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Topic: Tales of City Fantastico
Subject: Intro, Part 3

Chapter 1.1: An A-Team Montage for the Ages

Sitting alone in office, Mr. Fantasti V was afforded a magnificent view of his once magnificent city. He could remember back to a time before this all happened, before his father had disappeared, before everything he had worked to achieve crumbled without his guiding hand. He and his father would travel throughout the city daily, supervising construction and interacting with the people. It was hard for him to imagine that those people who had so warmly welcomed him into their stores and homes were now out there tearing down everything his father had built, keeping him trapped in his headquarters like a scared animal.


The buzz of the intercom on his desk drew his attention away from the large window. He turned back to his desk and pressed the casually response button.

”Yes Denise, what is it?” he asked, already confident he knew her answer.

”The board sir, they’re expecting you in their chambers shortly.”

Her voice was emotionless, as always. She used to be more cheerful and bubbly, but being trapped in the same building for three years probably would have that kind of effect on someone, Mr. Fantasti thought. It was a shame, he’d at one point thought of asking her out, not that there’d be any time for that now.

”A shame too,” he said to himself,”…she had a great rack.”

”What was that sir?”

Mr. Fantasti looked down startled, realising his finger was still on the button.

”Nothing Denise, tell them I’ll arrive momentarily.”

He released the button, double checking to make sure it hadn’t become stuck before walking away from his desk. His office opened directly onto his suite, and he took a brief moment to freshen up before departing. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror as he headed towards the elevator. His light brown hair had a tinge of grey to it, and his once handsome face streaked with worry lines. He’d deal with that later, he still had some of the best doctors in the world under his employ, and he had more pressing issues to deal with now. He took a moment to adjust his tie before stepping into the lift and selecting the executive floor.

The executive floor was dark, not from lack of power, but because Mr. Fantasti assumed they generally preferred it that way. His father had always joked that the members of his board were vampires, as the only way to succeed in business these days was to have a team of tireless abominations on your side, a joke Mr. Fantasti had always found funny until he had to deal with them directly. He stepped into the meeting room and sat down at the dimly lit table. Within moments the board had joined him, sitting around the table in silence.

The silence was broken by a voice from the other side of the table, though Mr. Fantasti had trouble figuring out just who had spoken.

”This board meeting has begun, there is one matter before the board today, gentlemen and ladies of the board, prepare to vote.”

Mr. Fantasti sighed and leaned forward on his hands. Why the board continued to issue meaningless proclamations while the City didn’t give a rat’s ass about them was a great mystery to him. His preconceptions were quickly shattered as the issue was put before the board.

”The issue today is non-confidence motion brought forward by the board against Mr. Fantasti V, as we no longer feel he is capable of steering this company in a positive direction. All those in favour?”

Mr. Fantasti could only sit there dumbfounded as one by one the members of the board gave their consent. He only got his wits about him as the original speaker began again.

”A unanimous decision has been reached, as of this moment you are--“

”WAIT!”, Mr. Fantasti blurted, scarcely able to believe what he was hearing. ”You can’t do this! This is MY FATHER’S COMPANY! We’re the reason any of you are here today!”

He paused a moment to look around the room, though he could barely see the faces of those at the table. One or two shuffled uncomfortably as his gaze passed them, and he decided to press on.

”What’s your grand plan after you get rid of me, hmm?” he asked the group, ”The people out there still won’t listen to you, and throwing me under the bus won’t save yourselves.” He paused again, he could see some of them definitely waivering. He hadn’t prepared for this, but by god he wasn’t going to let them get rid of him that easily. ”Give me a month, one month to get control of the city back. If this city isn’t back under our control within a month, I’ll step down myself.”

The board shifted, murmuring amongst themselves. Eventually, the speaker stood and addressed Mr. Fantasti.

”Very well, you shall have your month Mr. Fantasti, but no more. Now I ask you, how do you propose we retake this city?”

Mr. Fantasti smiled, ”Well gentleman, there’s only one man electrifying enough, to save this city, there’s only one man who can captivate the world and layeth the smackdown and give us our city back, and I’ll have him in here within the hour.”


”You have reached the booking line of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We are sorry but Dwayne is currently booked throughout the remainder of the year, please leave a message after the beep and we’ll attempt to get back to you.”

”GODDAMNIT”, Mr. Fantasti hurled the phone across his office, shattered it against a marble bust of himself. ”We’re fucked. We’re FU-U-U-U-UCKED”

Denise stood by his desk, expressionless a small FantasticoVacbot emerged from a slot in the wall and attempted to suck up the shards of the phone. ”Was there anyone else we could call sir? Or were you banking heavily on The Rock being available.”

”What the hell do you think?” Mr Fantasti spat back, ”I didn’t expect to be put in this situation!”

Denise casually watched the Vacbot try in vain to suck up a piece of phone nearly as large as itself as Mr. Fantasti composed himself.

”I’m sorry Denise,” Mr. Fantasti said, running his hands through his hair, ”I think you can understand I’m under a bit of stress right now.”

”Of course sir,” Denise replied, not taking her eyes of the struggling Vacbot, ”What would you like me to do?”

”I don’t fucking care anymore Denise, get me anyone…” Mr. Fantasti walked over to the window. ”Have a team go get anyone they can find that could possibly help.”


Mr. Fantasti barely slept normally, and he found it nearly impossible following the revelations of the day. Countless hours passed, and he only realised it was the following day when the sun greeted him through his window. Staring back at the sun as it rose above the city skyline, the Bzzzzt startled him to the point where he tripped over his own chair.

”The team’s returned sir, they have your men.” Denise’s empty voice greeted him as he rose back to his feet.

”Tell the captain I’ll be down immediately” Mr. Fantasti replied, slicking back his now slightly frazzled hair.

”It’s time for this city to have some heroes…”

”What was that sir?”

Sitting at her desk in the entryway, Denise’s normally emotionless face cracked a small smile as she heard her boss’s profanity through the intercom.


Mr. Fantasti’s rush to the containment level was nearly the fastest descent ever recorded on a stairway. He stopped a moment before entering, adjusting his hair and suit in a reflection from a window before stepping into the bay. The Captain of his team greeted him, along with less than a third of the men he had sent with him.

”Some men running late Captain?” Mr. Fantasti quipped, only to be shot down by the sullen look on the man’s face.

”No sir, this is all that are coming back. Street gangs accounted for a few of them, and one of your “guests” apparently had her front door wired with a few chunks of C4…and she wasn’t even home.”

The unexpected loss hit Mr. Fantasti like a truck. ”Well, certainly um…inform the next of kin Captain, and tell them we’ll compensate them appropriately.”

The captain saluted before returning to his men, Mr. Fantasti could hear some of them talking loudly about them as he headed away. ”Compensate them? With what? That shit hasn’t paid us in months.” His first instinct was to turn and reprimand the man, but that would have to wait. When he had control of his city again, no one would dare speak out against him.

When he reached the containment cells there was a single private waiting for him there. The private saluted him and led him into the hallway, lined on all sides by interrogation rooms.

”Got a good bunch of guys fer ya’ sir!” the private gabbed, ”A real purdy girl too!”

Mr. Fantasti rolled his eyes. He remembered when his father had hired professionals to work for them, not uneducated firearms enthusiasts. Desperate times…

”Now this first one…” the private flipped through a couple pages on a clipboard. ”He’s Virago Nelahw, you remember Die Hardbo 7? This guy did stunts for that and uh…one of the guys in B-company said he saw him kick someone’s ass in a club a few years back. Took us two hours to catch the bugger, once we identified ourselves he just took off like some sort of freak, bolted straight up the face of a building he did.”

Mr. Fantasti stared dumbfounded at the private. ”A movie…stuntman…you brought a…nevermind, let’s get a move on.”

