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Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: sada

That is the most concerning and impressive thing I have ever read.

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 02:55:55.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

"...and then Malachi realised he was one fire, but not the normal kind of fire. No, this fire burned on and inside his loins, an itching heat than manifested in reddish lumps. He could scarcely remember the night before, but a memory flooded back to him as he searched his thoughts furiously for the cause of searing heat. He had found a companion for his night in the ditch, one of rarefied airs and interesting breeding. Mal it would seem, had contracted Troll-Herpes..."

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 02:42:52.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf


Posted on 2014-06-07 at 02:08:55.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

I am excited.

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 00:43:26.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

We have the dying mumbles of one character and the innermost thoughts of Malachi thus far.

Would like to update by the end of the week.

Posted on 2014-06-06 at 02:28:00.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: lkm

So because calenders frighten me I misjudged some dates.

Away on business possibly until Friday.

Posted on 2014-06-03 at 01:29:41.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

Running invisibly to Tristan and administering a potion will take two rounds.

With regards to the mage hand, I let you use a standard action to cast mage hand, and then moved the blade 15ft as a move action as per the spell. I gave you 1d20-7 (-4 for "improvised weapon", -3 for "range increments") to try and simply run the sword into the guy as a move action, kind of like an odd bull rush.

What I will allow is for mage hand to essentially work like a clumsier, floating version of your own hand. If you want to use the sword floating in the guy's square to attack it will take your standard action but you'll get nothing to the roll other than your BAB and additions to damage, and moving it will take your move action.

Mage hand doesn't traditionally work like that, but there's nothing saying about its combat applications, so I went with the "rule of cool" as it were.

Posted on 2014-06-01 at 15:37:05.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Poodles

Same legend as last time.

Notable changes:
Relos no longer flanked.
Tristan unconscious and prone.
Calopee discovered.
The leader is sharing his square with a magehand held floating longsword.

Long live Rich Eisen's dreams.

Posted on 2014-05-31 at 23:48:19.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: sadf


Tristan 26 (unconscious)
Bandit2 19
Malachi 16 (wins tiebreaker)
Relos 16
Leader 12 (wins tiebreaker)
Bandit8 12
Bandit4 8
Calopee 7
Sehanine 3


Tristan rolls an 18, hits Bandit4 dealing 5 damage.
Tristan's spiritual weapon rolls a 21, hitting Bandit7 for 7 damage.
Bandit1 and Bandit2 both miss Relos.
Relos rolls a 22, hits Bandit1 for 7 damage, killing him.
Malachi rolls a 27, hits Bandit4 for 7 damage.
Malachi rolls a 16 then a 17 respectively and provokes no AoOs for hopping back and forth for his stance like a rabbit on cocaine.
The leader lands a critical hit on Tristan (funny story, the whole time I'm rolling, Chessic is sitting in chat fretting about the possibility of him getting crit'd. Of course it then happens. Oprah is on to something.) dealing 19 damage and putting Tristan to -2 and unconsciousness.
Bandit4 and 8 miss both miss Malachi.
Calopee rolls a 29, hits bandit7 with a sneak attack. Rolls terribly but still deals 7 damage and kills him.
Calopee ends up with a net -3 on her hide check and is spotted.
Sehanine rolls a 6 to try and maneuver a sword into the leader and misses.


Posted on 2014-05-31 at 23:36:26.

Topic: I didn't die!
Subject: dasf

I'm going to assume Schnozzle that is an MtG related question and not a method of discovering whether you and Accalia are on opposite sides of some undetermined war.

Actually I'm going to assume the latter as it's more amazing.

Anywhos, welcome back. Always nice to see faces returning.

Posted on 2014-05-31 at 23:27:11.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured: Revenge of the Revenge of the Game
Subject: First pop of the night

Night, Isiah’s Farm, Schell 
The flames roared up as the toolshed’s thatched roof fed the bonfire the shed had become. It had taken less than a minute for the fire to consume it, a combination of an abundance of fuel and the dry summer night. It served as illumination for the battle around it, its heat washing over the combatants as its fiery tongues licked out at anything that drew too close, only the well-trod dirt around it saving the wheat from becoming but more fuel.

