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Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Skills not covered

At the moment, skills that we could use some help in are

- Engineer {M-Drive}
- Engineer {Power}
- Gunner {Turrets}
- Mechanic
- Medic
- Remote Operations

- Admin
- Carouse
- Persuade
- Steward
- Streetwise

- Navigation
- Drive
- Flyer
- Heavy Weapons

... Might I make the following suggestions:
a) Kaeroku’s character trade out 1 rank of Comm and the 1 rank in Engineering/Life Support for 2 ranks in Gunner/Turrets... also swapping the Pilot rank for a rank in either Flyer or Drive

b) Schnozzle’s character (as a scholar medic) picks up the Engineering/Life Support rank, plus ranks in Medic, Sensors, Computers, Sciences [Biology, Chemistry, Cybernetics, Xenobiology, etc], Investigate, Languages, and some social skills [Admin, Advocate, Diplomat, Persuade]
If Schnozzle goes the combat medic route, pick up Medic, Engineering [Life Support], Gunnery [Turrets], Heavy Weapons, Gun Combat, Melee, maybe a few sciences, maybe Drive, Flyer, and/or Navigation too?

c) I can pick up the Mechanic/Engineering role... skills in Mechanics, lots in Engineering [M-Drives, Power], Remote Operations, some sciences, some Gun Combat and Melee

Posted on 2014-05-21 at 19:21:22.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Any preferences?

Anyone have any preferences?

Posted on 2014-05-21 at 17:42:28.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Options

I got three options on the table:

1) The connections/face guy -- he's got a little stealth, and a lot of sweet-talk. He also has a wide network of connections and allies across the galaxy.

2) The beefy mechanic -- strong and smart mechanic. Basically taking back the character I rolled up for Grugg.
Mechanics and Engineering with a little combat skill... and a monkey.

3) The hard-core PR guy -- Guns and more guns (and Gunnery... which is a skill we're missing)... think Jane and you got a close idea. Call him ship security.

I'm good with any. And they are all pretty much rolled up.


Posted on 2014-05-21 at 17:00:51.

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Bleh... I hate undead

Wembley took a moment to let his eyes adjust to the lighting in their new room. The sight that awaited didn't please him. Like the cat, Wembley had no love for the undead. It's not that I'm scared, the cidal reassured himself. They're just bleh...

"There's been a lot of bleh things around this place," Wembley murmured. "Our host really should take better care of his pets... unless... wait... what if the lady that sent the bugbears, sent these foul things too? Perhaps, his home is under attack. Maybe he even needs a rescue." The cidal notched a stone in his hoopak and let the missile fly at the rat nearest Gamard.

OOC: Not sure if Wembley has more than one shot, but he'll be firing at any rodents near the dwarf.

Posted on 2014-05-20 at 03:35:30.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Checking around

Seems most have it at the typical 1 quare = 1.5 m / 5 ft...

Posted on 2014-05-13 at 02:26:16.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Oops

Sorry, I missed that in your post.

That makes things interesting...

Anyway, Wembley's good with any door... as a player, I probably wouldn't go through the south portal, on the basis that, if the bugbears were coming to kill the wizard and came through that portal, I would guess that the wizard is not in that direction. If the bugbears just teleported into that room, then it doesn't really matter, because they haven't "cleared" anything for us.

I'd choose left or right... probably the room with the red-headed masseuse. Wembley's begun to make quite the bond with her/it.

Posted on 2014-05-10 at 22:33:09.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Meeting Tigwyn

The companions made their way down into the Quarry. The moles laboured diligently around them, a few looking up from their work to check out the travellers, fewer still giving some courtesy greeting.

After a short time, they arrived at the singular building on the floor of the Quarry – the “office” as it had been called by the mole who had given them directions. Outside, they found Master Weldon’s wagon train, his sons tending to the lizards. They indicated that they had only arrived a short while earlier and their father was in the office with Master Tigwyn.

The door to the office was open, so the companions walked in.

“Well now,” Weldon greeted them. “Me sees y’ were able t’ rouse th’ sleepy-‘eads, hmm, Ribbon? Made good time y’ did too.” Turning to Master Tigwyn, Weldon continued, “’ere are th’ young ‘uns from th’ Abbey, me tolds y’ about, Tigwyn.”

