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You are here: Home --> Forum Home --> Recent posts by Kaelyn
Topic: Fallout RPG Character Creation
Subject: My suggestion

Im a huge fan of a gm claiming the first 15 posts in their q/a thread (15 posts to a page)
Then editing the posts into clear sections..

A game notice post for updates by you.. Ie: "Player X you have till monday to post or else"
"hey crew im really under the weather so update will be a bit delayed"
"happy birthday player/ we need to replace so and so if anyone is interested send me a pm!" etc etc.

Characters sheets could each have a post for easy lookups and preventing one post from being 20 pages long. (reserve 4-6 or however many players u care to potentially max out on)

One Status Summary post (likely before character sheets) would provide an at a glance update of players, their status/afflictions and any immediate information pertaining to them. Maybe have their total/current karma score there too.

Quest log could have a post updated as they come available/ completed/ failed

Party shared resources, or headquarters/ faction/ base of operations information should that come into play

The basic part of this is so all information is in one place, and all further conversations start on page 2 and onward.. Just my two cents as a long time online pbp gm/player

Posted on 2011-09-25 at 23:17:17.

Topic: Fallout: New Vegas - Full House RPG
Subject: Indeed..

"A fair warning, and taken to heart. Thank you Rotface. " With eyes peeled and direction chosen however, Olson moved towards the Old Fort, anxious to receive some information, perhaps an assignment, but mostly, he just wanted to look over the simple plot graves of his family once more and ask forgiveness and guidance from the woman he loved; something he had done many times over their relationship he recalled.

Posted on 2011-09-25 at 17:44:55.

Topic: Fallout: New Vegas - Full House RPG
Subject: plenty of violence..

"More violence, means more people in need of medical attention. Which invariably means, sad to say though.. more business for a would be patcher such as myself." Olson took three more caps from his pocket and laced the ghoul's palm with them. "Telling me, or anyone else in this crazy life that violence is a likely possibility may not be worth the cap, but honesty, and having an ear in the right places certainly are. I can handle my own, though I appreciate the warnings. Go find yourself a warm meal, and a safe place to stay if you can. If trouble finds you while I'm here then find me. I'll be headed to the Old Fort." Olson extended his hand to the Ghoul.

"Names Olson Macdonald.. Though I suppose that's a name left behind some years ago. Lately jus' been answerin to the "Gun Doc. Got a name friend?"

Posted on 2011-09-25 at 06:24:26.

Topic: Fallout: New Vegas - Full House RPG
Subject: The way things work..

Olson looked upon the ghoul and he chuckled. "As i said, some things never change." Fishing out a single cap from his pocket, he approached the ghoul and held the cap just above his hand. " A man, no matter his appearance is only as good as his word..." Placing the cap into his palm he looked the ghoul in the eye and smiled. "Whats the word?"

Posted on 2011-09-24 at 21:58:36.

Topic: Fallout: New Vegas - Full House RPG
Subject: Home...

Freeside "Still the same rotting cesspool I left you in." Olson said as he bypassed the typical welcoming committee of iron-fisted lead brained brutes mustered about the entrance way, offering their protection to anyone with enough caps. Funny irony there was, as Olson knew, if they knew you had the caps to spare for their services, you'd just as likely end up with a shiv in your backside while they cleaned you out and moved on to the next hapless target.

Two years and more Olson had been gone, since the day he returned to find the NCR had pulled out of their alliance with the Followers of the Apocalypse, his wife and daughter slain in their reclamation of property turned violent outbreak. Since then, the NCR had been reduced to their own hideaways and plottings, while Mr House fought vigilantly, albeit seemingly in vain, to reclaim some semblance of control over the region.

Olson wasn't sure why his path had brought him back to this accursed place. It had been here that his life had been given purpose through the teachings of Nicole, facilitated by the kind words and patience of Elsa, the woman he came to marry; and her daughter Faith. It was here, that he had been educated, and instructed into something more than a gun toting miscreant with a misguided view of might equals right into a man with a cause, and a sense of pride in what he was doing.

It was here that his world had been torn asunder, and he had taken to the road with vengeance and a vigilante mindset gnawing at his conscience, to fill the void left by the loss of his loved ones, replace it with anything but sorrow and rage.

