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Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: One pattern...

Here's one pattern I've found:

Whenever we exit through a North portal, we enter the next space through a West portal.

Whenever we exit through an East portal, we enter the next space through a North portal

Whenever we exit through a South portal, we enter the next space through an East portal.

We've never exitted through a West portal yet, but I would assume if we do, we would enter into the next space through a South portal.

So, exiting back through the portal we just entered would be a really good experiment for us. It will be unfortunate if it dumps us into "Round 2" Training Grounds area through the Southern portal. :-/

Also, we've hypothetically been in 5 "areas" (6, if you include the outside world/Island)

It would also be good to test and see if exiting through the same portal sends you to the same room/portal every time... hehe... except I don't want to text that theory here (in the wine cellar area), as that would mean we're taking the North portal out of here and entering into the Training Grounds/Weapons Room through the West portal.

So, let's go through the West portal here and see if it sends us into another space through a South portal. And then let's see if we can test the theory of "exit portal is connected same room entry portal every time".

It would also be interesting to find out if we exit the Weapons Room again, we'll we experience a crazy dream/vision/sleep again... or is it whenever we enter into the Baths/Massage area that we experience the dreams... or was that just a one shot deal?

Also, if we enter the Weapons Room again, will the game "reset" and will it be "round 1"... or will it be "round 2"?


Some more stuff:

Area 0 = Island
- N Portal leads to ???
- E Portal leads to Area 1, N Portal (assumed)
- S Portal leads to ???
- W Portal leads to ???

Area 1 = Lobby/Library
- N Portal leads to ???
- E Portal leads to ???
- S Portal leads to Area 2, E Portal
- W Portal leads to ???

Area 2 = Cellar
- N Portal leads to Area 3, W Portal
- E Portal leads to ???
- S Portal leads to ???
- W Portal leads to ???

Area 3 = Weapons Room
- N Portal leads to ???
- E Portal leads to Area 4, N Portal
- S Portal leads to ???
- W Portal leads to ???

Area 4 = Pool/Spa
- N Portal leads to ???
- E Portal leads to ???
- S Portal leads to Area 5, E Portal
- W Portal leads to ???

Area 5 = Diningroom
- N Portal leads to Area 2, W Portal
- E Portal leads to ???
- S Portal leads to ???
- W Portal leads to ???

Posted on 2014-06-20 at 17:08:30.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Thanks!

Very helpful, Al!

Posted on 2014-06-20 at 16:20:44.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: For ease of reference...

Is the top of your maps considered "North"?

Posted on 2014-06-20 at 15:43:28.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Ninga'd


Posted on 2014-06-20 at 15:41:45.
Edited on 2014-06-20 at 15:42:16 by Ayrn

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Question...

In the very first room we enter (the one with the cleaning golem), was there 3 or 4 portals between that room and the connected library?

The portal we entered through.(upper portal)
The portal we left through. (bottom portal)
And the portal in the library. (left side of map portal)

That's three... was there a fourth one?

Posted on 2014-06-20 at 15:32:02.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Hey! Look at this!

Hey! No sure who is still around and if you are still interested in playing.

First, sorry. I totally did what I strongly dislike players doing... not posting with no explanation why. Sorry. I don't have any excuses for why I didn't say anything. Just sorry. :-/

Second, chime in if you are still around and interested. I haven't seen you, Bodkin, around in a long while. Not sure if you are still here. I hope so. Reralae and Astrid, I know I've seen you two on the boards from time to time. Not sure if you're still interested. If so, awesome. If not, no worries.

Third, if you are still game, then I've updated. :-) A you should feel free to post as well. I will say that we are entering into the last phase of the adventure... maybe three encounters left or so... so, likely, the game could take us to October to finish up.

Basically, though, Tigwyn is looking for you to somehow deal with Shadow and Ratrug, preferably quickly so as not to interrupt the quarry's important work. I would prefer it if the group stuck together in whatever plan you come up with. Tigwyn thinks the plan to scout out Shadow's Roost is a good first start.