“Hmm, yeth, I thee, I thee,” the older mole, nodded his head, as he continued to pour over various maps and diagrams on his desk. “Welcome! How ith ol’ Mathter Camber doing thethe dayth?”

OOC:Assuming you answer...

“Good to hear!” Tigwyn replied. “Camber can be a bit crotchety in hith ol’ age, be he ith thuch a good friend of mine. It’th amathing a quickly the dayth go by.”

OOC:Assuming you ask him about the troubles they’ve faced in the past little while...

“Ah yeth, yeth,” Tigwyn agreed.

Weldon interrupted, “Master Tigwyn, me shall b’ takin’ me leave now. Need t’ unload th’ supplies and b’ off once more.”

“Yeth, yeth,” Tigwyn replied, without looking up from his work. “I wath good to thee you again, friend.”

Weldon gave a courteous bow and took his leave. “Best o’ luck t’ ye all. Sounds like ye’ll all be needed it.”

“Now, where were we,” Tigwyn continued. “Ah yeth, yeth. It’th like thith. Thith scrawny little threw, Ratrug, jutht cometh boldly into the quarry latht week. He thayth, ‘The dread owl Thadow hath returned to his rootht, and demandth tribute!’

“Of courth, we all laughed at him, cuffed him about the head, and threw him out on hith furry behind. It was hilariouth…until that night!

“The horn of the night watch woke uth from out bedth, and we ran into the quarry, expecting some vermin raiderth. What we thaw filled our heartth with dread! The monstrouth owl came out of the thky thcreeching and clawing, knocking about moleth and brickth and turning over wagonth.

“If that wathn’t horror enough, that rotten little threw was thitting atop the owlth back laughing and thcreaming profanitieth.

“The next day Ratrug cometh back, all thmiles and arrogance. At first we want to kill him, but he warnth uth that if he doethn’t return to his master, Thadow, with a fat bag of gold the owl will come again. Not knowing what elth to do, we give the puke hith gold and thend him on his way.

“I thent thix of my betht moleth to Thadow’s Rootht…but none returned. They muths have made a nyth thupper for that fat owl.

“Now he threatenth to come back every new week for another bag of gold, and what can we do but comply?”

“Will you help uth?”

Posted on 2014-05-07 at 05:01:25.

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Wembley sleeps...

The small cidal rogue listened intently to the bugbear's story... felt a small bit of empathy for the creature as it shared it's sad (but interesting) tale.

When his life was ended quickly, Wembley turned away quietly, "Well, at least he didn't have to suffer too much in this life. Maybe it was better this way. His mistress sounds like a terrible, terrible person. I can't think why anyone would want to work for her." Turning to Gamard, he asked thoughtfully, "What do you think happens to him after death? Do you think Solanis would reward him for helping us out? I hope so... it sure was nice of him to answer your question."

Walking over to Mal, the cidal gently laid his hand the swashbuckler and said softly, "I'm glad you didn't cut him up too bad. Thanks, Mal."

Moving to the massage room with the red haired masseuse, the cidal called to his companions, "I'll take the last watch. Wake me for my turn."

Laying down on the table, he gently asked the masseuse with yawn, "Something gentle and soft please. Maybe just a light rubbing of my back, until I fall asleep."

Very soon Wembley was fast asleep....

Posted on 2014-05-07 at 04:32:13.
Edited on 2014-05-11 at 05:45:32 by Ayrn

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Sharing and roleplaying

Reralae, Violet and Ribbon can share a lizard. It won't go quite as fast, but definitely faster than walking... and less tiring.

Regarding roleplaying the journey to the Quarry, my last post already places you at the Quarry with a question asked to a mole miner. You are welcome to add your character's observations/thoughts during the ride to the Quarry, but as far as "action" goes, it was a uneventful yet beautiful ride to the Quarry. The ride took you down into a canyon and up out of it and up further to the crest of a tall hill. So the terrain was rough, mostly rock.

My next post will move you into dialogue with Master Tigwyn.

Posted on 2014-05-02 at 00:16:38.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Lizards it is

I'm ruling you guys agree on taking lizards. Ribbon adds that riding lizards is way more exciting!

Post accordingly.


