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Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: My Mistress... My Lady

“Amin sana lle corm ar’kama cormamin,” Cay whispered, her hand clasped tightly around his, “Ar’amin ondea lle corm ar’kama corm’lle.”

“My heart has always been yours,” Nyx managed to breathe in reply just before she lifted herself on her toes to kiss him again. The rest of his words were lost as her lips met his but the sentiment continued to be expressed in his touch as he pulled her to him once more, reveling in the heat and lightning that flashed at her answer and the feel of her against him.

That taste of her lips, Nyx thought, was too fleeting for the feelings that had just surged through him and his tongue danced hungrily over his lips to capture every last mote of that sweetness when she pulled away. A soft yet hungry smile formed in the wake of the longing sigh that shuddered past Nyx’s lips and his eyes opened to find hers looking up into them. The words she spoke next, he was sure by the way Cay had tried to cool her gaze when she spoke them, were intended to be something of an ominous threat…

“But I swear, Nyx Shyndyn… if you go back on anything you have just said, if you ever hurt me…”

Never, moon-yellow orbs promised as they danced between her lips and her eyes…
“…you know full well what I am capable of. I will make sure that every moment of your long elven life will be nothing but torture…”

The torture would be that life without you, his eyes and smile and fingertips chorused as they feathered lightly but longingly over her…

“…I will think up new ways to make sure you regret it constantly,” Cay promised, though the trembling of her breath and body alike belied the fact that she knew her warnings were unnecessary, “May the Gods help me.”

“The Gods be damned,” Nyx purred, lifting her against him as her mouth sought out his again, “I will help you…”

For a long moment the he was lost in the all consuming flames of passion… his hands kneading her writhing body as they clutched her wantonly against him, devouring her with a hunger that was matched if not exceeded in the meeting of their lips and the yearning growls that rumbled in his chest as she both stole and gave him breath… and, in the instant before she again broke their kiss, Nyx could very well have been pressed to tear away the burlap sack-dress that now hatefully kept his fingers from her flesh and devour her completely… Not here, he managed to remind himself as she pulled away from him to let their shared breath explode into the heated air with a gasp, she deserves better than this…hovel…

The assassin trembled a bit, himself, as Cay’s head came to rest on his chest again and he forced himself to draw in a breath to replace the one that had just been lost between them. His chest heaved and his arms wrapped around her all the more to keep her close, his head bowing and nuzzling his face, once more, into her hair as he let that breath go and took in another…

“As for the Hellkites,” the witch murmured into his chest as she clung to him, “I want them to know. I want Dmitrova to know that it is you who kills him, the elf whom he severely underestimated. I want him to know why… to know that it is our...”

…His embrace grew tighter still in the short pause in her request and he nodded faintly… reassuringly… before he kissed her head and she finally said the word…

“…love that has ended him.”

“He will know, elen en cormamin,” he promised, “he will see it written in the blood of his followers and friends as they are taken from him… he will feel it as the strands of the web he has woven over this place are snapped and his pocket empire crumbles around him… and he will know his end when he is on his knees at my feet and sees you take his chair…”

Nyx felt Cayrimsa’s smile even before she turned her face toward his … felt it in the shift of her cheek against his chest and in the tingling, electric tremor that surged through her body at the thought of his promises come true… her amber eyes sparkled like stars when they met his; her delight, not just at the thoughts of taking that pleasure at Dmitrova’s expense but, also, at the thoughts of sharing that pleasure with him shimmering even brighter that the raging fires that were ever present in those cinnamon pools. One hand found her face again… fingertips feathering over her lips, across her cheek, and into her hair behind the scar-topped curve of her ear to cradle her head in his hand as his eyes absorbed her face… and he returned the smile before his lips fell towards hers again.

He felt her wrap around him – her hands roaming and clutching at his back and shoulders, her leg curling around his hip and thigh – as he lifted her in his arms, and felt the breath stolen from his lungs as her lips moved against his and she whispered; “I love you.”

“Amin vithel mela lle,” he whispered back on that same breath, their lips so close that those soft words were a kiss in themselves, “and for that love, I will give you the Hellkites, Dmitrova’s head, and more…”

The purr that had been rumbling in his chest swelled to an anxious, needful, and almost impatient growl as he held her hungrily to him and punctuated his words with a kiss that echoed the urgency of the growl…

“But...” he broke the kiss for a breathless instant as he lifted her higher, and took a step forward, his lips still on hers as he held her aloft between himself and the wall, “ …right now, Cay...” He kissed her again, unable to resist the temptation, forced himself to stop so that he might finish his thought, “…I cannot think of Dmitrova...” another punctuating kiss “…or Aelion or any of the rest of it... All I can think about is you... making love to you...”

