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Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Heya

I've been burning the Candle at both ends so I'm a little fuzzy at the moment lol. I'm going to reread some stuff in the coming days. Ginafae I recieved the images, and I'll add them to the Base of operations site soon. They look great btw.

Posted on 2009-01-09 at 04:00:05.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Shares.

Will have to read back didn't know tek was leaving.. If that's the case then i'd say Aelistae xaris linnix and bart talus and dylan get a share and bri and elen can split a share. Bart i think will impose a ten percent loot fee for upkeep on future turn ins if it's not an issue. Otherwise though you may at some point wish to consider an armory of smaller magic items for the npc's you will undoubtedly attract or hire. Never know when that drawer of plus one daggers might turn the tide

Posted on 2009-01-08 at 23:34:06.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: WEll

If everyone agrees I'll divide the loot as listed by Jozan. If we're selling the daggers, and adding in all the rest, then the total Group loot (including selling Skullcrusher, and items unusable I estimated THe total group loot around 13,400gp

Posted on 2009-01-08 at 20:42:21.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Myself anyways..

I've been around, was planning on reading / posting something somewhere tomorrow lol. Was waiting on those maps you were trying your hand at to see if it would help with the Base of Operations stuff, but I've got more in game posts I can do. Will get on those tomorrow.

Posted on 2009-01-07 at 04:20:29.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: now I'm excited,

I look forward to it Ginafae, thank you

Posted on 2009-01-01 at 19:31:56.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: If anyone would like..

If anyone would like to break down the map into individual rooms via graph paper and scanning, paint or some other dungeon builder, assign them numbers and what not, I'll give each room it's own section, and reward those who help with bonus CD's. My scanner's on the frits and since I had to reload my computer awhile back due to a virus I no longer have any of the programs that I used to for dungeon building.

Posted on 2008-12-30 at 17:59:01.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: ok

I added the map to the first post of the Bse of Operations Thread.

There is also the basement, currently accessible only through the baily's 'well' which doesn't yet have a map, but that's really a simple rectangular room. Perfect for the turning into a mutlitude of things.

As Ginafae asked, initial exploration of the basement, while showing a few cracks in the foundation or quick repairs, does not seem to have any viable exits entrances, holes or otherwise that might have provided a means for say, the drow to enter.

Posted on 2008-12-30 at 17:42:09.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Dragon Mistress

Loved the post, just didn't quite understand the last couple sentences...
If you don't have a device? I'm not sure I understand.. It seems you're suggesting a coat of arms, a banner, like the one I described on the back of the Green cloaks. The outpost is still under the jurisdiction of Tethyr, as such including the monarchy's herald of the gryphon seemed a necessity, while including the scarlet rose, for indeed, the rose symbolizes a group of indivduals in service to Lord Bartholomew, who in turn is in service to the crown.

Though Navy and black with a fiery phoenix trialing roses does make an imposing banner.. Perhaps down the line should for whatever reasons you see fit to try and 'break away' from the crown, it could be the standard for a whole new nation? But I digress, and am getting excited and ahead of myself and the game lol..

Posted on 2008-12-28 at 10:39:36.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: A place called home

After the din of celebration had ended, and the quiet of the following eve had fallen, it seemed that everyone had had there own motives for wanting to be alone, though the same lines of thought had actually ended up pairing up more than one duo.. Elendil had spent her time scouring the keep for as much information as she could. With the sweeping of what rooms the Tethyrian guards would allow her access too, Elendil learned that while most of the keep lay in simple, somewhat empty rooms on the ground floor, with a few second story buildings set up to house extra troops and gear. Elendil also found out that The well, in the bailey of the keep was actually a façade. A false structure actually, containing a set of winding stairs leading to an open basement beneath the rest of the stronghold. The open basement as roughly 110 feet long, and 60 feet wide, About half the size of the entire above ground structure. Support columns were currently in place to support the structure, but a nearby guard explained that largely it seemed to be the sleeping quarters for the gathered horde. An explanation to the seemingly unending wave of troops that appeared in the bailey during combat.