The fire’s glow danced on Tristan’s chain shirt as he caught his breath before it, the light reflecting in the globes of crimson blood that still tripped from his wounds, granting them a look of severity that would have been far less noticeable in solely the moonlight. The man’s back and shoulder had been raked over by the leader’s chain, something that he’d have to risk again as he turned his attention to the bandit to Malachi’s side.

Moving carefully, his eyes ever on the bearded man’s chain, Tristan struck out at the rider with his rapier, taking advantage of Malachi’s positioning to catch his target while he was distracted. The rapier slid easily past the man’s guard, catching him in a joint in his leather armour and provoking a cry of pain as Tristan withdrew it to find fresh blood on the blade. A second cry echoed out of the wheat field behind him as his manifestation of Discq’s blade continued doggedly pursuing its target, successfully if the yell was any indication. He’d bought Mal some space to maneuver and hopefully provided a weakened foe for Calopee in the wheat field, something Tristan hoped they’d both be able to capitalise on as his attention returned to the spiked chain the group’s leader wielded.

Across the clearing and behind Isiah’s hut, Relos continued to seek an advantage against the men surrounding him. His positioning away from his fellows had been meant to minimize the chances of their discovery as they’d laid hidden awaiting the ambush, but it was seeming a disadvantage now; it had left him isolated and unable to assist the rest of the Favoured. He was getting a lot of experience dealing with being surrounded however, and he’d learned the cutthroats’ attack patterns through some painful trial and error.

His wider defensive stance served him well as the first man lunged in his blade, a simple strike that seemed more to provide a distraction to the paladin and leave him open to the bandit’s comrade at his rear. Were this an opening gambit it would have seen more success as Relos had already fallen for this more than once, and was unwilling to be made a fool of again but these marauders, and he easily deflected the stab with the haft of his halberd before spinning with the momentum, causing the other bandit’s strike to deflect harmlessly off his shoulder pauldron.

The half-elf’s momentum carried through as he brought the blade of his weapon around, slicing down in a powerful arc towards the man he’d wounded previously, feeling the customary resistance as his attack landed flush. The man fell heavily to the ground as Relos concluded his blow, pulling his halberd back up as he spun easily to face his remaining attacker who was just beginning to assess to situation. They’d been unable to fell the armoured half-elf 2-on-1 and now the numbers had been evened. It seemed the tide was turning.

North of the hut, Malachi continued his own fight against imbalanced numbers. Tristan’s arrival had negated some of the bandits’ advantage, and the two had shared a short conversation as they ducked and dodged through the melee around them. Tristan’s blow had diverted one of the rider’s attentions, and Malachi seized on the opportunity by adding an attack of his own. His rapier too found a seam in the man’s armour and bit into flesh, eliciting another cry of pain. The man stayed upright however, and Malachi prepared himself for another round of hopefully fruitless swings as he rolled about between his two adversaries, kicking up dust and using the flickering light of the fire to hopefully add a bit of confusion to his movements.

While Malachi made himself busy distracting the men surrounding him, Tristan’s attention momentarily dropped as he made a quick survey of his position. He allowed himself to breathe for a second but immediately regretted it as a sharp pain snapped his focus back to reality. His reverie had left him vulnerable, something he’d tried to carefully to avoid and his inattention had given the riders’ leader all the opportunity he’d needed. Tristan noticed his vision swimming as he could feel the man’s chain tear at flesh as it dislodged, and for a moment he felt like he might vomit. He dropped to a knee as he struggled to focus on the now laughing bearded man before him before darkness crept in to the sides of his sight. He could hear the man shouting as the last of his consciousness fled his body and he dropped to the ground in a widening puddle of his own blood.

“LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AND I PROMISE YOUR DEATHS WILL BE QUICKER THAN THIS FOOL’S., the cry echoed out over the farm as the bearded man gloated while Tristan’s body hit the earth. “WHAT IDIOTS DIE FOR A FARMER ANYWAY!?

