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Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: Opportunity presents itself...

As the group approached the torchbearer and Jarenion got a good eye on the thing, determining at a glance what it was and was not, he released a breath he had held for only an instant too long and, also, suspended the weaving of the protection from evil spell he had had in mind. He kept the formulae to the fore of his mind, though, as he was certain it would be needed ere long.

Lifting the brim of his hat with one end of his staff as he eyed the grotesque mannequin, Jarenion smirked a little. “Something of a scarecrow,” the mage observed, aloud but more to himself than anyone else, “intended to scare other than crows.” He craned his neck back, turning his violet eyes to the bodies of the hunters where they hanged above and mused; “Why ever a scarecrow in addition to the likes of that, though, is beyond comprehension…”

His lips pressed tightly together, drawing his mouth into something that was not quite a frown as his gaze lowered, again, to the faces of his companions. “The torch is the most obvious magic, here,” he informed them, then, “a simple spell cast, likely, for the effect.” A subtle jerk of his head to their rear was meant to indicate the cavern from which they’d emerged; “The rocks in the cave, there, belie a raw magic, as well… nothing formed or directed. Beyond that, there is nothing more arcane here, now, than those enchantments carried with us.

My spell has some time left,” he finished, nodding to Arien, “I shall be sure to inform you if anything changes.”

((OOC: Just a little fluff to follow up on the DMs torchbearer post and to pass on the intel J gleaned from detect magic… protection from evil, 10’ on hold but pending, at the moment…As stated, Jarenion will be keeping mind to any forthconming results from that detect spell for the duration, if possible.))

Posted on 2014-11-11 at 11:01:55.
Edited on 2014-11-11 at 11:02:53 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Virus Issues
Subject: Sucky-doo!

I hate that 'hijack your data' goatrope virus crap! Makes ya wanna smash peoples digits with a sledghammer!

Here's to a speedy recovery of el lappytoppy!

Posted on 2014-11-11 at 10:02:52.

Topic: Virus Issues
Subject: That's why...

...I always wear a condom when I use the computer!

Posted on 2014-11-11 at 09:33:09.

Subject: LOL

"You're dead! Go sit in the corner!"


"Have you had enough time to think about what you did?


Okay, then, wanna come back to the game?"

Posted on 2014-11-11 at 08:07:54.

Topic: Greetings from Dunk
Subject: RL Denied!

You get your sorry butt back here and do something that's really important, goldingit!!!

Seriously, though... we all know how the dragon of RL can rear it's ugly head and get in the way of posty-fun... you do what you do, you kick it's butt, and, once you've "recovered" you pop in to the Red Dragon for a pint of Froth n' Slosh and a tale or three... Bound to be Innmates here whenever that may be.... and they'll prob'ly be telling stories about you anyway.

Posted on 2014-11-11 at 08:03:14.

Topic: AMC's The Walking Dead
Subject: Another reveal...

...that they sprang on us much sooner than I had expected! *blink-blinkity-blink* They're tearing through a LOT of material with a crazy quickness this season and, as much as I hate to say it, might be "losing" some people in the process.

It wasn't the most exciting episode, for sure, and I can't say that I hated it at all, but I do think that, if you're not one of us "I've read the comics" types, a LOT of the impact surrounding Abraham's flashback scenes (and to a lesser extent, Eugene's "confession") might have gotten lost. *shrugs*

Still, story-arc ambiguity aside, I'm interested to see how things work out for Abe and company vs the "print version"... and hoping that, in a future episode or two, they fill in some of the blanks they scrawled out with this last one.

Posted on 2014-11-10 at 13:08:26.

Subject: What?!?!?

I'm the only victim of Alacrity's DMitutde on the site?!?!?!

Yay! I'm SPECIAL!!!

Also... back on topic... Tann - no one is trying to lessen what CWWLLO meant to you or anything along those lines. In fact, that game is one that will hold a special place in my own little gamer's heart, too, due to the fact that (I believe) that was the first D&D game I ever played here at the Inn and the first D&D game in which I was ever convinced to play a mage. (Something I've started to become rather fond of these days, truth be told.) Plus, that was the impetus for me ending up on the staff and laying the groundwork for true friendship with many of the Innmates hereabouts (yourself included). All that's being said is that, with the one-shot nature of this game, details like age and super-involved backstories are kind of neither here nor there.