He growled then, his hands moving over her with a furious want as he kissed her with a passion that had all but boiled over… “Not here, though,” he said on quickened breath as he again forced his lips from hers and, against the shuddering protests of his muscles, returned her to her feet and pulled her away from the wall, “You deserve much more than this…”

A bit shakily, the mith’ganni backed away, his yellow eyes blazing as they tore away from hers for just long enough to find her hat where it had fallen. He snatched the thing up, handed it to her, and took her hand in what seemed to be one hurried, yet fluid movement…

“…but until we find that silken bedroom in the manor that you deserve,” he purred, leading her toward the door, “I know of an inn not far from here…”

Posted on 2010-02-09 at 19:06:44.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: Don't eat the yellow snow

^ Wished someone would have told him that rule sooner

< Won't go into the correlation between yellow snow and survival of the Zombie Apocolypse

V Is 34.547% likely to veer the topic away from Zombies

Posted on 2010-02-09 at 18:18:12.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: The Spanish Inquisition...

...from the same people that brought you the Spanish Omlette and the Spanish Fly...

Hey! Might I inquire: is that a fly in my omlette?

Posted on 2010-02-09 at 18:11:21.

Topic: The Morphing Game
Subject: platypus... refrigerator... eleventy-sixteenth...


Posted on 2010-02-09 at 18:09:08.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: Because "plaid" and "skirt" made me bite my tongue...


Posted on 2010-02-09 at 18:06:41.

Topic: The Game
Subject: D'oh!

See what ya get when ya stalk Meri!

I friggin' losed!

Stupid game!

Posted on 2010-02-09 at 17:59:57.

Topic: So who was your first?
Subject: ...


Facelicks all around!

Posted on 2010-02-08 at 23:44:08.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Want...

What did he want?

Nyx wasn’t sure that he truly knew what he wanted. There, in the shadows of the abandoned tenement, with the rest of the world vanquished beyond that penumbral veil, all he could truly claim to want was for this moment to last… but he knew that they couldn’t linger, here, in their own private world forever, just as he knew that the answer she wanted wasn’t a thing that could be contained in that perfect, timeless place… There had to be more than that and Nyx knew that there was – he had seen the answers in the stars and in his dreams, had them affirmed in the words of the Dream-weaving Taellyn and, in a lesser, mocking fashion, in Prien’s rebukes and taunts, and thus had come to understand how Fate herself had wrought all of this – but finding the words to explain that to Cay, finding the words to clearly define what he wanted, not only from her but from himself, as well… Are there such words? Is there time to speak them all, should I manage to find them?

Nyx drew in a breath as his gaze dropped to where Cay’s face was once again nestled into his chest and her hand spread over his heart – felt her breath as it whispered through the folds of cloth she had slipped aside to get her skin against his and, where skin met skin, he felt her pulse keeping rhythm with his own – and released that breath in a soft, almost uncertain sigh. “I want this, ” he said at last, one hand at her back, cradling her body against his, and the fingers of the other brushing across her cheek and over the scarred place on her ear, “I want moments that no one else has and where nothing else matters. I want what I came to this place to find… and…I cannot say if it changes anything or if it makes any sort difference… but I have come to realize that I came here to find you, Cayrimsa, vanima nwalmaeramin …”

He felt her tense slightly, then, the pressure of her fingertips increasing as one part of her fought to refute what he told her as impossibility and the other part of her fought to hear the truth in what he said. In response, Nyx’s arms, at first, wrapped more tightly around her, pulling her closer to him if such a thing was possible; then, after a moment, his embrace loosened, his hands gliding delicately over her still trembling frame. “Everything you have said is true,” he whispered, “There is no place for us in the human world or the elven one. Neither would accept me… humans because I am a point-ear, as you say, and elves because I am kinslayer… but I do not care for their acceptance… I belong to neither and I hate them both the same for it… just like you…”