Fourth, I've got a baby coming... probably within the next two weeks. So, my posting will be a bit sketchy still, but likely better than the last two months.

Anyway, that's where things are at. Let me know what's going on for you.


Posted on 2014-06-20 at 04:29:00.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Hoping to revive this...

The mole looked up from his work at Vi, "Jutht to be clear, I think thith Ragrug ith Thadow'th little errand runner. That little threw would never be able to command an host of vermin, let alone Thadow."

Turning back to the maps and diagrams in front of him, Tigwyn continued, "No, thith ith the work of Thadow, I'm convinced of that much. Now, why the beatht needth the gold, I can't thay... maybe he hopeth to raithe a hotht himthelf."

When Vi mentions the idea of scout out Shadow's Roost, Tigwym looks up from his work again, "Yeth, yeth... that would be motht appreciated, indeed. Indeed, yeth, quite the reathon I thent the call down to the Abby. Need thome brave thoulth to invethtigate thith matter. Immediately, if poththible. 'No time like the now,' we like to thay."

"No need for a map. I got one right..." Tigwyn shifts some papers around before finding a map of the area and handing it to Vi. "Here. Here you go. Lead you thraight there indeed."

"No need to worry about uth here," Tigwyn continued, his eyes back on his work. "We're already figuring out how to keep folkth thafe. No one uth can afford to meet Thadow'th demandth, though, for long. Two weekth, maybe, before the gold runth out. And, the Abby and area can't afford for uth to abandon the quarry."

Tigwyn shook his head grimly, "No, no... we need you to help uth retholve thith quickly."

Posted on 2014-06-20 at 04:18:18.

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Following the crowd

As the companions perpared to leave the diningroom through the northern door, Wembley marvelled in all the wonder of the rooms they had wandered through. "Cleaning golems, serving golems, surprising dreams, tables that make feasts on command." The little rogue smiled down at the feline. "And best of all, a talking cat."

Wembley was drunk on wonder. "What a story, what a magical place..." He stepped through the portal behind Gamard, and into...

The wine cellar...

"...deja vu..." said Ivan.

"You can say that again," Wembley quipped.

It didn't take the party too long to decide which way to go. The Khord cleric repeated what Wembley had suggested when they had gone through their first portal... go back through it. Wembley shrugged it off... there was a lot of distance for thought to travel in a sigie's head, it was hard for them not to be a bit dull.

"I'm with you, Gamard," Wembley piped in. "Let's see if the portal will take us back. I'm always up for a bit more food. I wonder if you can put personal requests to that table. Wouldn't it be great if you could just tell the table what you wanted and it would just appear? I'd ask for my momma's hand-twisted, half-baked loavenus. Do you think if it would know the recipe? I don't even know the recipe. I doubt it could make it as good as my momma, though... mmmMMMmm, my momma makes the best sweet bread in all of Kindwell, and that's no lie. It's so good, a Syl once traded my momma his silk vest for two loaves and her recipe. She didn't give him her recipe, mind you... i think her gave her Aunt Aly's recipe, which is close, but not really."

Wembley laughed, "That poor Syl keeps coming back, asking for more of momma's sweet bread and wondering why he can never make it to taste like like hers."

Wembley looked down at Ivan, "I'd ask the table to make you some raw fish, too, friend. What kind of fish would you want, if you could choose?"

... again, Wembley prattled on...

Posted on 2014-06-20 at 03:52:14.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Not lost ... just crazy

Hey Al,
I have not lost interest either. Very much enjoying the game.
I've been swamped with year-end work and getting ready for baby. My posting for the next month will likely be sketchy.
My vote is to follow Gamard back as well. I'll look to put up a post yet tonight to reflect that.
Thanks for your work in this, Al! Don't give up! Don't shave your head! Don't join a cult! (think of the children!)

Posted on 2014-06-20 at 03:15:52.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: July 21... some ideas

Like I said, I'm out until the end of July.

