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Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Im thinking

Agrin is in agreeance with either our host or kammie

Posted on 2009-12-17 at 18:11:03.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: posted!

done and done

Posted on 2009-12-17 at 03:34:57.

Topic: Season of the Witch
Subject: here we are

Anoras afternoon was spent in the very area she was to be meeting at tonight. The ramshackle buildings wedged tightly between the larger warehouses of the docks were blights upon the landscape to some, but to Anora they were reminders that change was inevitable, and if you could not adapt or adjust, then you would simply be left to the ravages of time. There, in the underbelly of her beloved home, the paladin found solace, and even the rain could not dampen her spirits, rather it had the opposite effect. The gloomier the day, the more Anora was thankful to be alive, and she held onto the notion that the next sunrise would be all the more beautiful as it cut a swath through the veil of night or the obscuring cloud and rainfall.

Stopping by the Sisters of Hope orphanage, a small overly crowded and grossly understaffed and funded safe haven for those children left without family or home due to all manner of reasons, Anora smiled as she stepped in out of the rain, and was greeted by a pair of smiling faces no higher than her waist, as small arms wrapped around her legs and childrens laughter rang as music in her ears. Lowering her cloak and wiping her strawberry hair, now a dark auburn from the thorough soaking it had received, Anoras smile widened still as a familiar face exited a nearby doorway to greet her.

Sister Maribelle, it is good to see you well.

And you as well mlady, it is always a pleasure to have a servant of Liris grace our humble refuge.

Now now, the pleasure is mine, nowhere else in all of Vyrrmas can one find so much innocence and purity, I daresay not even in the Grand Cathedral or the great forges of the Duskarn does such warmth and light shine true than from the eyes of these children who have lost so much.

Sister Maribelle shook her head humbly, before gently corralling the two stray children from Anoras legs and back into the room with a gentle push.. Well now you know youre more than welcome to step in, but by your dress I take it this is not time for a lengthy leisure call?

Anora still lay strapped for combat in her armor and all, shield thrown over her pack and sword securely sheathed at her side. No, Im afraid not today good Sister, there is much to do, and little time to see it done, I just needed a pick me up after the execution earlier.

Sister Maribelle shook her head in disgust, lowering her voice as she spoke to avoid little ears overhearing. Yes, I heard about it, ghastly thing to display, and in the public where children could see it, a horrid thought.

Yes, it was an unpleasant event ,not only for the condemned, but for all who jeered and saw no wrong in its execution. That was not a merciful death for the mind nor the soul, despite the quick death of the body Anora shook her head. But that is not why I am here.

Sticking her hand into her pack, and deftly pulling out a folded piece of parchment, Anora handed it to Sister Maribelle who looked at it curiously.

Voucher for food, paid upfront, ready for pick up good Sister, on behalf of House Arlessa. As Sister Maribelle scanned the page, her eyes began to twitch as she fought the oncoming tears. Liris bless you child, and your house.

Liris bless you and yours as well Sister, for you hold under its roof the future of the world.
With that, Anora raised her hood once more, and turned around, feeling good about the deed she had done, and she headed to the last stop on her agenda before the meet tonight.
(Voucher is for 10gps worth of meats grains and basic foodstuffs)

Anora made her way across town, out through the large defensive walls and home to her familys vineyard. Her father was out in the fields, she saw him in the distance as she passed, but did not tarry to stop him. She knew her mother would be in session with the guilds or the Reagent, so she entered the home and removed the strange letter that had been placed upon her person. Entering her mothers quarters, she left the note upon her pillow, with an added note penned in her own hand.


Forces are at work here and I know not who or what motives they carry, I will be home late this night, if at all, for I intend to meet with this E and see what they have to say. I stopped by the Orphanage today, have you been lately? Im sure the good Sister would be glad to see you if you could tear yourself away from your duties, important as we all know they are.

Anyways, I shouldnt tarry, I will see you on the morrow Liris willing

With love,
Your Rose.

Confident her mother would at the very least ensure a proper investigation was formed should this clandestine meeting end in foul play, Anora slipped from the manor as the sun ducked behind the horizon and made her way back to the docks.