The private nodded happily, striding down to the second window. ”And this is…Danyael Greyson, nice guy, real nice. Well, next we have--"

”Wait, a second private.” Mr. Fantasti interrupted, ”Why is he here? What does he do?”

”Oh!” the private looked as if he was surprised the question had been asked. ”He’s uh, in…Analy…Litag…Finance!”

Mr. Fantasti had long decided to remain in a state of incredulous disbelief while talking to the private, so his expression barely changed. ”Did you just say Anal Finance?”


”You don’t even know what he can do, do you?” Mr. Fantasti asked, his face buried in his hand.

”Um…no sir…”, the private replied, looking down at his feet, “But uh…he kinda talked us into it. I think he heard us mention what we were doing and he just sorta…well he’s so charming!”

”I don’t even care anymore private…next please.”

The private nervously walked to the next window, before looking in. “Oh sir, this is that purdy lady I mentioned.” he smiled at Mr. Fantasti only to meet his blank stare. ”Oh!..and she’s good too! Um…Kathryn McDonnell, that’s her name. Caught up to her at the casino, but not before we tried to get in her home, sir. Awful mess that…door blew the whole front porch off…must have been rigged with something…I dunno.”

Mr. Fantasti looked up for a moment; this woman actually had some potential. He had begun to fear this whole thing was a waste of time.

”I think you’ll like this next one a whoooole lot, sir.” the private had already headed down to the next window. Mr. Fantasti joined him, and found himself staring at a man’s chest. Whoever was in that room was standing right in front of the glass…and was pretty damn huge.

”Whaddya think sir?” the private asked cheerfully, “Captain said he’d seen this guy around here before, can’t imagine he’d mistake this big ‘un eh? Called him Gerald Downhouser.”

Mr. Fantasti was still a bit shocked at the size of him. ”Can’t say I remember him…” he said, half under his breath.

The private shrugged. ”Dunno sir, weird part was he seemed to know what we were doing before we even knew he was there, answered all our call signs and everythang. He knows his stuff…we’re clearly dealin’ with some sort of…I dunno…some sort of genius here.”

Mr. Fantasti’s mood had brightened considerably…this was almost as good as The Rock. He turned to go to the last booth but the private refused to move.

”Something you’d like to tell me private?” Mr. Fantasti asked curiously, the private’s enthusiasm seemed greatly diminished.

”Well sir…the captain thought, what with you tryin’ to clean up the city and all that, that maybe you could use…well…one sick motherfucker to help out, sir, pardon my language. So he uh…told us about this guy see? This sick bastard he heard about while he was working the beat back in the day. This guy kidnapped people, cut them right up, then killed their families too, sir…really sick stuff. Well uh, we went to get this guy sir but uh…things got a little complicated like.” the private was by now visibly shaking.

”Well seeing how you brought in at least one more person, I’d say you stop yammering about how scary it was and introduce me to this person.” Mr. Fantasti tapped his foot impatiently.

”Well see sir…the truth is we didn’t actually get the guy…” the private stammered, “When we finally tracked this guy down…he was um…dead. Eyes scooped right out of his head like ice cream…and uh…we found this guy there…just standin’ there creepy-like.”

Mr. Fantasti stepped up to the window. Sitting quietly in the corner of the room was a slender man in a bloodstained Good Humor uniform. Something about him, just seemed off, and Mr. Fantasti instinctively looked away from the glass when man slowly looked up at the window.

”Who the hell is that then?” Mr. Fantasti asked, looking back at the window only to turn away as the man was still starring at him. There was no way he could know I’m here, Fantasti thought, …that’s a one way mirror for fucksake.

”Well that’s just it, sir.” the private drawing his attention away from the window, ”We have no idea who the hell he is. Guy wouldn’t tell us his name, has no fingerprints, and didn’t come up in any searches the Cap’n ran. We brought him in anyway, so uh…maybe he’ll be useful?”

Mr. Fantasti gave one last glance through the glass, and the creepy bastard was still looking right at him. A shudder went down his spine as he stepped away from the glass.

”That’ll do Private, I’d like these five brought to my office immediately, I’d like to talk to them about a business matter.” he began his walk out of the detainment hall, ”Oh…and that last one…better make sure you keep him cuffed, for all our sakes.”


Mr. Fantasti was sitting behind his desk when the five were brought up to greet him. He wondered what he’d done to ever deserve what he was about to get into.

”Greetings!”, he said, standing as they entered his office. ”I trust your ride here wasn’t too unpleasant?

He didn’t bother waiting for an answer before continuing.

”I trust by now you all know who I am, and just what I am capable of. What you don’t know is why I need you here. My city is tearing itself apart, and while not my first choice, you’re just about the only hope in hell I have of bringing it back around. If you help me do this, I can assure you, you will never want for anything ever again, if you should fail well…”, he turned to face the window, ”…well god help us all.”

He turned to his desk and buzzed through on the intercom. ”Denise, have the Captain come in and escort our guests to the loading bay.”

No response came through the intercom but the Captain and handful of men quickly came in and surrounded the group, rifles drawn.

”Once we’ve ensured your co-operation your belongings will be returned to you.” Mr. Fantasti called out as they filed out. ”Oh and Captain, if any try and run for it…shoot them.

The captain nodded before shutting the door behind him, escorting the group into a series of lifts to the ground floor.


The Fantastico HQ loading bay was a vast structure, located right at the base of the building. It was loaded with remnants of the vast fleet of APCs Fantastico required while it still had a military, now it simply remained a sad testament to just how few men remained. One the opposite end of the space from the lifts, a large bay door began to slowly creak open as the Captain escorted the men into the bay.

”Alright you five, you hold right there.” the captain waved at the group to stand by the bay door as a small group of soldiers dragged a couple of duffel bags (and one dragging a chunk of a lightpost) towards them.

”This is everything you had with you when we picked you up…”, the captain trailed off while looking at the man pulling the chunk of lightpost, ”…and if I see one of you open those bags while you’re still in the building, you’re swiss cheese.”

The door finished its slow rise with a loud grinding noise, and the captain motioned for the group to move outside, taking their duffel bags with them.

“You’re heading for Westside, one of our field agents will meet up with you there.”, the captain said with a grin, “It’s about half a mile…well, west of here. I hope you lot feel up for a walk.”

The door began closing as the captain turned and walked back within the loading bay.

”And don’t get any ideas about getting out of here, because we’ll know…and you won’t like that.” he laughed as he disappeared from view.

The door slammed shut with a dull thud, and the group looked out ahead of them at the deserted street.

It was time for an awesome adventure.

Posted on 2011-02-16 at 01:32:02.
Edited on 2011-02-16 at 01:33:31 by Grugg

Topic: Arcadia City Super Team! - M&M2
Subject: sadf

Man, if I was not dedicated to making sure I get my game going I'd be a guaranteed in on this. As it is, I'll have to give a "I want to be in but might not be able to so maybe also I love you".

Posted on 2011-02-15 at 23:07:43.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: Oohyeah

For those of you that are paying attention, you might notice that a game thread is up. There is one last part of the intro to be posted up before you can post, and you might notice that none of you have been mentioned yet. This will be double rectified tonight.

In the meantime, let me know what you think...that is a lot of words.

Posted on 2011-02-15 at 17:04:31.

Topic: Tales of City Fantastico
Subject: Intro, Part 2

Prologue: Fantastico, the Menacing Phantom of Warring Clone Sith Revenge

It was the summer of 2003 when Fantasti Co. first made its mark. The brain-child of Mr. Fantasti IV, a relatively unknown foreign businessman, Fantasti Co. arrived in America with a bit of a whimper. Its sudden appearance coupled with the fact that no one knew exactly what they did seemed to indicate a failure to exist as a corporation, and for the first year the company largely stagnated. In the summer of 2004 however, a t-shirt, a vision disorder and a large group of hipsters would change everything.

