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Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Sorry once again

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for my continued delays. I'll be updating by late tonight (maybe this afternoon if I can get through my work). The combo of catching up with a few other games and trying to care for a family of sick kids and sick wife has been eating time.

One question I did have: Would you like me to update the game to move you all the way to the quarry, rushing over your stop at Storm Hollow? Or would you like me end my update in Stone Hollow, with you receiving your reward for capturing the bandits, and give you some time to post/interact with the beasts of the village?

Let me know.

Posted on 2014-01-29 at 18:03:40.

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Catching up

OOC: Backposting to our battle with the claw-beasties.

Alôndas casts a fast spell as the third beast moves towards him and Wembley. He cast a magic missile which strike the beast unerringly but does not slow him down. Wembley finished his casting right after the Syl and the Beast starts to stumble and then falls to ground - asleep.

“Alright!” Wembley calls out as the creature stumbles to the ground. “Haha! That was a nice bit of team work there, Alan! You’ll have to teach me that spell sometime. You see the look on his face when you hit him with that?”

Ivan calls from his perch above the spears, "Wow! You guys are like the Elvis of Violence!"

The cidal hovers over the sleeping beast. “Haha! Did you hear that, claw-beasty! We mages be a menace to be reckoned with!”

Before anyone can move to check the bodies or dispatch the sleeping monsters, they disappear in a "poof" of teleport. A feminine voice speaks out of nowhere saying, "Congratulations. Level 1 complete. Prepare for Level 2."

“Aw, man!” Wembley cries out when his prey disappears suddenly. With a glum face, Wembley looks to Alôndas. “Sorry, Alan. I was going to give you that claw-beasty as a gift too. I can’t believe they took it away. I bet it would have been good for all sorts of components and experiments. I wonder what kind spell you could have used the claws in. Did you see those things?”

While the others made plans to enter the portal, the little rogue continued talking to no one in particular while almost absentmindedly scooping up another pouch of stones. “You know, back where I’m from... the Brynnandells, remember... there’s this story of a nymph, real pretty and everything... apparently men can actually be struck dead if they look at her because she’s so beautiful.

“Anyway, she guards the Silvanmist Woods just south of my village. And she’s got this were-bear fellow that follows her around. They say his claws are longer than my legs. Kind of like those claw-beasties. I wonder which of them would be bigger? Those claws looked like they could of...”

Wembley stepped through the portal after Alôndas and stepped into...

OOC: This is part of Wembley’s “special time” after stepping through the portal.

a room, dark and gloomy.

“Huh,” Wembley muttered, slightly disappointed by his surroundings. There was no furniture, no wall coverings, and no doorways or portals. “Well, this doesn’t look like much of a throne room, Iv...”

The little mage looked around, suddenly realizing he was all alone. Hmmm... where’d everyone go, I wonder.

A large ornate chest stood alone at the center of the room, locked, bound in chains, with more locks on the chains, and wrapped in thick cords tied in huge complex knots. A gigantic lock topped of it, binding everything together.

“Now, why would someone want to keep a pretty box like that all tied up?” Wembley pondered with a grin. “That’s just not right.”

Moving to the chest with great interest, Wembley’s eager hands retrieved his thief tools. Should be to hard...

A slight movement and muffled sound from chest caused the cidal to take a quick step back. “Who’s there? Is that you, Ivan?”

Save me!

“Ivan, is that you?” Wembley repeated his question with a bit more urgency. “Don’t worry! I’ll have you out in just a second.”

The rogue examined the bound box once more. As he reached over to begin picking the massive lock, he asked, “How you get in there anyw...”

As Wembley moved to unlock the gigantic mechanism, a creature that looked like a glowing ball of energy appeared and began attacking the cidal. The creature struck with lightning like tentacles and, with each hit, Wembley could feel his life force ebbing away.

“Might and magic!” The rogue complained. “That really hurt!” He whirled the staff-sling overhead, launching a stone at the creature. “Take that!”