Posted on 2014-05-01 at 14:39:34.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Gliding vs riding

Violet would not be able to keep up with a lizard while gliding even if she was feeling awesome and she had lots of tree cover.

And the decision is indeed between rding a lizard or walking. No wagons available.


Posted on 2014-04-30 at 05:59:06.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Okay... here we go!

Hey guys,

Well, I'm hoping we're back on track again after this little side adventure/interlude with the bandits and the

You now have Ribbon with you, so that will give you guys a little extra help when we actually move into conflict.

You need to decide here where or not you rent lizards for the journey to the Quarry or not. They cost 2 gold pieces for each lizard needed. Make this decision here quickly, and then you can include in your posts your intereact with any lizards you rent. (I recommend renting, but it's totally up to you guys) If you do go the route of aquiring mounts, Martin gives you directions to the local stables which is overseen by a hare named Peter.

Additionally, your stay at the inn cost you 12 gold coins.

In your next set of posts, feel free to try to gather information for the miners at the Quarry. You are welcome to "create" NPCs for this, just don't include any significant response from them. For instance, I mean you could post that your character sees a mole guiding a lizard-driven cart heavy laiden with stone, and decide to ask him/her what s/he knows about Shadow. I'll fill in any information he or she shares with you.

Next update, likely Saturday.


Posted on 2014-04-29 at 06:29:28.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Moving on...

OOC: For your information, Ribbon is the daughter of Machin the librarian. While she has inherited her father’s inquisitive and curious mind, she has little patience for book learning. A happy-go-lucky lass, she is probably closest in friendship with Violet, but enjoys the company of Asher and Fenir as well. She is a natural dancer, and her fighting style reflects this. Armed with a rapier, she likes to dance around her opponents and attack with a flurry of graceful jabs and parries, the ribbons in her hair twirling and whirling with her. She carries a sling as well, but uses it only to hit opponents she can’t reach. It’s quite likely that she has some form of attention deficit.

Now... on with our story...

[The Mouses’ Inn, Stormhollow, Mid-Spring, Year 54 A.R., present time, mid-morning]

Ribbon had likely made her fortieth trip around the common room, examining each of the tapestries and chairs and tables and fireplace and counter. Waiting hard, she sighed to herself. It had been good to see Oltovian, even if it had been brief. While she was glad for the surprise that awaited him back at the Abbey, Ribbon was even more overjoyed that she got to take his place. My first real adventure! she sighed again, her heart ready to burst with excitement.

Violet descended the stairs first... and was nearly tackled by her friend.

“Violet,” Ribbon nearly shrieked. “Oh! Isn’t wonderful! I’m here! The Abbott said I could come because Oltovian had to go back to the Abbey because he got guests that just arrived and Bowser thinks it’s Oltovian’s long lost brother that Oltovian didn’t even know he had. And so Father said, ‘Oh, Ribbon can go,’ probably because I had been so sad when you all left and I was left behind and he could see that so he said I could go and the Abbott said, ‘That sounds good to me!’”

Ribbon sucked in a long breath and continued, “Oh, Violet wasn’t the ride here wonderful. I got to ride one of Bowser charger lizards with some of his Snakebite troops. Oh! They can move fast! I had to hold on so tight and the wind was whipping my ribbons everywhere. Ooo! It was so exciting!”

“And now we’re here together and I made muffins and our hosts made some delicious granola. Oh! They put this syrup over it... maple, I think... mmmmmm, it’s so good! You’ve got to try it.”

OOC: Reralae, feel free to add in Violet’s dialogue.

As Asher and Fenir joined Violet and Ribbon, the little mouse warrior jumped into the arms of each of her friends and while assaulting them with a similar verbal barrage as she had given Violet.

OOC: Astrid and Bodkin, feel free to add some dialogue too... Ribbon is a primary NPC, so please don’t post dialogue or actions for her.

Ribbon will fill the group in on why Oltovian had to leave suddenly and why she is here. She will also let them know that Weldon has moved on to the Quarry without them, so they’ll likely have to walk... or try to rent lizards for the trip to the Quarry. Up to you guys... the only difference it will make is whether you show up at the Quarry around lunch or supper.

