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Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Stuff and junk and thaaaaangs

NPC RP Notes:

Megan has a habit of assigning her crewmates nicknames (sometimes accidentally). She will use many of these nicknames in the course of her daily interactions with the crew but there are a handful that she keeps to herself and/or uses only in "guarded company." Those closely guarded nicknames are marked with an asterisk (*) in the list below.

  • Captain Drake - The Boss
  • Lt Zai - Lt Splotchy*, Th' Lieutenants, Zai'Tammah* (just recently)
  • Ens P'Tammah - Vae, Lady Blue, Ens Pajamas*, Zai'Tammah*
  • Ens Thomason - Ens Tiny, Tiny
  • MCPO V'Lur - Master Chief Stiff-britches*, S'V'ur (pronounced Seh-VUR, a play on "Severe")
  • SCPO Kukkonen - Kook
  • CPO Yasuo - Yas (pronounced Yaz)
  • Lt(jg) Reid - Ranger Reid
  • Lt(jg) Sa'eridon - Lt Kitty, Kitty Karri
  • MCPO Davis - Clancy (occasionally Chief Clancy)
  • PO2 Toporov - Tops, Nicky
  • Lt(jg) Tesenblen - Plant-Man!* (said as if introducing a superhero)
  • Ens Maize - Dal (pronounced Doll)
  • Lt(jg) Moriden - Weezy*
  • PO2 Finnley - Lee-Lee, Leahprechaun
  • Crewman Pierce - Tasha, Tash
  • Crewman Suder - Suds

I've also copied this list to her Roster entry and, as it evolves, any new entries will be added there... (I foresee her naming Dio "Lt Luscious," for example, but, as she has yet to meet him, I have refrained from listing it just yet.)

Anyhoo... if anyone wants to NPC Megan in a post, feel free to reference the list... just mind the company she's in when those * entries come into play.

Posted on 2016-04-07 at 08:41:05.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: It's sort of "random"

As his joining wasn't "typical" of most Trill, Tochi endured something of a traumatic experience when the symbiont was implanted resulting in him being very aware that he's often thinking thoughts attributable to past hosts... in those times, he's more prone to using the plural pronouns. When he's alone with his thoughts and when those thoughts are largely his own (i.e. not directly identifiable as having stemmed from the experiences/memories of any of those past hosts) he uses singular pronouns... If you read back through some of the earlier posts for him, you'll sort of pick up on the pattern.

Again, this fact isn't commonly known but, I'm sure, there's mention of it somewhere in his service and/or medical records for those who have the clearance to access such things... and it may have even been discussed among those aboard the Peregrine who know Tochi well enough for him to be comfortable discussing the topic (or where it's almost a "need to discuss" issue)... Drake, for example, is well aware of Tochi's past hosts... Vaela is aware of, at least Dirven (as Dirven had a fling with her grandmother and Vaela put two and two together)... Thorson knows as much as he can handle as he and Tochi were friends in the academy (although, in those days, Tochi was unjoined and his surname was recorded as Tigan) and often drink together.

Being a Trill is complicated.

Posted on 2016-04-06 at 17:40:49.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: It's all good... noted in the PM I sent you, though, it's probably not going to change Megan's response/next actions much aside from some additional blinking and causing her blush to be dark enough to make some freckles disappear.

Posted on 2016-04-06 at 13:35:49.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Yeah..., waiting on everybody else to post is killing me and I wrote up a "First Officer's Log" post because I was bored. Want the Trill to shush? Set phasers to stun!

Anyhoo... just a little fluff post detailing some of the thoughts that have crept into Tochi's head, this morning, written out and posted for your perusal... not intended to make you think too much into anything, really... or is it?

Posted on 2016-04-06 at 12:05:45.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty
Subject: Voiceover as Lt Zai makes his way to the staff meeting

First Officer’s Log
Lt Tochi Zai; USS Peregrine: NCC-79288
Stardate 42135.5

At 0800 hours, today, Captain Drake and I met with the command staff of the USS Coronado and the chief delegates from the Kuldar and Rytain contingents – Ambassador D’Lar and Ambassador Threel, respectively – in order to discuss the Ambassadors’ itinerary and the role that Peregrine’s crew will play where said itinerary is concerned. Per previous communiques to Captain Drake from Starfleet Command (and Captain Jacob’s of the Coronado), we went into the meeting with the expectation that our role would be limited and, in fact, we would have little to no contact with the Ambassadors or their attendants for the duration of our assignment as escort to the Coronado. It is, therefore, needless to say that we were quite unprepared for our ship to play host to both Threel and D’Lar.