The stone was consumed by the energy ball. “Huh,” Wembley said, somewhat bewildered. He was rewarded with two more lashes from the creature’s tentacles. He could feel the tide of the battle quickly crashing against him. “Ouch! Hey! Seriously! Stop that!”

Desperately, Wembley tried to call to memory his other spells. Each time, the energy ball was able to strike first, stealing the energy from the mage. The cidal could feel himself starting to fade. Well, that was quick, he thought to himself as the darkness overtook him.

OOC: And so ends the dream sequence.

Wembley felt the temperature around him rising quickly. Huh, the cidal thought, his eyes still closed. I never counted on the afterlife being so... so... muggy...

The rogue opened his eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the ambient lighting of the wooded paneled room. Looking around, Wembley found himself with the party once again.

“Wow!” Wembley exclaimed. “You’re all here again!” Turning to Ivan, Wembley continued, “How’d you get out of the box?”

Ivan looks around mystified, “Oh sorry dudes. I ain’t ever been in here before. We need to get out of the heat before I...before...I...” and then he moves to one of the benches and falls asleep – snoring loudly. As he snoozes his fur is starting to stand on end making him look poofier.

“Aw,” sighed Wembley, as he looked over at Ivan. “That’s so cute!” The cidal moves to go and pet the cat. I wonder how he got of out that box?

OOC:Wembley's looking to pet Ivan, or following the party into the next chamber. (Chamber > Ivan the cat)

Posted on 2014-01-29 at 06:50:09.
Edited on 2014-01-31 at 00:21:42 by Ayrn

Topic: Starting a game maybey
Subject: How's everyone coming along?

My Sir Anthony Saville, knight of the realm and instructor of m'Lady, is ready for action!

Who else is in and ready to go?

Posted on 2014-01-28 at 07:41:25.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: to Bodkin...

Sure, you can... there's not too much by way of trees around your location, but Vi should still be able to draw a map.

Posted on 2014-01-24 at 18:53:17.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: A bathhouse?

"Cidals Gone Wild vol. 4"

Yo, Grim Beard! Keep yer clothes on! No sun salutes like y' did in yer first post.

I feel like we're in some kind of SAW movie... and I can say that with full confidence because I've never actually watched any of the films.

Anyway, I'm out of town for the weekend with work. I hope to update on Monday/Tuesday. Alacrity, feel free to NPC if you feel the need to keep the story going.


Posted on 2014-01-24 at 05:28:22.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Delayed

Sorry all! Work has had me in an improved grapple hold all week. I'm afraid my update will be postponed until Monday evening.


Posted on 2014-01-24 at 05:20:32.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Portal sounds good

I'm okay with hitting a portal.

Posted on 2014-01-21 at 00:02:16.

Topic: Starting a game maybey
Subject: Sounds good...


Do you have a list of who's playing which role thus far?

Also, do you know what class the "prince/princess's friend" is playing?

Finally, do you have a preferred method for generating stats?

Posted on 2014-01-20 at 18:54:13.

Topic: Starting a game maybey
Subject: If need be...

I can trade the role of instructor for the prince/princess. I'm fine with either.

Posted on 2014-01-20 at 18:40:28.

Topic: Starting a game maybey
Subject: Cool...

1 - 2 posts per week is pretty standard. I usually prefer 2 as it keeps the games moving.... unless your game is more hack-n-slash, in which case, if the posting expectation is a simple, ">>Insert character name<< moves to attack the foe again", you may want to increase the posting rate. Play-by-post games are notorious for getting bogged down, especially during combat. Learning how to pace your game is a key skill.

My own game, Tales of Alder Vale, is three weeks (real time) in and, at two posts per week, we still haven't really started the main adventure. (haha) What took about 8 hours around the table with my kids will likely take 4-5 months in play-by-post format.

Three other key pieces of advice:

1) Set your posting deadlines for players and npc PCs whose players are unable or unwilling to post... don't wait around for them. Life happens and sometimes people can't post for a week or two. Ask your players to give you notice if possible and, if they can't make a full post, ask them to give you a line or two on what they'd like their character to do in the Q/A thread. But keep the game moving... bored players lose interest. The forums here are littered with games that started well but fizzled quick.

