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Topic: Reboot
Subject: eh

oh... hey... ehm... I was gonna say 'welcome back', but your face is kinda covered in drool, so I'll come back later with some tissues or something.

Posted on 2009-02-25 at 17:21:39.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: my mother? Oh no, you di'n't!

The woman's face turned from anger to pure fury.

"You dare talk about my parents? Good, hard working people they were! It was hard, yes, but they did what they did so that we would not be harmed!"

A man, dressed in a salt stained vest and pants, stepped up and put his hand on the woman's shoulder.

"Calm down, Mary. These people don't want to hurt our children either."

He looked at the adventurers and added: "Which is why they are leaving now, right?"

Posted on 2009-02-25 at 09:49:15.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: no!

The woman who had pulled back the previous speaker took a step forward. It was a threatening gesture, which she enhanced by pointing a finger at the Sylvari.

"We will not say another word to you, you hear? It is time you left us to our problems, before they get worse."

The majority of the gathered townsfolk agreed with her, though they were not many more than the ones who kept silent. Still, the mood was set, and didn't seem to change anytime soon.

Posted on 2009-02-25 at 00:01:41.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: the townsfolk reply

"They come once every month." A woman in a black dress and white apron replied. She was immediately shushed and pulled back by another woman, who eyed her with discontempt.

"Don't tell them anything. We don't need their help!"

Posted on 2009-02-24 at 20:35:45.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: well

They're not really making it a secret that they're debating. You can all hear what they are saying, but the thing is that you're also wrapped in a conversation of your own. You can only put your attention to one thing, or you'll miss out on either one.

At least, that's the same in real life, isn't it?

Posted on 2009-02-24 at 10:17:42.

Topic: A little Movie survey.
Subject: haha

You can PM it to me, if you want. But indeed, you keep telling me about stuff I need to read, and I just got in two new Hellboy novels (not graphic, but proze). I love those. But it doesn't leave me much time for other books.

Eventually I'll get to Belgarion and V... I know I will!

Posted on 2009-02-23 at 22:39:20.

Topic: A little Movie survey.
Subject: other ending?

Al! Do bestow upon us your eternal knowledge of comic books!

I didn't know V had a different ending, and I'm very anxious to hear what it was like.

<---- look... it's me being anxious.

Posted on 2009-02-23 at 22:23:14.

Topic: This was hell
Subject: a few thoughts... rushing by

The other man staggered backwards a step at Herman’s accusing words. It was as if his accusing finger had pushed the man with an unseen force, like a wizard’s power in fantasy novels.

Fantasy novels?

The name implied that these books described situations that only existed in one’s imagination. Was he part of somebody’s twisted creativity at this moment then? Was this place a world far away from where he was supposed to be, and was his journey to discover himself again only valuable as entertainment to an unknown reader in a comfortable chair somewhere out there?
Such thoughts ran through his mind in the very instant it took the other man to recover.

“I am real,” Herman thought, “because I can feel, and see, and think. Even if it’s blurry and unfocused. I can do these things, and so can that man over there. This is reality.”

“I was… I was gonna ask you the same thing.” the man shouted back, hands held at the side to be open and non-aggressive. “Where the hell are we? Do you know how we got here?”

Can I trust him?
That thought rushed by like so many others, brushing his consciousness but not really completing itself before carrying on. Trust was something Herman had forgotten, like so many other aspects of human life. In a way, it was as if he had truly been reborn into this pocket of hell, for he carried the self-reflection of an infant; projecting his own intentions and thoughts on others, for how could they be any different? What did he want from himself, he wondered? To know who he was? Or had been?

He stepped from the porch, with aching muscles and the weight of the sky on his shoulders. Slowly he made his way to the man.

“I don’t know. I woke up… in pain. Or maybe the pain came later… I can’t really remember. I can’t remember a lot of things.”

He staggered closer, feet dragging through the washing blood on the grey streets.
“I know my name though. I’m Herman.”

Posted on 2009-02-21 at 11:57:22.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: now we just wait?