The companions did enjoy a simple yet hearty breakfast of fresh muffins and granola with maple syrup. Hot tea and fruit juices were also offered as Fenir, Asher and Violet filled Ribbon in on their adventures so far. Together, the companions decided quickly how they would travel to the Quarry before swiftly packing their belonging, not wanting to waste anymore of the day.

OOC: Let me know how you wish to travel to the Quarry in the Q/A forum.

Soon after breakfast, the companions said their farewells to Rosey and Martin and set off for the Quarry.

While it was difficult at times to navigate through the tight passage ways through the Murkenhills, it was stunning. The roadway took them over high hills where it almost felt like they could touch the clouds floating by. The journey also took them into deep valleys with tall walls of solid rock which cut out most natural light. Veins of crystal quartz would put on a sparkling and dazzling display anytime the sun did manage to break in.

Cresting the final hill, the companions were rewarded with a sight they had not seen before – the Quarry lay below, between two hills, a hole wide and deep – a testimony to mole ingenuity. From this vantage point, the group of travellers could see the moles below hard at work, some picking and hammering out the stone from the outer walls, others moving the stone by carts drawn by massive lizards, and still others chiselling and shaping the stone into smooth squares ready for use. A number of buildings lay around the outer edge, likely rooming housing for the miners.

The companions descended the hill into the Quarry. While many of the moles gave them inquisitive looks, few greeted them with more than courteous nods and hellos before going back to their work.

Ribbon asked one of the passing mole where they might find Foreman Tigwyn.

“Hrmm,” the miner replied. “Likely down in ‘is office down at th’ bottom there. Th’ only building down there. Ye can’t miss it.”

OOC: See the Q/A forum for more info...

Posted on 2014-04-29 at 06:15:54.

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Blah... torture... that doesn't sound like fun...

Wembley was a bit mystified when his companions began talking about cutting up the beast bit by bit.

He looking from the mage to the swashbuckler and to their captive, and back to his companions again. "Really, Mal? Are you going to cut him up bit by bit? I didn't know you were a pirate, but that does sound like a pirate-ty thing to do, I guess. Sounds messy... bleh... all that blood and guts trailing all over the place. Bleh!"

The cidal looked at his two companions to see if he had changed their minds. "You really want to do that? What will our host think? I mean, sure, we're lost. And, sure, there were those sharp claw and fang thingers. But he did give up some fine food and drink, remember? Oh! And remember that nifty gadget that cleaned and dried us? That was super swell. And, oh, what a wondrous place this has been so far... all these magical portals and neat but not real girls! ... Do you really want to spill blood and guts all over our host's floor? I don't think he'll like that. I wouldn't like that. Not one bit... of course... he does have that cleaning gadget. Oh! I would like to see that thing work it's magic again!"

"Still, I don't think we should cut him any more. Feels wrong, you know. Maybe not for pirates and syls, but for us small folk... bleh... I don't think I have the stomach for it. Doesn't make for a nice story, you know?"

"Oh! I know! I know! How about, instead of cutting on him, we tickle him instead. I heard this story once of a mighty khord captain who's forces were defending against some hidden Ungoulid warriors. He manages to catch one of the leaders, binds him up, and took the gryphon feather from his helm and tickled the creature until he squealed with delight the locations of all the enemy troops. We coule do that now, here. Less messy. Oh! And maybe the pretty redhead could help us. Just ask her to give our friend here some light touches on his belly... haha! I bet he'll be jibber-jabbering in no time!"

Posted on 2014-04-28 at 04:30:19.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Still more to come...

[Back at the Abbey, 2 days ago, around noon.]

The guests had arrived at the Abbey the same day Weldon’s wagon train had left, missing each other by four hours at most. A family of otters, refugees, from south of the Abbey accompanied by a troop of Bowser’s rapid riders.

The old hedgehog noticed the resemblance immediately between his charge and one of the lads. Questioning the otters, his suspicion was confirmed... the lad was not theirs by natural birth, but they had come upon him in the woods fifteen or so seasons ago, and took him into their care.

Take care of them, the dying lass had said to Bowser as she handed him Oltovian. The hedgehog warrior had spent some time searching the surrounding woods after that, but had found no signs of any other otter younglings. His companions had tried to ease his mind, told him the mother had probably just meant for Bowser to care for her mate and her baby, nothing more. But the old hedgehog knew in his heart they were wrong. That was fifteen seasons ago.

