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Topic: Pilot on Destiny
Subject: I am!

Just not sure I have time to sign up. I'm thinking about it.

How long until you figure you can write Tess out?

On another note... RPGNow has the newest core rulebook for Firefly/Serenity on sale for $20.00 for their pdf.

Posted on 2014-04-18 at 20:16:05.

Topic: Mass Combat?
Subject: Define Mass Combat...

Are you talking about players controlling a whole "unit" of troops rather than individual characters?

Posted on 2014-04-18 at 02:04:05.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Post up tomorrow night

Hey Everyone, I'm looking at putting up a post tomorrow evening/night... probably after I get all the kiddies to bed.
Thanks for getting your posts up!

Posted on 2014-04-18 at 02:01:00.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Yep

Schnoozle, I think coming up with creative "offensive" language for the game world is a really cool exercise!

Personally, that's what I'd go for!


Posted on 2014-04-14 at 17:10:23.

Topic: Fortune's Favoured Q&A
Subject: Use of Language...

Hey guys, not looking to hijack this thread, but with regards to the use of language/words some find offensive, I would remind you of the Terms of Service agreement for RDINN, which states that the site is "PG".

Dropping "F" bombs would not be lining up with the TOS well. Schnoozle, I'm not sure if asterisk-ing out most of the word breaks the spirit of the TOS, or if it's kosher. I'm sure Grugg could check with staff. Personally, I think it's okay, but I'm not the final arbiter.

Anyway, sorry, definitely not looking to stifle character creativity... just pointing out what you agreed to when you registered for the site.


Posted on 2014-04-14 at 16:09:01.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Last Call

"Thanks Rosey!" he said with a grin and proceeded to blow on his too-hot tea. "Have you heard any stories about Shadow returning? Do you know any beast that's seen it?"

Any playfulness on Rosey face left, the colour draining at the mention of the dark name. “Aye, we’ve heard more than a tale or two. A black curse for our friends at the quarry, I’d say, like a dark fable coming true.” Her voice quieted to a whisper as she leaned in. “Talons like spear points to impale its prey; a beak that’ll rend armor. Death on night’s wings, they say.”

Leaning back, the mousemaid retrieved a handkerchief and dabbed her forehead. “A terrible thing! A terrible trouble! The moles sitting at the bar mentioned the beast had come again last night, with his wretched vermin rider, demanding more tribute. Dreadful. Awful, really.” She says as she pushes herself from the table and is about to go back to her work. “It’s a terrible thing.”


Turning to look back at the couple, Vi smiled, "Thank you. That's never happened before..." she trails off a bit.

The hare maiden smiles a gentle smirk in return. “An attractive little creature such as yourself never received any attention,” she clucks her tongue against her teeth. “I find it hard to believe. Still,” looking back down the stairs with distain, “those beasts are not worthy of your time.”

"I'm Violet, or Vi in short." Violet offers.

“Ah!” cried the hare. “Where are our manners? I am Camille,” she says, taking Violet’s paws in her own. “Though, most kind creatures call me Cami.” Turning towards the fox, she begins, “And this is...”

“Luchian,” the fox says, gently stooping down to take one of Violet’s paws is his and kiss it softly. “Our apologies for the beastly behaviour of those two. Why Rosey continues to extend her hospitality to them,” he turns to Cami, “has been a matter of some debate between us, hasn’t it, dear?”

“Hmmm,” Cami replies, shaking her head is disapproval at the squirrels’ behaviour. “It matters not, though. We should not speak ill of our host, though,” she says thoughtfully to Luchian, “There’s likely many a folk who wonder why she shows us any graces too.”

“A fair point, my fair darling,” Luchian concedes with a soft smile and a nod. Turning his attention back to Violet, he continued, “I doubt very much the scoundrels will bother you anymore, Miss Violet.” Giving the squirrel maid a polite bow, “A good night to you.”

“Yes, yes,” Cami curtseyed as well, “May your rest be peaceful this night!”

Cami took Luchian’s offered arm and, together, the two of them turned to leave.

OOC: Alright! For real now... last call at the inn.

Reralae: If you wish to ask any follow up questions to the fox and hare before they head to their room, you may.

Astrid and Bodkin: If you wish to follow up with the moles at the bar, you may. Or with Rosey, if you like.

You, by no means need to pursue either group with more questions... I`m honestly not sure they`ll give you anything helpful.

If you do wish to pursue them with more questions, feel free to put one or two in your initial post as actually dialogue, and list the rest of the questions in an OOC section at the end of your post, and I’ll look to weave a dialogue out of it.

