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Topic: Compendium Q&A
Subject: Sorry...

Something got deleted from my OOC section regarding compensation, I've add the request to the game board.

Posted on 2013-04-29 at 21:56:20.

Topic: Compendium
Subject: OOC...

OOC: Oops, in my OOC section, Nadya's first request was suppose to read, "In addition to monetary compensation that the group would receive 1) Free access to the Library for one year beginning on the day following their completion of the quest... not sure how that got deleted, but there you go.

Posted on 2013-04-29 at 21:54:47.

Topic: Compendium
Subject: Nadya...

The northern road, just outside Felarin

Benson approached the Sylvan* encampment with a bit of trepidation. He had heard enough stories of how the nomadic folk used their beguiling charm to relieve their guests of all things that might be weighing them down, that the lad had tied his money pouch tightly shut, wrapped it twice around his belt and tucked it into the front of his trousers. That should keep it safe, he thought to himself.

The encampment was full of life and activity, consisting of various tents, simple yet colourful, scattered around five wagons gathered together in a circle at the center. Benson guessed the Sylvans numbered around fifteen men, ten women, along with at least twenty-five children. “Guests” from Felarin, merchants and other tradesmen, were also amongst the group, buying and trading wares, looking through odd and unusual trinkets and treasures the nomads had brought with them. The smell of meat roasting mixed in with other more exotic scents of incense and spice. And over the din of people trading and talking, laughing and playing, came the sound of music from the center of the camp... a tin whistle and mandolin played gaily to the rhythm of a tambourine.

“Ah! Good day, young sir!” A Sylvan man greeted Benson boisterously, as three children suddenly played a quick game of tag around the courier. “How might we be of service to ye today? Perhaps ye be looking for a special token of love for a sweet young lass?”

“No, I’m...” Benson began as he tried to shoo away the children.

“Ah, perhaps some surprise spices for ye mam?”

“No, I’m just looking...” The children continued to dance around him, now singing a happy tune. Benson felt nearly sure there had been a tug on his belt.

“Ah, nay, of course... a blade, then, perhaps. We’ve just acquired two of the finest from the enchanting Syls. A finer steel would be hard to...”

“No!” Benson shouted, becoming frustrated with the children.

“Ah! I see!” The Sylvan man smiled. “Petra, Gregory, Janice... off with ye scoundrels. Leave our guest alone.” The children scattered. Benson was relieved to find his pouch still in place. “Now,” continued the nomad. “What is it ye seek, son.”

“I’m looking for a woman by the name of Nadya,” Benson stated, a little flustered. “I have a message for her.”

“Oh, why didn’t ye say so right away, lad?” the man replied with a wide smile. He ushered Benson briskly towards the center wagons. “She’s within the circle.” Then, as though giving Benson inside information, the nomad spoke with hushed tones in his ear, “I’d wait until she’s finished, though, lad. The folks might not take too kindly if ye interrupt.”

Benson nodded. Moving to within the circled wagons, the courier stood quietly behind the gathered people. In the center of the circle, the lithe form of a Sylvan woman moved with carefree grace. In her right hand, a scimitar flashed in the mid-day sun. In her left hand, a tambourine tapped out a simple beat, moving from her hips to the side of her blade.

Almost immediately, Benson became mesmerized by the woman’s dance. Her whole body was an instrument of rhythm, from the bangles around her wrists that jangled to the beaded tassels around her slender hips that swished like lightly falling rain drops, as she leapt and spun around the circle. It was a battle dance, a blade song, to be certain... and yet it seemed to Benson, as limited as his knowledge was of such things, that the woman was improvising... like a leaf moved by the wind, unpredictable, yet gentle and fluid.

The mandolin and tin whistle players continue to keep time with the woman, and Benson felt the music and dance lighten his spirit and gladden his soul. After a time, Benson could not tell how long, it came to a quick end. The woman in the center, exited the circle, had a quick word with the other players, giving them her thanks. Then, to Benson’s surprise, lock eyes on the courier and made her way towards him.

Nadya smiled as she approached the courier. Kison, the man who had greeted Benson first, had relayed the message to Michal, the tin whistle player, who had relayed the message to Nadya.

“I have been told you were looking for a certain Nadya,” the Sylvan woman said gently to Benson, as she danced and twirled playfully around him. “I am her. What is your name, good sir?”

Somewhere, at the outer corners of his consciousness, an alarm was going off inside Benson, warning him that he could not move and that should be of concern to him... but the courier could not hear it, so enchanted had he become with the twirling Sylvan.