Now, Bowser knew in his heart, the lost child had been found, and it brought the hedgehog much joy. He put in a request to the Abbott that Oltovian be recalled home immediately. Machin offered his daughter’s services to replace the otter talespinner. “She’s been whining and complaining plenty, wishing she could be with her friends. She would be glad to go, I’m sure.”

The Abbott acquiesced and, by early morning the following day, Ribbon the mousemaid warrior was astride one of Bowser’s quickest lizards with two rapid rider escorts. They had spent last night on the road, just shy of Stormhollow, but woke up early this morning. They had the good fortune of bumping into Master Weldon as he was preparing to his wagons.

“Can’t say me seen yet today,” he said, “but they were stayin’ with me friends, ol’ Martin and Rosey.”

Ribbon made inquiries at the inn, roused Oltovian from his slumber and gave him the simple message that he was to return to the Abbey immediately. She didn’t say why, as it wasn’t included in her message. But she knew, she was so curious that way, she had found out with just a few questions. But she didn’t tell Oltovian.

She wanted to, mind you. But with the escorts, she knew she shouldn’t. Maybe I’ll tell the others when they wake up. She thought. “Oh! I’m sooo excited!” she squealed.

Waiting for her friends to wake up was trying on her already low supply of patience. It wasn’t that she was angry or annoyed with her friends... nor was she judging them for sleeping in. She was just excited...

Rosey had to stop the slender mouse lass more than a dozen times already from going up and waking them too... well, Ribbon had tried to rouse Fenir, but the badger had just shrugged her off so deep was his slumber.

“Ah-ah-ah!” Rosey said firmly, blocking Ribbon’s path up the stairs. “Your friends need their sleep. Dirty and damp, they were yesterday. Won’t be any good to you sick, so just leave them be!”

The protective hostess gave the same speech to Weldon too when he arrive.

“’ell, then,” the mole replied. “’ell them sleepy-‘eads, ‘Master ‘eldon’s moved on.’ They’ll have to catch up ‘ith me at th’ Quarry.”

“Off you go, then,” Rosey said sternly to Weldon.

“Hmmff!” Weldon grunted as he took his leave.

“Now, lassy,” Rosey turned her attention back to Ribbon. “Why do you give me a hand with the muffins. Keep those idle hands busy while we wait for your friends.”

“Oh, can we!” Ribbon asked excitedly as the older hostess led her newest guest into the kitchen.

Posted on 2014-04-26 at 20:12:30.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: For Bodkin (and Astrid, I suppose)...

tap, tap, tap...

The sound of Martin’s small fist knocking on Asher’s bedroom door woke the perceptive squirrel scout from his slumber. “Uh... ‘allo?”

OOC: Insert Asher’s response here...

“Ah!” Martin says. “A good morning to you, to you, Master Asher. And a good sleep you’ve had, you’ve had indeed. The morning is wearing on, it is, it is. Mid morning, in fact.”

OOC: Insert Asher’s response here...

“Master Oltovian,” Martin begins, “has departed early this morning. Returned to the Abbey, he has, he has indeed, yes. A message came for him in the night, it did, calling him home at once.”

OOC: Insert Asher’s response here...

“Ah! Ah!” Martin continues. “Master Asher, a lass from the Abbey has arrived, has arrived she has, and is waiting for you in the common room, in the common room she is.”

OOC: Insert Asher’s response here...

“Also, ah, sorry, sorry,” the mouse host goes on. “Master Weldon sends his regrets, he does, he does. He’s said he had to move on, move on to the Quarry. Said he hopes to see you there, he does. ‘Can’t wait for sleepy-heads,’ he said, he did.”

OOC: Insert Asher’s response here...

“Oh! And, and,” Martin continues a bit hesitantly. “you should rouse your badger friend, I should think. Yes, you should. The brew was a bit too strong for the lad, it was I’m afraid.”

With that the mouse host scurried away.

OOC: Bodkin, feel free to respond as you will... Astrid, Fenir is still slumbering off the alcohol... You may take yourselves up to the point of coming down to the common room. More to come...

