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Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Yarr! This be yer Cap'n speakin'!

“ Jer’cho ‘awkes... Jer'cho 'awkes...

Aye, I’ve ‘eard th’ name. Looks a human but drinks an’ fights like an orc, tha’ one does.

Whatcha wan’ ‘im fer? Cuz if yer lookin’ fer a berth outta here, it’s like th’ man c’n find ye a slip on th’ Moon, no warries an’ I’ll send ye right on yer way to ‘im, aye? But if it be trouble yer lookin’ fer outta th’ lad, I’d be warnin’ ye ta think diff’rent-like, cuz he’d be just’s ‘appy ta give ye tha’, too, an’ ye wouldnae be likin’ th’ outcome as well’s t’other, I g’rantee…” -- overheard in a dockside tavern in Freeport

Name: Jericho Hawkes

Age: Mid-thirties or thereabouts as best he can figure

Appearance: Jericho is tall and solidly built, standing 6’2” and weighing in at just over 13 stone (about 190 lbs, or so); hard muscled and solid but not bulky. He is obviously human but his exact heritage is difficult to discern (he has mentioned from time to time that his parents were from Thalburg in the Ivory Ports). His hair is a somewhat wild spill of dark, coffee-colored locks (interspersed with seemingly random braided and beaded tendrils) that hangs past his shoulders and may hang farther if it weren’t so often restrained by the bandanas tied about Jericho’s head. His rather scruffy looking mustache and goatee are the same dark color as the hair on his head but are not worn long, braided, or beaded in any fashion. His skin has been tanned and weathered by years on the sea and, his eyes, often squinted by sun and spray, are a warm cinnamon color that sparks with an almost glittery golden light when he’s amused but can just as easily go black and cold when he’s angered.

Distinguishing Marks: Jericho is marked by numerous blemishes that tell the tale of his life – countless faded and pale lines across his back speak to past acquaintances with the lash and the crudely branded symbol on his right shoulder lets it be known that the whip which carved those lines belonged to a slaver. There are a number of other scars, great and small, old and new, here and there, that denote an unabashed acquaintance with violence of other sorts, as well. Aside from these and the distinctive manner in which he wears his hair, the only other truly notable thing is a “birthmark,” vaguely reminiscent of a dragon in flight, which marks the back of his neck. This dragon is often hidden behind the spill of his hair and the tails of the scarves it’s so often bound in, but, on occasion, it can be seen and is, perhaps, the one blemish that Cap’n Hawkes doesn’t have a story for.

Attire: Jericho’s typically wears dark colored breeches (his favored pair are actually striped a deep purple and black), the legs of which disappear into the tops of knee-high boots of supple black leather. About his waist is cinched a broad belt from which his blades are usually slung (and under which, from time to time, pistols are tucked) and above this, a loose tunic of a lightish color (calling it white wouldn’t be precise). He has also been known to wear a leather jerkin over all of this, on occasion, and customarily dons bracers of that same tooled leather on his forearms. It’s not unusual, aboard ship, for Jericho to go without his boots (bare feet are always surer on wet decks than boots are, after all) and it’s almost as common, particularly in warmer seasons, for him to go shirtless, as well.

Possessions: His most prized “possession” is, of course, Smuggler’s Moon, herself – although he technically believes that the ship belongs to his crew as much as it does to him. There is always a long-knife hanging from his belt and his favorite cutlass (which is more appropriately described as some sort of exotic scimitar) is never far from reach if it is not also slung from his belt or a baldric. Jericho also owns a pair of finely crafted pistols which he acquired from the Moon’s previous captain after having taken the ship. He seldom carries these while striding his own decks and would prefer to go blade-to-blade or hand-to-hand in a fight but doesn’t hesitate to carry or use them when the situation calls for it.


Early Years

Jericho Hawkes was born at sea.