Next update will likely be Thursday night, and I’m really hoping to moving you to the Quarry.


Posted on 2014-04-14 at 04:31:12.
Edited on 2014-04-14 at 04:31:54 by Ayrn

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Cost of writing...

The little mage gave a slight squeal of delight as he watched his stones hit their mark. Absently, he continued his conversation with the masseuse as he surveyed the scene. “Well, ma’am, I guess he won’t need a massage after all... unless he wakes up. Then he’ll definitely need you to ice that temple of his. Do you do head massages? I bet that would feel grea...”

Seeing the dwarf’s still body in the pool, Wembley cried out, “Garmard!”

Sloshing through the water to his fallen comrade as quickly as his little legs could carry him, the cidal turned the dwarf’s body over to allow him air. “Garmard, come on now,” he said gently. “Battle’s over. You want a massage? The lass is all ready at the table...” Wembley’s eyes looked around helplessly to his other comrades, resting finally on his kin. “Dudley, quick! Help me!”

Posted on 2014-04-14 at 03:31:45.

Topic: Savage Warrior class
Subject: Change of heart...

I'd play a Human Barbarian 2 / Ranger 2 / Scout 16 with the Swift Hunter feat (and maybe some rage feats):

Class Features Gained

- Rage (1x/day... plus ability to take Rage feats)
- Fast Movement (I'd try to sub for the Lion Totem alternative class feature from Complete Champion... I wouldn't care about the "fluff" text... basically substitute "Fast Movement 10'" with the Pounce ability from the Monster Manual, allowing you to make full attack on a charge)
- Uncanny Dodge/ Improved Uncanny Dodge
- Wild Empathy (I might see if I could sub Trapfinding from Scout for Wild Empathy as well)
- Track feat
- Favoured Enemy x1 (x3 with Swift Hunter feat)
- Bonus feat from Ranger
- Skirmish +4d6 damage/+4 AC (or +5d6 damage/+4 AC with Swift Hunter feat)
- Trapfinding (or maybe Wild Empathy sub)
- Battle Fortitude +2 (+2 Fort saves, +2 initiative)
- Fast Movement 20'
- Trackless Step
- Scout bonus feats (x4)
- Evasion
- Flawless Stride
- Camouflage
- Blind Sense 30'
- Hide in Plain Sight

I'd roleplay the armor/weapon limitations.
Weak spot for the build is his/her Will Saves (Base +5 at level 20)...


Posted on 2014-04-09 at 03:28:34.

Topic: Savage Warrior class
Subject: My 2 cents


I like the concept, but I think you can acheive a similar feel using any of the following base classes, or a multiclass build: Barbarian, Ranger, and Scout.

Your present base class seems a bit overpowered compared to the individual martial classes listed above. It has better hit points, feat selection, and skills/skill points available than the ranger. Better saves and base attack progression than the scout. It has better saves, skills/skill point available and better abilities than the barbarian.

If it were me... I'd just come up with some "Savage Warrior" alternative class features for the Ranger or Scout class... like:

1) Substituting the ranger's or scout's armor/shield allowance with the druid's (leather, hide, wood). Additionally, substituting the weapons allowed with a limited weapons list... blowgun, bolas, club, dagger, dart, hand axe, javalin, quarterstaff, short bow, spear, throwing axe

2) Substituting the favoured enemy ability with something else... maybe an alternating Favoured Weapon ability (like you listed) and a Favoured Terrian ability

3) Offering an alternative feat list for the bonus feats the ranger or scout gets. Giving the flexibility of the Fighter feat list would offset the limits on armor/weapons

... that's all I have at the moment... but I'd probably use ranger or scout. Personally, I like the scout's class abilities better, but I like the ranger's full attack progression.


Posted on 2014-04-09 at 02:48:24.

Topic: An Open World 3.5e D&D Adventure Starring YOU!!!
Subject: Family/Friends

I think it would be neat if you guys went the route of family (siblings/cousins) and if you have 1-2 "other" races they could be friends/servants/advisors. They're bound together by blood or feudal bonds.

Could be interesting role-playing! Maybe out to restore honour or expand the power-base of their house? (Game of Thrones meets Dragonlance)

Alternatively, an entire group bound together by a single religion/diety could be an interesting group.

Just throwing it out there for ya!

Posted on 2014-04-08 at 04:35:14.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Shifty as a...

Fenir waved Rosie over and ordered a stong drink. He grinned at Ovaltan. "One won’t hurt, eh"

"And if you have any kind of hot tea around I'd like a cup,” Asher added.

“Two ciders and one spiced tea coming right up!” Rosie said briskly and she made her way back into the kitchen.

