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Topic: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations
Subject: Forgotten Realms Base of Operations

Stronghold and Base of Operations Resource Sheet:

Northern Outpost 13 of the Tethyrian Empire (The Bastion of Starspire)
Lord in Standing: Bartholomew James

Under the Jurisdiction of: The Queen Monarch and His Royal Highness

Operation of Stronghold: To provide forwarning of any Amnish or Mountainous incursions and to expand into a settlement.

Current Start-up fund: 1000 Gold.
Current Bank Note: Line of Credit up to 5,000gp @ 20% Monthly interest.

Northern Outpost 13's Resources in Units.
Currency: 1,000 Gold pieces:
Lumber: 300
Copper Ore:
Copper Bars: 50
Bronze Bars:50
Tin Ore:
Tin Bars:25
Iron Ore:
Iron Bars:25
Steel Bars:25
Gold Bars:

2 Head Oxen
1 Bull
2 Dairy Cows
12 Chickens
2 Goats
9 Sheep

6 Riding Horses of Various Breeds,
6 Work Horses of Various Breeds
2 Ponies
24 Barrels of Drinking Water
12 Barrels of Salted Fish in Brine
12 Barrels of Cured Meat
12 Wheels of Cheddar Cheese
12 Loaves of Bread
4 Barrels of Ale

5 Masons @ 5cp/day =2silver 50 copper / day or 9 gold / month
1 Foreman @ 1sp/day =3gold /month
3 unskilled labor hands @ 3 cp/day= 2 gold 7 silver / month
6 Miners
1 Mining Foreman "Ol Willy Hodgins"

4 galley hands @ 1sp/day= 12gold/ month
1 head cook @ 2sp/day = 6gold / month

Craftsmen (Specifics)
Sculptor (On Commission for Aelistae) (Start-950/Month1-1000/Pickup-950) (Currently paid 1950)

Posted on 2008-12-17 at 17:01:05.
Edited on 2009-04-15 at 17:26:42 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Moving on.

“Good people from near and far, lay down your verbal arms. As the good Helmite has said, we have won a great victory here this day.. But there is still much to be done, and still more of this compound to explore. We’ve seen little sign of the other sponsors or their parties, much of our resources are expended, and frankly we could all use a good nights rest, but I find that will likely not happen for the next few hours at least.”

Bartholomew placed a rugged palm against his neck and crooked his head, letting out a loud crack of muscle tension above the temporary silence.

“On the morrow I will send word to His and Her Majesty bearing great news. For now though we should secure the compound, fuel up our bodies as we have all undoubtedly pushed them to their limits, and share in this victory as a whole. This site shall be consecrated and returned to Tethyrian control, and I would have everyone here rewarded for their parts be it in my power.. But until the Queen get’s here, I am still just a humble farmer. And no title or position will change the fact that I could not be happier, or prouder of all of you whom I’ve come to consider allies. Companions. Friends.”


That being said, Fate was tended too and Bronwyn was soon visible for all to see. Though tensions were certainly not erased from the scene, it could not be argued that enough bloodshed and angst had been spilled forth this night, and all else could wait. “Aelistae, do take care of your ilk as would be befitting of your people. Others, we can gather what spoils or remnants of war we may then everyone please meet in the main gentry to the south. Secure it for the evening, and we will discuss what we will there.

(For the rest of the night, feel free to get with other Pc’s and talk through pm’ed Msn whatever if there’s simple conversation you want to convey. I want to move things along)


Bartholomew entered the gentry, a disheveled place of trampled wood and hay. Crude weapons lined the walls, and a wooden ladder was the only means to ascend to the second floor where Arrow slits and kill-holes looked down into the room below, and out over the southern courtyard. Heaving a satchel of supplies into the corner of the room, and leading Alice and directing the other horses into the southern courtyard for boarding for the evening, It was a night where exhaustion set in quickly, and other than the posted rounds for guard duty for any lingering forces… Sleep came easy.

A Week Later.

Reinforcements had been coming and going for a week now. Caravans of soldiers and supplies, rations and materials had been streaming into the Stronghold, with masons and tradesmen doing all they could to repair the ramshackle outpost into a defensible structure to serve as the forward warning for goblin activity in the surrounding mountains, or the Amnish countryside which lay just beyond the northern forest. All around spirits’ were high as the Green and Gold Gryphon Standard of Tethyr flapped in the strong eastern morning breeze. Their was a tangible feeling of excitement as the men sang their songs while working, and the women kept them refreshed with drink and the grace of their form.

