for what she is when they see her eyes

Like any seductress, Sehanine prides herself on her beauty and dresses to accentuate it. She prefers quietly adorned garb over the highly ornamental, letting her garments remind all her see that she needs no cosmetic assistance. In her homeland she wears diaphanous gowns, delicately stitched to hug the curves of her body. They could never be considered immodest, but the layered, finely woven cloth is slightly translucent so as to reveal just barely enough to highlight desire. Even when travelling she is no less provocative. All her garments are form fitting, so as to blend utility with desire. Sehanine uses the garment like a weapon, and dresses to conceal and reveal according to her needs. She wears a simple, form fitting, grey dress that falls just below her knees. Beginning at her narrow waist, two slits run along the left and right sides to reveal fine, indigo dyed woolen leggings tucked into dark boots. A dove grey cloak is wrapped around her shoulders.

Born out of liminality, the faery folk are ever wrapped in enigma. They haunt the crossroads and walk between the worlds to step into the dreams of men. Theirs is an ever-shifting world that is at once eternal and fading, just as the fey are themselves. Esoteric by nature, they are drawn to magic like moths to flame. It flows through their blood and is the single guiding force in their lives. Magic is life, and the fey are just as capricious as magic.

Over the passage of millennia the faery folk have grown more complex, and as if reflecting the political struggles of the mortal realms, have split off into two separate factions; the Seelie and Unseelie courts. It is too simplistic to see them as merely good and evil factions, for the light can burn and the dark protect. Like the fey themselves, even their courts are mercurial.

Of all the faery folk, elves are perhaps the most well known in the mortal world and most humans with a touch of faery blood can surely count an elf among their ancestors. The elves have been long residents of Jamaara and many a mortal scholar will argue that the elves are something other than faeries, citing the lack of allegiance to the Seelie and Unseelie courts as proof of this. Yet they forget that there are elves that walk in the light and elves that walk in the dark. It does not take much to see the enmity of the elves and drow as an extension of the Seelie and Unseelie courts.

Still, the elves are perhaps not as capricious as their fey brethren. Many live among the mortal races of the world and even bear children with humans. Even so, there are those among the elves in whom the ancient faery blood sings. Longer lived and even more beautiful than other elves, they are as mercurial as any faery and just as dangerous.

Sehanine Meliai is one such elf. Raised on vainlewyn not far from Inis Mona, she walked an esoteric path from the beginning. Like any moonlit elf, she was to be trained in the wizards arts. Sehanine, of course, had other intentions. Fascinated by magic though she was, Sehanine was more interested in star gazing than arcane study. From the earliest days of her childhood, the faeries whispered to her. On moonlit and starry nights they would call out to her to join them in celebration. She would often disappear from the arcane halls for weeks at a time and then return acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

She would never be a true wizard, but her aptitude for magic was too great to be ignored. Ignoring nearly all attempts at tutelage, Sehanine still wielded magic with a surprising proficiency that spoke of rare innate ability. There was no need for magical training for she already was magical.

Recognizing her fey nature, the wizards let her come and go as she pleased. The fey blood that led her on her own path was the same that lent them a magical aptitude of their own, and they would not deny it. So she wandered and returned for years, until she discovered the scrying pools.

Forged long ago, with ancient, fey magic, the pools were both mirrors and gateways to the world beyond the Moonlit Isle. Sehanine was transfixed and so the elven sages let her wander among the looking pools on her own. It was not a wise decision, for it was curiosity that transfixed her, and curiosity always has a new question to ask

Her mercurial, fey nature did not take long to rise up. It was not a remarkable day, the sun did not shine particularly brightly, nor where there ominous clouds in the sky. Yet things tend to happen on unremarkable days. On this day like any other day, Sehanine sat gazing into one of the many pools, watching the lives of mortals pass by. She let the pool set its own course, finding the random nature of the visions almost relaxing. Those shifting visions happened upon a small boy child living in Cordova.

From the moment her gaze fell upon his chestnut curls, Sehanine was besotted. He explored his tiny world with a free abandon and wore a constant impish grin. If there was ever a human child to draw the favor of the faery folk it was him.

When the sages let Sehanine wander among the looking pools they warned her never to touch those waters, for even a drop would take her to the place upon which she gazed. They might as well have sent her off with a parade. She gazed upon the boy child and not even a heartbeat passed before she reached out a hand to touch the pools liquid surface. In that instant her whole world changed.

One moment she was in vainlewyn, and the next she was sitting atop a heap of hay with a small boy staring up at her. Resilient as any faery, Sehanine went about exploring her new world. Much of the time she spent magically hidden and was the secret friend to the small child, Gaetano. Rather than forage the wilds, she stole food from his family. This went on for far longer than one would have imagined possible. For a time his family thought themselves infested with marauding armies of hungry rodents until they started to believe that Gaetanos imaginary friend, the Silver Lady was some sort of ghost that haunted good peoples food stores. This brought Sehanine endless amusement.
They were happy days, but like all things, they were not to be forever. This is a dangerous world where greed begets violence. Gaetanos family lived on the far outskirts of a rural town, and while that isolation was peaceful it also left them vulnerable. A band of raiders came through one night, most of the village made it through, but Gaetanos family was not so lucky. Seeing the men approaching the homestead, Sehanine acted quickly. Spiriting the boy child away, she hid them both behind a veil of magic while the raiders slaughtered his family. There was nothing she could have done for them, she was no hero.

In the aftermath of that night, Sehanine found herself with a grieving child that needed to be cared for. A few days passed, and authorities from a nearby city came to the village to assess damage and give aid where they could. Among them was a fledging holy knight with shining golden hair and full with righteous pride. Sehanine had found a challenge. There really was nothing more enticing than corrupting a holy knight. That he was a pretty man made the game all the more enjoyable.

It did not take much of a seduction. He was young, starving and eager. She disappeared before the first rays of morning light, leaving the young knight with broken vows and the grieving Gaetano to care for. She did not look back. It was a cruel thing to have done, and yet, young Gaetano was taken in by the knight. Raised by this noble man, he grew to become a great hero, perhaps greater than the fallen knight would have ever been himself. Poetic are the lives touched by the fey

Sehanine lived like a gypsy in Cordova. Drawn to something or someone, she would settle down for a time. Without fail curiosity and the call of faery would rise up again, and the enchantress would move on, leaving those around her without even the slightest farewell. What became of those lives touched by the faery?

Eventually Sehanine found herself travelling with a caravan of merchants and entertainers. It was an engaging group and there was something different everyday. She had been with them almost 6 months, longer than she had stayed with any others. While the caravan settled in a small city for a time, Sehanine had her first encounter with Tristan at a local tavern. The shining, silver bands at his wrists drew her immediately to him. They were not only elven, they were ancient and bore signs of the Seelie court. Focus and raged burned through her. These were vestments of her people and had no place in mortal hands.

Introducing herself with a drink she began to work her enchantment, using fey magic to beguile. Whether the magic failed or Tristan simply valued to bracers too greatly, the result was the same. He refused to give her the bracers when she asked. So she poisoned him and took the bracers from him.

Tristan managed to survive the poisoning, and a few days later stole the bracers from her. Disguised as a merchant, he distracted her with a pair of shiny bracelets. When she removed the bracers to try the jewelry on, he grabbed them and dashed off. Sehanine followed. A friendly enmity grew between the pair as they stole the bracers back and forth from one another. Sehanine seduced Tristan, and left him with his pants around his ankles when she took the bracers. In return, he had her arrested under false charges of attempted regicide, taking the bracers from her while she was imprisoned. Tristans proficiency as a conman caught up with him and he soon found himself hogtied by a group of dimwitted thugs. Sehanine threw a little magic at the bunch and with a little charm convinced them to leave the man to her. She set him free, but not before she took back to bracers. The elf kept them for a while until she found herself playing a game of seduction. While Sehanine and the gentleman were entwined in bed, Tristan snuck into the room and once again stole the bracers. Finding the bracers missing, she knew immediately who had taken them. Sehanine has been following ever since, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Characters
Subject: Malachi Williams (Schnozzle)

Name: Malachi Williams AKA Mal AKA "The Argent Blade" AKA "Arge"
Race: Human (Cordova)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Class/Level: Swashbuckler 2/Swordsage 2
Deity: Arfar
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Experience: 6850/10000

Height: 57
Weight: 140lbs
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black

Str 10 (+0)
Dex 16 (+3)
Con 12 (+1)
Int 16 (+3)
Wis 16 (+3)
Cha 8 (-1)

HP: 40
AC: 21
Flat-footed: 18
Touch: 16
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30ft.

