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Subject: Not Gimli

Noone tosses the dwarf!

Posted on 2014-11-12 at 14:30:47.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again

[OOC: Small update with DM information]

Kadrin gave the bridge ahead a wary glance. "Well, the bridge has not been made by any of my kin's hands, but it will see us across."

[OOC: Kadrin will also examine the hanging bodies as he waits for the others to begin making their way across the bridge... specifically, how are their arms being held to their chests? Do they still hold/carry any weapons? Do they have any heraldry that would identify them (heraldry check if needed, please)?]

Posted on 2014-11-12 at 10:56:59.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: This... this is nothing...

As Kadrin and his companions approached the torchbearer, it became clear that a mannequin bore the undying light. As if to highlight the wretched depravity and horror that lay waiting ahead of them, their host had left this “torchbearer”, a scarecrow of sort with its skin sewn together with the flesh of men.

The tactic was not new to the old general. The orc filth of Pomarj seemed to relish in figuring out new ways to desecrate the bodied of Ulek’s captured or slain sons. While the beasts regularly adorned themselves with the skulls of his brethren, he knew of one vile captain that would leave the bodies of the slain out to find, trapped with arcane runes that would explode when the bodies were moved. So, Kadrin was glad to hear the knight ask Maximus to be wary of any traps...

... and he was saddened too -- saddened by the wickedness found in this world that would cause men, less the century of life under their beards, to be wary of their dead. The sadness brought forcibly to his mind a battle not so long ago, an unholy memory that he wished would be forgotten.

...A small horde of Turrosh’s forces had set up a secreted hold near Thunderstone and were making raids within the area. Kadrin had sent out four reconnaissance squads to locate the camp, but only one returned. Having the location, and wanting to press his advantage before the orc scum decided to move on, Kadrin had marched a superior force upon the fortified camp. Sure enough, a few of the bodies of his former troops hung from the battlements. Kadrin’s warriors steeled themselves, letting their angst fuel a rage that would see the camp razed to the ground.

But this was no ordinary camp. Turrosh had sent a Black Captain. And when the gates of the camp opened Kadrin’s troops found themselves face to face with their reanimated brethren, bloated bodies with sightless eyes and mouth’s slavering, hungry for living flesh. Fathers, sons, and brothers, now undead puppets of their enemies. .. had been the grimmest of days...

“Grimaz ungrim unbaraki...” Kadrin cursed as he came back to the present. The old general steeled himself once more and let the angst fuel his resolve to rid the world this bit of hell.

[OOC: Kadrin will check the stonework of the bridge to see if it appears stable.]

Posted on 2014-11-11 at 16:23:40.

Subject: You go ahead...

... you know what they say... "Behind every good man is a great dwarf."

I'm content with piping in from the back.

Though, that being said, I hope everyone feels like they can "lead off" on a scene without waiting on another. For instance, if someone other than Olan feels like their character would go an examine/speak to the torchbearer (first), I think anyone should feel free to do so.

I also think the companions, having adventured together in the past, know that, given the chance, Arian's likely to act or open his mouth in any given situation.

Posted on 2014-11-08 at 08:17:58.

Subject: I say...

We shoot everything that moves and let the gods sort them out.

Posted on 2014-11-08 at 00:26:16.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: haha...

Nice post, Almerin!

Posted on 2014-11-07 at 20:30:38.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: Courage, Merry. Courage for our friends.

Kadrin watched as all his companions pledged themselves to the Queen's quest. The dwarf was not surprised -- loyalty, courage, and honour... he had witnessed all such traits amongst his friends on journeys past. Now, deep love for one of their own bound them together once more.

As the elf-queen wove her magic spell, Kadrin brought Dain to his hand. Hold on, Galen. Your friends are close at hand, he send his thoughts to his friend.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

When the spell was completed, Kadrin steadied his stance and took in his surroundings. The place was not immediately recognizable to the dwarf, though it desired to bring forth some memory, some story. A moment longer and his mind began to make sense of the columns and sculptures.

"Acererak's tomb," Kadrin grumbled. "I remember Galen speaking of this place when he first returned. If our friend is true, then we find ourselves on the threshold of the most foulest of places."

Steeling himself for what lay ahead, Kadrin brought Har'ard to his shield arm and tightened his grip on Dain. "If the lich has allied himself with these three sisters, we shall need courage with wisdom, friends. Honour tempered with cunning. Loyalty to the end."

The old dwarf eyed the torchbearer ahead. "The day is moving on. Let us see what kind of welcome has been prepared for us."