Following their unproductive first year, Fantasti Co. dedicated what remained of their budget to a last ditch advertising effort. They commissioned a t-shirt from a local merchant, to display their brand. A simple enough order, if the executive they had sent to view the samples not been unknowingly colorblind. The result, a horrifyingly neon pink t-shirt with FantastiCo. emblazoned across the front in an eye gougingly yellow font, was nothing short of an abomination. The t-shirt shipped to a massively negative reception from consumers, and it looked like Fantasti Co. had finally sunk itself.

Moments before Fantasti Co. was set to declare bankruptcy, something extraordinary happened. Hipsters, always on the lookout for the latest unpopular style to bring back, had descended on the masses of t-shirts like deranged animals, buying out the entire stock literally overnight, mistaking the company name for an odd misspelling of fantastic. Their quest for ironic fashion statements ironically caused a country wide movement, and demand for the t-shirt soon far outstripped supply. Their initial investment returned tenfold, Fantasti Co. soon was outsourcing the creation of off colour t-shirts all over the country, establishing themselves as a national buzzword. Seeking to keep the momentum rolling, the company renamed itself Fantastico, and by the end of the year, they were among the business elite, sitting atop the lists of earners for 2004.

The years dragged on, and Fantastico expanded their business model. Fantasticola, Fantasticorn Pops, Fantasicolonoscopy kits, there seemed nothing the public wouldn’t buy with the Fantastico name slapped onto it. Fantastico became known as a company of excess, and their opulent Manhattan headquarters a testament to their dominance over the market. With Mr. Fantasti IV guiding the company, it was often joked that the company’s executive board was more organised and efficient than the country’s administration itself, and rumours abounded about a possible jump to politics for the much beloved CEO.

Public support of the company continued to rise, and following the economic downturn at the turn of the decade, Fantastico was in the unique position of being virtually the only company unaffected. This afforded them an excellent opportunity to buy out virtually all of their rivals, and by 2015, the Manhattan business sector was almost entirely dominated by Fantastico. By this point, the US of A’s national debt had ballooned to a truly unimaginable level, and Fantastico made an offer that went down in history as perhaps the most ambitious of all time. In return for paying off fully a third of the nation’s debt, they would be granted the entire Manhattan island to do with as they saw fit. The administration, desperately battling their debt and hoping to associate themselves with the wildly popular Fantastico, reluctantly agreed.

For the next five years, City Fantastico became an international titan, dedicating itself to the unbridled advancement of arts and science. Their massive funding brought in high calibre private military contractors, and their presence coupled with the high standard of living kept the city relatively crime free. At the height of its power, City Fantastico hosted the 2020 World’s Fair, showing off its splendour to the world for the first time. The world marvelled at City Fantastico, it appeared as if nothing could ever top the spectacle presented at the World Fair. That was, as so many things are, unfortunately true.

Following the closing of the World’s Fair, there was a change in City Fantastico. It was subtle at first, everything just seemed to lack the lustre it had before hand. Soon the steroid-fueled sports leagues that had entertained the populace entered a near simultaneous lock-out, citing breakdowns in negotiations. One by one business closed their doors, seemingly lacking the firm plan which had allowed them to flourish. By the time Fantastico announced that Mr. Fantasti IV had gone missing, the City had already begun to revolt.

The insertion of Mr. Fantasti’s son, Mr. Fantasti V in his place did little to quell the chaos. The company’s stock plummeted, and soon the PMC refused to continue working for the promises of better financial times to come. The population began to rally around any figurehead they could, and soon the city ran wild with warring factions. The riots and battles took a great toll on the city, its once magnificent skyline marred with smoke and flames. By the time the fighting died down three years later, the City had been irrevocably changed.

Entrenched within their heavily fortified HQ, the last remnants of the executive board and their loyalist employees are prisoners within their own city. Only the division of their enemies allowed Fantastico to retain any sort of control, and the board knew their days were numbered. If anything could be done it would had to be soon, and it would have to be awesome.

Posted on 2011-02-15 at 17:03:20.

Topic: Tales of City Fantastico
Subject: Tales of City Fantastico

Grampa! Grampa!

The cry brought a smile to the old man’s lined face as he rose from his chair and strode to meet his visitors. As he turned into his entryway he was immediately rushed by two small children, their forms distorted by the puffy snowsuits they’d neglected to remove after coming in. He leaned down to embrace them as the tall shadow of their father arrived in the entryway.

”Thanks for doing this Pops,” the man said, brushing some lingering snow from the shoulder of his overcoat, “sorry about such short notice.”

”Pfft, I’ve told you before John, it’s absolutely no trouble.” The old man stood up and grinned at the two children that were still huddled about his legs. ”Especially when it’s just taking care of these old farts.”

”We’re not ooold!” the first child whined.
”Yeeah, you’re the old one Grampa!” the second added.

The old man playfully tussled the children’s hair before they ran off after each other into the other room. Cries of ”You’re it!” and heavy stomping could be heard, and the younger man winced at the sound of a loud thump.

”You sure you’ll be alright with them Pops? Storm’s blowing pretty fierce out there, could lose power soon.”

”For the last time John, I’m not enfeebled for god’s sake.” the old man replied with a grin. ”Now you get, or you’ll be late.”

The younger man returned the grin, called out his goodbyes to the boys still tussling about in the back and stepped out into the storm. The old man watched him from the frosted window until he was obscured by the snow. Seconds later, the sound of an engine reached his ears, and he could hear the children in the other room clambering to a window to wave goodbye to their father. As the sound of the car heading out faded away, he walked down to the hall closet, removing a long box from its spot on a high shelf. As he entered the back room, the two boys stop their play wrestling and looked up at him expectantly.

”Alright now boys,” he said, removing the lid from the box, ”who’s ready to play Fantasticopoly!?”

The game lasted long into the night, and eventually one of the children eked out a victory. Amidst bowls of celebratory ice cream, the old man caught a glimpse of the clock, it was already half past ten.

”Alright boys,” the old man said as he gathered the quickly emptied bowls up and placed them in the sink, ”I think it’s just about time the pair of you were going to bed. You’re already a good hour past your bedtime…”

”Nuh uh Grampa!” the first child objected. ”I won Fantasticopoly and that means you have to tell us a story!”

”Mmhmm!” the second child added emphatically, his mouth still full of ice cream.

”Oh, is that what it means now?” the old man asked, raising his brow as the children nodded vigorously. ”Well I suppose I could tell you the story about the time your father and I went and bought that old truck of his. Now it was –“

”You told us that one last time Grampa!” the first child interrupted.

”Did I now?” the old man grinned, ”Well…how about one about scary dungeons and fearsome dragons?”

”Nah, sounds boring!” the second child muttered ”You should tell us a story no one around here’s ever heard of before!”

”YEAH!”, the first child blurted, ”Something unlike anything anyone’s ever known, something inspired by every video game, comic book, action movie or particularly drunken adventure you’ve ever played, read, seen or had!”

The old man paused a moment before replying. ”I think I have just the thing…”

He stepped out of the room a moment, reappearing with a large hand bound book a couple inches thick.

”Now this,” he ran his hand over the rough cover, ”is a little something I’ve been working on a long time…and I’ve never shown it to anybody ever before. Before I start, you’re going to have to promise you won’t mention a word of this to your father…I don’t think he’d like to know what you’d been listening to. Do you promise?”

The children agreed fervently, they’d already gathered around the old man as he sat on the couch, leaning in close so they could see the book, though neither of them could read well enough to possibly follow along. The old man smiled, opening the cover to reveal a bare page save one small line typed across the centre.