A heavier sigh blew past Nyx’s lips following that admission and, in its wake, the mith’ganni bowed his head to plant one more kiss atop hers before he reluctantly pulled a single step back from her. “When I left Shanurdir, I followed the stars, believing they would lead me to find the humans that destroyed my people… and I did find them… but I also found that I had destroyed myself … that I had become the nothing that I am now, yes?” His eyes sought ought hers as he continued, one hand still lingering on her hip and the other moving to touch her cheek again, “I was already less than nothing in human eyes, Cay, and, after what I had done in the name of vengeance for my people, discovered that I had been forsaken by my people because of it… All that was left for me, then, were the stars that lit my path and the god that had taken everything else from me in order to give me nothing but the hopes of the hopeless… So I became Death… the edge of the Executioner’s Axe… and belonged nowhere other than where the stars led and belonged to no one other than myself and my god…

Neither Prien nor the stars kept me in one place overlong until twenty years ago when the stars led me to Drasnia. They led me here and Prien called for his souls and I took them while I waited for the stars to guide me to the next place… but the stars have not guided me to another place to find what it is I seek because it is already here and has been here all along… they brought me here when you arrived here… they pointed me to you when your pain was no longer a private thing… and they painted you in the sky when it came time for me to steal that pain from you… That is what I want, Cay. I want to belong, again, to someone… to you…”

Sinking in the liquid depths of the glimmering amber eyes that stared silently up into his, Nyx paused for a moment, the fingers of one hand caressing her cheek and then tracing the rose-petal curves of her lips as the other at her hip lifted and moved to close over her hand where it splayed over his heart. “I am not asking for you to change who you are,” he murmured after a while, “to run away with me and live a life on the steppes or in the forests. I am not asking you to suddenly despise the human blood in your veins as you do the elven. I do not care if you even acknowledge to anyone else that you love me... just tell me that you do… tell me that I belong to you in the same way that you belong to me… Tell me that you and I can have the one thing which has been denied to both of us and I will show you a world where our blood does not matter, Cayrimsa Etellenya. Tell me… make me more than death and dying with that one small thing… and it will not matter if Vadim ever discovers what we have done because, if you can… if you do… I will show you love like you have never known… I will show you love that cannot be taken away… and… I will give you the Hellkites, as well.”

Posted on 2010-02-08 at 23:05:14.

Topic: Reralae here! Hopefully...
Subject: *ka-pouncity-pounce*


Cuz sometimes words just ain't enough!

Welcome back, Rer!

Posted on 2010-02-07 at 19:44:50.

Topic: Stare into the Night Q&A
Subject: Same as you ladies...

...I'm not opposed at all to waking these characters up. I'd be slow, myself, of course, and am not sure what we'd do about Rosie and Alice, though, what with Rer being MIA for so long... I'm sure we could figure something out, though... astounding as we all are...

Thanks for the nudge, Nimu...

Posted on 2010-02-07 at 16:29:24.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: A thin line...

A lifetime could have passed in the moments that the two of them were lost in that kiss and, perhaps, in some fashion, a lifetime… several lifetimes… did pass. The fury of the kiss’s beginning was a testament, it seemed, to the rage and loathing that burned in their very souls… his anger at the human blood in her veins; blood that had taken everything from him and made him less than he had ever been manifested in the hungry insistence of his lips on hers… her hatred for his elven blood (and her own) evident in the icy and rigid resistance against those demands. The wrath and scorn were rapidly consumed in the both of them, though, as that initial fury burned itself into a passion born of more powerful things… want… need… desire… acceptance… and the hard ferocity of the kiss melted, softened by the flames of truth and yearning that burned in the two. The aggression and rough insistence of Nyx’s attentions eased in the span of the shuddering and longing breath that accompanied the thawing of Cay’s stony opposition. The contention, animosity, and apathy that had for so long clad the façade of the relationship between the witch and the assassin were flicked away on the dancing flame-tips of the ravenous fires that, at last, were freed from the long-damped furnaces kept by a pair of hardened hearts and shattered souls.