[OOC: Kadrin is ready to move forward and greet the torchbearer (should no one else decide to converse with the creature). His "standard" approach is cautious... so, he be trying as much as possible to be aware of his surroundings. For instance, unless imminent danger presented itself, Kadrin would examine the stonework of the bridge before crossing it, ensuring that it seemed stable.]

Posted on 2014-11-07 at 20:27:03.
Edited on 2014-11-10 at 03:47:07 by Ayrn

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: I'm in


The old dwarf general could almost smell it as soon as he arrived in the Celenes royal palace. Kadrin had caught the urgency in the elf-queens sending, and he had sensed the anxiety present in his escorts. But when the dwarf was ushered quietly into the palace library, almost secretively, he knew with certainty the matter at hand must be dire indeed.

The gathering of his other long-time companions only strengthened Kadrins suspicions. The dwarf greeted the others warmly, eating and drinking little... speaking even less, preferring to let others talk about how Fate and Fortune had treated them these past five years, while his thoughts brooded over the noticeable absence of Galen.

Finally, Yolanda joined them. Despite all his misgivings towards the elf-queen for her lack of assistance in destroying the filthy orcs hordes of Turrosh, even Kadrin had difficultly not yielding all to the weight of her presence, such was Yolandas majesty.

Queen Yolanda, Kadrin bowed low as she entered. As he rose, the dwarf general noticed the elf-queen had aged since he had last seen her. No doubt Galens absence weighs heavy on her, he mused.

I will not waste time with pleasantries at this time, so please excuse me, Yolanda began, sharing dire need... ...Time is of essence. The blood magic to release them requires a full moon and that is tomorrow night. That is why I moved to find and bring you with such urgency. Galen and the ladies must be found and I ask you to aid me on this quest. What say you?

Without hesitation, Kadrin bowed low once more, addressing the Queen. Your majesty, Prince Corond has heard your request for aid and has placed has me into your service. You shall have my hammer and shield.

Posted on 2014-11-06 at 08:11:17.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: Oh! The places that we could go!

Wembley spread the maps out on the table, his hands trembling with excitement. "Oh! Look at these maps! So detailed! There's so many interesting rooms! So many that we haven't seen yet!"

His eyes jumped from one page to the next, his mouth moving almost as fast, "He's got a library, and... and golem lab and... and... oh, look, Alon! He's even got an enchantment lab! Oh, we got to go see the enchantment lab! We just have to!"

"And, look, Dudley! Look, Gamard! A chapel! Don't you want to see the chapel! I bet it's dark and evil and mysterious. Maybe we'll have to tear down some altar to some wicked god. Oh, wouldn't your gods be pleased!"

The little mage tried to focus, to control his excited emotions. "Okay! Okay... it looks like we need to take... that door over there." He said as he pointed to the east door. "That should take us to the trophy room, which, by the looks of things, has this set of stairs here, and that will... lead us to all sorts of adventure!"

He looked up at the others, his eyes twinkling with glee. "Sound good?"

Posted on 2014-11-06 at 06:32:40.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: Yes...

I did mean the trophy room.
Thanks for the correction.

Posted on 2014-11-05 at 21:32:23.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: Some options/ideas

While there are lots of rooms I'd like to check out, I couple places seem really important places to start to me:

1) The Library... so we can shift levels.

2) Crystal Grotto place... perhaps there is an underground/underwater tunnel out of this place?!

3) Putnam's Personal Chanmbers... you got to check out his pad... who knows what he's got lying around.

Other suggestions on how to get out of this place?


Posted on 2014-11-05 at 16:56:30.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: Kadrin receives a long distance call.

Kadrin lay awake in his bed, staring around the room, blinking away the remains of his sleep. The room was stately appointed, a guest room of the dwarf Princes hall. The old general had returned late in the evening with a small contingent from the north to update the Prince on the Suss forest war front, and was given leave to refresh himself, retire for the night, and report to his liege-lord this morning.

But his dream had been troubled by a vision of Yolanda, the undying Queen of Celene, calling for his help. Kadrin shook his head, muttered something to himself about the elf queen so self-absorbed she didnt have the decency to let others rest their weary bones.

Still, the vision haunted him. Something in the tone of the dream... Yolandas urgency, perhaps... still echoed in his mind. If she had wanted my assistance, shed have been better off working through Galen, the aged dwarf grumbled.

While Kadrin loved Yolandas son almost as he did his own kin, the dwarf had a stone heart for the Queen herself, turned harder by Yolandas resistance to come to support Uleks war effort against Pomarj. Cold-hearted b..., Kadrin began to mumble, but stopped himself, pushing back his ungracious thoughts. Some of us have battles enough right in front of us, he said, as if settling the matter.