Initially, we had dismissed the Ambassadors’ demands to be quartered aboard “the superior ship” as little more than political posturing – the Kuldar and Rytain people have a long and contentious history, so, any perceived display of superiority by one faction is typically answered in kind by the other – but, now that we have completed a tour of Peregrine’s decks in preparation for D’Lar and Threel’s imminent arrival, I find myself wondering if there’s not more to it than that.

D’Lar’s observation that the Peregrine is a “superior ship” as compared to the Coronado isn’t entirely untrue. The Saber class does outmatch the older Miranda class, tactically, as it is faster, more maneuverable, and outfitted with uprated weapons systems; however, this is a diplomatic mission, and, for the purposes of space, comfort, and luxury, the Coronado’s facilities would have gone a lot farther towards serving the Ambassadors’ goals of maintaining an air of visible superiority in the ambassadorial arena. We have our suspicions as to D’Lar’s true motives, of course, but are, as yet, uncertain as to Threel. Did the Rytain ambassador request to be quartered aboard the Peregrine simply as a means to ‘save face,’ as he professed in this morning’s meeting, or, perhaps, are his intentions just as questionable as his Kuldaren counterpart’s? Have their respective governments seen, in the Federation’s offer to moderate their peace talks, more than a diplomatic opportunity? Is it possible they have decided to set aside generations of acrimony between their peoples… joined forces in some covert attempt to acquire advanced, Starfleet technology or, worse, an entire starship? I can’t say for certain but, given the unexpected developments with the Ambassadors, compounded by a similarly confounding transfer of no less than three of Peregrine’s department heads on the eve of our undertaking, we find ourselves more than a little uneasy at the prospects of what the next several days may have in store.

Having said that, I have already met two of our three new department heads – Lt Berk, who is replacing Lt Rockatansky as our Chief Tactical Officer, and Lt Lasad, who has assumed the Ops Chief position in the wake of Chell’s promotion to Lt Commander and transfer off of the Peregrine - both Berk and Lasad seem to have taken immediately and efficiently to their duties and have been instrumental in preparing for the arrival of the Ambassadors. We have yet to make the acquaintance of Lt Moore – the third new department head, replacing Lt Synklar as our CMO – but, I imagine, that will change in just a few minutes as Captain Drake has scheduled a staff meeting ahead of our reception of the Kuldar and Rytain delegates. Chief Petty Officer Cook, whom I encountered earlier, has met the new Doctor and advises me that, like Berk and Lasad, Moore seems very capable… and friendly… a good trait for a doctor to have, we think.

Maybe I’m overthinking or reading entirely too much into this rapid fire series of events… Then again, past experience dictates that I distrust those instincts at great peril… We shall see.

Posted on 2016-04-06 at 12:01:18.
Edited on 2016-04-06 at 12:09:20 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Logbooking

I've started updating the logbook to reference some posts/events that haven't made it there, yet... plenty of those to catch up with as far as the log is concerned... got several entries tacked on already and, hopefully, will be continuing the catch up effort throughout the day.

Edit: Or... you know... since I haven't had enough coffee to make my brain work properly, maybe I'll just take a break until the caffeine kicks in.

Posted on 2016-04-06 at 08:27:17.
Edited on 2016-04-06 at 08:43:26 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Who Owns Rusty Dull Swords? (W.O.R.D.S.)
Subject: Because puppy-monkey-baby


Posted on 2016-04-06 at 08:24:41.

Topic: The Bleeding Lute - Come on in and Play!
Subject: ~~~~

As the not so discreet turnings of appraising eyes and susurrations of conspiratorial whispering escaped the tight knot of the three recently arrived round-ears, Nyx peered past Tatiana at the men in an attempt to gauge their intent. Tatiana, too, had been affording the trio with a glance of her own, in this time, and, when she turned back to regard Nyx, she lowered her glass and softly said; “It seems they might be looking for me.”

“I had imagined as much,” the Mith’ganni replied sardonically, “not the greatest of discretion in that lot, yes?”

