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Topic: D&D/Horror game

Yaaaaayyy! Save us we're dying!

Posted on 2019-07-21 at 19:04:37.

Topic: Here and there...
Subject: Hey man

See you, space cowboy!

Posted on 2019-07-20 at 21:27:02.

Topic: D&D/Horror game

Olan! My friend wants to take the mage ^____^ she's going to create an account so you can reach out to her.

Posted on 2019-07-19 at 17:05:51.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A


Really looking forward to how this is going to play out!

Posted on 2019-07-19 at 16:20:36.

Topic: Paranoia: Commies Q&A
Subject: Steam's First Death

You never forget your first.

Posted on 2019-07-19 at 16:14:25.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A
Subject: LOL

Oh man, we are in for it 

Posted on 2019-07-19 at 16:12:09.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A
Subject: SUCH EVIL

Who hurt you?

Posted on 2019-07-19 at 15:57:39.
Edited on 2019-07-19 at 15:57:58 by breebles

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A

When you get back to camp, throw Kith into the river. She will float to safety and the running water will help to thaw her out more quickly.

I saw Bear Grylls do this once, it'll work.

Posted on 2019-07-19 at 15:33:36.

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A
Subject: Indeed

"and will he please cane you for your insolence" will be my new mic drop line whenever I win an argument.

Posted on 2019-07-19 at 13:51:06.

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A
Subject: Sad about the ballgown

Thanks! I'll read through when I have a moment and might reach out to you when I have a chance to start writing.

Posted on 2019-07-19 at 13:08:56.

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A
Subject: What he said ^

Haha yeah, me neither. I was on pins and needles for months! 

Posted on 2019-07-18 at 17:46:45.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A

Ooo cleric powers combined!

Posted on 2019-07-18 at 17:41:21.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A
Subject: Wooo!

I agree, awesome to see some life breathed into Cedric! Hope we all live long enough to see more

Offense: use Kith's paralyzed body as an improvised weapon if worse comes to worse.
Defense: use Kith's paralyzed body as a shield if worse comes to worse.

In 3-8 rounds she'll be up and ready to go!

Posted on 2019-07-18 at 17:09:03.

Topic: Lights Last Embrace - A Wheel of Time Q&A
Subject: Woo!

Cho'Ra post up! Mostly just her musings and an offer to heal as the others move the investigation along.

Posted on 2019-07-18 at 16:22:11.

Topic: Lights Last Embrace - A Wheel of Time Game
Subject: Scattered Thoughts and Weaves

“Thank you for your generosity,” the bowman replied to the innkeeper, “I believe most of us would love something quick in our stomachs so that we can go and see what might be learned at the jail. Speed, I suspect, shall be critical.”

Cho’Ra ate the humble meal in silence, pondering what mischief that oaf was getting himself into. He was very eager to try to help the poor girl himself, if all of that early door-knocking was any indication, so perhaps he wasn’t made entirely of barbs. His methods were just perhaps a bit different than these. She looked around at the cast of characters gathered with her and hoped diplomacy would be their ally. Or perhaps the brashness of that woodsman would prove the correct path? Not long ago she would have scoffed at that notion, brutishness verses civil, structured deliberation. The world had changed very quickly since then though.

Their party was given directions to the jailhouse and made their way as soon as their bellies were satisfied. Despite their early morning, many of  the people of Maeldon were already out and about their chores. Cho’Ra smiled kindly at anyone who looked the way of their strange band and thought that for the moment this town felt almost peaceful. They were, of course, on their way to attempt to help a young woman who was possibly falsely accused of the murder of an Aes Sedai, but that was hardly apparent on the faces of those they passed.

Dane stops the party as they approach the jailhouse and turns to the Domani woman, “Za’ahrat, I was thinking that perhaps you might speak for us. You might be able to get more information than the rest of us.”

Cho’Ra assumes she confers but is distracted for that moment, looking around the jailhouse and those nearby for any signs of the woodsman. Had he been here already? Did the guards look harassed? He had had quite a lead on them this morning, but perhaps he had simply fled back to the woods? Curious indeed.

When she came back to herself she found her party had moved on to the guard and she hurried to catch up.

The questioning went on for some time, and working together, the Domani and the bowman were able to squeeze as much information as it seemed possible out of the guard. Unfortunately there was still much to be desired, but access to Millae was graciously granted, and they moved inside to meet the young woman.

While Cho’Ra’s time with Millae was very brief, it was clear that the level of security on the girl was a bit outrageous: a surly guard, several locked doors, dark corridors, and an eerie stairwell leading down into a pitch black pit of cells. The dirtied, frightened form of Millae huddled in her cell as they approached.

“W-who are you?” she asks, and Dane steps forward to explain their intent.

Though it had only been less than twenty-four hours, Cho'Ra couldn't help but think as she listened to Dane recount their story, that with the heaviness of their resolve to help the girl and the interesting interactions they had already had together, it felt like much more time had passed since they first came together to stand up for Millae.