Wide awake, the old general rose from his bed and had his bedchamber servant pour him a bath. The heat from the water helped to chase away the ache from his joints. Still, it did nothing to chase away the Queens message, and Kadrin continued to reflect on her words as he prepared for his meeting with the Prince. Even a peak in his prized box of precious stones served only to provide him with a moment of reprieve before Yolandas vision rushed to flood his mind once again.

The time came for Kadrin to brief the Prince on the war effort. Corond, only slightly older then Kadrin, greeted his long-time general warmly, Kadrin, good to see you well and standing solid as ever. He clasped the old general as though they were kin, before studying Kadrins face. How goes our effort in the north, General? It pains me to ask, for I can see the trouble in your eyes.

Kadrin gave a small sigh. You are wise and sharp as ever, my Prince. Though, it is not the trouble in the Suss forest that weighs heavy on my face. We are making some head way in the woods, small steps to be sure, but gaining ground none the less.

Good, Corond said cautiously, knowing there was more to come.

Our Halfling spies were correct, though, Kadrin continued. Turrosh is sending more troops into the Suss. Hes searching for something... of what, we are not certain yet. Those weve captured seem not to know themselves.

Hmmm, Corond frowned.

Our slinger corps and heavy infantry have been resupplied from strongholds to the east. And we are continued to work in coordination with the Knights of Luna, though their assistance continues to be limited by their beloved Queen. The last words dripped with no small hint of sarcasm.

Corond raised a pair of bushy eyebrows at his general.

Forgive me, my Prince, Kadrin lowered his gaze with some shame. I misspoke.

It is easily pardoned, General Kadrin, Corond spoke kindly. Ive let enough ill words against Yolanda fall from my lips unbidden as well. Looking more closely at his general once again, he continue, So, it is thoughts of the undying Queen that are lining your eyes. Tell me what troubles you, Kadrin.

My Prince, Kadrin began. The Queen of Celene sent a missive to me last night in my dreams. As you may recall, her son, Galenthanus, and I have fought alongside on more than one occasion, and I would consider the elf lord as close as my shield mate.

Go on, Kadrin,

My Prince, the old dwarf continued. I am troubled that the undying Queen called to me directly and did not go through her son. It is most unsettling. Her message was an urgent plea for immediate aid to help support her kingdom against some threat she left unnamed.

The Princes brows furrowed at the news, but he had little time to consider it before the doors to the hall opened and two of Coronds household guard escorted two grey elves into his audience.

Lord Finileis and Lord Hasseinare, one of the guards announced. Representatives from Celene, on behalf of Queen Yolanda herself, request an urgent audience with you, my Prince, and the General.

The Prince and the General both recognized the elves as high ranking Knights of Luna. Corond looked briefly at Kadrin with a cocked eyebrow that communicated, this must be very urgent, which Kadrin confirmed with a nod.

Prince Corond excused the guard before turning his attention to the elven messengers, Good Lords of Celene, what brings you into my halls with such haste.

Lord Finileis spoke first. Forgive us, Prince Corond, for our lack of grace in coming to you. No doubt, General Kadrin has spoken to you of the message he received from our fair Lady early this morning.

Prince Corond frowned. Yes. We were just concluding that conversation when you arrived. What word do you bring from your mistress?

Hasseinare continued, Only that our Queen, indeed all of Celene, is in dire need of your assistance. Her Majesty has sent us by way of powerful arcane spells to make her request to you directly in an effort to secure your aid.

And what, Corond pressed. does your Queen desire from me?

That you release into her service Lord Kadrin, General of Rittermarch.

Hmmf, Corond grunted. Has your Queen forgotten that General Kadrin is currently leading our war effort against the darkness creeping into the Suss?

Hasseinare returned the Dwarf Princes gaze, though the elfs was gentler. She is well apprised of the threat that faces our shared borders.

Corond gave the elves a cocked brow. And does she recall also the many rebuff requests we have send to her, entreating her to aid us in reclaiming our lost holds to the wrath of Turrosh?

The elves of Celene are well known for their haughtiness, but the Princes words wounded they pride so that even they averted the gaze in shame, for they, as Knights of Luna, felt too that Celene should be engaging more in the war against the orcs of the Pomarj.

Kadrin placed a hand on his princes shoulder, motioning that he would like to speak. Corond nodded.

My lords, Kadrin began. Both my Lord and I are well aware, and appreciative, of the aid we have received from you and your brothers, no doubt not without personal cost to your standing within the courts of Celene. I suspect this is why your queen selected you two to come to us to present her request.

The elf lords looked at one another before Filineis spoke, You are very wise, General Kadrin.