“If they start anything, do not intrude,” she said, adding with a smile, “You aren't being paid so there is no need for your 'services'.”

Nyx’s reply to this was, simply, to take up his goblet and, following a sip of the dregs at the bottom of the thing, extract himself from his shadows. As he whispered across the short distance between his, now abandoned table, and hers, he subtly waved his goblet in Sarah’s direction by way of requesting a refill. The barmaid nodded her confirmation and fetched the bottle as the Mith’ganni reached Tatiana’s table and settled himself into the seat across from her. “You make many assumptions, my cousin,” Nyx smiled coolly, his moon-eyed gaze slithering to the knot of soldiers and, then, back to Tatiana, “Who is to say that I am not being paid other than those parties who have offered the coin for my services? And, better, who is to say for what I might be receiving that payment, yes?”

Sarah arrived at the table, then, and wordlessly refilled Nyx’s cup. This done, the barmaid’s eyes flitted nervously from the Mith’ganni to the table where the three fighters continued in their hushed tones, and, finally, back to Tatiana whereupon she, at last managed something of a smile; “Another for you, m’lady?”

((OOC: Room for Tatiana’s reply here…))

As Sarah scampered away, Nyx smiled across the table at the sorceress. “You have named me assassin more than once, this night, arwenamin,” he said softly, “and, in that, perhaps, you are not mistaken. Who is to say, though, that I only get paid for the taking of lives, hm?”

Posted on 2016-04-06 at 07:00:46.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Yay post!

Boo work!

Posted on 2016-04-05 at 12:28:06.

Topic: AMC's The Walking Dead
Subject: Agreed to a point

I think there might a little too much "fluff" trying to build tension, in this episode, and, for all it was hyped to be since the mid-season premier, that ending was pretty "anti-climactic." I would have much rather gone out of season six knowing exactly who got the Lucille treatment. That would have been plenty cliffhangery enough for me. So, yeah, it was kind of a middle finger to the fan-base, in that respect.

That said, and making the following comments as a reader/fan of the comics and a watcher/fan of the TV series, I'm kind of looking forward to the Negan arc. Sure, it appears to be a no win situation for Rick and company, now, and, in a sense, it'll seem that way for a good while... Negan is like the Governor in a lot of respects and there are some definite parallels where the two are concerned, buuuuut Negan kind of makes the Governor look like Mr Rogers in full on comparison. The Governor was certainly running a totalitarian type system but, at least he did it from behind a veil of pseudo-democracy for a little while. Negan on the other hand is just right out there in the open about it... "All of this is MINE!"

Plus, Rick and company have some "lessons learned" that they've taken away from their encounters with the Gov and his ilk and, in this Negan arc, it it's done right, they'll get to employ quite a bit of those lessons learned to great effect.

While I'm not the greatest fan of how season 6 wrapped up, I don't think it got me quite as steamed as Olan.

Posted on 2016-04-05 at 11:39:46.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty
Subject: More from the flight deck

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Shuttlebay 2 – 1035

=/=Shuttle 01: Biometric Security Protocols configured,=/= Kook’s voice announced over the comm, =/=Ready for remote synchronization, Flight Ops.=/=

=/=Flight Ops, acknowledged,=/=V’Lur answered, =/=Remote synchronization commencing.=/=

Inside the cockpit of the Type-18 the Peregrine’s flight crew had dubbed Pod 01, Megan finished the last control-circuit shunt and reached up, tapping the console to initiate configuration of the ATO matrix. When the on-board computer chirped it’s confirmation, Megan tapped her badge. “Pod 01: Biometric Security Protocols configured. Sync ‘er up, Yas.”

=/=Acknowledged,=/= came the reply, =/=Syncing now.=/=

The glow of the conduits leading to and from the shuttlepod’s Remote Operation Transponder shifted in color, changing first to a dim yellow, then flaring to green for a nanosecond, before returning to the familiar blue. Satisfied with her work, Megan nodded, replaced the access panel and, after crawling out from beneath the console, got to her feet and, with the swipe of a finger, sent Pod 01 into standby mode. As she stepped through the hatch and back on to the flight deck, she caught sight of the enormous Ensign Thomason as he clipped down the stairwell and into the bay.

