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Topic: Hi all
Subject: Weeeellllll....

...newbies, ahoy!

Welcome aboard, Pathfinder... So glad that your path found its way to our door. I won't bore you with a rehash of what all our other lovely Innmates have offered as far as welcome and guidance and such, but I couldn't let ya get by without one of these... just wouldn't be proper.

Also... ain't that cute? Kriea thinks she dodged the facelick! Check the bottom of the first page of your "First Time DMing" thread, K. I'm nuffin' if I ain't devious an' sneakylicious.

Posted on 2012-04-01 at 11:41:45.

Topic: Fates of Fortune Art
Subject: In case any of you were reading and wondering...

...about the setting for "Fates of Fortune" and "Dancing into the Assassin's Dawn"... I've put together a little map of The Continent of Tuu'Palurin for your perusal. It's still a work in progress, as you'll likely be able to tell at a glance, but it's a start at least... Will have updates to include locations of cities (towns, settlements, etc), trade routes, and all that kind of goodness sometime in the near future.


Edit: For the record - that humongous river that seems to "bisect the continent" is the Reyal (mentioned often in Fates of Fortune), Drasnia, therefore, can be presumed to be situated along the western coast of the continent where the Reyal meets the sea.

Posted on 2012-03-30 at 18:39:56.
Edited on 2012-03-30 at 18:51:48 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Another sad goodbye!
Subject: Sorry to hear that, Jack...

...but, as we're fond of saying, hereabouts, Real Life comes first. We'll be here when you do manage to find your way back, of course, and we'll be sure to save your seat by the fire... in the meantime, though, know that we're all here sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way.

Posted on 2012-03-30 at 17:20:01.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: Hey...

...good job! We're back above the bloodsuckers, again... Sure it's only by a couple of points but a victory is a victory, yes?

Posted on 2012-03-30 at 12:00:20.

Topic: Join the Revolution Needs New Player!!
Subject: Of course, I'll lurk...

...just try and stop me!

And, yes Miss Mentos, it is refreshing! We've had a horrible "dry spell" hereabouts lately, you know? Plus it's not every day that we get a new Innmate join up with us and throw themselves so enthusiastically into things! "Refreshing" is a more than apt description, I think.

Heck, we might even let you feed Grugg!

Suddenly, I feel the need to listen to a Foo Fighters album!

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 19:59:18.
Edited on 2012-03-29 at 20:01:20 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Join the Revolution Needs New Player!!
Subject: Well, lookit you go, Kriea!!!

Here just over a day, now, and you've got a game recruiting and almost full... posting like an "old pro Innmate" and everything! Did I mention refreshing?

+1 to you for pluck and plumb!

+1 to Flirty and Jozan for their coaxiness!

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 19:24:21.

Topic: Dancing into the Assassin's Dawn
Subject: Pain and Promise

As the knot of round-ears that Nyx had slipped in with untangled themselves one from the other and doffed their sodden cloaks before seeking a spot at a table, the mith’ganni chose to keep his own cloak gathered around him and didn’t hesitate to find himself a place amidst the throng of patrons that had sought refuge in the Lion’s Pride, tonight. He clung to the shadows… both those that fell between the patches of candle and lantern light in the room itself and, when he was confronted with a lack thereof, those less substantial ones provided by the depth of his cowl and the fall of his cloak… as he made his way toward a small table nestled in one corner of the room.

It had become the way of things since he had left Shanurdir behind, keeping to the shadows, staying wrapped in the cloak of darkness, be it physically or otherwise, and a thousand other little “tricks” that were employed to keep him from being noticed overmuch. The economy and brevity of movement, the subtle sidesteps and intentional misdirection of gestures, the making certain not to hold anyone’s gaze for longer than the flickering of a star. Nyx was skilled in these things even before the stars led him away from the steppes… they were, after all, the same skills used in the hunt, weren’t they? The only difference, now, is that his prey was seldom buffalo or wolf or any other beast of the plains; now he hunted beasts of a different and more treacherous sort… Now he hunted men…

But despite the game having changed, you refuse to follow those rules that are so familiar, hm?