Anora was one of the last to enter the dilapidated building under cover of night. As the door creaked shut behind her, there was already a group of strangers sitting around a small table in the middle of the room candlelight flickering in the otherwise encompassing darkness. Anora strode into the room confidence in each step as she lowered her hood, and untied her cloak, setting it over the back of one of the only free chairs left. (or only free chair if Ignis post has him arriving earlier)

As candlelight hit polished steel and emblazoned crest, Anors roll in the secretive missive was made very clear as the sword arm mentioned. Preferring to stand rather than sit, Anora stood with her hands upon the seat-back, and cast her gaze at those gathered. (Detect Evil upon other Pcs including Igni when hes there and our host) Strong green eyes cast about the room, but a curt nod of her head and the faintest of smirks over this adventurous meeting gave light to her serious demeanor.

She stood in silence, though she smiled as the nervous glance of a white robed girls eyes met her own, similar in both hue and hair color to match, the freckled lass could have been her sister if people didnt know any better. A quiet wink was sent to reassure the young woman as her head turned to regard a voice from the darkness.

An introduction, a fluid motion, and the scattering of paper later, had Anora looking down at a rendition of her own self, a wanted criminal for the aiding and abetting of the Scarlet Feverflash

Anoras mind told her this was some cruel joke, but her gut told her otherwise. Somewhere in the pit of her stomach the paladin realized she had been thrust into something very serious.

Mr. Vale, these proclamations are absurd. I am a holy knight of Liris. Tack the poster to my chest and march me straight to the Cardinal himself if you like, the Lady will judge me pure within the zone of truth unless of course they who cast such dweomors are under some foul influence of the heart or mind..
Anora stopped long enough to look at each of those around her once more, particularly Thea, who expectedly panicked and broke into a tearful outburst of emotion. Walking over to Thea, Anora placed a calming hand on either shoulder, patting them gently raising her gaze to look at their host turned employer.

Mr Vale, I can only account for the weight of my own soul, but I will not stand idle while others are thrust into the machinations of some foreign entity's plans. What would you have us do?

Posted on 2009-12-17 at 03:33:18.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Post..

Will come as soon as i get home in roughly 20 minutes its my only concrete plan for the evening

Posted on 2009-12-17 at 01:53:28.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok ~ 1 ~ A Short Adventure in Audalis
Subject: posted.. from an iphone.. sad really

Crellin watched as the small fungus sizzled a bit in the black pool, but otherwise just sat there. There was no explosion, colour change, no snap crackle nor pop, and it was quite a let down to the mage who had hoped for something more visually appealing. Certainly the fact that the pool was not some highly corrosive substance was a positive thing, as their next course of action would be to fell a large rubbery stalk to utilize as a bridge; but to that plan Crellin gave a resigned sigh. Physical labour was so not his forte.

As he turned to the others, suddenly a massive hand and forearm of stone crashed down through the darkness above, and like the Khord plucked from the very shroom they sought to reach Crellin found his mouth hanging agape, his mind trying to processes what his eyes bore witness to. Of course had anyone tried to read his mind at that particular moment they likely would have gleaned something along the lines of Holy crap! Ping #$%#% Cool! I want One! I may have just soiled my britches, Wait.. Where did that come from were.. under.. ground?

Crellin was doubly astounded when the druid amongst them to the credit of her curiosity changed into a splendid eagle, and took to the air above them. Crellin flapped his arms in reply wishing he could follow, alas he was grounded and once more gave a second resigned sigh before his mental maelstrom finally escaped his lips.

By Khoroxs beard! Where.. What.. How did.. Were UNDERGROUND!!! If someone tells me weve been living our lives blind to a mountain sized golem oer our eads Im going to just drop dead ere and now. You best come back here bird-girl!! Dont be leavin Crellin down ere while you enjoy the mysteries by yerself!

Posted on 2009-12-16 at 22:02:11.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: I was of the thought the deadline was thursday...