His father, Jaherys Hawkes, was a successful merchant captain from the Ivory Ports who, having promised his wife, Jeyne, a trip to far-off Hamunaptra when next his ships sailed for that distant and exotic land, never expected her to be with child, let alone so close to bringing that child into the world, when that time for that trip came. Jaherys, of course, tried to convince Jeyne that there would be many more opportunities for her to see Hamunaptra and that the wiser course of action would be for her to remain in Thalburg where the impending birth of their child would be far less risky. Jeyne was astrong-willed and stubborn lass, though, and reminded her husband that Hamunaptra was a long sail and, should she do as he asked, their first born would be well older than his first year when his father returned and that the next float for those far-flung shores might not come for a year or more after that… No, she would come with him on this trip. She was sure the babe would wait until they managed a wayport on the journey, anyway. So it was that Jeyne Hawkes, large with child, came to accompany her husband aboard the Swan of Vallos when it set sail from Thalburg, Hamunaptra-bound… and so it was that, only three days later, Jaherys’ fleet found itself at anchor north and west of the Wyvern Isles as Jeyne gave birth.

The Swan, perhaps, hadn’t needed to anchor in order for the Lady Hawkes to have brought her Captain’s son in to the world and, it could be argued that the delay in the voyage was caused by little more than the Captain's desire to have the ship "at ease" for his wife's comfort while she delivered his son... “A day becalmed is little off our schedule, lads,” Jaherys had said, “The Swan skips the waves like a pebble on a pond. She’ll give us back the day we lose, Badessey bless us.” The Swan of Vallos was indeed a fast ship , perhaps the fastest to have sailed from the Ivory Ports in its time, and with the fair winds that would have followed that day, she would have more than recouped from the unexpected time at rest. Unfortunately, the delay happened to set the Swan in the sights of an orc pirate crew sailing from the Bone Lands and, before she managed to get under full sail, Hawkes’ ship was overtaken and beset by Bloodtusk. Jericho was born as his father and most of the ship's crew died. The handful of women and children aboard (along with a few surviving crew) were taken as "slaves and prizes" for the Bloodtusk’s crew.

Why the infant Jericho wasn’t given over to the sea or the orcish cook-pots is unclear; whether it was because Jeyne managed to conceal the newborn, somehow, or made some hideous deal with Captain Krommush to spare her son matters little in the end. Regardless of the hows and whys of it, Jericho’s earliest years and first memories were forged on the decks of that orcish ship. Being a human child in the company of orcs, hobgoblins, and the like, those years weren’t exactly gentle. In fact, like those others who had been spared death on the Swan of Vallos, Jericho’s life aboard the Bloodtusk equivocated to little more than the miserable and brutal existence of a slave. Despite whatever deal his mother had made with Krommush, Jericho was pressed into service aboard the ship as soon as he was able to walk and, as is common aboard such vessels, service came with humiliation, beatings, and worse. As miserable an existence as it was, though, life aboard the Bloodtusk also planted the seeds of the toughness and cunning that are, perhaps, the larger parts of Jericho’s character to this day. Another of the larger facets of Jericho’s personality, tolerance, was rough-hewn into him following the birth of his brother.

By his best reckoning, it was in Jericho’s fifth year that, after having been raped by Captain Krommush (again), his mother gave birth to Khashnagob (or, simply "Khash"). Being the half-brother of the orc Captain's son improved his treatment aboard the orc ship; though it was not by much, it was enough to make a difference, opening Jericho’s eyes to the fact that, despite the sometimes misguided ways in which they went about it, it seemed that all folk (be they human, orc, or otherwise) simply wanted to be free to live their lives and that they all had the capacity for compassion of some sort… That realization went as far to improving Jericho’s outlook on life as the improved treatment among the Bloodtusk’s crew had. It wasn’t long thereafter, though, that whatever understanding had come of his brother’s birth became a moot point aboard the orc ship. Khash was less than a year old when the Bloodtusk was set upon by privateers operating out of Freeport...

Most aboard the Bloodtusk, including Jericho’s mother, were killed in that assault. A few were captured and brought aboard the Freeport vessel (among them, Jericho Hawkes carrying his infant half-orc brother) before the orc ship was scuttled. On the voyage to Freeport, the prisoners from Bloodtusk were “interrogated” and, based on those interviews, categorized and separated – the lot who had obviously been willing crew under Krommush kept in irons and relegated to the hold; those who had been pressed into service or kept as slaves were given the opportunity to join the privateer’s crew and, if they declined, were still allowed rations and a place to sleep on the decks until the ship put in at Freeport where they would be put ashore to find their own fates. Jericho and Khash weren’t offered a place on the crew, of course, and, since Jericho was viciously protective of his baby-brother, they weren’t allowed to freely roam the decks, either; instead, they were confined to a small cabin in the forecastle until they arrived in Freeport and thereupon were taken by the quartermaster to the Star of the Sea orphanage.

