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Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: This guy perhaps?

“Nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile.”
Bertand Russell, Philosopher [1872 - 1970]

Posted on 2014-08-21 at 22:05:32.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: What?!?!

No, no, no... I'd much rather avoid the war room if we can. Can't we just try either the east or south portal right here in the cellar? My preference is the East Portal.

Posted on 2014-08-21 at 19:57:01.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: Move along

I'm for moving along and trying a new portal.

Posted on 2014-08-20 at 18:06:46.

Topic: Tomeraith- an undead campaign (I'd like active players please)
Subject: Couple Questions

1) So, if I were to play a monk, would they get extra spellcasting or psionic powers?

2) Do we get starting equipment for a lvl 8 characters? (27000 gp)? lvl 10 (49000 gp)? or as if we were lvl 1 characters?

3) Are we allowed to purchase magical items to begin with? Or do we have to craft/create/barter/trade/ adventure for them?

4) For the +2 LA option of +2 base attack, +2 STR/DEX/CON, +2 WIS, +1 feat... is that +2 to STR AND DEX AND CON or +2 to STR or DEX or CON?

5) Does this game also use your "dead levels" house rule like your last game, where you could sub in a feat or another class' abilities if the class had a blank special features level?

6) Are Dragonfire Adept (Dragon Magic), and the classes from Tome of Battle acceptable?

7) Are level adjusted races okay?


Posted on 2014-08-19 at 19:20:51.

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: I'm away

I'm leaving tomorrow for a 3 night work trip. Be back to posting on Tuesday (maybe, Monday).

Posted on 2014-08-14 at 20:50:30.

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: Christina...

Skari-dono, I'll try to have something up for you to look at tomorrow. Works got me in a strangle hold.

Posted on 2014-08-13 at 07:12:40.

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: Some way to tie us together

Could Hammer's sidekick/headquarters connect us together somehow?

Perhaps Father O'Brian and the church put on a good soup kitchen which is what connected Mr Nobody to the group (food).

Perhaps Father O'Brian took charity on Samael and the runaway found acceptance from the good padre.

Perhaps Christina is a member of the church and Father O'Brian has check up on her since her father's death?

Something like that?

Posted on 2014-08-12 at 15:08:57.

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: Man! Eol!

I was just working on a re-write of Samael that pretty much kept all the "effects" that you are looking to do Samael, but dropped the spear and armor for a natural toughness and some attacks based on light. Good times.

Posted on 2014-08-12 at 02:42:49.

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: 3rd Edition

I've got the 3rd Ed Hero's Handbook... not the Deluxe one.

Posted on 2014-08-08 at 23:25:45.

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: My gal...

Here's my character... think Arianna Grande and you'll have the right image in mind.

NAME: Christina, aka “Chris” or “Chrissie”


Strength: 0
Stamina: 2
Agility: 2
Dexterity: 2
Fighting: 0
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 1
Presence: 2

Total Abilities Cost: 18 points


Heightened Awareness: Senses 2 [Radius Mental Awareness] (costs 2 pp)

Polyglot: Comprehend 3 [Languages] (costs 6 pp)

Mental Grit: Protection 10 with Subtle 2 extra (costs 12 pp)

Psychoportation: Teleport 1 with Change Direction, Change Velocity, and Turn-about extras (costs 5 pp)

Telepathy: Mental Communication 2 linked with Effortless, Cumulative Mind Reading 5 with Subtle 2 extra (costs 30 pp)
- Alternate Effect – Perception Ranged, Mental Blast 7 with Subtle 2 extra (costs 1 pp)
- Alternate Effect – Perception Ranged, Cumulative Affliction 7 [Fatigued/Exhausted/Asleep] with Subtle 2 extra (costs 1 pp)
- Alternate Effect – Perception Ranged, Cumulative Affliction 7 [Hindered & Vulnerable/ Defenceless & Immobile] with Extra Condition and Subtle 2 extras and Limited Degree flaw (costs 1 pp)
- Alternate Effect – Perception Ranged, Illusions 6 [All Senses] (costs 1 pp)
- Alternate Effect – Perception Ranged, Subtle, Damaging Move Object 6 (costs 1 pp)

Total Powers Cost: 60 power points


Attractive 2
Equipment 1
Fascinate [Dancing, Singing]
Improved Initiative 2
Sidekick 1

