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Topic: New Spores of Itanlok ~ 1 ~ A Short Adventure in Audalis
Subject: Shake n bake.. And I helped..

Crellin was shaking his head in disapproval as the hippogryph he had just managed to dismount left him and flew upwards towards Baldorf, who, being substantial once more was falling faster than a figure skating ogre. His gaze watched his focus distracted as the man fell.

Suddenly however he was jostled from the intrigue as to whether or not Baldorf would bounce upon impact by the shouts of the cleric nearby.

"Crellin use your magic!"

Crellin's tongue was wagging even before his brain comprehended what he was doing.

I could create a shelter under him, the roof would break his fall, or perhaps a lightning blast, the electrical current in opposition to the gravitational pull of the planet would slow his descent... perhaps a gust of wind at the last moment, ease him into that black soup instead of the boulder..?

"Feather Fall!" he called out even though his mind was still strongly considering the plausible use of a lightning bolt to offset the downward momentum of the falling man...

Posted on 2010-02-02 at 08:23:38.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: update!!

hehe keep those updates coming!

Posted on 2010-02-01 at 21:47:00.

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: curious to ask

how close are we to starting this?

Posted on 2010-02-01 at 03:30:01.

Topic: Season of the Witch
Subject: Puppy!! *Squeee!*

Anora, now Rose, did her best to keep the spirits of those she travelled with high. She hummed and whistled, at times sung different songs in different languages, part to keep morale at a decent level --aside from Agrin's expected bitching about how he'd rather have his ears ground against a millwheel or smashed between hammer and anvil rather than listen to the woman or some sort-- but it was also a distraction from the severity of the situation.

The first hours went by relatively quickly, but even resolve and diligence wouldn't stay hunger for long. Partaking in some jerked meats, and a fig, offering a portion to any who were unfortunate enough not to have brought any rations themselves, her hunger pangs were quelled for the time being.

Moving on Anora's spirits lifted as the sun rose as it always did, despite this sunrise heralding her as a criminal. As they crested the next hill, Rose expected to see the entrance tot he forest they were to delve into, but instead was met with a curious sight. A singular wolf sat in the middle of the road.

"Awwwwwww isn't it just adorable!!!" Anora thought as the wolf barked it's warning call across the still morning air.

"Does anyone else find it strange that this pack creature sits in solitude, almost as a sentry? Perhaps this is a boon, a sign we near our destination; or perhaps a burden, should many more respond to the call."

Stepping forward, ahead of the others, and arming her shield, but no weapon as of yet. She stood and waited, alert for whatever may come.

(Setting Initiative in response to any surprise Rounds)

Posted on 2010-01-29 at 23:59:40.
Edited on 2010-01-30 at 00:01:22 by Kaelyn

Topic: Season of the Witch
Subject: Introductions

Gently Thea’s pale fingers came to Anora’s shoulder comfortingly. “I am sure they will, the gods will not allow us to go on this journey without all we need. You are Anora correct? I am Thealora Justinia, although Thea really is fine.” She glances at Eofara when she says that as if to confirm that it is fine for him to call her that as well. “And he is Eofara… he says he can hunt so we won’t fear going hungry.” She smiles as her eyes move back to Anora.

The meek child like wisp of a girls fingers touched Anora's shoulder, and Anora smiled gently, her warm nature obscuring the worry beneath.

She was about to answer when a fourth joined their three, and her smile genuinely widened.

“Greetings, all.” Igni exclaimed as he came within twenty feet of the party. “Glad you could make it. We still seem to be missing two of our party, should we wait? Ah yes I am Igni Stonelighter Dwarven Bard Extrodinaire!” With a flourish of a bow Igni looks at the three gathered, “Who may I ask are you?”

Anora turned towards Igni and she too took a flourished bow, though her armor prevented the full sweep and motion she would normally associate with the movement. "Good bard welcome," she said as she took a step back to face the three companions directly, none to her back as best she could. With a second bow, this one more curt and professional in nature.

"I am Anora Arlessa, of House Arlessa, Lady in noble standing, a birthright by decree, but amongst those here, and given our current situation.. Such titles and pretentiousness will only hinder our movement and keeping of a low profile. Thus, I ask you call me simply Rose."