BAB: +3
Melee: +3
Ranged: +6
Grapple: +3

Weapon: +1 Rapier
To Hit: +8, Crit Range 18-20
Damage: 1d6+1, Crit x2

Weapon: Dagger
To Hit: +7, Crit Range 19-20, Range Increment 10ft.
Damage: 1d4, Crit x2

Weapon: Masterwork Spiked Chain
To Hit: +3, Crit Range 20, Range Increment 10ft.
Damage: 2d4, Crit x2

Fortitude +5
Reflex +8
Will +7

Appraise +5 (+3 Int, +2 racial)
Balance +9 (+3 Dex, +5 ranks, +2 synergy, -1 Armour)
Bluff +6 (-1 Cha, +7 ranks)
Climb +6 (+0 Str, +7 ranks, -1 Armour)
Concentration +8 (+1 Con, +7 ranks)
Decipher Script* +3 (+3 Int)
Diplomacy +8 (-1 Cha, +5 ranks, +2 racial, +2 synergy)
Disable Device* +3 (+3 Int)
Disguise -1 (-1 Cha)
Escape Artist +9 (+3 Dex, +7 ranks, -1 Armour)
Forgery +3 (+3 Int)
Gather Information +1 (-1 Cha, +2 racial)
Handle Animal* -1 (-1 Cha)
Heal +8 (+3 Wis, +5 ranks)
Hide +9 (+3 Dex, +7 ranks, -1 Armour)
Intimidate +6 (-1 Cha, +5 ranks, +2 synergy)
Jump +8 (+0 Str, +7 ranks, +2 synergy, -1 Armour)
Knowledge (Arcana)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Geography)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (History)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Local)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Nature)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (Religion)* +3 (+3 Int)
Knowledge (The Planes)* +3 (+3 Int)
Listen +3 (+3 Wis)
Move Silently +9 (+3 Dex, +7 ranks, -1 Armour)
Open Lock* +3 (+3 Dex)
Profession (Sailor)* +5 (+3 Wis, +2 ranks)
Ride +3 (+3 Dex)
Search +3 (+3 Int)
Sense Motive +4 (+3 Wis, +1 ranks)
Sleight of Hand* +3 (+3 Dex)
Spellcraft* +3 (+3 Int)
Spot +3 (+3 Wis)
Survival +3 (+3 Wis)
Swim -2 (+0 Str, -2 Armour)
Tumble* +11 (+3 Dex, +7 ranks, +2 synergy, -1 Armour)
Use Magic Device* -1 (-1 Cha)
Use Rope +3 (+3 Dex) (+5 to bind someone)

Common, Elven, Dwarven, Giant

Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Focus (Rapier, Shortspear, Bastard Sword [Katana], Trident), Shadow Blade, Weapon Finesse

Racial Traits:
1 extra feat at 1st level
+2 racial bonus to Appraise, Diplomacy and Gather Information

Class Features:
Weapon Finesse, Grace +1, Quick to Act +1, Discipline Focus (Diamond Mind), AC Bonus (Wis)

Maneuvers Readied: 4
Maneuvers Known: 7
Desert Wind Blistering Flourish, Burning Blade
Diamond Mind Moment of Perfect Mind, Sapphire Nightmare Blade
Setting Sun Counter Charge
Shadow Hand Clinging Shadow Strike, Shadow Blade Technique
Stances Known: 2
Diamond Mind Stance of Clarity
Shadow Hand Child of Shadow

+1 Rapier, Dagger, +1 Chain Shirt, Cloak of Resistance +1, Amulet of Aquatic Salvation, 3 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, Hooded Lantern, Bedroll, 3 pints of Oil, Common Clothes, Argent Blade Costume, 50ft. Hemp Rope, Grappling Hook, Masterwork Spiked Chain

211gp, 6sp

Malachi has curly black hair that falls in ringlets to his shoulders. His gray eyes are sharp and focused, though they often look into the distance as though he can hear the call of the sea. He is of average height but exceptionally lean build; he doesn't bulge at his clothes nor do they hang limp around him. He has the musculature of one who has spent long at sea - strong arms, strong legs, strong back, but none of him is particularly stout.

He's not a bad looking fellow, all in all, but once he opens his mouth it becomes obvious why he doesn't attract many friends. Malachi Williams is an asshole. He means well; in fact he's a downright do-gooder. But when he can't see to find something nice to say, he just says whatever is on his mind. Usually it's an insult.

No beard or moustache adorns his face. In Malachi's opinion, a clean-shorn face is the mark of a gentleman, and gentility is a thing Malachi finds worth pursuing. This has gotten him into arguments before, and may well do so again.

Malachi likes to go by the name Mal most of the time, but when the time is right (often after nightfall), he goes by the name "The Argent Blade." He dons a sort of costume, a close fitting black outfit with silver trim, and a mask, also black and silver. The mask is intricately worked - a pegasus on either side, a lyre in the middle, and a filigree on either cheek. He isn't a well-known vigilante - in fact, he was trying to gain a bit of renown when The Giant Incident happened.

Fortune's Favored indeed.

Malachi Williams was born poor, the bastard son of a dead sailor's wife. His mother's husband was two years gone before he was born, eliminating the possibility of a proper birth. He grew up poor and hard, often stealing his meals and running from bullies who would take his hard-stolen bread.

At the tender age of eleven he was offered a berth on the Oriax, a merchant ship, and he jumped at the opportunity. He labored for five hard years onboard before he had moved up the ranks to second mate. He was much the man then that he is now, but he had not yet reached his captaincy.

Alas, it was a dream deferred. The Oriax foundered on a rock within sight of Arrowhead Island. He and his crewates made it to shore in a lifeboat, but only a handful survived the melee with the welcoming party of pirates and thieves.

Malachi's fighting impressed one of the older pirates. He was taken in by a man named Rickstraw, who taught him a great deal about swordplay and the sort of magic that surrounds the way he fights. For over three years Mal did nothing but practice the art of the blade, and when Rickstraw had taught him all he knew, he sent Mal away. Rickstraw was a good man among villains, and he insisted that Mal use what he had learned of swordplay and villainy for the benefit of others.

The young man swore it would be so, though he knew the law wouldn't be on his side. Upon his return he created the mantle of The Argent Blade, and has been trying to gain notoriety since then.

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Characters
Subject: Calopee Kindric (Philosopher)

Name: Calopee Kindric
Race: Halfling (Caledon)
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Class/Level: Rogue 4
Deity: Chrotus
Alignment: Neutral
Experience: 6850/10000

Height: 29
Weight: 28lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Chestnut

Str 10 (+0)
Dex 19 (+4)
Con 14 (+2)
Int 14 (+2)
Wis 12 (+1)
Cha 12 (+1)

HP: 32
AC: 20
Flat-footed: 16
Touch: 16
Initiative: +4
Speed: 20ft.

BAB: +3
Melee: +4
Ranged: +8 (+9 thrown or sling weapons)
Grapple: -1

Weapon: Skiprock
To Hit: +10 (+11 within 30ft.), Crit Range 20, Range Increment 15ft. [+8 to hit ricochet target]
Damage: 1d4, Crit x2

Weapon: Rock
To Hit: +9 (+10 within 30ft.), Crit Range 20, Range Increment 15ft.
Damage: 1d4, Crit x2

Fortitude +3
Reflex +8
Will +2

Appraise +2 (+2 Int) (+4 to appraise Halfling Weaponry)
Balance +4 (+4 Dex)
Bluff +8 (+1 Cha, +7 ranks)
Climb +2 (+0 Str, +2 racial)
Concentration +2 (+2 Con)
Craft (Halfling Weapons) +11 (+2 Int, +7 ranks, +2 Masterwork Artisans Tools)
Decipher Script* +2 (+2 Int)
Diplomacy +3 (+1 Cha, +2 synergy)
Disable Device* +11 (+2 Int, +7 ranks, +2 Masterwork Thieves Tools)
Disguise +1 (+1 Cha) (+3 to remain in character when being observed)
Escape Artist +4 (+4 Dex)
Forgery +2 (+2 Int)
Gather Information +1 (+1 Cha)
Handle Animal* +1 (+1 Cha)
Heal +1 (+1 Wis)
Hide +15 (+4 Dex, +7 ranks, +4 size)
Intimidate +3 (+1 Cha, +2 synergy)
Jump +2 (+0 Str, +2 racial)
Knowledge (Arcana)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Geography)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (History)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Local)*+2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Nature)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Religion)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (The Planes)* +2 (+2 Int)
Listen +10 (+1 Wis, +7 ranks, +2 racial)
Move Silently +13 (+4 Dex, +7 ranks, +2 racial)
Open Lock* +13 (+4 Dex, +7 ranks, +2 Masterwork Thieves Tools)
Ride +4 (+4 Dex)
Search +9 (+2 Int, +7 ranks)
Sense Motive +1 (+1 Wis)
Sleight of Hand* +13 (+4 Dex, +7 ranks, +2 synergy)
Spellcraft* +2 (+2 Int)
Spot +8 (+1 Wis, +7 ranks)
Survival +1 (+1 Wis) (+3 to find and follow tracks)
Swim +0 (+0 Str)
Tumble* +4 (+4 Dex)
Use Magic Device* +1 (+1 Cha)
Use Rope +4 (+4 Dex)

Common, Halfling, Orc, Elven

Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (Skiprock)

Racial Traits:
+2 racial bonus on Climb, Jump, and Move Silently checks
+2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear
+1 racial bonus on attack rolls with a thrown weapon and slings
+2 racial bonus on Listen checks
Bonus Feat at 1st level

Class Features:
Melee/Ranged Sneak Attack +1d6/+3d6 (Races of the Wild ACF), Trapfinding, Evasion, Trap Sense +1, Disruptive Attack (Players Handbook 2 ACF)

Mithral Shirt, Ring of Protection +1, Backpack [Contains: Blanket, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Masterwork Artisans Tools], Masterwork Thieves Tools, Signal Whistle, Bag of Holding (Type 1) [Contains: 47 Skiprocks, 7 Rocks]

237gp, 6sp

This little Halfling lady stands less than three feet tall, and weighs less than a sack of flour. She wears an unpresuming beige outfit that is baggy and full of pockets, and a plain grey cloak. Underneath this however, is a masterfully crafted shirt of mithral, to ward off the dangers of her tireless work. Casting aside her dull choice of uniform, her lightly freckled skin hosts the subtlest hint of olive, and her hazel eyes represent a pleasant kaleidoscope of hue and texture. She keeps her deep chestnut hair in a pixie crop, and many a fool has mistaken her for a young human girl. One of her most impressive traits is a distinct lack of weaponry. Never has a guard checked her bag and held her up for carrying around rocks. In fact, she appears perpetually unarmed. Her only weapon that innocent face, her sweet little smile.