”Tales of City Fantastico"

What’s City Fantastico Grampa? the first kid asked eagerly, before the old man hushed him.

”You’ll see sonny, you’ll see. Now…let me begin.” The old man cleared his throat. ”Not so long ago, not far from here, the beginnings of something awesome occurred…”

Posted on 2011-02-15 at 17:02:53.
Edited on 2011-05-01 at 14:05:12 by Grugg

Topic: The Egg Tart Game
Subject: asdf

Effects may include nausea.

Posted on 2011-02-15 at 03:53:47.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: asdf

Fantastic, added up to the Q&A. Please use that thread for all your cheese and game related everything, and remember Grugg loves you.

Posted on 2011-02-14 at 21:21:40.

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: PDA Contacts

Born into a broken down household in inner-city Detroit in the early 90's, Darius Garnet grew up knowing nothing other than street gangs and violence. From a young age, his restless nature and natural charisma attracted disaffected youths from the area, and his “crew” already had arrest warrants with their names on it before his 16th birthday. After a brutal bank robbery left him facing multiple murder charges and most of his friends dead, the then 20 year old Darius fled the city, eventually arriving in Manhattan around 2012.

After Fantastico's purchase and subsequent isolation of the island, Darius initially attempted to return to his gangland roots. Fantastico's private security forces proved more effective than the beaten down police force of Detroit however, and Darius's first attempt a big score (the robbery of one of Fantastico's many banking institutions) left him in a violent shootout before being dragged into incarceration.

Video of the shootout quickly went viral, and the public became somewhat enamoured with Darius, who had demonstrated considerable athleticism and talent during his attempt to escape the shootout, including breaking a three man tackle before finally spear tackling a security team leader. Never one to let an opportunity pass him by, Mr. Fantasti IV approached Darius before he set to be exiled from the city and offered him a choice. Renounce his criminal life and become the centrepiece for Fantasti's personal football team in the City Fantastico Football League. Lured by the promise of lucrative contracts, Darius quickly accepted.

Brought into the Fantastico Westside Supa-Flys as a fast rushing quarterback, Darius established himself as a star in the steroid-fueled, no holds barred enviroment. A three time MVP and league champion, Darius was rolling in cash, most of which he re-invested in Fantastico's science division, who used their increased funding to develop new more powerful steroids. After winning the 2020 league championship (by an astounding 218 – 6) and signing a multiple album deal following his multi-platinum gangster rap debut the world seemed to be Garnet's oyster.

When the city collapsed following Mr. Fantasti's disappearance, Darius's supply of steroids quickly dried up. By now long addicted to the powerful rush they provided, Darius turned to anything he could find to try to recreate it. His legion of fans from his years in the league provided him an excellent recruitment base, and soon Darius had reverted to his previous behaviours, though the method had changed. Now instead of banks, Darius's crew raided pharmacies and laboratories, getting their hands on any drug they could find in order to develop new and more powerful concoctions.

As the riots died down, Darius's gang of heavily juiced gang-bangers wasted no time in securing his power base in Westside, his old football stomping grounds. His vast stockpiles of narcotics and prescription medications lent him a lot of clout in the now lawless streets, and word spread of his gang's ability to get the hook-up for nearly anything anyone required. Seemingly being supplied from some outside source, Darius's stockpile far outstripped any of his competitors, and by 2023 Darius Garnet was the only name in narcotics in the city. From his safehouse in Westside, Darius had built a criminal empire that rivalled the power of Fantastico itself.

Incorrect Password

Incorrect Password

Incorrect Password

Incorrect Password

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Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: Team Statistics

Bullets Fired: 8
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 1
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 4
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 3
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Bullets Hit: 7, 87.5%
  • Virago Nelahw: 0, 100%
  • Gerald Downhouser: 1, 100%
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 4, 100%
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0, 100%
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 2, 66%
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0, 0%

Humans Killed: 13
  • Virago Nelahw: 3
  • Gerald Downhouser: 3
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 3
  • "Popsicle Percy": 2
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 2
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Animals Killed: 0
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Robots Destroyed: 0
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Mutants Killed: 0
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Vehicles Driven: 1
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 1
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Vehicles Destroyed: 0
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Awesome Actions Performed: 5
  • Virago Nelahw: 2
  • Gerald Downhouser: 2
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 1
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Awesome Points Spent: 8
  • Virago Nelahw: 3
  • Gerald Downhouser: 1
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 1
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 2
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 1

Explosives Used: 1
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 1
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Humans Slept With: 1
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 1
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Non-Humans Slept With: 0
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Substance Abuses: 0
  • Virago Nelahw: Yeah, no way I'm trying to count that.
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Arsons Committed: 2
  • Virago Nelahw: 1
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 1
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Cruel and Unusual Kills Performed: 6
  • Virago Nelahw: 3
  • Gerald Downhouser: 2
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 1
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Doors Destroyed: 0
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

Time Spent on Fire: 0secs
  • Virago Nelahw: 0secs
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0secs
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0secs
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0secs
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0secs
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0secs
  • Vitali Koralev: 0secs

Estimated Property Damage: $400
  • Virago Nelahw: $25
  • Gerald Downhouser: $25
  • Kathryn McDonnell: $250
  • "Popsicle Percy": $0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: $100
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: $0
  • Vitali Koralev: $0

Systems "Hacked": 0
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

"Friendly" Fire Incidents: 0
  • Virago Nelahw: 0
  • Gerald Downhouser: 0
  • Kathryn McDonnell: 0
  • "Popsicle Percy": 0
  • Danyael "Romeo" Greyson: 0
  • Derrick "D" Cypher: 0
  • Vitali Koralev: 0

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Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: sadf

Q&A thread is up, feel free to post in it, ask questions and get answers. EOL, WHEN YOUR CHARACTER IS DONE PLEASE POST HIM HERE FIRST. Also, those with a good eye/the ability to read at all might notice a handful of statistics in the Q&A thread that may reveal things to come. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.

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Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: Notable NPCs Met/Discovered

The Storytellers
The Old Man - The originator of the Tales of City Fantastico, widower and loving grandfather.
John - The Old Man's son.
The Kids - John's two sons, superb Fantasticopoly players and lovers of good stories.

City Fantastico
Mr. Fantasti IV - The founder of Fantastico (formerly Fantasti Co.) and one of the greatest businessmen the world has ever known. Currently missing, succeeded as Fantastico CEO by his son.
Mr. Fantasti V - The current CEO of Fantastico (formerly Fantasti Co.) and head of the executive board. Known for being merely a shadow of the businessman his father was.
Denise - Mr. Fantasti V's emotionless secretary and former crush. Has a great rack.
Roberto Stanislav - Specialist Agent and Master of the Disguisings for Fantastico Special Forces. Impeccably dressed and exceptionally poor at English.
Darius Garnet - A former legendary football player, successful gangster rap artist, and head of the largest drug ring in all of City Fantastico. The team's first target in Mr. Fantasti V's plan to reclaim the city.
The Canadian - A former Garnet associate, now attempting to play both sides. Called the Canadian due to the large amounts of cocaine he moved resembling snow, also because he's Canadian.
Jean-Luc le Connard - Captain of the Fantastico Wildfires, and unsurprisingly, an asshole. Poor French humour abounds. Currently lost somewhere in the sky.
Columbo and Mizzer Skinny - A pair of presumably Australian youths that simply cannot get into clubs. Hopefully they're dead, because they have annoying accents.

