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Topic: Assassin Campaign (redux) Q&A
Subject: Inundated with work and other RL nonsense...

...but still here in some fashion. Slowly clawing my way out of the mire, though, and with any luck will be able to manage a post soon.

Posted on 2010-10-29 at 17:14:01.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: You got it, bubba!

Lucky for you, I've been working my behind off and have, unfortunately, been way too distracted from my posting duties.

Finally managed to finish up a post for Roc, today, though, so I might be in the process of finally catching up. Hope to have Murph animated before much longer.

Posted on 2010-10-29 at 17:12:45.

Topic: Hammer is Lurking
Subject: Welcome back!

Good to see you around again, Hammer.

Posted on 2010-10-29 at 17:10:24.

Topic: Greetings and Salutations
Subject: Io... Io... a facelickin' newbies, I go!

Welcome aboard, Io. Glad you decided to join us.

Posted on 2010-10-29 at 17:09:39.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Home again, home again...

The row and jaw with the yokels back at Edgars Place had gone a long way toward improving Sams mood and, to some extent, improving his opinion of folk as lived on Beylix even if them that ran it still made his stomach churn and his neck-hairs prickle up. So, as he made his way back to Rocinante, the pilots frustration with the events of the day had been throttled back and his thought processes were flying a smooth course again by the time he reached the docks. Getting the warm fuzzies as result of a tussle and a couple of drinks hadnt done a thing to ease Dashs inherent paranoia, though, and despite his less agitated demeanor, he was in no less of a hurry to flash Rocs backside at Beylix and get back out in the black nor was he any less inclined to slip right back into twitchy when he laid eyes on the short, Chinese guy hanging out by the portal into Rocs cargo bay

Hi, the guy nodded as Sam got closer.

Yeah, Sam nodded back, Ni how. Help you wit somethin?

Just waiting for Willow. The short guy with the nice jacket answered with a shrug.

Willow? Dash grinned a little as he looked the guy over, recognizing him, now, as the same fella hed seen the Doc with just a spell ago. No kiddin? Verse gets crazier an crazier, dont it? He wondered, just briefly, what Willow might be doin with a guy like this he seemed well below Willows standards as far as appearance went but didnt wonder enough to try and drag any more info out of the smaller man. Lemme go see ifn I cant rustle her up fer ya, Dash winced as he rubbed at his stubbled jaw and found a sore spot that the whiskey hadnt numbed Probly gonna have a gorram bruise, too, he thought as he left Willows caller on the gangplank and strode through the door and into the cargo bay.

Honey, Im home, Sam had started to crow as his boots clanged against the grated floor of the bay. Hed been ready to add some untoward quip about fetching his slippers and rubbin his nethers, too, but given the pissed off expression on Wyatts face, Willow looking as if someone had just spilled coffee on one of her best dresses, and that Blake fella looking all pasty-faced and worrisome, the pilot thought better of it.

...I need to send a wave to the sheriff and talk to him. Though I am not hopeful that it will work out well, the banker was fretting, My wife is going to kill me.

Wu de mah. This aint gonna be good, is it? As the all too familiar prickling sensation in the back of his neck surged, Sams gaze ticked from where the Cap and Willow stood with Blake, found Ma and Andy sweeping along the catwalk towards them, then traced back to Wyatt What th hells goin on, Cap, he asked, almost in concert with Andrew, as he read the look in the Captains eye, Wes dustin off, right?

Mr. Blake's son has gone and acquired your old room, Andrew, Wyatt drawled quietly in response Sam could tell that the man was thinking more of it all but didnt want to say anything more in front of Blake

((Assuming the response noted by YeOlde))

Ai ya, Sam shook his head faintly and rolled his eyes as he leaned against the bulkhead, Gorram typical garbage in, garbage out Beylix dont never change

Thats a pickle, Andrew said with a shake of his head, The Sheriff doesnt seem like a man youre going to be able to move so easily. He looked to the worried Banker.

