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Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: Sample Character Sheet

This is not a format you have to use, Im just trying to make that last post seem simpler.

Vital Statistics

Physical 1-5
Mental 1-5
Social 1-5
Skill 1-5
Awesome 1-5

Skill1, Skill2, Skill3, Skill4, Skill5 (only as many skills as Mental Attribute)
Spec1, Spec2, Spec3, Spec4, Spec5, Spec6, Spec7, Spec8, Spec9, Spec10 (only as many specs as 2x Mental Attribute)

Advantage Name
Advantage Name
Advantage Name

Disadvantage Name

Items and Equipment:
Items and Equipment

Physical Description/Personality Description

Et voila

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 04:03:27.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: Character Creation Rules

Alright, here are the rules for making characters for this game. As this game is action-narrative driven, I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible while giving me all the information I need to make the characters work. While the character sheet itself is simple, the amount of words Ive posted here is not. DO NOT BE FOOLED, THIS IS EASY.

To start off there are the 5 Attributes. These are your characters general abilities. They range from 1-5 for each score, 1 being below average ability and 5 being the just slightly beyond the pinnacle of human ability (hells yeah paradoxical ability values). They are as follows.

Physical - This determines just about every physical attribute of your character. This is your strength, hardiness and general fitness level. This affects your character's melee skills, Health Points and gives bonuses to physical actions (duh?). D&D Terms: Strength + Constitution.

Mental - This determines your character'ss mental abilities. This is intellect, wisdom, common sense, and controls your ability to process information. This affects the number of skills/specialisations you have, and gives bonuses to knowledge, awareness and any skill which favours preparation and study, ie Medicine or Programming. D&D Terms: Intelligence + Wisdom

Social - This determines your character's (say it with me people) social abilities. This your charm, manipulative qualities and general ability to relate to people. This gives bonuses in all social interactions. D&D Terms: Charisma, and the slightest bit of Intelligence.

Skill - This determines your character's general dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and ability to perform complex actions. This gives bonuses to ranged combat, skills such as driving and lock picking, as well as determining just how hard you are to hit. D&D Terms: Dexterity + some intelligence.

Awesome - Yes, this is an attribute. This determines just how awesome you are. All of you are awesome, understand this. And in this attribute, 1 is not below average but just slightly above normal human awesome. Non-special NPCs lack this attribute, as they're not awesome enough, but you are. Awesome is described in detail just below. D&D terms: Action Points + DM's Favourite + Lucky Rolling + I AM ON FIRE.

You have 16 points to distribute amongst these 5 attributes. Points go 1 for 1 attribute point. Each attribute requires a minimum of 1 point, and has a maximum of 5.

Awesome Points
If you've ever played a game with an action point system, this is similiar, but more awesome. You have awesome points, which are limited my your awesome stat. At any given time you may have as many awesome points as you have points in your awesome stat. I know that sentence says awesome and points a lot but I assure you it makes sense.

You spend awesome points any time you want to do one of two things. First, you can add an awesome dice to any one roll. And Awesome Dice varies, based on your awesome score. If you have 1 point in your awesome attribute, you add a d6. 2 points a d8, 3 a d10, 4 a d12 and 5 a d20. These are added directly to the roll, as if you rolled a single giant dice. Does your weapon critical on a natural 20? You just rolled a natural 28, that's higher than 20...that's a critical. Fun times.

The other use of Awesome Points is essentially, to cheat. Want to jumping out a circular window 1 foot in diameter? Spend an action point and give me a good reason why (My character is so drunk, he forgets he has limbs, and forgets so powerfully that for a brief moment, the universe forgets too!) and voila, I will make it possible. Be creative. Be awesome.

Next up are Skills/Specialisations. These are easy, so hopefully I don’t end up writing another page and half explaining them. There are 15 Skills and you can choose as many as you have points in your Mental Attribute to be proficient in (hell yeah, Skill attribute does not help skill selection…suckas!). These are things you’re great at, and you get large bonuses to them. Your attributes also affect your skills, each skill is affected by a single attribute. Skills are as follows.