Yes, a lifetime and more came and went in those moments of eternal bliss in which those lost souls found one another, melded together in a union of sincerity that, perhaps, neither of them had expected and, for Nyx, it seemed, a new lifetime stole it’s first breath from the gasp that escaped Cay’s lips and blew sweetly over his own when she finally pulled away. There was nothing behind him, now, he thought… taking her breath as his own in the instant before his arms loosened slightly around her and let her feet find the floor again… and everything ahead. It wasn’t as difficult as he had imagined it would be to draw in a breath past the pounding of his heart… Cay’s head and hand resting against it, now, somehow kept the thrumming and fluttering organ from crushing his lungs, he imagined, and prevented it, too, from exploding from his chest altogether. His scarcely opened when he realized that it wasn’t just his own arms that held her to him, now… he still held her, yes, but now wrapped in a languorously tender embrace, not one inclined to restraining dominance… his tongue danced over his tingling lips, still tasting hers upon them, as she leaned into him, and his hands feathered lightly over her as he bowed his head to nuzzle into the rainwater scented locks of her hair.

“Amin delotha lle,” she whispered, her words trembling against the air just as he body trembled against his.

“Amin sinta,” he answered just as softly, closing his eyes again as he gingerly kissed the top of her head, his fingers gently stroking along the spill of her hair and across her cheek.

A trembling breath of his own followed as her fingers slid into his coat, under the tunic beneath, and traced their way along a path of scars to come to rest over his heart. One arm lay across her slender back as its hand moved to cradle the back of her head, and the other snaked a bit more tightly around her waist, its hand coming to rest on her hip, as she buried her face in his chest.

“Nan’ amin caelaya’lle,” she murmured, her breath following her hand, caressing his skin with its warmth.

“Amin hiraetha,” he replied, planting another kiss amidst her locks. For a long moment he said nothing else… let himself be content in the peace and simplicity of just holding, caressing, and feeling her… but there was more to be said; more that had to be said. As much as all of this had confused him, Nyx knew, Cayrimsa was likely even more confused by it… even if she had been granted the insights he had been provided by the stars and Taellyn’s dreamweaving she would have denied them as stubbornly as she tried to disavow everything else and, he felt, if he didn’t explain those insights to her now, in this moment… if she escaped without truly knowing… she would all too easily find her way back to that denial and be lost to him again.

Tell her then, Steppe Son, a voice that sounded curiously like Taellyn’s murmured in his mind, Tell her the truth… if neither of you take anything else from this, let it be the truth…

“Amin ero nowe amin vithel delothe lle, Cayrimsa,” Nyx whispered then, both hands moving to cradle her face between them and lift her gaze to his. He sighed, studying her face through heavy-lidded eyes, and then, although her eyes hadn’t opened to see it, smiled softly. “Nan’ sii’ amin sinta tanya iire amin delotha lle,” he continued, pausing a moment to taste her lips again, “ten’naa amin mela lle til’en mele tanya ta kelasakkata amin fea…”

Posted on 2010-02-07 at 01:05:19.

Topic: Back and ready to play!
Subject: Well...

...welcome back then, Mr. Cuoghi Conquest.

Posted on 2010-02-06 at 16:46:40.

Topic: ^ < V game
Subject: Cuz I ain't feared o' no zombies!

^ My secret weapon in the Zombie Apocolypse

< Gimme a shotgun and a sledgehammer! I'll be yer trunk-monkey!

V Get's to drive the van with the barbed-wire and spikedy bumper.

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 22:46:07.

Topic: Demonic Vending Machine
Subject: ...

It ran!

After locating it again, I feed it a halloween-mask, a tube of gorilla glue, and an antimatter sponge... cuz I can!

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 22:40:17.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: Now?

As in "now" now? Or did ya mean now like in "about 15 minutes from now" now? Cuz if we did it now, we'd have already have missed our now because now will be over with by the time we look away so, you know, we'll never actually be able to get it done, "now"... If we wait fifteen minutes from now for now, though, we can techincally look "now" if we do it then, right? Cuz then would be now and then we could look now as opposed to then and miss now when it happens, right?




How about now?


Posted on 2010-02-04 at 22:34:56.
Edited on 2010-02-04 at 22:36:40 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Add On Story. Fill in 3 words!
Subject: chim-chim-chiree?

sudden swelling of

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 22:29:29.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: hmmm...


Posted on 2010-02-04 at 22:27:29.

Topic: Hey everyone.
Subject: Grace...stealth... whatever...'s called true neutral because no one ever catches me slippin' off to one side or the other... ... er...

What's this thread about, again?

*wiggles fingers* I wasn't here... you didn't see me... *runs away to steal some lasagne pop tarts for Grugg*

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 22:25:59.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Now I am nothing...