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Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: Current Player Characters

Gerald Downhouser

Vital Statistics

Physical 5
Mental 1
Social 2
Skill 4
Awesome 3

Combat (oh, really?) (Ranged)

Combat (Ranged) – Big Guns!!
Combat (Ranged) – People (that’s right, he’s good at throwing people at anything he desires)

Hand of Stone
-Unarmed attacks do lethal damage

Throw Anyone
-He could throw fatso the clown, an elephant or even himself, at no penalty

Git Dow-ehn!!
-Extreme capability to jump out of harm's way. Cars, buildings or explosions; as long as it’s big, he’ll dodge.

Gullible means I can eat a lot? Then I’m definitely gullible.
-Explanation… you don’t need an explanation. Ok, I don’t need an explanation.

Items and Equipment:
Big gun 1 (he doesn’t know what it is called, but it’s big, and it’s got loads of bullets)
Big gun 2 (he doesn’t know what it is called, but it can make stuff explode AND has loads of bullets)
Handgun (his finger hardly fits in it, but hey… )
Hunting knife
Leather jacket
Spare leather jacket
FantasiConsole Portable with Braintrainer game
Ear-piece (from bodyguard experience). Doesn’t need it anymore, but it grew onto his ear.
Heavy boots
Fantasicornflakebars (more steroid than actual food)
Cigars (for chewing mostly)

Physical Description/Personality Description
Gerald is a huge man, with an unnaturally big torso. He’s the equivalent of a minotaur with a human head, or… Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Commando days, not much difference there. He is muscle incarnate. But what he has in physical strength, he lacks in intelligence. Brains are for zombies; he just bashes anything he thinks is bad.
He usually goes clad in jeans and a leather jacket over a white T-shirt, with a crew cut and dark glasses. Yes, even at night.

Gerald once was a supercop. He fought bad guys, and he won. He was awesome. When he got a bit older, he became a personal bodyguard. It is whispered that he was in the service of Mr Fantasi IV himself, but he can hardly remember. With the reign of Mr Fantasti V, and growing crime, Gerald returned to the police force and is ready to throw some more criminals around.

Kathryn McDonnell

Physical: 3
Mental : 3
Social : 2
Skill : 5
Awesome : 3

Combat (Ranged)

Combat – Shotgun
Combat – Handgun
Combat – Submachine guns
Driving – hotwire that car!
Driving - Vans, and other large manuals like moving trucks (see U-Haul)
Sabotage - explosives

MacGyver it.
Can make bombs out of chewing gum, and other implements of destruction made out of ridiculously simple materials.

Collateral Damage Specialist
- Triple damage to objects

Double or Nothing (Advantage and Disadvantage)
Once an encounter, bet against the odds. For better or worse.

Pack of playing cards
Lucky Dice
Sacajawea Dollar
Book of matches
Mediocre cell phone
Sawed Off Double Barrel Shotgun with 20 slugs
2 Desert Eagle .44 Magnums – six magazines (8 rounds each)
Fitted Thigh Length Pea Coat
Hotwiring kit
Leather wallet with some cash
Keys to apartment

Katie is 5’7”, with flowing red hair and green eyes. She has a rather curvy frame, but stays fit due to her deep-seated childhood training. She dresses in a practical yet classy manner that usually includes plunging necklines.

Katie McDonnell grew up in Boston, under a roof of IRA sympathizers. At an early age, Katie’s parents put her through extensive training in handling firearms, making creative bombs, smuggling, torture methods and extortion. She picked up weapons with ease, and her parents encouraged her to hone her skills. Katie also got particular enjoyment out of blowing up mopeds.

In an effort to lead a more normal life, Katie picked up gambling. Cards were her game, although anything that she could bet on she enjoyed. She lavishly spent her money betting on horse races, hockey games, and illegal fighting matches. “Double or nothing,” was phrase often uttered out of her lips while out doing what she loved best. When she won, she won big. When her luck ran out, well, that was a problem. After a few run-ins with a couple of strong arms, Katie began repaying some of her debt by working freelance for Boston’s Finest: The Irish Mob. There she began to perfect her skills at destroying rival gangs in new and exciting ways. Plus, the pay was good.

Katie didn’t have the same zeal for her parents’ homeland. Wanting to get away from ‘misplaced patriotism’ speeches from her family, and seeking a place to gamble without legal recourse, she packed up and moved to Fantastico in 2019. She spent one year in complete betting bliss before Mr. Fantasti IV disappear. The little paradise she had found quickly degraded. At least the casinos are still open…

“Popsicle Percy”

Physical - 3
Mental - 4
Social - 2
Skill - 4
Awesome - 3


Medicine - Surgery
Medicine - Anesthesia
Stealth - Stalking
Sabotage - Poison
Thievery – pick locks
Stealth - disguise
Sabotage - Demolitions
Medicine - Anatomy

Off the Grid
-“Popsicle Percy”? Who?

Crazy Prepared
-You don’t get to be a notorious serial killer by NOT having backup plan after backup plan on ice, now, do you?

Kung Shui Sundae
-Percy is exceptionally adept at finding ways to torture, maim, and/or kill folks using only those items that might be found on an ice cream truck… with sprinkles

Oh... that just ain't right!

- Preternaturally weird and creepy... Works all right for the serial killer in him but not so much when it comes to dealing with normal folks... Even kids who buy ice cream off his truck get ooged out when they really look at the banana splits he makes and can't help but notice that they look like cadavers on autopsy tables... looking like the bastard lovechild of Steve Buscemi and Christopher Walken doesn't help, either...

Items and Equipment:
-Ice Cream (I scream?) Truck
-Razor edged ice cream scoop(s)
-Set of surgical/autopsy tools (scalpels, bone saws, etc)
- Xtreme Cream Ice Cream Dispenser
- "Good Humor" outfit
- Multi-tool
- simple watch

Physical Description/Personality Description

“Popsicle Percy” wasn’t too prolific a name in City Fantastico until Mr Fantasti IV disappeared… He was around, of course, trolling the city for his preferred victims (pedophiles, rapists, wife/child-beaters, people who talk in theaters, those that don’t clean up after their pets… that sort of thing ) and/or customers (somebody’s got to buy this ice cream or else there won’t be any room in the freezers for the bodies, after all)… Sure, a “Slaughter Sundae” would show up from time to time (seemingly at random) but, up until Fantasti IV went missing and Fantasti V took over, City Fantastico wasn’t quite crime-ridden enough for Percy to really build up the “clientele” he needed to get up there on the list with folks like “Zodiac” or Charlie Manson or “The Sundae of Sam” (not that Percy ever compared himself to losers like that). That lack of notoriety served him pretty well, though – kept him off the radar, so to speak, and gave him the time he needed to really perfect his craft (and his banana splits) – and, by the time things “went south” for City Fantastico as a whole and crime made a roaring comeback, Percy was more than ready to jump into the murky limelight and it wasn’t long until Percy’s body count started climbing and the name “Bomb Pop” took on a more literal designation ...

Musical Interlude
Dedicate one to the sinners...
Now summertime's here bub, need somethin' to get you killed
Ah, now summertime's here bub, need somethin' to get you killed
Better look out now though, Percy’s got somethin' for you
Tell ya what it is
I'm your ice cream man, fear me when I'm passin' by
Oh my, my, I'm your ice cream man, fear me when I'm passin' by
See now all my flavors are guaranteed to make you die
Hold on a second baby

I got bim bam banana pops, dixie cups
All flavors and pushups too

I'm your ice cream man, sinner, stop me when I'm passin' by
See now all my flavors are guaranteed to make you die
Hold on, one more

Well I'm usually passin' by just about eleven o'clock
Uh huh, I never stop
I'm usually passin' by just around eleven o'clock
And if ya' let me kill you one time, you'll become a pudding pop!

All right boys!