For the first time in just as many days, the stronghold also finally smelt of fresh bread and burning woods or small forge fires, rather than blood sweat and death, as scores of filth were removed and burned in a massive pyre to the west. A declaration to those who dare poke their noses out of their darkened caves that humankind would not stand for their presence in their lands without a fight.

In the Baily of the Stronghold however was an energy of a different sort. The stone walls had been scrubbed free of the blood, ichor, and decay till they shone in the morning light. A wooden podium and stage had been built in the middle of the bailey; upon which stood Queen-Monarch Zaranda Star Rhindaun, her dozen honor guard, and a full ensemble of musicians.

Before them stood all the adventurers and visitors who had helped claim this foothold in the name of Tethyr, and as the Queen-Monarch looked on, garbed in a elegant dress of mooncloth. The ridiculously expensive material shone a myriad of colors depending on your view of it, and since the material could only be fashioned by the reclamation and purifying of a rare silk spun by Ellestraeen spiders on the night of a full moon, to see so much of it fashioned into a flowing gown on such a figure as the regal Majesty was a wonder in itself, for surely the garment’s worth was on par with an enchanted weapon.

“Good morrow and welcome brave adventurers. It has been a week now since your heroic capture of this site has freed it from enemy occupation, and you have been ever patient as we take steps to prepare this outpost for its new purpose. It might come to a surprise to some that Bartholomew James, a humble farmer from our own fields has traveled so far, grown so much, and enlisted such fine aid as these people here. More surprising still might be that against all odds, and uncertainty, against better trained, better funded, and to some people’s line of thinking just plain ‘better’ folk these people here have achieved what they could not and that my people I tell you is merely a testament to the human will.”

The Queen-Monarch raised a hand towards Bartholomew, beckoning him forward. And with great pride swelling in his chest he approached her, and took a knee.

“Bartholomew James, You have far more winter’s as a farmer and a man of the land than a warrior, but as your kinsmen will agree you have always been a man ‘for’ the land.” Your decision to make a stand against the forces of darkness has inspired many, and not gone unnoticed. As promised, you have more than earned your station, and it is with great honor that I have you kneel as Bartholomew James,; farmer; and rise Lord Bartholomew James of the Northern Outpost 13 of the Tethyrian Empire.
While the name may have left much to be desired, A great cheer went up as James stood a man of station, of standing, though truly he felt no different than he had that morning.

As the cheer from those gathered was hushed by the fair hand of her Majesty, and Bartholomew rose to stand at her side, she beckoned the adventurer’s to stand themselves.

“And now, Lord Bartholomew, I deign to give you your reward, and bid you do the same to those who have put their lives on the line for your dream.”

One of the Honor guard produced a Large Chest, and placed it upon his bent knee before Lord Bartholomew. Raising the gilded Darkwood chest’s lid, Bart was given numerous small labelled pouches, ledgers, and bank notes. Gemstones glittered, and a Blank Royal Seal sat ready to be carved.

“Lord Batholomew, On behalf of the Monarchy, I bestow upon you and your family the reward of 1,000 gold pieces.” And As for the those whose names were signed upon the Ledger… I see that unfortunately only a handful are here with us today. Lord Bartholomew if you would..”

Bart bent low and received a handful of pouches and gemstones in hand. Before descending the podium to walk in front of each and everyone gathered there.

In front of each person he stopped. Addressing them by name, thanking them in full for all they had done, no matter of how little consequence it may have seemed to some people. To the original group; Aelistae, Artanis, Xaris and Linnix he handed a small pouch, labeled with there names on it and 200gold pieces within. As he Passed Talus and Dylan, he placed a hand upon each of their shoulders, and handed them a gemstone, a small bloodstone, common in the mountains surrounding this site. It was not what the other’s had earned, but the Queen Monarch smiled as she realized Bartholomew was paying these heroes out of his own reward.
To Intella, Elendil and Brownyn too he offered a gemstone of similar size and weight. As thanks for their assistance. When he crossed over to Atharam and his party, offering them a gemstone each as well. Atharam tried to refuse the reward, but Bart pressed the gems to his chest and smiled. “If not for the man, then for Helm whose wisdom saw fit to bless us with you and your companions aid.”