The call rallied the bandits, who were grateful to see someone of not their number fall, and they redoubled their efforts. Malachi’s preparation and training proved necessary as the men around him hacked him with wild abandon, only his natural dexterity and the unnatural concealment granted by his prodigious abilities allowing him to remain unscathed as he dipped between their blades. His eyes caught a glimpse of Tristan hitting the ground as he ducked one of the strikes, and the dire nature of his situation became all the more real to him as he counted the adversaries surrounding him. Numbers mattered in what had become a war of attrition, and the Argent Blade now found himself outnumbered three to one.

Calopee, along in the wheat field had a difficult time discerning the events in the clearing, but even she could identify something was going awry as the leader’s gloating brought her attention to Tristan’s prone form. The fight in the field required attention, but it was important to wrap up loose ends before moving back to help, and she focused on the man that had pursued her into the wheat field. Kipping up from her hiding place, she whipped a rock at the distracted man’s head, waiting for the familiar *thunk* followed by the *thud* as the stone struck the bandit square and dropped him unconscious to the ground.

Satisfied the man wouldn’t be rising anytime soon, the Halfling repositioned herself to the north, but her thoughts turned to her fallen comrade and she was unable to avoid peeking out at the scene in the clearing. The act drew her attention from finding a hiding place and also had the misfortune of her catching the eye of the riders’ bearded leader, their eyes locking as Calopee scanned the area. The man’s menacing grin gave her an uneasy feeling as she furtively searched for a hiding spot in vain. It looked like she’d been discovered, again.

Sehanine watched helplessly as her comrade Tristan hit the dirt, and her thoughts turned towards the sneering man who felled him. She’d had her blade at the ready, though she considered using it in most cases as a last resort perhaps a little inventiveness would give it a use in her present circumstance. Her mind raced as her arcane power coursed through her, manifesting as an orison that lifted her blade gently out of her hand and carried it through the air towards her target. The blade bobbed unevenly as Sehanine tried to bring the weapon to bear and the man (while initially taken aback by the sudden appearance of a much more mundane floating blade) easily avoided the sword’s gradual advance.

The sword was joined by a companion as Tristan’s summoned blade appeared above his unconscious form, floating idly as it awaited new directions that seemed unlikely to be forthcoming. The blood pool beneath it slowly expanded, catching more and more light from the flames as it did, bringing a crimson illumination Tristan’s fallen body. The Favoured now found themselves on a timer as their comrade lay bleeding out before them.

(Q&A, because I care. Or something. I blame Chessic’s mind powers.)

Posted on 2014-05-31 at 23:25:50.
Edited on 2018-03-13 at 07:31:50 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf


Went out, did some biking, got hit by a car door, did some literal bouncing doing some asphalt, back up and got home just in time to bleed on my socks.

In other news, my leg hurts and now I don't have an excuse to avoid updating, because I think lying down and not moving is my best course of action.

Update forthcoming, come distract me in chat and don't be surprised if every injury this update involves car doors.

Posted on 2014-05-31 at 20:51:10.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: dasf

I agree with Jozan...

...oh wait he hasn't posted yet.

Our spurt of updating 53 times in a week has spoiled us all, as in reality it's been about 4 days since I updated and no one is truly late on posting.

I am again out of town this coming Monday/Tuesday so being update by Sunday is ideal. Again I will update as soon as we get all the posts in so we can keep this going if that's before Sunday.

Posted on 2014-05-30 at 01:59:04.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

Really desperate to mage hand something in there eh?

Just waiting for Jozan now.

Posted on 2014-05-29 at 14:07:59.

Topic: Has anyone looked into D&D 5?
Subject: sadf

The staggered release of the core ruleset is easily the most confusing marketing strategy I've heard of in a looooong time.

Unless they know something we don't.

Also Tiamat's alright, who uses modules anyway.

Posted on 2014-05-29 at 14:06:30.

Topic: Has anyone looked into D&D 5?
Subject: asdf





Posted on 2014-05-28 at 02:37:18.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

Nah probably diligent or something.

Who knows when this may someday be useful.

Posted on 2014-05-26 at 01:05:13.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Sure

PC hp is updated on the first page, first post.

The leader has taken 16 damage
Bandit1 has taken 24 damage
Bandit2 has taken 0 damage
Bandit3 is dead, having taken 26 damage
Bandit4 has taken 9 damage
Bandit5 is dead, having taken 34 damage
Bandit6 is dead, having taken 32 damage
Bandit7 has taken 10 damage
Bandit8 has taken 16 damage

If you're looking for how much damage each PC has dealt...well you can count up that little vanity project yourself.

