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Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Dunstable's reply to Vi

Dunstable had been working at crushing and grinding a white powder mixture with his mortar and pestle. He set the both down when he noticed the little squirrel enter in.

“Ah! My dear, fair Vi!” the rat said pleasantly, washing his hands in the nearby basin and drying them on his apron. “What brings you by this late hour?”

"Hi Dunstable," Violet spoke up, "Seeing as a few of us are heading up towards Murkenhill, was there anything we should keep an eye out for? I know it's still spring so things might not have bloomed quite yet but thought I'd ask."

“Ah, my little dove,” chided Dunstable gently. “There are so many things to be harvested during every season – the Maker be praised. One only needs to know where to look,” he added with a smile.

“Now... Murkenhill, hmm? Let me think...” Dunstable thought reflectively. “Ah, yes! Of course! Usnea!”
Dunstable goes on to give a description of the plant.

OOC:See link here --> link

And, there’s more to post... though I will need to make the update tomorrow night. Sorry, guys!

Posted on 2014-01-06 at 07:01:44.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Second response to Oltovian

"So you have any idea where Shadow may be hiding? Rumors say there is a roost northwest of Stormhollow, a massive nest atop a tall pillar made of natural rock."

Weldon gave the young otter a queer look, “They tell ye nothin’ back at the Abbey?” Oltovian’s look was all the mole needed to set into another tirade. “Hrmp! Of course, we ‘ave an idea where Shadow is ‘idin’, ‘cept I don’t think I’d call it ‘idin’. The wicked beast be up in ‘is roost, of course, plottin’ and schemin’ the destruction of me and me kin. And it ain’t no rumor either, ‘is roost be easy enough to find. Northwest of the Quarry, maybe a day or so walk. No more. I’m sure someone’s got a map up at the Pit.

“Our problem ain’t that we can’t find ‘im,” Weldon went on, annoyed as a beast with a burr in his fur. “Our problem is that we ain’t been able to kill ‘im. ‘e just keeps comin’ back.”

Oltovian waited courteously for a proper response, before changing the subject of his questions.

"So where do you deliver stones?"

“Eh? What’s that?” Weldon asked. “Where do I deliver stone?” The mole gave Oltovian a sideways glance. “Ye be a curious, young feller, eh?

“Well, me young friend, me and me boys deliver mostly south of the Murkenhill Forks. Rumblewood, Stonewell, and the Abbey.

"What can you tell me about the Murkenhill Quarry and anybeasts who work there?"

“Foremole Tigwyn, I suppose, be the one you’ll be lookin’ to speak with. ‘e runs the operation at the Quarry. Small beast, but stout as a boulder. Split rock as good as anybeast, I’d figure.”

"Can you tell me what you know about the loss of production from mining stones over the past few months? Would there be any other plausible explanation, other than the return of Shadow?"

“Loss of production?” The mole gives Oltovian a queer look, and then speaks somewhat indignantly, “Hrmp! There’s been no loss of production. Except for this trip south, we’ve been exceedin’ our quotas each time. Loss of production! Hrmp!”

Weldon turns his gaze to the sky, “They don’t believe us!” Turning back to Oltovian, he continues, “Are ye not listenin’ to me, lad? I already told you -- Shadow’s back. ‘ow much more explanation did ye be needin’?”

It is obvious that the otter’s question has frustrated the mole as he continues on in silence.

OOC: More to follow shortly... don't post yet

Posted on 2014-01-06 at 05:31:42.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Weldon's reply to Oltovian

Oltovian leaned forward to shout out a word of encouragement and appreciation to the male and female Lizards, as they steadily pulled the wagon in spite of the rain, ever nearer to their destination, before addressing Weldon the Mole with the following question:

"Well, kind sir, what can you tell me about the Murkenhill Quarry and the surrounding lands?

"Perhaps you can fill in the information that I be lacking from the Tomes that I have read and the 'Hare History Tales' that I have heard over the years?"

“’are ‘istory Tales, eh?” Weldon replied, keeping his eyes on the road ahead. “Hrmp! Lot o’ good that non-sense will do ye,” he mumbled. “Likely filled yer ‘ead all sorts muddly-mush. ‘are 'istory Tales! That’s what they be teaching ye from down at the Abbey these days? Books by 'are-brained authors? Probably got all of the facts wrong then. Hrmp!”

From under his hooded cape, Weldon cast his eyes briefly over Oltovian as though he were assessing the otter. The hood had done little to keep out the driving rain, and the damp, matted fur around the mole’s face made Weldon look even more miserable.