2) Communicate often with your players, especially giving them a heads up on when you are too busy to update the game. Let them know if there is going to be a delay, and inform them of when you how to post the update.

3) Be committed to see the game through to the end.

Anyway... I'm still interested. Here's the thing for me: I can commit to playing until about mid-May. In addition, I have about 3-4 weeks splattered between now and mid May where I will likely find it difficult to post due to work. If you think you can work with that, then count me in. Let me know either way. (I'll not be offended if you say no)

Regarding levels, well, I'm going to leave that with you. If it works for you for higher level play and the rest of your players are game, cool. If not, I can live with level 1.


Posted on 2014-01-20 at 04:01:04.

Topic: Starting a game maybey
Subject: I'd consider it...

Some questions:

1) Would you consider bumping up the levels? I feel like I play a lot of first level games. I'd be interested in trying something in the mid-levels (lvls 5 - 10)... just asking.

2) What books are allowed? Core only? The Complete... series? Races of... series? All WotC products?

3) What races are allowed?

4) Is this a one shot adventure or a campaign?

5) How many posts per week are you looking for?

6) Why no love for the bard, barbarian, and monk?

Posted on 2014-01-20 at 03:11:59.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Post update/resolution for Fenir's actions

Posted up Weldon's response to Fenir's action.

Posted on 2014-01-19 at 04:18:01.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Weldon's response to Fenir

[The Masons’ Way, northeast of the Murkenhill Forks, Mid Spring, Year 54 AR, present time, fifteen minutes past noon.]

Fenir gathered his throwing axes and sighed, he admitted to himself that he was quite relieved when Oltovian had backed down. moving over to the soup pot he dished himself a bowl of vegetable stew and a piece of bread and slouched down against a wagon wheel close enough he could hear both sides of the conversation Oltovian had with the bandits as he questioned them. Fenir pulled a handful of grass and wiped his bowl out.

Weldon had busied himself with the wagons as Oltovian questioned the bandit captives. Finding a roll of cotton cloth, the mole cut himself a stride’s length before returning to the fire.

"Master Weldon, do you have a kettle or a pot in which to heat water with?" asked Fenir, already with a plan in progress.

“Aye, of course, lad,” Weldon replied. “Dremmon’s cart’s got an iron kettle. ‘elp yer self to it, and fill it from the barrel.”

The badger found the kettle with ease and filled it with water from the barrel. Placing the kettle over the fire, Fenir moved on to scavenge for a willow sapling. The exercise took some time as few willows grew in the region.

Finally locating one about a stone’s throw into the woods, Fenir stripped the sapling as tenderly as his massive paws could. Returning to the fire, he found the water nearly boiled. Weldon watched the badger with curiosity, as Fenir tore and bruised the leaves and marked up the tender twig before adding them to his mug and pouring in some boiling water.

The hint of a smile graced the old mole’s face as he realized what the badger warrior was up to. Weldon kept it to himself, though, and continued to mind his own business as he worked the cloth into strips.

The badger step the homebrew aside to steep and went on to ladle out a bowl of the soup, added a bit of water to the bowl, before bringing it over to Teddy.

The raccoons were bound fore and hind paws, with little ability to move. The badger was forced to serve the slender raccoon, bringing the spoon to the pathetic creature’s mouth. Teddy, uncertain at first, when he realized what was being offered slurped up the food eagerly. Before the other twin could voice a protest, Fenir cut him off:

"When he's done, I'll bring you a bowl as well. You boys' look like you'd use a good meal."

When Teddy had finished the bowl, Fenir went back, as he had promised, and fetched a second bowl. Weldon approached him as the badger prepared to water down the soup once more.

“No need, lad,” Weldon said quietly. “There be plenty ‘nough to go ‘round. Ye got the right idea, Fenir,” the mole said, looking over his shoulder at the raccoons, a touch of sadness on his face. “Give ‘em their fill to warm their bellies. Still some time before we be reachin’ Stormhollow and they’ll need their strength.”