I got bim bam banana pops, dixie cups
All flavors and pushups too

I'm your ice cream man, fear me when I'm passin' by
See now all my flavors are guaranteed to make you die, yes
I'm your ice cream man, fear me when I'm passin' by
I'm your ice cream man, fear me when I'm passin' by
They say all my flavors are guaranteed to make you die
Ah one time

(Guitar Solo)

I'm your ice cream man, fear me when I'm passin' by
I'm your ice cream man, fear me when I'm passin' by
They say all my flavors are guaranteed to make you die

One time boys!
I'm your ice cream man
I'm your ice cream man
Ah my my my
All my flavors are make-uh-you-die

Derrick “D” Cypher


Physical: 2
Mental: 4
Social: 4
Skill: 5
Awesome: 2


Specialization- lost in plain sight: bonuses to being unobtrusive in a public setting. He does not draw attention when remaining stationary.
Specialization- I’m right behind you: Bonus to tailing or following directly behind someone either on foot or in a vehicle.

Speech Craft
Specialization-Gather Info: Bonuses to quickly collecting data pertinent to a specific topic or query of interest.
Specialization-Gift of Gab: Bonuses to carrying on a conversation with anyone regardless of background.

Specializations –Local: Bonuses to knowledge about City Fantastico, it’s denizens and the surrounding area
Specialization- Sensitive: Bonuses to knowledge regarding City Fantastico’s dirtylittle secrets.

Specialization-Sight: Bonuses to seeing stuff coming!
Specialization-Sound: Bonuses to hearing stuff coming!


Precognitive Senses
- Automatic check to detect trouble before it presents itself, rolling awareness before you could even be aware.
“I’d keep off the sidewalk till the masons finish working on the roof. Oncoming traffic can make twice the number of navigational decisions a falling brick can”.
Double Tap
- Semi-Auto weapons can fire two shots for every one
“I fired the first bullet on principle. The second was purely for peace of mind”.
Instantaneous Analysis
- Can determine vital statistics of someone just met within a minute
“The suspect is obviously a diabetic pedophile who suffers from narcolepsy and has a white pomeranian named sprinkles.”


All dames are trouble
-All interactions with females take a severe penalty. ALL interactions, whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or social. Always!
“I’m a misogynists’ misogynist”.

Items & Equipment

Charcoal Del Monico Fedora
White Stanford shirt with a frayed collar & cuffs
Rumpled charcoal seersucker suit
Scuffed Brown Rockport wingtips (size 10.5”)
Gold Timex Wrist Watch with brown leather wrist band
Masonic Gold Ring - Apprentice Freemason
Brown Leather belt with zipper compartment in back (concealing spare cuff key and lock pick)
Khaki London Fog Trench Coat

Brown Leather Safari Pistol Holster Shoulder Rig
(Inside of which is)
1911 Colt .45 ACP Semi Automatic Pistol
3 ammunition clips loaded with .45 caliber hollow points- Seven rounds per clip (2 clips on rig & one loaded in pistol)
Hand cuffs & Key

Brown Leather bi-fold wallet
(Inside of which is)

Private Detective Badge
$20 Bill
Silver Dollar
Sewing needle
Expired American Express Card
Expired Wells Fargo Visa Debit Card
Expired US Bank Debit Card
Expired Navy Federal Credit Union Card
Expired D.o.D. ID Card (clearance TS/SAP)
Expired Drivers License
Expired All-State vehicle Issuance card for a Gold ‘64 Chevrolet Impala
Expired Private Detectives License
Expired Concealed Handgun Permit
Expired Gold’s Gym membership card
Expired Trojan Condom
Tickets stubs from “Tivoli Movie-Plex” for matinee showing of “The Devil Wears Prada”
7 receipts from “Olde Towne Spirit Shope” for amounts ranging from $15 to $25 (totaling $112.03) all purchased within a week.
Business card “A1 Gun & Pawn” (Smitty written on back)
Business card “Gentlemen’s Tailor” (Alfonzo written on back)
Business card “Rick’s Fish & Pets” (Owes Me one written on back)
Business card “Madame Kim’s Professional Massage” (Sunny written on back)
Business card “Dr. Leroy Jenkins PhD, Chief Physician Pathology Department Sacred Heart Hospital”
Business card “Dr. Doug Murphy PhD, Asst. City Corner, City Fantastico, Fantasitco County, CoF” (Loves bearclaws/cinnamon rolls)
Business card “Dewey, Chetham & Howe General Practice Law Firm” (Richard D. Cell # written on back)
Business card “Dr. Niles Crane DPsy; specializing in personal & group counseling (Maris cell # written on back)
Business card “Merry Maids, Francine Dresher; Mngr” (Cell # written on back)
Business card “Det. Sgt Joe Friday LAPD” (Home # and Cell # written on back)
Business card “Det. Lt. James Gordon GCPD (Barbara Cell # written on back)
Business Card “Det. Sgt. William T. Sherman, CFPD (Bill Cell # written on back)
Business card “Casa Pizza”(Miguel still in business written on back)
Business card “Monster Joe Truck & Tow”(Emergency Cell# number written on back)
5 Business cards “Det. Derrick Cypher; Private Investigator”
Library Card
One stick of big red chewing gum
Creased photo of long lost flame- The dame that got away (written on the back Florence)
Lockpick kit

(Inside trench coat)
Brass Zippo Lighter
Soft pack of Camel Filters cigarettes
16oz Stainless steel Whiskey Flask filled with Jim Beam
Mini-Mag flashlight
Steno pocket notepad
Black bound leather pocket sized day timer/address book
Yellow #2 Pencil (half used eraser almost gone)
Blue Pilot retractable ball point pen & Laser pointer
Paper clip
Rubber band
$0.78 Cents in change
Silk handkerchief
Magnifying glass (handle missing)
Used Toothpick
Half used book of Matches from a Chinese Restaurant called the Hungry Tiger with Phone # written on it
Old round peppermint still in wrapper
Black rubber comb
Swiss Army “Climber” pocket knife
Bushnell 8x21 Pocket Binoculars
Sony Mini- tape recorder
Scuffed Motorola Razor Flip cell phone

Physical Description/Personality Description

Cliché hard boiled film noir detective
Drinker, smoker, womanizer, misogynist, brooding, Clever, superficially slick and glib but fundamentally antisocial.
Used to working on a hunch. Lives paycheck to paycheck.

Vitali Koralev

Physical: 2
Mental: 4
Social: 2
Skill: 5
Awesome: 3

Combat (Ranged)
Knowledge (Survival)

Awareness – Spatial
Combat – Rifles
Combat – Handguns
Medicine – First Aid
Medicine – Sterilization
Medicine – Stabilization
Knowledge – Sustainability
Knowledge – Security

-Regardless of what is on hand, a defensive position can be established. And a damn good one, at that.

Got Your Back
-You excel at covering fire and supporting others. Bonuses to hit and damage when an ally is in danger.

Station Wagon
-One of the most underestimated animals in the urban jungle, the mighty station wagon can pack and carry an ungodly amount of gear. Through time, patience, and sheer determination, you have mastered its ways.

You Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine
-When you hurt, it shows. When reduced to fifty percent of health, movement speed gets reduced to 50% as well.