Calopee Kindric grew up in Lochgate, the daughter of Milo and Theali. Milo was a guardsman, and taught her about discipline, and an honest days work. The bit about discipline stuck, but the honest part she cast aside. Her mother, Theali, was from the caravan clan Breniss, and though she had settled into her life as a loving wife and mother, she would regale her younglings with tales of her youth, setting fire to their imaginations, much to the chagrin of their more sedentary father.

She was a liar since before she could walk, and she was good at it too. If ever there was something missing around the house, a few cookies from the jar, for example, she would be sweetly innocent, insisting it must have been one of her brothers that did the deed. Her brothers, Arvessel and Twiggin, would always scour the shoreline for the perfect skiprocks, and she would tag along, the nuisance that she was. They made a competition of skipping, and though she had been slow to learn, she developed a technique that allowed her to polish each of her stones into the perfect shape for the job. Soon enough her skips were easily double her kins.

She began to spread her skiprock affinity to new ventures, learning to ricochet off of different surfaces to see what kind of mayhem she could get into. This is where her professional thievery took root. She could use her stones to create the perfect distractions, knocking on doors to distract shopkeepers, or smashing windows to alert guards to an area away from her target. This was all well and fine, for a time, until her infamy caught up with her. There were only so many little Halfling girls with a penchant for stone throwing after all. Because of her fathers position in the guards she was quietly collected, and whatever remained of her fortune returned to their rightful owners.

There were no charges laid, but she was made to remain in jail for a week to be taught a lesson. Ironically, this is where she met her first black market contact, a gnomish collector by the name of Beatricia; Beatie for short. Beatie and Calopee were thick into the small talk, and the topic of her internment was brought to question. Beatie was very impressed by the young Halflings tenacity, and offered her some work if she wanted to stop by the docks and look her up sometime.

Well, as soon as Calopee was in the clear, and after getting out of a grim sentence of house arrest with good behavior, she went to the docks to meet up with her new employer. From then on, her exploits went from mere mischief to highscale robbery. Precious artifacts, expensive trinkets, the works, Beatie made a request, and she skipped her way into fulfillment. Unfortunately, it was all too good to last. She was caught one night, and for the first time ever, had to resort to using her mastery of stone throw upon flesh and bone. She hadnt meant to kill, but the nobleman that had caught her left her little choice. She reacted, tossed her stone, and he fell like a sack of roots. Trembling and scared she fled the scene, and without so much as a note on the door, left behind her house and home, trusting in Beaties aid. Well, she was very cross, especially seeing as the young lass was remiss in collecting the article she had committed the crime for in the first place. However, she threw her on a boat and sent her to Cordova, insisting that when the time came, the young Halfling would have to repay her debt.

Calopee has since transformed into a confident young lady, and though there had been many sleepless nights recollecting her most vile of crimes, it would not be the last time she would need to kill in order to save her skin. In fact, over time, she became quite good at this as well. She focused on her talents, on her trade, and pushed the crises of conscience inward, never still, leaving little time for contemplation. Her stone polishing, though now a necessity of her lifestyle, was also her crutch, her compulsion. It protected her in more ways than one. Recent exploits had brought her from the whispers of infamy, out into an open fame, alongside a few choice compatriots. With the guild, The Fortunes Favored, she kept busy with whatever jobs were available to such talked about heroes. It was funny what a little fib here or there could muster in the matter of reputation.

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Characters
Subject: Tristan Brice (Chessicfayth)

Name: Tristan Brice
Race: Human (Cordova)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Class/Level: Favored Soul 4
Deity: Discq
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Experience: 6850/10000

Height: 510
Weight: 163lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Sandy

Str 10 (+0)
Dex 14 (+2)
Con 12 (+1)
Int 12 (+1)
Wis 14 (+2)
Cha 18 (+4)

HP: 36
AC: 17
Flat-footed: 15
Touch: 12
Initiative: +6
Speed: 30ft.

BAB: +3
Melee: +3
Ranged: +5
Grapple: +3

Weapon: Masterwork Rapier
To Hit: +7, Crit Range 18-20
Damage: 1d6, Crit x2

Fortitude +5
Reflex +6
Will +6

Appraise +3 (+1 Int, +2 racial)
Balance +1 (+2 Dex, -1 Armour)
Bluff +5 (+4 Cha, +1 ranks (cross class))
Climb -1 (+0 Str, -1 Armour)
Concentration +1 (+1 Con)
Decipher Script* +1 (+1 Int)
Diplomacy +6 (+4 Cha, +2 ranks, +2 racial)
Disable Device* +1 (+1 Int)
Disguise +6 (+4 Cha, +2 Disguise Kit)
Escape Artist + 1 (+2 Dex, -1 Armour)
Forgery +1 (+1 Int)
Gather Information +7 (+4 Cha, +1 ranks (cross class), +2 racial)
Handle Animal* +4 (+4 Cha)
Heal +9 (+2 Wis, +5 ranks, +2 Healers Kit)
Hide +1(+2 Dex, -1 Armour)
Intimidate +5 (+4 Cha, +1 ranks (cross class))
Jump -1 (+0 Str, -1 Armor)
Knowledge (Arcana)* +2 (+1 Int, +1 ranks)
Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering)* +1 (+1 Int)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)* +1 (+1 Int)
Knowledge (Geography)* +1 (+1 Int)
Knowledge (History)* +1 (+1 Int)
Knowledge (Local)* +1 (+1 Int)
Knowledge (Nature)* +1 (+1 Int)
Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)* +1 (+1 Int)
Knowledge (Religion)* +1 (+1 Int)
Knowledge (The Planes)* +1 (+1 Int)
Listen +3 (+2 Wis, +1 ranks (cross class))
Move Silently +1 (+2 Dex, -1 Armour)
Open Lock* +2 (+2 Dex)
Profession (Conman) +5 (+2 Wis, +3 ranks)
Ride +2 (+2 Dex)
Search +1 (+1 Int)
Sense Motive +3 (+2 Wis, +1 ranks)
Sleight of Hand* +1 (+2 Dex, -1 Armour)
Spellcraft* +1 (+1 Int)
Spot +3 (+2 Wis, +1 ranks (cross class))
Survival +2 (+2 Wis)
Swim -2 (+0 Str, -2 Armour)
Tumble* +1 (+2 Dex, -1 Armour)
Use Magic Device* +4 (+4 Cha)
Use Rope +2 (+2 Dex)

Common, Elven

Improved Initiative, True Believer, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Rapier)

Racial Traits:
1 extra feat at 1st level
+2 racial bonus to Appraise, Diplomacy and Gather Information

Class Features:
Deitys Weapon Focus

Spells per Day:
6/7/4, Spell DC 12 + Spell Level
Spells Known:
Lvl 0 - Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Purify Food and Drink, Light
Lvl 1 - Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Obscuring Mist, Remove Fear
Lvl 2 - Cure Moderate Wounds, Spiritual Weapon, Delay Poison

Masterwork Rapier, Masterwork Chain Shift, Chain Shirt, Bracers of Shielding +1, Explorers Outfit, Silver Holy Symbol of Discq, Bag of Holding (Type 1) [Contains: Manacles, Small Steel Mirror, Signal Whistle, Tent, Disguise Kit, Healer's Kit, 50ft. Silk Rope, Razor]

2025gp, 1sp

A fairly ordinary, unremarkable man, with a smile indicating he knows something you don't. (Possibly the location of your coinpurse).
-Right handed.
-No visible scars (yet)
-Shoulder length hair, slightly shaggy
-when able to shave the excess, wears a thick goatee

Fond of his wide-brimmed hat, leather boots, and especially his bracers.
The son of a candle-stick maker, Tristan was trained from his teens till his early twenties by another favored soul, an elf follower of the silver tongue who wanted to pass along his fencing skills, and recognized the divine potential in him. A few years ago he declared Tristan competent, and after gifting him with his own rapier and a set of elven bracers, departed to return to adventuring.
Tristan himself took to adventuring shortly afterward. Hearing rumors of his teachers demise on some adventure, he hopes to become proficient enough with the sword to pass on the teachings that were passed to him.
Loves causing trouble, and is not above using magic to aid him when the urge strikes him.
Recently had a spot of trouble with a moonlit-elf, who after poisoning him, stole the bracers his teacher gave him. Wary of poison thereafter, he followed her and manage to knick them back, though he expects her to come for them, eventually.