…Nyx blinked as the phantom voice invaded the privacy of his thoughts and made him realize that he was, in fact, violating the rule of keeping eye contact to a minimum. Since he had entered the place his eyes had been drawn repeatedly to the mith’ganni dancer who had taken the stage just as he had slipped in. He had known at a glance, of course, that the dancer was not Lyssa. He hadn’t even needed to see her face to know… but, despite that (or, perhaps, because of that) Nyx could not keep his gaze from drifting back to her… and absorbing her as she stood there, blinking almost uncertainly at the crowd before her while the maroon jacketed musicians behind began to coax a tune from their instruments…

Mind to your work, Shyndyn, the inner-voice prompted as one of the musicians began plucking a nearly familiar tune from his gittern, Surely you didn’t expect your Lyssa to be dancing in a hole such as this?


It was a lie. He knew that as much as Prien likely did the moment he conjured the denial in his mind… Knew it even as he slithered behind the table, let himself to sink into the chair that allowed him to place his back to the wall, reached out a gloved hand to pinch out the flame of the tallow that sprouted from the table’s center, and found his eyes drawn to the mith’ganni dancer, again…

You didn’t expect, he chided himself, his eyes a little more than hesitant to wander away from the woman as she began her dance, but you did hope, didn’t you?

…One corner of his mouth twitched at that, though, even he couldn’t determine if it had tried to draw his mouth into a scowl or something more akin to a sheepish smile. Smile or frown, though, it didn’t matter. Even though the beginnings of the expression were masked from the others in this place by the shadows of his cowl, Nyx forced it from his lips just as he forced his eyes to let go of the woman on the stage, again; this time, it was just long enough to glance up at the scantily clad, round-eared serving wench who had approached his table during the course of his most recent distraction.

“G’evenin’, m’lord,” the human girl cooed, all smiles and perfume and coyly suggestive posturing as she hovered at the edge of the shadows surrounding his little corner, “What’d be your pleasure this evenin’, then?”

“Wine,” Nyx answered simply, the contempt in his voice cloaked by his accent just as the sneer he offered the breeder-wench was veiled in the shadows of his cowl. “Something with a bit of spice,” he added, sliding a couple of silvers across the scarred tabletop as his gaze let go of the human woman and wandered back to the mith’ganni on the stage, “bring the bottle, yes? I may be here a while.”

“O’course, m’lord,” the human girl purred, her fingers quick to pluck the coins from the table and secret them away in her cleavage before she sauntered off to fill the order. She had no idea that the wine he had just ordered had also been a signal of his arrival to a prospective employer.

Very good. You’ve come to understand human habits quite well, my disciple… and you quickly master the nuances of your new trade… I admit, I am impressed…

Nyx’s gaze, still shadowed by the cowl he had deigned to remove upon his entrance to The Lion’s Pride, turned toward the stage as the room swelled with a cacophony of hoots and whistles. “The nuances serve a purpose,” he murmured in reply as he watched the dancer step onto the platform, “and these round-ears are not as complex as they should like to think…They treat us like animals and, yet, it is they who act like this… their habits are no harder to learn than the paths of fasse’taruku.”

You keep that in mind then, the voice whispered in his head as his eyes absorbed the mith’ganni woman who had, despite her humiliation at having it required of her, so gracefully took the stage and presented herself to these foul-smelling short-lives, and let us not have a repeat of that incident in Tana Harrow.

“She is not Jolbani,” Nyx whispered, noting that the embroidery on her skirt was a motif particular to the Queldstar Clan…

There is nothing to be gained from killing your contact…

…and Queldstar had been the first of the Great Clans to be lost from the steppes. Before Clan Jolbane. Even before Hoskaar… His heart leapt at this realization and, at the same time, broke. He had known at a glance that the dancer wasn’t Lyssa, of course, even before the Queldstar embroidery confirmed that the woman wasn’t even of his clan, but, had anyone been able to notice, his disappointment would have been evident. The fact that a daughter of Queldstar still lived, though, gave Nyx hope… and additional determination…

Are you paying attention, mith’ganni?

“Yes, yes…” the Twilight Elf answered in an almost distracted manner, his voice less than a whisper as his eyes followed the dancer, “I may have lost my temper. He was one of them, though. He deserved it. Besides, I killed him only after I had the information I needed… the contract was fulfilled.”