Total Advantages Cost: 8 power points


Acrobatics 6 ranks
Deception 8 ranks
Expertise [Dancing] 7 ranks
Expertise [Singing] 7 ranks
Persuasion 8 ranks

Total Skills Cost: 18 power points


Dodge: 3/4
Parry: 0/2
Toughness: 1/12
Fortitude: 2/8
Willpower: 1/8

Total Defenses Cost: 16 points


Initiative: +10

Telekinesis: Perception Attack, Toughness DC 21
Mental Blast: Perception Attack, Willpower DC 17
Sleep Affliction: Perception Attack, Willpower DC 17
Slow Affliction: Perception Attack, Willpower DC 17

TOTAL POWER POINTS SPENT: Abilities [18] + Powers [60] + Advantages [8] + Skills [18] + Defenses [16] = 120 points.

**Note: the points spent on the Equipment and Sidekick advantages are for a shared Headquarters and Sidekick pool, adding to what Hammer’s creating.

Posted on 2014-08-07 at 10:35:49.
Edited on 2014-08-07 at 10:48:21 by Ayrn

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: You bet I can...

I'll message you in a minute.

Posted on 2014-08-07 at 01:52:52.

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: Also... Grugg, a possible suggestion...


With such a high Intellect and so many multiple Expertise and other INT-based skills, you may want to consider just taking the "Jack-of-All-Trades" and "Improvised Tools" advantages, drop all ranks in your INT-based skills, and adding the recuped power points to Intellect.


You had 2 power points remaining, plus 6 power points recovered from skills, equals 8 power points.

Add 6 points to your Intellect, giving you Intellect 15.
Add 2 points to Advantages, giving you Jack-of-All-Trades and Improvised tool.

Now you have +15 to all Expertise, Investigation, Technology, and Treatment skills... and if you need tools for the job, you can improvise.

Also, you are able to use Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, and Vehicle skills now too as if you were trained... though, your Agility and Dexterity aren't that high, so it's not a huge bonus there.

The "Inventor" advantage would also be pretty sweet for this guy... but you'd need to recover a power point from somewhere. Creating temporary devices using technology checks. Could be fun.

Anyway... some thoughts. Do with them as you will.


Posted on 2014-08-07 at 01:13:19.

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: Numbers...


Your numbers at up to me! And they add up to 118... which means you have 2 power points to spend!

Cool "construct"... he doesn't have much in the way of offensive features though. Your close combat attack bonus is +1 and your ranged attack bonus is +2 which would be okay if you had some area attack or perception range attack powers... but I don't see any of them listed either.

What does he do?

Also... why the singular form Morph power?

What are you up to, good sir?


Posted on 2014-08-07 at 00:55:59.

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: Creating the Silver Weapons Array


One option for your Silver Weapons Device, then, would be to create Alternate Effects for when you are Incorporeal and when you are not. Something like:

Device: Silver Weapons Array
* Main Effect - Silver Pistols: Multi-targeting Blast 5 with Affect Corporeal 5 and Pentrating 5 extras (costs 25 pp)

* Alternative Effect - Silver Pistols: Multi-targeting Blast 6 with Affect Incorporeal 1 and Pentrating 6 extras (costs 1 pp)

When you're incorporeal, you affect both corporeal and incorporeal equally well with your pistols(DC 20). When you are corporeal, your pistols do a bit more damage to other corporeal targets (DC 21), but less to incorporeal targets (DC 1.

You could continue down the list for each of your other weapons (knife, knuckledusters), creating alternate effects for each of them as part of the device.


Posted on 2014-08-07 at 00:43:52.
Edited on 2014-08-07 at 01:15:35 by Ayrn

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: Incorporeal

Hey Skari-dono,
When you are Incorporeal, can your effects affect other incorporeal targets or do you need the Affect Incorporeal extra(s) in order to affect them?

Posted on 2014-08-06 at 23:55:50.

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: Hammer

Hey Hammer,

Here's a couple of questions for you as you create your character:

1) Are you still going with the Insubstantial 4 [Incorporeal] power? If so, do you want to be able to use your weapons while Incorporeal?

2) I think your "costume" is a good one. I think you might be able to make some, if not all, your weapons Alternative Effects to your Silver Pistols... Not sure what I'd call it... maybe, Silver Weapons? Or Weapons' Belt?