The fires that burned behind Cay’s eyes did so with a peculiar light in the moment that Nyx paused in his confession to the witch. That light, more so than his own inability to find the proper words to continue, stretched his hesitation out into a longer-than-intended silence that ended only when she drew in a long, deep breath after closing the distance between them all the more. There were no words for the moment, it seemed – none that could be vocalized, at any rate – but, in that lingering silence, Nyx knew that those nebulous things were being spoken in the place where their gazes met … and found himself hoping that, this once, his eyes wouldn’t find it all too easy to lie…

“But you did nothing to stop them,” Cay murmured after a moment, “Did you?...”

Should have known that was coming, yes? But just had to stop and attempt to arrange your thoughts… Nyx’s jaw clenched but his gaze held hers. What ever his eyes told her, now, he hoped their words were penned by his heart as opposed to his ever-quick-to-defend mind….

“…For all your talk of…For all your feelings that I am like you, that half of my blood is enough… you never came out and stopped them.”

You would not have wished me to, his mind defended, You have taken your pleasure from your pain for far longer than I have been watching you…

I should have,
his heart admitted, and had I known sooner why I was watching you… why I could not stop watching you… perhaps I would have…

Nyx said nothing as Cay proceeded, though. His gaze transfixed by hers and his senses thrumming at her proximity, the mith’ganni simply stood staring into the half-elf’s soul, absorbing her accusations and admonitions as they were hurled at him… He scowled, eyes narrowing but not leaving hers, when the witch turned words he had or had not spoken into something akin to calling her a whore… No more a whore than I am, nwalmaer…… he thought to voice his dispute at that moment, too, but…

“…But let us get something straight Nyx…”

…the challenge was washed away on the hissing intake of breath as she reached up with slender fingers to push back a lock of his hair and come to rest upon the pointed tip of his ear. Even as those fingertips drifted away from his ear and whispered downward along his neck, Nyx didn’t move... the cool of his skin warmed beneath her touch… muscles fluttered their reaction to her fingertips as they traced over him… the beating of his heart quickened… but the assassin remained still and silent as Cay continued. There was nothing he could say to dispute anything she said, anyway…

“Your blood is pure elven… you sport the ears, the almond moon eyes of your people… You use the silvered tongue of the elves, but not always…”

It was strange how the feelings that surged through him, now, were so close to those that enveloped him in the moment just before the kill, Nyx thought, as her touch rippled away from his neck, became firmer so as not to be diminished by the bulk of his coat as those fingertips trailed over his chest. His yellow eyes narrowed a bit more as his ears registered the tone in her voice but still didn’t break from hers One onyx brow arched upward and the tip of his tongue flicked across his lips before they started to curl into an expression somewhere between snarl and smile but otherwise, the mith’ganni remained still…

“…You dress in shadow, instead of the light that elves adore… cloaking yourself in the tombs of humans deep in the belly of a city not the gentle embrace of nature, and have for years…You do not hold life sacred as elves by nature do, instead you kill…”

… A certain tension – a sensation at once familiar and forgotten - crept into his lithe frame as her fingers wandered lower, languidly tracing downward from the point of his breastbone, across his stomach, and over the skull-shaped buckle of his belt. Nyx’s stomach tightened – contracting instinctually as hands that weren’t his own came that close to his weapons – his fingers flexed and he drew in a slow breath to keep the reaction from spreading farther..

“You kill for him… your seductive God of death…”

Or, Nyx wondered, considering the events of these last few days and the revelations – some that he had come to on his own, some others offered by the likes of Taellyn and even the forsaken death-god that Cay now provoked him with – that seemed to have unraveled in their course, do I kill for you?

“…and you kill because you enjoy it. You gave yourself to him, you left the plains, you killed your people.”

“You, Nyx Shyndyn may have been birthed of elven parents, raised in their embrace,” Cay’s fingers closed suddenly around the silver-skull buckle, then, and with a tug, she pulled him even closer as she finished, “but you are no more elven than I, perhaps less.”