While the adventurers were conversing among themselves about how to press their help upon those in need, the villagers held a discussion of their own.

"We can't trust these strangers. Look at that ugly one, that's not a human!"

"And Sylvari... we don't know what their intentions really are. I've heard they mind their own business more than anything. Do they really want to help, or are they after the wealth?"

"Let's not be too hasty. It's been a very long time since anybody stood up for us. Perhaps this time it will work."

"Yeah, don't you want to get rid of those buggars?"

"What are you saying? Have you lost your mind? Last time we had hell to pay for trying to get rid of those lizards."

"Last time was at least a hundred years ago."

"You don't have any say in this, you're too young to be speaking of such things."

"Look at them... do we really think we can put our lives in the hands of a small band of sellswords?"

(OOC: There isn't much to post for me at this moment. You guys will have to take some kind of initiative in order to progress here.)

Posted on 2009-02-21 at 11:23:13.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: doesn't matter?

"It doesn't matter how you know? In Rydor's name, it matters a lot! We don't even speak much between ourselves about this issue. Who are you to..."
Omar started heating up, but Ocyari stepped up before the part-time smith could finish his sentence. While she took Perrin to the side, the townsfolk started murmuring amongst themselves, fearful words of bad omens and old tales. But conversation also went into questioning how they had found the information about the town's problems. It was easy to say that knowing didn't matter, but apparently, it was an important part of the village's history to keep their problems to themselves.

"I would be glad if a group of heroes came to rescue me from some monsters." a young boy with reddish hair whispered to his friend.

Farreus picked up on this, and knew that at that moment he had to interupt his story. Tales were a great way of teaching people about the ways of the world, but sometimes a story was too vague, or the audience unable to filter the hinted morale from the grand adventure.
The old storyteller knew from experience that if he didn't interfere and explain this part of the story, that his audience might lose interest in the tale. And that was the last thing he wanted.

"You know," he said to them, and leaned forward, looking straight at the redhead, "sometimes you are so used to the way things are, that you can't see that a change would be good. Sometimes, you are afraid of what might happen if you try to do things differently. Even if you think that your life might be better if you did something, taking the first step to making the change can be really difficult."

He paused, just for a brief second, to come up with an example to visualise his words better.
"I remember that when I was first traveling the world, I was walking by foot. I didn't make a lot of money, and it took me days to get from one town to the next. I needed to buy a horse, so that I could get to the next towns faster, so that I could earn more money by helping people out. But I didn't by a horse, because that would use up all the goldpieces I had. I rather walked longer than have the uncertainty of being without money to buy food and lodging. My friends told me: buy a horse!
But I didn't, because it was MY life, and I had always gotten along with walking. It was all I knew.

Then, one day, I decided to buy the horse anyway, and it made my life so much easier. But it took me a very long time before I dared take the risk. Now let me get on with my story."

Posted on 2009-02-17 at 19:57:17.

Topic: This was freeform
Subject: one more?

We could still use one more person to join in on this. I have no problem with.. no, in fact: I would certainly enjoy going through this 'experience' with just Alacrity, but since hell's a crowded place, another player with new points of view could certainly work for the better.

Posted on 2009-02-16 at 21:59:15.

Topic: A Local Legend - Q/A
Subject: there

update is in. Since you guys didn't specify on how you wanted to handle talking to the smith I decided to run the scenario until the next conversation. I still don't understand why a smith would be more willing to talk than anybody else, but maybe that's me...

Posted on 2009-02-14 at 13:04:12.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: I predict a riot

And so they decided to visit the local smith, which proved harder than they would’ve thought. They weren’t used to these small villages, though they had visited many of them before. A place as small as this little fishermen’s town didn’t bear a smith, simply because it wasn’t profitable. There were no horses to gear up, the men and women weren’t fighters. The only thing left to do was mend the iron bolts on the boats and the broken kettles.