Hmmm, Kadrin continued. But why has Queen Yolanda not send Galenthanus directly to us to request the aid she requires?

Once more, the elf lords looked to each other, their faces darkening noticeably. Filineis spoke again, this time more gravely, General Kadrin, Im afraid we presently are uncertain about Prince Galenthanus whereabouts... or his well-being.

What?! asked Kadrin incredulously.

My Lord, Hasseinare continued. We cannot speak more to the matter. If you are willing and Prince Corond is agreeable to my Queens request, she has arranged quick transport to return the three of us to Celene. Once there, Queen Yolanda herself, will likely speak more with you about the exact aid she is looking for from you. I am sure, should you believe that you time would be better spent leading your troops against the Turroshs forces, she will allow you to return without delay.

Filineis continued to press the matter, Though, speaking plainly, it is the Knights hope that this aid you provide the Queen might stir her heart to committing more fully to the war effort against Turroshs horde.

Prince Corond looked at his General once more, and could see the worry and concern that lined the old dwarfs eyes. I release you, General Kadrin, into Queen Yolandas service for a length of time that you deem necessary. He clasped Kadrin and brought him in close. Find your friend. May the Forge fires light your path.

Thank you, my Prince, Kadrin said as he returned the embrace. Turning back to the Knights of Luna, he stated simply, Give me an hour to ready myself.

Posted on 2014-11-01 at 04:00:29.

Topic: Tower Shields
Subject: Class... race.. etc

I used the 3.5 basic Human race and Fighter class for the build above. The feats are from the following books: PHB, PHB2, CWar, and maybe the Miniatures Handbook.

After searching most of the books for feats/classes that interact with shields, I would agree with you that Tower Shields seem next to useless in 3.5. Very few of the feats actually intereact with a Tower Shield and, more specifically, from a 3.5 "rules as written" perspective, the rules seem to think Roman Legion soldiers were using a "Heavy Shield". Meh...

I find the fighter to be pretty underpowered compared to most of the other classes, so, as I DM, I'd likely house rule a bunch of things for the fighter anyway (like giving them the ability to move and full attack)... or use the Tome of Battle classes in place of the Fighter (Warblade, probably being the closest).

Posted on 2014-10-27 at 23:41:57.

Subject: Out for the week

Hey All,

Like I mentioned before, I've got a crazy week with work. Beyond that, my step-sister had a heart attack yesterday afternoon, so we're making trips to the hospital too to visit and trying to support her family. It'll be a week for sure before I'm able to post.

Posted on 2014-10-27 at 14:28:59.

Topic: Tower Shields
Subject: An option for a Roman Legion Soldier

Here's an idea for a Roman Legion soldier... well 2 soldiers actually. This character really only works if he has a friend with at least the Phalanx Fighting, Combat Reflexes, Vexing Flanker, and Adaptable Flanker feats. That's the core bit of the pair, after that you could take it a bunch of ways... charging mixing with a bit of Barbarian for Pouce, two-weapon fighting (shield/sword) mixing with a bit of Rogue for sneak attack damage to flanked foes, locking down enemies (like the example below), etc

The basic tactic is the pair moving together, stand side-by-side which gives them bonuses to AC (with Phalanx Fighting), causing them to flank their opponents (with Adaptable Flanker) which gives them bonuses to attack (with Vexing Flanker).

The rest of the build revolves around them attacking with both shield and sword, defensively fighting with combat expertise (vexing flanker offsetting the attack penalty, deadly defense adding to damage), and messing with any enemies that provoke attacks of opportunity. The Stand Still, Defensive Sweep, Double Hit combination is fun -- enemy tries to leave, you stop them from moving; enemies hasn't moved by the beginning of your turn, you get to attack them freely twice. Good times.

At Level 1: STR 14, DEX 15, CON 12, INT 13, WIS 10, CHA 8
At Level 20: STR 16, DEX 18, CON 12, INT 13, WIS 10, CHA 8

Lvl 1: Phalanx Fighting, Combat Reflexes, Able Learner
Lvl 2: Two Weapon Fighting
Lvl 3: Vexing Flanker
Lvl 4: Adaptable Flanker
Lvl 5: --
Lvl 6: Shield Specialization, Improved Shield Bash
Lvl 7: --
Lvl 8: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Lvl 9: Shield Ward
Lvl 10: Combat Expertise
Lvl 11: --
Lvl 12: Robilars Gambit [PHB2], Double Hit
Lvl 13: --
Lvl 14: Stand Still
Lvl 15: Defensive Sweep [PHB2]
Lvl 16: ACF - Overpowering Attack [PHB2]
Lvl 17: --
Lvl 18: Active Shield Defence, Deadly Defense
Lvl 19: --
Lvl 20: Armor Specialization (or Allied Defense)

Equipment: Breastplate, Heavy Shield, Short Sword, Short Spear, Dagger, Javelins (x3)

Equipment Upgrades: Mithril Breastplate +x; Mithril Heavy Shield +x with Bashing +weapon enhancements that add to damage; Short Sword +x with enhancements that add damage

Build Requires: Heavy Shield, Short Sword, and a partner with Phalanx Fighting, Combat Reflexes, Vexing Flanker, and Adaptable Flanker

Posted on 2014-10-25 at 21:48:13.

