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Topic: D&D 4.0 Discussion
Subject: ahhh

you're doing fine in 3.5, Tann. But yes, an online or table-top game differ greatly.

What most repulses me from 4.0 is that the whole 'feel' to it is so different and unlike the idea that I have of fantasy. This would probably be great in a Planescape setting or some specific campaign, but not as a standard work for your average dnd-game.

I like that 'fast food style' saying. You get an applaud for that!

Posted on 2008-01-11 at 16:12:41.

Topic: World's Largest Dungeon
Subject: wow

800 pages... makes Night Below look like a walk in the park, right?


Posted on 2008-01-10 at 18:05:00.

Topic: D&D 4.0 Discussion
Subject: sites and a rant

Since Devalero's question in the Trivia game, I started looking up stuff about dnd edition 4. Apparently there are two sites with the most info (save for, which I didn't go to).

These sites are:

they both list pretty much the same thing, and what I understand is that nothing is like it used to be. This is a second revision of 3rd edition views, after they already 'perfected' it in 3.5.

-Yes, I think there was no need to do this.
-Yes, I believe they are doing it for the money.

-And yes, I will download the books to take a look at them, but I don't think I'll ever use them. They've assigned natural habitats for each race! humans are from the plains, halflings from the swamps (swamps?), just to equal out the fact that dwarves are from the earth and elves from the woods.
Well, guess again: they aren's always from those assigned areas and I don't think a rulebook should tell you where they come from.
In 3 years, new gamers will assume my halfling character comes from a swamp? Bah! But I don't think so, and you know why it won't? Because by that time d&d edition 6 will be in stores, and the halfling will be originated from the tree roots in Burkina Faso.

Posted on 2008-01-09 at 14:58:40.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: indeed

other sites are gaining on us. This is the time to secure our position

Posted on 2008-01-09 at 13:09:02.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: she must be...

pretty dead by now, yes. But this has earned her a lot. Not just XP, but also a lot more, as you will find out eventually.

I can tell you that a tough choice is coming up for her, something that will make all the rest of her adventures turn to mere hindrances.

Anyway, yes, arrival is close to dawn, but the sky is not yet turning brighter.

Posted on 2008-01-09 at 13:06:43.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: alright

I believe the matter of Kastor's proposition has been dealt with now, which means we can get to the action...

as soon as you've figured out what to do next

Posted on 2008-01-09 at 13:03:03.

Topic: DND Trivia Game
Subject: well

I don't know what you've heard and where, but I read that the gnome and the half-orc are going to be taken out, and replaced by about three races: tiefling, dragonborn (?!!) and Eladrin.

It actually looks like they are throwing around the complete look that I had on the basic fantasy world. Orcs (or half-orcs) apparently are no longer considered important enough to make it into PHB? But tiefling and a weird version of the elves (Eladrin) are? I can't believe it....

anyway, was that what you had in mind with your question? Or did I miss something?

Posted on 2008-01-08 at 19:51:44.

Topic: Clerics and other Divine Casters
Subject: hehe

Well, one day I made this character, which I only got to play a few times, because it was with a group who played far too much for me to attend every time. So he grew rapidly in XP without really earning it, just so he could stay alive. Still, he saved the group several times.

anyways... he was called: The Undertaker. The character was more like an entity, and could not remember who he was exactly, where he came from; he just was the Undertaker. His goal in life was putting undead back to rest, or as he said it: "Help the people who missed their own funeral."

he was awesome to play, mysterious, powerful enough in a clerical way, undead mennace supreme, and in no way the best combination of classes ever.

hmmmm, I thought I would have his character sheet somewhere, but I can't find it..

anyway, he was a cleric, prestige class Radiant Servant of Pelor (complete divine), you'll like the 2nd level powers from that one if you need to heal people.

feats: exalted smite, nimbus of light, Holy Radiance (all from book of Exalted Deeds), some more probably, but can't remember those.

well, that's kind of what he was like... good charisma is always a plus for a cleric.

Hope you can do something with that.

Posted on 2008-01-08 at 19:29:18.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: Good good

Very nice, guys

Posted on 2008-01-08 at 18:03:51.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: ah, yes, the time

This is a very interesting question: I can only answer with this: I messed up the first one.

Londelirinen Kingdom
Sylvari village
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
7:26 pm

was pasted from a previous post, and should've stated something different entirely. I did change the date, but none of the other facts. I probably intended to alter those later, but forgot to do so.

What was supposed to happen is that you arrive at the river a little after 9 pm. Then about 3 hours later, you wake up fight fairies and take off.

"Then after fleeing down the road I get to 12:43 pm (Supposed to be AM as it is Midnight)the fairies have stopped chasing me and that is when I checkout Comrade.
What time is it when I get to the town of Hith Elee?

No, it is 12:43. In the Audalis setting it reads that a day consists of 26 hours, which means 13 in am, and 13 in pm. I thougth this would lead to misunderstandings. so 12:43 means 17 minutes till midnight.