Elendil had needed to request more time for the more than punctual elven runner, she had simply not had the opportunity to gather sufficient evidence or information to give a formal report. The young male had left just as swiftly as he had appeared, promising to return upon the setting of the moon after the morrow. (48 hours) Elendil was no artist, but she did do her best reconstruction of the keep on a piece of parchment, a rough map and layout as she had learned, for additional information to her superiors. As she sketched, she wondered just why the young runner had addressed her so formally. It was not necessarily custom for her to be addressed as lady, she was after all a simple scout. As she dwelled on the possible hidden meanings in the choice of words used, there came a sounding of a deep bell.

Looking towards the point of the sound from their various perches and places of interest, all could see that in the middle of the bailey, a wooden frame had been constructed, and hanging from it, Bart pulling the heavy rope at its side causing it to swing; was a gleaming iron bell, polished to a pristine finish. etched into the side of the bell was a mosaic of the battle which had returned the site to Tethyrian control. There in the relief were each of the heroes of Bartholomew’s party, carved in intricate detail at a scene during the struggle for freedom. Even Elendil and Bronwyn’s actions were included, though their bodies were not.. For a golden filigree Arrow punctured the dark iron drow’s heart above the scene, while a crimson dyed patch of colored steel exploded in the reflection of light behind the tumbling Bolikar.

Lord Bartholomew hailed everyone in the loudest, most dominant voice he had ushered since departing from Darromar so long ago. “People of the Northern Outpost, I give you the Liberty Bell, a heralding of the heroics which freed this site from enemy control. So long as the bell tolls, This site shall remain a bastion of freedom, faith, and refuge for all who seek shelter within my.. Our newfound walls.” Bart let go of the rope, letting the bell ease to a standstill before sweeping his arms out to address those he could see. “I had thought long and hard for a title befitting of those whose bloodshed and efforts have lead us to stand on this reclaimed soil this night, yet so too have the people, for circling round the campfires, and echoing down the halls all boast of the “Lights of Starspire.” Who am I to take that most deserved acclamation away from them? While you have wandered, explored, set camps or made plans, I have been delegating with the Monarchy about my roll and responsibilities. And it is with great honor that my first order of business is to Grace you all with one more title. One more name that will be carried on throughout the Realm, and remembered throughout history in song and tale.”

Bartholomew raised a hand bearing a small crossbow, an ornate bolt in the chamber. Northern Outpost 13 fell to the horde over a decade ago, and there it died. But from its ashes has risen something far greater. No longer a simple place of cold stone walls, and fearful soldiers, this site has been reborn, revitalized, and reinvented. So, with great pride, I give you Tethyr’s newest outpost. The Bastion of Starspire, and with it, the birth of my own court, The Order of the Scarlet Rose!”

A great clamor of a cheer erupted as he fired the bolt into the air, the tiny projectile disappearing from view, before exploding into a massive explosion of fireworks and magical flame spreading to take on the form of a Phoenix, rising from the earth, and spreading it’s wings wide. It was a majestic sight, and as the sky was flooded with light, a thousand roses fell from the sky, their scarlet petals carrying them gently to the earth below, while women, children, and soldiers alike tried to catch the rare flowers, even more so this late in the season.

“A Gift from his Royal Highness, and most appreciated too,” Bart said as the gasps turned into cheers and claps. When his voice was finally able to be heard again over the gathered celebration, his raised hand hushed the crowd and he called out once more.

“Now, onto business. I would request that all of Those who bear the title of the Lights of Starspire join me inside the keep, as there is much to discuss. I would extend that same invitation to our two groups of guests, Lady Elendil, and Lady Bronwyn as well, and Lord Atharam Markel, and his knights of Helm for we have much to talk about. As for the rest of you, enjoy the celebration, and try not to empty all the casks, as we’re still on a rationed supply.” With that same hearty guffaw of a chuckle Lord Bartholomew, dressed in silk and cotton rather than tweed and wool took his parting, and moved to enter the southern fortification, and up to the second floor.