Combat (Ranged) (Sk) – Affects all ranged attacks
Combat (Melee) (P) – Affects all close combat attacks with objects
Combat (Hand to Hand) (P) – Affects all close combat attacks with your body (headbutt ftw)
Computer Use (M) – Anything to do with computers, this is the skill.
Medicine (M) – Patching wounds, setting bones, performing crude surgeries with jars of jam. Yes.
Driving (Sk) – Choose a particular class of vehicle (boat, plane, helicopter, car, bus, unicycle) and this allows you do things with it normal people could not.
Stealth (Sk) – Hiding and sneaking, also the ability to conceal items “on your person”
Thievery (Sk) – Sleight of Hand, Picking Locks, Forgeries, etc. Anything really underhanded.
Athletics (P) – Climbing, Jumping, Rolling, Swimming, Handstands (sure?) all that and more!
Sabotage (Sk) – Setting traps, disabling security/devices, rerouting power,
Speechcraft (So) – Gives bonuses to anything involving you bluffing, discussing, convincing, etc
Performance (So) – Can you play the guitar. Yes. Yes you can. Also dancing…and maybe the zither.
Knowledge (M) – Requires a general area of specialisation (ie geography, architecture, history, weaponry, cars) and gives you information based off this.
Awareness (M) – Sight, Hearing, Scent, Subtle Vibration detection, allows you better detect all these and more!
Impersonation (So) – Disguise, Voice Mimicry, habit recreating, allows you pretend to be someone you’re not.

P = Phyiscal Attribute, Sk = Skill Attribute, So = Social Attribute, M = Mental Attribute

Awesomeness attribute minimally affects all skills.

Specialisations are based off your proficient skills, but are far more specific. For example, say you have medicine as a proficient skill, you picked specialisations based on that. You could have Surgery as a specialisation, or maybe first aid, or maybe circumcisions this one is entirely up to you. When you use that skill for this purpose, you get large bonuses to it.

You get twice as many specialisations as skills, so 2x your Mental Attribute. You do not need to pick 2 specs for each skill, you could have 10 for one skill if you wanted, entirely up to you.

This is the last part I swear. Advantages and Disadvantages are kind of like feats from D&D, but cranked up a notch. These are things your character can that not many other people can. I have a list of generic advantages, but this is another area I would appreciate you being creative and giving me suggestions. If you want your character to be able to do something not listed here, let me know, and Ill try to whip something up.

If you want a custom disadvantage, we can work on that too, but keep in mind I want disadvantages to be slightly worse than advantages are good. So yep.

Your character can have up to 3 advantages, and must have at least 1 disadvantage.

Some generic advantages, along with a small sentence containing sentence fragments slightly explaining it.

Hand of Stone
- Unarmed Attacks do lethal damage

Off the Grid
- Don’t appear in any database, ever

- Doubles resistance to drugs, poisons, alcohol

Pre-Cognitive Senses
- Automatic check to detect trouble before it presents itself, rolling awareness before you could even be aware.

Internal GPS
- Always know longitude, latitude, directional facing, time of day, etc.

Extraordinarily Awesome
- Awesome dice increase by one step, ie d20 awesome die on a attribute of 4, no affect on Awesome attribute of 5.

Throw Anything
- Throw melee/improvised weapons at no penalty

Implacable Man
- Cannot be moved/knocked down unwillingly

Kung Shui
- No penalty for using improvised weapons

Crazy Prepared
- Free action to ready against specific trigger, always have a sort of contingency action readied.

Double Tap
- Semi-Auto weapons can fire two shots for every one

Collateral Damage Specialist
- Triple damage to objects

Unnaturally Buoyant
- Double hangtime length in any case, whether falling, jumping or ramping a car to the moon

Offensive Reload
- Can reload as part of a melee attack

Hollywood Hacker
- Can “hack” anything on a “network” to get desired results (hilarity ensues!)

Stunt Driver
- Can do impossible vehicle stunts (one-wheeled turn, etc)

When It’s Good It’s Great
- Extra success on critical success (my god that bullet just killed two people?)

- Speaks all languages and “accents”

Olde Schoole
- Combat bonuses for using non-modern weapons

Instantaneous Analysis
- Can determine vital statistics of someone just met within a minute
And a few generic disadvantages, with more broken sentence explaining.

Delayed Damage
- all damage is dealt one turn after it should be to enemies

When It’s Bad It’s Worse
- Extra failure on some failures. Not only did you fail to hit that guard with your rifle, but your bullet somehow hit an alarm panel and keyed in the 5 digit alarm code…awesome.