As Bartholomew finished his gifting, he explained that he would be calling upon them all in a short while, for he had much to discuss.. But for now at least, they should enjoy themselves, enjoy the freedom they had earned this site, and the protection it would add to many lives.

With that the Band struck up a festive jive, and maidens in gowns and gentlemen in their fineries entered the bailey from all sides, cheering, clapping and dancing as they prepared to usher in their new lord and his band of heroes.

(Gonna allow some discussion / downtime, while I gather lists of alternate Loot and what not, set up the new Thread for the Headquarters’ side of things and then call y’all into session to see where y’all want to take this. Opportunity.)

(PSS: It should be Noted that Fate is nowhere in town. That after being healed he snuck out in the middle of the night, and never returned. He left only a single small satchel next to Bronwyn. inside is a letter and a gold and ruby lined ring bearing the symbol of a black claw the letter reads. "If it were not for you I surely would have died, and though it was the efforts of the strangers who won the day, my mission is a success none-theless. Consider this payment for your kindness. Fate"

Posted on 2008-12-16 at 20:54:17.
Edited on 2008-12-16 at 21:11:06 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Healing

Currently all horses Npcs' and PC's are healed to max excluding Brownyn Elendil and Fate..

Aelistae's wand is empty and Loriel's wand is down to 16 charges..
I've issued a stop post until I can get bart to speak up.

Posted on 2008-12-15 at 17:13:23.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Aelistae

Aelistae silently went about her duties as a priestess and a healer, beginning with her comrades, infusing them with the restorative powers of her thin wand. Some required little effort, while those such as Xaris, or Artanis required suitably more of the instruments power. The first wand had been completely drained, and as she approached the armored trio and their steeds. She hushed any dispute with a disarming smile, putting Loriel's old wand to use. By the time all the wounds were healed... she only had a handful of charges left by her count... and she returned to where Elendil stood.. thin piece of life-giving wand in hand, rubbing against fine black skin as she deliberated a choice..

Bart, who had been pretty silent until now, approached, took a deep breath, lay a rugged hand upon Elendil's shoulder, and Aelistaes, and sighed with a smile. It was time he played his roll.

(STOP POST ~Will update as Bart on the morning.)

Posted on 2008-12-15 at 17:11:19.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: fixed

updated Linnix and Dylan

Posted on 2008-12-12 at 19:44:40.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: updates..

Characters updated..
Aelistae, Xaris, Linnix.

CD points updated..

more behind the scenes stuff updated.

Posted on 2008-12-12 at 16:00:52.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Wow... simply.. Wow

I'm absolutely amazed by this... this forthcoming exchange and the emotion involved.. Bravo to all.

I plan to update Character sheets, info, CD points and update on behalf of Bart (Who now at 6th level has accrued the Leadership feat.)And his response to all that's gone on will surprise some people I think given his typical nature.

However don't let me stop you yet, If I'm left with the perfect opening, I'll just post a STOP POST line in the game thread for a moment.

gonna call Tek and hopefully get his imput here too, know his life's been hectic round x-mas time.

Anywho, I'll be working alot of behind the scenes stuff over the next couple days, so if you see new links or threads pop up it's all for preparation of things to come.

Again kudos to all!

Posted on 2008-12-12 at 15:09:39.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Council of Elders...

Believe it or not there are a literal plethora of Elders and Councils... of whom do you speak exactly?

Posted on 2008-12-11 at 19:43:56.

Topic: Santa Baby...
Subject: Dear Santa

Give me

The kind to go to work on only 2 hours sleep lol...

Posted on 2008-12-11 at 04:25:10.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: VICTORY!

The battle had been given an upheaval of epic proportions with the felling of Xaris, whose small frame but larger than life spirit had carried many a battle to victory. Battered, broken, blinded, and in some minds certainly beaten, the companions did all they could do now, which was try to hold on to each second they could before the goblin kind and their monstrous ilk could steal them away with murderous fingers.