"What do you say, sweetie," Pete asks, with a tone of not really asking. "Why don't you spend some time with some real beasts." He gives Violet's companions a haughty look, before turning his attention back to the young squirrel maid. "We'll show you a good time."

"If you were watching, you'd know I already ate." Vi pointed out. "What I need right now is sleep. I promised a close friend I wouldn't get sick, and don't plan on letting the rain last night break my promise."

Fenir, overhearing the conversation between the Violet and the rowdy squirrels, gave Pete and his friend a frown, his ears twitching. Asher slid his chair back, signaling to squirrels his was ready to step in as well.

No one noticed the fox and hare, arm in arm, until they were almost in between Pete and Violet. As they cross in between, the fox’s hat “fell” at Pete’s paws. “Oh! My deepest apologies,” said the fox loudly, as he stooped down to pick up his hat. “So sorry to interrupt.”

As he did so, the hare subtly placed a forepaw on Violet’s back, gently pushing the small creature around her towards the stairs. It was a quick, subtle, fluid motion that kept the fox and hare always between the Violet and Pete. “Off you go,” the hare said with a warm softness.

“Hey!” Pete protested as he saw his prey getting away.

The fox scooped up his hat at that moment and placed it back on his head smartly, blocking Peter’s path to the stairs. “I believe the fair lady said she needed her rest. A good night to you, gentlebeasts.” He said with a nod before moving up the stairs with the hare.

“Rawh,” Pete snorted in frustration.”

“Forget about it,” Pete’s partner said. “Let’s just finish our drinks and get out of her.”

Pete slumped into his chair with an angry sigh. He looked over to Asher, Fenir, and Oltavian with a scowl. “What are you looking at?” he asked, looking to start something.

At that moment, Rosie returned with two strong ciders and a hot cup of spiced tea. “Here you go, gents!”

Fenir grinned, "Hey, Rosie, if ya got a min', can we pick your brains?"

The mousemaid blushed a bit. “Well, I don’t know about picking my brains, but what would you like, dearie?” she asked, sitting down on the seat Violet had just vacated.

OOC: Alright, so, Violet makes her way past the squirrels without incident. Reralae, you are welcome to engage the hare and fox in conversation if you like. They are following up behind Violet and will pass by her room on their way to their room.

Asher, Fenir, and Oltavian have two solid options: 1) Engage Pete the squirrel; or 2) Engage Rosie the mouse. You can totally choose to ignore Pete if you like too. Ignoring Rosie might be a bit awkward, but you could do that too. If you are hoping to ask her a bunch of questions, please list them all, and I will look to put a dialogue together.

I'd like to post again on Thursday, so if you can get your updates in over the next couple days, that would be super. Thanks!


Posted on 2014-04-07 at 05:12:02.

Topic: In defense of Roll Play
Subject: Again... if was a curiousity question

I mean something similar to Silent One's character in Eol's Prometheus game.

Basically, would a character with powers to see in the dark, control light intensity, teleport from shadow to shadow, and create minions from shadow be interesting to you if the character was set in a modern/"superhero" setting?


Posted on 2014-04-01 at 16:03:43.

Topic: In defense of Roll Play
Subject: Modern shadowdancer?

Chess... just purely out of curiousity, would you be equally interested in playing a shadowdancer-esque type hero in a modern/superhero type game world, or are you really just wanting to play in a medieval setting?

Posted on 2014-04-01 at 02:19:01.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Back... let's move you into some conflict.

OOC: Hey guys, thanks for your patience with me. I think I'm back again. My next update will likely be Saturday or Sunday, so you have the week to respond.

As Violet excused herself from the table and headed towards her room, one of the squirrels that had been gawking at her, made his move. Interposing himself between Violet and the stairway to the guest rooms, he blocked her way. "Hi there! Name's Peter." His breath has the heavy scent of fermented fruit juice.

"My friend and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful and... exoticly fine you are looking tonight." Pete gives a slight tuck at her shawl. "We ain't never seen a sweet lass with wings before. Why are you hiding them for?"

"Yeah," Pete's partner agrees. "Why do you come over here and join us for a drink. Maybe later, you never know, maybe you want to wrap us up in those fine wings of yours."

"What do you say, sweetie," Pete asks, with a tone of not really asking. "Why don't you spend some time with some real beasts." He gives Violet's companions a haughty look, before turning his attention back to the young squirrel maid. "We'll show you a good time."

Posted on 2014-03-30 at 03:17:38.
Edited on 2014-03-30 at 07:18:40 by Ayrn

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Back... sorry,it's short...

OOC: Thanks, Al. That's what I would have had Wembley do.