Not A Dog/Cat Person
- Dogs/Cats irrationally hate character. Choose one or the other. You can have both, but Im not giving you anything to make up for it.

Exceptionally Flammable
- Completely combust when exposed to flames

Bullet Magnet
- Increased priority for being target of just about everyone. For some reason, no one likes your face.

Well, those are all the examples I had “prepared”. Like I said, for advantages/disadvantages I’d like you to give input and try to design your own to fit your character. This is supposed to be fun.

As of the start of the game, weapons, equipment and items are determined by what your character would have on hand/immediately available. If you have something you really want you wouldn't have on hand, let me know and I'll try to work something out, but at the very beginning you're travelling light.

Sample character sheet in next post.

Sweet jesus this post is long.

Any questions, please ask.

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 04:00:01.
Edited on 2011-02-10 at 04:04:29 by Grugg

Topic: Corrupt a wish
Subject: adsf

You're killed by a train. Yes, that's how that works.

I wish I hadn't gone out last night.

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 02:54:51.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: asdf

Got any revisions on that? I have no vacuum closet.

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 01:18:36.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: sdf

Gah, character creation rules coming slightly later tonight, distracted by guests. I apologise.

Posted on 2011-02-10 at 01:00:58.

Topic: The Black Hand - viewer discretion advised
Subject: Oh god Im on metaphorical fire

Telnin had not enjoyed his journey to Clearwater, in fact he rarely enjoyed being on the sea at all. There was something that felt inherently unsafe about the whole situation. Surrounded on all sides by endless water, trapped within a large wooden coffin with no room to yourself. When he realised the necessity of sea travel, Telnin had very nearly cast the whole endevour aside, but his compulsion for helping those in need won out in the end. Mothers' should not be losing their children, and Telnin rationalised the travel arrangements as a simple sacrifice for the greater good. After all, he'd hardly accept such an excuse were position reversed.

The ship was well enough, though perhaps not designed for someone so attached to their equipment as Telnin. Telnin's training partners had jokingly quipped that the only way his Guissarme was leaving his sight would be if you blinded him, and they were probably right. It presented unique challenges when navigating doorways and drew a collection of odd looks, but no one tended to aggravate him when they caught sight of it. A good trade, Telnin thought.

Much as his armaments denoted his profession, some others on board had little problem displaying that they too, were of the transient sort. There was a dwarf he'd come across the ship hold more than once, far from home and showing it as well as a talkative fellow and a largely stoic woman who looked more likely to break his jaw than cook a meal. Weirdest of all was the harlequin, who for all his tricks and talents Telnin was having trouble identifying whether he was passing through himself or was paid to entertain the passengers and crew. He'd imagined he wouldn't be the only person who'd seen the notice for help, and he suspected he'd end up seeing at least one of these passengers again.

The arrival at Clearwater was unceremonious and welcome, and Telnin took no time abandoning the ship for the safety of dry land. The other notables from the ship disembarked soon after, and he paused for a moment to watch them as they went. Though the majority dispersed quickly, the clown took a moment to put on a colourful display of dexterity for the crowd of commoners. Telnin stayed only a moment to watch before heading further in land.

He had a contacts name, and that was it. So far he regretted a fair bit about this journey. Sea travel. Scarce information. A stubbed toe he'd recieved on the ship. Things were not yet looking up. He suspected that was soon to change however, in went in search of a smuggler to get him to his destination.

Posted on 2011-02-09 at 02:39:57.

Topic: New Here - Hello!
Subject: asdf

Noticed in real time? How do you normally post Bob?

Also, welcome to the Inn, people will soon be yelling at you without warning. Well now you have warning. So really, what?

Posted on 2011-02-09 at 02:21:05.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: afsa

There is never a time you shouldn't be watching a Bruce Campbell movie.

Posted on 2011-02-09 at 01:57:42.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: Player list

Thanks to everyone for their interest, and Im sorry to those of you I couldn't take on, but I wanted to keep the group manageabe.

At this time, Eol Fefalas, Admiral, Almerin, Steelight and Celeste are going to be players in the game, with Tek and Jozan1 having laid claim to first 2 reserve slots (don't worry, people will die). If anyone that didn't make it in wants to be on the reserve list, please let me know, as I'd love to have you. Cheers.