At this point Dane looked around at the rest of the group, “Instead of starting with specific questions, perhaps we should just let Millae tell us her story first. Then we might have a better idea of what to ask?”

Cho’Ra nods and steps forward, kneeling close to the barred door, “Hi Millae, my name is Cho’Ra. I apologize that I am not able to relieve you of the fright you must be feeling right now, but I may be able to help relieve some of your aches and pains, and make you a little more comfortable as you recount your story, at the very least. Will you allow me to use my abilities to offer you some healing?”

((OOC: If she agrees, Cho’Ra will begin to weave a level 1 heal; if she denies Cho’Ra will nod her understanding and respect her wishes))

“Ok, Millae,” Dane said above the both of them, “Take your time. This can’t have been easy.  But if you would like some help, we need to know what happened. Could you tell us about what happened? Start with the last two days, I suppose.Then maybe go back and think about anything from earlier that seems noteworthy.”

He smiled sweetly and offered her his water,  “Go ahead and begin whenever you are ready.”

Posted on 2019-07-18 at 16:21:02.
Edited on 2019-07-19 at 15:55:02 by breebles

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A
Subject: Yes!

That was awesome crowe! Excited for us to get rolling!

Posted on 2019-07-18 at 01:07:55.

Topic: Lights Last Embrace - A Wheel of Time Q&A
Subject: Ahh

Sorry, I wanted to have my post done tonight. I have the first part and will get the rest done tomorrow!

Posted on 2019-07-18 at 01:04:42.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A

Ah yes, the Sarge method

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 15:34:16.

Topic: Lights Last Embrace - A Wheel of Time Q&A

Honestly I've just been wondering what else I can add at this point, but I have some time this afternoon. I'll get a little Cho'Ra post done tonight.

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 14:22:55.

Topic: Paranoia: Commies Q&A
Subject: Bahahaha

At team full of egomaniacs. This is perfect 

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 14:13:31.

Topic: Hidden Corruption Q&A
Subject: A DOZEN?!

Those were some l u c k y rolls.

Olan, are you able to say how many rounds it'll take for the paralysis to wear off, or will you just let it play out in game?
Either way, whenever Kith is able to stand she'll do her best to "dagger dagger dagger" the closest shambler.

Team, it's ONLY about a dozen baddies! You've got this!
Kith is rooting for you from the dirt!

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 14:09:08.
Edited on 2019-07-17 at 14:20:37 by breebles

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A
Subject: Got it got it got it

Woot, thanks you two!

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 13:44:11.

Topic: Star Trek: Veiled Chimera Q&A
Subject: Turbolifts . . .

Oh, the turbolifts are down? The end of my last post has Melody using that to get to med bay. I can retcon that, but I'm not sure what other options there are. I'm guessing there are stairs somewhere, but I don't want to write her using them if that's not real.

Are there stairs to get from floor to floor on the Peregrine?

Sorry if this is a silly question haha TNG, DISCO and the movies are still my only personal Trek experiences and they never use stairs!

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 13:24:37.

Topic: Paranoia: Commies Q&A
Subject: Ahhh

Trying to get into Steam's mindset is just imagining someone trying to focus with a brain that is a labyrinth of just massive ego, aggression, and utter-nonsense.

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 13:17:18.

Topic: Paranoia: the Only Good Commie is a Dead Commie
Subject: *brain crickets*

Brighte2 fiddled with the ridiculous hat as Steam waited patiently for Team Leader to respond. And finally, “Since you’ve been trained in the use of all of this, Steam, why don’t you decide who might make best use of what.”

Steam-R-LLR took a step back and tried not to let his gapped maw gape too noticably and recovered his composure quickly, "Yes, Sir."

This made sense. He was the equipment officer after all. Team Leader simply used their keen sensibilities to suss out the most appropriate clone to deligate the duty of equipment deligation to.

He looked around at all of the equipment. He had had experience with equipment as a member of Friend Computer's army, but nothing exactly like this at all. Not that that mattered. It was his nature to know how to use equipment like this. And Friend Computer knew that.

"Team Leader, you should take the clone finder so you can point us in the direction of traitorous clones, or this clone we're guarding, in case something happens," he glances at the rest of his fumbling team, "not that we'd let that happen." Steam examines the rest of the items. Then his companions. Then the items again. And then these clones again.

"Officer Artie," he looks up at the large clone, "you look like you can handle this one," he points to the green pistol, "Tractor gun for you."

Steam then turns to Slipp, their ever-twitching comrade, "Automatic Bouncy Bubble Beverage Hydrator backpack for Officer Slipp, keep that beanie Officer Brighte2, at least it's technically regulation, and that leaves the energy pistol for Blowz, and these boys for me."

He grabs the OSFM boots and begins to put them on to test whether he can move in them normally. As he practices, he looks around the lot of them as they take up the equipment he assigned each with some small bit of pride, as he is confident in his perfect decisions.

Posted on 2019-07-17 at 13:14:43.

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