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Topic: D&d 3.5 Campaign: The Dungeon
Subject: asdf

In a semi-ironic fashion, inspiration has struck, and I am thinking of something different now.

I blame cheetahs?

Posted on 2014-06-15 at 20:29:32.

Topic: D&d 3.5 Campaign: The Dungeon
Subject: Whelp

Whipping up a pseudo-skill monkey/base coverer.

Anyone else got any concepts together yet?

Posted on 2014-06-15 at 19:59:09.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Woop Whop

Same legend.

Notable changes:
Bandit2 is marked as a "last known position".
Calopee is spotted.
Tristan is alive, but prone.
Sehanine still invisible.

Posted on 2014-06-15 at 18:01:31.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Kitten Contusion

Initiative Order

Tristan 26 (unconscious)
Malachi 16 (wins tiebreaker)
Relos 16
Bandit2 19 (delayed action)
Leader 12 (wins tiebreaker)
Bandit8 12
Calopee 7
Sehanine 3

Things that happened and HOW MUCH THEY HAPPENED
Tristan fails to stabilize, bleeds out for 1 damage.
Bandit2 delays his action.
Malachi rolls a 14, hits Bandit4 for 10 damage, killing him.
Malachi rolls a 30 on tumble to avoid AoO on Bandit8.
Leader hits Relos for 12 damage.
Bandit8 hits Malachi for 5 damage.
Calopee rolls a 25, hits Leader for 14 damage.
Sehanine rolls max for the potion and heals Tristan for 9hp.

Bandit2 has delayed his action until after Relos rounded the corner and no one has any sight/sound of him.
Tristan is prone but alive and conscious with 5hp.
Samurai pizza cats.

Posted on 2014-06-15 at 17:56:03.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured: Of Cupboards, Bark and Gallows...
Subject: Bloopity Blops

Night, Isiah’s Farm, Schell

Tristan’s prone form gave a gurgling cough, a thick spurt of blood spewing from his mouth near Malachi’s feet. It was a macabre sight, though at the very least it meant the man was still alive if only barely. Time was ticking inexorably onwards however, and it was not on the Favoured’s side. This distraction would have to be dealt with swiftly if they wanted any chance of saving their comrade from his fate.

Relos had heard the bearded man’s bellows from across the clearing, and every fibre of his being urged him to rush to his comrades. The men who had attacked him were subdued, one dead, one lying on his back, and Relos spared a last glance at the latter man he’d brought to the ground. The bandit was very much alive, his chest heaving in exhausted gasps, but he was otherwise motionless, his gaze focussed on Relos. Perhaps he’d heed the half-elf’s advice and stay down, but there was no time to stick around and enforce that command. Relos continued north, his view of his former foe being obstructed by the hut as he rounded the corner.

In the melee, Malachi continued to dip and dodge as he made his way to his new friend’s prone form. The swordsman carried elixirs in the event of emergency, and given the dire straits Tristan seemed in, they were needed now. The men before him would prove a challenge however, if he attempted to administer it, but the choice was clear, Tristan had been wounded rushing to Mal’s aid and the Argent Blade reached for his satchel just as a hissing voice caught his attention.


It only took him a second to recognise Sehanine’s voice; her disappearance in the wheatfield moments ago being fully explained by her apparent presence at his side.

"I've got Tristan, just keep poking those twits full of holes. Eventually they'll spring a leak that will bleed them dry."

Though he’d only known her a short while, Malachi had seen enough to trust the elf’s intent when it came to Tristan. The pair seemed to have a bond that transcended their little band, and her doting on the man freed Mal up to dispatch the ones threatening them. Lunging out with his rapier, Malachi caught the man before him with its point, driving the blow home and withdrawing his blade accompanied by the satisfying *thud* of his foe hitting the packed earth.

Only one foe stood within easy reach, his eyes still watering from the earlier theatrics, and Malachi moved around him, hoping to draw his attention away from Tristan. As he’d done so often throughout the combat, Malachi sprung and rolled, easily evading the man’s clumsy swings and making his way to his foe’s flank. As the shadows once more were drawn up around him, Malachi hoped he’d bought enough time for Sehanine to complete her task.

Relos arrived at the scene just in time to catch the end of Sehanine’s hushed directions. The half-elf possessed the power to channel healing energy, though it seemed he could save it should Sehanine be attending Tristan. His other talents would have to come into play now as he could see the lead rider stalking into the wheatfield, ostensibly pursuing the elusive Calopee.