I think Bowman trailed off a bit as he seemed to be thinking then turned and headed back up the ladder towards the crew quarters.. ..I have to check something.

You can send the wave from the cockpit, Mr. Blake, Wyatt said to the banker after watching Andy depart back the way he'd come, Ma? Will you please show the man the way, and the way back to his quarters once that wave's sent and received? Much obliged.

"OK," Wyatt began softly once Ma had escorted Mr. Blake from the cargo bay leaving just crew. "The short and sweet version is we've got a man that's surely gonna cause us no end of grief in trying to git back, and I'm not so inclined to hit that bee hive with a stick. Unless one of you feel partial to seeing what we can do to help Mr. Blake spring his son, and can convince me that Merciful Buddha will condemn my soul for an eternity should I not leave him to rot, then I say we find Wolf, make sure we're settled up here ,and burn Atmo' afore that sheriff gets another bright idea in his head that we're in league with Blake Jr."

Sam offered a shrug. I say let im twist, Cap. May not endear us ta them Frisco folks, none, but, way I see it, they aint done much t be cozy wit us, neither Boy dug that hole for hisself He leaned against a control console and rubbed at his aching jaw Besides Aint no money ta be made sittin here playin hide an go hump yerself wit that lawman, neither but theres plenty ta be lost ifn we do

The floods in the cargo bay blazed to life, just then, and, just as quickly went out, leaving Sam blinking and, given the unexpectedness of the event, sliding back towards the twitchier side of nervous. Gorramit, the pilot grumbled, moving for the catwalk, why doncha go ahead an flip every ruttin switch ya can find mebbe yell get lucky and send us ta full burn right here on the docks and wont none of us have ta worry bout what ta do next

Sam paused at the landing and glanced back at Wyatt Jus tell me we aint much longer fer this rock, Wyatt, he sighed before resuming his course toward the bridge, tell me were burnin Atmo an Im shiny

((OOC: Room for interaction throughout, of course Sams headed for the bridge to make sure Blake didnt mess nothing up with all his finger-bangin. ))

Posted on 2010-10-29 at 17:06:42.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: I know...

...I'm multi tasking.... work... write for Rocinante... work... write for CWWLLO... work... write for Zombies... answer the phone... listen to whining for 30 minutes... hang up... practice my profane vocabulary for a few minutes... work... write for Rocinante... Open desk drawer... insert head... slam drawer...

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 20:22:37.

Topic: Nutcase or Timetraveler?
Subject: Or maybe...

...the "cell tower" was actually hidden under that super-groovy hat she was wearing.

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 20:20:08.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: It's not love of zombies over Firefly...'s having to do work as opposed to do the stuff that's really important.

Got another sentence or three to finish off a Sam post and I'll have an update for ya...

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 19:49:55.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: LOL

I'm working on it, right now.

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 15:33:38.

Topic: Nutcase or Timetraveler?
Subject: Time...

..has very little to do with infinity and jelly donuts.

So, my grandma was talking to me on her cell phone from 1928... weirder things have happened.

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 15:14:20.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Indeed...

...if Alaster's making the "sacrifice himself in order for the others to run and hide" move just because you're having computer issues, you may want to rethink... we can all chip in in the NPC department if necessary.

On the other hand, if it's more than just the computer/access issues, and you just want to reboot with a new character when you get everything back in order, we're good with that too... Your character, your decision...

Now... I need to shut up and go get some posts slapped together before I get NPCd to death here and there.

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 15:01:31.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Wait...what???

Alaster seriously charged those two zombies (knowing that there are more coming from the other way)???

If I didn't wanna believe better, I'd swear someone was trying to get us all killed.

Posted on 2010-10-26 at 15:12:52.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: This is me...

...clawing my way back from the abyss of the work and RL hell-b-q... Sorry for the drag on my part but, unfortunately, it couldn't be avoided... when they throw work at you and scream "FIX! NOW!", ya gotta do what ya gotta do to appease the trolls... that, of course, leaves you blinking dumbly at a computer screen when you sit down in front of one and realize; "Hey... where's the database? Oh... right... I stopped working an hour ago... Why is this thing even on?"...