Talus was overwhelmed with fear, this was not the place he wanted to die, this was not the time he wanted to die… With that thought pushing his limbs against moral aversion, he made his way to the gate… to survival…

Bolikar, down but not out Roared a great cry of defiance as Charger, pained and wounded with Hawkrill atop him, braced Skull Crusher in two handed, and under the belly of the steed gave a mighty heave. Against the weight of the horse, and it’s rider, Bolikar made it seem like he were merely lifting a blanket from his place of rest, for mount and rider were lifted, heaved, and as Charger fought for balance, Hawkril was thrown from the saddle, to land next to Xaris’s broken form in a heap ,watching the pool of glowing incandescent blood beneath the anomaly of a gnome slowly fade in luster; while Bolikar regained his towering pose, and let his mighty axe slide out of his trailing arm, and pulled with all his might, the vicious blade catching the underbelly of the steed in its retrieval, causing Charger to buckle beneath the pain its battle-readiness stolen as it collapsed, it’s stomach ripped asunder from a most unfortunate strike from the enemy. (Charger Red Status/ Bleeding Out.)

Atharam groaned as he stood from his disheveled position, Watching Raykel rise next to the potentially fatally struck Charger. His body ached, but looking around the battlefield, at the unlikely companions who served the same cause as he, and those he had come with he could not simply lie down. He still held breath, and enough strength to bear his sword so he would fight to the last. Gritting his teeth, he took a step forward, and bellowed at Bolikar who towered above him, back turned.
“Turn and face your deliverer! By Helm’s Grace shall I rid this world of your vile presence!” (Round 1 Double Move only/ won’t strike enemy in the back)

Dylan, I…” Aelistae started as she struggled to find her feet. Dylan started to pull her up, but the sudden discharge of energy from Artanis' threw off his efforts. The warrior stood surrounded by lightning-charred goblinoid corpses, which began to stink mightily.

Just as the crackle from the burst of electricity ended, another sound reached their ears, a more horrifying sound. (shoos the chronological nazis away)

“It’s Xaris. Take me to him, before…before it’s too late.”

Dylan moved with all haste, half guiding half dragging Aelistae behind him towards Xaris as she tapped herself with her wand. (Aelistae 11/38hp) He filled his lungs with all the air they would hold in their strained state, and in Draconic let out his fiercest cry. “Move!” He bellowed, and those nearest to him stood unsure what to make of the stampeding human, his drow package in tow, but when a pair of arrows felled those who lingered too long in uncertainty, Seleyon calmly reaching for more ,those green skins nearby made a break for their lives.

But the routing would not end there. For Elendil had moved to just off to the side of the gate and with a mighty shout, cried out in the Goblin‘s native tongue., "FLEE, ALL IS LOST, A GREAT HUMAN ARMY COMES FROM THE SOUTH."

This was enough to weaken the resolve of all by the most brazen, or foolhardy of the enemy, who fled through the northern gates, as Brownyn carefully slinked inside in search of fate. As the goblin’s and a pair of gnoll’s fled, Elendil let them get far enough away to safely put a pair of arrows into one of the furry vermin, satisfied with his yelp and collapse that he would not rise again.

Brownyn picked her way through the carnage slowly, there were so many bodies, and the stench of scorched flesh was almost overwhelming, but she was determined to find Fate. She picked her way along the wall, avoiding anything that flinched or moved even in its death throes, fearful of an encounter, praying she was in time…

Artanis, Bartholmew, and Intella made short work of the remaining enemies inside the bailey of the stronghold, and soon only Bolikar remained.

Linnix watched Bolikar heave the horse and its rider free, dispatching the horse as he did so, and knew it fell to those remaining to bring the giant down.

"Talus! We need to bring down that orc!" Linnix called over the din of the ongoing battle.

The Warlock heard Linnix’s voice in the back of his mind, his cast gaze falling over everyone in their refusal to give up. The pangs of guilt and the strength of a conscience he thought buried surged.

"We're all going to die here... I'm going to die." Talus whispered to himself as he took a step toward Linnix and, against his better judgment, targeted the fallen ogrillion with an eldritch blast.

Arrow and eldritch blast flew in harmony towards Bolikar, who prepared to kill anyone and everyone in their way. The eldritch blast enveloped Linnix’s arrow mid-flight, the blackish purple ray streaking forward, guiding the rogue’s ranged strike. Arrow and Blast in some miraculous twist of fate both struck true, catching Bolikar in the chest, fell energy and steel boring in unison until a heart they did pierce.
In a growl louder and fiercer than any wolf’s howl. Bolikar bellowed his last… As his strength left him, his finger’s went numb and Skullcrusher fell with a clatter to the bloodstained earth; soon followed by the monstrous half-giant.