Jericho fought as viciously in the orphanage as he had on the ship to keep from being separated from his brother, too. Perhaps more so for, at the Star of the Sea, there seemed to always be someone who wanted to ‘adopt’ one of the boys but not the other – a hobgoblin wizard from Bloodsalt had come for Khash, at one point, and a tavern keeper from the Warehouse District for Jericho at another; both left empty-handed (and with a bit less skin) when Jericho violently refused to have either his brother or himself “sold.” The Hawkes brothers weren’t long for the Star of the Sea… they tolerated it only long enough for Khash to have grown enough to walk on his own and, in the middle of one foggy night, ‘escaped’ from the orphanage and disappeared into the labyrinthine streets of Freeport. There the Hawkes brothers raised themselves as best they could, begging and stealing and fighting and running and hiding, until Jericho, landsick and yearning for the sea, decided that Khash was of an age that both of them might find their way aboard one ship or another. So it was that Jericho and Khash Hawkes once more found their way back to sea. The brothers served (always together) aboard a number of different ships (merchantmen, privateers, and pirate and smuggler’s ships alike) in the following years and earned themselves decent reputations as sailors and fairly fearsome ones as fighters. Both of them were happy with their lot. On occasion, they joked and dreamed about one day having a ship and crew of their own but they likely would have been content to ship-hop for the rest of their lives and never expected such a thing to ever happen… and the truth of it is, when they did finally get a ship of their own, it was almost by accident.

Rise of the Smuggler’s Moon

The ever-shifting population of Eortis rests at five hundred or so lost souls, with a hundred swabs arriving every month to make up for the three to five that die every day. Few pass of from natural causes, unless you count a dagger in the back as “natural.” Sanitation is non-existent and you get to eat only what food you can catch. There is a grog shop owned by a retired brigand who answers to the name of LeVacher. He isn’t a big believer in credit and he places a great deal of faith in his twinned double-barreled pistols’ ability to keep his customers from getting unruly. There are no brothels, though there are a number of individuals who will gladly accept food or coin for sexual favors. Boarding and sleeping accommodations range from the beach to the rare unused cave. No honest ship ever docks at Eortis. The only way off is a pirate’s berth, which brings us to the beginning of the tale as to how Jericho Hawkes came into possession of the ship now known as the Smuggler’s Moon.

A few years ago, Jericho and his brother, Khash, found themselves marooned on Eortis after the trade galley they had been working on sank in a storm. They had been exposed to the island’s charms just long enough to have made a few acquaintances (most notably, a lovely half-elven bard named Saercyn Willow) and begin to go stir-crazy.

One night in LaVacher’s, Jericho, Khash, and Willow were half-drunkenly/half-seriously talking about trying to fashion a raft in order to get off the wretched island when Antoine Boissiere, a thug of dubious reputation, approached them with an offer. Antoine and his brother, Gerard, needed to swiftly acquire a few hands to help them deal with a windfall situation that had just come to their attention; a ship had been forced to berth in one of the islands tiny coves due to a recent hurricane and it was “ripe for the plucking.” They had canoes and some swabs, Antoine had said, but not enough experienced men to get the job done proper… Would Jericho and his mates be interested in a share of the prize and a trip off of this rock?

Desperate to put Eortis behind them, Jericho and Khash readily agreed to Antoine’s proposal. Willow agreed, too, but had some concerns (legitimate ones, at that) that Boisierre’s offer was just a little too convenient. So, while Antoine went to meet with Gerard, she and the Hawkes boys set about checking into the Boisierres’ past. They learned that Gerard was a bit of a lout but a leader of successful raids. Antoine, it seemed, had a distinct kinship with sharks and a wise hand wouldn’t show a back to the man. Neither of them were regarded as liars, though, and the rumor was that they needed experienced hands because their last raid, while successful, had gotten a lot of men killed. Those that survived had no complaint with their shares, though… and it seemed that the real truth behind the Boisierre’s desperation for hands on the double was simple: they believed that it was no mere passing merchant ship that lied in the cove, but a supply ship from the Ivory Ports. Such a prize was worth many risks, of course… including bringing on untried men.