“Let me give ye a true education, lad,” the mole began, turning his eyes back to the road. “We moles ‘ave been ‘round the ‘ills a long time. Why, I can trace my own line back eleven generations, my lads making the line thirteen – the Maker be good. Stormhollow’s been our home all these seasons. And we’ve defended many of them against one horde or another. Fangel the Wildcat, from the summer of 47 – they tell ye about ‘im? – nah, ‘course not. ‘e was a tyrant. The cruel Cat liked to bury ‘is fangs in ‘is enemies’ necks, then watch them bleed out nice and slow. That Wildcat was so crazy, ‘e cut down ‘is own horde just for sport – we didn’t mind that, mind ye... only good rat’s a dead one, am I right? Right?

“”They tell you ‘bout the morning in late fall, 33... or was it 34... hrmp... one year or the other... it doesn’t matter. The masons woke up to find the great brown bear twins, Gunnar and Vidar, ‘ad decided to take up residence in the nearby cave. Those bears gorged themselves on many of our kin before we were able to rally ourselves and defend the Quarry. My grandpapy was lost that day, dashed against the stone walls of the pit by Gunnar, that beast. Rumour ‘as it’s still lumbering ‘bout somewheres north of the ‘ills

“Or, how ‘bout Gratch the Wretched and ‘is band of corsairs that came out the west back in the Spring of 18? Hear ‘bout ‘im? ‘ad my kin working as slaves to build ‘im a fortress just north of ‘ere. Didn’t get far, though. The old masons laid ‘im down a foundation that came crumbling down around ‘is head right after ‘e holed ‘imself up in it. Haha! That’s a good story. Ol’ mole ingenuinity, right?

The mole paused for a moment, a dark seriousness returning to his face. “None of them stories compare to the desolation of Shadow though. He came in soon after the Quarry began operations, ten or so seasons before the Abbey was founded.” Weldon turned his glaze towards Oltovian, his eyes wide, “A more wicked beast does not live ‘mongst us.

“Wings wide enough to block out the light of day. The powerful gusts from those wings are strong enough to knock over a stone wall. ‘is talons can lift boulders. ‘is beak can rend plate mail. Death and destruction follow in ‘is wake. Oh! The Maker be good – we thought ‘im dead, but ‘e was only bidin’ is time, troubling other kind creatures elsewhere, perhaps. But now ‘e’s returned, wanting gold, they say. And if ‘e don’t get ‘is gold, then ‘e’ll be bringing death and destruction once more.

“I haven’t seen ‘im myself. Delivering stone keeps me away from ‘ome more often than not. But the masons tell me it’s ‘im for sure. Shadow’s back.”

Note #1: Oltovian has heard the first two tales before in the Hare History Tales. The Tales claim it was in the fall of 33 that the bears took up residence, and that both bears were killed.
Note #2: Oltovian has heard about the broken fortress from the third story, but little else.
Note #3: To the rest of the characters – unless you are riding in the wagon with Oltovian and Weldon, none of you would be able to hear the above stories.

Posted on 2014-01-04 at 08:52:04.
Edited on 2014-01-04 at 08:58:00 by Ayrn

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Machin's response to Violet

"Now then, I presume you weren't waiting here just to tease a librarian," Machin noted, "What can I do for you?"

Violet nodded, "Actually, I was wondering if there was more information on this Shadow figure. I mean, why is this particular owl legendary?" She asked.

Machin’s face grew dark. “So, Master Camber has informed you of your quest.” The aging mouse moved behind his desk and shuffled through some loose sheets of paper. “Here.” He passes Violet a picture.


“It is said to be a sketch of the beast,” the mouse squeaked. “He is a creature of legend. His wings are said to be large enough to block out the light of the sun, his talons able to crush rock, his beak capable of swallowing a mole whole. He is the Dark Foe, the Silent Hunter, the Grey Death, ... Shadow.” Machin visibly shudders as he says the name.

“Shadow was already legend by the time I was born, little Violet,” Machin recalled. “His tale was told by parents trying to ensure their children would be home before dark. ‘Careful! You run around after dark and Shadow will get you!.’”

The librarian allowed himself to laugh a little as he gave Violet a wink. “Fairytales, ‘tis all. I’m not sure what the stone masons have troubling them, but the last records we have of any beast called “Shadow” are from before the Abbey was founded. I doubt very much that he would make an appearance now, more than two hundred seasons later.”

Taking the paper from Violet again, Machin seemed to have an afterthought. “Still... owls have been known to live a long time. There was one a grey beast in Skalleren Wood not long ago... she had neared two-hundred forty seasons. Died no more than ten seasons ago... kindly creature, not like most of her kind. If she caught you in her gaze,” Machin’s eyes went wide in recollection. “Her greatness and awe alone could spellbind you. She was magnificent.”

Machin came out of his trance, and gave Violent a crooked smile, “Vain... but almost rightfully so. Honeyed words worked better to keep her in check than anything else.”

“Now, I hope that was helpful for you, Violet.” Machin says, obviously looking to get to his work. “Was there anything else?”

Posted on 2014-01-03 at 04:37:23.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Updated

Hey All,
I updated a few more of the sections on the first page.
That is all.