Army Pack w/ External webs and harnesses
K Rations x20
1L Water Bottle
Water Purification Tablets
Zip Ties
Box of Storm Matches
Pack of Benson & Hedges
Crescent Wrench
Duct Tape x2 Rolls
Medpack w/ Varied Disinfectants (15 uses)
Wallet w/ cash
Keys to apartment
Flask of Vodka
iPhone (Heavily updated GPS and news apps)
10x10 Blue Tarp
Large Garbage Bags x5
Snare Line 15ft
Tactical Wristwatch
Goalie Stick

Black sneakers
Black cargo fatigues
5.11 Blue tactical shirt
Green floppy-brimmed sniper hat

.308 Winchester Bolt-Action Rifle w/ Scope
.44 Magnum Smith and Wesson 6-shot
Hunting Knife

Physical Description:
Vitali stands a lean 6'0”, at 170lbs. He has an athletic build from a relatively active lifestyle, although he possesses no great strength. Preparation for the fall of society has left him very fit, determined that he WILL survive it. His Ukrainian heritage gifted him with a roguish handsomeness, and he wears his dark hair mid-length, swept back behind his ears. He has made it a habit to carry his survival gear on him at all times, and practice has allowed him to bear a phenomenal amount of it at once. He dresses for practicality more than fashion, and carries many of his items on-hand via a number of harnesses, holsters, and belts.

Born in Kherson, Ukraine, Vitali grew up in a large lower-class family. His older brothers were both members of the militia, and at an early age taught him to accurately fire a rifle. Growing up, he spent much time outside, and enjoyed crafting things with his hands, primarily forts and the like. Civil situations were on the decline, and when he was thirteen, a series of suicide bombings destroyed much of his block. Remarkably, the snow fort he had constructed survived with little harm, while his house was annihilated. Much of his family died in the blast, and with his two surviving sisters, he moved to America to flee the social problems in his home.

The next ten years were spent in the gutter of Hartford, himself and his sisters working hard to try to pull together something of a normal life. Claiming refugee status allowed Vitali to attend school, where he excelled mentally. As the years went on, he found a particular obsession in zombie movies, literature, and video games, to the point where he began preparing himself for such an apocalypse. Dedicating himself to the cause became all-consuming, and rapidly put him out of work. Seeking a better life for his remaining family, the three used their savings to move to Fantastico in 2017, where they were able to secure a decent apartment and establish something of a home.

When Mr. Fantasti IV vanished and all went to hell, Vitali discovered his place in life. Using his improvised engineering talents to turn their apartment into a bomb shelter, Vitali, now 24, lives a life that is almost what he envisioned it would be. Gritty, tough, survival of the fittest in an urban wasteland. Minus the zombies. For now. But even without them, the city did need heroes. People needed saving, because every survivor would count in the long run when the dead finally DO rise up and swarm the earth.

Posted on 2011-02-14 at 19:03:05.
Edited on 2013-12-07 at 00:53:59 by Grugg

Topic: City Fantastico Q&A: The Quest for Liquor and Shame
Subject: City Fantastico Q&A

This is the Q&A for the pseudo-homebrew modern game "Tales of City Fantastico".


Almerin - Gerald Downhouser - Alive, Unharmed, - 3/3 Awesome Points
Celeste - Kathryn McDonnell - Alive, Bruised, - 2/3 Awesome Points
Eol Fefalas - "Popsicle Percy" - Alive, Unharmed, - 3/3 Awesome Points
Finn Mac Cuel - Derrick "D" Cypher - Alive, Unharmed, - 2/2 Awesome Points
Tek - Vitali Koralev - Alive, Unharmed, - 2/3 Awesome Points

Reserve Players

The Dead
None, yet.

The Mysteriously Unaccounted For
Admiral - Virago Nelahw - Alive, Unharmed - 2/4 Awesome Points
Steelight - Danyael "Romeo" Greyson - Alive, Bruised, - 1/2 Awesome Points

Posted on 2011-02-14 at 18:57:52.
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Topic: Valentine's Present
Subject: asdf

I uh...forgot it was a valentine's day and have spent the last few hours trying to find a reservation for the gf tonight.

I am the best man ever.

Posted on 2011-02-14 at 15:46:32.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: sadf

With that in mind, Q&A thread will be up this afternoon, and game thread by tomorrow night.

Good times all around.

Posted on 2011-02-14 at 15:42:55.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: Message subject can be blank

"Ear-piece (from bodyguard experience). Doesn’t need it anymore, but it grew onto his ear."

I literally cannot stop laughing.

This is easily the best party...of all time.

As soon as Eol's character is in, this thing is rolling.

Posted on 2011-02-13 at 16:06:27.

Topic: an experiment
Subject: asdf

Well, while the idea is awesome, and actually intriguing, I'm afraid someone beat you to it slightly.

That said, that was one of my favourite free-form games ever, and if you did something similiar (or slightly similiar, or...similiar) I'm sure it would be well recieved.

Also, bears.

Posted on 2011-02-12 at 15:32:29.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: If possible

I would like for this game to begin at the start of next week, and seeing how we have 3 characters done, 1 half done and one with at least a strong concept doesn't seem farfetched to ask for them to be finished by the end of the weekend.

I am extremely excited to get this going, and if anyone has any questions/changes/confessions now would be a good time to drop them because I'll be around all weekend because apparently I am too broke to drink.

Posted on 2011-02-11 at 23:55:22.

Subject: asdf

Dedicated a beer or two tonight to you. YAY!


Posted on 2011-02-11 at 22:04:42.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: asdf

Because I forgot to mention this earlier. The only way to refuel Awesome Points is to do something "awesome" without them. I just felt I should mention that, because I didn't.

Also, excellent character. I mean...goddamn.

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 21:14:48.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: adsf

I don't know if it's the fact that I am midway through sobering up or just really enjoying having this game start but I am tittering about like a hummingbird on some powerful stimulants.

If somehow someone missed it, character creation is on the bottom of page 2 of this thread.

As soon as all characters are in intro posts will start going up, and Q&A threads and whatnot.

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 17:24:46.

Topic: Great news...
Subject: sdf year...just might be doable.

Open bar?

All joking aside, congratulations.

And by all joking aside, I do not mean the open bar part.

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 16:35:06.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: asdf

Both excellent, and with just the right amount of crazy awesome.

Admiral: Genius bruiser that never uses guns works wonderfully, and the disadvantage works well to your advantages for all cases. Yes. Also, I see what you did there.

Steelight: Fantastic suave spy, but I have PM'd you a note regarding the disadvantage.

I am so, so, sooooooo looking forward to the rest of the characters if this is how it's going.

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 16:32:24.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: Sample Character Sheet

This is not a format you have to use, Im just trying to make that last post seem simpler.

Vital Statistics

Physical 1-5
Mental 1-5
Social 1-5
Skill 1-5
Awesome 1-5

Skill1, Skill2, Skill3, Skill4, Skill5 (only as many skills as Mental Attribute)
Spec1, Spec2, Spec3, Spec4, Spec5, Spec6, Spec7, Spec8, Spec9, Spec10 (only as many specs as 2x Mental Attribute)

Advantage Name
Advantage Name
Advantage Name

Disadvantage Name

Items and Equipment:
Items and Equipment

Physical Description/Personality Description

Et voila

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 04:03:27.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: Character Creation Rules

Alright, here are the rules for making characters for this game. As this game is action-narrative driven, I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible while giving me all the information I need to make the characters work. While the character sheet itself is simple, the amount of words Ive posted here is not. DO NOT BE FOOLED, THIS IS EASY.

To start off there are the 5 Attributes. These are your characters general abilities. They range from 1-5 for each score, 1 being below average ability and 5 being the just slightly beyond the pinnacle of human ability (hells yeah paradoxical ability values). They are as follows.

Physical - This determines just about every physical attribute of your character. This is your strength, hardiness and general fitness level. This affects your character's melee skills, Health Points and gives bonuses to physical actions (duh?). D&D Terms: Strength + Constitution.

Mental - This determines your character'ss mental abilities. This is intellect, wisdom, common sense, and controls your ability to process information. This affects the number of skills/specialisations you have, and gives bonuses to knowledge, awareness and any skill which favours preparation and study, ie Medicine or Programming. D&D Terms: Intelligence + Wisdom

Social - This determines your character's (say it with me people) social abilities. This your charm, manipulative qualities and general ability to relate to people. This gives bonuses in all social interactions. D&D Terms: Charisma, and the slightest bit of Intelligence.