Gerard, while an obnoxious individual, seemed to have a decent plan worked out. They had two long canoes and a pair of hourglasses to coordinate timing. Jericho, Khash, Willow and some of Boisierre’s swabs would take one of the canoes and row just beyond the cove while Antoine, Gerard, and the rest of their men would bring their canoe east of the harbor mouth. At four bells, as indicated by their hourglasses, they would row in and simultaneously attack both sides of the anchored ship, hopefully taking them by surprise in the pre-dawn hours. Jericho and his mates made a few suggestions where the plan was concerned (to which Gerard readily agreed in most cases) and set off soon thereafter to put it into action. It wasn’t long after that Jericho and crew discovered the reason why Gerard lost so many hands on his raids was simple: he didn’t show up on time.

The canoe carrying Jericho, Khash, and Willow reached the ship (named Isabella at the time) on time and alone, the Boisierres and their men nowhere in sight, and, in order to storm the ship before the alarm could be raised, could ill afford to wait. So, with muttered prayers or signs of luck, Jericho and crew boarded with little hesitation. Luck and prayers were favored that night, it seems; most of the Isabella’s crew was drunk or asleep when Jericho and his mates climbed on to the deck… it was a precious second for the Hawkes’ but, still, only a second… They were discovered quickly enough… shouts of alarm and pistol shots cracked the stillness of the morning dark… the clashing of steel replaced gunfire for a moment and Isabella’s alarm bell sounded. Jericho and his lot were outnumbered two to one by the merchantman’s crew already and the clarion call of that bell swayed odds even further from their favor as the rest of Isabella’s crew roused themselves and joined the fray. Gunfire erupted again when the ship’s Captain dove from his cabin, blunderbuss roaring to blast bloody chunks from two of Jericho’s swabs who had the misfortune of being closest to the man’s door… Isabella’s captain – a man named De Sosos, they would later learn – brought pistols to bear, then, and Khash (who had been charging the Captain even before the two salts died) roared as a lead ball tore through his shoulder… Jericho kicked a man over the gunwales and cut his way through two more trying to get to his brother and, in the doing, found himself blade to blade with De Sosos.

De Sosos’ skill with a rapier was considerable, no doubt. So much so that Jericho could pay attention to nothing else… he didn’t hear the gunfire resume when Gerard’s canoe finally showed up some three minutes later… he didn’t hear the tide of the battle around him shift in favor of his brigands again… He did hear Khash howling madly when DeSosos had him on the retreat across the quarterdeck, though... So did Captain De Sosos… and that was all the distraction Jericho had needed. One spinning slash of his cutlass took DeSosos’ sword hand and the next took his head. The merchant captain’s body hit the deck with a wet thud and the next sounds Jericho heard were those of steel clattering to the decks and pleas for mercy as Isabella’s crew surrendered… He was leaning breathlessly on the gunwales, assessing his wounds and searching for Khash and Willow among the ebbing chaos… he found Khash closing on an overly-exuberant Gerard Boisierre – he and Antoine were celebrating chortling out orders as if they had taken the ship themselves.

“Yer a scurvy cuttlefish o’ a coward, G’rard,” Khash had growled, lumbering menacingly toward the Boisierres as Jericho made his way to the maindeck.

“A mistake,” Gerard had tried to laugh from behind a mirthless grin, “A slight difference in the hourglasses we used to coordinate our efforts. We paddled as fast as we could once we heard the shots.”

“A bloody lie,” Jericho sneered in answer to that, sidling up beside Khash, then. “I reckon me wee brother’s got th’ right o’ it, mate. Th’ fightin’ was all but done ere ye slithered aboard, aye? There be more’n a slight discrep’ncy…”

“You dare call me a liar?” Gerard looked beyond incredulous, his face reddening with embarrassment and purpling from rage at the same time.

“A liar,” Jericho nodded, eyeing Boisierre’s hand as it eased toward the hilt of his blade, “aye…”

“An’ a coward, Jarek,” Khash added, “don’ fergit ‘e’s a lily-livered coward.”

“An’ a coward,” Jericho affirmed, not taking his eyes from Gerard, “Be ye denyin’ ye ain’t?”

Gerard was denying it, of course… so vehemently, in fact, that he insisted on an immediate duel to answer the ‘slight to his honor’ (as if he had any to begin with). Space was cleared on the deck, lanterns were hung for proper lighting, and the duel commenced.