Fenir returned to Terry and began feeding him as well. As he did, Weldon came and knelt before Simon, one paw full of strips of cloth, the other with a flask of some kind of alcohol.

“’old yer paw still, Simon,” Weldon said firmly, but with compassion. “Clean this up ‘fore we be leavin’, less ye be lookin’ to lose it.” Simon winced as Weldon poured some of the alcohol over the wound and cleaned it with a strip of cloth. “Aye,” quipped the mole. “Suspect it some’in’ fierce right ‘bout now. Still got three ‘ours ‘til we be reachin’ Stormhollow. They’ll take care of it fer ye then. Fer now... well, ye can ride with me boy and Fenir ‘ere in the wagon.”

Weldon finished binding the wound with the other strips of cloth before calling out to his boys, “Aidyn, Drennon, ‘elp Fenir out ‘ere, lads, and fetch a couple bowls for the others.” The mole boys moved quickly to obey their father, serving up Gannon and Mitts.

Fenir returned with a third bowl and the mug of steeped willow for Simon. When the bandit leader looked at the mug with suspicion, Fenir explained the liquid would help take the edge off the pain. The raccoon gave the badger a nod of thanks, and accepted the gift.

Posted on 2014-01-19 at 04:16:45.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Awesome post, Astrid!!

Nice post, Astrid. I was completely going to post Weldon doing almost the same thing. I'm glad I didn't... it was so much more rewarding reading it from you! Way to go!

Way to go, all around, really! I'm always surprised at how quickly you guys put up your posts. Thanks!


Posted on 2014-01-19 at 03:02:44.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Additional notes....

So, my work week coming up is going to be pretty killer. I have a weekend retreat with Jr High students coming up. Also, a funeral for the father of one of my volunteers.

I'm not confident that I will be able to make much of an update this week. Maybe on Tuesday night...

So, Id love it if all of you could have your posts in prior to Tuesday evening, 9 PM EST. That will give me a couple days to work towards an update.

Ideally, I'd love to see the group get back together and move forward, whether with Weldon or in pursuing the bandits (or something else, if you like).

One note I want to highlight is that, in my games, the passage of time means that things are continuing to move on in the world at large... so, for instance, if you end your pursuit of the bandits, they may decide to move their base by the time you decide to return. If you decide to continue on the mission of finding and capturing the bandits, it's possible that you will miss other opportunities. I have few random encounters and few encounters that are just "waiting around" for the PCs to trigger them.


Posted on 2014-01-18 at 14:24:29.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Update two up...

Hey Everyone,

Managed to get the second update up. Sorry, Astrid, I didn't post anything really for Fenir. Assume he's with Oltovian.

I do need to know what your character would like to do with the information received. What's next:

1) stay and wait
2) chase after their companions
3) something I hadn't thought of yet.


Posted on 2014-01-18 at 08:53:15.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Meanwhile... back at the ranch

[The Masons’ Way, northeast of the Murkenhill Forks, Mid Spring, Year 54 AR, present time, noon.]

Oltovian kept a close eye on the five bandits, while the mole boys gathered wood for a fire and Weldon prepared some thick vegetable soup and dark rye bread with corn butter. The warmth of the food helped take some of the chill out of the otter’s bones.

“That was some yarn ye pulled out there, Oltovian,” piped up Aidyn after a few mouthfuls of the soup.

“Aye, it was, it was,” quipped Dremmon. “Felt me insides all warm up, like a fire was ragin’ in me ‘eart.”

“Aye! Aye!” added Aidyn excitedly. “Felt like a stout beast, like I could have taken on thrice as many beasts.”

Weldon, definitely proud of his boys, spoke more cautiously, “Aye, lads, it be a good tale, no doubt. But don’t be let no songs make ye foolhardy. Bolster yer courage? Aye, take courage where e’er ye can find it. But had the song not ensnared the rascals, don’t be foolin’ yerselves... them would ‘ave put couple of arrows in yer chests ‘ad them been payin ye any attention as ye went fer yer pickaxes.”

