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Topic: Winds and Sand Q&A
Subject: Oky

Alright, so we're going down. I think it would be wise if somebody went with the slave group as they move away from the building. Argent would do it, but he's behaving like a living shield right now.

Any volunteers?

Posted on 2010-11-09 at 18:29:34.

Topic: Realms of Twilight -Winds and Sand
Subject: Boogie down with Argent

If there ever was a moment to escape, this was certainly it.

Argent motioned for the slaves to follow him down the side of the building. He lead them to the side of the building opposing the place where Echo had cast his illusions, and cautioned them with gestures to be as silent as possible. Counting on his brother to aid the slaves from above, he made sure he was first down the ladder (if it's needed) so that he could take on any of the guards that decided to investigate any noise they would make.
He had no false hopes of making an easy getaway; not with that big a group of people. Someone was bound to make a noise, fall from the ladder or make one of the todlers cry.

So, he readied himself to get into a fight. For now, the safety of these people was all he cared about. As they moved down, one by one (assumably) he pointed them towards the closest alley.

Posted on 2010-11-09 at 18:28:15.

Topic: Winds and Sand Q&A
Subject: distraction

Anybody have any good spells to use? Maybe a ghost sound to make it sound like we're escaping through the back? A charm person to keep the guys from following us?

This is why I like low level so much. We would've thrown a fireball down, but now we have to think to survive.

Posted on 2010-11-04 at 17:27:58.

Topic: New to the Game
Subject: Welcome it is

Welcome to the inn!

We're glad to inspire, but are eager to be inspired in return. Tell us your stories and experiences. We want to hear them.

If you're up to it, take a look at the recruitment area.

Posted on 2010-11-04 at 16:43:55.

Topic: Halloween art I made for work
Subject: Coolio

Very nice art. Good atmosphere.

Btw... moved to Personal Creations for you.

Posted on 2010-11-03 at 20:01:46.

Topic: AMC's The Walking Dead
Subject: Heh

Watched it last night, and I was truly entertained. The hospital scene we've seen before, but Danny Boyle lingered a lot longer on the strangeness of the void situation, where The Walking Dead went straight into fright. A good choice.

Jeffrey Demunn is a Darabont veteran. One should be surprised if he WASN'T in a Darabont production, hehe. But yeah, he's great.

I just read that Darabont is not directing the other episodes, btw. That's too bad. I hope we won't get a too different feeling when the show continues.

Anyway, I'll be watching this next week!

Posted on 2010-11-03 at 14:14:32.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Damnsel in distress

Things were starting to roll really fast all of a sudden. Doc eagerly drew his weapon but luckily got hushed a bit by Brutal. Luke hadn’t expected the medic to react so heavily. He also wondered if it was the fact that there seemed to be a woman in distress that made the man so eager, or if it was the German language in general. He promised himself that he would discuss this with the Corporal after this was over.

He saw Romo approach the house, and sneaked closer to the vehicle, positioning himself so that McGuinness would still have a clear shot. His goal was to get a good view through the window. He didn’t want to risk being seen, as it would ruin any surprise they were creating. But what happened next he hadn’t expected in the least.

The Sarge knocked on the door and called out in German. Luke didn’t know if he should curse the man right there, or if he should praise his genius. A lot would depend on how the Germans would react. Ducking, and peeking around a tree, he tried to catch a glimpse of what was happening inside the cabin.

(OOC: Luke has his gun ready. Once the door is opened he will run to the vehicle to take a better look inside. He’ll shout any commands and warnings necessary to give his men a clear picture of what lies ahead of them as they storm the cabin.)

Posted on 2010-11-02 at 18:11:41.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: hehe

That's actually pretty accurate for an online translation.

Usually they translate things into gibberish nonsense.

Posted on 2010-11-01 at 17:47:43.

Topic: Winds and Sand Q&A
Subject: ladders

If it is possible, I think it would be a good idea to haul up the ladders once we're up on the second floor. Not only to give anybody who follows a hard time chasing us, but also to provide a simple way to get off the roof on the other side.

Posted on 2010-10-30 at 10:08:24.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: I say they're just watching a horror movie :P

Luke never regretted his initiative to volunteer for the war, but there were things he could do without. Rain was one of them. Ploughing through the mud or flying bullets he could handle, but the cold stiffness he experienced made him chagrined.

He was cursing inwardly and trying to focus on the task at hand, when they noticed a light up ahead. His mind snapped back into military mode, which meant he shoved all other sentiments aside and thought of nothing more but the best way to survive and succeed. He had learned all too well to occupy his mind with other things instead of dealing with emotions.

The Sergeant beat him to the orders though. That man was as eager as a cat tip-toeing before an attack.

“Don’t count ME out, Sergeant.” The Captain replied. “McGuinness will follow right after you; taking position on the opposite side of the road. He’ll provide cover. Me and Doc will follow you in three.”

Posted on 2010-10-30 at 10:04:34.

Topic: Loaded Dice #60: How Many Times do I Have to Tell You?
Subject: new art!

It's good to see the comic up and continuing, and I don't think the new art is bad. It's searching perhaps, and with Olan's backgrounds a bit more flat. But hey, it's the first panel.

Besides, even if the comic continues in this style, it's not bad at all. The thing, as has been put already, is that there should be no fear of change. Not from the side of the artist, but not from our side either.

Posted on 2010-10-29 at 09:35:56.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: well

I know there are many sayings in English/American that include the word Dutch, but that doesn't know I understand where they came from.

I've heard of 'going Dutch', where you split the bill after dinner in a restaurant...

But perhaps we should clog up Al's Q&A with this.

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 08:46:13.

Topic: Realms of Twilight -Winds and Sand
Subject: Argent has no time to chat

The half orc made a reply that the dwarven monk had not expected. They were in a bit of a hurry here, and there would be no deal-making until these captives were out of harms way.