For such occasions there was a furnace, in what the villagers referred to as the ‘docking station’. There was no real docking-activity, since the boats rested upon the shores, and the station was not more than a barn with tools. It was there that they found a furnace, empty and cold. It hadn’t been used for at least a month and with some difficulty they found out that the only man who knew how to work the thing, the one who would come closest to being called the town’s smith, was Omar Jenkins, who was also a fisherman.

They found Omar in the middle of the town, conversing and speculating with the rest of the townfolk. When asked about his knowledge of the creature he took a step backwards, his eyes wide. In fact, it was the reaction of most of the other people who were standing around.

“How do you know about our problems?!” Omar demanded. He didn’t try to hide the fact that he didn’t like outsiders knowing the town’s business. The other villagers nodded in agreement.

Posted on 2009-02-14 at 13:02:25.

Topic: New In These Parts
Subject: indeed

Don't you just hate timezones? pfff...

But welcome to the Inn! Have some fun around the forums. If posting rpgs are not your thing, you can always check out the survey sections: there's a big load of fun little posting games that usually go a bit faster.

Posted on 2009-02-13 at 17:08:05.

Topic: Why Valimar has been gone....Horrible.
Subject: yes horrible

I wish you and the ones close to you a lot of strength, man. I hope things turn out for the better for your girlfriend's dad.

Welcome back, but take as much time as you need, ok?

Posted on 2009-02-12 at 17:16:17.

Subject: yo!!!

I missed it with a day, but congratulations anyway!!

Posted on 2009-02-12 at 17:12:56.

Topic: Anniversary
Subject: wow

Still sounds like a happy meal... eh, happy time, Lysk.


Posted on 2009-02-10 at 18:15:36.

Topic: This was hell
Subject: another man?

Even in unconsciousness he found no relief of pain and bewilderment. The silent bliss of the physical power-out lasted for only a second. Then he was pulled into a rush of awareness by an unseen force. He darted up as if slapped across the face and looked about in frightened confusion. He was still on the porch of this twisted mirror image of his memories, still half clad with only his three quarter jeans with ripped bottoms to cover him up.

He looked about frantically, then rested his eyes on the carvings in his forearm.

His name, he assumed; Herman. It felt good knowing something about himself. It felt good, knowing something about himself. It felt… good… knowing…
A memory pressed itself upon him. In the distance he heard somebody shouting:


It was part of the memory, he knew. He was sitting on his knees in the trashed remains of a living room. White walls and a black carpet were the only recognizable features of the room. He had a piece of glass in his hand, and was slicing deep into his own arm, forming lines into letters into words.

“Hey!” he heard again, and turned around.

“Not now!” he hissed at the vague form of another human, who was pressing his weight against the only door in the room, keeping it shut. A slow pounding managed to seep through Herman’s focus, but faded away again, along with the rest of the memory.

“Hey!” he heard once more; while the memory became a memory once more. He looked around the ever disintegrating buildings. There, in the street, stood another man. Instinctively, Herman half-ducked away behind the wooden railing that lined the porch of the old house he had tried to enter earlier. Between the drops of blood that fell from the balconies above he pointed a finger at this newcomer. It was almost an accusing gesture; a reflex from a previous life perhaps?

“You there! What do you want from me?”

Posted on 2009-02-10 at 18:13:50.

Topic: This was freeform
Subject: hmmmm nice

Cathedral eh? You keep me guessing.

Nice post

Posted on 2009-02-09 at 18:59:56.

Topic: This was freeform
Subject: oh no

Now I have to live up to somebody's expectations!

Just kidding. I'm glad to have you on board.

Any other takers?

Posted on 2009-02-09 at 17:53:59.

Topic: This was hell
Subject: a name

When the faint blur had somewhat sharpened up to a gruesome world, and feeling had returned to his whole body, the man got up and inspected himself. What he had thought to be the rough textile of a shirt turned out to be his own skin, ragged and torn, and loose as if he had borrowed it from a larger man. He touched his face, and there too seemed his skin too big, it sagged and wobbled almost like that of a Shar-pei dog. The hair on his chin were long, not the stubble of a day without shaving, but at least the length of a week’s neglect.