But you did it publicly…and, likely, at the cost of being unable to take contracts there again for quite some time…

“Psh,” Nyx snorted, “There is no need to take work there, again. What I seek cannot be found there.” His eyes were still following the dancer, watching as the embroidery on her skirt rose and fell and whirled about her, the designs spinning a deeper meaning into the story she told with her dance, a story that was likely lost on the sweaty monkey-faces that saw only the body and not the meaning.

What you seek is all around you, Nyx, the voice whispered as the scarcely-dressed serving wench approached with the bottle; You simply need to be more selective in how you choose to take it… You sever those threads that I choose, my disciple… trust my guidance… and you shall see this…

“Of course,” Nyx murmured as the wench dipped into his view, making sure that, as she did so, she presented as much cleavage as wine…

She likely didn’t notice that her display failed to capture the attention of the yellow eyes that hid in the shadows of the cowl, though. No, those eyes strained to see around her and re-frame the whirling Queldstar woman even before the cloaked stranger nodded a curt thanks and waved her away with little more than a muted grunt. He hadn’t even asked her to pour for him. Hmph! Boy-lover, most likely!

… “You have brought me all the way to this, after all,” the mith’ganni smirked as his gaze, somewhat reluctantly, let go of the dancer, again, and danced a circuit of its own around the tavern, “What is there not to trust, yes?” He allowed himself a small chuckle at that while he tended to pouring.

Insolent Twilighter, the voice snickered in reply as Nyx filled the wine cup and nudged it across the table to wait before the empty seat there, Still more faith in your stars than in more enduring and reliable powers… I still find myself uncertain as to whether your audacity might be more benefit than detriment, Shyndyn, but it does amuse me, at times…

Nyx replaced the bottle’s cork and withdrew back into the deeper shadows on his side of the table. “At times,” he whispered in reply, his gaze skittering across the crowd of round-ears and, once again, lingering on the Queldstar dancer, “it keeps me from being too… how is it you said... amused.”

None in this place, save for him, understood or appreciated the mith’ganni woman’s dance for what it was… appreciated nothing about the performance outside of the way her slender body undulated (like the grass of the steppes, driven by the summer winds blowing in from Garangrad) and the way her movements seemed to beckon the audience to her, promising a passionate welcome (but the desire in that dance was for guidance from the stars, not the embrace of a lover)… and it made Nyx angry. He wondered, too, as his moonlight gaze continued to frame the whirling Queldstar woman, if she knew that the stars she danced for could no longer see her… and wondered, even more, if those stars had ever seen any of the mith’ganni… and it made him sick… he could feel the knot tying itself in his stomach… feel a familiar heat building at the base of his spine and creeping toward his skull, carrying with it a spark of vengeful rage that the voice in his head often urged him to keep dampened…

Mind to your work, mith’ganni, that voice whispered just then - as if it knew - nudging Nyx’s attentions away from the dancing woman once more, Here comes your man…

The Twilight Elf sighed as his eyes flickered over the human male who approached the penumbral corner where Nyx had been waiting. The man was heavily built even by human standards...

“Fat” was the first human word that came to Nyx’s mind.

…Nearly as wide as he was tall and almost ridiculously round with rolls of wobbling flesh massed atop a frame of bones that surely suffered under the weight of it all… rheumy, porcine eyes darted nervously between the darkened corner and the throng of other monkey faces that sprawled away from its fringes… fingers that looked like over-stuffed sausages squeezed forth from the ham-like hands that the man wrung apprehensively together as he finally plodded into the gloom around Nyx’s table... Had the stench of the man’s sweat not choked it from his lips, the mith’ganni’s sigh might have given way to a disgusted hiss as the monkey-face eyed the cup of wine that sat untouched upon the table, licked his thick lips, and rested one of those pudgy hands on the back of the empty chair before squinting into the deeper shadows where Nyx sat.

“This seat taken,” the man nearly squeaked the question into the darkness.

A gloved hand slithered forth from the gloom and, with a subtle gesture, indicated the cup as a curiously accented voice answered the query with one of its own. “Is that not your wine?”

It was difficult to tell if the change in the man’s expression was caused by the waning of his apprehension or, rather, its escalation. Either way, the breeder’s lips seemed to stretch into the semblance of an anxious smile as the corners of his mouth dug deeper under the fleshy jowls. “So it is,” the man answered, drawing the chair away from the table and, then, under groaning protest from the thing, settling his considerable bulk onto the seat. The wine cup vanished in the clutches of one meaty hand as the human took it up and drained its contents in a single tip. “Hells of a night, out there,” the man tried to chuckle as he wiped his mouth on the back of a sleeve and returned the cup to the table, “A man could catch his death.”