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Characters
Subject: Relos Onsamryn (Jozan1)

Name: Relos Onsamryn
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Class/Level: Paladin 4
Deity: Gian
Alignment: Lawful Good
Experience: 6850/10000

Height: 6�0�
Weight: 163lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Str 15 (+2)
Dex 12 (+1)
Con 14 (+2)
Int 14 (+2)
Wis 10 (+0)
Cha 16 (+3)

HP: 48
AC: 21
Flat-footed: 20
Touch: 12
Initiative: +1
Speed: 20ft.

BAB: +4
Melee: +6
Ranged: +5
Grapple: +6

Weapon: Masterwork Halberd
To Hit: +7, Crit Range 20
Damage: 1d10+3, Crit x3

Weapon: Masterwork Dagger
To Hit: +7 (melee), +6 (ranged), Crit Range 19-20, Range Increment 10ft.
Damage: 1d4+2, Crit x2

Weapon: Masterwork Javelin
To Hit: +6, Crit Range 20, Range Increment 20ft.
Damage: 1d6+2, Crit x2

Fortitude +9
Reflex +5
Will +4

Appraise +2 (+2 Int)
Balance -4 (+1 Dex, -5 Armour)
Bluff +3 (+3 Cha)
Climb -3 (+2 Str, -5 Armour)
Concentration +2 (+2 Con)
Craft (Jewelry) +5 (+2 Int, +3 ranks)
Decipher Script* +2 (+2 Int)
Diplomacy +14 (+3 Cha, +7 ranks, +2 racial, +2 synergy)
Disable Device* +2 (+2 Int)
Disguise +3 (+3 Cha)
Escape Artist -4 (+1 Dex, -5 Armour)
Forgery +1 (+1 Int)
Gather Information +5 (+3 Cha, +2 racial)
Handle Animal* +3 (+3 Cha)
Heal +9 (+0 Wis, +7 ranks, +2 Healer�s Kit)
Hide -4 (+1 Dex, -5 Armour)
Intimidate +3 (+3 Cha)
Jump -3 (+2 Str, -5 Armour)
Knowledge (Arcana)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)*+2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Geography)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (History)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Local)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Nature)* +2 (+2 Int)
Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)* +5 (+2 Int, +3 ranks)
Knowledge (Religion)* +5 (+2 Int, +3 ranks)
Knowledge (The Planes)* +2 (+2 Int)
Listen +1 (+0 Wis, +1 racial)
Move Silently -4 (+1 Dex, -5 Armour)
Open Lock*+1 (+1 Dex)
Ride +1 (+1 Dex)
Search +3 (+2 Int, +1 racial)
Sense Motive +7 (+0 Wis, +5 ranks, +2 racial)
Sleight of Hand*-4 (+1 Dex, -5 Armour)
Spellcraft* +4 (+2 Int)
Spot +4 (+0 Wis, +1 racial)
Survival +0 (+0 Wis)
Swim -8 (+2 Str, -10 Armour)
Tumble* -4 (+1 Dex, -5 Armour)
Use Magic Device* +3 (+3 Cha)
Use Rope +1 (+1 Dex)

Common, Elven, Dwarven, Orc

Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Extra Smiting

Racial Traits:
Counts as both a Human and an Elf for all purposes decided by race
Immunity to magic sleep effects
+2 racial bonus to saving throws against enchantment spells or effects
+1 racial bonus to Listen, Search and Spot checks
+2 racial bonus to Diplomacy, Gather Information and Sense Motive

Class Features:
Holy Warrior (Complete Champion ACF), Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 3/day, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands (12pts/day), Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Turn Undead 6/day (as 1st Level Cleric)

Masterwork Halberd (310), Masterwork Dagger (302), 4 Masterwork Javelins (2, +1 Full Plate (2750), Ring of Protection +1 (2000), Backpack, 50ft. Hemp Rope, Bedroll, Silvered Holy Symbol, Artisan�s Tools, Healer�s Kit, Mortar and Pestle, Belt with Pouches, Holy Book, Journal, 2 Torches

10pp, 113gp, 5sp, 6cp

Fully adorned in his battle dress, Relos Onsamryn fits the part of holy knight perfectly. As a Paladin of Gian his brightly polished fullplate has a large deeply rooted tree tinted green emblazoned upon the chest piece. With longsword and dagger sheathed at his hips he holds his main weapon firmly in hand, haft down. A halberd made from the sturdiest dark wood and strongest of steel. The polished haft is wrapped in a deep green leather grip, which is intricately designed with a breeze blowing through grass starting at one end and ending only with the swirled breeze design bleeding onto the flats of the polished axe head.

His goods and other essentials are kept in a sturdy leather backpack and various pouches on his belt, including his scripture book which is fully leather wrapped and fastened to the outside of the backpack.

He keeps himself clean shaven, his features easily giving up his elven heritage. A long narrow face and pointed ears would make him seem more like a 70/30 elf instead of half elf, but to most others the distinction doesn't matter. Crystal blue eyes from his mother, and long black crinkled hair and dimples from his father make up the rest of his strangely animated face. Even worse is when he lets the black stubble on his chin grow, which thanks to his mixed blood comes in patchy.

Roughly 20 years ago, a lonesome knight was traveling the roads of Cordova on a pilgrimage to do good and serve the people across the land. He would not return to his knightly chapters keep until he was done, which he left up to himself to be the judge of.

On a long and winding road through the forests that led to Schell the knight road at a steady trot enjoying the crisp autumn breeze and all the seasonal scents that accompanied it. It had been a peaceful few days since he entered the wood with nothing but warm meals and friendly people on the road. Soon though that would all change, as over the canopy he spotted a thin column of smoke trailing from somewhere in the woods. He rode his horse as far as he could towards it and dismounted to approach on foot, where he stumbled upon three covered wagons circled in a clearing. Two were on fire and the last was toppled over with a commotion going on inside. The middle of the camp had a fire going with a pot of food cooking, and in between the smaller trees were lines of clothes drying. Four orcs were looting through the discarded belongings on the ground, including the bodies of eight individuals. Three were armed with the armaments of a warrior, the other five bodies were a mix of adults and children. The group looked well enough to fend off a bandit or two, but a raiding orc party clearly outclassed them.

The Knight charged, quickly dispatching all four enemies and making a dash for the toppled wagon. As he tore back the leather flaps leading inside, he watched a woman be bludgeoned with a club by a fierce looking orc. He was too late to save her but as her bodyfell a small child cowering behind her was revealed. He would be able to save him, and the knight engaged the pig faced murderer. After a struggle and almost having his arm broken in three he was able to dispatch the beast.

For minutes, the camp was silent and only the fire and quiet cries from the child could be heard. The Knights heart sunk at the sight of this lonesome child, now possibly without a family. After calming him down they exchanged words and sure enough the elven woman was his mother. Outside his father
lay dead still clinging to the blade that he tried to protect the group with.

In that moment the knight made a decision, he would bring the child with him back to the keep where he lived after his pilgrimage was complete. So from that day forth the child and the knight traveled together throughout the land of Cordova.

Years passed and the duo had many adventures together, Relos growing into a fine young squire that the knight grew attached to. They had actually visited the keep twice in the years that they were together but by that time they had decided to travel together even after coming back home. Together they rode on for seventeen years before the final days finally crept up to the aging knight.

One chilly winter morning on the slopes of the western mountains the two awoke to the sounds of footsteps approaching their camp. They hadn't expected any visitors on their journey back down from a cliff side village, so cautiously they exited their tent to meet the approaching people. Three well-armed men approached with weapons drawn explaining how they had tracked the two for some time, and now they were here to steal all their coin and belongings.

Quickly they engaged in combat the armor-less knight fending off all three attackers with only his long sword. As usual Relos stood by watching, the knight forbidding him to enter any combat that he did not need to engage in. It wasn't that Relos wasn't a swordsman; all the years on the road had given him enough time to train with all sorts of weapons. He always kept a small blade sheathed at his side for self defense but felt confident that this morning he wouldn't need it at all. One by one the knight dispatched the foes leaving one man left to fight. The melee only lasted seconds but to everyone's surprise the bandit was able to knock the knight on his back and bring his axe up for a finishing blow. Relos acted on instinct, throwing his dagger and wounding the assailant which gave the Knight enough time to recover and kill the final attacker.

That morning on their way back down the slopes, the knight made a weighty decision; His pilgrimage was complete. They spoke about it for hours and the decision still stood, they would make their way back to the keep once and for all. 6 months later they made it back, the return trip not lacking any of the grandeur or luster as any other trip but underneath it all a sense of something bittersweet lingered.