Posted on 2014-01-03 at 03:17:29.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Responses

Astrid, your edits look great. Thanks! Good work!

Bodkin, I'll make all edits to your character sheet as you use up your consumeables.

Regarding "group treasure", if it comes in the from of coins, it doesn't really matter to me who carries it. I just assume someone is carrying it. Perhaps it would be a good idea if I noted who received the bag of coins. For now, assume Oltovian received the small purse.

I'll try to do better in the future in noting who found / received the treasure. On this forum, I'll also note group treasure and who's carrying the treasure.

Reralae, I'll respond to Violet's query later tonight.

My next "major update" will be on Sunday night. In the future, I hope to be doing major updates on Sunday nights (after 5 PM EST) and on Thursday nights (after 5 PM EST).

Thanks, guys! Playing with you folks looks like it's going to be AWESOME!


Posted on 2014-01-02 at 18:27:26.

Topic: my knitting creations epic and game knits
Subject: Woolly Animals

A line of toques made with the characters from Alder Vale?

Posted on 2014-01-02 at 16:03:49.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Great post.

Astrid, thanks for starting us off awesome!

A few notes I'd make, and I'd make them for everyone one:

1) I'd ask that our posts be written from a third-person point of view. My first post is not really a great example either (sorry), using the pronoun "you".

Anyway, instead of writing from the perspective of "I", you write it as if you are "watching" the drama from above... so, taking your first paragraph, you wrote:

A gust of wind blew into the kitchen, as i ambled through the door. my arms full of fire wood, kicking the door closed with a booted foot. i wadded my way through the kitchen help to unceremoniously drop the load by the hearth. I couldn't help but grin like an idiot as Mistress Olive chided me for tracking mud through the kitchen. Yet in the same breath she also gushed over the size of the armloads i had brought in.

And how I'm looking for your post to look is like this:

A gust of wind blew into the kitchen as Fenir ambled through the door. His arms full of fire wood, Fenir kicked the door closed with a booted foot. He waded his way through the kitchen help to unceremoniously drop the load by the hearth. Fenir couldn't help but grin like an idiot as Mistress Olive chided him for tracking mud through the kitchen. Yet, in the same breath she also gushed over the size of the armloads he had brought in.

2) Please remember the note on posting guidelines regarding a character's speech, internal thoughts, and quoting other posts:

A character's speech in merely place in quotations (" ") marks. Example: "I hadn't meant to bring in so much," Fenir blushed. "I often forget how much larger i am then most at the abbey aside from Prioress Noona and a few others."

A character's internal thoughts are Italicized. Example: Fenir hadn't made Florence cry this week. I feel like such a cad when I make her cry, the badger thought. But somehow i always ended up snapping at her and hurting her feelings.

We do this to tell the difference between a character's speech, which the other characters may hear and react to, and a character's thoughts, which is enjoyable to read but which the other characters cannot hear and cannot response to.

Quotes from another player's or the DM's post are bolded to highlight the fact that your character is responded to something specific. Example:

“A message had come from the Quarry in the Murkenhill,” Camber began. “Master Tigwyn claims that an ancient evil had returned…the legendary owl, Shadow.”

Fenir muffled a soft chuckle, though the Abbott's tone was serious.

3) Regarding posting actions for other PCs or NPCs:

For PCs, please do not post their reactions to your character's speech or actions, even if what you've posted for them seems small or insignificant. Small and insignificant reactions all build into how we perceive the character. So, for example, you posted:

I grinned at Oltovian and poked Reginald in the ribs causing him to start slightly and push into Vi causing her to squeak in start.

I would change this to something like:

Fenir grinned at Oltovian and poked Reginald teasingly in the ribs.

**Note: I actually did go and make that edit to your post.**

This allows the other players to respond in the way they envision their character acting. So, in response to the above example, maybe Celeste might post something like:

Reginald jumped, startled by Fenir's jabs, and bumped into Violet.

"Sorry, Vi," The hare said apologetically, before turning on the badger and giving Fenir a look that combined What was that for? and Cut it out!

But she might respond with:

"Ouch!" Reginald rubbed his side, giving Fenir a look take warned him to not do that again.

Anyway, let players decide how their characters respond to your character's actions.

With NPCs you have a bit more freedom. In your post, you talked about how Olive scolded Fenir for tracking in mud and prepared special food for Fenir. That was good!

I would say this as a general rule: If you're character has an established neutral/friendly relationship in their character sheet, feel free to post for the NPC as the NPC interacts with your character. So, it's fine for you to post Fenir's interaction with Olive, but keep her actions simple, small gestures and only in relationship with Fenir.

It would not be okay for any of you to post for Abbott Camber, Master Weldon, Aidyn, or Dremmon, as none of your characters have a real established relationship any of these characters. Neither would it be okay for you to post that Olive suddenly started making out with Fenir as that is a departure from their established relationship. You post what your character says or does, I'll post the NPCs reactions.