It took a moment for the truth of what happened to settle over everyone… With Bolikar’s death, and the flight of the remnants of the enemy…. They had almost assuredly secured victory. But now was not quite the time for celebration. One of their own was on the brink of death, and they needed to save him. Dylan and Aelistae ran for all they were worth to Xaris’ side. When Dylan got there, it was the strange squire who laid across Xaris’ form, praying for his wellness. He had poured the very last bit of minute power into the foreign gnome, his God-given powers expelled for the day. That little bit however, had staved off the reaper, long enough for Aelistae, guided by Dylan to lay hands upon their companion and breathe live back into those little lungs. (Cure Moderate wounds. Xaris 4/71HP)

As the dust settled, Aelistae, still blind tapped him twice more, with her wand, ensuring his revival was not to be prematurely ended by the strain of his rage. (Xaris 14/71HP) (Continue until Rage ends Xaris 4/61HP)

Brownyn, picking over the bodies, finally came across an outstretched hand, and heaving over a dead goblin’s corpse found the barely alive form of Fate, buried beneath the mound of enemies. His eyes were bloodshot and blackened from the beating he took, but as he forced them open, he could not see anyone. He grimaced and tried to move, but each muscle flex only pained him more and he simply chose to lie there, gazing at the victors who still stood of their own accord.
(Congratulations on a great victory! I’ve a massive move forward update planned ,but I definitely need input and updates from all you guys before hand. Oh and guess what, a Level and a CD point for everyone!)

Posted on 2008-12-10 at 16:46:29.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Update

I'm updating now.

As for the wolf, I had it kill some goblins, and injure an orc before it was killed I believe... somehow though I forgot to put that in the last update.. my bad.. know that it served it's cause well though

Posted on 2008-12-10 at 15:15:35.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Timing/ Distance

Your arrival depends on a multitude of things...

(If Jozan goes first he rolls first...)

All those AoO's that Jozan just burst through in his rage affecting you as you pass...

Speed of Aid another... I'll chaulk it up to a hand in hand mad dash, but it could affect things based on happenstance...

And other character's actions again influencing npc's reactions.

But, I plan on updating tomorrow or monday, so if you havn't post, try to do so!

Posted on 2008-12-06 at 14:30:32.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Fate?

From where you are outside the keep gate you would not be able to make out the body of Fate.

In fact, no-one has been able to make out Fate's body since it was swarmed by goblins.

Posted on 2008-12-04 at 00:31:16.

Topic: Classic Movie
Subject: 9 question results..

Posted on 2008-12-03 at 15:54:54.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Round Two (See bottom of previous page for Round one)

The battle ranks of the enemy had been broken, and now it was time to route them for good. Elendil and Brownyn moved closer still, till they were just outside the mighty doors of the Northern Gate, with Elendil placing another arrow into the back of a errant gnoll, felling it as Bronwyn disappeared from sight from her Invisibility spell.

Inside the Keep, Talus’ detection of magical auras revealed that Bolikar was deeply enshrouded in the weave, from his axe and his belt, to his sandals and even his own spirit, though his Axe was definitely the strongest of the auras the warlock could perceive.

Seleyon, a quick exchange of words with Atharam had her bow set, and her feet on the move, while Hawkrill mounted Charger and though the steed whinnied in pain at the burden of a rider before being fully healed, did not protest in its duty. Together, they set their sights at the target before them, separated by a thin line of goblin defenders, and charged…

Xaris, alone before the might of Bolikar was panting and bleeding profusely, but could not afford to pay the pain he was in the heed it deserved. He could not retreat, could not even back away, for the reach for the mighty weapon would cut him where he stood to turn. It was a kill or be killed scenario if ever there was one. Gritting his teeth Xaris swung once more, his sword cutting another line of red across the ogrillion’s chest, but the brute seemed not to notice. Bellowing a Rage of his own, the almost feral half orc raised his axe, and nearly cut poor Xaris in two as Skull Cleaver came down severing Xaris’ spine under the blow’s weight, felling him instantly. (Xaris/ -8/71HP) Xaris could only lie there in the blackness of unconsciousness..He raised his axe for the decapitating strike…