Posted on 2014-04-26 at 18:35:29.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Still more to come...

Not wanting the rest of the pitcher to go to waste, Fenir sat at the bar long enough to drain two more glasses of the rich brown ale while thinking through the details the moles had shared about this Shadow. Martin came out from the kitchen and began to clear the glasses the miners had left behind. “Need another glass, lad?”

Fenir looked over at the innkeeper. His head felt heavy, slow in responding to his will. His eyelids felt heavy too and it required some extra concentration on Fenir’s part to focus in on his host. Martin watched at the hefty badger swayed slightly on the stool. “On second thought, forget I asked, lad.” Martin clapped Fenir on the shoulder. “Best you be heading to bed now, I think. Sleep off the ale. The nut-brown is potent... I imagine you’ll sleep well.”

The badger followed the advice of Martin and moved, slightly unsteady, to his room. Oltovian was already sound asleep and Fenir quickly joined him, too tired to even remove his clothes.


"Is she okay? Who is it?" Violet asked, even though she was fairly sure she knew the answer.

“Oh, now, you know, love,” Rosey says, slightly bashful. “She told me, but it’s completely left me. Hmmm... Robin, maybe? A slight mousemaid, ‘bout your frame. Sweet lass... curious about everything it seems. She spoke briefly with your otter friend before he left in a rush. Took the lizard she rode in on, if I not be mistaken. Seemed urgent alright. Whew! He was moving fast, dearie!”

Rosey sucks in a breath, “Well, I must be off. Wouldn’t want the muffins burning, would we now? Take your bath, though, lass. I’ll keep your guest entertain until you’re ready.”

Rosey scurries out of Violet’s room.

Posted on 2014-04-25 at 06:37:57.

Topic: Pilot on Destiny
Subject: Gonna have to pass... for now

Sorry, guys, I've been thinking it through. I'm still not up to my regular posting in my Alder Vale game, and I want to stay present in Island of Putnam.

I love me some Firefly action, and Tess is an awesome character, but between my games above and knowing that summer is coming, I don't think I'll be a good fit at the moment.



Posted on 2014-04-22 at 04:55:57.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Part one of the update

As Violet prepared for bed, she could feel a deep chill enter her bones, an ache in her joints and a cloudy fog in her mind. She crawled into bed, thankful for the extra blankets Rosey had the foresight of leaving and the end of her bed.

It was a long and fitful sleep for the small squirrel. Cold sweats and a feverish forehead plagued her throughout the night causing Violet to toss and turn, pulling on blankets and tearing them off. However, when a familiar voice roused her the next morning, it seemed as though the worst had passed by. Even though Violet was damp and cold with her own sweat, the ache and fever were gone.

“I’ve poured a bath for you, dearie,” Rosey said softly, gently prodding Violet. “Figured it would be good for you to wash away the night terrors.”

The mousemaid gave Violet a smile as the squirrel opened her eyes. “Good morning, love. Time to rise and shine and greet the sun. A guest has arrived from the Abbey for you. She is waiting for you in the common room, though she has said there is no rush.”

OOC: Violet is tired/worn out from a restless sleep, but the sickness seems to have passed by.


Asher watched as the mud from the journey gradually washed away from his body, hair, and clothes. An earthy smell filled the bath room as the soil mixed with steam. The vapours worked wonders in clearing out his sinuses while the heat of the water worked its way into his bones.

Worn out, the squirrel warrior hung his clothes to dry and quickly bedded down for the night. Sleep came swiftly, and Asher slept soundly until morning light.

OOC: The bath and a solid sleep has helped clear away the sickness for Asher.


As Asher excused himself for the evening, Fenir decided to speak with the miners at Rosey’s suggestion. The moles were friendly enough, though grim, and invited the badger sit and joined them.

“Rosey,” Fenir piped up, “A round for these fine beasts for their troubles. And glass for me as well.”

“Hurm,” the middle mole nods. “Might’ kind o’ y’.”

“It’s nothing,” Fenir waves the miner off. “Compared to the troubles I’ve heard you are facing at the quarry.”

Rosey returns with a pitcher of dark hazelnut brew. Fenir fills the moles mugs and his own as well. “To your health,” he says as he raises his glass to the moles.