Posted on 2010-01-29 at 19:08:12.

Topic: Season of the Witch
Subject: Rendevous at the Crossroads of Fate

Anora's trip home had been filled with hurried steps and a heavy heart. She had so wished that her mother had been home, but she knew her wishes would not be granted, for the scent of jasmine, her mother's favourite perfume did not hang in the air upon her entry.

A detailed account of all that had been transpired was left, a cup of tea from the leaves Erkand had left her only respite as she checked and rechecked her belongings, shoving a couple extra sets of clothing within her pack, and wrapping up a few days worth of cured meats, fresh pastries, candied figs, and a twelve year old bottle of scotch from her father's liquor cabinet from when they entertained prospective clients. She wouldn't dare drink the horrid stuff, and her father would have a heart attack over her deffered use of the expensive drink, but it would prove a strong anticeptic in case of injury, and she forsaw more than simple scrapes and bruises upon this journey.

With one last look at her lifelong home, She walked solemnly into the night, towards the rendevous spot. Praying to Liris all the while for mercy and guidance.

When she got there, she was pleased to see two already waiting for her, The Mith'gani, and Thea, the young priestess of Mirros. the odd couple she thought, as they conversed amongst themselves as she approached slowly.

"I'm glad to see at least some have agreed to join in this endeavour, however inoccuous it may seem. May the God's guide us to the answers we seek, and Lord Liris, have mercy on those left behind to face what daybreak brings."

Anora cast a saddened look back towards the capital. "Please.." She said barely above a whisper.. "Please let more come.."

Posted on 2010-01-28 at 09:27:55.
Edited on 2010-01-28 at 20:22:27 by Kaelyn

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: U realize

That going back and changing the language u originally spoke in renders my response impossible...

That wouldbe irksome..

Posted on 2010-01-26 at 22:44:32.

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: hehe

I'm stoked to get this game moving.

Maybe in the meantime everyone if they like can leave a general dossier like I did, seeing as we all know and have worked with each other before, it'll help us hit the ground running with some info and insight on each other?

Posted on 2010-01-26 at 20:21:09.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: ok.. So anora's response

Was in Duskarn.. not Krosan. It's at least Dwarven
Edited to make it known it was spoken in Duskarn not Krosan

Posted on 2010-01-26 at 07:14:12.
Edited on 2010-01-26 at 07:15:40 by Kaelyn

Topic: Season of the Witch
Subject: Don't judge a book by it's cover.

"Ye speak as though you have been shown of the Duskarn from one of your whore-child’s stories, harlot. We are not as your humans believe to be our purpose”, He spoke harshly in his native tongue.

Anora smiled at the gruff man's words. Funny he would use those words given her mother's profession and the training she had undergone before the plague had turned her attention to more religious affairs, Anora thought to herself, before turning to respond to Agrin in the Duskarn tongue, connotations, and accents thick with mimicry and practice.

"Good sir in standing, if not in nature or social platitudes, one might seek to read the book before judging it by its cover, for some 'whore-children' might just surprise you. just be thankful this one's surprise is educational and not a knife to your back out in these open streets, far away from your preferred, and presumably missed underground home"

Anora smiled again finishing her words, before moving along into her parting speach, then tking her leave. (as stated earlier)

Posted on 2010-01-26 at 04:21:53.
Edited on 2010-01-26 at 07:15:07 by Kaelyn

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: hehe.. oops

Disregard old Character email.. I shorted myself a feat, vastly overpayed on some items, and the format isn't as clean as the new one (which has source reference link to scans for your convenience)

Posted on 2010-01-25 at 18:24:02.

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: General Information Known by party members about Daldren Gray:

Daldren Gray is a blunt sort who rarely speaks unless his words need be shared to influence the outcome of a situation, or to defend his love of all that is Pardinal. Very deliberate in action, Daldren typically does not make a decision without considering the existential consequences of his actions; his mind working much as though he were in a constant game of Hazards.