It would qualify as a "Device", so:

Device: Silver Weapons array (max 12 points to spent on each effect)
* Silver Pistols - Blast 4 with Multi-targeting extra [cost 12 pp]
* Alternative Effect: Silver Knife - Strike 6 with Penetrating 6 extra [cost 1 pp]
* Alternative Effect: Silver Knuckledusters - Strike 6 with Penetrating 6 extra [cost 1 pp]
* Removable flaw [-1 pp / 5 pp of Device = 14/5 = -3]
* Total Cost for Silver Weapons = 11 pp

Your silver weapons only work against corporeal targets, and only when you are corporeal too. They can only be taken away when you are both stunned and defenseless. You can also use extra effort with your weapons.

If you want them to affect corporeal targets and incorporeal targets whether you are corporeal or not, you would need to apply the Affect Corporeal and Affect Incorporeal extras.


Device: Silver Weapons array (max 18 points to spent on each effect)
* Silver Pistols - Blast 4 with Affect Corporeal 4, Affect Incorporeal 2, and Multi-targeting extras [costs 18 pp]
* Alternate Effect: Silver Knife - Strike 5 with Accurate 1, Affect Corporeal 5, Affect Incorporeal 2, Penetrating 5 extra [costs 1 pp]
* Alternate Effect: Silver Knuckledusters - Strike 5 with Accurate 1, Affect Corporeal 5, Affect Incorporeal 2, Penetrating 5 extra [costs 1 pp]
* Removable flaw [-1 pp / 5 pp of Device = 20/5 = -4]
* Total Cost for Silver Weapons = 16 pp

This would allow you to use your weapons against corporeal and incorporeal targets regardless of your form.

The damage effect is a little less on the knife and the knuckledusters, but you gain a +2 bonus to attack with them (thanks to the Accurate extra). You still need to keep within the Power Level limits, so with a damage effect of 5, your attack bonus cannot be more than +11 (including the bonus you gain from Accurate)

Alternatively, you may want to consider a different effect for your silver knuckledusters, seeing at the do basically the same thing as the knife... maybe an Affliction effect... like punching someone with your dusters dazes/stuns/incapacitates them out?

If you like that idea, the Alternative Effect would instead read:

* Alternative Effect: Silver Knuckledusters - Affliction 5 [Dazed/Stun/Incapacitate] with Accurate 1, Affect Corporeal 5, Affect Incorporeal 2, and Cumulative extras.

Could be fun!


Posted on 2014-08-06 at 18:38:34.

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: Yep, yep... Grugg


A couple of notes about your character.

1) You have 24 ability points distributed amongst your abilities, which would cost 48 power points. However, you have no Stamina, so you gain an extra 10 power points. This would make your total spent in the Abilities section to be 38 power points.

2) In the defense section, my math says you spent 14 power points: 3 (dodge) +4 (parry) +7 (will) = 14 points.

3) With your defenses, because you are immune to fortitude and because your combined fortitude and will defenses cannot be more than 16 at PL 8, I'm not sure if your Will needs to be limited to 8. The reason why I say this is because when an effect doesn't require an attack roll, the effect's DC is limited to the power level. I'm not sure if the same applies here. Skari-dono? DM ruling on this?

4) In your powers section, I think all the immunities covered under life support are already covered by your Immunities [Fortitude effects]... so, you don't need Immunties [Life Support] (Hurray... gain 10 power points!)

5) As is, my math says you have spent 124 power points: Abilities [48-10], Defenses [14], Powers [61], Skills [8], and Advantages [3]. So, 4 points too many.

However, if you take away the Immunities [Life Support], you gain 10 points back, which would bring your total to 114 power points spent.

Which would give you 6 points to spend!


Posted on 2014-08-06 at 05:26:18.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: Time to go...

Wembley felt the magic power course through his body as he said the words that unlocked the spell... a tingle that started at the top of his head and the bottom of his feet and worked their way through his body until they joined near his shoulders, and then worked their way through his arms to his outstretched finger tips.

One by one, the lizardmen toppled over, falling fast asleep. The cidal stepped out for the shadows, tall and proud.

"Yes!" he said, beaming. "Did you see that? Did you see that, Alon?! Haha! That was amazing! I am a mighty wizard! Fear me, or fall asleep! Hahahahahaaa!"