I can say that I do like space/sci-fi stories...
I can also say that I really disliked the game mechanic stuff from Traveller... but game mechanics tend to move to the back of the bus in online RP games anyway, so maybe it won't matter.

Anyway, a couple things I'd be interested in playing (maybe), when time frees up for me in August:

1) A Shadowrun game -- I haven't had the chance to play Shadowrun yet (though Brom had an AMAZING cyberpunk game for awhile), but I love the game mechanics of 4th Edition and the setting (haven't seen the 5th E stuff yet)

2) A modern or future/space tactical military/police game.. maybe Star Wars: Clone Wars or Rebellion eras. Maybe a modern "Ghost Recon"-esque type game. I would expect TONS of combat (in fact, it would mostly be running combat scenerios) with a little dialogue. More of a tactical, rapid, short posts type game. You could do this in a variety of different settings, with a variety of rule systems: Star Wars Saga Edition, Covert Ops RPG, Shadowrun... or maybe a Judge Dreadd setting? Or something like the F.E.A.R. video game... that could be interesting. Heck, you could do it with Traveller (I just don't like the mechanics)... a bunch of marines in battlesuits.

3) With Eol having a hard time getting the time for his Superheros game, I think there would likely be some serious interest in that kind of genre. The Mutants and Masterminds rule system is pretty easy and straight forward too. Could be fun...

Think that's it... for now...


Posted on 2014-06-19 at 22:12:44.

Topic: D&d 3.5 Campaign: The Dungeon
Subject: Standard Point Buy System

Is the starting number of points 25?

Posted on 2014-06-15 at 06:36:02.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Pulling out

Work has just picked up crazy for me for the next week (or 2) and I anticipate baby 8 arriving by the 24... then vacation and family time for 3 weeks or so.

So, I'm out until July 21 likely

Posted on 2014-06-08 at 05:40:45.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Totally fine...

Thanks, Alacrity, for letting us know on the front end. No worries about not getting the game off the ground. Thanks for giving it your best shot!

Posted on 2014-06-03 at 19:12:09.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: You are correct...

That is a pic of Ellie from Borderlands 2. I've never played the game, so I only know her from the images and the short youtube clip I watched... "Ellie: Likes Cuddling, Murder"... hehe. Has kind of a southern/hill-billy accent.

Anyway, I would likely play her similar to Ellie... confident, lusty and "fat positive"... I envision one of her signature remarks might go something like, "Mmm-mmm! Honey, I could eat you with bacon! Yum!"

Kinda like a cross between Kaylee from Serenity, and Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect.


Posted on 2014-05-25 at 02:51:21.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: I'm still coming...

I've been delayed with finding my son... man, that kid gives us the run around.

Anyway, still trying to decide between two characters:

1) A suave trader (Marketer/Fence)
2) A tough mech (Marine -> Junk Dealer or Salvage Expert

I'm leaning towards the Marine/Junk Dealer... here's a pic of her...

My trader guy looks like Bradley Cooper.

A few questions:

1) I feel like I'm missing a step somewhere in the character creation process, especially in regards to skills... I'm coming up with about 3 skill points/term which would equal 12... but everyone else's characters seem to have a bunch more. Am I missing something? Also, are we starting with 4 or 5 terms? Seems half and half at the moment..

2) Am I allowed to spend all my money from mustering out on gear?

3) Also, are "Ship Shares" really worth anything in this game?

4) If I get two "armour" benefits, can I upgrade to one Battle Dress suit?

Think that's it for now. I need to swing by Toys'R'Us with my girls, eat some supper, and then I'm finishing up my character.


Posted on 2014-05-24 at 21:11:50.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Question for Al

Alacrity, are all of Satine's 4 ranks in engineering in Jump Drives, or does she have 4 ranks in every area of Engineering? Or is it something different all together?

Posted on 2014-05-22 at 12:19:22.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: To be clear...