Posted on 2014-05-25 at 22:48:10.
Edited on 2014-05-25 at 23:01:56 by Grugg

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Maperdoodles

Same as last map, with the addition of the light blue dot being Tristan's spiritual weapon.

Relos is flanked.
Malachi is flanked.
Tristan is threatened by the leader.

The shed is now essentially an enormous bonfire, the dirt around it seems to be preventing it from spreading, but everything inside is engulfed in flames.

Calopee is hidden. Goddamnit.

Posted on 2014-05-25 at 22:24:49.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A

Initiative again unchanged. WHY IS NO ONE DYING!?

Tristan 26
Bandit1 19
Bandit2 19
Malachi 16 (wins tiebreaker)
Relos 16
Leader 12 (wins tiebreaker)
Bandit8 12
Bandit4 8
Calopee 7
Bandit7 4
Sehanine 3

Tristan summons his spiritual weapon, it gets a 19 to hit and stabs bandit7 for 8 damage.
Tristan's movement triggers an AoE from the leader that hits Tristan for 8 damage.
Bandit1 hits Relos for 6 damage
Bandit2 misses Relos
Relos gets a 7 to hit, missing bandit1 (While Relos's actions technically resolve after Malachi's, where they don't interact I wrote Relos's in first rather than constantly shifting the focus in the update)
Malachi rolls a 26, 30 and 18 respectively on his tumble checks to avoid provoking AoOs, succeeding on all but the last.
Bandit4 misses Malachi with his AoO.
Malachi gets a 12, missing bandit4.
The leader misses Tristan.
Bandit 8 moves to flank Malachi, provoking AoOs from Tristan and Malachi.
Tristan rolls a 27 (nat20) and confirms the critical with a 17, dealing 8 damage to Bandit8.
Malachi rolls an 18, hitting Bandit8 and dealing 8 damage.
Bandit8 hits Malachi, beats the concealment and deals 7 damage.
Bandit4 misses Malachi.
Calopee rolls a 23 on her bluff, beating the assembled Sense Motives.
Calopee rolls a 20 (total) on her hide check, beating the assembled spots.
Bandit7 moves into the wheat field and fails to spot Calopee entirely.
Sehanine, still without anything to mage hand about like a madwoman, deals 7 damage to the leader with magic missile.

The fire has completely consumed the hut.

Calopee is vanished in the wheat (AGAIN! Seriously, no more fights in wheat fields), nearly everyone deals 8 damage and map is up in the next post.

Posted on 2014-05-25 at 22:21:23.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured: Revenge of the Revenge of the Game

Night, Isiah’s Farm, Schell 
The situation was wildly spinning out of control. The ambush had done well to give the Favoured the surprise but the division of the group had proved less helpful while the numbers remained against them. With the discovery of the Halfling Calopee the field had been evened in terms of positioning, and Fortune’s Favoured were desperate to swing that back their way, if not thin the enemy’s ranks as well.

Tristan found himself in the uncharacteristic position of needing to put the group on his already wounded back. Calopee and Malachi had thus far been the most effective at downing the riders, and both of them found themselves in inopportune situations that jeopardised their ability to help the group; Tristan’s quick reflexes would have to give him the opportunity to change that.

He started with Calopee, who found herself much closer to an opponent much larger than her own tiny frame. Tristan flourished his rapier as the loaded die than hung around his neck gave a brief throb of power as he channeled Discq’s gifts. His flair for the grandiose was not lost however, and as he felt the magical energy of his spell surge through him and out onto the battlefield he let out a shout, not directed at the bandit per se but definitely designed to grab his attention.

"Discq's Blade, I summon you!" 

The bandit turned to see the commotion just as a translucent blade sprung into being in front of him, a floating rapier composed entirely of divine force. His confusion was punctuated by a loud shout as the blade dipped and easily plunged into his shoulder, cutting through his armour and tearing into the flesh before withdrawing to float tauntingly before him.