As Olan said, if you want to put that much thought into it, please feel free... Hell, I'm kind of putting more and more thought into "this version" of Jarenion as we go along, myself, just on the off chance he survives and somehow manages to find himself in another adventure to come buuuuut I'm not letting those flashes of errata effect the game as it stands unless/until Alacrity decides it matters. Right now, I'm just focussing on spell management and making sure I have enough HP before I go flying off into the face of danger again.

Posted on 2014-11-10 at 12:51:22.
Edited on 2014-11-10 at 13:00:17 by Eol Fefalas

Subject: heh II

And here I was worried that Jarenion wasn't old enough...


Age is just a number, anyway... besides, we're ALL gonna die! The objective is to do so in spectacular fashion and take as many baddies with us as we can.... or something... *crickets?*

Posted on 2014-11-10 at 12:09:27.

Subject: Blam, suckah!!!

That almost looks like an "Eol-of-old" post!

Could it be that CWWLLO is what I've needed to restore my writitude? ermahgerd!!!

Posted on 2014-11-10 at 10:54:55.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: Awaaaaaay we go.... (hooo boy...)

In the Queen’s Library
Jarenion offered a faint smile and a respectful nod in lieu of a bow when Lun inclined her head in his direction. It had been years and more since he’d seen the High Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow but, he was pleased to note, her beauty had not diminished in the slightest and her wisdom, as evidenced by her meaningful nod, had only flourished. “Oio naa alealla alasse’, Lun Arwenamin,” the mage said softly, taking a step closer to his silent friend, after she, too, had affirmed her acceptance of this quest from their Queen, “Lle maa quell.*”

The reunion with the priestess was necessarily short on any reminiscence, of course, for as soon as the last of the gathered troupe had affirmed their dedication to the quest, Yolanda’s regal head dipped in acknowledgement and gratitude. “Let us move to the garden immediately, then and we will begin,” she said even as she turned to lead the way.

Jarenion fell into step alongside Lun, their staves ticking in harmony as they followed and falling silent in unison when Yolanda glided to a halt and turned to present Arien and Sparrow with the amulets and explained their use. He nodded when the queen provided the information on the Sisters’ preference of lair and terrain, and smiled when Yolanda herself did so at long last. This meant the Queen’s hope, to whatever measure, had been restored from the dismal pit in which it had lingered since Galen’s disappearance.

“Thank you all,” the Queen smiled as Jarenion felt her magics beginning to strum the air about them, “and may the gods guide you on this quest.”

The mage’s fingers curled about his adamantine staff in expectation and, even as the light of the teleportation spell intensified, his mind sought out the beginnings of his own incantation to put to work when they appeared… wherever that might be…

At the Entrance to the Tomb of Acerarak

By the time the vibrations of Yolanda’s teleportation spell had cleared and Jarenion’s eyes registered, first, the presence of all his companions and, then, the surroundings in which they now found themselves, the mage could have imagined, in his much younger days, having stumbled over the simple spell he had begun and having to restart due to his surprise at their destination…

The Tomb of Horrors, the part of his mind that was free from the turnings of spellcraft registered, Aiya! This bodes not well.

…As it was, though, and despite having been deposited in front of one of the most infamous locals in legend and lore, the mage’s mind clung to the mana-bending and completed the formula even as the others also came to their own realizations of their current locale.

((OOC: Detect magic, please… hopefully a decent enough spread to encompass the entirety of the area in which we have appeared and the way forward into the tomb, torchbearer, pillars, and bodies include.))

“Acererak’s tomb,” the dwarven general grumbled, the words that followed flowing from remembrances to readiness with ease as Kadrin situated shield and hammer…

The ranger, Sparrow, touched the amulet at her breast and smirked; “No big surprise; the amulet says we go into the cave.”

Finarsil’s song sparked an inspiring magic in the elsewise fell atmosphere, even if there was no mana expended on the bard’s part.

“Be ready,” Arien hissed as he indicated the torchbearer standing between themselves and the mouth of the tomb, “This man – or whatever he is – is no friend. No decent person would be in such a place of evil as this, surrounded by the hunters in such a display. I fear a trap; prepare yourselves, friends, and fan out into combat formation!”