“Benson,” he stammered, his own voice sounding quite jarring against the Nadya’s beautiful pitch and tone. “I come with a message from Alana.”

“Alana, hmmm,” Nadya purred into his ear. “Tell me more, good sir.”

“She wishes you to join her at the Inn of the Broken Sorrow as soon as you can,” Benson continued.

“Is there anything more to the message?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Well, then,” Nadya came closer again to the courier, “Thank you for finding me. You are free to go.” Benson felt as though his limbs became suddenly like jelly and he nearly fell over. “Easy, there,” Nadya smiled as she caught him. “Here, now,” she placed a pouch in his hand. “Take this for your troubles.”

Benson looked down at the coin pouch. It seemed vaguely familiar, but his mind was all muddled, he could place where he had seen it before. “Thank you, ma’am.”

Nadya gave the courier a wink and a quick kiss on the cheek, “No trouble at all, good sir.”

Leaving the courier, Nadya found Bosnik, her grey stallion, and made her way into Felarin.

Inn of the Broken Sorrow

As her companions shared drinks together and Alana relayed the message from the Chief Librarian, Nadya smiled inwardly at the thought of adventuring with these five once more. Their recent work as caravan guards had been less exciting than the Sylvan* woman had hoped it would be. Still, traveling with these fine folk had made it more than bearable.

Alana... the hag always had Nadya’s admiration. While her form was hard on the eyes, the wizardly woman had a tenacious spirit which burned in multifaceted hues. She appeared innocent as the morning dove, but as shrewd as the wily fox.

Rose... enticingly intoxicating as a field of wild flowers, her womanly wiles were as disarming and deadly as her skill with the blade. The woman kept her personal affairs close to herself, but Nadya always felt as though there were plans within plans within plans bidding their time within Rose, just waiting to bloom.

Archan... it was hard for Nadya not to smirk a bit when she thought of the bold knight. Well formed and cock-sure of himself, Archan had the balls of a bull (and, sometimes, the brains). Nadya enjoyed watching (and, on occasion, teasing) the man as he daily practiced and honed his skill with the blade.

Lambert... one of Merca’s man-servant, the priest had a fond place in Nadya’s heart. At first glance, it would appear that the two would be nearly polar-opposites of one another. While the Sylvan woman was always trying to add a little more colour into the man’s life, she adored Lambert’s simple honest and honest simplicity

Crow... the Sylvarian forester had a keen sight for seeing things for what they were, a trait which had saved the Sylvan lass from a bandit’s arrow on one occasion. Still, Nadya wondered, if the long-lived Sylvarian was capable of seeing things for what they could be, and often found herself singing songs of hope and the rewards of love-risked for the skeptical realist.

Nadya smiled warmly at her Companions. Yes, it will be good to get on the road with them again.

Library of Felarin

“Ahhhh, I am so glad you could come,” the Chief Librarian said with a smile as he came up to them, “I am Tremain, Chief Librarian.”

Nadya curtsied as she passed before the elderly man, “Thank you for the invitation, Master Tremain.”

“Please be seated,” the Chief Librarian said, “I have a business proposition to discuss with you. We can enjoy a little Sylvarian wine while we talk.”

Seated at the table, Nadya listened intently with her ears to the stories of the Chief Librarian, a part of her mind already playing with how the man’s words might sound as poetry or song. Her eyes were not on the Chief Librarian, however... rather, they flitted across the room, taking in the rich images of the room and painting them on to her memory. The rest of Nadya’s senses were engaged with the lovely Sylvarian wine Tremain had served up... she could feel the natural magicks of the land strengthening her body and fortifying her spirit.

“For centuries, no one has heard of the location of this Compendium,” Tremain went on, “many thought it was just a myth, but recently one of our agents, who is out searching for rumors of lost works, returned to say that he had perhaps learned of it’s possible location. The Ruins of Melenkur Keep. If you are not familiar with it, the keep is located Northwest of here in the dark lands of Sendria...”

At the mention of the dark lands, all of Nadya’s senses suddenly came to focus on the Chief Librarian causing her to cough and sputter on her wine. “Sorry,” she apologised. “I’m fine.” But she was not... a shiver ran through her as her mind recalled a moment in time from year’s gone by... the last time she had travelled inside Sendia... darkness and fire... pain and death... fear . She tried to shake it from her mind, but the memory held on... the fear clung tightly to her soul.