But here he was, overlooking Mick and Ralph's, the typical assortment of strung out junkies, and profiteering whores. It seemed like the Followers still had their work cut out for them. Perhaps it was time to pay the old homestead of the Old Mormon Fort a visit.. pay his respects to the dead he left behind so long ago.

Almost immediately someone else called out, but unlike the bodyguards previously, the rasped words of this local stopped him in his tracks and turn towards the speaker. The speaker was a ghoul, a beggar by his clothes, that had escaped his notice, leaning against the edge of a dumpster just outside Mick and Ralph's.

"Don't know of many that wear the Followers Crest that would be entering on their own. At least not from the east. Been out of Freeside for awhile?"

Olson turned, his hand still resting between the 3rd and forth buckle of his trenchcoat, resting upon the hand carved grip of his custom 9mm. As his cool eyes turned to fall upon the speaker, Olson took in the ghoul and at his inquiry merely shrugged. "You could say that. Had some.. business take me away. But that's taken care of now and back I've come. What's the word around here?"

Posted on 2011-09-24 at 15:50:17.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: Hrmmm

Morning meeting w an ex, to catch up on life,
Hour to power clean home...
10 hours of work...
Night with the gf without kids! Hope to go out and enjoy it if we're not too bushed from the day... 6am wake ups seem to come earlier and earlier as the week goes on...
But in high spirits at least!
Blessed be

Posted on 2011-09-23 at 15:05:36.

Topic: "Fallout" game series, an RPG.
Subject: *twitch*

Must... start... game...

Posted on 2011-09-21 at 13:55:44.

Topic: Fallout RPG Character Creation
Subject: just curious

Are we all going to know each other in some fashion? Is there any past history between pc's? Are we receiving individual intros into the plotline or are we all thrown in together?

Just mulling over potential relationships.. (Ie, Doc may know the prospector as a supplier for scrap / items for weapon modification etc, the 'black devil' may be a name heard through rumor or channels etc etc.

just curious and really anxious to see where this goes.

Posted on 2011-09-19 at 13:30:34.

Topic: Fallout RPG Character Creation
Subject: Olson "The Gun Doctor" Macdonald

submitted for review

Posted on 2011-09-19 at 03:54:00.

Topic: Fallout RPG Character Creation
Subject: Followers guard

Will be submitted days end

Posted on 2011-09-18 at 18:44:17.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: morning comes..

Daldren awoke feeling rested, his muscles relaxed and his mind at ease were it not for the vision he had just bore witness to in the midst of his slumber. Looking about, and realizing the entire night had passed, without one on watch, he silently scolded himself for allowing his weakened road travelled state to be overcome by outside forces. But as he replayed in his mind the words of wisdom and warning Hannah had spoken unto him. This Demon Wind, posed a dire threat to all of Pardinal.

"Visden" was Daldren's first word spoken aloud, and even as the word left his lips others had stirred from their own sleep perplexed by the shared vision they experienced. People were posing questions regarding the new information, some were already finding the weight of their charge almost too much to bear with emotionally; as evident by the woman Siraya's outburst. It seemed everyone was turning to Danamar, awaiting his direction, but to Daldren the path had been clear even before his eyes had opened to the days first light. He turned to Danamar, though the warrior-priest seemed lost deep in thought.

(For game sake and moving on if Raven doesn't manage a post)

"We ride for Visden" He said matter-of-factly, before chewing on some dried fruit and hardtack he had taken from his pack. Mid chew he was already adjusting his belongings and preparing to close up camp. "We can do little from here, and even less for those in question. We need information, and supplies and we shant be finding them amongst the dust and campfire coals."

Posted on 2011-09-14 at 18:22:15.

Topic: And it all went to Hell
Subject: well..

that's slightly different than school being called on account of snow... :\ enjoy the long weekend while you can. (ever the optimist )

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 18:20:51.

Topic: We will Always Remember
Subject: in response to Eol's Semper Fi

Don't forget the JTF2's motto too...
Facta non verba!