As the companions slowly made their way into the room, the second floor had been turned from a gatehouse into a hall, where a long linen lined table with simple wooden high back chairs awaited those gathered. It wasn’t grand or anything, but certainly looked a a far cry better than the tattered cloth, broken furniture and remnants of the filthy goblin kind that previously filled the room.

Bartholomew sat at the head of the table, and bid everyone sit where they may at the table. As everyone took their seats, it was apparent that they were a couple bodies shy of a full group. Bartholomew welcomed everyone to the table, and then addressed what the absences had already left unsaid.

“While it is great to see so many of you here, I’ll inform you as to why dear Artanis and the effervescent Intella are not amongst us. With the capturing of the keep, Intella felt that the winds had shifted, Said something about a gust at her back that just seemed to push her feet forward in a direction other than hear. While she wishes she could have said goodbye, with all the hoopla about settling this place, she figured if the fate’s determined it, she would be back this way again, and with that it was more of a till next time, rather than a good bye.

Artanis on the other hand, left me a letter explaining her choice to leave. I would read it now.

“Dear Bartholomew, Our sponsor, My friend.

It pains me to depart in such secrecy, but I do not think I could bare to face the others, not after all that we have been through. There is so much I would say, but in the end my heart is set and I would not dare attempt to withstand the litany for reasons to stay that undoubtedly would come from them. This feeling in my heart is like a ballista hole, and while you and the other’s this quest, was a milestone in my life, I know that have yet to fully heal from the wound inflicted so long ago. It is there that I go, to put an end to the ghosts that haunt me, and bring justice to a wrong that was never righted.

I wish I could explain more, but please tell the others that I love them all, they are the family that I’ve been without for so long, and I will return when my mission is finished. Tell Xaris not to have too much fun without me.

With Strength and honor

Lord Bartholomew folded the letter and placed it in front of him on the table… Letting the weight of his words sink in.
“Let us all give prayer that our friends find all that they seek, and return to us safely. Now.. Onto things we can affect. First things first.

All of the weapons and items of value have been stockpiled and accounted for. And while we’ve already covered the grounds for various parties interest in such things. I’ve made a decision to that end. Aelistae, Linnix, Xaris,Talus, Dylan we’ll speak in private later about certain items of interest. Lady Elendil, I have composed a dossier on the Drow woman your arrow so gracefully felled. The woman, Whose name, or alias at least is known to be Kestril, bore the rank of a Neophyte Priestess under the services of the Spider-queen Lolth. While we have no current leads as to her motives behind aiding Bolikar’s plans, it can be assumed that she was not the top tier of this plan. Unless she was exiled and trying to gain favor with the surface dweller, the likely scenario is she was the eyes and ears for a higher, as of yet unknown power. That unsettling thought behind us, The objects retrieved from the priestess have been copied using a Military illusionists great skill, allowing you to take them back for evidence, while the original’s shall remain here. The illusionary creations should last ten days, plenty of time I would think for your Council to go over them for anything of importance.

With that, Bartholomew motioned for a guard to bring forth a trunk. Placing it by Elendil’s side and lifting the simple wooden lid, inside were revealed a suit of blackened chain, a pair of daggers, numerous vials, a crossbow, clothing that looked identical to what the priestess wore, and a piece of parchment upon which was an intricate design of what Bart informed everyone was a copy of the tattoo the priestess bore on the back of her neck. “That last detail is compliments of Aelistae, for without her we could have missed it altogether. It may not mean anything to me, but perhaps to your learned people it might ring a bell.

