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Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: Watching over the flock

They had left with the scout after her the sprites interjection and healing after Xiras Death Scythe floored Armand after his attempted removal of the deadly, and distinctly evil weapon. Such power, Ive not bore witness too before. The priest thought to himself, as he cast a Restoration spell upon himself with what little strength he had remaining to remove the taint of the negative energy which had encompassed him. Deunan came near and sprinkled the diamon dust over her comrade as he invoked the healing rite, feeling the cleansing power of the heavens purge his wracked body.

By all that is holy I will find the means with which to overcome that artifact of hell He thought repeatedly as they made their way across the landfall before them. For the majority of the first leg of the adventure Armand remained quiet. Deunan and Caduceus understanding that what Armand had just experienced was far more than just a blow to his ego, but a resounding hammer fall upon his anvil of faith. Never before had something so easily overwhelmed him, and never again in the priests mind would he allow such an undertaking to rid him of his senses.

Armand ridiculed himself for not erecting the proper defences against the dark arts. Wards against negative energy and afflictions should have been the first thing he placed, and he mulled over his plans for the next attempt at destroying the piece of abyssal weaponry.

As they neared dusk, and the Scout made motion for camping for the night, Armand would have preferred to continue on, their day had only just begun, but he knew too the value of proper rest. Dusk, the soldiers and the Scout had a banter about watch responsibilities, but Armand knew that tomorrow would bring about a whole new plethora of challenges, and thusly did not mind the chance for sleep.

Deunan and I will stand watch while Dusk regains his stamina, Ive much to contemplate anyways. We will take our rest when relieved. Armand says at last. A couple extra sets of eyes will help in the coming darkness.

Deunan simply nodded, while Caduceus remained silent, having his own private conversation with Armand via telepathy.

Armand and Deunan set themselves on the side of the fire, backs to each other while they cast their gazes off into the coming night. They spoke about the past and the present, allowing for conversation to anyone who was awake enough to inquire to them, basically killing time, while keeping a keen eye out on the surrounding area. Armandsnimbus of light, a soft gloy with a radius of 20 acted as double strength circle of protection vs.Evil and lesser globe of invulnerability covered Deunan and others close by, and his constant ability to grant a bless, virtue, guidance, and resistance to those around him, would afford those sleeping within sight a slight buffer against anything that may think to strike while they were unprepared. He would watch over those with him like a Sheppard would their flock.

(allowing for convo etc)

At the end of the hour, if uneventful, Armand prepares for sleep, but before he does casts Omen of Peril., begging the gods above the question.. Does danger loom around the bend as I close my eyes to this days end?

Posted on 2008-11-06 at 00:24:34.

Topic: help the webmaster, part deux!
Subject: Your vote has now been made official. Thanks for participating!

Two more from me.

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 22:24:21.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: To simplify...

According to the PHB and DMG...

You cannot 'rest' more than once in a 24 hour period to regain any daily spell slots, abilities, or charges... simple enough..

A mage cannot sleep from midnight to 8am... use some spells in combat, then sleep from noon to 8pm and regain his spells again..

A Balrog cannot Summon demons at 3 in the morning, finish destroying a small town and eating it's populous, stop for a nap, and summon more in the same 24 hour period..

A Helm of Teleportation cannot be used three times, then after the user rests for 8 hours be used again.... the following day the helm recharges... (typically at midnight) Meaning whether 1 charge or three were used be it throughout the day or all at 11:59pm... as of 12:00am they return.

Just putting in my two cents.

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 22:19:40.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Playing smart vs meta-gaming.

If we were gaming around a table. Certain table talk and strategies would be expected. I don't consider those together in the game strategizing as wrong. Now if bri or dm suddenly posted or suggested that they had a potion of neutralize disease for aelistae., then i might have an issue because there's no possible reason for them to come to that plan of action due to their positions. So talk amongst yourselves and i'll make judgement call if i think someone is crossing the line.

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 10:18:14.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Playing smart vs meta-gaming.

If we were gaming around a table. Certain table talk and strategies would be expected. I don't consider those together in the game strategizing as wrong. Now if bri or dm suddenly posted or suggested that they had a potion of neutralize disease for aelistae., then i might have an issue because there's no possible reason for them to come to that plan of action due to their positions. So talk amongst yourselves and i'll make judgement call if i think someone is crossing the line.

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 10:17:53.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction: The Linsemptus - Q/A
Subject: Postage

I actually have a post in mind for tomorrow... Will try to post an Armand/ healing/ moving on / setting watch post up on the morrow.