Tristan would have to hope that his summoned blade would provide enough distraction for the Halfling as he turned his attention to Malachi’s struggles. The riders’ bearded leader had already caught him once with his chain, an experience he’d not soon forget but one he’d have to risk again to free up room for the Argent Blade to act. Lunging out of the wheat field Tristan broke towards the grouping of men, gritting his teeth in preparation as their leader turned and whipped the barbed chain in his direction.

The spiky links struck him as he advanced, though they bit in far less than the last time, and he was able to make his way into the melee otherwise unmolested. He hoped Malachi be able to take advantage of his distraction, being repeatedly struck by the chain had begun to wear on the young Cordovan. Perhaps acting for the good of the group was going to be best trick he’d played on himself yet.

Still by his lonesome on the southern side of the farmhouse, Relos remained force to split his attention while remaining flanked by the bandits. They’d caught him last time and he’d reacted as he’d been trained, settling into a more defensive stance, seeking to negate their numbers advantage. One of the men lunged in and Relos swept his haft out to catch the blow, knocking aside the thrust and buying himself a bit of space. His timing wasn’t perfect however, and the second man caught him with a quick slice of his blade as Relos spun his weapon around to react, narrowly missing the bandit with his halberd’s deadly blade. Whether his injuries or the fatigue of tracking the movements of two combats had caused his misplay, Relos could not tell, but he would surely have to redouble his efforts if he was survive the situation much longer.

To the north by the shed, Malachi, even with the arrival of Tristan, found himself remaining outnumbered. He’d just escaped what was now an inferno filled deathtrap, and the expression “out of the pan and into the firehad never seemed more appropriate. He rationalised getting alongside the bandits would at least force them to split their attention between Tristan and himself, but the path there was going to be treacherous with all men surrounding him, he’d have to rely on his training.

The bandits’ bearded leader had just lashed out at Tristan, and Mal hoped his comrade’s distraction would give him the space he needed to evade the man’s deadly chain. Ducking low, Mal kicked off his left leg, tucking and rolling to his right while the bearded man failed to bring his chain to bear in time to strike. Springing out of his roll, the masked swordsman spun out to his side, evading the teary eyed bandit entirely and narrowly dodging the awkward lunge of the other’s short blade.

Malachi could feel the shadows still clinging to him as he popped up to the bandit’s side. His natural mobility had allowed him to maneuver around the battlefield freely but had cost him his balance, and his sword thrust met nothing but air as he awkwardly attempted to retaliate against the man who had swung at him. His position was far better than only moments before, and he could no longer feel the heat of the flames lapping at his neck, but he’d failed to dent the bandit’s numbers for now.

Across from Malachi, Tristan’s bravery had brought him face to face with the bandit’s leader, a dangerous proposition given the results of their previous interactions. Tristan was getting better at reading the man however, and as the bandit leader stepped back to clear space as he whipped his chain towards Tristan’s head he ducked a second earlier than previously, hearing the whistle of swinging steel as the chain’s blades narrowly missed his face. It was a welcome change from the tearing pain the last two strikes had produced.

As he righted himself, Tristan’s attention was drawn by the man beside him. The bandit’s still watering eyes were full of rage; though Tristan was grateful they seemed to be focused on Malachi instead of himself. As the bandit took off after his rolling comrade, Tristan seized the opportunity to lash out, catching the man in the back of the knee as he stepped, his howl of pain signaling Tristan his blade had hit home.

The bandit’s head turned toward Tristan for just a moment as he continued to move towards Malachi, who seized the opportunity and struck out himself, catching the bandit while his attention was diverted. The man’s frustration at being jabbed twice boiled over, and he swung forcefully at Mal as he finished his movement, his blade catching the Argent Blade along his back Malachi now found himself between a pair of enraged cutthroats. Relying on his reflexes, Malachi twisted around, predicting a strike from his other assailant and deflecting it harmlessly with the flat of his blade. An armed man on either side of him and his companion locked in a deadly struggle a few feet away, it could be wondered if perhaps things had been better inside the flaming shed.