Upon the parchment was a Celtic knot type symbol, save the links were interwoven snakes coiling around a a woman of drow descent. Sitting on top of the rest of the gear was a small leather pouch. Inside was a Starspire opal, the clear gemstone alight with a incandescent blue white glow. “In times past, such gifts were given as a sign of friendship and allegiance, and though these tokens are extremely rare since the mines have long run dry, I would ask that you deliver this token to your Elders, that we might strike up communications anew with your people, our neighbors as it were.

Bartholomew clapped his hands, and a pair of serving girls dressed in simple cotton dresses brought jugs of water, and wine to the table, placing a copper goblet in front of each person seated there.

Lady Bronwyn, I cannot give you your beloved Buttercup back to you, only advise that you keep her in your heart and mind, that her companionship never fade. I can however provide you with another horse of your choosing from the herd gifted to us by the kingdom. It is only fitting that since you rode in here, you ride out as well. However, I do have another proposition for you if you’d be willing to hear it.

Lord Bartholomew extended his gaze across Atharam, Seleyon and Hawkrill as well as he spoke. “This is a new outpost, situated in the shadows of the Starspire Mountains, and though we’ve routed the most obvious threat, lurking drow plans, and unseen dangers aplenty abound to be sure. I would ask each and everyone of you to stay on, and aid me as my Court, my Order of the Scarlet Rose. Each of you is invaluable in your own way, each of you has experience and knowledge to bring to this fledgling operation.
Lord Atharam, I have already spoken with Redeemer Arthas from your temple at Castle Tethyr, and your commision to build a place of worship and outpost for knights has been sanctioned and confirmed. Aelistae, you of all people have so much to offer to we, the ignorant of this world. Surely there is no better place than to share all the good of your heart with people. Elendil, we will need an emissary to your people, and your aim with a bow is as true as I’ve ever seen. Your keen eyes watching the lands around the keep would be a great boon. Brownyn, we have not mage amongst our ranks, and if it be training or growth that you seek, than I ask humbly that you consider this as the place to do it. Within these walls, you could start your own repository, your own study… What I’m getting at people is here, now, the opportunities for the future are endless. We have an opportunity to carve into Tethyr, nay all of Toril a place unlike any other. A place where the colour of one’s skin, or the shame of one’s past are left at the gates, where united community strives for the betterment of all.

We have but a small contingent of soldiers, but Xaris, your size in the eyes of those men far outdoes that of your stature, and Linnix, it would be my ultimate honour for you to call the Starspire Bastion your home. I’ll not lie, the building of this place into an ideal community will take time, hard work and resources untold. But with you all at my side, I feel confident we can overcome any obstacle.

Just imagine, a place where untold adventures can be born, a place of respite and refuge, a place where each of you can mold and shape the very foundation of a nation.

Seleyon leaned over and whispered to Atharam.

“He talks like he’s the king himself already.”

Hawkrill on the other side leaned in as well with a response.

“You’ve got to love his enthusiasm. What say you sir?”

Bartholomew stood from the table, and moved to where a simple wardrobe stood at the far wall. Opening it revealed a dozen beautiful hunter Green cloaks, and as he pulled one out, he flourished it to reveal the emblazoned etching of Tethyr’s great Gryphon, wings spread wide in it’s majesty claws clutching a brilliant Scarlet Rose. The clasp was also a gilded gold rose, and Bartholomew stood there holding it awaiting anxiously, who of his companions would take on the responsibility of leadership, courtship, and extended companionship.

Posted on 2008-12-27 at 21:30:18.
Edited on 2008-12-27 at 21:41:44 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Hail to the players

I'm at the airport awaiting my flight home from Christmas holidays and finally checked in.. As I left in the comings and goings, Iwasn't going to be here for the past week... So that is the reason for my absence.

Anyways, posting a post now that will explain all you pm'ed me Elendil I think..

Posted on 2008-12-27 at 13:24:40.

Topic: I'll be home for Christmas... so I won't be here
Subject: I'll be home for Christmas... so I won't be here

I'm heading home for the holidays tomorrow, which means I'll likely not be online for the following week. I'm back on the 27th.. Happy holidays everyone.