For seventeen years they were on the road and for the last three years of the knight�s life he lived out his way in the keep, writing a small book while teaching Relos the same thing he was taught as a young knight. Training Relos who already had many skills and the physical conditioning needed to take up the mantle was like cutting a jewel from a rough stone. All the materials were there it just needed to be shaped into something far superior. On his death bed the knight handed Relos the book he had been penning, and blessed him for wanting to take his place on the road. On the day of his passing Relos left the keep making the same vows and promises that his predecessor had also made, but with one small change. Not only would he travel Cordova, but he would travel the known world too.

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Characters
Subject: Fortune's Favoured Characters

Fortune's Favoured: The Lucky and the Liars

It was a happy accident that created the group known as Fortune's Favoured, though they do their best to hide that from the world. Many believe their name stems from their skill and bravery, allowing them to achieve great deeds that would require incredible luck if not for their ability, but this is a falsehood. The downtrodden need their heroes, and whether they planned it or not, that would be the fate of the Fortune's Favoured.

The circumstances that drew them to the valley where fate would snatch them up into their new destines were varied. There was the fey-elf from "Evainlewyn and the chosen soul of the Trickster, embroiled in their own game of cat and mouse across the continent. There was the Halfling, hiding from her the deeds of her past, who found herself searching for suitable stones to shape for her needs. Finally, there was the sailor, a reformed man seeking to use his skills to help those in need. Nothing in common amongst them until they came to what is now known as Giant's End.

Feephyfophum, a hill giant of ill repute and worse temperament, had tormented the outlying farms of Schell for weeks. He'd eaten the livestock, trashed the farmhouses and slaughtered the farmers, and while the citizens awaited word of help from the capital a militia had formed. Gathering their torches and pitchforks, the group set out for the giant's camp under cover of night, hoping to ambush the giant before he awoke and end his reign of terror.

How the militia would have fared again the giant we will never know, for at the same time, a knight of Caledon, seeking to prove his claim for glory, had accosted Feephyfophum, and was engaged in battle with the enormous creature. A decisive blow was struck, and the giant defeated, though too was the knight, to exhausted from the melee to avoid the giant's corpse tumbling on top of him, crushing him flat. So would have ended so ignobly the knight's tale, were his death not witnessed, and witnessed it was, by four sets of completely bewildered eyes.

Malachi, the Argent Blade was the only among the group to have actively sought out the giant. He would have attempted to end the giant's raids himself, and more than likely he would have failed, but now he stood over the enormous corpse, though he had no claim to the deed. Tristan and Sehanine had stumbled onto the scene quite by accident. Though at this point neither could really be sure who was stalking the other, the scene brought them to a momentary standstill, if only for the moment. A rolling stone brought Calopee to the camp, having escaped her grasp on the precipice of a hill overlooking the battle. Her arrival only just preempted the Schell militia, who were as bewildered as anyone.

For a few seconds, the mood was tense. Four strangers had wandered to a giant's camp, watched a knight get crushed and a giant's rampage ended, and now they were surrounded by incensed villagers who just moments before had steeled themselves for a fight. The silence was broken by a villager elder, who surveyed the scene and asked the only question logic allowed.

"Was it you four who have done this?"

The foursome looked at one another, their confusion leading to an approach from the surrounding mob. It would be Calopee, the Halfling, acting more out of survival instinct than honour, who answered as straight-faced as her grin would allow.


Thus began the legend of Fortune's Favoured, The Giant Slayers, the Heroes of Schell. The truth concealed behind a flurry of bluffs and the group's reluctance to give back the offered rewards. The townsfolk were safe, the real hero was dead without a trace, their crime was clean and victim-less. Soon word of their deed had spread, and the local townsfolk came to them with all manner of problems for them to solve.

This is when the group grew, joined by Relos, the half-elven paladin of Gian. Seeking his own destiny, and hearing tell of the assumed bravery of the Fortune's Favoured, he was quickly accepted for his strength in battle. Drawn together by a quirk of fate, Fortune's Favoured, not quite heroes, not quite liars, but something different entirely. With a start like that, one can only imagine where they'd go from here.

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Q&A Thread Now Open

The Q&A thread is now open, all relevant world/event information will be contained on the first page. Characters will be in their own thread which is linked through to this one.

Now, to truly get the Q&A started, I have two questions for my players.

QUESTION THE FIRST: Does your character consume alcohol?


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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: The Basic FAQ:

Q: Hey, where's my character?
A: It's in the character thread silly. Why you so silly? Don't be silly.

Q: Alright then, but why does my character sheet look nothing like what I originally submitted?
A: I reformatted the character sheets into one I'm familiar with so I can easily find what I need for DMing. You're welcome to look at your own sheet or these ones, but in some cases I went the extra mile and searched for missing things (synergy bonuses, etc) and added them to the sheets in the thread.

Q: Some maps have very cities on them, is that all there is?
A: Nay, my good sir. Locations marked on the maps were chosen based on their noteworthiness. The are multiple other cities/towns/hamlets/mines/chapels/shrines/covens/etc, but they exist on a different scale from the ones currently on the map.

Q: What do the race names after cities mean?
A: They simply serve to quickly give an example of the city's population ratios. A city labelled (Human) is predominantly human, though it includes other races, if not in great numbers. Likewise, (Elf/Dwarf) would indicate a fair number of Elves but also a fair number of Dwarves, and one labelled (Human/Mixed) consists largely of Humans, but with enough of every else that you run into other races commonly.

Q: Is that all the gods?
A: That is the commonly revered ones, but it is not a comprehensive list. Many bestial gods exist, such as gods for Lizardfolk/Gnolls/etc, however, their worship is not widespread nor often tolerated among the civilized races, and they are not listed here.

Q: What are Quests and Rumours?
A: In a world as large as Jaamara, it is easy to lose track of all the things an adventurer has heard or has been asked to do. This will just be a quick list and summary so players can easily keep track of tasks they've been assigned/wish to do.

Q: Grugg, why are you so awesome?
A: The beard child, it all stems from the beard.

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: The Pantheons: Gods and Divinity in Jaamara

Common Pantheon:
The Seafarer, The Wild Wave
The god of the ocean, storms and travel, Arfar is a Chaotic Neutral deity commonly worshipped by sailors, merchants, fishermen and anyone who makes their living on the water. His symbol is a trident superimposed on a crashing wave, his favoured weapon is the Trident and his domains are Chaos, Protection, Travel and Water.
The Tyrant, The Iron Grip
The god of tyranny, war and being coveting the belongings of others, Atyrax is a Lawful Evil deity commonly worshipped by dictators, corrupt politicians, warlords and anyone who seeks to control others. His symbol is a clenched iron fist, his favoured weapon is the whip and his domains are Evil, Destruction, Law and War.
The Stonebrother, The Solid Rock
The god of earth, construction and mining, Boltan is a Lawful Neutral deity commonly worshipped by miners, architects builders and anyone who seeks protection in solid stone. His symbol is a perfectly cut shining gemstone, his favoured weapon is the mace and his domains are Earth, Law, Protection and Strength.
The Eternal, The Unfathomable Force
The god of time, space and all the forces in the multiverse, Chrotus is a Neutral deity commonly worshipped by philosophers, inventers and anyone who contemplates the infinite. Its symbol is an hourglass on its side with the sand evenly divided, its favoured weapon is the quarterstaff and its domains are Chaos, Evil, Good, Law and Sun.
The Martyr, The Forever Dedicated
The god of protection, sacrifice and service to a higher cause, Cutemp is a Lawful Good deity commonly worshipped by guards, combat medics and anyone who martyrs themselves for a cause. His symbol is a plate helm split in two, his favoured weapon is the tower shield and his domains are Good, Healing, Law and Protection.
The Trickster, The Invisible Hand
The god of music, thievery and luck, Discq is a Chaotic Neutral deity commonly worshipped by thieves, gamblers, musicians and anyone who throws caution to the wind. His symbol is a loaded die, his favoured weapon is the rapier and his domains are Chaos, Luck, and Trickery.
The Earthmother, The Verdant Green
The god of nature, animals and healing, Gian is a Neutral Good deity commonly worshipped by farmers, doctors, woodsmen and anyone who protects the beauty of nature. Her symbol is a tree with deep, strong roots, her favoured weapon is the longbow and her domains are Animal, Good, Healing and Plant.
The Murderer, The Biting Pain
The god of torture, lies and coldblooded murder, Gob is a Neutral Evil deity commonly worshipped by killers, interrogators, conmen and anyone who seeks to manipulate or blackmail others. His symbol is a skull with a dagger imbedded in the temple, his favoured weapon is the dagger and his domains are Evil, Death, and Trickery.
The Brutal, The Bloody Swathe
The god of battle, slaughters and ambushes, Krusk is a Neutral Evil deity commonly worshipped by highwaymen, uncaring generals and anyone who revels in an unfair fight. His symbol is a tattered red flag, his favoured weapon is the greatsword and his domains are Evil, Destruction, Strength and War.
The Practiced, The Arcane Scion
The god of magic, secrets and alchemy, Marcana is a Neutral deity commonly worshipped by magic users, alchemists, archivists and anyone who seeks victory through superior intellect. His symbol is a hand with an unblinking eye on the palm, his favoured weapon is spellcraft and his domains are Knowledge, Magic, and Plant.
The Constant, The Unbending Rule
The god of currency, law and consistency, Mekartho is a Lawful Neutral deity commonly worshipped by politicians, bankers, judges and anyone who respects the status quo. His symbol is a balanced scale, his favoured weapon is the longsword and his domains are Destruction, Law, Protection and Strength.
The Reaper, The Empty Sorrow
The god of death, quiet and sadness, Noctus is a Lawful Evil deity commonly worshipped by morticians, assassins, the diseased and anyone who has lost all hope. Her symbol is a scythe made entirely of bone, her favoured weapon is the scythe and her domains are Evil, Death, and Trickery.
The Crusader, The Shining Knight
The god of justice, honour and truth, Ragnu s is a Lawful Good deity commonly worshipped by crusaders, lawkeepers and anyone who seeks to banish evil and disorder. His symbol is a winged sword, his favoured weapon is the longsword and his domains are Good, Law and War.
The Uncontrollable, The Spitting Flame
The god of fire, change and loss, Sartyria is a Chaotic Evil deity commonly worshipped by pyromaniacs, rebels and anyone who takes without giving. Her symbol is a roaring wildfire, her favoured weapon is the scimitar and her domains are Chaos, Destruction and Fire.
The Light, The Warmest Glow
The god of purity, life and the sun, Setus is a Neutral Good deity commonly worshipped by healers, witchhunters and anyone who seeks light and goodness in their life. His symbol is the sun shining unobstructed, his favoured weapon is the warhammer and his domains are Good, Healing, Protection and Sun.
The Maddening, The Forbidden One
The god of insanity, aberrations and forbidden knowledge, Sleemorox is a Chaotic Evil deity commonly worshipped by the insane. Its symbol is a tangled mass of tentacles, his favoured weapon is the unarmed strike and his domains are random, with his clerics gaining access to two new domains each day.
The Gale, The Whispering Wind
The god of freedom, exploration and the wind, Whismrous is a Chaotic Good deity commonly worshipped by explorers, freed slaves and anyone who seeks the unexplored parts of the world. His symbol is a silver lined cloud, his favoured weapon is the short sword and his domains are Air, Chaos, Good and Travel.
The Lover, The Perfect Sight
The god of love, peace and beauty, Veslian is a Chaotic Good deity commonly worshipped by pacifists, lovers, gardeners and anyone who find beauty in the strangest places. His symbol is a rose, he has no favoured weapon and his domains are Good, Luck, Plant and Protection.