"Why don't you stop playing in the wheat like some giant buffoon and swing that limp chain of yours over this way!?"

Relos’s cry rang out over the farm and the bearded man, already frustrated with seeking the seemingly intangible Halfling, turned to face the paladin with a menacing grin.

”COME TO DIE WITH YER FRIENDS, HAVE YA?!” the man shouted as he lunged out of the field, his chain already whipping out of the darkness with a speed Relos had failed to anticipate. The cold steel of the chain lashed at the joints of his armour, seemingly finding a chink in his plate as he felt the sharpened spikes dig into his flesh. The paladin gritted his teeth and the chain withdrew, tearing trace amounts of flesh with it, but he’d done his job, hopefully drawing enough of the man’s attention for Calopee to take advantage.

Malachi meanwhile found himself suddenly pressed as the remaining bandit began a wild offensive. Perhaps Mal had underestimated his foe’s ferocity as the teary eyed man’s onslaught caught him off-guard and he found himself desperately parrying thrusts. A sudden jolt of pain tore through him as slash cut through his guard, slicing down into his shoulder and drawing blood. With what little the bandit could see, he had seen two of his friends be cut down right in front of him, and it seemed he would not go down without a fight.

In the wheat fields, Calopee was relieved to see his pursuer give up his hunt in favour of easier targets. In doing so, he presented the halfling’s favourite target, an unaware one, and she would not waste that opportunity. Reaching into her rock sack she withdrew one of her special stones; though she wouldn’t have a chance to utilise its carefully shaped curves, she did feel more confident in her aim than with a roughly hewn rock. It arced gracefully through the air, striking her target in the back of the neck before bouncing harmlessly to the ground, drawing the man’s attention once more as he turned back to face the stone throwing annoyance.

Throughout it all, Sehanine rummaged through her bag, seeking the potion she required to aid Tristan. Her thoughts pondering the idiocy of someone who would rush into combat largely unprotected without realising the consequences as she found the bottle and removed the stopper from it. She brushed the blood away from Tristan’s lips as she stuffed the flask in, pouring the liquid down his throat as quickly as possible.

A moment passed before Tristan awoke with a gasp and a cough, his eyes open and filled with bewilderment as he saw absolutely nothing but the sky in front of him. His confusion was abated by Sehanine’s whisper as she rose up away from him. ”Enough with the heroics. Just lay there and heal yourself. And you're welcome... human idiot.”

(OOC: Q&A. Sandwiches. Apple Pie. Windmills.)

Posted on 2014-06-15 at 17:48:17.
Edited on 2014-06-15 at 17:48:31 by Grugg

Topic: D&d 3.5 Campaign: The Dungeon
Subject: Yes

Concrete character creation rules are all I'm waiting on

Posted on 2014-06-15 at 14:42:41.

Topic: D&d 3.5 Campaign: The Dungeon
Subject: asdf

What? Huh? Yes.

Posted on 2014-06-15 at 02:13:45.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asodfk

Update delayed by glorious weather, Stanley Cups, World Cups and overtime.

Will have the update in by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, feel free to utilise this thread to discuss the merits of Ayrn and the notion that his booty does not require a shred of explanation.

Posted on 2014-06-14 at 02:26:39.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

The rest of the game I am going to describe every object in terms of referencing what it is kitty corner to.

Or how kitty corner it is.

What a ridiculously stupid expression. I am angry at Merriam-Webster for validating it.

I am declaring war on English.

J'espère que vous parlez Français.

Posted on 2014-06-13 at 02:59:04.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

I have no idea what a kiddy corner is.

Posted on 2014-06-13 at 02:53:21.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Blooperdoops


So yeah once Jozan posts I shall commence with the dropping of hot wisdom. I am referring to my updates as hot wisdom now.

Posted on 2014-06-12 at 02:17:50.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: For reference

In case you're wondering Schnozzle, I'll allow Mal hearing Sehanine whispering before your action. Consider it retconned to the end of the last round.

Just so the whole team doesn't spend their turns pouring potions on some corpse.

I mean their friend. Yes.

Posted on 2014-06-11 at 00:55:39.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdfa

Pulling a potion and force-feeding it to an unconscious man would take up your full round. NO THIEVERY TODAY MISSY!

Posted on 2014-06-08 at 16:01:25.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: dasf

He's taken multiple hits for 22 damage. In descriptive terms, yes, he's messed up.

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 18:00:03.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A

Same legend as ever.