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 04:20:23.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: hmmm

Whatever the outcome of posts and die rolls... This is certainly one of the more interesting combats I've run. (crap he said interesting again.. we're all gonna die!)

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 04:15:55.

Topic: Santa Baby...
Subject: I want...

a Quasar Arcade game... Like the big bulky took a quarter to play in the 80's game.

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 04:14:30.

Topic: Quantum of Solace (sans spoilers)
Subject: Spoiler just for Grugg..

There's this guy, and he does stuff, and people die....

Posted on 2008-11-04 at 04:34:49.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Boulder

Was about the size of a Mini fridge? judge accordingly lol..

Bolikar stands about 11' tall, and yes, the Drow combat is taking place pretty much straight up above the center circle area of the stronghold.

Posted on 2008-11-03 at 21:59:10.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: in light of the above..

Lol... that is all

Posted on 2008-11-03 at 15:17:21.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: ugh..

I said interesting didn't I? Perhaps I should have said the dice have all formed a plan to slaughter you all through poor saves and untimely arrivals of other beasties?

Posted on 2008-11-03 at 15:12:12.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Tides of War

The goblin rabble had turned from a swarming mass of disorganized filth into a rank and filed brigade, augmented with halberd wielding gnolls, axe bearing orcs, and to top it off, a flying drow from which to supervise from above. Bolikar himself still hadnt made an appearance, one gate was shut, and the momentum of combat was indisputably shifting from advantageous towell, anything but.

Seleyon was cut off from the rest of her team, and though her bow was her preferred weapon of choice, she was no novice to getting into the thick of things when the situation required. With her curved scimtar whirring about her frame in a defensive line she fought earnestly to stave off the blows as four from the three deep line of goblins separated from the wall, to engage the woman, the wall tightening ranks with seemingly endless reinforcements. The quartet of trouble approached, circling round to flank the forest-born elf. From three sides and between they attacked, and Seleyon miraculously avoided all four incoming morningstars. The failed attack did little to bolster the already cowardly creatures resolve, and the Helmite scout sought to take advantage of any and all little blessings her Lord bestowed. Turning on her heel, and bringing her scimitar up across her body in a right ankle to left shoulder diagonally sweep upwards, her finely crafted blade caught a goblin in a similar, opposite swath, opening up his chest and dropping him to the dirt in a pool of brackish blood.


Back within the ring of enemies, Atharam saw Seleyons skill, and had to commend the only woman hed ever met who could best him in a feat of physical strength. Yet for all her strength, the enemy numbers were numerous, and she would tire. Gathering Hawkrill to his side, their great steeds rising in a turn as goblins gasped and flinched at the sight, before being cowed and pushed back into formation.

Hang on, Seleyon! The knight screamed as loud as he possibly could so that she would know he was coming to her side. Though his adrenaline allowed him to ignore it, his throat was gradually becoming raspy from his extreme vocals. Losing it was something he could not afford Steel your resolve! You are not alone!

Without room to mount a charge, the knight and his squire could only hope to trample over, and hack their way through to their sister of battle. Atharam and Hawkrill moved side by side, protecting at least one of their flanks, but the reach of a Halberd was long, and their were many goblins between them and their goal. With hoof stomping, sword swinging, and spear jabbing they clashed with the wall of monsters which reveled in the chance to spill human blood, spurned forward by the deep rhythm of the war drums, which seemed to sing Death
With every beat.


A Drow! Here, now. While the typical dweller of the Underdark was known to revel in anarchy and sow the seeds of chaos, Aelistae still wasnt quite prepared to see one of her evil kin. Kin, the very word meant there was a blood-tie, a bond of family; and now, seeing one of her race, of the kind she left behind made her stomach lurch with a pang of disgust.

The Drow priestess of Lolth had issued the challenge, more of a threat really, but it would not shake the resolve of Aelistae, or her faith in Eilistraee.

No! Were not in the lightless caverns of the Underdark here. There are no other Spider Kissing Bitches to save you. But Eilistraee is everywhere on this moonlit night in my heart, in my soul, and guiding my arm. We shall see whose Goddess is stronger!

As Aelistae gave her passionate retort, she felt something surface deep within her. It was like a warm hug on a cold night, and it came from deep within, and as she basked in the embrace of the hidden warmth the priestess knew that somehow, her Goddess had heard her cry, and for this encounter, she was not alone. (Utilizing CD point Bonus 2 for this encounter)

As Aelistae sheathed her blade long enough to produce a scroll, and when her reading of its ensorcelled page was complete, the priestess had grown a pair of feathery wings. She gazed skyward, and prepared for a battle unlike she had ever experienced, save perhaps in a nightmare.