Those that are in, please just drop a quick post here letting me know you're up for it if you're around. Fantastic ice cream trucks.

Character information up tomorrow.

Posted on 2011-02-08 at 23:36:14.
Edited on 2011-02-09 at 00:05:21 by Grugg

Topic: The Wizards' Duel
Subject: adsf

I am good taste, which removes you from relevance.

Posted on 2011-02-08 at 19:11:16.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: Answering questions,

In order.

At the time, the USA is still in a great deal of national debt. The deal with Fantastico was beneficial to both sides and given it's complete isolation and lack of cross border traffic it's given the Americans no real problems. While officially they have no business in the city, whether they actually do or not is another matter.

The world in Fantastico has become only slightly better on the large scale. Computers are more widespread, networks are stronger and almost all available technology has become more efficient. Cleaner transport (electric cars, monorails) were popular before everything went to shit. While no one ventures into Central Park anymore, it is clear there was more going on behind the scenes. However, if there are any robots/mutants/lasers/flying cars they're locked up in long abandoned labs and in the minds of their missing inventors.

Yes, yes and yes. While the whole city falls to shit, everyone is doing everything. Picture it as almost post apocalyptic but localised. You have cults, gangs, armies and inviduals all fighting for the causes they believe in. Just about every one of them wants Fantastico HQ, as it's the most technologically advanced and safest structure left on the island. Fantastico still holds up in it, benefit from its fortress-like nature.

Also, it's Mr. Fantasi V, Fantastico is the company name. Just thought I'd clear that up, because I see that becoming confusing.

Also, tentative player list later today, as have heard from all the invitees. I might have to draw names from a hat.

Posted on 2011-02-08 at 19:10:23.
Edited on 2011-02-15 at 04:25:22 by Grugg

Topic: How does this go again?
Subject: asdf

The good part of playing by post is that you don't have to be together. Generally things go in turns of sort, where the DM posts a large sweeping update, followed by the players posting reactions and leading into the next update. Non-combat posts generally are large things that cover a great deal of time (so it doesnt take six pages to get through a town) and combat posts tend to be short "I light my face on fire and headbutt the goblin" posts.

Edit: I should note, they're usually longer than what I described. You should find a good thread like CWWLLO for good examples.

Posted on 2011-02-07 at 16:12:42.
Edited on 2011-02-07 at 16:23:32 by Grugg

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: sdf

Ah, I can't read. This is concerning. Yeah I'd like to keep this going for a longer timeframe reliably, so at this time I'd have to say no.

Posted on 2011-02-07 at 16:06:50.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: Afraid not

Im afraid that would just be too seldom for how I want this game to go. If at any time your schedule permits more regular posting, don't hesitate to look for a slot in the game, but as of right now I'd like a once a week minimum for all posters.

Posted on 2011-02-07 at 15:50:34.

Topic: How does this go again?
Subject: sadf

What's your favourite colour? Also, PbP takes a bit of getting used to, the best way is probably to just look at some of the threads, and remember the DM rolls all the dice.

Posted on 2011-02-07 at 15:44:55.

Topic: Recruitment is Closed
Subject: City Fantastico Awesome Character Creation Thread

In the far, far distant future of 2015 great and awesome things were afoot (that's right, past-future tense!). Fantastico (formerly Fantasti Co.) a large, multi-faceted and strangely tax exempt company purchased Manhattan Island, seceded from the United States and declared itself an independant nation, barricaded and unreachable by any outsiders. City Fantastico, as it is called, initially flourished under the leadership of Mr. Fantasti IV, the ancient CEO of Fantastico. Under his careful watch (and on his dime) City Fantastico showcased some of the most remarkable events of the 21st century; a steroid fueled Football league, unrestrained scientific advances, the largest World's Fair in the history of earth and a robust film production facility ushered in a golden age for the newly formed nation. Crime was at an all time low, fun was at an all time high, and the nations best economists predicted that as long as Mr. Fantasti IV was there to guide them, nothing could possibly go wrong.

They were exactly right.