Artanis stood their above Aelistae’s body, calling upon all who dare face her. And onward they came. Meanwhile, Dylan placed a gentle hand on Aelistae’s shoulder, and at her flinch reassured her with a familiar “Its me” as he pulled her back towards the others, as Artanis took another barrage of blows, as Halberds struck between goblin morningstars and orcish axes. Artanis’s face was marred with wounds, her body aching against the onslaught of enemy blows. As the last one of her charges upon the shield lit however she could only smile. As she raised her shield high, and called out. “Grounded!” A circle of electricity erupted around Artanis, the shocking nova decimated all the enemies around Artanis, and even Aelistae, her dragged form, just out of harms way could feel the tingle in her toes as the remnants of discharged energy washed over her. Artanis, despite her added resistance to the nova, still looked more than a little worse for wear, but at the ring of fallen enemies around her she could do little more than crack a smile through cracked and blackened lips. (Artanis Red/Yellow (so Orange?)Status)

Intella and Bart, framing Linnix, lashed out. Intella taking a glancing blow to her side, and another to her lead foot, while Bart narrowly dodged an incoming Morningstar. (Bart/ Intella Yellow Status) Widening the ring around them from danger, Linnix placed a open palm to Intella’s shoulder, who silently shrunk down a little more, Linnix’s bow coming up to fire an arrow at a gnoll who sought to strike the distracted Dylan as he pulled Aelistae free. The arrow struck the Gnoll in the forearm, his weapon falling from his grasp, unable to bear the weight of the length halberd with one hand. Yipping, it turned to face the trio of enemies behind Dylan as he continued to pull Aelistae to their side.

A pair of arrows dropped two goblins as Atharam and Hawkrill raced through, Seleyon fast on their heels. The knight saw Bolikar and his vision closed, he was an arrow, and nothing would deter his flight. Without a lance, his charge was not as efficient, but as Bolikar raised to strike Xaris’ still form, He let out a cry, and Both he and Raykel jumped over Xaris’ body to crash headlong into Bolikar, the weight of knight and horse combined bowled the towering giant of a orc over, though Atharam was thrown free of his steed, to land in a heap 5’ behind Bolikar, while Raykel fought to get up in front. Seeing Bolikar down, it was Hawkrill and Charger who took up the fight, the wounded pair rearing to stomp upon the giant under hoof and mace alike. “For the Glory of Helm, and to win the Day!” Hawkrill cried as his mace swung down, narrowly missing the prone leader of the enemy. Charger stomped down upon the Ogrillion, his hooves stomping upon the mighty figure’s chest, but the leader of the enemy simply did not want to lie down and die like a good villain should. (Bolikar Orange Status)

Less than a score of enemies stood excluding Bolikar, thanks to Artanis’ timely use of her shield. A quick count placed 11 goblins, 4 gnolls, and 4 orcs remaining, scattered and without any sense of direction. The orc’s were yelling at the gnolls, who in turn let their anger and frustrations out upon the hapless goblins, who even now were looking more and more towards the northern gate, their most viable option for escape, back into the safety of their mountain holes and caves.

Posted on 2008-12-02 at 15:02:58.
Edited on 2008-12-02 at 19:47:53 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms: The Unsung Heroes
Subject: Round 1

The battle had raged long enough, with the addition of unexpected foes and allies alike. The time had come for one side to break through the apparent stalemate and shift the tide of this war.

Aelistae for all her faith, determination and guidance had been proclaimed the unofficial leader of the troup of heroes, and it was she who now lay at the most vulnerable. Weakened, stricken with blindness, and surrounded on more sides by enemies than allies, the drow priestess was in dire need of assistance. It was all she could do to activate her healing belt, allowing its restorative properties to flow through her, mending much of what internal damage could not be seen to the naked eye. (Aelistae 28/38hp)

Around her though, her companions, her family of the road would not be so hasty to abandon her to her misfortune. Dylan, enchanted wand in hand tapped Linnix as he passed, making his way to Aelistae. His wand did little but ease a bit of the throbbing sensation that lay at the back of her skull, but could do little for the same sensation at the back of her mind. (Linnix 21/37hp) Dylan moved closer to Aelistae, but it was the goblins, orcs and gnolls around her that sought to strike their fallen enemy while she was at a disadvantage. The enemy weapons fell, the blind Aelistae doing all that she could to block what she could not see coming, but as blow after blow struck the priestess, she could do little more than grit her teeth under the barrage…(Aelistae 19/38hp)… that was until a familiar voice clamored over the din of combat.

