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Topic: Nomachron: Tides of Time Q/A
Subject: hey...

I'm back... maybe only at 60% but back.. I've got tomorrow off.. with the intentions of not leaving my home and getting stuff done around here...

Yes everyone made it out of the building ...

will try and do an encompassing post that answers questions and let's you guys move on to the next leg... I am greatful for the patience.. just lot going on at the moment

Posted on 2011-07-24 at 19:11:52.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: Pierce through the darkness....

Daldren observed the newcomer, listened to his words, and saw the body language which made him believe the stranger was not of immediate threat or hostility. Instead however ,there was a presence that seemed to encroach upon his hiding spot, playing on the edges of his senses in the darkness just out of reach. That is until he determined it was 'the' darkness, the very shadows he had sought shelter within that held an aura of evil; of despair about them.

Quickly moving a short distance away and drawing his shield, Daldren reappeared at the edge of the dancing lights. As he did so, in his free hand appeared a dagger swathed in darkness, pulled from the very shadow's itself. Taking a defensive stance he faced the corner where he once crouched and stated matter of factly... "The darkness is upon us..."

Posted on 2011-07-19 at 07:00:43.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: Daldren

Daldren's footfalls were silent as he descended the wooden steps of his lodgings to the common room below. Behind him more followed, yet the sudden implosion of the front door penetrated the darkness as a figure entered, brandishing a large blade. It took less time for the doors lockbar to splinter and hit the floor for Daldren to duck into a roll and meld into the shadows of the room.

(tumble/ hide check)

Daldren observes the newcomer throughout his conversation.

Posted on 2011-07-18 at 06:32:22.

Topic: Demon Wind Q&A
Subject: you will have your update

before sunday.. currently I'm dunk as a skunk... just being honst... will post shortly.. after 3 consecutive shifts taking me from 10 am -past 1am.. needed a night out.. will post soon.

Posted on 2011-07-16 at 08:48:36.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: Daldren

Daldren stood by the fire, even as conversation and exchanges of mission briefings, and priorities exchanged hands. Elessarae it seemed would be leaving, called back to the homefront, while a new face, another stranger Tadirien Vanlithe by claim would be taking her place.

Losing members of their close knit group was always hard, and breaking the ice with new ones just as challenging. It took months, perhaps even years for a group to form a bond of trust so intimate, that one held unyielding faith in their abilities, and more importantly.. loyalty and dependability.
Tomorrow would be beginning of that new journey.

Tonight rest was in order, as Daldren always met the day, to welcome the sun when possible. With but a silent nod that passed as a goodnight to those who may have noticed, he withdrew for the night.

Sleep came easily, yet it was not peaceful, nor of any considerable length. Nightmares and terror seeped into his dreams, and he found himself waking numerous times throughout the night. It was still very early morning when he decided good sleep simply would not come to him that night. There was an aura of discomfort hanging about the place, and it set the seasoned scout on edge. Gathering his things, and heading out into the hall, Daldren was met with two more of his travelling companions. Their looks only served to further his suspicions that something wasn't right.

"Rouse the others, for I wager they are in as fitful a state as we were. I'll check downstairs, see if any staff are about.

Posted on 2011-07-09 at 19:19:18.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow
Subject: Never Back Down

As Tobias and Kresimir toko to the new passage, with their sole freed prisoner following in tow, the large warrior had hoped to see her and others returned to the light of day without incident, yet his anger still sought to be quelled, his blade thirst for blood.

When they entered the new wing, with more captives held before them, and but a single man stepped forward, Grimm's lips curled into a appreciative grin. Here he was, a man of confidence with an aura of skill about him that was almost palpable. As he chided Kaimelle, Tobias held his crossbow aloft, and Kresimir let his large two handed sword drag along the stonework as he took a step forward, awaiting the 'click' that would start his charge.

(So.. await Tobias' crossbow click, Charge. Give it Everything you Got then Press The Advantage", "Support Party Member: Flanking", and "From Every Angle: Find Blind Spot" for starters)

Posted on 2011-07-09 at 19:03:15.

Topic: Back in Action
Subject: Back in Action

Back, Better, and one step shy of bionic... I'll be updating all games and posts tonight.. been deterred from them for too long.. thanks for all the patience.

Posted on 2011-07-08 at 21:51:09.

Topic: Kaelyn outta commission
Subject: Kaelyn outta commission

Posting this for my roomie, Chris woke up last night unable to breathe properly and was taken to the hospital, this is the third trip hes made in a month or so. So they are keeping him for observation for a little while as previous diagnosis / med options dont seem to be working.

He asked me to let u all know since he doesnt have any computer access atm. Thank you

Posted on 2011-06-30 at 12:26:31.