Subject: Kadrin in the very back

I would love to have Kadrin in the very, very back in the few times were going through corridors. I think he'll feel uncomfortable if the persons in front AND behind are both blocking his view.

Plus I think like the roleplaying opportunities of "hey! what's happening up there?" and the image of the dwarf charging into a room from the rear ranks.

Posted on 2014-10-25 at 14:45:06.

Subject: Thank you

Thanks, Roger, for calling us out.

Posted on 2014-10-25 at 12:50:03.

Subject: I always wondered how dual classed characters worked in 2e

While I like 2e, I really appreciate the experience/level advancement and multi-classing rules of 3.5e. I feel like they stream-lined that bit better.

Anyway, side-tracked... on topic, how about we go with this set up for now:

(Asuming single file)

(Assuming paired-up)
Arien, Maximus
Sparrow, Finarsil
Lun, Jarenion
Odyson, Kadrin

(Assuming Circling Up)
Sparrow, Arien, Maximus
Lun, Jarenion, Finarsil
Kadrin, Odyson
If we find it not working out, we can cycle some characters around.

Posted on 2014-10-25 at 07:15:38.

Subject: I don't know...

I don't know what Tann's gladiator THAC0 is, nor his rate of attacks, but his Hit Points are higher than the Knight's, and his AC is just shy of the Dwarf.

He's max specialized in both the swords, got a STR of 18/00, and both swords are +3 enchanted, so, already his THAC0 is [whatever -9]... maybe THAC0 2? With 3 attacks/round? Something like [1d8 or 1d12 +12] x2 + [1d6 or 1d8 +6] damage output.

He'll probably be able to hold his own.... maybe.

Of course, the dwarf could just smash the doors open.

Posted on 2014-10-25 at 03:34:08.

Topic: Tower Shields
Subject: And now...

... having just watched Centurion, I find it interesting that, as soon as their legion is decimated, they all drop their armour and shield

Posted on 2014-10-24 at 20:59:29.

Subject: Marching Orders

I'm good with Olan's suggestion for marching orders, though we may want to move Tann's character closer to the front if he is to be checking for traps and such. If need be, Kadrin can be the rear guard, though he'll grumble a bunch about it.

Posted on 2014-10-24 at 19:11:02.

Topic: Pathfinder
Subject: Also...


Pretty much has everything that the books have in them all in one handy hyperlinked location.



Posted on 2014-10-24 at 17:15:02.

Subject: Were you being serious?

Were you being serious about the dice rolls?
I usually do trust those things to the DM... believing that he wants to "create a great story, not to kill everyone in the room."


Posted on 2014-10-23 at 19:24:00.
Edited on 2014-10-23 at 19:25:35 by Ayrn

Topic: Tower Shields
Subject: Having just watched 300

I'd say it looks like they are using heavy shields.

Posted on 2014-10-23 at 08:02:46.

Topic: Tower Shields
Subject: Looking further

It would appear that the Roman Legionnry would in fact use their shield as a punching weapon... though the 3.5 Tower Shield does not allow it... so, three options, I suppose:

1) Use the Heavy Shield instead of the Tower Shield, and just call it a Scutum. This would seem like the simplest solution. While you lose the extra +2 AC and the option to use your shield for (limited) total cover, it does allow you to use the Shield feats without having to bend the rules. If I were to be making a Roman Legionary character, I would likely go this route. One feat to check out would be Shield Block, which allows you to deflect one missile attack per round, making your heavy shield more like a tower shield

2) Use the Tower Shield, and only pick up the defensive Shield feats, like Shield Specialization, Shield Ward, Active Shield Defense, Shield Wall, and the tactical feat Formation Expert. You can't punch with a tower shield, which is unfortunate... but if you love it, then who cares. As he advances, I'd probably look at getting him mithral breastplate and mithral tower shield.

3) Bend the rules or add to them. Create an additional Tower Shield Bash feat which requires Improved Shield Bash as a prerequisite. Or allow the character to make bash attacks if they have a STR of 15+.

Posted on 2014-10-23 at 06:21:31.


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