Notable changes.
Bandit2 is prone.
Calopee is hidden again.
Sehanine is invisible, no one has located her in any way.
Sehanine's longsword has dropped to the ground where it had been floating the round before.

I will need some pepperoni today.

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 17:36:33.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Dunkaroos


Tristan 26 (unconscious)
Bandit2 19
Malachi 16 (wins tiebreaker)
Relos 16
Leader 12 (wins tiebreaker)
Bandit8 12
Bandit4 8
Calopee 7
Sehanine 3

Number part I'm out of things to say here for now.
Tristan fails to stabilize, bleeds out for 1 damage.
Bandit2 misses Relos.
Relos rolls 23 succeeds on initiated trip. Rolls 25 on opposed STR check and succeeds in tripping Bandit2.
Relos rolls 17, hits with smite to deal 11 damage to Bandit2.
Bandit2 misses AoO to hit Relos as he heads towards the rest of the group. (Did you know prone people threaten squares? I do now. I blame british rappers.)
Malachi rolls a 24 hitting Bandit4 for 8 damage.
Malachi rolls 29,23 and 21 Tumble checks to avoid AoOs from Bandit4, Bandit8 and the Leader.
Malachi rolls 23 hits the Leader for an AoO, 6 damage.
Leader hits Calopee for 8 damage.
Bandit8 misses Malachi.
Bandit4 confirms a critical against Malachi but misses due to miss chance. (I WILL STAB YOU SOMEDAY.)
Calopee rolls 22 to bluff for distraction, success.
Calopee rolls 31 for hide check, no one spots her. (GODDAMN EVERY WHEAT FOREVER)


Posted on 2014-06-07 at 17:26:59.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured: Of Cupboards, Bark and Gallows...

Night, Isiah’s Farm, Schell

The blood pooled under Tristan’s unconscious form, soaking into his clothing and hair and staining them a deep crimson, a fact that went unnoticed by the conman. His mind flitted through darkness, catching shapes and flashes that looked familiar and at the same time alien to him. The din of battle was far behind him, a distant echo he could only remember if not actually hear; it seemed beneath him anyway, something that no longer concerned him. No, there was something out in the darkness calling him, and he would continue to look for it.

Back in reality, Relos remained locked up with one of the riders, separated from the remainder of his group by the farmhouse. The leader’s cry had reached him however, and the bandit’s smirk combined with the words had given the half-elf an uneasy feeling about how the battle was going to the north. His vows had included the protection of others, and he possessed the divine talents of a healer if to a lesser degree than the powerful spellcasters of his faith; he would need to make his way to the others if the combat was going as he thought.

There was the immediate distraction of the man before him to deal with first however, and Relos refocused just in time to see many lunge in with his blade. A quick twirl of his polearm blocked the thrust and Relos took advantage of his opponents now off-balance positioning. Sweeping low, the paladin caught the man behind his heel, pulling up and sweeping the man off his feet. In perfect form as his training had taught him, Relos brought his weight down the halberd’s haft as his momentum carried the blade upward. His thoughts turned to his comrades across the farm and his promise to protect Isiah’s land, and he brought the full force of his righteous devotion down on the bandit who sought to take that away.

His strike caught the bandit as he flipped over in the air, and Relos’s strike combined with his own downward momentum and slammed the man forcefully into the dirt with a *thud*. Relos straightened, the clang of steel still echoing from the north of the hut. He turned down to the wounded man at his feet, doing his best to keep him out of the combat.

”Stay down and maybe you won't die like your friend!”

The man gave an audible gulp as Relos strode over him, the paladin ignoring the man’s feeble attempt to grab at his armoured ankles. His new friends could use his assistance in their battles, and he’d been off on his own for far too long now. Moving as fast as the weight he carried would allow him, Relos made his way towards the hut.

The melee to the north had taken a disturbing turn for Malachi, who only seconds before had been grateful for Tristan’s timely intervention. He’d evened the odds for a moment, but now Malachi could only watch as the bearded man’s chain had dragged the trickster’s unconscious body down into the dust. The swordsman’s thoughts jumped to the potion he carried in case of emergencies, perhaps he’d initially planned to use it himself in his adventures as the Argent Blade but for better or worse he found himself a part of a team now, and an unselfish desire to aid his teammate came to the forefront of his mind.

Malachi knew he’d be no help if he himself was downed however, and he’d have to hope Tristan could hold on long enough for Malachi to clear himself a path. Taking off in an acrobatic lunge amongst his enemies, Malachi lashed out at the bandit as he passed. His enchanted blade struck home as he crossed his opponent up, and his dipping movements proved himself for his foes to get a feel for as he made his way over to Tristan’s prone form. He popped up with a flourish as he felt the shadows writhe and wrap around him, hopefully providing him the protection he’d need to stand between his fallen comrade and the man who’d fell him.