Her companions began to chime in their willingness to participate in this dark quest and moved towards asking questions about compensation, as well as information of the keep and the artifact. Nadya remained silent, while her soul whirled about. Are you brave, little Nadya? Brave enough to sing hope where none exists? Brave enough to dance life into death? The Sylvan woman had no voice to silence her soul.

[ OOC: Nadya will remain silent unless asked directly whether or not she is participating. Perceptive companions might notice this behaviour as a “little off” for Nadya as she tends to chime in rather quickly with her thoughts regarding potential adventures.

Teller of Aryn: If it is your intention to move the story passed negotiations, then Nadya will make two requests, on behalf of the group, with regards to compensation and in addition to any monetary rewards that the quest entails – 1) Nadya will ask that the Companions be allowed free access to the Library for one full year, commencing the day following the completion of their quest; 2) Nadya will ask that each of the Companions receive one full wineskin filled with the same wine the Chief Librarian has served them this evening prior to leaving for Sendria, so the Companions might bring some good cheer into what is likely to be a dark and desolate place.

Finally... I realise I didn't give a very good physical description of Nadya... so here's a couple links to what I imagine her to look like: link and link (bottom pic on the second link)

* Also, "Sylvan" is the name I've given to this nomadic, "gypsy"-like folk ]

Posted on 2013-04-29 at 19:03:13.
Edited on 2013-04-29 at 19:13:49 by Ayrn

Topic: Compendium Q&A
Subject: Computer ate my homework...

Sorry, a power outage shut down my computer last night. I just lost the "intro" bit... should have something up in an hour. Sorry for the delay.

Posted on 2013-04-29 at 17:10:40.

Topic: Compendium Q&A
Subject: I'll have something up

before the deadline. Right on time and farmin like a pro!

Posted on 2013-04-29 at 02:04:52.

Topic: Compendium Q&A
Subject: An additional thought on this group...

I just had another thought regarding this adventuring group that might also be good for future story / game recruitment purposes:

What if we're party of a Companions of the ________ or loose guild of some sort, and that there are actually other "companions" scattered throughout Audalis. What if Alana was approached with a job offer and she actually sent out messengers for more than just the PCs... we just happened to be the only ones available.

I suggest this loose companionship approach because it will allow easy recruitment of additional players should you wish to expand the group or you need to replace a character (to due character death or a player needing to leave the game)... you simply come up with a reason for the character to exit the group, and the group goes to the nearest town and finds out that Billy-bob just so happens to be in the area and is looking for some adventure. The assumption is that (some of) the group has already adventured with Billy-bob before, so they know he's good to go.

It reminds me of those squad based games where you get to select 5 characters from a larger roster to round out your group and you change out the character for each new quest.

Anyway... just a thought.

Posted on 2013-04-25 at 05:36:46.

Topic: Compendium Q&A
Subject: Party names...

Companions (or Riders) of the Open Road - expresses the reality that our group is a bit nomadic.

The Winsome Companions (or Blades) - winsome meaning "charming, disarming, engaging, good-natured")

Company (or Companions, or Blades) of the Free (or Open) Hand - expresses perhaps our shared concern for the poor or liberitarian, free spirit)

There's a few!

Posted on 2013-04-24 at 07:50:28.

Topic: Compendium Q&A
Subject: What about...

... we don't have a "leader" of the group. I get the sense that none of our characters, exceppt maybe Tek's is really into being "commanded" or "ordered" around anyway.

The key question I think we're going to need to figure out for our characters is why we keep adventuring together despite the fact most of us have "lone wolf" or "free spirited" tendencies? What makes your character "put up with", or, beter yet, enjoy being with our characters?

Now that might be hard to say at the moment because we haven't played our characters together yet. The basic assuption though for the game is that each of our characters have adventured together in the past, that those adventures have met with moderate success, and that they actually trust each other well enough on the road (or in the dungeon, or on the field of battle).

If that's our baseline, then a big part for us as players is having our characters live into that existing storyline.

So, for example, take Kaelyn's post... perhaps this isn't the first time Rose has given Alana some funds for the orphanage. In fact, it's quite possible that Alana, regardless of what she thinks of some of Rose's other characteristics, is able to trust Rose because Alana feels she knows Rose's heart... the rogue cares deeply for the poor.

Or, perhaps, Nadya respects Alana's determination for life as the gypsy woman watches the mage overcome physical difficulties.