As the knight, Liun’naur freed at his side, strode forward and challenged the torchbearer, Jarenion focused on the results of his detect magic spell and, as ordered, found his place in the combat array and readied himself for whatever may come… In a place such as this, he had an instant to muse, it will come quickly of a certain and, I’ll wager, far more often than any of us might like…

The mage flicked a glance at Lun, and smiled a peculiar smile; “Lle desiel?**”

((OOC: Okay… Detect magic spell cast per above. Jarenion will, of course, immediately share any pertinent information he gleans from the spell with Arien and the rest. Next step (if there’s nothing to inhibit it) is to prep/cast Protection from Evil, 10’ radius (centered on Arien, if possible, or, if not, on whichever party member is closest to the current “center” of our formation)… Spell selection thereafter is dependent upon the results of the Detect Magic spell and the actions/reactions of the torchbearer. If his attentions are free enough, the mage will also be sure to take a look around and see if any secret doors/passages make themselves readily obvious to his eyes.

* “Ever thy sight is a joy, My Lady Lun. You’re looking well.”
** “Are you ready?”))

Posted on 2014-11-10 at 10:50:35.
Edited on 2014-11-10 at 10:51:30 by Eol Fefalas

Subject: Posty post post

Coming soon... long, busy weekend sprinkled with wi-fi woes, you know? Read up on everyone else's goodness and will have Jerenion's input by this afternoon (assuming a reltively slow day at work) or this evening (if I get my hoopty handed to me).

Posted on 2014-11-10 at 08:57:58.

Subject: Nice post, Hammer...

Minor point, though... the Queen's name is Yolanda.

Posted on 2014-11-07 at 00:14:54.

Topic: AMC's The Walking Dead
Subject: Slabtown

Interesting episode in which we find out (at long last) what happened to Beth. To me, this was somewhat of a complete left turn for the series (paring the episode down to focus on a single character - and one who, for the most part, hadn't really done much of anything aside from sing and look pretty since season 2 (and the last couple of episodes she was in in S4)) aaaaaand I really kind of liked it!!! As I said, not really your "standard" Walking Dead episode and, IMO, a rather needed side-trip to remind some of us what this show really has the potential to be!

Beth's "character development" in this episode was kind of a big adrenaline rush - you got to see her go from a perceived meekling to a surprise hero in the span of forty-some minutes and it's just spectacular!

As to Officer Dawn and the hospital crew... I'm thinking that we just got our first look at the TV show's analog to the comic series "Saviors" which, most likely, will lead to the introduction of the next "truly" Big Bad but I'm kind of hoping that they save that reveal for perhaps the season finale (not the mid-season) and they play with Dawn and/or another chapter of Saviors for a time before we get into the depths of it all and run into our next "Governor-type" antagonist.

I have also decided that I really would like to see Beth stick around for a while. I was apathetic about her character one way or another for a time but her "bonding with Daryl episodes" form the end of last season and this particular episode have gotten me a little more emotionally invested in her... which means if she doesn't get munched in the next episode, then she'll get munched in the mid-season finale most likely.

Posted on 2014-11-05 at 17:47:59.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: Of course...

After having been delivered to the library by the agents of Queen Yolanda, Jarenion passed the little bit of time between their taking their leave and the arrival of the queen herself by sipping at a goblet of honey-wine, inspecting the libraries considerable collection and, now and again, pausing in his perusal to converse with old friends and compatriots as they each arrived. Neither the examination of Yolandas library nor his reminiscing with once-and-now-again colleagues was long-lived, however, as Lady Rhalta of All Elvenkind made her appearance with a rapidity akin to the summons which all of the gathered adventurers had received. Instantly obvious in her demeanor, despite her preternatural grace and beauty, was the tinge of worry and weariness

Most certain urgency, indeed, the mage reaffirmed his earlier thoughts as he closed the tome he had been inspecting, got to his feet, and offered a silent bow to the Queen, I cannot recall having ever seen Her Majesty in such a state.

I will not waste time with pleasantries, Yolanda offered in lieu of greeting, gliding to a stop in their midst, There is a dire matter at hand, which is why I called you here with such haste

Jarenion listened intently as the Queen spelled out the details of the fate she believed to have befallen her son and his charges and, thus, her need for calling this group together. She made no excuses or apologies for the dangers that accepting this task would entail, nor did she portend any ill will to those who may have chosen to decline her request Not that he imagined any of those in attendance would refuse He certainly had no intention of doing so even if he may have visibly winced at the mention of Morag, Mallenroh, and Margana.