Gerard Boisierre proved to be almost as good with a blade as Captain DeSosos had been… almost… The tide of the battle ebbed and flowed restlessly between the combatants for a long while – Gerard pressing, initially, only to misstep and find himself forced to retreat in the face of Jericho’s torrent of flashing steel ¬– and the cheering of the crowd, too, rode that same tide with most of Bosierre’s men lending their hoots and hollers to whichever of the duelers was winning at the moment. As the fight wore on, taking its toll on Jericho and Gerard alike, the crowd seemed to press closer in hopes, it seemed, of forcing a mistake from one or the other that would bring it all to an end.

It hadn’t taken much longer. Both men were weary but it was Gerard who succumbed to it first. Following a wild, sweeping slash that not only missed its mark but left him wide open, Boisierre took a kick to the chest that jarred his own blade from his hand and sent him reeling toward the gunwales. Jericho had seized the momentum and was advancing on him, cutlass poised to deal a final and fatal blow, when Gerard drew a pistol and leveled it at Hawkes…

… he never managed to pull the trigger… Khash, Willow, and Jericho all put blades in the man before his finger could so much as twitch.

“A liar, a coward, an’ a cheat, t’boot,” Khash grumbled as Gerard died, “I tol’ ye, Jarek…”

“Aye, Khash-mate,” Jericho breathed, nodding to his brother and wrapping an arm around Willow’s shoulders, “so ye did…”

“I suppose,” Willow smiled, then, “that means the ship is yours, my Captain…” Her honeyed eyes turned pointedly to Antoine, “Unless there’s another who might care to challenge the claim?”

Antoine raised his hands in submission; “Nay… Gerard deserved what he got… the ship is yours…”

(( A bit more to this but I’ll fill in later on… ))

Posted on 2011-09-01 at 17:58:44.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Yeah... what Steel said!

I it... and it goes pretty well perfectly with all of this, I think.


Posted on 2011-08-31 at 22:28:21.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Yeah... is kind of awkward... hence the question mark.

Maybe it's actually a sphere that was supposed to be a "giant pearl" or, perhaps, the full moon... When Jericho and company took the ship and renamed her, they painted the sphere black...

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 22:10:04.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: A figurehead?

Hmmm... I'm sure she probably does... never gave much thought to what it might be, though.

Let's see, when Jericho and crew took her, she was a merchant ship from the Ivory Ports and was called Isabella... She's also got a distinct elven flavor to her lines and design, to boot, so it may be she had a life before that, even.

Not sure why but, at the moment, I'm calling up an elven looking lass, arms outstretched in front of her, palms upturned, perhaps holding a crescent moon? *shrugs*

What say the rest of you?

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 21:54:41.
Edited on 2011-08-31 at 21:55:18 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Pssshh...

Wait 'til ye see Jericho's, mate.

Looking forward to seeing Askurt in action.

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 21:42:18.

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: It was bound to happen...

... Jozan has decided to "bow out" of this one, for now, (he doesn't want to stretch himself thin... we all know how that goes, I'm sure) so we've got an open slot if anyone may be interested.

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 21:40:48.

Topic: Dissappearances
Subject: w00t,w00t!

Welcome back, Darren.

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 19:23:18.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: My name is Eol Fefalas and I approve this character!

As I said via PM, Chess... I'm liking the bio for Askurt. *nods*

The rest of you should feel free to post your character's bios here, as well, when/if you're so inclined. Note that if there are bits and pieces of your character's past (or present) that wouldn't be "general knowledge" to the crew, you might want to keep those bits to yourselves (and me) for the time being... or, at least, mark those bits in your bio somehow... I think I can trust this group to not "metagame" as long as it's clearly stated that "only my character knows this"...

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 19:17:02.

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: hehehe...

...A+ for initiative, DB!

I'll be posting links to some maps in the QA this evening. Could also be convinced to e-mail them to you if you like... Just shoot me a PM and let me know if your e-mail in your profile is correct and I'll have it in your hot little hands before you can say "release the kraken!"

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 16:15:49.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: One more thing...

...I've carved out all the space holders I need, I think.

Consider the Q&A open for business.

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 01:18:08.

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Info on Smuggler's Moon, itself, goes here...

A general idea of what Smuggler's Moon might look like can be seen here. Our lady's coloring will be different and may have a more "fantasy type" appearance, of course, but that pic should give you the basic feel for what the ship looks like.