>>Insert Oltovian’s responses as you please... Weldon will likely say little in response<<

Having finished the soup and bread, Oltovian moved to his next planned task – a little interrogation of their captives.

"You boys should be grateful that Mr Weldon convinced me to spare your lives!"

The bandits, huddled together and bound, looked miserable. Simon looked worse than the rest, the pain from his wounded foot seeming to occupy almost all his consciousness. The others cowered a bit at Oltovian’s voice.

"Time for some questions boys and depending upon your answers, I may include you boys in one or more of my Tales!"

“I don’t want to hear anymore of your songs, boy,” spat Simon. “Leave us be.”

The others continued to huddle together.

>>You can insert a response here if you like... Simon will likely not reply to much<<

Oltovian begins by gathering the names of the captives: Simon; his partner, Gannon; the stout ‘coon, Mitts; and the two slender twins, Teddy and Terry. While Simon, Gannon, and Mitts are rather uncooperative, Oltovian finds the twins have looser tongues. He gathers from them the names of the two cowards who ran: the larger, Aldo; the thin one, Finn.

"You boys have any more gang members besides the two deserters the Abbey Scouts are tracking?"

“Oh yeah,” Terry nods his head enthusiastically. “There’s Hinton, and Hanson, and Carver.”

“And,” added Teddy . “There’s Kian, and Jax, and Alfie.”

“Shut up,” Mitts spat at the twins.

"You boys have a hideout, or are you all just vagabonds?"

“Oh, sure,” begins Teddy. “We place down in the Maze.”

>>Assuming some quizzical question from Oltovian like, “What’s the maze?”<<

“’e’s talkin’ ‘bout the limestone crevices and caves up north ‘here a ways,” Weldon states. “Ye’d barely notice it from the road, but there be a limestone formation that runs nearly level with the Mason. If ye walk o’er top of it, ye’d find deep fissures run down near thirty strides. All o’er... criss-crossin’ and windi’ throughout the rock.”

“He’s right,” affirmed Terry. “Easy ‘nough the get lost in there.”

“But the hideout’s just a right,” began Teddy. “Then a left, and a left again.”

“It’s not two lefts!” argued Terry. “It’s left, then a double right read.”

“He’s right,” agreed Teddy. “Double right, then a left, a right, and then a double left. Take you right into the clearing and our camp.”

“Shut yer lips already!” Gannon commanded them.

"You boys ever do any business around the Quarry or around Stormhollow?"

“No,” replies Terry. “No, sir. We just prey on folk as they come by here tis all. And we only come out when our supplies are low.”

“We ain’t killed n’ one,” piped in Teddy. “Honest!”

“Roughed a few folk up,” added Terry. “But none s’ bad they couldn’t travel on.”

"You boys have any rival gangs crowding your territory?"

Simon, Gannon, and Mitts remained silent. The twins looked at each other as if trying to think together before replying, “Nope.”

"You boys ever hear tell of the Legendary Owl named Shadow?"

Again, the twins gave Oltovian a quizzical look. Teddy finally asked, “Y’ mean, Shadow... like from the fables?”

“’Course, he don’t mean Shadow from the fables, gull-brain,” Terry retorted back to his brother. He looked to Oltovian for support, but found none. “D’ you?”

A slight nod from the otter indicated he did indeed.

Terry shook his head. “We ain’t heard nothing ‘bout that owl ‘cept what our ma told us when we was just kits.”

“He ain’t back, is he?” Teddy asked with a look of dread.

“’Course, he ain’t back, hollow-head,” Terry scolded. Once again he looked to Oltovian for back up... once again he found little. “Is he?”

"There any place in Alder Vale where you boys are scared to show your faces?"

“Our ma always told us not t’ go north o’ the quarry,” said Terry honestly. “Said there be wild beasts a plenty up there be happy ‘nough t’ tan our skins for rugs. And Shadow’ll eat y’ too, ma said.”