“Mother Mary, th’ man’s a giant,” Megan muttered to herself, unable, at the moment, to keep from gawking. She had caught a fleeting (and somewhat drunken) glimpse of the new Flight Control Officer, last night, of course, and, while she’d seen then that Thomason was, indeed, a mountain of a man, she’d also possibly attributed her initial estimation of his true size to intoxicated exaggeration. Seeing him, now, through sober eyes, though, Megan was possibly even more astounded at the sight of him.

She glimpsed SCPO Kukonnen on the other side of the shuttlebay in her peripheral vision, just then, as the man made his way from Shuttle 01 to Shuttle 02, and it tore her attention, however briefly, away from the new Ensign. “Kook!” She whistled, not terribly indiscreetly, to get the man’s attention and, when he looked her way, she gestured toward the approaching Ensign Thomason with a subtle canting of her head. She couldn’t help but grin when, as his eyes fell on Thomason, Kook’s mouth dropped open and his eyes almost bugged out of his head.

WOW! he mouthed the word when his disbelieving gaze ticked back to Megan.

Told ya, she mouthed in response, HUGE!

Decorum overcame dumbfoundedness, then, and Kook barked out; “Officer on deck!” He and Megan snapped to attention.

((OOC: Presuming an “as you were” or somesuch from Hebert))

“Good morning, sir,” Kook said, advancing to meet Thomason and extending a hand by way of a less ‘Starfleet-Formal’ greeting, “I’m Senior Chief Petty Officer Maarti Kukonnen…”

((OOC: handshake assumed))

“…and this,” he continued as Megan, smiling brightly, scampered to his side, “is Petty Officer Second Class Megan Owen. You must be Ensign Thomason. Welcome aboard, sir.”

“Yessir,” Megan cheeped, offering her own tiny hand for a shake of the ensign’s massive one, “Welcome ta th’ Deck, Ensign Tiny… er… Thomason… Ensign Thomason… Sir…”


“You’ll have to forgive, Petty Officer Owen,” SCPO Kukonnen chuckled, perhaps a bit uneasily, “She’s got a habit of handing out nicknames. I’ve been ‘Kook’ for almost eight months, now.” He nudged Megan with an elbow; “Want to tell the Ensign what you call Lt Zai and Ensign P’Tammah?”

“Noooo…” Megan had already begun to blush when ‘Ensign Tiny’ made it, unchecked, past her lips, but, at Kook’s prodding, that faint reddening of her cheeks flared into full life. She tried to will it away but couldn’t quite manage it. She wanted to sock Kook in the arm, too, but didn’t figure it’d be appropriate with Ensign Thomason standing right there. Instead, she squirmed in her own skin, forced herself to look Thomason in the eye (…not that it was easy from waaaaay down here…), and offered a sheepish little grin. “I am sorry, sir,” she offered sincerely, “I’ve jus’ been paddin’ my duty shifts with studyin’ for my bridge certification an’ with th’ hulabaloo tha’ this mornin’s been an’ th’ hangover I had from las’ night an’ rememberin’ ta set up th’ bloomin’ ATO parameters before ya reconnect th’ IO conduits ta th’ bloody ROT I must’ve somehow shorted out my mind ta mouth filter.

Right, then,” she chirped, her smile no longer the sheepish sort as, during the course of that single-breath-spiel, it had reverted to it’s standard ‘brilliantly cheery’ form, “Back to work for me… before I keep talkin’ an’ get myself inta trouble… Okay… bye.”

With that, Megan skittered off towards Pod 02, leaving a blinking Thomason and a grinning Kukonnen in her wake.

“And that’s just full impulse, sir,” Kook said after a moment, “You should hear her when she goes to warp.”

Posted on 2016-04-05 at 11:24:09.
Edited on 2016-04-05 at 11:24:48 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: I know... punish myself, I'm wearing clothespins on my earlobes until after lunch.

Posted on 2016-04-05 at 09:38:02.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Correction

Flight Control Personnel Note: I just realized that, in some cases, I've misappropriated some shuttles that we shouldn't have. In several recent posts, I've referred to Type-6 shuttles when, in actuality, Peregrine should be outfitted with Type-8s. Not a huge discrepancy, really, as the Type 8 is just a newer/faster/more powerful version of the 6 buuuuuuuut... *shrug* ... I went ahead and edited the last two "flight deck" posts to reference 8s as opposed to 6s.