I was merely making a suggesting, Kaeroku. Honestly, play whatever you like. Extra hands on the engineering department are never bad in my opinion. And Gunnery might not really fit the character you had in mind

Posted on 2014-05-22 at 02:42:05.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Skills not covered

At the moment, skills that we could use some help in are

- Engineer {M-Drive}
- Engineer {Power}
- Gunner {Turrets}
- Mechanic
- Medic
- Remote Operations

- Admin
- Carouse
- Persuade
- Steward
- Streetwise

- Navigation
- Drive
- Flyer
- Heavy Weapons

... Might I make the following suggestions:
a) Kaeroku’s character trade out 1 rank of Comm and the 1 rank in Engineering/Life Support for 2 ranks in Gunner/Turrets... also swapping the Pilot rank for a rank in either Flyer or Drive

b) Schnozzle’s character (as a scholar medic) picks up the Engineering/Life Support rank, plus ranks in Medic, Sensors, Computers, Sciences [Biology, Chemistry, Cybernetics, Xenobiology, etc], Investigate, Languages, and some social skills [Admin, Advocate, Diplomat, Persuade]
If Schnozzle goes the combat medic route, pick up Medic, Engineering [Life Support], Gunnery [Turrets], Heavy Weapons, Gun Combat, Melee, maybe a few sciences, maybe Drive, Flyer, and/or Navigation too?

c) I can pick up the Mechanic/Engineering role... skills in Mechanics, lots in Engineering [M-Drives, Power], Remote Operations, some sciences, some Gun Combat and Melee

Posted on 2014-05-21 at 19:21:22.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Any preferences?

Anyone have any preferences?

Posted on 2014-05-21 at 17:42:28.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Options

I got three options on the table:

1) The connections/face guy -- he's got a little stealth, and a lot of sweet-talk. He also has a wide network of connections and allies across the galaxy.

2) The beefy mechanic -- strong and smart mechanic. Basically taking back the character I rolled up for Grugg.
Mechanics and Engineering with a little combat skill... and a monkey.

3) The hard-core PR guy -- Guns and more guns (and Gunnery... which is a skill we're missing)... think Jane and you got a close idea. Call him ship security.

I'm good with any. And they are all pretty much rolled up.


Posted on 2014-05-21 at 17:00:51.

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Bleh... I hate undead

Wembley took a moment to let his eyes adjust to the lighting in their new room. The sight that awaited didn't please him. Like the cat, Wembley had no love for the undead. It's not that I'm scared, the cidal reassured himself. They're just bleh...

"There's been a lot of bleh things around this place," Wembley murmured. "Our host really should take better care of his pets... unless... wait... what if the lady that sent the bugbears, sent these foul things too? Perhaps, his home is under attack. Maybe he even needs a rescue." The cidal notched a stone in his hoopak and let the missile fly at the rat nearest Gamard.

OOC: Not sure if Wembley has more than one shot, but he'll be firing at any rodents near the dwarf.

Posted on 2014-05-20 at 03:35:30.

Topic: Traveller game interest?
Subject: Checking around

Seems most have it at the typical 1 quare = 1.5 m / 5 ft...

Posted on 2014-05-13 at 02:26:16.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Oops

Sorry, I missed that in your post.

That makes things interesting...

Anyway, Wembley's good with any door... as a player, I probably wouldn't go through the south portal, on the basis that, if the bugbears were coming to kill the wizard and came through that portal, I would guess that the wizard is not in that direction. If the bugbears just teleported into that room, then it doesn't really matter, because they haven't "cleared" anything for us.

I'd choose left or right... probably the room with the red-headed masseuse. Wembley's begun to make quite the bond with her/it.

Posted on 2014-05-10 at 22:33:09.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Meeting Tigwyn

The companions made their way down into the Quarry. The moles laboured diligently around them, a few looking up from their work to check out the travellers, fewer still giving some courtesy greeting.