Which is why I didn't do it Before I left.. sorry

Posted on 2009-12-16 at 05:55:14.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok Q/A ~ 1
Subject: Posting

Posts for this and Other games will come either overnight or tomorrow morning based on whether or not I come home tonight. sorry bad weather has kept me away from home, and trying to write entire posts on iphone is tough, but i will do so if I'm left without alternative means.

Posted on 2009-12-16 at 01:34:22.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Posts

Posts for this and Other games will come either overnight or tomorrow morning based on whether or not I come home tonight.

Posted on 2009-12-16 at 01:32:46.

Topic: Guess the Quote
Subject: ummm

General Chang from Star Trek IV Undiscovered Country?

"If a child runs into the room saying "Mummy, mummy! I love Jesus and He loves me! We're all going to Heaven when we die and God is looking over us!", people will smile and praise the child. Nobody would say "Don't be silly. You can't possibly say that because you don't fully understand everything about the religion. How can you know that for sure, when you've not read the Bible in the original Hebrew?!?". But if a child (or teenager, or adult) says "I've had a good think about it, and have come to the conclusion that Jesus is a myth and nothing in Christianity makes much sense. I declare myself to be a freethinking secular humanist.", then they are quite likely to receive the latter response. You could have all the theological training of a hedgehog and still get wild applause if you stand up and say you're a Christian, but it seems that atheists are required to demonstrate more intelligence and Biblical expertise than all the clergymen and theologians that have ever lived before they are allowed to publicly express their doubts."

Posted on 2009-12-12 at 18:24:41.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: I liked the taste of her cherry


Posted on 2009-12-12 at 18:17:45.
Edited on 2009-12-12 at 18:18:25 by Kaelyn

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: hmmm

The missing poster is my brother... and all I know is he's doing non stop studying according to my parents... soooo I dunno..

Tek, you can update and just say there's an extra person, allow for a backpost... Don't stop the momentum!!

Posted on 2009-12-09 at 18:46:48.

Topic: Santa Claus Letters
Subject: Yup

Now that canadian support is added . Work youth center and church all have copies. Spread the cheer

Posted on 2009-12-07 at 19:19:00.

Topic: Santa Claus Letters
Subject: hmmm

Apparantly Big America has Santa in a choke hold, cause he's not writing letters back to Canadian children (No outside US option lol)

Love the thought behind it, I don't know what service was used when I was a child, but I remember recieving a letter back from Santa and it was the coolest thing ever, I brought it for show and tell and everything, so keeping this going is a great thing.

Posted on 2009-12-07 at 15:12:30.

Topic: New Spores of Itanlok ~ 1 ~ A Short Adventure in Audalis
Subject: Mushroom Soup, not quite like momma made it

Crellin bounced left and right between the thick stalks of the mushrooms wand held at the ready, awaiting whatever lay on the other side. But when he cleared the vegetation, he was not met with some grand beast, but instead the remains of fellow Khords, torn asunder and left to rot, compost for the forest floor. Ooooh thats not the way I wanna go no no, Crellin spoke out loud though to no-one in particular. They continued on past the bodies, Crellins head twisting at odd angles to keep casting an eye upon the newly arrived cleric. As Helengirs trio broke off, and the tin-Khord arrived Crellin started counting on his fingers trying to keep track of who was coming and going.

His counting ceased however when they came across the large black pool of oily liquid, surrounding the stone and mushroom looming before them, Khords stuck in various positions to the stalk of the humongous fungus . Ooohh.. Now I know why mamma always said to eat my veggies So they wouldnt grow to such a freakin size and try an eat me!
Crellin watched as people discussed how to circumvent the black pool, thick droplets falling from the cap of the mushroom to land heavily below.

I could wildshape into an eagle and get over there, but then my companions will remain here.. There are four of us.. together we can take one of the giant mushrooms down, using it as a bridge.

He was curious to see Niaouli wild shape as she called it.. And into a bird no less! My did Crellin love birds It reminded him once of these canaries he had in an old mine Crellin stood idle for a moment recounting that same tale once more before snapping back to reality, his hand still clenching the wonderous rod while Niaouli prepared a test shroom for submergence into the vile looking pool.