Finally, as the ambiguous expression that had been ghosting his features solidified into a sharply primal grin, Nyx’s moon-hued eyes broke free of Cay’s smoldering amber gaze, dipped slowly to where her fingers were entwined in his belt, lingered there for a moment before, just as slowly, slithering back up to lock to hers, again… and the smile evolved into wicked laughter… “Much less,” he nodded as one alabaster hand shot out from beneath his cloak to clamp around her wrist, keeping her from moving her hand from where he now had it trapped. He stepped forward as his other hand appeared from the penumbral folds to tangle fingers, savagely and sensuously at the same time, into the chestnut tresses that spilled from beneath her hat as he backed her into the wall and pressed tightly against her. A subtle turning of his wrist was enough to crane her neck back, tipping her face up to his more than was required to simply meet his eyes… He leaned in even closer; pressing against her and pulling her to him all at once, his face close enough to hers, now, that when he spoke again, his lips scarcely brushed over hers

“For all your attempts to deny it, Cayrimsa Etellenya,” Nyx whispered, the grip on her wrist loosening as the hand that held it feathered up along her forearm, past her elbow, and danced delicately around her waist from there, “your own words have done nothing but confirm what I have been telling you these past days… I am not an elf any more than you are… I am not the human that you tell yourself that you want, either, am I?”

His hand found the small of her back, pressed firmly against the celestial shape that hid beneath the formless burlap sackcloth of her dress, and lifted upward enough to lift her feet from the floorboards beneath them. “No,” he murmured, tasting her lips and her breath on each word that he spoke as he held her separate from the rest of the world that surrounded them, “were I that, melamin, I would have taken from you what those others have, already… I would have stopped them all from granting you the pain that has been your pleasure all this time and you would have hated me for more than the points on my ears, yes?

You are right… I am no more elf than you are… and you are no more human than I am, are you? And that, elen en cormamin, is what makes us so alike! Your blood and mine be damned… elven… human… all of it! I am nothing, Cay… but I am yours…”

He lifted her higher then, enough to bring her lips fully to his, and kissed her. He kissed her hard, at first, much as he had just a few short nights ago in that alley, but there was more passion than anger in this kiss than that first one… nor did this one end as abruptly…

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 22:09:39.

Topic: Off Indefinatly
Subject: Who authorized that?!?!

I didn't get the memo!!! Therfore, I forbid this leaving thing!!!


Circumsatnces beyond control? Does that count?



Take care, Mr. C... we'll keep your spot warm...

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 01:37:00.

Topic: Hey everyone.
Subject: Watch out for Eol? Shiny things?! Whu-huh?!?!

Why on earth, in all the names of all the gods, would anybody need to watch out for Eol? Eol is a pouncity, smoochity, harmless..ity... bundle of funses!!!

Of course, there is that ickity facelickity thing, but we're working on that... baby-steps you know? *nod*

Anyhoo... H'lo there, legionsoflore... I'm Eol... I'm here to help you... Come with me if you want to live... ... Sorry, wrong movie...

Welcome to the Inn, young miss...

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 01:21:07.

Topic: The Fates of Fortune
Subject: Breakfast...

Nyx’s senses hummed as he waited out Cay’s dealings with the dwarven vendor; his yellow eyes narrowed to slits as they swept from one sneering face to the next, his jaw clenched tight as he forced his mind to ignore the epithets and slurs that were lobbed in his direction, and his fingers resting at the ready on the hilt of his blade. Even as exposed and anxious as he found himself feeling, then – standing alone like some stony island at the mouth of the bay, defiant against the crashing waves of hatred thrown at him from the storm-tossed sea of humanity that coursed around him – the Mith’ganni couldn’t help but take some small satisfaction in the moment, as well… Yes, he thought as he evenly returned the spiteful glares of the trio of young, brash humans who had seen fit to press their luck and shove roughly past him as they lofted their insults, you are all so very brave when the numbers are in your favor. This is how your empire managed its birth, yes? Where will your bravery be when you are without your friends … alone in the dark … and I give you the opportunity to make good your threats?

The mith’ganni’s eyes and ears were keen on the crush of loathing that seemed, now, to exude from the market, itself, and he opened himself to it, let it flow into and through him to fuel his own hatred. His mind was occupied with thoughts of how many of them he mind send screaming to their ends before he was brought down himself and, had some other numbers-emboldened round-ear chosen to take inspiration from that last group and intentionally jostled him in their passing, Nyx was almost certain that he would not be long in finding out. He found himself hoping for it, in fact… Just one small excuse to open one of them up… and his fingers curled around the well worn hilt of the kukri at his hip as one of the thugs made the decision to turn and shout at the “horse-f***er” one more time… the motion that would draw the blade from its scabbard, along with the intended step toward the monkey-faced breeder, was halted when he felt Cay’s fingers on his wrist. He stayed the instinctual flinch of his muscles that the unexpected contact brought and, as her hand guided his gently away from the kukri, tried to force some of the remaining tension from them as she led him away from the throng in the market and towards less crowded venues along its periphery.