After a short time, they arrived at the singular building on the floor of the Quarry – the “office” as it had been called by the mole who had given them directions. Outside, they found Master Weldon’s wagon train, his sons tending to the lizards. They indicated that they had only arrived a short while earlier and their father was in the office with Master Tigwyn.

The door to the office was open, so the companions walked in.

“Well now,” Weldon greeted them. “Me sees y’ were able t’ rouse th’ sleepy-‘eads, hmm, Ribbon? Made good time y’ did too.” Turning to Master Tigwyn, Weldon continued, “’ere are th’ young ‘uns from th’ Abbey, me tolds y’ about, Tigwyn.”

“Hmm, yeth, I thee, I thee,” the older mole, nodded his head, as he continued to pour over various maps and diagrams on his desk. “Welcome! How ith ol’ Mathter Camber doing thethe dayth?”

OOC:Assuming you answer...

“Good to hear!” Tigwyn replied. “Camber can be a bit crotchety in hith ol’ age, be he ith thuch a good friend of mine. It’th amathing a quickly the dayth go by.”

OOC:Assuming you ask him about the troubles they’ve faced in the past little while...

“Ah yeth, yeth,” Tigwyn agreed.

Weldon interrupted, “Master Tigwyn, me shall b’ takin’ me leave now. Need t’ unload th’ supplies and b’ off once more.”

“Yeth, yeth,” Tigwyn replied, without looking up from his work. “I wath good to thee you again, friend.”

Weldon gave a courteous bow and took his leave. “Best o’ luck t’ ye all. Sounds like ye’ll all be needed it.”

“Now, where were we,” Tigwyn continued. “Ah yeth, yeth. It’th like thith. Thith scrawny little threw, Ratrug, jutht cometh boldly into the quarry latht week. He thayth, ‘The dread owl Thadow hath returned to his rootht, and demandth tribute!’

“Of courth, we all laughed at him, cuffed him about the head, and threw him out on hith furry behind. It was hilariouth…until that night!

“The horn of the night watch woke uth from out bedth, and we ran into the quarry, expecting some vermin raiderth. What we thaw filled our heartth with dread! The monstrouth owl came out of the thky thcreeching and clawing, knocking about moleth and brickth and turning over wagonth.

“If that wathn’t horror enough, that rotten little threw was thitting atop the owlth back laughing and thcreaming profanitieth.

“The next day Ratrug cometh back, all thmiles and arrogance. At first we want to kill him, but he warnth uth that if he doethn’t return to his master, Thadow, with a fat bag of gold the owl will come again. Not knowing what elth to do, we give the puke hith gold and thend him on his way.

“I thent thix of my betht moleth to Thadow’s Rootht…but none returned. They muths have made a nyth thupper for that fat owl.

“Now he threatenth to come back every new week for another bag of gold, and what can we do but comply?”

“Will you help uth?”

Posted on 2014-05-07 at 05:01:25.

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Wembley sleeps...

The small cidal rogue listened intently to the bugbear's story... felt a small bit of empathy for the creature as it shared it's sad (but interesting) tale.

When his life was ended quickly, Wembley turned away quietly, "Well, at least he didn't have to suffer too much in this life. Maybe it was better this way. His mistress sounds like a terrible, terrible person. I can't think why anyone would want to work for her." Turning to Gamard, he asked thoughtfully, "What do you think happens to him after death? Do you think Solanis would reward him for helping us out? I hope so... it sure was nice of him to answer your question."

Walking over to Mal, the cidal gently laid his hand the swashbuckler and said softly, "I'm glad you didn't cut him up too bad. Thanks, Mal."

Moving to the massage room with the red haired masseuse, the cidal called to his companions, "I'll take the last watch. Wake me for my turn."

Laying down on the table, he gently asked the masseuse with yawn, "Something gentle and soft please. Maybe just a light rubbing of my back, until I fall asleep."

Very soon Wembley was fast asleep....

Posted on 2014-05-07 at 04:32:13.
Edited on 2014-05-11 at 05:45:32 by Ayrn


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