Leveling his Rod at the black pool he awaited the result of Niaoulis mushroom toss. If anything other than the shroom sinking, floating, or dissolving in some acidic way happens, hell activate his rod on the pool for no more reason than.. He can.

Posted on 2009-12-04 at 16:07:21.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Posted!!

Well that was a good read, and a good distraction for the day. I don't normally post quoting the Dm's post, but it's been likewise a long time since I've posted as a player, so I'm working on it.. I made Tek's post parts smaller so you can skip over them instead of rereading them over and over again throughout posts lol..

I look forward to see where this meet goes.

Posted on 2009-12-03 at 23:42:57.

Topic: Season of the Witch
Subject: Mercy to the Masses.

The morning sun had rose as it did ever day before, and would Gods willing every day after; but this morning it shone just a little bit brighter, the glow of its rays just a little bit warmer as they caressed the soft cheek of Anora Arlessa, paladin of Liris. Anora had awoken this morning in a particularly good mood, for today there was to be a spectacle she had awaited seeing for quite some time. Today, in open declaration of the providence of justice would a defiler of life and home be put to death. And as she thought of one of the conspirators of the epidemic which stole from her an invaluable member of her family, she grinned. At least you fall to the grace of Liris mercy, a quick and painless death, unlike the destruction and pain you caused not only to those who succumbed to the disease, but to those forced to live with the loss as well.. As she spoke, her grin turned to a momentary scowl, but she shook the thought from her mind. A cleansing wash will better prepare me for the trials of the dayshe thought.

As Anoras toned form crossed her bedroom floor to the simple alcove which served as a shower, the warmth of the morning light bathed her in its embrace, and as her naked body felt the first droplets of cool water cascade over flawless skin and tender flesh. Anora had always made a habit of bathing in cool water, saving a hot bath only for special occasions. There was something about the chill, the shiver that coursed across her body leaving goose bumps that made her feel alive. She showered under that gentle stream humming to herself, a smile tugging at the corner of full pink lips. Pulling the simple chord which stemmed the flow of water, Anora stepped from the alcove to the simple wooden floor of her room, dancing to some silent tune, though she hummed to the choir song which played out fully in her mind. She cast water across the room as her strawberry hair whipped to and fro, her body twirling in the suns rays , her partner in this dance as she danced within its embrace. By the time she had finished her little song and dance, she was nearly dry, lifting a towel and patting herself free of any lingering moisture and wrapping her hair up into a knot.

Seeing as the execution in the square would be a public affair Anora decided she had best present herself in the dignified manner of her order, lifting the heavy steel suit of scale from its place atop the footlocker at the base of the bed. She took forth a cloth, and rested the suit across her lap, the cool metal against her skin. Gently, gingerly, and with great patience and care did she dab the cloth into a small well of oil sitting next the lamp at her bedside, and clean each scale, each link and joint of the suit to a polished shine. To be a paladin carried with it the responsibility of being a beacon of light in the eyes of the populous, a shining example of good and right to those who may have lost their way. The initial observation of a paladin too should reflect that mandate. As Anora held the scale up to the window, the sunlight reflected off of each perfectly crafted scale. Not a notch or nick marred the piece, and though Anora had wished it was due to her meticulous care for her armor, it was the lack of real combat experience which attributed to the pristine nature of it. Anora had only recently been inducted as a paladin, and even then had yet to see any real combat outside of training against her instructors and peers.

As Anora exchanged armor for blade, cleaning and polishing the longsword to a gleam, a rush inside her had her wondering when shed first put the blade to use; what evil would she rid the world of with its righteous steel? As the paladin swung it around cutting nothing but air, she recanted her oath as a paladin. I am the armor against cruelty, strong and resilient. I am the shield against intolerance, ever vigilant. I am the sword against injustice, swift and merciful. Anora found herself sheathing her sword then as she finished her cant. Though the sword should only strike if the armor and shield first fail. Compassion and understanding will halt a foe faster than any blade, so it is said.. And theres no blood to clean up afterwards Anora added to herself, as she donned a simple white and yellow ensemble, the feathered sword, symbol of her deity embroidered upon the shoulders of her tunic.