Elf Pantheon:
The Golden Mind
The elven god of magic, knowledge and nobility, the Golden Mind is a Lawful Good deity commonly worshipped by elves with an interest in magic or those amongst the ruling class. His symbol is a golden tome of mysterious symbols, his favoured weapon is the quarterstaff and his domains are Good, Knowledge, Law and Magic.
The Silver Tongue
The elven god of deception, stealth and wit, the Silver Tongue is a Chaotic Good deity commonly worshipped by elves that favour trickery and glibness, or those that prefer to act behind the scenes. Her symbol is a pair of silvered knitting needles, her favoured weapon is the dagger and her domains are Chaos, Good, Luck, and Trickery.
The Bronze Body
The elven god of martial prowess, crafting and honour, the Bronze Body is a Neutral Good deity commonly associated by elven warriors, smiths and generals. His symbol is a bronzed fang, his favoured weapon is the battleaxe and his domains are Good, Protection, Strength and War.
The Red Hand
The elven god of dominance, slavery and war, the Red Hand is a Lawful Evil deity commonly worshipped by elves that seek to rule over all creation. His symbol is a blood red handprint, his favoured weapon is the spear and his domains are Evil, Destruction, Law and War.
The Green Eye
The elven god of death, disease and darkness, the Green Eye is a Neutral Evil deity commonly worshipped by elves who deal in death and plague, hiding their activities under cover of night. His symbol is a reptilian green eye, his favoured weapon is the dart and his domains are Animal, Evil, Death and Trickery.
The White Veil
The elven god of necromancy, lies and the cold, the White Veil is a Chaotic Evil deity commonly worshipped by elven necromancers, grave robbers, nomads and any elf who shuns his kin. His symbol is a bone white elven mask contorted into a scream, his favoured weapon is the pick and his domains are Chaos, Evil, Death and Magic.

Dwarf Pantheon:
The Ancestors are the great dwarves that have passed into legend, their feats and deeds recorded for eternity in dwarven history. Referred to by their titles (e.g. The Smith, The Warrior, The Librarian, The Architect, etc) each is called upon by a Dwarf when their guidance is needed most. Their symbol is the dwarven rune for "Ancestor", their favoured weapon is the warhammer and their clerics may choose any two domains.

Orc Pantheon:
Grungo & Pungo
The orcish conjoined twin brother gods of rage, destruction and strength as well as randomness, wildlife and desire (respectively), Grungo & Pungo are Chaotic Evil deities commonly worshipped by Or-Ungo and several monstrous creatures. Their symbol is a pair of frogs linked at the hips, twisting in an attempt to attack one another, their favoured weapons are the greataxe and club and their domains are Animal, Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Strength, Trickery and War.
The orcish god of balance, control and temperance, Kull is a Lawful Neutral deity commonly worshipped by the Or-Kull and a few monastic orders amongst other races. His symbol is a white circle split evenly by a straight black line, his favoured weapon is the kama and his domains are Knowledge, Law, Protection and Strength .

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: The People of Jaamara

Though amongst the youngest races on the plane, Humans have become one of its most successful, with their business sense, population numbers and lack of restrictive ancient customs providing them many advantages in both business and warfare. Their adaptability and willingness to learn new things has led many of them to the highest position in their chosen field, as well as a combination of respect and enmity from those they've surpassed in their short time on Jaamara.

The most adventurous of the common races, their lust of exploration and tendency to settle and industrialisation has led to their dominance on both the continents of Cordova and Caledon, as well as a formidable presence on Arrowhead Island. Of the civilised races, Humans are the ones who have made the most progress in exploring and mapping Jenoa, and the majority of the settlements there bear their touch.

Racial Traits:
Medium: As Medium creatures, humans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Human base land speed is 30 feet.
1 extra feat at 1st level, because humans are quick to master specialized tasks and varied in their talents.
4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level, since humans are versatile and capable. (The 4 skill points at 1st level are added on as a bonus, not multiplied in)
Automatic Language: Common. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic) Humans mingle with all kinds of other folk and thus can learn any language found in an area.
Favored Class: Any.

Though similar physically, the human lands of Jaamara are very different culturally, and humans from the major civilisations can sometimes possess very different skills as a result of their upbringings.
Cordova: Humans from Cordova have a natural inclination towards the art of deal, bargaining and haggling since before they even truly have a grasp on language. Many an adventurer has been outwitted by a Cordovan merchant and their reputation often precedes them as cunning negotiators in any trade. These Humans have a +2 racial bonus to Appraise, Diplomacy and Gather Information but do not get the 4 extra skill points at 1st level or the 1 extra skill point at each additional level.
Caledon: Humans from the proud Kingdom of Caledon often grow up admiring the icons of their chivalrous knights and many emulate or at least dream of that life in their youth. Though few receive the training or equipment required, Caledonians are still known to be honourable and trustworthy through Jaamara. These Humans get a +2 racial bonus to Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty), Ride and Sense Motive but do not get the 4 extra skill points at 1st level or the 1 extra skill point at each additional level.
Arrowhead Island: Though very few are born and raised in the settlements on Arrowhead Island, the island seems to draw a certain class of person to its shores. Known for their pirate crews, thieves and conmen, the humans of Arrowhead are known for their pickpockets, deceptions and thug-like behavior. These Humans get a +2 racial bonus to Bluff, Intimidate and Sleight of Hand but do not get the 4 extra skill points at 1st level or the 1 extra skill point at each additional level.
Jenoa: Though small in numbers, the Humans attempting to colonise Jenoa are hardy and strong headed, capable of thriving alone where others are not in the wilds of the unknown continent. They are explorers and pioneers, known for their stubbornness when faced with a challenge. These humans have a +2 racial bonus to Heal, Knowledge (Geography) and Survival but do not get the 4 extra skill points at 1st level or the 1 extra skill point at each additional level.

One of the first (though they do consider themselves the original) civilised races to appear on Jaamara, the Dwarves are a race in decline, clinging to tradition, grudges and the memories of past glories. While they once ruled many of the lands both above and below ground, they reside now mainly in the mountain kingdoms, with those few dwarves living amongst other races in their cities considered an anomaly. Their distrust of arcane magic leaves them with few users amongst their race, though they count an above average number of divine magic wielders amongst their numbers. Still, their crafting prowess and hardiness in battle have preserved their race's relevance, and they still wield power politically and economically due to their great treasure reserves.

Dwarven cities provoke a great sense of awe, having been built in the golden years of their empire millennia before the current age. The mountain regions of Caledon and Cordova hide great Dwarven kingdoms, and their mining towns are often located above many a valuable mineral vein. There are rumours too of a lost Dwarven kingdom on the island of Jenoa, formed by adventurous Dwarves ages before, though no contact has been made with the continent since then.