The year is now 2023, three years after the sudden disappearance of Mr. Fantasti IV. His son, Mr. Fantasti V "leads" the country in his absence, but he is hardly the man his father was. Fantastico's control on its own country has slipped. Large lavish stadiums and high rises have given way to slums and gang violence, Central Park remains overgrown with bizarre plants, the results of abberant science left unchecked, and the large military for hire that once maintained the safety of the city has abandoned their posts. Long since ostracized from the remainder of the world, large portions of City Fantastico have fallen under control of local factions, all locked in a power struggle for what remains of the wealth, power and knowledge that once fueled the great city. Barricaded within their fortress like HQ at the centre of the city, Fantastico's Executive Board makes a desperate play to regain control of their city.


I am looking for 4-5 players to play in this game. It's an original world filled with influences from just about every video game, comic book, action movie and particularily drunken adventure I've ever played, read, seen or had. Here's a quick list of things you should know about playing it.

- The system is a combination of homebrew and d20 modern. The characters are completely homebrew and once I have the players in I'll give out character creation details. Suffice to say, if you can think it, you can make it (within reason, you are still humans, you are not robots, or mutant winged things, Yet. Seeing how I made this specifically for the game, I am open to suggestions if you want your character to feel a specific way. I want this to be fun. And Awesome.

- This thread is for open recruitment, but I have a few players I've invited in advance, as it's been a while since I got to play with them. This isn't really going to be a first come first serve situation, and I don't want to seem like an asshole, but I'm going to pick what players I'd like in this game. If I didn't invite you, it doesn't mean I don't want you, I only invited 2-3 close people I haven't gamed with in a while. There are open slots.

- About once a week for a post is fine. Will move faster if posts come faster.

- This is not to be taken SERIOUSLY. I want this game to be fun, over the top and awesome. I want cliched characters, dramatic actions and both pre and post-mortem one liners. It's like pulp fiction action porn. Yes.

- While it's close to being free-form, there is a rules system in place. You might not understand it, I might not understand it, but its there.

- The story I've got for this, I actually like it. I've put effort into it. If you're not willing to do the same, I might not want you in this game. Decent posts, of decent length, with minimal spelling mistakes (I mean, spellcheck) should be considered a minimum.

- Always remember Grugg loves you.

Posted on 2011-02-06 at 16:56:25.
Edited on 2011-02-13 at 16:49:27 by Grugg

Topic: Happy Birthday, Merideth!!
Subject: sadf

I am this many.

*holds up hand*

Posted on 2011-02-04 at 17:26:31.

Topic: Happy Birthday, Merideth!!
Subject: asdf

I wrote you a poem but it sucked. I can't write poems. Happy Birthday.

*finger snaps*

Posted on 2011-02-03 at 19:01:44.

Topic: The Chaos wars (A DH/I game set in the 41s millenium)
Subject: asdf

Admittedly, almost exactly a year ago, can get tricky sometimes.

Posted on 2011-02-03 at 00:49:40.

Topic: The Black Hand - Q&A
Subject: asdf

Getting hammered is a similiar excuse Im going to use.

Posted on 2011-02-01 at 16:05:04.

Topic: The Black Hand - Q&A
Subject: asdf

Heh, cheers.

I'd probably have made casual conversation with anyone on the boat who was trying to talk to me. I'd have mentioned my destination but probably no specifics as to why. They'd probably guess something from the fact that I have a guisarme with me though I suppose.

Posted on 2011-01-29 at 04:12:16.

Topic: Serpents Tale: Part 2
Subject: I thought we changed that so they could be blank

Im terrible at giving advice, but it was a good read.

Posted on 2011-01-28 at 02:59:13.

Topic: Oblivion based game
Subject: asdf

They removed Mysticism, which in Oblivion was useful for about one spell, and moved all those spells into different schools. I beleive they also combined athletics/acrobatics into one skill.

The list of improvements far outways any concerns about skill reduction. Especially if thats all I am losing.


Posted on 2011-01-27 at 17:10:10.

Topic: The Home page
Subject: asdf

Just Ban Bob.


Oh god you're going to ban me aren't you.

Posted on 2011-01-27 at 17:07:03.

Topic: The Black Hand - Q&A
Subject: adf

Sent in a character. Some light magical support with a solid chunk of meat thrown in.

Yay for rarely used weapons I could find in the PHB.

Posted on 2011-01-26 at 02:29:51.

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