Malachi could breathe a sigh of relief as it seemed to bandit leader’s attention was in fact neither on him nor the fallen Tristan. For too long the Halfling Calopee’s expertly thrown stones at frustrated the mysterious riders, and now that she’d been spotted the bearded man wasted no time in make his way towards her. He moved towards the wheatfield, his anger causing him to barely wince as Malachi struck him across the back as his guard lapsed.

Calopee could only see the wheatstalks shuffle as suddenly the man’s spike covered chain whipped towards her, shredding the wheat to her side and catching her along her side, drawing a warm jet of blood as the spikes tore through her finely crafted chain shirt. The man’s booming voice roared out over the field as his chain withdrew, ”I’M COMING FOR YOU LITTLE ONE!” His laughter gave Calopee a brief sensation of chills. ”YOU CAN’T HIDE IN THIS GOAT S#!T FOREVER!”

Back in the clearing, Malachi could barely regain his form as the other bandits convened on him. He ducked the first man’s clumsy blow but realised to his horror the second was lunging directly for his chest as he recovered. Malachi ground his teeth preparing for the sensation of pain that never came as the flickering shadows that surrounded the former sailor drew the bandit’s attention at the last second, causing the blow to streak harmlessly by to Malachi’s side. Even in the bright illumination of the flaming shed Malachi was proving impossible to grasp, his unnatural shadows dancing around him in defiance of the light.

Another accustomed to the shadows, Calopee again found herself closer than preferred to a man seeking to harm her, and her mind raced to provide her an edge before the bearded man’s words provided just the inspiration she needed. It might have been the first time anyone had drawn inspiration from the words “Goat S#!t” but it would work for the time being. Weaving as quietly as she could into the wheat, the Halfling did her best goat impression, a gentle ”baaaaaa” that puzzled anyone who noticed it. The bearded man’s confused grunt was the only cue she needed, and quick as lightning Calopee dropped to the ground, rolling to her side and disappearing once more into the wheat.

Sehanine had only been able to watch as her oft-rival now-companion Tristan dropped to the ground in a puddle of his own blood. There had been elves known to practice the magic healing arts, but that had never been her speciality. Fortunately, she’d always found ways around that. She too carried enchanted liquids, their magic designed to close the wounds of the imbiber; the only problem would be delivering it to Tristan. She lacked Malachi’s mobility and hardiness, but his fight in the clearing would perhaps provide her cover to approach via subterfuge.

Sehanine called upon her fey magic once more as she covered herself with a glittering sheen, seeming almost encased in moonlight for a moment before disappearing completely. Silent as a ghost, she made her trackless way out of the field and over to Tristan’s side, hoping Mal in all his acrobatic glory would avoid bumping into her as she crouched to examine the fallen man. Reaching for her potion, she paused to consider for a moment Tristan’s bracers; for all their shared history they had been a point of contention and while circumstances were undoubtedly different at present, it remained in her thoughts. Assuming they all made it out of this; one could only wonder where their little game would lead.


Posted on 2014-06-07 at 17:06:36.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: iknjm

I'm stealing that idea?

Which idea?


Posted on 2014-06-07 at 04:30:37.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

You get points because it's quarter after nine in my time zone.


Will read up, get to work on the update tomorrow pending me getting murdered by angry cars.

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 04:18:31.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: sada

That is the most concerning and impressive thing I have ever read.

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 02:55:55.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

"...and then Malachi realised he was one fire, but not the normal kind of fire. No, this fire burned on and inside his loins, an itching heat than manifested in reddish lumps. He could scarcely remember the night before, but a memory flooded back to him as he searched his thoughts furiously for the cause of searing heat. He had found a companion for his night in the ditch, one of rarefied airs and interesting breeding. Mal it would seem, had contracted Troll-Herpes..."

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 02:42:52.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf


Posted on 2014-06-07 at 02:08:55.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

I am excited.

Posted on 2014-06-07 at 00:43:26.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: asdf

We have the dying mumbles of one character and the innermost thoughts of Malachi thus far.

Would like to update by the end of the week.

Posted on 2014-06-06 at 02:28:00.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: lkm

So because calenders frighten me I misjudged some dates.

Away on business possibly until Friday.

Posted on 2014-06-03 at 01:29:41.

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