Some notes of praise... in case it's coming across like I'm tearing apart your post, let me add a few more notes:

1) I'm not tearing apart your post. I really liked it and it was a fun read. It is also a great post to point out the posting guidelines and conventions that we will be using in our game. Thank you!

2) I really enjoyed reading Fenir's interaction with the world I've presented so far. You've already given the rest of us a great picture of your badger.

3) I the interaction with Olive. Very cool!

4) I also loved how you set up poignant and humorous moments. Thanks! That's the kind of stuff that makes our stories memorable.

So, like I said, thanks for posting first and kicking us off well!

Looking forward to this!

Posted on 2014-01-02 at 15:50:57.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Not many trees.

Last night, when you camped, there were not many trees around. You are presently at a spot where there are trees to the left (northwest) of the road. Fields and plains to the right (southeast) of the road. You would be about half way between Stormhollow and the place where the road from Stonewell Abbey forks to Stormhollow.

Posted on 2014-01-02 at 03:08:14.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Dating AR

A.R. stands for Abbey Reckoning. It has been 54 years (or 216 seasons) since the Abbey was founded. Dating prior to the founding of the Abbey is listed as B.A.R. (or Before Abbey Reckoning).

Posted on 2014-01-01 at 18:15:20.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: First game post up...

Feel free to post here and there now.

Posted on 2014-01-01 at 07:38:30.

Topic: Interested in Redwall / Mistmantle -esque game with an
Subject: First game post is up

Happy new year!
I will not be checking this thread out any longer. Please post all questions to the Q/A Thread.

Posted on 2014-01-01 at 07:37:46.

Topic: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring
Subject: Tales of Alder Vale -- Spring

The Tale of Shadow’s Roost

They came for stones but they found doom
A pillar of rocks in wooded gloom

The stones were perfect, square and strong
The masons labored hard and long

They dug their stones, but they found doom
Far above their death did loom

From his roost owl eyes did seek
Shadow came with claw and beak

They stacked their stones, but they found doom
Shadow came to kill and to consume

For perfect stone they were seduced
But fools pass below Shadow’s roost

They found their doom, but wanted stones
Now they lay in piles of bones

[Stonewall Abbey, Mid Spring, Year 54 AR, a few days prior...]

A cold wind blew in from the north on the day that the Stone Masons’ wagon train rolled into the Abbey. Whispers circulated that the wagons carried less than half the stone promised from the Murkenhill Quarry. Those working at repairing the northeast corner of the Abbey grumbled at the delays this would cause in restoring the defenses.

It had been during the supper hour that each of you received a summons to meet with the Abbott late that evening in his personal library. Asher, Fenir, Oltovian, Reginald, and Violet – all of you were gathered. The elderly otter barely looked up from the tome he was reading the entire time he talked to you.

“A message had come from the Quarry in the Murkenhill,” Camber began. “Master Tigwyn claims that an ancient evil had returned…the legendary owl, Shadow.”

Each of you had a reaction to this, some a gasp, others a muffled chuckle, but the overtone was obviously one of disbelief. The Legend of Shadow is nothing more than a fairy tale used to scare mole children.

This was silenced quickly enough when the Abbott looked up from his book with stern eyes.

“Only a fool disregards that which seems unbelievable simply because it is unlikely,” Camber said.

His eyes returned to the tome in front of him, as he muttered, “Guardian Bowser has selected you for the task. He said the fresh air would do you all some good. I believe he thinks this little more than the drunken nightmare of Master Tigwyn and his mole masons. He may well be right, but I shall not ignore Foremole’s fear... nor his request. As we saw today, something is disrupting the moles’ labours.”

Sighing a little, the Abbott looks up as if appraising each of you in turn. “You five shall travel to Murkenhill and see if there is any truth to this tale. The wagon train is returning to the quarry in three days. Master Weldon has graciously offered for you to travel with them. I am sending you with a small purse to cover any needs you may have along the way. I trust when you are there you will know what must be done. May the Creator watch over you.”

And with that, you were dismissed to prepare for your journey.

[OOC: The items you have purchased for your characters in what you have gathered in preparation for the journey. In addition, Camber has give you a purse of 25 gold pieces.]

[The Masons’ Way, northeast of the Murkenhill Forks, Mid Spring, Year 54 AR, present time, mid morning.]

Yesterday, having gathered your gear, you joined the Teamster Weldon, a stout mole with black fur, and his two sons, Aidyn and Dremmon in the Abbey’s courtyard. You were all excited to get outside the walls and see the wilds of the Murkenhill...

“Two days,” Weldon claimed. “And our journey should end with us at the quarry.”

Yesterdays travels had gone smooth enough. Though the wind was still blowing against them from the north, the train made good progress, stopping to camp out near the Murkenhill Forks for the evening.

But then the rain came... in the middle of the night... a cold, driving rain that pelted the canvas covering Master Weldon’s wagons.