(Deeds not words)

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 18:16:05.
Edited on 2011-09-12 at 18:17:04 by Kaelyn

Topic: We will Always Remember
Subject: Hell

I'm Canadian, born and raised, I've lived alongside American's served across border's with them, carried, mended, drank laughed cried, married and bore child with one of them and 9/11 will arguably never be something the American pride will pass off as something to let 'fall by the wayside. To do so in many a mind is to insult those who died that day, and lay open the opportunity for a similar tragedy to repeat itself should vigilance ever fall short.

However, by publicly media-glory-hounding our remembering their loss, we empower our enemies with memory of their victory. So it's 6 of one half a dozen of the other. And it shall always be a double sided knife. In war, there are no victors, merely pawns holding positions of power or influence in a power game played by men safe at home in offices or bunkers, until a better more skilled player (or cheater as the case may be) steps up to the board.

I salute those in any status, field, branch of the military, or civilian way of life that serve in life by action to defend anything they hold valuable and true. The ability to place a creed or sense of duty above your own life is a grand stamp of character in any respect. However, I'll simply turn down the radio for awhile, pay my silent respects, flip through the photos I took from the rooftops across from ground zero mere days after the incident, and pay my respects to those who have left us, and those left to carry on.

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 05:31:33.
Edited on 2011-09-12 at 05:32:57 by Kaelyn

Topic: "Fallout" game series, an RPG.
Subject: yes!

Having owned played and beaten Fallout, Fallout 2 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas, I'm vastly aware of the fun that comes with slapping on a pip-boy and traversing the wastes!

Definitely gonna keep an eye on seeing where this goes.

Posted on 2011-09-08 at 18:02:16.

Topic: Demon Wind Q&A
Subject: Bravisimo!

Fantastic morning read over coffee. Oh how I do love Wednesday Mornings nowadays

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 14:40:28.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow
Subject: Kresimir

The world was dark, bleak, and cold as the Gano slipped further and further into the encroaching blackness of eternal rest. As he drifted through a directionless void, he began to hear familiar music from his distant homeland. He began to see vague images of the caravan, from his gypsy kin, rearing celestial steeds to open the ring of their gathering, welcoming Kresimir home once more.

His mind reeled against the acceptance that his life was truly coming to an end, the proud warrior, while content to die in the heat of battle had left too many deaths unavenged, too many murderous dog's unpunished, and one oath unkept. No... he wasn't ready to join the dance of his forefathers just yet.

And so too did the God's agree, for Kresimir found himself pulled from the brink of death by a stranger's hand. The darkness of his fate was replaced by the blurred vision of pain once more, and that pain told the barbarian he still drew breath, though doing so elicited more than one grunt and vulgar remark as he opened heavy eyes.

Who they fell upon surprised the warrior, for he had expected Nick, but he would not begrudge the assistance, from any true natured source. Forcing himself to stand, aching and groaning the entire way till his large stature towered over the others once more. The large man ran rough fingers over the scar that would remind him just how close to death he had come. Turning to the man who had saved his life, he could find little to fully encompass his gratitude. Instead, he merely offered his hand in warm greeting.
"I am Kresimir, and I owe you my life. On the honor of my ancestry I will repay that debt."

(If anything is replied and carrying on... )

Feeling the wave of calm wash over him as people started exiting their imprisoned confines, his eyes fell upon the small girl, and they could feel it was here who was the source of such serentiy. Rain had been found.

Still humbled however, Kresimir kept quiet, merely observing the goings on, contemplating silently where he'd find a new suit of armor-one that preferrably fit-this time.

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 04:41:31.

Topic: The Search for Tomorrow Q/A
Subject: I'll be updating from work tonight after close

while I wait for the kitchen... laptops already packed.

Posted on 2011-09-06 at 21:30:35.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: Daldren

Having searched for some means of information that would allow the inn to be passed to a proper inheritor, Daldren was dissatisfied when no such papers were found. He did however find a small trove of wealth hidden away. It seemed this inn was quite successful before Kendal and Anna's unfortunate and untimely end. Leaving the private quarters and heading towards the others, he didn't speak anything of the valuables found as Daldren learned of Tomas from Bil.

An hour later, when the young man arrived, and decided he would indeed take up the reins and run the inn in his parents tradition, Daldren withdrew two small pouches, and slid them across the table towards Tomas.