At 12:43 you stop with Comrade, and 'deep in the night' you arrive at the village. Deep in the night could also mean 'close to where you call it morning'.

Sorry if I was vague, and messed up your time-schedule

Posted on 2008-01-08 at 18:02:24.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: well

I take some liberties with the distance. Our goal after all is the Chakran Mountains, and so far we haven't even reached those. So every now and then I make you guys cross a little more land than you should.

But yes, you can buy a horse. Good idea, actually

Posted on 2008-01-06 at 12:24:38.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: about that

about players speaking different languages:

Yes, it enhances the flavour of the campaign, but can also be quite annoying if people start doing it too much. I remember being in a game run by Olan where different people had 4 different languages going on, speaking half the time in a language others didn't understand. It was no fun, not for the players, not for the DM.

Also: if it's so much trouble that it takes you a week, then perhaps you shouldn't bother and just write that Malius says something in Sylvari, and send the translation to the players like you would now

Unless you WANT to type it out all the way, in which case you can do as you please, as long as your post comes in time. I don't want to spend too much time in this city.

Posted on 2008-01-06 at 00:56:42.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: moonlight

yep, that was the moonlight reflecting on his skin. Now it glows very faintly, since there is hardly any opening to the sky through the thick trees.

Yes, Jozan, you rocked!

Posted on 2008-01-05 at 19:27:17.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: updates

updates are in.

Let me remind you again that in the main group, only Malius has a horse. The rest does not, but since you've arrived in a city, this might be the time to buy one. You go a lot faster on horseback.

Posted on 2008-01-05 at 13:27:42.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - an Adventure in Audalis
Subject: arrivals at towns

Alloryen Kingdom
Duin Shee Dalnya riverbank
6th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
12:43 pm

Midnight was drawing close, and so far Elessar had only gotten three hours of sleep. Now she was sitting on Morya’s back, pursued by silver fairies. She urged the mare to go faster still, but the flying fey came closer every second.
Then, all of a sudden, they stopped, and shrunk into a memory as Elessar heightened the distance between them. Soon, all she could see was a faint glitter, and when the road bent eastwards, she had lost sight of them.

She slowed down, eventually stopped, and beckoned Comrade to let her inspect his wounds. She took out the vial, ready to rub several drops over the ripped skin of her protégé but when she removed her cloak, his skin was whole, as if it had never been ripped. She examined it closely, but could not find any indication that there had ever been a wound at all. Comrade himself peered over his shoulder, at the place where a piece of his skin had been taken by the fairies, and his eyes got big as he too noted that there was nothing wrong.

Since they were up, the journey was continued, and Elessar followed the path north now. Very soon they would get to Hith Elee.

It was deep in the night when she arrived at the town. No lights shone from the windows, and even the moon did not penetrate the high trees that protected the houses and their inhabitants. As she drew closer in slow pace, a male voice called from the darkness in the Sylvari tongue. It could’ve come from any direction, like an echo without the reverberating multiplicity.

“Who goes there at such an hour?”

Alloryen Kingdom
East of the Glittering Maiden River
4th day of the 8th month: Temoth Ore
0:18 pm

(OOC: just to get this clear: Malius is the only one who has a horse. The rest is by foot.)

The red mist continued to spread out over the forest ground. It grew thinner with every yard that it took, but its growth kept its eagerness. The companions backed away from it, reclaiming the footprints they had made earlier. Arms of the mist touched the trees around the path. The black of the bark seemed to absorb the foul vapour and turned red within seconds. Bushes too got drenched in the fog and turned colour before the companions’ eyes.

Loda seemed determined to get rid of this new enemy that crept its deforming path through the woods she loved so much. From her hands formed a ball of bright fire. Carefully she directed it into the mist, hoping to evaporate it, like the sun chases away the morning fog.
The ball of fire went in, as the group backed up even more. For a moment the mist seemed to turn on itself, as it engulfed the ball eagerly. It started to swirl around the fire, trying to choke it down. A hard battle of matter was fought, but it was buying the companions at least some more time, for the mist had stopped growing.

Then the ball of fire exploded, and the eruption of fire spread all over the mist. A cloud of heat passed over the companions, and they had to hold themselves to not be thrown over by the pressure of the air and the heat of blast. Malius was cast from his horse as it pranced against the impact.
Though it scorched their skins, the blast was brief, and when they looked again, the mist was gone, and the path had been cleared. The trees and bushes around it were turned to coal, still smouldering red and yellow.

They could continue their journey, and a few hours later they arrived at the edges of a Sylvari city. Cautiously they approached. Their last encounter with a big town in the Alloryen kingdom had not been so pleasant, and they had learned from their experience.
The first houses they passed were empty, deserted by their inhabitants. In the distance they could see the fine architecture of towers and temples and other important buildings. But all these were sheltered behind a make shift wall of thorny bushes, planks of wood and other materials that had been taken from houses and carts that had no use now. The road was blocked by a group of six guards that were armoured in breastplates and chain, and carried longswords and shields. One of them stepped forward and held up his hand in salute.