Some were headed east, others straight up, but for Intella, Xaris, and Artanis, and likewise Linnix, Talus, Dylan and Bart, there was a need to cut a path through the goblinoids and their gnollish comrades to link up with each other. That in their numbers they could stand against, and defeat the overwhelming odds.

Xaris led by tossing a tangle foot bag at one of the gnolls in his path, but his throw went wide and caught the goblin beside it, wrapping it up in a sticky goo while it struggled to get free. The albino-gnome had hoped to get Artanis to throw a bag as well, but the warrior woman had always felt the best way to deal with conflict and adversity was simply to drive a blade through its gut and be done with it. So, with Intella by her side, the two women lashed out at the wall before them, small piercing weapons, and large blades working in tandem to cut a line through the gnolls, goblins and orcs to get to their friends. Artanis bastard-sword took to the gnoll, while Intella squared off against the nearest Orc. Both kept tabs on the goblins between them, but wouldnt see fit to leave the mightier foes unattended to.

Intellas strikes were both true, wounding the orc, who glowered over her and responded with an axe strike across her shoulder, chipping bone and causing intense pain to flair down her right arm. (Intella 23/36)
Artanis did marginally better, her Bastard sword cutting a clean strike up into, and through the gut of the gnoll in a powerful thrust. The creature yapped in pain clutching its skewered frame, and with Artanis removal of the blade it slumped dead to the ground.

On the other side of the wall of goblins, Dylans wolf, Dylan himself, Bathrolomew and Linnix and Talus behind them crashed into the wall of green skins with claw, rapier and eldritch blast working with amazing efficiency for the time being. In a matter of seconds, they were through two of the goblin lines before them, with only one more, and then the back of the line of gnolls goblins and orcs between them and their comrades. Unfortunately, this left them completely surrounded by the rest of the wall, and the goblins were only too eager to throw themselves and their weapon blows upon the gridlocked heroes. The strikes came in from the left and the right, and not one of those laying siege to this encampment would come out unscathed. Linnix too couldnt hope to take a shot at the drow with so many in melee around her. She had take a defensive stance instead in hopes of avoiding more pain and injury.
(Linnix 26/ 37)
(Dylan 28/35)
(Dylans Celestial Wolf (Green Status)
(Talus 23/29
(Bart- Yellow Status)
It was Bartholomew this time that took the unlucky blow, as a crude cudgel topped with shrapnel managed to get past his pitchfork, and slam into the side of his head, disorienting him. When the implement was removed, there were still bits of metal sticking from the poor farmers cranium, a bloody section of flesh torn from the side of his right cheek.


Still outside the carnage, Elendil and Bronwyn were dealing with the emotional overload the poor girl was having. Her entire infrastructure had just come tumbling down, and now, out here in the middle of a war zone, all Elendil could do was hold her charge until the tear drops stopped..

Back in the ring, the enemy struck, the Halberds lunging towards any within range, the javelins hurled, and the morningstars readied as the ring kept its distance, choosing to strike only with ranged weapons.
(Atharam 44/55HP)
(Raykel Green Status)
(Hawkrill -Yellow Status)
(Charger-Yellow Status
(Artanis 37/50hp)
(Xaris 45/61hp)
(Aelistae 25/ 38hp)
(Intella 21/36hp)

Atharam and Hawkril were making progress Eastward, as were those fighting to link up, but the cost of injuries were mounting. And up above, at seeing Aelistaes transformation the Llothite Drow merely grinned. Pulling herself higher to sit about 60 above the combat zone She fell into an incantation, that when finished, shielded her in another brief glow of shifting colours. With a beckoning finger, she taunted Aelistae once more.

A glance to where Fate once fought showed only goblin forces now, with no sign of struggle or combat coming from that direction

(End of Round one)
(Start of Round two)

Aelistae was more than ready for what was to come. Her heart, and mind resolved that only one would leave this battleground today. Bending her knees, she launched herself skyward, drawing her sword in a flash as her wings propelled her higher with each downward thrust. The Lolthite priestess floated above her as Aelistaes charge was abruptly ended by the shimmering field around her frame, and the Courtblade slid harmlessly across her enhanced armour. In response, the Lolthite leaned in and whispered. Feel the kiss of the Spider you so fear. With the incant that followed, her hand took on a sickly green glow, and as she planted her palm against Aelistaes chest, the Eilistraeen priestess felt her chest seize and her vision blur as she was infected by a contagion that sapped her sight along with her strength. (-2 Str + Blindness)