Topic: Demon Wind Q&A
Subject: hmm

started update will finish in morning..

Posted on 2011-06-29 at 08:05:58.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow
Subject: Grimm tidings indeed

The Large Gano took heavy footfalls down the passageway which eventually led them into a dank chamber, with stairs hewn from the earth and leading to numerous shapes atop raised platforms. A chill ran down the back of Kresmir's neck, and he swatted at it like it was some bothersome pest, but truthfully this place unnerved the large man.

As Tobias spoke, and took his turn to leave, it took little motivation for Kreimir to follow. "What lies in wait here would seem to have much more time on their hands than we do. Come, let us find a more advantageous place for combat than among the home of fallen strangers."

Taking up a spot next to Tobias as much as room would allow, he nodded grimly to the blunt, yet sagely words the ex-templar had ushered.

Posted on 2011-06-29 at 03:39:16.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow Q/A
Subject: I posted in the comings and goings

my post would be tuesday as I had no days off since returning home.. will post well.. today! after nap.

Posted on 2011-06-28 at 10:10:38.

Topic: Updates from Kaelyn
Subject: Updates from Kaelyn

Hey y'all I've been back from vacation for a week or so but lost my one day off so have been swamped.. Havn't had more than a few moments to check the site from my phone.. I'm off Tuesday so I'll post to all games by then at the latest.


Posted on 2011-06-26 at 16:43:46.

Topic: Nomachron: Tides of Time Q/A
Subject: alrightyq

Back from Vacation Which means I'll get this rolling again tonight

Posted on 2011-06-22 at 22:13:41.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow
Subject: quick post I'm on vacation

Kresimir knew the stalwart knight may have caught the door with his speed, but being uncertain of how many would be barring down upon it was not something any of them wished to leave to chance.

Upon Tobias' call, Kresimir quickly moved to the wardrobe, Pushing, pulling, dragging or carrying the wooden obstacle over to the door in an effort to help bar it.

"Nick, Roll them heavy sealed barrels over here, and we'll lift em upright once I get this wardrobe into place." With a chuckle and the thrill of battle once more coursing through his veins, the Gano said "Function before Fashion I'm afraid!" As he moved the wardrobe as best he could.

Posted on 2011-06-15 at 13:32:38.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow
Subject: a quick post before work

Kresimir watched nervously as the Raslan worked his trade upon the cell lock, and with a satisfying click, his small hands swung wide the doors, releasing the captive, yet captivating woman from her prison.

The Gano had only seen a small handful of Mith'gani in his lifetime, and even then it was many years ago while travelling with the nomadic gypsy's he called family.

As they made their way back to the main storeroom, Kresimir kept his glances toward's the woman to a minimum. He knew the stories of their kind, was surprised when she had volunteered to accompany them, thinking her desire to be outdoors, to feel the rush of wind against her skin, to gaze upon the skies above would motivate her. However, her comment -- “There are many who need to be repaid some of their kindness.” -- touched Kresimir on a level where familiar stirrings took hold of him as well. This woman had been broken, breaten, and was clinging to the one thing she could draw strength from.. The desire to hurt those who hurt her, pure, primal, revenge.

Grimm knew that feeling well, for it guided his steps even now. He would do what he could to see her pain eased at the expense of her captors. There was no morality behind his toughts, merely the desire to quell the beast within.. to feed the need.

"I'll watch the entrance way, if you give our lockpick some company." Tobias had said to Kresimir, breaking him from his reverie.

He head over to give Koriss any assistance he may require should he unlock the door only to find trouble on the other side.

Posted on 2011-06-07 at 19:40:30.

Topic: Nomachron: Tides of Time Q/A
Subject: thats fine

I leave early sunday morning for seattle, can't promise a update next week but I aim to have one done saturday night / sunday morning while at the airport ...

Posted on 2011-06-07 at 19:27:23.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: who said anything about a hangover?

I slept for 4 hours and feel great! lol

Posted on 2011-06-04 at 18:29:34.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: well it's .. umm sometime in the early morning...

I had inteded to perhaps update tonight.. alas after at least 3 double rye and coke, 5 jaeger bombs something pink and beyond my recognition and now some baileys in my coffee... That notion is... sadly beyond me..

that is all.

Posted on 2011-06-04 at 07:48:07.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow Q/A
Subject: dear ... you

I had inteded to perhaps update tonight.. alas after at least 3 double rye and coke, 5 jaeger bombs something pink and beyond my recognition and now some baileys in my coffee... That notion is... sadly beyond me..

I Miss you bro!!

that is all.

Posted on 2011-06-04 at 07:46:49.