"Look, I'm not asking you to be my personal guard. I'm hoping you will help move some crates so we can get these people out of here."

If no reply comes soon, Argent starts moving crates with whoever is willing to lend a hand. First goal is blocking the doors, second is making an easy way up to the window to the roof.

Posted on 2010-10-26 at 06:59:02.

Topic: Winds and Sand Q&A
Subject: yep, I know

I know... I was a bit distracted or something when I wrote that... I guess.

Changed it.

Posted on 2010-10-25 at 14:33:14.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: coolness

Well, being Dutch myself, I'm wondering what on Earth a Dutch Oven can be. We just use one with gas or electricity.

*Looks it up on google*

Aha! now I see.

Posted on 2010-10-25 at 14:29:18.

Topic: Realms of Twilight -Winds and Sand
Subject: Argent thinks Echo has a point

"You're right." Argent said. He looked around the room for an exit, and noted the windows.

"You got in through that window there, right?" He asked the halfling. "We should try to get everybody on the roof and get them off on the other side before those guards notice anything. We should also block the doors with some of these crates."

He pointed to the half-orc, who looked rather capable of helping them out. "We might need some help here."

Posted on 2010-10-25 at 07:59:45.
Edited on 2010-10-25 at 14:32:13 by Almerin

Topic: Hammer is Lurking
Subject: Hammer!

Good to see you back and relatively active!

Let's hope you get a stable internet connection up soon, and that you'll be able to stay on longer this time.

Good luck with your game!

Posted on 2010-10-24 at 20:57:54.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Dutch oven?

Tell me more!

Posted on 2010-10-24 at 20:51:10.

Topic: What rules say I can't post games like this?
Subject: cool

That's pretty cool.

But, if the goal is to be as fast as possible, it makes taking out the enemies a bit of a neglected goal. You can just rush over them. Could you make it so that you need to defeat all enemies first?

Good game though!

Posted on 2010-10-24 at 09:49:24.

Topic: Winds and Sand Q&A
Subject: other options

So, what options do we have regarding exits? We have the door we came from, we have the door to the office...

any windows? any exits to the roof? Anybody with Rope Trick?

How movable are the crates inside the warehouse? Can we move them to block doors? Can we move them to create a safe space?

Posted on 2010-10-23 at 12:05:02.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: No BS, just getting this show going

Night came. Whether you saw it as a residue of the sun’s attention, or as a sentient force claiming its domain; it came. Luke hadn’t always welcomed the darkness from dusk till dawn, but he sure did now. It wouldn’t remind him of days long gone, of loneliness and desperate wakefulness. It brought him purpose, and with his mind on their single task, he felt good.

“We’re heading South.” He stated, once he was told about the vehicles passing. “If this castle is so important to the German’s, that’s where to trucks came from, and that’s where Doc’s lady is going.”

If offered any of the extra guns, the Captain refuses. He wants to be light on his feet. The binoculars however he handed to Brutal. Brutal was sharp, ever perceptive, it seemed. McGuinness had his scope, and he wanted the Sarge to be occupied with other things.
“I’m sure you can do a lot of good things with these, Corporal Clements. Keep your eyes open.”

He turned so he could face all of them.

“What I worry about most now isn’t finding the castle. I’m sure the Nazis will lead us to it. The hard thing will be getting in without getting caught. It would be very useful if we can obtain one or more German uniforms somewhere. So if you must shoot somebody, try to keep their clothes intact. The head’s a more lethal target anyway.”

He then left it up to Sergeant Romo to get everyone on their way. What else did he need to add? They all knew what they had to.

Posted on 2010-10-21 at 18:24:04.

Topic: Hi
Subject: "Fantastic powers at his command"

Welcome to the Inn! We hope you'll have fun here!

Posted on 2010-10-14 at 17:39:13.

Topic: Realms of Twilight -Winds and Sand
Subject: Argent would like to bash their employer's skull, but he really shouldn't

Once the trapdoor was opened, Argent was all for proceeding as fast as possible. His fears were confirmed as he popped his head down the opening in the floor; their so called cargo was a group of slaves.

Now he didn't like slavery himself. It was an abomination to the things he wanted to stand for, but the law allowed it, and so there was little he could do.

Still, these slaves were in between owners, so to speak. He wondered what would happen to himself and his group of guild newlings if they accidentally wound up unable to reach their goal. What if they package was already gone when they came there? On the other hand, what if this was all a test? He had his doubts about the time it took the people in the other room to come find out what the sound of splintering wood was all about. So far, he hadn't heard any locks turn or heavy footfall.

"Let's get these people out of here. Thiferl, lend them a hand as I help them up, yes?"

He figured, finally, that it would be better to get these folk out of the building before deciding what course of action to take. So, first things first, he dove into the hole and approached the slaves.

"We're here to help you out of this basement. Move quickly."

It wasn't a lie, but more of a maneuver around the truth. He just hoped they wouldn't start asking too many questions.

Posted on 2010-10-12 at 17:40:51.

Topic: Possibilities..
Subject: sorry to clutter this up... but

Ayrn's back!!

Posted on 2010-10-10 at 10:41:43.

Topic: Looking for idea feedback
Subject: hints

If you can throw in a slight hint at what's coming, then do so. But I suggest you make it so, that they won't instantly know it's an adventure hook, and plunge in like they are used to.

I like this idea of 0 level characters, and I think Admiral has given you some good advice. Look at how they play their character and have an outsider advice them on which course to take. Perhaps they could encounter several individual challenges that would require a bit of specialized skill. These should be very short, and doable for each one of them, as their function is to see who takes them rather than who succeeds.

Posted on 2010-10-10 at 10:39:48.


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