“Still,” added Teddy. “Wouldn’t b’ as bad as them swamps down south. Them toads cook up slaves on spits and eat them with mushroom gravy.”

Both of the twins shudder at the thought. “It’s unnatural,” added Terry

Gannon rolls his eyes and gives the twins a hard nudge.

"Where do you boys figure the safest place is for you and your gang to hide?"

“Beyond th’ maze?” asked Teddy. “I can’t think o’ another...”

“Gratch’s lair, maybe?” quipped Terry. “Got some good hidey holes in there, I bet.”

“Aye,” agreed Teddy. “Hidey holes a plenty, I’d say.”

“SHUT UP!” Gannon, Mitts, and Simon cried out together. The twins immediately went silent.

The otter suddenly withdrew his dagger. He pointed it at each of the five captives in turn, trying to search the eyes of each raccoon. Teddy and Terry shrunk back in fear, unable to meet the fierce gaze the Talespinner. Gannon and Mitts returned Oltovian’s gaze with empty stares. Simon met the look with eyes wild with pain, fury, and defiance, but he held his tongue. Oltovian looked the captives over once more before sheathing his weapon.

"You boys better be thanking Mr Weldon that I spared your lives again!"

The captive bandits said nothing in response, a miserable silence punctuating the otter’s statement.

Oltovian kept his stern face on until he return back to the fire. Giving the mole lads a sly grin, he asked them:

"You gentlemen have any tasty fruit drink that might wash away the distaste in my throat from the answers given by these boys?"

Aidyn handed the otter a clay jar. “Strawberry-rhubarb... one of Miz Olive’s last ones from summer’s past ‘arvest.”

Oltovian filled a clay mug with the sweet-n-sour juice.

"Thank you kindly, gents!"

Tearing off another piece of the dark rye bread, the Talespinner found a spot near the fire that allowed him to keep an eye on the captives and consider the information he had gained.

Posted on 2014-01-18 at 08:48:25.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: One update up, one to go...

Hey Everyone,
I've got Asher and Violet's update up... still working on Oltovian's (and Fenir's). I'm half way done, but it's late and I'm single parenting tomorrow, so I need some sleep. I'll try to squeeze it in tomorrow.

Posted on 2014-01-18 at 07:40:39.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Violet and Asher: Pursuing Bandits

[The Masons’ Way, northeast of the Murkenhill Forks, Mid Spring, Year 54 AR, present time, noon.]

Violet and Asher start out quickly after the fleeing bandits. Following the tracks left in the softened earth, the pair makes their way along the ditch which runs alongside the road north for awhile before popping up into a recently plowed field.

The tracks lead them on along the edge of the field which increasingly is separated from the road by a widening, flat, limestone rock formation. While the scouts need to stop from time to time to ensure they are following the right tracks, they feel confident that they are still keeping pace with the bandits.

After about fifteen minutes, Violet and Asher notice that the tracks dart into a crevice in the rock formation, wide enough for two, maybe three, beasts to enter in side-by-side. The crevice descends into the rock formation about twenty strides west before jogging north again. At this point, the steep walls of the crevice are nearly thirty paws high, and the light of the day is dimmed dramatically. The tracks continue on north, but it is difficult to determine the path ahead as its twists it way onwards. The rocky ground is slick from the rainfall and, in some places, deep puddles have formed.

Ahead, the scouts can hear the sound of the claw and paw against the rock, but it is difficult for them to determine distance as the sound echoes off the rocks. Both Asher and Violet also take note, that should a foe appear at the top of the crevice, they would be hard pressed to find cover from any missile fire.

[Slightly east of The Masons’ Way, northeast of the Murkenhill Forks, Mid Spring, Year 54 AR, present time, fifteen minutes past noon.]

OOC: Alright, Asher and Violet, from your present location (20 strides into the crevice), it will take you 10 minutes to return back to Weldon (assuming you are moving at a quick pace and are not waylaid).

Do you wish to...

a) Continue on through the crevice?
b) Turn back and head for the wagon train?
c) Something other?

Please confer with each other either by PM or the Q/A board and then put up a post with your reactions to what’s happened so far and your plan forward.