Time is of essence. The blood magic to release them requires a full moon and that is tomorrow night. That is why I moved to find and bring you with such urgency, Yolanda concluded, Galen and the ladies must be found and I ask you to aid me on this quest. What say you?

"Your Majesty," Arien spoke, bowing low. "You have my sword in your quest. I will aid you in any way that I can. If it is in my power, I will see your son returned safely to you and this evil be stopped. I will see this quest fulfilled, or my spirit will fly my dying body; this is my pledge to you." With that, the knight kissed his sword and laid the enchanted elven blade at Queen Yolanda's feet, then took a knee with his head bowed in front of the monarch.

"My queen, Sparrow added with an uncharacteristic curtsey, I will do what I can to see your son returned safe to your side. Though I am willing to lay down my life in this task I find it preferable to allow those who took your son to pay with theirs as the cost of their foolishness."

For his part, Jarenion doffed his hat, made a futile attempt at taming his hair for at least an instant, and followed the lead of the knight and the ranger, offering Yolanda a respectful bow and saying; Amin naa lle nai, tariamin.* Galen has been a friend and more to each of us, here, and were the roles reversed, he would be the first to offer aid.

((OOC: * I am yours to command, my queen.)

Posted on 2014-11-04 at 20:04:28.

Subject: I...

...would even pay to see that!

Posted on 2014-11-04 at 15:38:23.

Subject: First...

...I rarely ever complain about a lengthy post, for some reason. And that one was well worth the read... Arien's got a little AATIV and a honey of a half elf (?) wife? Who knew? Go Arien!

Secondly... regarding specificity and precision... magic is not to be flung about willy-nilly like some child's toy, good sir! That sort of thing gets your metal armored companions fried by lightning bolts or your mage flying into the path of one of those thri-kreen throwing thingies and plummeting to earth in some horrifically awesome death scene!!! Or... you know... got it!

Posted on 2014-11-04 at 14:54:53.

Subject: Bam!

Not much from Jarenion, there, but a little something, anyway. Felt good to write even that little bit, though... Looking forward to the adventure!

Posted on 2014-11-03 at 16:33:03.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: Uuma ma� ten� rashwe, ta tuluva a� lle

South of Courwood, nestled between the fringes of the Suss Forest and the foothills of the Lortmil Mountains, the earth seemed to stab an accusatory finger at the darkened autumn sky in the form of an obsidian tower, swathed in the lavender hues of diffused eldritch light. In the lower levels of this arcane stronghold, the apprentices and attendants of Jarenion Mithesonel now slept or studied as was their calling at this hour. The mage, himself, however, could, as usual, be found muttering to himself as he paced between the library and laboratory (both of which seemed to teeter precariously at the tower's pinnacle but may not have existed in the tower proper, at all), his full attentions enrapt by whatever spell formulae he might be attempting to bind. Tangled strands of raven-hued hair spilled onto the pages of the tome he carried in one hand as, head down, engrossed in the text, he absently followed the outer circumference of the circle he had earlier etched on the floor of the lab in blue chalk and stamped the end of his staff into that circle at every twelfth degree. His muttering stopped only long enough for Jarenion, mildly irritated by his own hair obscuring the next sigil upon the page, to blow the offending lock to the side, smirk in satisfaction, then roll his eyes as he attempted to recall exactly where he had been before being distracted...

"Aiya," he murmured after a moment, tapping the misplaced script with the end of a simple willow wand when he found it; "Lema ed' ando en' templa!"

The blue chalk at his feet hissed, smoked, and then burst into a whirling cloud of blue-white motes of light which, as they spiraled towards an opening in the roof above, drew the lavender glow that ensheathed the tower into itself and, just as the portal that Jarenion had expected was about to wink into existence, the spell imploded. The purplish light escaped back to the tower's outer walls while the motes that had formed the cloud compressed against one another until they formed a white-hot sphere that dropped to the floor of the laboratory, lingered there a second, and then burnt through this floor and Boccob only knew how many more before the mana dispersed.