Racial Traits:
+2 Constitution, -2 Charisma: Dwarves are stout and tough but tend to be gruff and reserved.
Medium: As Medium creatures, dwarves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Dwarf base land speed is 20 feet. However, dwarves can move at this speed even when wearing medium or heavy armor or whose speed is reduced in such conditions.
Darkvision: Dwarves can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and dwarves can function just fine with no light at all.
Stonecunning: This ability grants a dwarf a +2 racial bonus on Search checks to notice unusual stonework, such as sliding walls, stonework traps, new construction (even when built to match the old), unsafe stone surfaces, shaky stone ceilings, and the like. Something that isn't stone but that is disguised as stone also counts as unusual stonework. A dwarf who merely comes within 10 feet of unusual stonework can make a Search check as if he were actively searching, and a dwarf can use the Search skill to find stonework traps as a rogue can. A dwarf can also intuit depth, sensing his approximate depth underground as naturally as a human can sense which way is up. Dwarves have a sixth sense about stonework, an innate ability that they get plenty of opportunity to practice and hone in their underground homes.
Weapon Familiarity: Dwarves may treat dwarven waraxes and dwarven as martial weapons, rather than exotic weapons.
Stability: Dwarves are exceptionally stable on their feet. A dwarf gains a +4 bonus on ability checks made to resist being bull rushed or tripped when standing on the ground (but not when climbing, flying, riding, or otherwise not standing firmly on the ground).
+2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison: Dwarves are hardy and resistant to toxins.
+2 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects: dwarves have an innate resistance to magic spells.
+1 racial bonus to attack rolls against orcs (including half-orcs) and goblinoids (including goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears): Dwarves are trained in the special combat techniques that allow them to fight their common enemies more effectively.
+4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against monsters of the giant type (such as ogres, trolls, and hill giants): This bonus represents special training that dwarves undergo, during which they learn tricks that previous generations developed in their battles with giants. Any time a creature loses its Dexterity bonus (if any) to Armor Class, such as when it's caught flat-footed, it loses its dodge bonus, too.
+2 racial bonus on Appraise checks that are related to stone or metal items: Dwarves are familiar with valuable items of all kinds, especially those made of stone or metal.
+2 racial bonus on Craft checks that are related to stone or metal: Dwarves are especially capable with stonework and metalwork.
Automatic Languages: Common and Dwarven. Bonus Languages: Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Terran, and Undercommon. Dwarves are familiar with the languages of their enemies and of their subterranean allies.
Favored Class: Fighter. Spellcasters amongst the Dwarves tend to be Divine Magic Users.

Unlike Humans, Dwarves tend to remain similar culturally even on different continents. However, there is a variety of Dwarf from that chooses to live deep within their mines that bears slight differences.
Deep Dwarf: Obsessed with finding treasure and digging deeper into the core of Jaamara, Deep Dwarves are even tougher than their resilient cousins in the mountains and above ground. Rarely seen above ground, these Dwarves only seem truly comfortable in their subterranean home, often appearing disoriented while on the surface. These Dwarves have their racial bonus to saving throws against spells and spell-like effects as well as against poison increased to +3 and their darkvision is extended to 90ft. Additionally, they are far more sensitive to light, taking a -1 to attack rolls, initiative, search and spot checks while in natural or magical bright light.

Set apart from the other major races by their millennia long lifespans, Elves have always taken a farsighted and patient approach to life in Jaamara. From the shining cities on their home continent of Évainlewyn to hidden forest kingdoms throughout the plane, their influence is felt in the cities and kingdoms of all the races, their mastery of the arcane arts and collections of ancient knowledge leading to them being commonly thought as council to powerful rulers. While not as ubiquitous as Humans, Elves can be found in almost all the civilised lands of the plane.

Long sharing their homeland with the many varieties of Metallic Dragons that live in the peaks of mountains and more remote areas of the Moonlit Isle, it is a fair bet that some of their magical aptitude has come from learning beside these powerful creatures. So protective of their secrets are the elves that few not of their race ever find hospitality on Évainlewyn, with those seeking entrance without permission are often denied forcefully. Though the armies of the Elves have not gone to war centuries, tales of fierce mages mounted on dragons still inspire awe in those who hear them.

Racial Traits:
+2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution: Elves are graceful but frail. An elf's grace makes her naturally better at stealth and archery.
Medium: As Medium creatures, elves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Elf base land speed is 30 feet.
Immunity to magic sleep effects, and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects.
Low-light Vision: An elf can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. She retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
Weapon Proficiency: Elves receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency feats for the longsword, rapier, longbow (including composite longbow), and shortbow (including composite shortbow) as bonus feats. Elves esteem the arts of swordplay and archery, so all elves are familiar with these weapons.
+2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks. An elf that merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if she were actively looking for it. An elf's senses are so keen that she practically has a sixth sense about hidden portals.
Automatic Languages: Common and Elven. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, and Sylvan. Elves commonly know the languages of their enemies and of their friends, as well as Draconic, the language commonly found in ancient tomes of secret knowledge.
Favored Class: Wizard. Martial characters tend to be drawn to the Ranger class.

Though many Elves exhibit similar talents, there are a few that differ from the majority.
Moonlit Elf: Though rare, there are Elves within the continent of Évainlewyn who claim to be descended from an ancient bloodline of draconic origin. Paler than their brethren, they mainly dwell within the cities of Évainlewyn, and those encountered outside Elven lands are often there temporarily, whether recovering ancient knowledge or some other mysterious purpose. Though their heritage may be questioned, none can doubt their aptitude for magic. These Elves get +2 Intelligence and -2 Strength in addition to standard Elf traits.
Forest Elf: More at home in a forest than the magnificent cities of their peers, these elves have adapted to life in the wilds, dwelling in tree villages or often roaming in tribes. While less inclined towards magic than the elves of Évainlewyn, they are no less dangerous, and their skill as hunters and trappers in unparalleled. These elves get -2 Intelligence but do not take the standard -2 Constitution. The +2 Dexterity is unchanged.
Half-Elves: The beauty of Elves is not lost on Human eyes, and often where settlements meet there is interbreeding. The result is a race without history, not quite Elf but not quite human, they often embrace their role as a middle-man, and many diplomats to the Isle of Évainlewyn are Half-Elves. They count as both a Human and an Elf for all purposes decided by race. Half-Elves retain the immunity to magic sleep effects, and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects of their elven parents, but their bonus to Listen, Search and Spot checks is only +1, and they receive no ability to detect concealed doors nor any other Elvish racial traits. Their diplomatic nature provides a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy, Gather Information and Sense Motive.

Dark Elf (Drow): Only begrudgingly acknowledged, there are Elves who long ago rejected the peaceful ways of their kin and have embraced a more sinister calling. Banished from their homeland, these dark-skinned Elves live on the outskirts, only seen during their raids on towns and villages they come across. There are whispers that they serve power Chromatic Dragons, bringing slaves and treasures to their patrons in exchange for favour.

A curious race found throughout many of Jaamara's continents, Halflings often embrace their born role as tricksters and thieves. Many jokes, pranks or otherwise mischievous acts are attributed to the "little folk" but their good nature and seemingly natural luck often keeps them from getting into any real trouble from their hijinks. Halflings have found success as travellers, moving from town to town amusing the locals for tips and then moving on before one too many townsfolk find their coin purses mysteriously "misplaced".

Despite their reputations, Halflings are almost always welcome on the Human continents, and they can almost always be found lurking around Human cities. Though the call of a nomadic life is often too strong for them to resist, some do settle down and take up honest work, though their stature often relegates them to less physical tasks.

Racial Traits:
+2 Dexterity, -2 Strength: Halflings are quick, agile, and good with ranged weapons, but they are small and therefore not as strong as other humanoids.
Small: As a Small creature, a Halfling gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than humans use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
Halfling base land speed is 20 feet.
+2 racial bonus on Climb, Jump, and Move Silently checks: Halflings are agile, surefooted, and athletic.
+1 racial bonus on all saving throws: Halflings are surprisingly capable of avoiding mishaps.
+2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear. This bonus stacks with the Halfling's +1 bonus on saving throws in general.
+1 racial bonus on attack rolls with a thrown weapon and slings: Throwing and slinging stones is a universal sport among Halflings, and they develop especially good aim.
+2 racial bonus on Listen checks: Halflings have keen ears.
Automatic Languages: Common and Halfling. Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, and Orc. Smart Halflings learn the languages of their friends and enemies.
Favored Class: Rogue.

Though primarily travellers, Halflings remain similar culturally and physically no matter where they may currently be roaming. One exception exists however, on the continent of Caledon.
Caledon: Raised with an understanding of honour, and less of an inclination towards wandering and trickery, some Halflings in Caledon embrace their home's morals and find themselves living for others more than themselves. Settlers as opposed to travellers, they lean more towards practiced skill than luck in their efforts, and their lands are known as peaceful hamlets where can find good natured help in addition to the usual helping of Halfling wit. These Halflings receive a Bonus Feat at 1st level but do not get the +1 racial bonus on all saving throws.