Posted on 2008-12-21 at 20:10:30.

Topic: Gestalt Game Tabletop
Subject: Ghestalt

ok.. Taking the best from two classes...You're looking for a munchkin character that's going to be able to hold their own should the dung hit the gnomish air dispersal units rotary blade as it were.

That stated, and being evil to boot. You'll want a character that can deal massive amounts of damage while being able to look out for one's primary interest... Themselves. a Monk's awesome saves, decent Hit points, and incredible versatilty is a must, and by seventh level your wholeness of body kicks in I believe... cha-ching. Throw in your other 7 levels in a class that takes advantage of similar or other light/ unarmored increases to your AC, such as a swashbuckler, Rogue, Brawler or Green Ronin's 'Black Talon Deciple', and you'll find yourself adding Dex, Wis, and Int to your AC, coating yourself in poisons in which you're immune delivering them upon touch. With the freedom of any printed material upgrades, you can take things like Improved Natural Attack, multiple times even as it stacks via MM and Savage Species rules. You're little monk can be easily swinging for d12's if not higher, throwing in your debilitating stunning fists via sneak attacks, delivering poison attacks, and a whole lot more.... Just a thought off the top of my head.

EDIT: When in doubt... Proclaim yourself a lost God returned and disintegrate babies and mass dominate the populous of coastal towns feeding them as a walking buffet to your lycanthropic wolven friend... oh wait.. you're not quite high enough level for Valerian-style evil hehe.

Posted on 2008-12-21 at 20:05:39.
Edited on 2008-12-21 at 20:12:27 by Kaelyn

Topic: Gestalt Game Tabletop
Subject: hehe.. Remember Celeste?

Female Vampire Bard with insane Brew Potion/Alchemy/Poison skills. Love potions with DC's of 24? Check, Racial Dominates' Check... Cursed magic items are not to be forgotten... Tactful gifts that turn on key members in opportune moments can turn the tide of any battle.. whether it be of steel or wits.

Posted on 2008-12-21 at 19:55:57.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Sometimes, I play the role of arbiter.


Bartholomew finally let out an exasperated sigh of relief as the clamor of battle ended, then a groan as the clamor was struck anew by different factions seeking some compensation for their part in the downfall of Bolikar and the liberation of this site.

“I am Elendil Ithilmegilwen. I was sent here by the Council of Elders of the Forest of Teythir to verify the rumors of a gathering of Goblins and their ilk in the area. For now I must escort Bronwyn to recover her equipment, but I will return to gather the information I need.”

Elendil took a calming breath, she could almost hear the clamor of the others saying they were not there in the front lines of the fight and they had no rights to anything. When she spoke it was straight forward and matter of fact.

“I would also like to lay a claim for a share of the spoils of Bolikar and the Drow, for Bronwyn and myself. It was Bronwyn’s first fireball fried a large number of Goblins at the gate, keeping them from closing it, and my arrow and her second fireball together knocked Bolikar off the battlements and it was my arrow the pierced the heart of the Drow and took her out of the sky." She sighs and adds, "We may not have been in the front lines, but we were in the battle.”

Bartholomew looked towards Elendil and shook his head, really not sure how to deal with a situation as tentative as this, especially when they all still stood there covered in blood amidst the stench of death and defeat.

“Miss Ithil.. Ith.. Good Miss, forgive me for my humble tongue’s inability to pronounce such a eloquent name, but is now really the time? We are weary and some still wounded. You and your companion are free to take refuge within these sacked walls, for none will deny your aid in the battle. But perhaps the distribution of war spoils might be handled after a rest and chance to bathe?”