Looking around at the others, still grinning from ear to ear, Wembley turned his attention to the matter at hand, "Do you think that we should tie them up? If you do, be careful not to shake them too much or you'll wake them. Think we should check their belongings... you know, to see maybe why they are here? Or, maybe we should just go... I don't know how long the spell's gonna last."

"We were going to check out the door over here, right?" Wembley says indicating the south portal.

Posted on 2014-08-05 at 16:53:46.

Topic: M&M3 New Camelot: Noir Camelot Q/A
Subject: Powerhouse and Toughness

You are correct on the Toughness... looking into it more, you can infact add Impervious to your natural Stamina ability.

Skari-dono... am I correct on my power point count, though, for Mr Nobody? Roger still has 4 pp to spend, yes?

No worries about the once overs on the characters... for some weird reason, one of my favourite parts of gaming is character creation.


Posted on 2014-08-05 at 16:26:11.

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: Eol...


I looked over your sheet too... a couple of things:

1) Regarding Sam's Enhanced Vision power... Visual senses for "Humans" is already Acute, so you can save 1 PP there. Also, at Extended Vision Rank 1, you can see out 100 ft before you have a -1 to Perception checks... at Rank 2 it is 1000 ft. If you only wanted it out to 100 ft, you save yourself another power point. So, you possibly regain 2 PP here.

2) You can't apply "Alternate Effects" to Permanent effect, so your Wings power array doesn't work as per the Rules as Written... though Skari-dono may rule otherwise? Also, the Flight power already has the Noticable flaw included in it's description, so it can't be taken as a flaw for the powers.

3) What you may want to do with your Wings array is this:

Flight 5 with Wings flaw and Innate extra, with two Alternative Effects: Ranged Damage Effect 4 with Extended Range 2 extra (S=100', M=200', L=400')[Wingblast] and Impervious Force Field 5 [Wing Shield].

Total cost for the Wings Array is 8 pp, his array can't be nullified, he can only use one effect at a time (so no flying and blasts at the same time), and if Sam is Immobilized, Restained, or Bound you lose the Array until he is released.

4) You have spent 21 ranks on skills... which is equal to 11 power points, but means you also have 1 unused skill rank. Also, your Ranged Combat skill needs a "focus"... I'm assuming Sam is skilled in Ranged Combat: Wingblast

5) If you make the changes I suggested above to your powers (spending only 1 PP on Senses [Entended Visual] and 8 PP on the Wing Array), I calculate the following power points spent:

Abilities - 70 PP (35 ability points)
Powers - 17 PP
Advantages - 8 PP
Skills - 11 PP (21 skill ranks)
Defenses - 7 PP

Total Spent: 113 power points, which leaves 7 PP unspent... and 1 skill rank unspent.


Posted on 2014-08-05 at 07:04:47.
Edited on 2014-08-05 at 07:08:19 by Ayrn

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: Roger...

I may have miscounted, but I think Mr Nobody still has 4 pp to spend.

Abilities: 28 PP (14 ability points)

Powers: 60 PP

Advantages: 12 PP

Skills: 10 PP (20 skill points)

Defenses: 6 PP

Perhaps, you meant to spend it on additional Enhanced Stamina to raise it to 10 (for a total of Stamina 12)? This would raise your Fort and Toughness defenses to 12, which would still be in line with the PL 8 game.

Additionally, I'm not sure you can apply the Impervious extra to non-Enhanced Stamina/Toughness. Skari-Dono?


Posted on 2014-08-05 at 04:37:34.

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: Throwing my hat in...

I'll look to create the beautiful dame... likely a psy-chick to mess with your minds.

Posted on 2014-08-04 at 07:00:07.

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: No worries, Al

My pleasure.

Posted on 2014-08-03 at 16:02:33.