Jarenion winced at the flash and shielded his eyes from the acrid smoke wafting toward him from the smoldering hole, fanning it away with the still open tome he held as he muttered curses under his breath and trying to determine where he'd gone wrong while simultaneously scrutinizing his laboratory for any damage beyond the dimly glowing void in the planks of his floor. The smoke whirled away from him and seemed to find a vortex in which to trap itself above the hole and, even as Jarenion muttered the word
"Curious", formed itself into an image of the Faerie Queen.

"Help me Jarenion Mithesonel," the ethereal image of Yolande implored via the spell of sending, "for the kingdom of the Grey elves and perhaps that of mankind is in grave danger. I know you have aided my son Galenthanus many times in the past. Please come to me now in my time of need."

The mage blinked his violet eyes, nonplussed by a summons from the Queen but more than a little curious as to why she had sought him out herself. In the past, whenever the royals had need of his services, it had always been Galenthanus who had contacted him and Jarenion found this personal summons by the Perfect Flower of Celene to be more than a bit disconcerting... A thing of most certain urgency, he surmised even as he sketched the semblance of a bow to the dissipating semblance of Yolande. "Amin naa tualle," he answered, already moving to the cupboard he had not opened in perhaps fifteen years, "Amin tulien." He unlocked the cabinet and, with a long memorized incantation, set his satchel about packing itself even as he extracted the beaten leather hat and the charcoal grey coat that the Archmage Rune had presented to him all those years ago.

While Jarenion had retired from the adventuring life some time ago and, to that end, found himself even more troubled by Yolande's sending, the mage couldn't help but smile a little as he donned Rune's coat and shaded his eyes beneath the hat's wide brim. Those two simple actions brought back many memories of discovering new mysteries while in the company of good friends... friends who, if the fates were kind and the Queen's summons was as imperative as he sensed, may well have been mustered at Enstad, also. He made the last of his preparations before the cinders around the newly burned hole in his lab floor had cooled and, outfitted as he had not been in quite some time, found himself on the twisting path that lead from his tower's door and in the company of Yolande's emissaries before his apprentices could register that he was gone.

Posted on 2014-11-03 at 16:30:51.
Edited on 2014-11-12 at 09:45:28 by Eol Fefalas

Subject: Gives us the shinies, precioussssss!!!

Niiiiice posts so far guys! Hoping to have an initial post for Jarenion up in the next few hours... Wedding is over, weekend of clean up and recuperation has passed, and I'm back at work with time to focus on things aside from sending my daughter off into the abyss... I mean, holy matrimony.

Posted on 2014-11-03 at 13:31:16.

Topic: Ads on the Inn?
Subject: Heh!

Once I get this wedding paid for and my bank account subsequently back to a more "dippable" level, I'll be sure to make more of a use of the ads... Just haven't had any extra cash available to shop for myself of late, you know?

C'mooooooon, FRIDAY!!!

Posted on 2014-10-28 at 15:38:29.

Subject: Whoa indeed.

Good vibes and happy thoughts to you and yours, Ayrn.

For my part, my oldest daughter is getting married this Friday so I'll likely be useless/missing from Thursday evening through Saturday (aside from the occassional pop-in and peek visit via the smarty phone). Should be good to post and play thereafter.

Posted on 2014-10-27 at 15:50:52.

Topic: AMC's The Walking Dead
Subject: Yup...

...I just kind of came into the season believing that they would have drawn the hunters angle out a little longer (not saying I'm disappointed that they didn't). In light of last night's episode, I'm thinking that the whole Terminus thing was added to the show in order to actually shorten "The Hunters" arc as opposed to stretching it out.

Terminus wasn't in the comics and, it seemed to me, that Rick and company were stalked by the hunters in print for quite a bit longer than they were on TV... The outcome was pretty much the same, though. Merciless! Interested to see whats over the next bridge, now.

Posted on 2014-10-27 at 14:25:03.

Topic: AMC's The Walking Dead
Subject: Oooookay....

...They wrapped that threat up pretty darn quick! I was expecting it to have been drawn out for at least an episode or three longer.... Interesting...

Posted on 2014-10-27 at 14:01:55.

Subject: I think....

...he meant Ody.

Posted on 2014-10-24 at 23:16:05.

Subject: By the way...

...looking very forward to gaming with all of you. We've got some fine writers/roleplayers in this group. Looks to be a set up for some good fun.

Posted on 2014-10-24 at 21:05:35.

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