As she donned her armor, adjusted her sword sheath and shield bearing a similar emblem emblazoned into the heavy wooden planks, she set the rest of her gear upon her bedside, taking only her money pouch and head out into the streets, anxious to be a part of history, a part of cleansing Vyrrmas of an impurity upon the land, but when she arrived

Fereln Square was a chaos zone.

Crowds howled and jeered at the site at the centre of the market area, pushing and shoving in order to get a spot closest to the scaffold. In the light drizzle of the late spring morning, on the central platform, stood a sight that was not very common within the walls of Vyrrmas, or anywhere else inside the borders of Alcana, for that matter, though as of lateit had become more frequent. Standing tall and addressing the crowds in a fervent manner, a member of the Church of Mallien stood before a man bound to a tall wooden post.

Anora had arrived late, her preening and polishing had prevented her from an optimal vantage point, but as the sister of mercy entered the crowd, many allowed her passage closer to the dais, perhaps expecting her to deliver final rites to the condemned man. Whatever their belief, Anora found herself standing at the forefront of the crowd, her presence ignored soon after as the cleric of Mallien spoke.

With one hand in the air, and the other clutching an unfurled scroll that was dampened by the rainwater, the cleric, marked an Inquisitor by the open-eye emblem that was embroidered in gold upon the breast of his robe, shouted and gestured to the gathered citizens.

People of Vyrrmas! I call your attention upon this display set before you! The Inquisitors powerful shouts had no means of not pulling eyes on him. People from several blocks away were drifting in to see what was going on here, and as they did, they, too, were worked into the mentality of the mob. From within out midst, the watching eyes of Mallien have identified one soul turned to darkness! At this, an enormous roar came forth from the people of the city.

Anora could not help but join in the cheer, though she was not as energetic in her display. Her eyes were locked upon the man who stood mere feet above and before her, his visage clear before her intense green eyes.

Fear not, for he has been captured and brought forth to show you his face! Sweeping a hand back, the cleric pointed at the man tied to the post. Rain had matted his mid-length black hair to his face, but his visage was clear enough. Sharp features, unshaven beard stubble growing in, and some wrinkles near the eyes. He was an older man, though in good physical state. Possibly a farmer or a labourer, judging by the broad shoulders. His gaze was directed downwards towards the dais, whether out of defiance or in despair.

Look at them, heretic!

No response was given.

As Anora looked on upon the man tied to the post before her, something inside her became unsettled. The man looked to be the type toiling in a field, or constructing something from the blessings of the land upon which he lived, not a dabbler in heretical powers of corruption and evil.

The Inquisitor glared at him, then looked to the masses. The darkness has snatched his soul from his body! There is but one way to ensure that no more are led away from the righteous path by the allure of black magic!

Whirling back in such a way that his dampened robes fluttered out behind him. He thrust a hand in the mans face. Speak now! Seek forgiveness in Mallien by confessing to your sins!

The man gave no reply.

Grinding his teeth, the cleric placed his palm on the bound mans forehead, pushing it back so that he could lock eyes. The brown orbs that looked back at him were full of hatred.

He released his hold, and turned to the crowd gathered around. The devil seeks your souls next. I shall not allow that to happen! He faced the captive again. Repent!

At the powerful words spoken in defiance of Malliens inquisitor, Anora found herself mouthing a response, her words lost under the din of the crowd. Please repent.. Forsake your evil ways and repent.. Seek mercy before the gods, allow Liris to embrace your conflicted heart and tarnished soul please

Finally, a response was drawn, though it was uttered slowly, but with extreme force and volume.!

The response shocked Anora, and she reached out, her white gloved hand extending towards the condemned man.. No Liris have mercy

The Inquisitor lowered his head, allowing his short brown hair to drip water onto his face. It is a shame there is no other way...

In a fluid motion, he drew his ornate sword from the belt around the waist of his robe, flourished it once, and struck the head from the neck of the accused. Blood splashed the pole and stage, while the head dropped to the ground at the clerics feet.