Length Overall (including bowsprit, aftspar, etc): 280 ft
Hull Length: 212 ft 5 inches
Beam: 36 ft
Draft: 2.75 fathoms
Speed: 17 knots

Got some drawings and deckplans of my own in the works... keep an eye on this space for developments.

...Also, first post has been updated with some minor info... read that, if you will...

Posted on 2011-08-31 at 01:08:49.
Edited on 2011-09-11 at 16:52:02 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: Me either!

If I can get some solid "basic" concepts (including names and something of a rough background) from those of you who have yet to shoot those my way, I think we can have this thing out on open water by the first of next week. (Jozan, Skye - still in? DB - shoot me those ideas and we'll finagle something, I'm sure. )

Glad that you're all as enthused about this as I am...

Posted on 2011-08-30 at 20:21:28.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: Indoodoodoobididdly!

Hail and well met... Pip, pip, cheerio... and a hearty Cap'n Crunch, too! *nods*

We made it through Monday, Innmates! Here's to Tuesday and the forthcoming "downhill slide"!

P.S. Great news from Tek, don't ya think? I kinda love it when he's around more frequently.

Posted on 2011-08-30 at 12:32:45.

Topic: New here.
Subject: Mmmmm.... Fresh Face!


Welcome, Torene! Glad you found your way into our hallowed halls. Looking forward to seeing you about.

Posted on 2011-08-29 at 13:57:45.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: I totally believe it!

We're AWESOME like that!

Keep voting, anyway.

Posted on 2011-08-29 at 13:28:32.

Topic: Happy Birthday Queen Hugglepounce!
Subject: *Hippo Birdy Table Dance*

Have a great one, DA!

Posted on 2011-08-29 at 13:27:45.

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: Okay...

...the turn out for this thing has been, quite honestly, mondo-overwhelming! I expected some interest, of course, but WOW!!! You Innmates are fantastically enthusiastic about this one, it seems. I'm humbled.

So, I've gotten nigh on a dozen replies to this thing with a willingness to take on characters from the "prologue" (Celeste as Saercyn Willow, T_O as Khash, and, of course, Meri as Davian) and several really solid and really interesting concepts that are in various stages of development (Steel's "Rope Runner," Lady Dark's "somewhat naive runaway," Haru's very intriguing character sketch, just to name a few)... That said, I'm going to lock things down, here, for the time being. I don't want this getting too huge to manage, after all.

This is not to say that recruitment is permanently closed, however. I'll still entertain concepts and submissions from anyone who is interested in playing but it might take a bit before we'll be able to work anyone else in the mix.

If you've gotten a nod from me, either here or via PM, saying that you're in, then you're in... If not, keep working those concepts and I'll be sure to keep you on the reserve list.

Again, thanks for all the interest and all the spectacular submissions and ideas, Innmates. You folks are the best!

Posted on 2011-08-28 at 16:56:50.

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: But of course, Lady Dark!

I'd love to have "newbies"... and your concept sounds like a great start to an interesting character. If you'd like to flesh it out a bit (i.e. a name, some sort of description and background, etc) and send that my way via PM or some such, we'll go from there. Welcome aboard, lass.

Okay... interest in this has, quite honestly, been overwhelming... got quite a few of you interested and the ship is filling up, so I need to get to work on the details, I suppose. Got some work to do around the house today but once I get that out of the way, I plan on adding/updating some things here and on the QA. So, stay tuned, swabbies... I'll be in touch with all of you before long.

Posted on 2011-08-27 at 13:23:53.

Topic: Strange Thoughts
Subject: L...M...F...A...O!!!!

That was hy-stare-ical! +1

Posted on 2011-08-26 at 22:20:16.

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: Awesome!

Now there's an interesting concept... Smuggler's Moon definitely has a cook. I think I mentioned that in one of the "prologue" posts, in fact. *nods*

Flesh out the concept a bit, Jozan, and I'll plug you in.

That said, I think I've got enough interest, here, that we can likely get this thing started in the very near future (i.e. sooner than I had even hoped). I'll wait on the concept submissions, of course, and need to get another post or two up to get the ship into harbor at Freeport... but, once I've got that kind of thing in hand, I think I'll be more than happy to open the game thread up for posting.

This doesn't mean that recruitment is closed, though, folks. If you've got the interest, I've got the time to entertain new submissions. And, of course, if anyone has any questions in regards to creating characters, what sort of positions might be available on board the Smuggler's Moon, etc, I'm just a PM or a post away, hm?