Or, perhaps, Rose, while she has trouble with Archan brash and blunt ways, has some respect for the man because he's got some courage and stepped in front of a death blow meant for her once... I don't know... I'm just spit-balling here, but I think you get what I'm saying. Even though we don't have the specific details of our past spelled out yet, the assumption is our characters actually think adventuring together is a good thing and they genuinely like one another.

So, about leadership of the group... maybe our group is similar to the guys in the "Expendables"... they all knew each other well enough to trust that they would perform their roles well when the time came and that they had each other's backs... even though they really didn't know much of each other's personal lives.

How does this play out in our group? Nadya will probably look to Crow when it comes time to move through the woods... the sylvari pathfinder has definitely led them through the woods before and he seems to know what he's doing. Alana seems to have a deep moral compass, which Nadya might now always agree with, but Nadya will likely look to her to determine whther or not a course of action is good or bad. Rose has a way with words and if we ever need to negotiate some contract or defuse a situation with words, Nadya would likely expect Rose to step up.

Anyway... my two cents.

Posted on 2013-04-24 at 06:00:41.

Topic: Compendium Q&A
Subject: Nadya your life!

I wouldn't vote Nadya for leader either... she's a bit too flighty for the task.

Posted on 2013-04-23 at 22:45:06.

Topic: Looking to start a game
Subject: Specfically...

I am wondering about the following rule modifications:

1) Using INT Language bonuses for extra weapon proficiencies.

2) Spending Weap Proficiencies on Ambidexterity.

3) Specialization in Martial Arts / Punching & Wrestling.

4) Fighting Style Specialization.

5) Special manuevers and called shots (i.e. parry, shield-punch, disarm, trip, etc).


Posted on 2013-04-15 at 18:40:57.

Topic: Looking to start a game
Subject: Optional rules

Hey Aryn,
Just wondering if you use any optional rules for 2nd AD&D? Specifically, I'm wondering about the combat rules from the Fighter's Handbook. (pg 58 - 83)

EDIT: I'm sticking with a fighter, likely the Archer-type.

Posted on 2013-04-15 at 16:15:22.
Edited on 2013-04-15 at 16:26:43 by Ayrn

Topic: Looking to start a game
Subject: Yeah... one of them

Just checking the books out again... they were collecting dust.

I was thinking of playing a warrior type or multiclass, probably one of the following:

1) A Khord fighter
2) A Syl or Cidal archer

So yeah... that's as narrow as I am right now.

Posted on 2013-04-15 at 16:01:23.
Edited on 2013-04-15 at 16:27:15 by Ayrn

Topic: Looking to start a game
Subject: Can I try?

Aryn, I'd love to give you game a shot. Thanks!

Posted on 2013-04-15 at 14:10:02.

Topic: Kaelyn's got the creative bug.... Looking to play!
Subject: No relation

But I like Teller anyway!

Posted on 2013-04-11 at 13:32:14.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Q&A
Subject: Came across this... thought of you guys!

Something to feed your hunger for all things Zombies. Enjoy!

Posted on 2013-04-09 at 17:21:23.

Topic: Olympus has Fallen... What did you think
Subject: Not bad... felt like propaganda

Thought movie was okay. There were some real cheesy moments that made me groan, and a couple of scenes that I thought where certain people in power did things that seemed so out of character it made it hard to believe.

Beyond that, though, I found myself thinking about how movies can be used as propoganda. With the "terrorists" in the film being "North Korean", I wondered how a movie like this might be used for political purposes (i.e. if you watch this film, will you feel more sympathetic towards foreign policies that are more "hardline" towards North Korea?).

The film gets a 3/5 stars from me. It was okay... but renting it would have likely been better.

Posted on 2013-04-09 at 16:03:53.

Topic: Star Wars The Imperial March Q&A
Subject: Delayed, held up, and kept against my will.

Hey Team,
I'm going to be out of commission for the next few weeks with work/life... I imagine my return to full-on gaming to be around the beginning of May. Sorry.

Sir, feel free to NPC or give my PC to another.

Posted on 2013-03-04 at 04:55:31.

Topic: Star Wars The Imperial March Q&A
Subject: Sorry... here's where my OOC should go. :)


A couple of questions to follow up the Tapien’s answers to be sure I understood the conversation correctly:

1) Is he saying there’s not much resistance between us and the other imperial forces up ahead? Or is he saying that the resistance up head won’t be much trouble for us because we’re imperial?
2) Is he saying that the Imperial forces up ahead have a few squads with them, or is he saying that the Tapiens have a few squads up ahead?
3) Is the “guy in black clothes” a reference to Darth Vader?