He was stumbling through the streets now, trying to keep a steady foot in the slippery and sticky liquid. He did not remember that it was blood. He did not remember a lot of things; his own name for one, or whatever happened to him to make him wake up in a place like this. He tried focusing on thoughts that seemed to whirl about in his mind, eluding him yet beckoning him to give them attention. Exhausted from the effort of living, the man dragged himself to one of the houses. They all looked damp and rotten, but at least it would give him some shelter from the tugging winds and pressing weight of the air.
With great determination, he made his way up to the porch of an old four story building. The doorway to the place carried blistering paint, and its door hung loose on one hinge. But when he tried to enter, the oak entrance snapped shut in his face.
He did not even have the strength to try to open it, and sunk down like an old rag.

Resting his back against the scratched walls of the building, he eyed his surroundings listlessly. His head seemed to weigh a ton, and he let it dangle on his neck, blinking his eyes in an attempt to stay focused and alert. Drowsiness slowly caught the better of him, but before he collapsed, he noted black lines on his lower left arm. Before he fainted he recognized them as letters, carved into his flesh.

Slumped on the wooden boards in front of the house, he managed to read the words:


“I have a name,” he thought, and fainted.

Posted on 2009-02-08 at 17:37:15.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: don't make me do this

The innkeeper walked away from their table and started wiping the counter of his bar vigorously.

"Please, you can't keep pushing a man when he said no. I think you have overstayed your welcome here. I know you mean well, but I'm already feeling the strain of your efforts."

(OOC: I rolled a Diplomacy check, but it didn't come high enough. It looks like you're going to have to find out things in a different way.)

Posted on 2009-02-08 at 09:42:54.

Topic: This was freeform
Subject: well

Yes, Grugg, I had the same Sparta reference attacking me when I read my title.

Skari: I know you like DMing better, but that is exactly what I need for this game. I like freeform where the 'players' have a lot of say in what happens, and help shape the world (or hell, in this case).
You are very welcome to join in!

Posted on 2009-02-08 at 09:38:19.

Topic: A Local Legend - An Audalis Short Adventure
Subject: well

"I don't know what cununrum is, but they never attacked beyond their monthly visits." Came the anxious reply.

"As for information, I can't tell you much. I shouldn't tell you much. The other villagers will turn against me if they find out I've told you about our problem. They cannot know!"

Posted on 2009-02-07 at 19:07:00.

Topic: This was freeform
Subject: This was freeform

Hello everybody,

I've decided to 'run' a new game on the inn. It is located in the freeform section, so no rules apply other than those of your imagination.

I do have some things I would like you ro reconsider before joining:

1 ) I host this game, which means that I don't make everything up. I welcome you to help me out in this. Still, people might die, which in this game doesn't have to mean anything.
2 ) While I put it in the horror section of the freeform games, this is only because of the horrific scenes. This is not an excuse for strong language or explicit sex, though I know you all like those two.
3 ) I am looking for characters that fit a realistically fantastic mood. There is very few magic involved, so your character that acts like a 20th level sorcerer has no place in this.
4 ) The idea of the game is more simple than its solution: we have to escape hell. And this is hell as we imagine it, not how other people have imagined it for us. Of course there is going to be a lot of resemblance and referance, but this is not going to be like: Ooh, we just had the fungoid forest, according to my planar guide to hell we'll arrive in... shut it! Yep... like that.
5 ) There is no 5

I hope we can all enjoy this little thing. Whoever feels like jumping aboard is welcome to do so. There is no need to send me character sheets or backgrounds. Just make sure you write well, doesn't have to be long per se.

And I can't stress this enough: making your character interesting doesn't mean he has to be a half-dragon barbarian with a doublebladed broadsword. Keep it as realistic as you can. This doesn't mean your minotaur isn't welcome... just don't make him too standard.

Posted on 2009-02-07 at 18:59:35.
Edited on 2009-02-07 at 19:29:25 by Almerin


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