Aux Craft Compliment on the Peregrine is:

  • Type-8 Shuttlecraft (2)
  • Type-10 Shuttlecraft (1)
  • Type-18 Shuttlepods (2)
  • Work Bees (2)

Posted on 2016-04-05 at 08:35:24.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Busy indeed...

...between the craziness of the weekend, the resurgence of winter (plus crazy weather in general), and a monster system outage yesterday, I've been "slacking" a bit, myself. Toying with the idea of continuing on with scenes from the flight deck from the perspective of Megan and Kook, today, thereby giving Arcani a bit more post fodder for Thomason. Hoping for a slowish day, work-wise, to do just that. *crosses fingers*

Posted on 2016-04-05 at 06:46:19.

Topic: Creative solution to an otherwise costly problem.
Subject: Necessity is the mother of invention

I've never really used minis in gaming, to be honest. I've painted several and such but, as far as actually utilizing them in a game setting... nope. That said, your solution sounds like a damned fine one (and extremely cost-effective to boot). Well done.

P.S. You ought to post some pics of the final results.

Posted on 2016-04-04 at 13:49:56.

Topic: Alacrity withdrawal
Subject: :(

I'm sure I speak for any and everyone that's participated in your games, Alacrity, when I say that your presence will be missed, as will your games. However, it's completely understandable... Gotta take care of you and yours ahead of all else.

Best wishes, good vibes, and happy thoughts, my friend!

Posted on 2016-04-04 at 09:14:05.
Edited on 2016-04-04 at 09:20:58 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Arcani

Posted framework for Ens Thomason in Flight Ops.

Assuming that Hebert goes down on to the Flight Deck at this point…

Once on the flight deck, Thomason will likely see Kook and Megan going about their duties. Megan will be buttoning down the 18’s and Kook will be working on the 6’s… They’re probably close to finishing up the first of each, or have just finished. If they see Thomason, they will, of course, offer up a salute and a greeting… let me know if you need anything else… Dialogue for the NPCs (which you are also free to create for yourself), etc...

Posted on 2016-04-04 at 07:08:43.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty
Subject: Thomason on deck

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Deck 4, Shuttlebay 1 – 1030

“So,” Hebert asked, having made his introductions to Yas and V’Lur, “what can I do to be of service?”

“You are the ranking officer, sir,” V’Lur intoned, taking up a PADD that Lt Zai had left in his possession, a short while ago, and handing it over to Ens Thomason, “thus, it is not my place to issue you orders; however, the Lieutenant has asked that we make appropriate preparations for the arrival of the Kuldar and Rytain ambassadors…”

((OOC: V’Lur will fall silent here while Hebert reviews the directives on the PADD… “ensure that all auxiliary craft, in particular, those that are warp capable and/or outfitted with armaments, be locked down with additional protocols in order to prevent unauthorized access to and/or operation, also secure remote operations systems and CONN interface in Flight Ops”… Once Hebert looks up and/or responds, V’Lur will continue.))

“SCPO Kukkonen and PO2 Owen are on the flight deck, now, tending to the Type-8’s and Type-18’s,” the Vulcan NCO advised when Thomason’s gaze lifted from the PADD, “if you would like to address the onboard systems for the Type-10, that would be acceptable. Conversely, if you would prefer to stay here in the Ops center and assist in securing the remote systems and the CONN interface, I can send CPO Yasuo onto the deck with Kukkonen and Owen. The choice is yours, sir.”

((OOC: Per our PM convo re: Hebert’s choice))

“Very well, sir,” V’Lur deadpanned, gesturing through the large window that overlooked the shuttlebay, “You will find the Type-10 shuttle in the maintenance bay. Access is via the lift or the stairwell just off the gantry outside this office. The assistance is appreciated, sir.”

Posted on 2016-04-04 at 07:06:58.
Edited on 2016-04-05 at 08:28:50 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Schedule

Staff meeting - 1100

Ambassadors arrive - 1200

Peregrine departs SB 118 - 1300

Posted on 2016-04-02 at 11:23:25.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: It's all done...

...out of love, Dox!

Posted on 2016-04-01 at 14:15:43.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: No apologies necessary...

...that's exactly the reason I asked. Don't want you feeling like you're biting off more than you can chew until you feel comfortable chewing it.

Gonna grab some sustenance and let the dogs out, now, but I hope to have something put together for you before the end of the day.

Posted on 2016-04-01 at 13:26:25.