I think those are all my questions for now.

Posted on 2013-02-20 at 16:32:10.

Topic: Star Wars: The Imperial March
Subject: "My name is Sergeant Cam, and I do not approve of this message."

Sergeant Cam look over Sellikus as he gave the Tap the run down. The clone wasn't sure the kiffar would be able to convince the creature to talk, but the near-human seemed to have a persuasive way with the Tap.

Sellikus looked over and called for some medical supplies. Cam reached in a pocket, pulled out a medpac, and tossed it to TK. "Give our friend the assistance he needs to talk."

In a louder voice, Cam gave his instructions, "We march in five minutes, people. Check your guns and your packs."

Posted on 2013-02-15 at 16:21:08.

Topic: Star Wars: The Imperial March
Subject: Taking stock of the situation

"Status report, team!" Cam barked as the enemy droid looked to flee the scene.

"Did that droid just shoot his ally and run off?" TK asked. "I thought droids can't act like that."

"Well," the sergeant replied while checking his rifle and power pack. "Looks like no one told the droid that." Looking over at TK, "I'd be more concerned about the tinnie's shield and heuristic processor than the fact that it shot its ally."

Turning to no one in particular, "Someone see if any of Taps are up for a little chat."

Posted on 2013-02-02 at 07:59:53.

Topic: Star Wars The Imperial March Q&A
Subject: I'm ready too

Don't matter none to me about rank/privilege system... along as they all call me "Sir! Yes, Sir!"

Posted on 2013-01-18 at 03:35:20.

Topic: Star Wars The Imperial March Q&A
Subject: Killer weeks

Sorry guys, the last couple weeks and the next two are killer for me. I don't think I'll be able to post for them.

If I were to write something though, I'd look to have Cam:

1) Shoot at point of origin of the electrical charges... if I can't actually see the creature responsible, autofire the area.


2) If I can't see where the shots are coming from yet, try to move into a better position to get a view, attacking enemies that stand in my way.

I should be back in action soon after Christmas.

Posted on 2012-12-11 at 16:24:49.

Topic: Star Wars The Imperial March Q&A
Subject: Thanks!

Thank you for keeping us in the loop! I really appreciate that!

Posted on 2012-11-26 at 18:05:54.

Topic: Star Wars: The Imperial March
Subject: Here we go!

With the marching order set, Sergeant Cam took his position while carrying the droid. The machine was heavy enough, but Cam knew the thing was not built for crossing long distances of rough terrain.

As the moved in the direction of the distress call, Cam was first to hear the blaster fire ahead. "Sharp eyes. Sounds like we'll be coming in hot."

The blaster fire volume increased, and soon the evidence of battle came into view as the passed the bodies of the fallen. The grim sight of his dead brother sullied invoked an even grimmer determination within Cam. We will succeed with this mission...

A little ways away, the sergeant noticed something that seemed not to belong... a black powdery substance, different from the soil. [OOC:Assuming Cam has time prior to the electric bolt crashing in... Cam scooped up a sample of the stuff and examined it briefly before heading it to the droid. "Fayt, can you identify this sample?"

Suddenly, an electric blast crashed in beside TK. The shot went wide of the clone pilot... But was that intentional? wondered Cam. [OOC:Can Cam make a Knowledge [Tactics] check to see whether the shot intentional missed? Can he make a knowledge check to see if he can identify the type of weapon used to make such a blast? Can he make a perception check to determine where the blast originatated from?]

Sellikus opened fire and called for the team to get to cover. "Move! Move!" Cam added. As he found some tree cover, Cam released Fayt. "Don't go getting yourself diabled now!"

Looking around the tree, Cam attempted again to notice an any enemy activity. "Linopas, stay here and see if you can get a bead on this 'sniper'.

"TK, you're with me. Let's see if we can circle alongside and flank them.

"Sellikus, keep tem distracted while we move into position."

"Let's get moving."

[OOC: Not sure how many rounds my actions take up, but I suspect a couple. So when he get the chance, rifle is out and he is looking to come alongside the source.]

Posted on 2012-11-18 at 20:40:55.

Topic: Star Wars The Imperial March Q&A
Subject: Questions

Can Cam tell what is making the trees glow? Do the trees, forest or terrain look dangerous/threatening?

Posted on 2012-11-15 at 04:08:25.


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