~*~ Down below, more progress was being made by the nameless band of would be heroes. Dylans wolf, along with the aid of Bartholomew, Talus and himself, had cut their way through to the ring, Intella and Artanis finishing off the stronger pillars barring the outside corners of their hard fought tunnel as it closed in around behind them, though not as deep as before, with fewer goblins to replace the ranks. Fortunately, this exchange of blows proved far more destructive on the enemy than our companions, with only minor wounds inflicted on their side. Xaris abandoning the second tanglefoot bag switched to his favoured sword and bypassing his comrades, charged into the nearest Gnoll he could find, the short blade eviscerating the poor bastard before he even knew what in the hells the puny white thing running at him with the glowing blue veins even was. (Critical hit for Xaris)

Linnix, finally free from melee for a brief moment, having placed herself out of harms way, wedged behind her friends, and the broken line caused by the strange knights looked up and saw Aelistae recoil, her hand instinctively clawing in front of her eyes. With her magical bolt loaded into her crossbow, she took faith in her ability and let fly. The bolt flew true, catching the Lolthite on the inside of her thigh, The priestess seethed, but could not be bothered to deal with the pain yet, that even now left her body tingling as the enchanted tip sent a jolt of electricity through her. (Lolthite- Green Status)

Outside, still coming to terms, something inside Brownyn clicked. Her tears of sorrow transmuted into fuel of a fire unlike she or anyone had ever seen come from the simple farmers daughter. Burying her tack and gear in a thicket, the mageling came to a decision that surprised Elendil, but the ranger knew that the girl needed closure, needed a reason to keep going and feel something more than useless. And while Revenge was not a course to be kept on long, it would serve to spurn Bronyn into action, and face this world for what it truly was.

Stepping outside of the brush, Elendils elvish eyes could make out a single figure standing on the rooftop make a proclamation as it hurled a large piece of rock down into the center of the stronghold. Through the gates combat could be seen, various forces battling the green skins, and above it all, two figures hovered in an aerial conflict. Whatever they chose to do they would have to do so quickly, before things got even more out of hand.


Seleyon cut down another Goblin that came within striking distance of her blade, and took a light blow to her forearm from a lucky strike. She was doing very well all things considered, and bolstered by her companions, nothing would stand in their way

Atharam and Hawkrill finally broke through the enemies ranks, leaving more green skins dead, but their steeds more than them paid a heavy price. Raykel took a pair of Halberd slices across his legs, while Charger took a trio of javelins through the protective barding. The steeds though would not give in, and as Charger hoof kicked, a goblins lights out that came too close from behind, the White stallion was rewarded with the soothing warmth of a Cure light wounds from Hawkrill. Well make it through this yet sir! The squire said, moments before a boulder smashed into him, and knocked him and his horse over under the power of the blast. The squires body lay limp and battered, knocked free of the ring of enemies as the rock smashed into the southernwall of the stronghold. Charger wasnt moving after taking the full brunt of the blow. Looking up atop the rooftop of the northwest room of the keep stood a single figure. Standing nearly one and a half times the size of any Orc anyone had ever seen, and with muscles bulging from beneath the furs of a lion, the figure bellowed out across the field. I am Bolikar! You shall kneel before my might, voluntarily, or after I tear out your kneecaps it makes no difference to me!

Health Recap

(Linnix 23/ 37)
(Dylan 27/35)
(Dylans Celestial Wolf (Yellow)
(Talus 21/29
(Bart- Yellow Status)
(Atharam 40/55HP)
(Raykel Yellow)
(Hawkrill -Red Status)
(Charger-Red Status)
(Seleyon -Green Status)
(Seleyons Horse )(left outside closed gate)
(Artanis 34/50hp)
(Xaris 43/61hp)
(Aelistae 25/ 38hp Blinded +-2STR)
(Intella 20/36hp)

(And there we have two more rounds of nerve wracking combat down (The center ring of Pcs is still surrounded by enemies, though the side facing the northern Gate is considerably thinned. Charger is not moving at all while Hawkrill is in Critical condition, and prone with enemies less than 10ft away. Aelistae is blinded, and Bolikar has made an appearance Game on!)

Posted on 2008-11-03 at 14:51:15.
Edited on 2008-11-03 at 15:16:38 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Update

Doing upodate now...

I just woke up lol...

Posted on 2008-11-03 at 11:23:41.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: It's sunday

which means I'm off for two nights (yay!) so I'll be updating today sometime... All posts should be in by then, otherwise as noted I'll npc to the best of my ability.

Should be an interesting few rounds.