"There were no papers of ownership that I could find, but your parents had accumulated a fair reputation, and the wealth that goes along with such amicable respect of service as well as character. I'm glad this will go towards keeping Anna and Kendal's dream alive through another generation. Spend it wisely, and God's willing this place will be back up running and filled with life and mirth anew upon our return trip."


As rations are restocked and the team takes to the road once more, Daldren rides a little ahead (30-50') as per the usual custom. With Tariel gone, his responsibilities for being the eyes and ears of the party would be tested even more. As nightfall fell and they chose to make camp, Daldren offered to take first watch, a two hour stint of pacing around their campgrounds, checking for any trees of suitable size and strength to support his weight should he choose to climb one, and keeping a careful eye on the two new 'volunteers' (should they come with us), as much as the surroundings.

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 17:48:28.

Topic: Demon Wind Q&A
Subject: daldren and the loot

I'll post what he does with it shortly

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 17:26:15.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: a post!

The morning sun would not rise this day with a warming glow, embracing sun kissed skin and filling the hearts of those it touched with hope and warm fuzzy feelings. Not for those left at the inn this dreary morning. Even as Danamar, Irael and Daldren himself found only Bil, sleeping soundly unawares and unaffected by the horrors witnessed and combated moments before Daldren knew grim tasks lay ahead.

Danamar spoke with wisdom regarding possession of the inn, though such material things seemed unimportant to the Rider of Pardinal given the weight of their current situation. Information however had been called for, and information would be found if it was there.

Heading inside, with little more than a curt nod to the strangers in the common room, Daldren disappeared back into the personal quarters of Kendal and Anna and began searching for a deed, written will, or anything that might indicate the couple held family elsewhere. Typically Daldren found when a couple opened an inn upon the road, their entire livlihood was poured into that one business venture. As such, he ventured the thought that any important documents would have been kept close as well. (Should Daldren find anything he'll present it to Danamar for his discression; either way he'll head out and start helping with the digging of graves.)

Posted on 2011-08-30 at 15:58:24.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: Exchanging glances, weapons, and thoughts

It made Daldren happy to see Danamar rise of his own accord, and as they exchanged their enchanted weapons back to their rightful owners, the realization that others around still were in possible danger, or state of injury seemed to energize the noble warrior-priest. As he moved down the hallway ready to seek out Anna or other survivors, Daldren followed in suit, ready to assist in whatever manner was necessary until the premises had been deemed secure and they could plan their next course of action.

Posted on 2011-08-22 at 15:44:10.

Topic: Demon Wind
Subject: Daldren

Combat had ended, at least for now. As Danamar rose slowly, Daldren stood nearby, ready to assist should his leader begin to falter, though he would not deny a man the pride of rising on his own by forcing assistance prematurely.

As people began to gather their wits, go off in search of survivors or guests, it donned on Daldren that here in times of crisis the true nature of people was hard to ignore. The woman, a stranger among them all had reacted quickly, utilizing the words of wisdom given to her, and potentially, probably saved a life in doing so.

Meanwhile, Sebastian, Knight of Rydor? Stood motionless when called upon to act, only to head directly to the stores of libations to help himself when lives were still potentially at risk? Something did not sit right to Daldren about this. But he knew too that Danamar, and others would not sit idly by.

So he would wait, and observe as he had been trained to do, and see what would come of this.

Posted on 2011-08-21 at 15:11:01.

Topic: Loaded Dice Filler: Why *Is* He so Surprised?
Subject: Wii

Final Fantasy Crystal Breakers is the only one I've tried that was mildly entertaining.

But yes, playstation still holds the best FF games.

FF12 for xbox 360 is alright I'm sure it's fine on the ps3 as well, I just found it way too easy.

Posted on 2011-08-17 at 15:22:49.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: helllooo

Today is my birthday! Also the day I get the keys for my new house! finally what had become a nightmare is panning out to be something blessed! hehe

Sooo it's go pick up keys, then off to the beach with the misses, Then off to the city to meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks, then home for the evening and a baby free night

good day all around me thinks

Posted on 2011-08-17 at 15:21:17.


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