Skill - This determines your character's general dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and ability to perform complex actions. This gives bonuses to ranged combat, skills such as driving and lock picking, as well as determining just how hard you are to hit. D&D Terms: Dexterity + some intelligence.

Awesome - Yes, this is an attribute. This determines just how awesome you are. All of you are awesome, understand this. And in this attribute, 1 is not below average but just slightly above normal human awesome. Non-special NPCs lack this attribute, as they're not awesome enough, but you are. Awesome is described in detail just below. D&D terms: Action Points + DM's Favourite + Lucky Rolling + I AM ON FIRE.

You have 16 points to distribute amongst these 5 attributes. Points go 1 for 1 attribute point. Each attribute requires a minimum of 1 point, and has a maximum of 5.

Awesome Points
If you've ever played a game with an action point system, this is similiar, but more awesome. You have awesome points, which are limited my your awesome stat. At any given time you may have as many awesome points as you have points in your awesome stat. I know that sentence says awesome and points a lot but I assure you it makes sense.

You spend awesome points any time you want to do one of two things. First, you can add an awesome dice to any one roll. And Awesome Dice varies, based on your awesome score. If you have 1 point in your awesome attribute, you add a d6. 2 points a d8, 3 a d10, 4 a d12 and 5 a d20. These are added directly to the roll, as if you rolled a single giant dice. Does your weapon critical on a natural 20? You just rolled a natural 28, that's higher than 20...that's a critical. Fun times.

The other use of Awesome Points is essentially, to cheat. Want to jumping out a circular window 1 foot in diameter? Spend an action point and give me a good reason why (My character is so drunk, he forgets he has limbs, and forgets so powerfully that for a brief moment, the universe forgets too!) and voila, I will make it possible. Be creative. Be awesome.

Next up are Skills/Specialisations. These are easy, so hopefully I don’t end up writing another page and half explaining them. There are 15 Skills and you can choose as many as you have points in your Mental Attribute to be proficient in (hell yeah, Skill attribute does not help skill selection…suckas!). These are things you’re great at, and you get large bonuses to them. Your attributes also affect your skills, each skill is affected by a single attribute. Skills are as follows.

Combat (Ranged) (Sk) – Affects all ranged attacks
Combat (Melee) (P) – Affects all close combat attacks with objects
Combat (Hand to Hand) (P) – Affects all close combat attacks with your body (headbutt ftw)
Computer Use (M) – Anything to do with computers, this is the skill.
Medicine (M) – Patching wounds, setting bones, performing crude surgeries with jars of jam. Yes.
Driving (Sk) – Choose a particular class of vehicle (boat, plane, helicopter, car, bus, unicycle) and this allows you do things with it normal people could not.
Stealth (Sk) – Hiding and sneaking, also the ability to conceal items “on your person”
Thievery (Sk) – Sleight of Hand, Picking Locks, Forgeries, etc. Anything really underhanded.
Athletics (P) – Climbing, Jumping, Rolling, Swimming, Handstands (sure?) all that and more!
Sabotage (Sk) – Setting traps, disabling security/devices, rerouting power,
Speechcraft (So) – Gives bonuses to anything involving you bluffing, discussing, convincing, etc
Performance (So) – Can you play the guitar. Yes. Yes you can. Also dancing…and maybe the zither.
Knowledge (M) – Requires a general area of specialisation (ie geography, architecture, history, weaponry, cars) and gives you information based off this.
Awareness (M) – Sight, Hearing, Scent, Subtle Vibration detection, allows you better detect all these and more!
Impersonation (So) – Disguise, Voice Mimicry, habit recreating, allows you pretend to be someone you’re not.

P = Phyiscal Attribute, Sk = Skill Attribute, So = Social Attribute, M = Mental Attribute

Awesomeness attribute minimally affects all skills.

Specialisations are based off your proficient skills, but are far more specific. For example, say you have medicine as a proficient skill, you picked specialisations based on that. You could have Surgery as a specialisation, or maybe first aid, or maybe circumcisions this one is entirely up to you. When you use that skill for this purpose, you get large bonuses to it.

You get twice as many specialisations as skills, so 2x your Mental Attribute. You do not need to pick 2 specs for each skill, you could have 10 for one skill if you wanted, entirely up to you.

This is the last part I swear. Advantages and Disadvantages are kind of like feats from D&D, but cranked up a notch. These are things your character can that not many other people can. I have a list of generic advantages, but this is another area I would appreciate you being creative and giving me suggestions. If you want your character to be able to do something not listed here, let me know, and Ill try to whip something up.

If you want a custom disadvantage, we can work on that too, but keep in mind I want disadvantages to be slightly worse than advantages are good. So yep.

Your character can have up to 3 advantages, and must have at least 1 disadvantage.

Some generic advantages, along with a small sentence containing sentence fragments slightly explaining it.

Hand of Stone
- Unarmed Attacks do lethal damage

Off the Grid
- Don’t appear in any database, ever

- Doubles resistance to drugs, poisons, alcohol

Pre-Cognitive Senses
- Automatic check to detect trouble before it presents itself, rolling awareness before you could even be aware.

Internal GPS
- Always know longitude, latitude, directional facing, time of day, etc.

Extraordinarily Awesome
- Awesome dice increase by one step, ie d20 awesome die on a attribute of 4, no affect on Awesome attribute of 5.

Throw Anything
- Throw melee/improvised weapons at no penalty

Implacable Man
- Cannot be moved/knocked down unwillingly

Kung Shui
- No penalty for using improvised weapons

Crazy Prepared
- Free action to ready against specific trigger, always have a sort of contingency action readied.

Double Tap
- Semi-Auto weapons can fire two shots for every one

Collateral Damage Specialist
- Triple damage to objects

Unnaturally Buoyant
- Double hangtime length in any case, whether falling, jumping or ramping a car to the moon

Offensive Reload
- Can reload as part of a melee attack

Hollywood Hacker
- Can “hack” anything on a “network” to get desired results (hilarity ensues!)

Stunt Driver
- Can do impossible vehicle stunts (one-wheeled turn, etc)

When It’s Good It’s Great
- Extra success on critical success (my god that bullet just killed two people?)

- Speaks all languages and “accents”

Olde Schoole
- Combat bonuses for using non-modern weapons

Instantaneous Analysis
- Can determine vital statistics of someone just met within a minute
And a few generic disadvantages, with more broken sentence explaining.

Delayed Damage
- all damage is dealt one turn after it should be to enemies

When It’s Bad It’s Worse
- Extra failure on some failures. Not only did you fail to hit that guard with your rifle, but your bullet somehow hit an alarm panel and keyed in the 5 digit alarm code…awesome.

Not A Dog/Cat Person
- Dogs/Cats irrationally hate character. Choose one or the other. You can have both, but Im not giving you anything to make up for it.

Exceptionally Flammable
- Completely combust when exposed to flames

Bullet Magnet
- Increased priority for being target of just about everyone. For some reason, no one likes your face.

Well, those are all the examples I had “prepared”. Like I said, for advantages/disadvantages I’d like you to give input and try to design your own to fit your character. This is supposed to be fun.

As of the start of the game, weapons, equipment and items are determined by what your character would have on hand/immediately available. If you have something you really want you wouldn't have on hand, let me know and I'll try to work something out, but at the very beginning you're travelling light.

Sample character sheet in next post.

Sweet jesus this post is long.

Any questions, please ask.

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 04:00:01.
Edited on 2011-02-10 at 04:04:29 by Grugg

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