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: Roger, some suggestions

Some suggestions on how to spend those 16 points:


Improvised Weapons 1 rank: Allows you to pick up and use anything as a weapon, using your unarmed attack and damage. Mostly just so you can pick up a car and smash someone with it. Cost – 1 PP

Fast Grab + Improved Grab + Improved Hold + Chokehold: Fast Grab allows you to make a free grab attack after an unarmed attack; Improved Grab allows you to make one armed grabs, leaving you with a free arm to attack... also, you are not considered “vulnerable” when grabbing an opponent; Improved Hold applies a -5 penalty to your opponent when they try to escape your holds; Chokehold also you to suffocate opponents you successfully grabbed. Cost – 4 PP

Interpose: Allows you to take the hit for an Ally near you. Cost – 1 PP

Takedown 2 ranks: Every time you incapacitate a Minion, you get another free attack against another minion. You can move between attacks as long as you haven’t spent your full movement rate yet. Cost - 2 PP

Improved Smash: No penalty when you attempt to smash an object/weapon held by your opponent. Cost – 1 PP

Startle: Allows you to use Intimidation to feint in combat. Cost – 1 PP

Fearless: You are immune to fear effects. Cost – 1 PP

Instant Up: You can stand up from the Prone position as a free action. Cost – 1 PP


If you want the Shockwave / Ground Strike Power, you have to reduce it to Rank 8... which makes the Cost – 9 PP.

A bit of Leaping is not a bad idea, if only so that you can avoid some fall damage. Rank 6 would allow you to jump 500 feet. Cost – 6 PP


- You could raise your Intimidation skill up (skills can have a total modifier bonus of 18... except for Close Combat and Ranged Combat)

- You could gain some ranks in some other skills. Athletics would seem natural for a Powerhouse. And Perception is always a good skill.


Posted on 2014-08-03 at 07:52:55.
Edited on 2014-08-03 at 07:53:24 by Ayrn

Topic: M&M: New Camelot Knights
Subject: Roger: Powerhouse revisited

Hey Roger,

A couple things I noted on your character sheet:

1) Your attack mod and damage effect combined total cannot be more than 2x the Power Lever (or 16)... Presently, you have an Unarmed Attack mod of +8 with damage at 12 for a total of 20. You will need to decrease this by 4 by either reducing the Attack mod and/or Strength damage. The same goes for your throwing attacks.

2) Your Fortitude and Willpower defenses combined total cannot be more than 2x the Power Level (or 16). Presently, their combined total is 20, so you will need to reduce Will and/or Fort by 4.

3) Your Toughness and Parry defenses combined total cannot be more than 2x the Power Level (or 16). Presently, their total is 20. Also, the same is true for the combined total of Toughness and Dodge defenses (PL 8 = 16 combined total)... they are presently at 19.

The simple fix would be this:

- Reduce Fighting ability to Rank 4 (this also reduces Parry to rank 4 and your Close Combat [Unarmed] to rank 6)... gain 4 power points

- Reduce Dodge to Rank 4... gain 1 power point.

- Reduce Enhanced Stamina to Rank 12 (this also reduces Fortitude and Toughness to Rank 12)... gain 4 power points.

- Reduce WillPower to Rank 4... gain 2 power points

- Reduce Enhanced Strength to Rank 6 (this drops you Unarmed and Throwing damage to 10, and your effective lifting STR to 14)... gain 4 power points

- Reduce Ranged Combat [Throwing] skill to Rank 5... gain 1 power point.

Total points gained: 16 power points

16 points to spend on other stuff

Here's what your revised character sheet would look like:

PLAYER: Alacrity


Strength: 4/10 enhanced/ 14 lifting
Stamina: 4/12 enhanced
Agility: 1
Dexterity: 1
Fighting: 4
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 1
Presence: 1

Total Cost: 32 PP


Super-Stamina: Enhanced Stamina 8; Immunity 12 (Cold and Heat Damage, Fatigue, Pressure); Impervious Toughness 12; Cost 40 PP

Super-Strength: Enhanced Strength 6, plus Enhanced Strength 4 [Limited to Lifting; Lifting STR 14 or 400 tons]; Cost 16 pp

Total Cost: 56 PP

All-Out Attack
Power Attack
Ultimate Effort [Toughness Checks]

Total Cost: 3 PP

Close Combat [Unarmed] 2 (+6)
Intimidation 7 (+8 )
Ranged Combat [Throwing] 5 (+6)

Total Cost: 7 PP

Dodge: 4
Parry: 4
Will: 4
Fortitude: 12
Toughness: 12/12 impervious

Total Cost: 6 PP

Initiative: +1
Throw: +6 ranged attack; Damage 10
Unarmed: +6 close attack; Damage 10

TOTAL POINTS SPENT: 104 Power Points
UNUSED POINTS: 16 Power Points

Posted on 2014-08-03 at 02:21:22.
Edited on 2014-08-03 at 02:23:13 by Ayrn


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