Blood sprayed from the severed neck, and splashed the pole and stage, but a few stray droplets had flown farther, and stained her outstretched glove, the crimson a stark contrast to the brilliant white of the material As Anoras eyes fell upon the sight of the blood upon her hands, her shoulders sagged. This was not what she expected to feel. Certainly the man was a felon, a maleficaer, an apostate against the virtues of the pantheon of light but such a gruesome display did not seem befitting of the man.. Of any man. A souls final judgement on this mortal plane should be held between his accuser, and the authorities, not made a debacle Anora shook her head as she realized her thoughts were in the minority.

An enormous roar went up amongst the audience as the priest placed the scroll into a pocket inside his robes, lifted his bloodstained sword high into the air, and snatched up the head of the witch by the hair. It, too, he hefted up for all to see.

This is the face of the heretic! The one so tempted by the black arts that he would forsake everything for the ability to harness the dark arts! The masses went wild. There is nothing to fear! Lend your support, and Mallien shall ensure that nobody else shall be tempted to walk in darkness!

Sheathing his sword, the Inquisitor took the spear from one of the standing soldiers near the dais, and mounted the head upon it. In a great display, he lifted it up so that even those farther away could see.

The head upon a pile seemed barbaric, it turned Anoras stomache, and she fought to keep from wretching at the sight.. Before the Inquisitor had even finshed the words that followed she had already begun pushing herself away from the dias and through the crowd, desperate to get away from it all.

Mallien will guard your souls, so long as you have lend your arms and hearts to discovering those amidst ourselves that would wish to see us fall to ruin!

The crowd erupted in a tempest of roars and jeers as a pair of temple knights untied the body and dragged it from the scaffold, blood staining their grey robes. The cleric launched into a protective chant, casting a blessing upon the masses as they howled in judgment of the witch. And all around, the rain drizzled gently, a peaceful contrast to the execution that just unfolded.

Anora rounded a corner and her heart pounded in her chest. She was angry at the display, and she wasnt even sure why. Subconsciously her hand had clenched into a fist and she struck the wall before her, nothing but moisture locked dirt clinging to her glove now mixed with blood and earth. Why.. His death was quick.. Quicker than those who died at the hands of he and those like him why then do I feel anger towards the manner in which he was executed, surely his death will bring happiness to the masses, but was this really the way for it to have been done?

Anora spoke to noone in particular, but her mind raced, and she needed some clarity. When in such a state, there were only two places the paladin liked to find herself, and seeing as it wasnt even midday yet, one was certainly out of the question perhaps tonight after the sun had set.
In the meantime, Anora removed the gloves from her hands, placing them into her right as her left rose to run through her wet hair, removing the matted strands from her face. As she went to tuck the gloves into her belt however, she found a strange letter there instead, its finely pressed paper and red wax seal a startling sight. Spinning round, Anora cast a gaze at anyone around her, then immediately her hand went to her money pouch, still securely tied mere inches from the letter.

Confused, Anora returned to her room, before removing the letter from her belt and breaking the wax seal, perusing the contents. As Anoras eyes finished scanning the document, she felt as though someone had read her thoughts, and put them to paper. Someone else, this E seemed to have similar feelings as her, and whats more seemed to have information regarding something deeper than public knowledge on the matter.

You are not the only one to be selected in this unveiling. There are many needs to be filled. A sword-arm with a resolve as strong as steel. An open hand, to spread healing in the name of true peace. A voice of the earth, as deep as the mountains themselves. A woodsman, to guide through this twilight hour. A sneak, to slip past even the sturdiest walls. And finally, a spellweaver, even in these darkest times.

A sword-arm with a resolve as strong as steel.. Could this be referring to me? As Anora finished the paragraph, her eyes focused on the final sentence. And finally, a spellweaver, even in these darkest times. Whomever is calling this meeting must have put much thought into this indeed, especially if they risk bringing an apostate into these affairs Anora folded up the letter and gently set it into her pack.

There were still many hours till the evening meet, and Anora had every intention of being there, if only to confront this spell weaver, and bring them to justice herself, but in a manner much less disrespectful than the public display she had just witnessed. She was interested to meet this E person as well, and hear what they had to say.