Posted on 2014-01-18 at 05:52:54.

Topic: Dragon fighting
Subject: Well...

I'd say only your 8th lvl Cleric is going to be much help (maybe) if you are planning on attacking the dragon. The others will likely run away in fear or be taken out rather quickly by it's breath weapon.

I'm not sure you'll find a lot of good help here without getting into all the details of what you know about the dragon, the campaign world, and the resources your character has available.

I have my doubts that your dad has set this to be a straight hack-and-slash encounter. Perhaps, but I doubt it.

From a game mechanics/ hack&slash point of view, you've got a large creature with awesome defense (AC 25+, SR, and DR/Magic), pretty amazing attacks (melee and breath), and its fearful presence. So, maybe, if you were prepped with some sort of immunity vs fear, immunity vs acid, and a magical weapon of some kind, you might stand a chance.

Otherwise, my guess would be there is some sort of next-step missions to acquire resources and experience to help you overcome the creature... like finding and recruiting allies, finding lost dragon-slaying relics, finding some secret weakness of the dragon or its lair.

Sorry to not be more helpful.
Welcome back to the Inn!

Posted on 2014-01-18 at 04:00:25.
Edited on 2014-01-18 at 07:41:48 by Ayrn

Topic: Dragon fighting
Subject: Depends

Hey! Welcome to the site!

To answer your question, it depends a bit on:

What followers do you have? What special skills/powers do they have?

And what's your feat/skill selection?

And do you have any magic items or other special powers?

What other resources do you have available?

Are there any other allies you might negotiate with that might help you over come the dragon?

Is there anything the dragon wants that you might be able to offer it in order to get it to shove off?

Those would be my questions to start with.


Posted on 2014-01-18 at 01:38:45.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Slight delay again

Sorry, guys... one of my daughters just started . I need to go play nurse for a while. I'll look to update tomorrow.


Posted on 2014-01-17 at 05:05:26.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: No worries, Astrid

Hey! No problem, Astrid. Thanks for letting me know. I'll NPC Fenir this round. If you have a preference on whether Fenir stays with Oltovian or heads out with the scouts, posted it here quick and I'll include your choice in my post.


Posted on 2014-01-17 at 02:58:39.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Update coming

Hey All,
Still looking for a post from Hammer and Astrid regarding their actions... if I don't get a post, I'm going to assume your heading out with the scouts (only because it is easier for me). I know, Hammer, you said lunch and maybe interrogate, but I'd need some more specifics on the questions you're looking to ask if you stay behind.

I'm looking to update the game tonight, sometime after 9 PM EST. Please have your posts in prior if possible.


Posted on 2014-01-16 at 21:29:36.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Both are fine with me

If one or more of the character wants to track with Vi, that's fine by me.

It's also fine by me if some of the character stay with Weldon.

I prefer it when the group sticks together, but I don't think this will be too much of a headache for me to run.

A couple of things then:

1) If the whole group decided to go track, then it doesn't really matter to me if your characters return within the hour.

2) If the whole group decides to stay with Weldon, then awesome! Post what you are doing for the hour. Dont post for the NPCs, but you are welcome to post that you attempt to interact with them. If you want to interact with multiple NPCs, simply leave a little space for a reply. Example:

Oltovian eyed Simon suspiciously. "Master Weldon, do you know what the price is on this rat's head?"

>>Insert Weldon's response here<<

"Too much, I'm thinking," replied the otter. Stalked over to the bandit leader. "How much is your little head worth to you, Simon? How about some information?"

>>Insert Simon's response here<<

"I want to know where your hide-out is..."

>>Insert response<<

"And how 'bout these owl troubles up at the Quarry? You got a hand in that?"

>>Insert response<<

3) If some of you decide to track, and some of you decide to stay, then I'm going to rule that those that track promise to be back within the hour (as far as it depends on them). And those that decide to stay, promise to wait/search for the tracking companions if they fail to return within the hour.


Posted on 2014-01-14 at 06:57:28.


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