“I’m Fenir of the Abbey,” the badger says by way of introduction.

“Doren,” says the middle mole. “And this ‘ere’s Urie ‘n m’ left, and Jory ‘n m’ right. From the quarry.”

Fenir could tell by the darkened demeanor on the moles’ faces that they would not likely take kindly to some jovial drinking game and shifted his approach accordingly. “Master Camber has sent my companions and I to see if we might lend you some assistance. ”

The trio give Fenir an appraising look. Doren speaks first. “Hurm! Creator b’ gracious, best o’ luck t’ y’. It’s a bad business we’ had.”

“Oye!” Urie quips. “Unless y’ got sometin special ‘idin’ on y’, not sure ‘ow y’ gonna ‘elp much. M’ friend, Hansen tried t’ pierce th’ beast with ‘is spear... the shaft just passed right through th’ beast like it were a shadow.”

“I watched ‘im eat Jory m’self,” pipes in Jory.

The other two moles look at their friend. “You’re Jory,” they say in unison.

“Oye?” Jory replies. “Right! I meant I’d still th’ owl eat Urie right b’fore m’ eyes.”

“Bah!” Doren gives his companion a shove. “Of t’ bed with y’, y’ fool. Urie’s right ‘ere.”

“Ne’ermind ‘im,” Urie continues with Fenir. “Too much o’ Martin’s ‘ouse brew.”

“What can you tell me about this vermin rider?” Fenir presses.

“Hurm!” All three of the moles spit as if trying to get a bad taste out of their mouths, before each takes a long pull from their mugs.

Ol’ Ratrug,” Doren continues. “Why th’ beast b’ takin’ on th’ likes o’ that foul shrew leaves all us guessin’.”

“Wish th’ owl would eat ‘im for lunch,” quips Jory.

“And then chokes on th’ bones,” adds Urie. The moles break out in a deep laugh.

“So, the shrew and the owl,” summaries Fenir, “what are they after?”

“Gold, lad,” Doren says grimly, “pure an’ simple... though can’t say why. What’s th’ beast goin’ t’ d’ with all that gold?”

“’specially if e’s dead,” Jory adds. “I got m’ a feather from th’ beast. Black as night it is. I tell y’, th’ thing ain’t natural. Maybe it was b’fore, but I tell y’, Shadow’s come back from th’ dead t’ haunt us.”

“Bah!” Urie says dismissively.

“Alright,” Doren says, standing up and grabbing Jory by the collar. “Time t’ get y’ t’ bed. Sleep this off b’fore y’ say any more foolish things.”

The moles get up to leave.

OOC: Astrid, you are welcome to have Fenir ask one last question if you like before they leave. Please note that the moles do not know the answer to any of the other questions you listed.

“Thank y’ for your kindness,” Doren says as they leave. “Best o’ luck t’ y’.”


OOC: More to come... it's what I got so far.

Posted on 2014-04-22 at 03:45:53.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Yeah... I'm ill

So, this flu bug is hitting hard. I'm heading to bed.
Sorry for the continued delay.

Posted on 2014-04-21 at 01:03:09.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Sorry... delayed

Hey wonderful people!
Works been killing me these last few days... sorry. And I'm coming down with something ill I think. Hope to post tonight!

Posted on 2014-04-20 at 17:28:44.

Topic: Pilot on Destiny
Subject: I am!

Just not sure I have time to sign up. I'm thinking about it.

How long until you figure you can write Tess out?

On another note... RPGNow has the newest core rulebook for Firefly/Serenity on sale for $20.00 for their pdf.

Posted on 2014-04-18 at 20:16:05.

Topic: Mass Combat?
Subject: Define Mass Combat...

Are you talking about players controlling a whole "unit" of troops rather than individual characters?

Posted on 2014-04-18 at 02:04:05.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Post up tomorrow night

Hey Everyone, I'm looking at putting up a post tomorrow evening/night... probably after I get all the kiddies to bed.
Thanks for getting your posts up!

Posted on 2014-04-18 at 02:01:00.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Yep

Schnoozle, I think coming up with creative "offensive" language for the game world is a really cool exercise!

Personally, that's what I'd go for!


Posted on 2014-04-14 at 17:10:23.


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