“Not on my watch!” Came Artanis’ powerful feminine voice as she burst over Aelistae’s body into the enemy. Her shield and sword clashed as they connected with their foes. The quartzes embedded into the finely crafted shield began to light up (3/8charges) as blows were exchanged, and her sword flashed, felling the first gnoll it encountered. Artanis eyes glowed with the battle lust she craved, like every enemy was the one who took her child, her family, her life. As she took the blows of the weapons of those around her, the feeling of pain, the sounds of weapons striking her armor, they only served to fuel her bloodlust as she fought to protect her new family. Certainly the bonds formed by those who traverse the same road for long enough are strong like those of blood. And though many different races were now joined by these bonds, the force between them sought little more than to tear them asunder.

Talus focused his efforts on a more subtle matter, his Detect Magic trying to determine the presence of enchanted items upon Bolikar. With all the people moving in front of him it was hard to keep his concentration on the target, but he was able to detect the magical emanations from the area within his conical field. (1st round of concentration as per phb description)

Xaris’ approach was much more direct. Shrugging off the blows of those around him he broke for Bolikar, using his small size to squeeze through the enemy ranks, (Xaris 31/61HP) Headlong he charged, letting his rage empower each stride, until he came face to face with the towering Bolikar (Rage 8 rounds Xaris 41/71HP) Xaris’s blade was held high above his head as he charged, never slowing using his momentum to add weight to his swing. The blade came down heavily across Bolikar’s shoulder and chest and his Roar and spittle would have shaken a lesser man. But despite his size of frame, Xaris was no ordinary man, and he roared back in defiance, bolstered by the sight of his enemy’s blood upon his blade. (Bolikar Yellow Status)

Bolikar rose in his anger, and hefted his mighty axe, threatening the diminutive foe before him. “Skull cleaver shall remove your head from your puny body with one swing.” With a heavy he brought the mighty weapon around, and Xaris for all his training barely managed to dodge the enormous blade, but incredibly Bolikar brought it around in a reversed backhand with relative ease, catching Xaris off guard, and as the Axe blade caught the gnomish barbarian across the back of his shoulder, the Sonic power imbued into the weapon came forth, the concussive percussion emitted from the axe carrying Xaris higher in the swing, lifting him off the ground before the axe tore free and left the warrior standing there bleeding heavily and in need of assistance. (Xaris 19/71HP)

High above, The Lolthite priestess looked down upon the battlefield from her position of advantage, and pulled forth a small hand crossbow. She took aim at Aelistae, seeking to finish her off, but when an arrow came from below, catching her off guard completely, her crossbow was lost from her grip as she dealt with the stinging pain of a projectile protrusion from her left leg. (Lolthite Status Yellow) The Lolthite looked down to see Bolikar’s minions attack the female bowman, her form battered greatly beneath their opportunistic blows. (Linnix 9/37HP) Intella, seeing Linnix in dire straights had to put off the challenge of a fight with Bolikar, and veered to attack those around the human. Quick jabs felled another goblin, and the monk placed her back to Linnix’s trying to cover her as much as possible. Bartholomew too was quick to act, his pitchfork finding no resistance in the feeble armor of the lesser horde, skewering one and taking his place around Linnix as well.

Outside, Elendil and Bronwyn neared, Bronwyn recasting her Mage Armor while Elendil took aim at the clearest target she could find. The flying menace above the keep. Goblins and other green skins were mixed and mottled with other combatants, a clear shot could not be made, but there, watching like some omnipotent figurehead was an enemy of her kind. Drawing her bow, and taking the shot her arrow sailed like a streak of death across the expanse, striking the priestess in the chest, the fletching of the high elven arrow a bright contrast to the dark spidersilk of her gown. The priestess could only blink in abject disbelief as her dark blood ran down the shaft and her control over the forces keeping her elevated as pain overwhelmed her. Like a comet she fell from the sky, landing in a broken and unmoving heap upon the battlefield amidst comrades and enemies alike. There was a sickening crunch as her skull caved upon impact, and the greenskin forces around her were taken aback by the powerful ‘witch’ crashing amongst them.

“Khalil has fallen!” An Orc cried out in his gutteral native tongue at the sight of the felled spell caster. And all around him there was a visible shudder through the enemy troops. Outside the wall, Elendil looked on with pride, as her single arrow felled what had been heralded amongst her people as a most dangerous foe. (Elendil max damaged and criticalled on her Shot)

There, that moment of indecisiveness, that was what Atharam was waiting for, spurring Raykel into a standstill charge, the mount leapt, separating the goblins around him like a burst damn, for behind him Hawkrill and Charger followed, the squire using the horse as a buffer to cast Sound Burst from between its legs, scattering and bowling over a handful of the goblins beneath its sonic force. Free from the ‘ring’, or enemies which now lay broken and scattered in many places, the Knights found themselves face to face with Seleyon, a quartet of fallen foes at her feet, and her retrieval of her preferred weapon, the massive bone bow at her back.