Now mid-morning, the train was carrying on through the muddy ruts, making its way to Stormhollow and then onto the Quarry. The Greyshun Woods were bringing to run alongside the road to the left side. Two the right side of the road, fields and farmland rolled along. The lizards, bearing most of the burden, were performing admirably through the storm. Weldon and his sons, on the other hand, grumbled and muttered about the weather, as the cold rain drenched their clothing.

[OOC: And, so begins our adventure together. A little information, and couple of things I need from you:

1) There are 3 wagons in our train: The first one is led by Dremmon. The last one is led by Aidyn. In the middle is Weldon.

2) Things I need from you: Are you staying in the shelter of the wagon? Are you outside getting wet?, Where are you?

3) If you decide to have your character in one of the wagons, your Notice skill will ne trickier to make. If you stay outside, you will need to make a Fortitude check to see if you weather this storm without getting sick. Gliding in this weather would also be difficult for violet.

4) You are welcome to interact with the NPCs,

Posted on 2014-01-01 at 07:36:04.
Edited on 2014-01-01 at 07:39:26 by Ayrn

Topic: The Island of Putnam the Mad
Subject: Common sensical kin...

Wembley stood back as the cat rebuke him. "My apologies, Sir Paws."

The Cidal continued to watch the cit in wide-eyed wonder as it spoke in a well-mannered way to their party all while rolling his own tobacco stick... except it wasn't leaf, but nip... something the cidal had never heard of before.

Crow took some of the offered "nip" while Wembley watched to see what would happen. He wasn't suprrised that the elf had accepted the cat's offer. The two shared some similar qualities. Wembley smiled as his thought, I wonder if the cat would become Crow's familiar. That would be an interesting duo.

The little rogue was about to ask for some too, when his kin piped with with brisk wisdom that he most definitely got from his Stump side.

Passage to Portua? Wembley thought. Oh, my common sensical kin, you need to learn to love each moment you find yourself in!

Piping into the conversation, Wembley added, "Perhaps, you might come with us?"

Posted on 2013-12-31 at 17:37:48.

Topic: Interested in Redwall / Mistmantle -esque game with an
Subject: Christmas Update

Hey Everyone,

Just a short update on where we are so far:

1) Ziklag and Grugg have bowed out. No hard feeling about that (Some sad ones, though... would have loved to game with you both). Just the way life is sometimes.

2) I am waiting on a description and background from Celeste for Reginald.

3) I will be mostly away for the next week. If I have time, I'll try and update the Q/A thread with some more information on the setting. No promises though.

4) It is my intention to have the game up and running prior to January 5.

Merry Christmas to each of you! May you experience greater grace, hope, joy, and peace in the coming year.


Posted on 2013-12-25 at 09:19:57.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Haha! If you've read this far...

I'm sorry to have teased you like this.

Posted on 2013-12-23 at 04:10:36.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Just in case...

and so that I can bring my post count to an even number, some last bits of info here. For real... no more information after this.

Posted on 2013-12-23 at 04:09:58.

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Important NPCs of Note

Last bit of info goes here.

Posted on 2013-12-23 at 04:08:56.
Edited on 2014-01-03 at 03:15:52 by Ayrn

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: The Undead of Alder Vale

Their information will go here...

Posted on 2013-12-23 at 04:08:19.
Edited on 2014-01-03 at 03:14:24 by Ayrn

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: The Insects of Alder Vale

Most of the insects in Alder Vale possess a minimal intelligence. They are often times larger (relatively) than insects in our world. Here are a few your characters might run across:

Ants, Giant: The Giant Ants of Alder Vale live in vast subterranean hives tunneled through soil and even stone. Ant hives can hold as many as one hundred ants. There are three different types: Workers, Warriors, and the Queen. Workers and Warriors grow to be one and a half to two and a half paws in length, and the massive Queen can be over ten paws in length. All attack with powerful mandibles, with Warrior Ants able to secreted poison in their bites.

Centipedes: Growing to a length of one to one and a half paws, Centipedes move with speed and stealth. While their bite does little damage, its poison can cause short-term paralysation.

Scorpions: Nasty critters with foul temperaments, Scorpions can be found more commonly in Murkenhill, in the barren and rocky spots. Their hard shell provides them with an excellent defense. Their poisoned stinger causes pain and paralysation.

Spiders, various sizes: Aggressive hunters of the Skalleren Woods, Spiders come in three different sizes: Huge (1.5 – 2 paws), Giant (2-3 paws), and Monstrous (3-4 paws). All have serious poisonous bites that can cause death. Monstrous spiders are the only ones that can spin and capture their prey in webs.

Posted on 2013-12-23 at 04:07:50.
Edited on 2013-12-28 at 06:26:29 by Ayrn

Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: The Wicked Vermin of Alder Vale


Vermin are horde-creatures – are a rule, they typically think, work, and fight in groups. These are creatures that cannot help but do wicked things. As a horde, they are cruel; pirates, outlaws, vandals, raiders, robbers and looters. Individually they are sneaks and bullies.