The Orcs of Jaamara are a divided race, split ages ago by "religious" schism and giving in to their feral instincts. Originating from the Steamlands (Malahatag in the original orcish), Orcs have always had trouble integrating with other races regardless of their intentions. Even the most peaceful Orc is judged by the actions of his wild, barbaric kin, and many races harbour long grudges over past transgressions. The split in the species is even more defined by their interactions with the other cultures of Jaamara.

Or-Kull ("Half"-Orc):
The more peaceful and civilised branch of the Orc race, their more passive nature led them to be encountered by other races long after their relatives the Or-Ungo, leading to their common designation as "half" orcs, as they were half as likely to try to kill you as their raiding brethren. Following the path of self-control laid down by their deity Kull, the Or-Kull struggle against their natural rage and violent tendencies, though it is never truly conquered, merely lying supressed under a layer of calm precision.

Known for their strength and martial ability, the Or-Kull make up 99% of all Orcs encountered in the cities and towns of other races. Though still viewed with caution, Or-Kull culture views control and dedication as paramount, and they count a large number of monks and clerics amongst their number. From their few beleaguered settlements on Malahatag to their monastery outposts on the other continents, the Or-Kull seek to gain respect as a civilised race, and though their blood feud with the Or-Ungo rages eternally, they still try to redeem their wild brethren, no matter how unlikely.

Racial Traits:
+2 Strength, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma: Half-orcs are strong, but their orcish blood makes them dull and crude.
Medium: As Medium- creatures, half-orcs have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Half-orc base land speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision: Half-orcs (and orcs) can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and half-orcs can function just fine with no light at all.
Orc Blood: For all effects related to race, a half-orc is considered an orc. Half-orcs, for example, are just as vulnerable to special effects that affect orcs as their orc ancestors are, and they can use magic items that are only usable by orcs
Automatic Languages: Common and Orc. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, and Abyssal.
Favored Class: Monk. The way of Kull demands a dedication to body and mind to overpower the rage within the Or-Kull. Spellcasters among them tend to be Clerics of Kull.

Or-Ungo (True Orcs):
As dangerous as their jungle home on the continent of Malahatag, the Or-Ungo are orcs who have embraced their rage and the wildness that burns in their blood. Feral warriors and ferocious hunters, they constantly war with their Or-Kull kin at the behest of their mad Gods, the conjoined brothers Grungo & Pungo. Driven by a lust for battle and insatiable fury, the Or-Ungo are responsible for the orcs' poor reputation throughout Jaamara, very few achieve peaceful contact with an Or-Ungo tribe, and those that do often find their hosts have only allowed them to live in order to find out where they've come from, with plans of raiding their homeland soon after.

Almost never seen amongst the civilised races, the Or-Ungo are subject to rampant discrimination and hatred when one manages enough self-control to visit another city without attempting to kill whoever they see. Ironically, their self-imposed isolation on Malahatag has led to them being perhaps the most familiar with the lost continent of Jenoa, as its wild expanses and ferocious wildlife are subject to great hunts by the Or-Ungo. A solo hunting expedition to the lost continent is consider a rite of manhood amongst the tribes, and many of their greatest warriors have the scars to back up their boasts of slaying the monsters that live there.

Racial Traits:
+4 Strength, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma.
A True Orc's base land speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision: True Orcs can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and True Orcs can function just fine with no light at all.
Light Sensitivity: True Orcs are dazzled in bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.
Automatic Languages: Common, Orc. Bonus Languages:
Dwarven, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, Undercommon.
Favored Class: Barbarian. Spellcasters tend to be Druids or Clerics of Grungo & Pungo

A mischievous race, known for their tinkering and illusions, Gnomes are the least influential of the major races, though that appears to be more due to disinterest on their part. Few gnomes feel the call of adventure, preferring their labs and card games to the unwelcoming darkness of caves and dungeons. Their casual nature leads to their ability to act largely unnoticed as a race, and Gnomes are nearly ubiquitous throughout the Human settlements on Jaamara.

Gnomes are often mistaken for Halflings, and the similarities are striking, though they use their talents in a much more benign way. While capable tricksters, they rarely act maliciously, instead seeking to bring joy and laughter to those they interact with rather than fooling others for profit. Consummate inventers, Gnomes often are drawn to crafting in a different sense. Many recent inventions are result of Gnome experimentation, and many an adventurer has "tested" a new contraption to mixed results at a gnome tinkerer's request. Strangely hardy, gnomes have a peculiar habit of overestimating the other races, and a contraption that is often merely dangerous to a Gnome is occasionally fatal to their unwitting "testers".

Racial Traits:
+2 Constitution, -2 Strength: Like dwarves, gnomes are tough, but they are small and therefore not as strong as larger humanoids.
Small: As a Small creature, a gnome gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but he uses smaller weapons than humans use, and his lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
Gnome base land speed is 20 feet.
Low-light Vision: A gnome can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
Weapon Familiarity: Gnomes may treat gnome hooked hammers as martial weapons rather than exotic weapons.
+2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions: Gnomes are innately familiar with illusions of all kinds.
Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against illusion spells cast by gnomes. Their innate familiarity with these effects makes their illusions more difficult to see through. This adjustment stacks with those from similar effects, such as the Spell Focus feat.
+2 racial bonus on Listen checks: Gnomes have keen ears.
+2 racial bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks: A gnome's sensitive nose allows him to monitor alchemical processes by smell.
Automatic Languages: Common and Gnome. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin, and Orc. Gnomes deal more with elves and dwarves than elves and dwarves deal with one another, and they learn the languages of their enemies (kobolds, giants, goblins, and orcs) as well.
Spell-Like Abilities: 1/day-speak with animals (burrowing mammal only, duration 1 minute). A gnome with a Charisma score of at least 10 also has the following spell-like abilities: 1/day-dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation. Caster level 1st; save DC 10 + gnome's Cha modifier + spell level.
Favored Class: Wizard (Illusionist).

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Malahatag, The Steamlands

Malahatag, The Steamlands

A humid jungle continent largely separate from the remainder of the plane, Malahatag is the natural home of the orcish race, and a largely unwelcoming land to all else. Divided into two factions, the Or-Kull and the Or-Ungo, the continent is divided by a bitter blood feud that has lasted since its discovery. Or-Ungo raiding parties on other continents are common, though the Or-Kull largely keep to their fortress-monasteries. Trade with other continents is rare, and completely unheard of for the Or-Ungo, though many monks of different races have had success in dealing with the Or-Kull.

Kata Kull (Or-Kull): The largest of the monasteries of the orcish deity Kull, Kata Kull is believed to be the "capital" for the Or-Kull race. Few outsiders live within its walls, and those that do not follow the strict path of discipline find themselves unwelcome at best.
Oma & Baga (Or-Kull): The most populous monasteries outside of Kata Kull, Oma and Baga are vast settlements of Or-Kull dedicated to mastering themselves as well as defeating any Or-Ungo excursions into their territory.
Khaltorium (Dwarf): A dwarven kingdom that maintains its right to Malahatag since the first age, the dwarves of Khaltorium are besieged on all sides by orcs seeking to remove them from the continent. Rarely seeing a day of peace, Khaltorium is a symbol of pride for dwarves throughout the plane.
Shamahaithungo (Or-Ungo): The only true "settlement" of the largely nomadic Or-Ungo is Shamahaithungo, which is more of a festival than anything. Though their rituals and timing seems inexplicable, great gatherings of Or-Ungo have been seen at this location, leading outsiders to believe it is a sacred territory of the chaotic gods Grungo & Pungo.

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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Jenoa, The Lost Lands

Jenoa, The Lost Lands

The Unknown Continent
Rumoured to be the source of all life on Jaamara, Jenoa is a wild and unexplored continent, home to wildlife not seen anywhere else on the plane. Rumours of ancient ruins and even more ancient artifacts have driven an obsession with Jenoa amongst the human civilisations, but thus far the fierce beasts and forbidding geography has prevented anyone from discovering much more than ancient broken pottery on the shores.

A subject of a "friendly" rivalry between the Cordovan and Caledonian continents, settlements have begun to spring up around the outskirts of Jenoa. For every one that succeeds however, there are scores more that fail, and only the hardiest can survive life on the unknown continent. Jenoa sees a fair bit of activity from the Or-Ungo as well, who consider slaying great beasts on the continent a trial of strength.

New Cordova (Human): The largest human settlement on Jenoa is New Cordova, an act of vanity by the Cordovan merchants as they pour resources into developing and protecting what they hope will be the first of many cities on the continent.
Ironstead & Steadfast (Human): Settlements of Caledonian origins, Ironstead and Steadfast see themselves as less a part of Caledon and more their own distinct culture. Hardworking individuals and those seeking a new start are common here, as well as brave heroes hoping to make a name for themselves in the face of the constant peril the continent provides.
Feywood (Elf): A wood elf settlement only recently located, the elves of Feywood are believed to have made their home on Jenoa since the first age. Largely hostile to any who enter their territory, few have made successful contact, and little information about them is available.

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