“Welcome heroes. Word has reached us of your deeds at the Exaulted Tower. We are honoured to have you as our guests.”

Istalindir is a beautiful city with marvellous display of Sylvari wealth, arts and crafts. The people are friendly but cautious, as if they expect something bad to happen at any moment.
On one of the squares a burning is held of all things believed to be ‘infected’ by evil spirits. Sylvari citizens are standing around with tears in their eyes to watch their belongings, and sometimes animals, burn.
In other ways this is a big city, where you can find plenty of supplies. Food and drinks are free, since you’ve established a name for yourselves. Especially the younger Sylvari are eager to hear of your deeds

(OOC: ok, here you have the opportunity to do something with your money. Prices are fair, food is free, but the people are still cautious of you. They know you are heroes but do not treat you as glorious as they did in Birch-root. There is a general watchfulness and fear amongst the citizens regarding the woods. Also, it is still early in the day. Spending too much time here might be a waste.)

Posted on 2008-01-05 at 13:25:36.

Topic: Got a question
Subject: true

when it definately isn't.... oh well.

and there must be something witt zombies that they don't like normal humans... I bet they're jealous that we can still flex our arms enough to use deodorant.

Posted on 2008-01-03 at 20:16:51.

Topic: Got a question
Subject: well

it's because pretty much every human on the planet has died or turned into a zombie. So extinsion is near.

oooohhhhh, how horrible....

Posted on 2008-01-03 at 20:03:21.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: hehe

no problem Drakar

Yes, the orphanage will be your home once more for at least the following 6 days, of however longer or shorter you guys need to complete the quest. For now you can discuss matters in the 'temple' room.

Posted on 2008-01-03 at 12:06:30.

Topic: You Filthy Little Thief!!!
Subject: bad idea or not

Ormander’s Orphanage
West Gutterfallstreet
Drefast, Drannon

The old patron’s head shot up as Kastor mentioned selling the silver seal of the orphanage, but anger was instantly replaced by hesitative thoughts. Percifeer however, would not so easily forgive the Khord for his proposal. She was not the only one, for the others were also fixed on the source of such a blasphemous idea.

But before things could get out of hand, Pio spoke up, in an effort to calm the tension. Ormander was glad to see the knight take control of the situation. It was what he had hoped would happen.

“I know how upset you all are, for the symbol of this orphanage is symbol of hope to all of us. But what good is clinging to a symbol of hope if hope lies within the symbol itself? Perhaps Kastor is right, but I don’t think Councillor Velch will put much value in the silver crest, perhaps a thousand Guain at the most? It doesn’t add up to the damage that has been done.”

They were words of defeat, but the orphans were not willing to give up so easily. The old man stood up again and walked over to the door leading outside his office.

“Yes, I will ask the orphans to clear the temple upstairs. I can’t think of a place of better inspiration.”
Liveliness was slowly returning to Ormander’s voice as he continued.
“The representative that brought me the message…. he was a herald of some sorts, in service of Velch… his name… I can’t remember. Something like Ogutau …. Molbian… Molsion… I’m sure you can find it in the Archive in the Courthouse. Which is probably where he has his office as well.”

(OOC: if conversation is done, he will leave his office, and head upstairs, where the children are asked to leave the temple to Falloes so you can talk in privacy. Ormander will leave you there, to attend to other business in the orphanage.)

Posted on 2008-01-03 at 12:02:07.

Topic: FIRST one to post here wins
Subject: randomness

seriously, pick a random page from this thread, and you'll find a totally crazy or hilarious quote from one of our members. Try it!

Posted on 2008-01-03 at 00:25:41.

Topic: Filthy Thief Q/A
Subject: good

glad to see you post Drakar, only I think you'll have to edit your post once more, aince your character name is not Piers, but Athur

Otherwise you did some decent thinking there

Posted on 2008-01-02 at 23:10:19.

Topic: The Chakran Portal - Q/A
Subject: expected

I had not anticipated an update, and had not imagined people would find the time to post for the game. But since she posted, and I had the time to update, I figured it wouldn't do any harm.

If everybody had posted for the main group, I would've updated for them too. But no worries I gave you all 2 weeks to reply, so hopefully I'll be able to update on Saturday for you guys as usual.

Posted on 2008-01-02 at 23:03:18.

Topic: DND on the radio
Subject: Welcome to the Inn

Hey Drent! Welcome to the Red Dragon Inn website.

I've moved your topic from the gaming area to the common room, which is a little more suitable for this kind of announcements. Hopefully you'll stick around a bit longer, for there are plenty of interesting games going on here.

Good luck with your DND-radio.

Posted on 2008-01-02 at 13:27:32.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: wow

WOW! We entered the list, on a number 3 (!) position, which is the highest in a long time!

Keep voting guys!

Posted on 2008-01-02 at 11:46:16.

Topic: DND Trivia Game
Subject: yes,

nobody said it was going to be hard

your question, Kaelyn, make it a good one

Posted on 2008-01-01 at 20:00:28.


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