Vermin consider other beasts beneath them and don’t really think of them as their kin at all. To a Vermin, he Kind Creatures are weak and pathetic, while the Wild Beasts are stupid and ignorant. Vermin are reviled and despised by most creatures throughout Alder Vale.

Bats: Bats are like little flying mice. They aren’t too dangerous individually but enmasse they can be troublesome. Whilst they are mostly wicked, they are amongst the least violent of the Vermin and tend to have little to do with most of the other Vermin.

The Abbey thinks that bats can be won over and has had some success with individuals and a few small groups. Bats defend their caves if they feel threatened and fly out of them in a great swarm to harass, rob and steal. They tend to avoid killing where possible.

They are rarely seen during the day, having difficulty with the light of the sun. In a fight, they’ll often attach themselves to tree branches or rocks where they’ll hurl darts or sling stones at their foes.

Crows: Crows are dark feathered birds with wicked dispositions. They like to act as lookouts for Rats and other Vermin. Some crows allow shrews to sit on their backs to act as airborne troops in battle. However, they are unreliable mounts, worried more about their own safety. If their life is threatened, a crow will not think twice about bucking their rider off their back.

Foxes: The most cunning and sly of all the Vermin are Foxes. They are liars, cheaters and swindlers. They may individually attach themselves to a horde, but will just as often work solo or lead small bands of brigands. They tend to gravitate towards where there are other beasts gathered so that they can con them out of their money or their belongings. Many foxes are also magicians or tricksters – able to perform sleight of hand tricks, or illusory magic.

Rats: Rats are found in great hordes just about everywhere and are the bane of farms, towns and villages. Rats will plunder and pillage all communities in their quest for food, for valuables or just for the pleasure of fighting. They are pirates, bandits, robbers and thieves all.

Rats can rarely be reasoned with and even more rarely will they keep their word. They use scavenged, borrowed or stolen weapons and armour of all types, mostly patched, mended and moth-eaten. Some rats’ blades are so filthy that anyone hit by them can become infected by a number of diseases.

Shrews: Shrews are very small creatures that inhabit dark woods and other lightless places. They are quick and vicious, attacking with their daggers, darts and slings. If possible, they try to avoid attacking in broad daylight, the sun causing their eyes to squint and tear up.

Stoats: A Stoat is the larger cousin of the weasel and can usually found as a chief or leader of a band of their smaller kin. They may be found both above ground and in subterranean caverns. They form into loosely organized clans, often ranging far from home in order to steal and kill with rapacious ferocity. They normally wear studded leather and use nasty curved swords and cutlasses.

There are known to be stoat-wizards that tend to be bigger than the rest and that like to surround themselves with Undead.

Weasels: Weasels are mean, sneaky, devious and evil. Groups of them are often led by a stoat. Sometimes weasels throw in their lot with a horde of rats. They are often armored in some form of leather and can found carrying shields. They arm themselves with a variety of weapons: bows, spears, maces, swords.

Wolverines: Wolverines are the terror of Vermin kind. If there is a Wolverine with a horde of Vermin, the Wolverine is always the boss. Luckily, most tend to work alone, and you will rarely find more than one in a horde.

Wolverines favor edged weapons, axes and swords mostly. They are brutal fighters and never yield, whatever the odds. In the midst of battle, Wolverines are known to throw themselves into a frightening battle frenzy, making them even more terrifying to behold.

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Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: The Wild Creatures of Alder Vale

Wild Beasts is a category used for beasts that belong neither to Kind Creatures or the Wicked Vermin. It is difficult to make general statements regarding the beasts that fall in this category. Some tend not to be as clever or enlightened as the Kind Creature, their thoughts usually focused more on themselves and the mundane stuff in their own little environments, rather than thinking about the wider world. Others are exceptionally intelligent and cunning, but tend towards vanity and selfishness. Still others are simply more savage than the Kind Creatures, and tend to have a more isolationist mindset.

Some Wild Beasts are able to use simple weapons and tools (which they may have made themselves, or raided others to gain), others don’t see the point, preferring to use their own natural weapons. Some Wild beasts can communicate smoothly, most can speak haltingly to some degree, but others have no speech at all. There are few that read or write.

Here are a few of the Wild Beasts you might encounter:

Bears: The giants of Alder Vale, Bears are towering beasts, frightening to behold. They are often encountered individually, in mated pairs, or in small family or clan units. Their thick fur provides them with some natural protection. They often wield massive battle axes or clubs, hurl large rocks, or slash with their sharp claws. They are known to pick up their enemies and toss them as well. Unless they are hungry or annoyed, Bears tend to leave the Kind Creatures alone.