Bart let the rhetorical question end there, for he had already smiled, nodded, and made for the keep after directing Aelistae to tend to the fallen drow’s body, and have everyone else meet inside.
The next day…
While word quickly spread like wildfire that Bolikar and his goblin troops had been quelled by a strange and varied group of adventurers, It was not the Queen’s men who arrived first to the Stronghold, but instead a single unburdened elf bearing the tribal markings akin to many of the runners enlisted in the Wealdath elves Service. The young man, certainly a score of summers shy of Elendil in age approached the ranger and addressed her in a formal, military tone.
“Lady Ithilmegilwen, The Council and Treespeaker wish a report on what has transpired.”
The young man stood stoic and unmoving, expecting an answer then and there. Elendil recounted the tale as she saw fit too. (Feel free to Pm me your report DM) The runner did little more than listen until she was finished. He asked no questions, he made no interruptions, merely taking everything said as fact for the time being. When Elendil was finished, he delivered further orders.

“I will deliver your report to the Treespeaker, and return within one week with new standing orders. Please keep an observatory eye on the going’s on here in the meantime. The Council will be pleased with this fortunate turn of events. You were wise to act when you did, and now, because of it, opportunity strikes where once lay only fear ran rampant.” With a hardy handshake that consisted of the elves gripping wrists rather than hands, and the runner crossing his free arm over Elendil in an ark. “The Tree father watch over you.”

With that, he took off for the Forest to the north, much would need to be discussed.


Back to the present.

(Should handle something for the time being… But Bart will be in a upcoming post about loot and new responsibilities in the next day or so. Just need to head to bed for now lol)

Posted on 2008-12-18 at 15:33:47.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Postage

I'll have Bart answer and an update carry everything on... apparently I've a slew of Pm's and a bunch of q/a to read regarding this but here's the deal.

Conflict between character's in natural. The basis and perceptions of the connotations and motivations behind those In Game conflicts are a Moot point really.

If I've ever felt there was metagaming, I've contacted players directly, and I've already discussed with certain people the reasonings behind why I've done what I've done or said what I've said.

That being said. And seeing as despite out of Character conversation or suggestions 'sticking to the character' has brought forth more in game conflict. We'll handle this in game.

Hopefully come morning I'll have Bartholomew and or the Queen Monarch herself settle this dispute once and for all.

Brianna. Your concerns about why you would still be at the stronghold a week later are noted, as is your response to Fate's gift as you pm'ed me. But Fate did not 'give' it to you directly. He merely left it right next to you while you slept one eve as he slipped away.

As I told Elendil, (and explained I would post further to convey it on an in game basis) A Messenger from the Wealdath Elven Council would be dispatched to collect your 'report' soon after news of Bolikar's defeat reached their inquisitive ears.
I've discussed 'loot and rewards' till I was blue in the face... And that's pretty hard to do since I'm over the computer lol... So for now let us leave any and all mentioning of it out of this thread. Know that it's being handled, and will be directly responded to on an In game finalized level as soon as possible.

I'll not allow something so trivial as who deserves what reward to tear apart one of the inn's most active and dare I say it popular games. You're all valuable in your own ways, and I would like to see this resolved in a courteous manner.

Again, let's let it drop from our minds for the time being, and take a step back just to remember the fun we're having.

Papa Smurf will take care of things soon

Posted on 2008-12-18 at 04:34:18.

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: First post.

This will be the thread where all discussions and decisions reguarding upgrades, purchases and the like concerning your base of operations will go.

I'll post in the q/a first after we've moved on to an official in game point where these new options will come into play.

Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:06:23.

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: Reserved


Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:05:14.

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: Reserved


Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:05:03.

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: Reserved


Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:04:52.

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: Reserved


Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:04:22.

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: Reserved


Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:04:12.

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: reserved


Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:04:01.

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: Previews of a Basement cavern


Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:03:47.
Edited on 2009-04-17 at 15:49:44 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: Room E

Main Floor

Upper Floor

Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:03:34.
Edited on 2009-04-17 at 15:44:43 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: Room D

Main Floor

Upper Floor

Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:03:21.
Edited on 2009-04-17 at 15:40:43 by Kaelyn


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