Topic: The Bleeding Lute - Come on in and Play!
Subject: As the Inn grows louder

“Whether I see them or not matters little to me,” Tatiana said with a shrug, “though it will matter to them if they do disturb this ‘lovely’ conversation that we are having.”

“You have very little to worry over, there, cousin,” Nyx replied, gesturing toward the tall, heavily armed half-elf who, taciturnly, stood his post at one end of the bar, “That one… Murph, I believe he is called, yes?... it is his job to ensure no steel is drawn, here, without, unpleasant repercussions.”

The woman smiled and sipped at her wine before continuing; “So, you haven’t answered my question, Sereg’wethrin.”

“Would an answer matter, Arwen istar?” he grinned cryptically, an alabaster finger tracing languidly along the stem of his goblet as he watched her, and the three fighters beyond her, “you seem to have already made your determination.”

She seemed less inclined, now, to have him admit to his profession, taking his reticence as an answer unto itself. She did continue the conversation as if he had provided a firm reply, though.

“…what people think of you would be very important in your line of ‘business,’ I would think,” she had observed, “I mean if they perceive you as a threat then they are automatically on their guard and this increases the difficult of the ‘business.’ Now look at me? These people here at this Inn see no threat in me. They consider me harmless and therefore are ill prepared for anything that I might choose to do. If I were so inclined.”

That razor-sharp smile danced on the Mith’ganni’s lips, again, disappearing only briefly, when Nyx indulged in another taste of his wine. “My work speaks for itself,” he said, “and it is the work for which I am hired, not my charm, yes? Let them think what they like…”

Posted on 2016-04-01 at 12:57:49.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty Q&A
Subject: Good post, Arcani!

I'll try and have something else tacked up for you soon... unless, of course, you just wanna take my "basic thoughts" and run with them on your own... I figure V'Lur will basically go over the info he provided the rest of the FC crew in the previous post "securing the shuttles and the Flight Ops link to CONN" and give the Ensign his druthers as to what he'd like to do... Want to hit the deck and do the lock down configuration of the Type 10 while Kook and Megan are working the 6s and 18s?... Or would you rather supervise/oversee/assist with the remote systems and CONN lock from Flight Ops? Completely up to you...

Posted on 2016-04-01 at 12:52:55.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty
Subject: re-tag

Deck 3, Corridor – 0956

"It is no excuse however," she went on quickly, "I could have caused injury to one of both of us with such behavior. My apologies sir! I will be more careful in the future."

“It’s a good thing I’m not on the hunt of excuses or apologies, then,” Tochi’s smile brightened a bit as he waved away her apology. Nurse Cook had the reputation among her juniors as being something of a taskmaster or drill sergeant, seeing her flustered as she was at this moment, though, he couldn’t quite imagine it. “You’ve met the new Doctor, we presume?”

((OOC: Assuming a positive response, if nothing else… maybe a quick “personal appraisal” of Moore from Dana’s perspective?))

“Good, good,” Lt Zai nodded, “Despite the mass turn over, it seems, all of our replacements are going to slot in perfectly. Unfortunately, we probably won’t have the opportunity to meet Dr Moore until the staff meeting. Give her my regards if you see her before then, would you?”

((OOC: Assuming another positive))

“Thank you,” he grinned, taking a step to the side, now, and making a sweeping gesture in the direction she had been heading when they nearly bumped into one another, “We’ll let you get back to your day, then… Dana, isn’t it? Have a good morning.”

((OOC: And, anything else you want to add… otherwise, Tochi will let Miss Hustle-and-Bustle go on about her business. ))

Posted on 2016-04-01 at 12:45:18.

Topic: Star Trek: the Edge of Duty
Subject: Backpost back at ya!

Stardate 2365.02.08
USS Peregrine; Deck 3 – 0955

When he and Nurse Cook nearly collided in the hallway, Tochi reached out a hand to steady the woman as she seemed to have been more surprised about it that he.

“Sorry, sir,” she stammered, “I should have been watching where I was going.”

Lt Zai shook his head and offered a smile. “Quite alright, Nurse Cook,” he said, taking his hand from her shoulder now that he was certain she was steady, “We weren’t exactly quick to get out of the way and it has been a frenzied morning, all around. We imagine you’ve been particularly busy, what with the influx of so many new bodies in Medical.”

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