Posted on 2008-11-02 at 13:29:18.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: More questions..

Yes Fireball is globular... Yes you can target something in the middle of the air, or even just a point in space anywhere within your range to aim for. So while it's thoretically possible for only a portion of the bottom part of the global explosion to encompass 'some' enemy, (and I'll do the math to figure out ratios and yadda yadda to determine how many should you actively post as such) but likely you'll End up hitting the two drow in the air no matter where you fire a fireball if its point of detonation is aerial in nature.)

Posted on 2008-10-30 at 19:51:36.

Topic: Camera Work Experimentation
Subject: I really

Want to go back to Edinburgh... Got some friends I need to pay a visit too. *Looks for Applicable postage and Box with air holes*

Posted on 2008-10-30 at 03:24:03.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: aaaaand....

I gave DA the opportunity to post by wednesday as she had requested, so I'll be updating tomorrow one way or the other.

Posted on 2008-10-30 at 03:17:47.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: And...

a slew of extra Cd points have been awarded as PM's fill my inbox

Posted on 2008-10-30 at 03:16:41.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: For the record

Bri/Brownyn gets my Cd point this week, I am deeply interested in the further development of Brownyn.

Posted on 2008-10-29 at 14:27:04.

Topic: When The Silence Breaks... Q/A
Subject: Tek knows

I'll post as time allows, he'll NPC Reuban when I can't get a post in on time, but just lettign you all know I'm still defiantely reading along at least!

Posted on 2008-10-28 at 14:05:41.

Topic: When the Silence Breaks...
Subject: turning in for the night

As Rueban rolled up the Letter of Sponsorship, he turned and nodded slowly towards his companions, taking only a single key, and leaving the three others on the barstool behind him for his colleagues to deal out amongst themselves.

To the innkeepers request, Reuban replied without turning. "We'll be gone with the clearing of the dishes from breakfast, that with their cleansing so shall you be rid of us, though all the same you have my sincerest gratitude."

Turning to the others. "Get some rest, Gunther, prepare to set out before the sun's rays have fully stirred the lark from her slumber." With that, Reuban turned and headed towards his room, glancing at the small number imprinted in the head of the simple key.

Once alone in the solitude and peaceful silence of his quarters for the evening, Reuban finally removed his armor, piece by piece with a loving touch. His cloak was folded neatly and placed atop a simple table by the door, while his breastplate was sat upon the wash basin. With a stretch of his now unhindered muscles Reuban went to his pack, and removed some of the basic armor maintenance supplies his old friend had gifted him with.

With loving care he oiled and polished his armor, all the while humming the music to one of his favourite childhood gospel's heard every sunday at church for most of his life. There was something profoundly self cleansing in the simple act of maintaining his armor, as though to clear the dirt and grit of the road, or from time to time blood of combat was like a shower for the soul, and as the tempered steel shone with renewed luster, Reuban always felt as though his own heart beat just that much stronger as Liris' emblem stared back at him.

"This will be a trying journey Mother;" he said to knowone in particular. "May I have the vigilance to watch over my flock of wayward sheep as you have watched over me. I trust their hearts are set on the right path, even if that path is not one of enlightenment. Perhaps with enough time, I may show them the glory of your ways, and have the voice of that bardess singing your praise."

With a smile at that thought Reuban rose, moving over to the bed where he stripped down, allowing cool sheets to caress warm flesh. Placing his sword sheath against the bedframe within arms reach, and a dagger beneath the pillow as a common bedtime practice, Reuban drifted into slumber with thoughts of glory, adventure, and perhaps one of his travelling companions to ease his way into dream.

Posted on 2008-10-28 at 14:04:47.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: a little help from the sidelines...

Jozan1.... Yo do know the radius of a thunderstone. tanglefoot bag yes?.... Just making sure... you might want to go check that out before I update tomorrow.

Extra Hint. There might be 30 ft between You and Bart / Talus etc.


5ft-space for Reach weapons
10ft-Gnoll goblin Goblin orc goblin goblin gnoll etc
20ft-Goblin -- You're aiming somewhere here with a t-stone
30ft-Bart Talus Linnix Dylan etc

Posted on 2008-10-28 at 13:43:19.
Edited on 2008-10-28 at 14:06:52 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: For Darkautumns ?benefit

I've started my update but will not finish it or post it until tomorrow night pending a post from Artanis.

Posted on 2008-10-28 at 13:10:41.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: And see..

I can text message anyone anywhere and it doesn't seem to charge me extra... wierd.

Posted on 2008-10-26 at 20:18:14.


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