Wembley surveyed the scene from the cover of the massage parlour's doorframe. He snickered loudly at the sight of the giant creature trying to swim in the shallow pool, and yet intrigued at how Dudley knew the beast liked swimming. Huh... gonna have to ask him about that sometime.

Loading another stone to his hoopak, took aim at the nearest non-swimming foe while prattling on with the masseuse. "What of massages do you do? Could you massage my friends and I after we finish with these big guys out here? I think my neck is feeling a little tight. Do you ever have a tight neck? I would imagine giving massages all day would leave you really wound up. I think these big guys out here are really wound up! Oh! Hey! Maybe you could go out there and give them a massage. Oh! I bet they would really like you. Maybe it would help calm them down some, you know? My uncle always says..."

In the midst of the "conversation", Wembley fires the stone(s?) at his target.

OOC: While the conversation is meant to be mostly "prattle", I (as a player) am hoping that his questions to the masseuse might lead "her" to head out and "massage" one of the Bugbears like that massage robot in Wall-E. ... just putting it out there.

Posted on 2014-03-30 at 02:41:00.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Update again...

Hey Everyone,
So, my retreat place had wifi, but it was done. Trying to find some time to post up, because I really want to get the game rolling again.

Looking to have each of you chime in to ensure that you are still with this game. Let me know.


Posted on 2014-03-17 at 03:13:03.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Hey Friends

Sorry for my delayed absence. My friend's death has got me in a bit of a funk. I'm busy this weekend, but hope to post up sometime between Wednesday and Friday of next week.


Posted on 2014-03-09 at 04:35:28.

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Sorry for intruding....

Wembley tucked and rolled out of the way of the ball and chain. "Wow!" he said, looking at the giant creatures before him. "You lot just get here? You look real tense. You should try the redhead... she looked like she'd be able to work out some serious knots... though, I'm not sure how you make the whole table thing work, given you height and all."

The cidal move his way over to the room with the redhead, firing off a stone at the creature in the lead, before ducking behind the curtain for cover. "Sorry, ma'am," he said apologetically to the masseuse.

Posted on 2014-03-06 at 04:13:00.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Funeral pause

Hey, I'm just getting back from a funeral. If you are updating today, I'd say Wembley's looking to back pedal a bit into one of the massage rooms. Can he retreat without the new foes getting in a free attack? If yes, he'll attack with his staff the closest foe and then retreat to the closest massage table room to hide.

Otherwise, I'll try to post up in the next couple days.

Posted on 2014-03-03 at 17:16:04.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Delays

Hey guys,
I had a friend of mine die today (stroke). Unexpected and a heavy blow to me. With the funeral likely on Saturday, I'm going to hold off on posting until Monday.
Thanks for your patience.

Posted on 2014-02-27 at 04:09:18.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: YES!!

Haha! You don't know how much I have been hoping and wishing Violet would make this EXACT move! Count on Violet's movement to be interrupted... I shall try to post sometime tomorrow!

Posted on 2014-02-26 at 05:21:40.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Violet's next move

I probably wasn't clear in my post (in fact, I checked... I wasn't)... but Rosey's aside to Violet was just that... an aside. She said her bit to Violet and then moved on to go serve customers. So, she's not really around for a dialogue with Violet. You could definitely call her over to talk more. I'm not sure if she really has more to add regarding the squirrels... maybe her general dismay regarding their boorish behaviour.

Anyway, just thought I'd post that in case if wasn't clear and you were waiting for Rosey to respond... she's already long gone.

Posted on 2014-02-25 at 20:07:25.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Violin and what's up?

Reralae, your violin is fine. Everyone equipment made it through just fine.

Regarding our story, once again, I'm looking for you to chime in, friends. Shall I progress the story forward? Do you want me to leave the story here for the moment?

I don't want to see the game die, nor bog down, so let me know what going on for you as players:

- Are you bogged down with real life?
- Is something not clear for you in the story? (i.e. you're not really sure what your character should do?)
- Are you dissatified with what going on presently and want to get to some more action?
- Something else?

Let me know. I'm looking for this to be an enjoyable gaming experience for you.


Posted on 2014-02-25 at 08:07:47.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Nice!

I was never much for brunette anyway.

Thanks for saving Wembley's life.

Posted on 2014-02-24 at 18:24:44.

Topic: Isle of Putnam- QnA
Subject: Austin Powers: "Give it to me, baby! Yeah!"

Yo, Al, "Danger", not "Dead", is Wembley's middle name... please try to keep that in mind as you write. Please!

Posted on 2014-02-24 at 17:23:07.


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