Daldren Gray stands at just over six feet, his skin tanned from long hours in the sun. Grey eyes are set deep within a face chiseled from flesh, a square chin and angled cheek bones giving him a very stoic and serious demeanor. Were Daldren’s skin but marble or stone, his typical still and silent stance would suit his statuesque qualities well.

Daldren is in his early thirties, and carries about him an air of confidence and experience, but he rarely speaks of the past. His raven black hair is offset only by a shock of white hair along his right side, and when asked about it Daldren merely recalls it as a reminder of dedication to his profession.
(It is widely rumored the shock of white comes as an after effect of an Aging Curse he took defending a charge, thus leaving Daldren’s true age a mystery.)

A Soldier of Fortune, or Mercenary, Bodyguard, or Sword for Hire, whatever you wish to call it, Daldren takes his profession very seriously, and to slight his professionalism is like attacking his honor, something that does not go over well with the man.

When in combat, Daldren is skilled in a wide array of combat styles and weapons. He can hit a mark 100’ away with a bow most days with ease, and when in melee, adapts his equipment to his opponent. Cutlass, shield, rapier, daggers, thrown weapons or alchemical assistance all hold places in his repertoire. “The right tool for the right job” is Daldren’s motto. Daldren doesn’t seem to wear armor most of the time, though he’s been trained to wear all types of defensive apparel. A loner socially, Daldren understands the necessity of teamwork, and strategy and brings a tactical, analytical approach to any combat situation.

While definitely not the life of the party as it were, Daldren is definitely the type of person you’d rather have watching your back as a companion than as an enemy.

Posted on 2010-01-25 at 17:13:51.
Edited on 2010-01-25 at 17:17:14 by Kaelyn

Topic: No Game Tonight?! What now???
Subject: I absolutely Love..

Munchkin and all the addons..

FEar my +5sword vs everything except Squid!

And Oh How I cheered When I gained my first level after defeating the dreaded Lvl 1 potted plant!

Posted on 2010-01-25 at 16:23:07.
Edited on 2010-01-25 at 16:23:57 by Kaelyn

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: Character Draft

Delivered to your hotmail Yeolde, as there are tables involved and Rdinn PM's don't like those.

Posted on 2010-01-25 at 08:09:52.

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: The more and more close I get to completion..

The more and more excited I get about breathing life into Daldren Gray

Posted on 2010-01-24 at 11:37:51.

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: Questions...

Can the 13,000 be used on magical gear? Can it be used on enchancements to the free gear? Ie if I get +2 chain.. can I spend 4,000gold on making it +3, or some other +1 bonus?

Character almost done but equipment choices are really important to my character as he's the 'right tool for the right situation' type person.

Posted on 2010-01-24 at 09:34:03.

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: Since we're working together

And Have worked together in the past.. it would be known that Daldren Gray has a keen eye for traps and the like. but he is Very Far from the skulking Thieving rogue type stereotypically assosciated with having such skills... He considers them part of the required skill set of any good Bodyguard.

Posted on 2010-01-24 at 09:24:13.

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: Question

6th level standard wealth is 13,000 gold... Are the magic items taken from that cost or extra?

Posted on 2010-01-22 at 04:55:14.

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: Hey everyone

Seems yeolde kindly heard my plea an has allowed me the honour of joining you on this adventure..

I'll be playing a bodyguard type but wont go beyond that. Look forward to playing with u all

Posted on 2010-01-21 at 02:39:47.

Topic: Demon Wind Recruitment
Subject: Pleading to the dm

Ive been a lurker or yeolde before, have a decade on the inn, and notice your group lacks a certain... Extraction and acquisition specialist or rogue in the mix.. Ive played w raven the twins and currently gboy before and if u have the room id happily submit a rogue type character complete w background asap.

Just couldnt pass up asking

EDIT: Just found out Reepacheap is a rogue/warlock mix... So I can understand if all the roles have been filled. Still gonna lurk

Posted on 2010-01-20 at 00:23:29.
Edited on 2010-01-20 at 02:46:15 by Kaelyn

Topic: Of Donjons and Dragoons Q&A / OOC
Subject: Did this die before it began??