Posted on 2011-08-26 at 21:55:21.

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: Indeedly do, my good squeegee!

Please do... go have a read... conceptualize... and get back to me. I'll keep ya a slot open.

Posted on 2011-08-26 at 21:25:33.

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: But...but...but...Meri... else was I gonna drag you back into posting?

Posted on 2011-08-26 at 19:28:23.
Edited on 2011-08-26 at 19:28:35 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: I would say...

...write me up a bit of detail on the chap and welcome aboard.

Additional Recruitment Note: I've been adding oodles and oodles of info to the Q&A... plenty of fodder there to feed backgrounds, homelands, etc, if you need such a thing for character creation/inspiration.

Keep an eye peeled on that thread for soooo much more.

Posted on 2011-08-26 at 19:11:00.

Topic: Wanna get Shanghaied?
Subject: Welcome, Skye!

See my PM... we'll get you charactered up.

Once we get some concepts/descriptions going, I'll add both you and Haru to the list of players...

Posted on 2011-08-26 at 16:55:07.
Edited on 2011-08-26 at 16:56:19 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Smuggler's Moon Q&A
Subject: Errata

Currency in Freeport
In Freeport, gold is gold no matter where it’s minted, so long as it has a reasonable weight and purity. Merchants accept coins regardless of their origin, but they always weigh the coins to ensure their value. Freeport does mint its own coins called “lords,” but lacking any gold mines, they reclaim gold coins from taxes, melt it down, and re-mint the coins to bear the winged hourglass of the city and a likeness of the ruling Sea Lord. Since the tax collectors aren’t choosy about the coins they collect, coins minted in the city are often worth less than foreign coins, since the smelters do little to sift out impurities.

Aside from the lords and other gold coins, Freeport also circulates silver, brass, and copper coins—also minted in the city and again using coins reclaimed during tax collections. Silver coins, called “skulls” bear a crude skull and crossed bones and are almost always tarnished black. One lord is worth about ten skulls.

The brass and copper coins are called pennies. Ten pennies make up a skull, or one hundred pennies make up a lord. Brass pennies are slightly more valuable than copper ones, since they are often black with frequent handling, and this makes some indistinguishable from older silver coins. Freeporters use the expression “scratch a penny” as a wish for good luck because some folks find, to their delight, that the black bit of metal is actually silver beneath all the muck. Copper pennies are weak and turn greenish white with corrosion, though they are accepted all the same.

Aside from metal coins, Freeporters often use barter for trade, exchanging trade goods or selling services in exchange for commodities. Letters of credit drafted by the Bank of Freeport are also as good as gold, and some locals have even begun to exchange wooden tokens as IOUs, which can be exchanged for one skull or rarely, one lord.

Gods and Religion

Of the gods venerated in Freeport, four have the largest congregations. They are the Gods of Knowledge, Pirates, Warriors, and the Sea. Since they are closely aligned with the values and occupations of most Freeporters, they occupy the largest temples and have the most political clout. The rest of the religions are crammed into the district wherever they can find a place. Some of the lesser-known gods have simply been thrown together and share a single temple. The bottom line is that if someone worships it—and said worship doesn’t require the maiming or killing of other living beings—it probably has a representative here.

It’s almost inevitable that the odd “unacceptable” religion does crop up from time to time in the Temple District. The district is self policing in this area, though. If a group of worshippers’ practices are merely odious or offensive (the obnoxious midnight sex orgies of the God of Debauchery or the violent initiation rituals of the God of Pain), the followers of such deities are “asked” politely (or sometimes not-so-politely) to leave the district.

Extreme, savage, or destructive religions are not permitted at all, though some occasionally disguise themselves in the trapping of other deities and “hide” in plain sight. When discovered, the larger churches quickly, quietly destroy them.

While four gods dominate Freeport’s theological landscape, it’s also home to scores more. Religions from the Continent survive in the shadow of the dominant faiths and include the God of Justice, the God of Death, God of Wisdom, and even the God of Thieves. Many of these priests operate small temples or shrines in the Temple District, while the smallest must make do with a tiny stall in the Fool’s Market.

Posted on 2011-08-26 at 16:51:48.
Edited on 2011-08-31 at 20:15:58 by Eol Fefalas

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