Calopee situation was just as dire, her brief time as an unseen force had ended, and the man in front of her seemed fairly intent of getting revenge for his fallen comrades. Her natural stealth wouldn’t help her here; she’d have to rely on her wit. Taking a quick step back, the Halfling pointed over the bandit’s shoulder, contorting her face into a look of shock. Despite himself, the man turned to look and in that instant Calopee went to ground, vanishing from sight. When the bandit looked back his confusion was plain on his face, and it was noticed by the bandit leader, who was quick to order the man into the wheat field to find the tiny rock throwing menace.

Hesitantly, the man entered the wheat field, unwilling to disobey the bearded man. His eyes darted left and right as he went further and further into the stalks but he failed to notice Calopee, already safe beneath a quickly assembled collection of fallen stalks and dirt, as he stepped right over the concealed Halfling. Barely moving from her position, Calopee’s hand snaked into a sack tied at her waste, emerging with an unpolished stone clenched in her palm. It seemed her prey had fallen into her trap.

Not far from Calopee, Sehanine considered her options from her vantage point in the wheat field. The fallen torch on the walking path had smoldered out, its flame extinguished rolling in the mud, and though the shed was in flames there was nothing she could see on it that could be made of any use. A shame, as she’d wanted to perhaps use the fire to her advantage in the combat, she’d have to settle for her own firepower however. Calling to the arcane power of her fey blood once more, she again summoned a pair of dark beads of force, sending them flying out towards the bearded man who was locked in combat with Tristan. The familiar thud and shout of aggravation confirmed the hit as the battle continued with by the light of now flame engulfed shed.

(OOC: Q&A for the usual bits)

Posted on 2014-05-25 at 22:09:11.
Edited on 2018-03-13 at 07:28:27 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

I look forward to an encounter where Malachi utilises the deadly technique of "Combat Laying". COMBATANTS BEWARE, HIS MOTIVES ARE NOT ENTIRELY WHOLESOME!

Posted on 2014-05-25 at 19:33:06.
Edited on 2014-05-25 at 19:33:45 by Grugg

Topic: Favourite Thing You Never Get to Use
Subject: Favourite Thing You Never Get to Use

So considering I don't have a tabletop group anymore, and only really play games on this forum, a long period of collecting D&D splatbooks and "expansions" is only as good as the resources available to whoever is DMing. As such I always have ideas that I never get a chance to use, and I was curious if anyone else has the same.

Plus I don't think I've ever really used the Survey forum, and I want to show it some love.

Some things I have yet to, put probably will never get to use. My list is 3.5e only, though I'm sure there's stuff in other systems I want to mind's on D&D presently.
  • Factotums - This Dungeonscape base class is the epitome of jack of all trades, and something I'm really interested in toying with.
  • Anything in Stormwrack - IT'S A BOOK BASED ON PIRATES...KINDA
  • Crusaders - Tome of Battle's tanking class looks like fun, but finding a DM that uses ToB seems difficult.
  • Epic Level Handbook - I know just about everything in the book is broken one way or another, but it would be fun to wield God-like power again.

Anyone else have any ideas they haven't got a chance with yet?


Posted on 2014-05-25 at 16:53:33.
Edited on 2014-05-25 at 16:54:28 by Grugg

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: adsf


A tad short, but it facilitates an immediate update in a quick combat round, so it is forgiven, ONCE. Will crank out update after lunch.

While I'm at it, a quick poll of the group, during combat, are you guys comfortable rolling out two updates a week, to move it along so we can really play, or would you consider that too much.

I find combat seems to really bog down play-by-post, as it doesn't work the best in the medium and like to move it quickly to keep the game fresh.


Posted on 2014-05-25 at 16:43:04.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

Invisibility is unfortunately personal or touch, so vanishing Calopee will have to wait. Also I am never giving you guys a wheat field again, goddamn wheat ninjas.

Schnozzle you realize moving 10ft for child of shadow will provoke no less than 3 attacks of opportunity, but since you're moving just 10ft I'll be rolling tumble checks to see if you can avoid attacks of opportunity. Also you have mobility, so you get +4 AC against AoOs. Just something to be aware of, even if you have a pretty good chance of avoiding them.

Jozan did say when he posted previously his next few days are very busy, but if he does find time to post I will get an update in.

Posted on 2014-05-25 at 16:18:54.
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