Posted on 2010-01-19 at 22:23:29.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: Update peoples!!

Im at drs office and want more to read for this game. Lol

Posted on 2010-01-19 at 22:21:51.

Topic: Not Really a Game, COULD Be
Subject: My newest character on the inn for tek's game..

Anora ‘Rose Blanche’ Arlessa, is the youngest of three siblings, and the only daughter of Harmond and Miriam of House Arlessa; a noteworthy noble house of good standing in the capital of Vyrrmas known for their contributions to the Alcanese trade efforts. For six generations House Arlessa have produced ambassadors, consorts, emissaries and liaisons acting on behalf or commission of the Monarchy or current Regency. Harmond owns and runs the largest independently operated vineyard in Alcana. Miriam acts as a personal consul to the regent when fostering relations with foreign nationals or brokering trade agreements for the import or export of goods.

Anora has two older brothers, Jacob, a well traveled and distinguished wine and spirit merchant acting on behalf of the house name, and Samual, who until recently served under Harmond in the management of the vineyard as his lead hand, being tailored towards continuing the family business. Anora knew little of Jacob, as he was rarely home except to pick up a shipment or another, but Samual and Anora were extremely close. They played in the fields, and studied together whenever Samual wasn’t working, or chasing away any would-be suitor who looked at his sister the wrong way, and to Samual any way was the wrong way. “I’ll always protect my little flower” he’d say with a grin and a flex of his muscular arms .

Anora stands at a dainty 5’2”, and weighs only 117 lbs. Lithe in frame she has the body of a dancer, for truly that is one of her favourite respites aside from riding the countryside. Long strawberry blonde locks cascade over fair skinned shoulders to hang midway down her back, while framing her flawless face, accentuating eyes of stunning green that shimmer with intelligence and curiosity. Often wearing the simplest of pure cotton or silk attire, white preferably, unlike many of her fellow noble women-in-waiting however, Anora often shuns the fineries her status in life could afford her, preferring simple garments without gaudy accessories or adorned with valuable gemstones. Her mother had always told her that trinkets and jewels would only draw the wrong kind of attention, that of gold diggers and thieves, and that a woman’s true beauty and worth would always outshine any gem in the eyes of those who truly mattered. Thankfully Anora was blessed with an abundance of physical beauty, passed down from her mother of course, a woman in her forties who looked more the role of an older sister to the 19 year old Anora than the woman who brought her into the world.

Ever since childhood, Anora has been raised to follow in the footsteps of her family lineage, particularly that of her mother, as her birth marked the first daughter of blood entering the family in almost forty years. Grace, professionalism, and diplomacy have been engrained into her very being. A creature of poise and beauty, Anora has always blended in well enough with the other women of her all girls academy, though classmates and professors often claim to find her staring off seemingly into nothingness, her eyes twinkling, the crease of her mouth curling into a smirk or a scowl as though her in mind she were far away from the classroom. Educated in the ways of politics, trade negotiations, and persuasion using her ‘ample ‘feminine guile, Anora was well on her way to becoming a fine young lady ready to join her mother in her important work…

Until the plague arrived.

Living on such an acreage of size put House Arlessa outside the protective walls of Vyrrmas. When it first came to Alcana and beset a farmhand, little was thought of the isolated incident; but as more and more succumbed to illness and the first of almost a dozen deaths occurred a panic broke out. Anora’s father and brother Samual moved to calm those in their employ and intervene, but fear and paranoia spread like wildfire, with proclamations of the plague having infected the very ground upon which they stood, the very grapes and grains which served as the lifeblood of House Arlessa. Desperate and afraid, fires were set to cleanse the ‘tainted’ fruit, and as the fields burned out of control, Harmond and Samual ran too and fro doing whatever they could do to quell the hungering flames, to little avail. A call went to the local Chantry, and with their divine help the fires were eventually extinguished, and arrests were made. Not before more than a third of the harvestable crops however lay ruined as was one of the largest storehouses used for holding wine and spirits ready for export. It was in the burned and charred husk of the storehouse that Samual was found dead, his body blackened amidst shattered glass and casks, the stench of alcohol and burned flesh an almost sickeningly sweet scent permeating the air. It is said Samual’s body was found crouched over a single wooden case, almost protectively, a wooden support beam from the roof having landed upon his back, breaking his spine though he cradled the crate. Inside were a dozen bottles of Anora 1002 Rose Blanche wines, their deep green glass protecting an expensive year of wine, and pride of the Arlessian House to celebrate Anora’s birth. To the very end, Samual protected his little flower, and it cost him his life.