Topic: Nomachron: Tides of Time Q/A
Subject: whoops

fixed it to janus.. and well.. that's a possibility I suppose

Posted on 2011-06-01 at 19:49:50.

Topic: Nomachron: Tides of Time
Subject: .

What had begun with a single step, a testing of faith, resolve, morality and self worth; had ended in a frantic situation resulting in the deaths of at least two individuals, both strangers amongst the rest. One, a poor victim of a cruel fate, the other –their caller—seemed to have succumbed to his end before he could even shed light on the supposed direness of his summons.

It seemed getting out of their sundered surroundings was an agreed priority, but for some, so too were finding answers to who the mage was, as well as why they had been called. Vincente quickly went over to the fallen mage, claiming the disk that had bound the portals, and the small box upon the table, before rifling through the dead man’s robes. Peeling back the smoke-hued, almost gaseous material of his garment was easy enough; the material simply flowed over Vincente’s hands. A cursory search revealed little however. Much of the man’s body had become a conduit of power; his once elegant white undergarments scorched and singed, fused to old tight flesh and taught skin. A few pouches once strapped to a belt about his waist were melted masses of blackened leather.
There was no spell-book, much to Vincente’s dismay, all of note the quick search did reveal was a single silver ring fused to the mages right hand ring finger, a bright blue jewel set into an intricate setting of dark metal. Also, of note, is over the now still heart of the mage lay the remnants of a symbol, or emblem perhaps. It had been scorched and singed badly, but just enough could be made out to make an educated guess it had once been a blooming scarlet rose.

While Vincente searched, others moved about their surroundings. A few moved towards the clutter barring the larger front door, while Kismet sought to the windows. Janus with magical lights accenting the orange hue of the flames lashing at the roof and creeping down the support beams, headed down the back hallway.

The hallway didn’t go too far before it veered around to the right. Turning the corner and keeping an eye on the roofing and such, Janus could see the occasional flicker of flame above him as the fire raged and spread to all it could consume to fuel its wrath. Smoke hung high in the rafters, and as Janus continued on, the crackling of timber around him was not a comforting sound. The hallway ended in a second room, a storeroom. Shelves lined two of the walls stacked high with boxes, sacks, and extra typical mundane items used in the running of a taproom. What really caught his eye however were the large barrels against the far back wall, Thick oak barrels, stacked from floor to near ceiling, their pale wood burnished with various ale, mead, and other brew descriptions. Next to those were a few dozen glass bottles lining wooden racks, presumably wine or other spirits. Even with the smell of smoke and char, alcohol permeated the air in this room. In the center of the room, upon the floor lay a large rug. Approximately 4’x6’ it depicted crystal clear waters running over falls, and crashing into a basin below, while dragons flew overhead, and dear drank from the water’s edge. The quality of the stitching was admirable, but the piece would no doubt be heavy.

Meanwhile back in the common room, Kismet did her best to tear at the windows. Held shut by simple latches, she had the shutters open in no time. Pulling them wide, revealed unbarred portals to the outside, from which appeared to be nothing more than empty road and a smattering of trees about the otherwise empty darkened landscape.

As Atharam, Joseph, and soon after Vincente started to clear the obstacles barring the door, Henrik made his way over to the fallen mage as well, and hefted his frail body into his arms. Surprisingly, old or not the adult male weighed remarkably little. As the warrior of faith carried the dead over to the others, they too soon had cleared enough of the debris aside to make for the door itself. Together they lifted off the heavy wooden board which served to bar entry, and swung wide the portal to their freedom. To step outside and take a look around would reveal this quiet respite—The Copper Spigot—by the wooden sign hanging above the entranceway, sat alongside some road, which travelled in both directions far into the darkness beyond sight. The landscape held small rolling hills dotted with trees and wild grasses save for the trodden down road of hard earth and trampled grass.

As the building continued to burn, a means for escape had been made, but many questions still lay unanswered, like where the hell were they?

Posted on 2011-06-01 at 18:53:33.
Edited on 2011-06-01 at 19:49:33 by Kaelyn

Topic: Nomachron: Tides of Time Q/A
Subject: just an update

some stuff came up last night that distracted from completing my update I aim for finishing it tonight after work,

Posted on 2011-05-31 at 18:08:03.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow Q/A
Subject: Pick me..

I'll break her out.. or attempt or ... tell the midgit to do it since he's handy with his small tool

Posted on 2011-05-30 at 07:31:54.

Topic: Nomachron: Tides of Time Q/A
Subject: |Still waiting on grugg

My next day off is monday with or without grugg I shall be posting.

Posted on 2011-05-28 at 05:30:10.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: in this corner of existence

there is nothing good about this morning.. which is still a continuation from Monday since I haven't slept yet...

Posted on 2011-05-25 at 13:31:41.


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