Picking up the rest of her belongings, and strapping them securely about her person, Anora gave a prayer to Liris, thanking Him for setting her on what she presumed to be His divine path of guidance. Heading out into the streets of Vyrrmas once more, she would kill the hours until the meet fulfilling her normal duties of peacekeeper, visiting the orphanages and hospices, slums and less than respectable areas of the great city, spreading what aid and signs of mercy she may amongst those less fortunate. (Shell give a pair of copper to any homeless she comes across to fetch them a warm meal, complete any errands of kind requests asked of her, while killing time for the sun to set and her approach to the abandoned building.

Posted on 2009-12-03 at 23:33:04.
Edited on 2009-12-03 at 23:44:12 by Kaelyn

Topic: Audalis - Leeway
Subject: I must be tired

I thought Ayrn said go easy on the sausage, and I thought maybe Rdinn had started a recipe swapping thread

Posted on 2009-12-03 at 22:05:15.

Topic: Confusion regarding spell lists
Subject: Duskblade

I have very fond memories of my duskblade in almerins game.. Dimension hop used defensively tactically and offensively wen combined w arcane strike ability will be a staple spell

Posted on 2009-11-30 at 22:36:34.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Clarification

Apologies as it appears i was the one misinformed.. I didnt know tek was using yellow equipment page starting funds thing and i simply took the class package and the meager funds associated w it... So yes.. Apologies again..

Posted on 2009-11-30 at 22:29:05.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Starting equipment

You told me use phb starting package for equipment.. Which i did.. Additional equipment i undetstood to be bought from starting funds.. If ALL equipment is to be bought as such ur gonna have armorless weaponless pcs aplenty.. 16 gp doesnt go far

Posted on 2009-11-30 at 22:18:17.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Uhhh

Hate to be the rules lawyer... But the ranger has 67 gold.. The sorcer had 90 starting goldThats not possible for a first level character.. Did i miss out bigtime on my 6d4 minus one modifier being 5d4???

Posted on 2009-11-30 at 18:25:38.
Edited on 2009-11-30 at 18:28:27 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Knowledge..

The ceiling is roughly hewn with great wooden support beams, rgough as mentioned in a previous post many seem chewed through or rotten from moisture , lack of upkeep and time.

The rat like creature from a rolled knowedge planes check reveals the 'hive mind' like intelligence could simply be a vermin trait accustomed to many species natural to Toril, however the merging of the swarms does befit an otherworldly presence for sure, as though one power has taken control of the many lessers, providing them a driving purpose and influence.

Posted on 2009-11-30 at 18:09:50.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Updates abound!

If you're still here, I'll be trying to get this rolling once more.. Let's see who's still around shall we?

Posted on 2009-11-28 at 12:44:08.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Sleep well...

Elendil slept soundly in her elvish reverie. Her meditation invigorated both her body and her mind. The hours passed, the evening quiet and still. While she slept, her owl plucked a field mouse from the forest floor, a midnight snack during its watchful vigilance.. (Still waiting for timelines to catch up a bit first, sorry Dragon Mistress)

Posted on 2009-11-28 at 12:43:09.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Can I take your order?

Bronwyn descended into the mess hall and took her seat. She mused over her future in these strange lands, in this keep claimed from the goblin horde and growing more into a place of permanent residence with each passing day. Would this place hold a home for her? Or would she continue south to the civilized lands with cities, and academies where she could research amongst dozens of her kind, eager to unravel the mysteries of the weave and ply their trade. Tonights meal consisted of a simple salad of harvested greens imported by caravan, a chuck wagon stew, with a hearty brother and thick chunks of meat slow cooked since the early morning. Loaves of tack were stacked high upon the table, with apple butter and honey to help mask the texture of the hard bread. A wheel of cheese lay open as well, a wedge carved from the wax coated morsel. It wasnt a meal fit for a king, but it was hearty and comforting as the scent filled the room, a tea of mixed herbs bubbling over the hearth.

A serving girl approached Brownyn, placing a tray with stew and salad before her, as well as basic utensils. May I fetch you something to drink mlady

Posted on 2009-11-28 at 12:39:08.


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