Anora was away on a trip across the countryside when the plague happened and her brother lost his life protecting a symbol of something dear to him, but when she arrived home and learned of the news of what had transpired, the woman was filled with sorrow, an emptiness that had no direction, no focal point.. That is until Cardinal-Deacon Ilphian, declared the results of divination had proven that the plague which had claimed the lives of many, and by all accounts the life of her brother was the result of arcane magic users.

Anora had heard little of magic outside of the sanctioned mages of noble houses or royalty, in fact the thought of apostates and ‘witches’ had never even entered the innocent girls mind. But as the witch hunt was declared, Anora found her sorrow quickly turn into anger, and fueled by the pain of her lost sibling, Anora decided she needed a purpose with which to direct those feelings tumultuous as they were inside her heart and mind. Against her mother’s advice, but not without her blessings Anora dropped out of school and joined the Chantry, throwing herself into wisdom of the Gods, and the hope they provided, praying that one might take pity upon her tortured soul, and provide clarity. Someone to guide her hand towards purging the lands of plague and disease, and those deviants who would instigate such terrible curses. For this she prays night after night, awaiting her call to be answered..

Posted on 2010-01-19 at 22:07:15.

Topic: Season of the Witch Q/A
Subject: hehe..

Read update at like 3am.. had to post as soon as I read it.. yay for game back in motion

Posted on 2010-01-19 at 19:56:48.

Topic: Season of the Witch
Subject: Musings of a flock without a sheppard

Anora listened as Erkand Vale rebutted Eafora's outburst. While the paladin too felt a protective duty towards those cast under the same fate as she, she could not deny their host's truthful words. Here was an opportunity to carve out an existence beyond what happenstance and the cruel hand of power had dealt them, for surely to stay would mean death.

Anora peered long and hard at the man who offered them freedom, albeit conditional and took a step towards him as he withdrew, pausing only long enough to toss a pouch upon the table.. tea leaves perhaps, she thought as she gently reached out to acquire the pouch, lifting the small satchel to her nose and inhaling the aroma within...

(Pending she doesn't pass out)

"There is much to be done, and little time to do so.. I realize there is little reason to place your lot in with each other before you, but we are united by a commonality we cannot deny... survival. There are more questions than answers, and Mr. Vale may be the only one to shed light upon the veil cast over our lives. I cannot prophecize about what your mind's are telling you, nor will I be so bold as to openly proclaim what lies in yonder hearts. However, it lies within my gut that our answers lie in Erkand Vale, and the start of the path to claim those answers lies in the ruins he mentioned. s such, I will be at the previously stated rendevous outside the gates in two hours time. I beg you all to consider what's at risk, and join me then and there.. We come from different worlds at first glance, different races, religions, and lifestyles, but perhaps it is our differences that will unite us, perhaps it is our uniqueness that will strengthen us. They say the Syln line their bows with many layers of different woods to maximize flexibility and strength, and good Dwarve's I know your kind are the masters of metallurgy and the combining of ore and mineral into unrivaled goods. I beg you all to look within, and let us be as one on this journey the fates have placed us on, stronger together than apart."

Wih that Anora flashed a smile, as sincere as she could muster given the grievance of the situation, turned, and left... She had another letter to leave for her parents before leaving in the morning... and perhaps time for a cup of tea...

(Anora will make her way back to the Vinyard- conveniently aready outside the city walls, and write out a goodbye letter to her parents detailing the meeting, Erkand Vale, the Ruins where she will be headed, while sipping a cup of tea from the pouch Erkand left before hopefully making it to the rendevous point as discussed.)

Posted on 2010-01-19 at 10:20:22.


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