(Round two being posted now, this is just to keep y'all entertained and know we're still in this)

Posted on 2008-12-02 at 14:03:10.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Alright!

Everything is back up and running 100%, And I'm on my 'weekend'. Expect the update up within the next 24 hours.

Posted on 2008-11-30 at 19:38:08.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Actually

My comp's up and running fine.. Installing Microsoft Works now so I can type up the update

Posted on 2008-11-27 at 17:24:14.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: A string of bad luck

Bad news first. I got one hell of a virus on my computer that 2 bought and paid for Anivirus services didn't catch, but my trying to Log into World of Warcraft of all things alerted me of. It royally screwed alot of things, including the abiliy to do anything more than go to my home page (which happens to be RDI which is why I've been on a couple times but not posted anything)

At this very moment I'm reinstalling my operating system from scratch and wiping everything clean. reinstalling some critical programs and what not, but hopefully by days end will be back up and running.

Good news..
Post is 100% done and hand written, I just need a computer from which to post it. I'm currently on my cell phone and even this is taking a ludacris amount of time to send.

So please bare with me.

Posted on 2008-11-27 at 15:32:09.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: see the problem is..

I like trying all the off the beaten track foreign places with lovely smelling items I can't pronounce...

The food was delicious at the time of consumption...
it was the following 48 hours that sucked lol.

However I'm resolved to come home from work in under 12 hours and do nothing until this update is done.

Posted on 2008-11-23 at 03:32:35.
Edited on 2008-11-23 at 03:33:36 by Kaelyn

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: AND

the week goes on... Trying to cram xmas shopping into my days between work, and dealing with a bout of food poisoning has really sucked.

But I'm still alive nad kicking and will update as soon as possible.

Posted on 2008-11-21 at 22:15:31.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: Update

This 'weekend' of mine completely got away from me. I've started the update, will work more on it tonight on my lunch and try to have it up first thing in the morning.

Posted on 2008-11-18 at 23:19:50.

Topic: NEW Star Trek Trailer (17/11/08) Simon Pegg AWAY!
Subject: Oh man...

Kiddy kirk... Kiddy spock lol..

And Sylar from heroes is spock... how... ironic...

but it looks almost like they're trying to 'reinvent' the franchise to a younger generation..

No more Picard and over the hill actors as it were, a younger cast to keep the franchise going with a new crowd perhaps.

I'll definately be going to see it, and this trailer has spawned a new need for a ST marathon lol.

Posted on 2008-11-17 at 22:07:59.

Topic: Auguries of Destruction - The Linsemptus
Subject: ...

There she was in all her glory, a bastion of light against the encroaching wave of darkness.... but the might of that darkness had been underestimated, and through her defenses of magic and faith it struck, felling Deunan with its cruel blade...

Armand watched Deunan fall, and something inside him lurched as though an iron gauntlet had gripped his heart and started to pull.

In that welling pain deep within his ragged chest, Armand turned the anger and contempt he felt for these extraplaner invaders seep into every pore in his body, course through his blood like liquid fire. As Armand's eyes lifted from Deunan to the nearest enemy his body erupted into a beacon of light as he was enveloped with a holy radiance.

"You hath taketh, and now I shall giveth tenfold for your transgression!"

Armand invokes a Holy Smite upon the nearest Linsemptus Scout.
"I am the fist of the heavens, your existence's blight, you shall fall to the power of the God's holy smite!"

Posted on 2008-11-15 at 23:45:23.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: the Unsung Heroes Q/A
Subject: numbers, AOO's and what not

HAvn't read Sib's post yet, but in regards to the q/a reference to dragging Aelistae out. Since it's techincally an Aid another, with attention diverted as he'll need both arms to 'drag' her, then by all means the one provoking AoO's in this case would be Dylan, as Aelistae would still have an arm or two free with which to defend.. however, since she's blind' and passing through threatened squares, they would both be subject to AoO's.

Jozan1: I would guestimate without pulling up my battle specs you've gone from just over 60ish in the baily to just over 40ish. Npc's. horses have attributed to an amount of kills on par to the Pc's lol.

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 14:39:08.


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