Eagles: Deadly predators from the sky, Eagles are massive birds that like to carry off smaller prey. Their tell-tale screech will cause most Kind Creatures to flee for cover. They prefer to dive in, snatching their prey off the ground or out of the sky with their large, powerful talons. Some lift their catch up high in the sky and then drop them to the death. Others prefer to carry their prey off to their nests to kill them. Oltavian would know a tale from many, many seasons ago (prior to the Abbey being built) of Kind Warriors who rode trained Eagles into battle.

Hawks: Smaller than Eagles, but nearly as deadly, Hawks are gifted with superb eyesight. Some Wicked Vermin capture and train them to keep watch or act as scouts for their invading hordes.

Lizards, Common: Simple minded and fairly loyal, common lizards are typically trained as mounts and pack-beasts. They will serve well as long as they are well treated and receive regular food, a decent wage and a place to stay. Always moving on all fours, common lizards do not use weapons or tools. They are strong and dependable and would be consider amongst the Kind Creatures but for their minimal intelligence.

Owls: Clever and vain, Owls are one of the most intelligence Wild Beasts. Most can read and some can be reasoned with – especially if they are not hungry and you flatter him with praise.

Raccoon: Some would consider Raccoons as kindred to the Kind Creatures, as they tend to speak and read quite well and possess equal intelligence to other Kind Creatures. They just tend towards wrong doing – harassing and stealing from travellers – which usually ends up getting them cast out or banished for their crimes. And, though they do tend towards doing wrong, few Raccoons are known as wanton murderers, which sets them apart from the Wicked Vermin.

Serpents: There are a variety of Serpents that inhabit Alder Vale, in a variety of sizes and colours. They slither and slide up to their prey catching many by surprise. Some Kind Creatures would like to lump serpents in with the Wicked Vermin for they truly are nasty and mean-spirited. They tend to be very clever and can, often, read. Tales exist of some ancient Serpents of Skalleren Woods who know how to cast magic.

Toads: Secretive and strange, Toads are warty creatures found mostly around the wetlands of Fellmarsh to the south. Most can barely speak the common tongue, preferring their guttural, throaty language. Isolationists, Toads dislike all who trespass into their marches and defend their territories aggressively.

Wildcats: Dangerous wanderers that are sometimes seen in the Murkenhills, Wildcats come in two varieties – Northern and Eastern. Northern Wildcats tend to be loners, living by their wits and their skill with a blade. Eastern Wildcats are more clannish and, during the time of Ariella, attempted to expand their kingdom westward into the Abbey’s environs.

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Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: The Kind Creatures of Alder Vale

goes here.

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Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Alder Vale's -- World Information


Map of the Alder Vale! --> link

Stonewell Abbey

This is the starting place for our adventure.

Stonewell Abbey was founded by Abbess Ariella, a stout female hedgehog, about 50 years ago. It was built on the ruins of an old fort, believed to be hundreds of years old. The fort had long since fallen to the ravages of the elements but was the base for a small band of rat bandits that was driven off by Ariella and her followers. There are rumours that there were tunnels or dungeons underneath the building that Ariella had sealed up before building of the Abbey began.

The tales of Ariella are well known, with most recounting the hedgehog’s bravery and skill at arms. In the Abbey, there is a statue of her wielding a mace and shield. Pictures of her adorning the Abbey walls also show her bearing these weapons. It is believed that her mace and shield were of masterwork quality, some would even say magical. However, these artifacts were lost soon after her death and have yet to be found.

The Abbey is currently under repair to the northeast corner, which was destroyed by fire about a year ago in an attack by a horde of rats, under the Rat-Chief Glorbane. The repairs are nearly finished but you can still expect to see the odd mole stone mason clambering around the precarious scaffolding, adding a gargoyle here or chiseling a bit of stonework there.

Important Positions/Creatures in the Abbey

The Abbot, Camber: The venerable Abbot Camber (a scholarly Otter), is the head of the Abbey at present. He has been the Abbot for ten years, being promoted from his position as Prior after the death of Abbot Caddum (who followed Ariella). An elderly monk, Camber is more stern and studious than the typical otter. Still, he is considered wise and kind-hearted, respected good creatures of Alder Vale. He takes seriously both the spiritual and physical care of his flock. Having lived at the Abbey for some time now, you all would recognize the Abbot on sight.

The Prior, Prioress Noona: The current Prior (the Abbot’s second-in-command) is Prioress Noona, a female badger. She came into the position a few years ago when the previous Prior (now Abbot, Cindran) left to found the new Abbey at Mistmoor. Prioress Noona is fierce in her defense of the Abbey and is always ready to drive back vermin whenever they appear.

The Archivist, Machin: The Archivist (who is the chief scribe and librarian) is a mouse named Machin. A gentler mouse would be difficult to find. But don’t even think about bringing food or drink into the library or you will find yourself changed with many burdensome and mundane tasks around the Abbey as he has the Abbot’s ear.