A short time later, some distance from the crowded thoroughfares hemming the bazaar, she led him off of the streets all together and into the dusty stillness of an abandoned tenement. The thrumming tension of his paranoia had steadily ebbed from him as they had made their way here – the cautioning touch of Cayrimsa’s fingers at his wrist having done as much for that as had the diminishment of scornful glances and bigoted comments – and almost drained completely away as she led him into the clinging comfort of the shadowed room. He cast a glance over his shoulder as the door to the place closed behind them and, now freed from the need to perpetually scan his surroundings, Nyx’s yellow eyes found Cay’s face. His gaze drifted downward and watched his fingers trail after hers as her hand slid away from his wrist, and then returned to meet her eyes again as she offered one of the paper-wrapped pies to him…

“I love these things,” she smiled nervously, taking a bite of the pastry she’d kept for herself.

… Nyx blinked, then, and his hand broke off its pursuit of hers to take the greasy parcel she had offered. His gaze let go of her face for the moment and peered at the curious contents of the pie that were revealed when broke a piece of the crust away. Still unsure of what he might be about to eat, he tentatively sniffed at the filling. He wasn’t sure what to make of the thing but, when his eyes lifted to her face once more and he watched her chase down a trickle of grease that had escaped her lips and blot it away with her sleeve, Nyx smiled faintly and finally took a bite. “Not bad,” he agreed with a nod after having swallowed that first mouthful.

“So what now,” she asked as he took another bite, “If they haven’t already they will kill Aelion, a few days and the city will calm down, but until then… until then you should lay low...

Lay low? Nyx scowled, his gaze sweeping back toward the door for a moment… imagining the city full of people beyond it who, today, had much less tolerance for moon-eyed point-ears than they had yesterday. You mean ‘hide’… from them…

“…I know you wanted to speak to Aelion, I don’t think we can get to him now, though.”

The scowl curled into a something of a wry grin and his gaze swung back in time to catch hers turning downwards. “We can if we must,” Nyx assured her, “Humans, I have noticed, tend to design their prisons with more thought given to keeping people in and give little consideration to keeping people out, yes?”

“He obviously wasn’t working alone, though… I don’t know where to start poking around though. The contacts I have in this city are all… they are human. Whatever Aelion was up to he wasn’t telling any round ears about. But maybe Dmitrova knows something…”

“I am certain that he does,” the mith’ganni nodded again, his expression going thoughtful as he bit off and chewed another mouthful of the pie, “otherwise, why would he have taken such an interest in Bolstoii’s affairs to begin with, yes? It is more than just a simple percentage of Styopa’s caravans, I am sure; there would have been easier methods for Vadim to have gotten that…” He licked the grease from his fingers and then wiped his mouth on his sleeve. His eyes met Cay’s, then, winking at him from the deep shadows cast by the brim of her hat and he smiled…

“As for what we do now, melamin,” he purred, taking a step closer to her, “I have an idea or two… if risking your position with the Hellkites is no longer a concern…”

Posted on 2010-02-03 at 00:42:07.

Topic: RedWyrm School of Online Adventuring - Q&A
Subject: LMAO

Great stuff, all...

If one didn't know better, one might think Ion was, mayhaps, a bit paranoid of being pounced, yes?

*skitters back into the shadows... lurk...lurk...plot...scheme...*

Posted on 2010-01-26 at 01:38:40.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Gotta agree...

...with Bri and Ye Olde, here.

It obviously isn't easy for the individuals of this group to abide the presence of the "evil sword" which Maggot carries regardless of how they feel about Maggot, himself, and to just gloss over that fact in the interest of "moving on" would seem downright foolish... what's the point in the evil sword, at all, if it's not debated, right?

Posted on 2010-01-25 at 21:15:31.

Topic: Last one to post wins - Part II
Subject: Again with pickin' on the geezer?!

Didn't anybody ever teach you whipper-snappers to respect your elders?

Posted on 2010-01-24 at 20:35:32.


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