Anyway... the trolls are happy and silent for the moment... got a meeting to go to here in a little bit but... I'll be posting very soonishly, myself.

Posted on 2010-10-26 at 14:28:18.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Noble... but, nah...

I think we're gonna try our chances in that apartment building, actually... Group needs to rest, eat, and re-group before we're "combat ready" again.

The system I support is offline for the next two days for infrastructure upgrades, system patches and the like, so I should have a bit of freetime coming... Hope to post soon.

Posted on 2010-10-21 at 12:07:44.

Topic: RPG Myth Breakers #5 - 2e or not 2e
Subject: LOL

I really could have used a laugh like this yesterday morning... not that I'm not enjoying it as much this morning, of course.

Great work, as usual, gents!

Posted on 2010-10-19 at 13:41:19.

Topic: Chapter 2, page 18
Subject: Um...

You're posting the next strip today, right? Dunno if I wanna wait til Thursday to see what happens next.

Posted on 2010-10-19 at 13:32:47.

Topic: Chapter 2, page 17
Subject: Don't try this at home!

Cuz your DM will almost certainly have a lightning bolt of that magnitude not only destroy your enemy but, also, anyone in your own party who might be wearing shiny plate armor... *cough*Arien*cough*

Nice strip.

NIIIIICE Lightning Bolt!

Posted on 2010-10-15 at 13:04:30.
Edited on 2010-10-15 at 13:04:59 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Assassin Campaign (redux) Q&A
Subject: *nods*

That's about what I was thinking, too, Speed... get the group to a tavern or somesuch (out of the way cellar in an abandoned house, whatever) where we can establish a "base of ops" within the city, have them go over the list of targets, evaluate and prioritize, and then split up the list as appropriate... Teams of two... all four of them... one assassin, one target... just depending on how everything balances out, right? So, our best place to start is likely going to be finding our group a 'hidey hole', let them get to know one another (at least as far as skills and capabilities go), and then make determinations on the marks once that's locked down.

Posted on 2010-10-14 at 13:15:14.

Topic: most silly superpowers
Subject: I can...

... lay siege to a city under control of another leader and, after crushing the enemy, rename it "Khan O' Whoopass"....

Sometimes, I love Civ I.

Posted on 2010-10-14 at 01:38:55.

Topic: Possibilities..
Subject: welcome back, Ayrn!

Love it when that guy shows up... Absolutely it!

Again... sorry for the lag... still struggling w/ RL right now but am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, at last... Updated Nyx and such soon.

Posted on 2010-10-14 at 01:36:15.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: LMAO @ T

"Take my wheelbarrow... please!"

Posted on 2010-10-13 at 18:46:39.

Topic: Animals Are Taking over my house! (pics)
Subject: Lurvly!

Uba's a doll!

Posted on 2010-10-13 at 16:36:19.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Trust?

Who said anything about trust?

I mean sure, Murph's liable to "trust" a non-infected human dude with a sword a bit more than he's gonna "trust" a screamin', neck-gnawin' zombie but "accepting Brian into the group without much debate" doesn't have anything to do with "trust"...

It's a matter of numbers, really... Another body in the party gives us better odds of lasting longer, after all... Besides, what's to trust? It's not as if we've got a whole great deal that anyone's gonna take from us, right?

Heck! We don't even have a place to sleep yet.... just a meager stock of groceries, some medical supplies, weapons, dwindling ammo, and neuroses is about all we've got... and who's gonna take that from us? Zombies most likely!

Posted on 2010-10-13 at 16:25:44.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: ...


Posted on 2010-10-13 at 16:02:55.

Topic: My Hug Workload
Subject: What? A hug workload?

Well, call me a taskmaster but I'll take a hug!

Add me to the list, huh?

Welcome back, Ali.

Posted on 2010-10-13 at 16:02:00.

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