The Cellarer, Olive: The cellarer is responsible for the food and drink at the Abbey. The current
Cellarer is a rather portly but kindly female vole called Olive. Some of you have heard her claim that she sometimes hears noises through the wall behind some of the shelves where the blackberry wine is stored. Most creatures think she has been drinking too much of her blackberry wine.

The Guardian, Bowser: The Guardian is in charge of training the warriors at the Abbey. His main job is the defence of the Abbey and its environs. Currently, Stonewell Abbey’s Guardian is a tough old hedgehog called Bowser who took over the position after Noona was promoted. He is a skilled tactician who is fond of giving stirring speeches on the honour and glory of defending the Abbey and its environs.

The Herbalist, Dunstable: A rat called Dunstable is the Abbey’s Herbalist. He is a quiet little rat that was found as a baby outside the Abbey and brought up within its walls. Dunstable quickly took to learning about plants and herbs and knows more than anyone else in the Abbey about the medicinal properties of the plants that grow around the area.

The Healer, Florence: A squirrel called Florence is in charge of the infirmary. She is an attractive, cheerful chatterbox who likes to pass the time with her patients with many stories.

Stonewell Abbey Environs

The Abbey lands cover a large portion of the Alder Vale, through the middle of which runs the River Alder. Heavily wooded, the vale is still a dangerous place, with some of the denser woods and marshes home to Vermin and The Wild.

However, the Vale has a lot to offer the Abbey, and the Environs now have three villages (Stonewell, Rumblewood and Stormhollow), and a number of farmsteads, mills, mines and quarries under its protection.

The Fellmarsh lies to the south of the Abbey Environs. This is where lizards, serpents and the dreaded marsh dragons dwell. The Toad King Grubelly and his tribe of warty-skinned toads live here, banging their drums and warbling deep into the night.

Skalleren Woods
These are dark woods of thorns and brambles, where the sun has difficulty penetrating. Evil things lurk deep within the woods and sometimes come out when the moon is out to carry off unwary prey. Well-armed parties of Hedgehogs sometimes go into the woods to hunt serpents and they have reported seeing ancient ruins deep in the interior.

Murkenhill is the northern border of the Stonewell Environs. It marks the point where hordes of rats sometimes come pouring down from the Northern Reaches, over the Murkenhill slopes into the Abbey Environs to pillage and plunder. There is also a large and important stone quarry at Murkenhill, run by
Foremole Tigwyn.

Murkenhill Fort
Built by Lord Tredegar, a Badger of some reknown, Murkenhill Fort was meant as a first line defense for the Vale and the nearby quarry against the evil rats from the Northern Reaches. Lord Tredegar is tall, intimidating beast who is both honorable and just in his dealings with others.

Stonewell Village
Stonewell is the nearest village to the Abbey; just within bowshot of its walls. There are about 250 Kind living here, a large number work directly or indirectly for Stonewell Abbey. Importantly, there is a flour mill on the edge of the village and the mill provides all the flour for the Abbey. There is a market here twice a week. The Reeve (the head beast of the village, who reports to Prioress Noona) is Fedwina; a female Squirrel.

Rumblewood is a village with a population of about 170 Kind. There is a market here once a week. The Reeve is Welwyn, a Hare. For a Hare, he is surprisingly level-headed... or so it is said.

A village with a permanent population of 100 Kind, Stormhollow is predominantly comprised of moles (about 40%). The population swells to nearly double when the miners return from the iron mine in the hills to the north. The Reeve here is Telfer, a Mole, diligent in his work.

Mistmoor Abbey
The Abbey and Environs was founded by Abbot Cindran (who was previously the Prior at Stonewell) only a couple of years ago. It is located to the west of Stonewell. Building is still ongoing; it currently has only a wooden exterior wall surrounded by a ditch for defence. As a new abbey, Mistmoor still relies on Stonewell for regular caravan shipments of stone, iron, and other precious materials.

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Topic: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A
Subject: Alder Vale Campaign Q/A

First game post is up. Feel free to post here now. I'll add more info here as I have time.

Current Player Characters in Alder Vale:

Asher, a Squirrel Scout, male (Bodkin)
Fenir Stonepaw, a Badger Warrior, male (Astrid)
Oltovian, an Otter Talespinner, male (Hammer)
Reginald Hibiscus, a Hare Rogue, male (Celeste)
Violet “Vi” Sciuridae, a Squirrel Scout, female (Reralae)

Current Non-Player Characters Adventuring with the Party:

Weldon, a middle-aged Mole Teamster, male
Aidyn, a young-adult Mole, Weldon's elder son, male
Dremmon, a young-adult mole, Weldon's younger son, male

Six common lizards named:
Dash, male, and Rascal, female (Aidyn's team);
Strider, male, and Whisper, male (Dremmon's team);
and Pogo, male and Tootsie, female (Weldon's team)

Current Party Treasure:

Small purse containing 25 gold coins

Current Season: Mid-Spring, 54 A.R.

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