“A man might also catch his death on the warmest day of a summer,” Nyx murmured in reply, reaching for the bottle and refilling the man’s cup, “I would not factor the weather into it, yes?”

“You… you seem to know a lot of death,” the human smiled, the angst in the expression more obviously increasing, now, as he, again, took up the cup and drank.

“Death is an old friend,” Nyx answered.

Very good, mith’ganni.

Despite that reply nearly having caused him to choke on a swallow of the wine (and, perhaps, despite a phantasmal voice of his own screaming in his head not to go on with this meeting), the human nodded faintly, stared into the depths of the half-empty cup for a moment, and then lifted his dark little eyes to the darker shape that lurked in the shadows across the table; “Perhaps, then, you might introduce him… to a certain friend of mine?”

“Perhaps I might,” the assassin responded with little more than a whisper, “but these introductions come at a cost, yes?”

“Of course,” the fat man said, daubing both the wine from his lips and the fresh sweat that had broken on his brow with the back of his sleeve before producing a small coin purse from an inner pocket of his vest and sliding it toward the darkness opposite him, “one hundred Imperials in advance, correct… and another hundred once the…uh… introductions… have been made?”

Nyx offered a nod of his own, then, not that the fat man noticed. “Should there be no other expenses incurred,” the assassin said, retrieving the purse from the table and testing its weight with practiced fingers before drawing it fully into the shadow with him, “yes, that is correct.”

“How will I know if you incur extra expenses?”

“I will tell you so, yes?”

“Y… uh… yes… Sure… uh… is there any more wine?”

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 19:21:00.
Edited on 2017-12-21 at 15:10:15 by Eol Fefalas

Topic: Halp! First time DMing.
Subject: Nice point...

...regarding the "rules lawyers," T!

I like that.

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 17:29:24.

Topic: Brewing my own beer...
Subject: Psh!

I'm gonna go get my own! I gotta have one of those bottles!

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 14:41:39.

Topic: Brewing my own beer...
Subject: Yep yep... this one yesterday... I don't do the homebrew thing, myself... although I have given some thought, recently, to distilling my own rum... but always enjoy reading this blog. I've even learned a thing or two along the way...


Samples! Samples! Samples!

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 14:17:30.

Topic: Halp! First time DMing.
Subject: There is no such thing... a straight line... Only lines that lack enough crookedness to make them appear to be straight.

Besides, we color outside the lines around here, anyway... Who needs 'em to be straight?

Okay, I'm off to antagonize some quilters for being patronizing and snotty to one of our Innmates... gotta hydrate first, though... I'm betting there are many, many, many faces to be slobbered upon in a quilting circle. *nods*

Think they'll have any of those groovy li'l cucumber sammiches?

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 13:54:10.

Topic: Halp! First time DMing.
Subject: Yes she is...

...and talented and pretty and tasty, too!

We like her pretty well... we'll likely end up keeping her.

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 13:25:24.

Topic: Why is it...
Subject: Some of the most fun I've had...

...has been playing evil characters. Well, specifically, one evil character... Which reminds me... I need to wrangle out a sentance or three, yet...

Don'cha just hate when RL gets in the way of the important stuff?

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 13:23:57.

Topic: Halp! First time DMing.
Subject: Nuts? Us?

Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh... and we like it!

Very nice article, Celeste. I went ahead and added it to the DM's Corner for you, melui.

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 10:52:05.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: Gol ding vampires!

They've slipped past us in the night and stolen our 9!!!

Let's get out there and vote, Innmates... Pokemon are somewhat cute, so it's almost undertandable that they'd be ahead but vampires???

Posted on 2012-03-29 at 10:40:55.

Topic: Halp! First time DMing.
Subject: Oh yeah....

...since you didn't tack up an intro post in the "Comings and Goings" thread and I've already done the whole 'welcome to the Inn' spiel elsewhere, I guess there's no harn in putting this here...

You're official, now.

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 20:35:32.

Topic: Halp! First time DMing.
Subject: *grins* Colored tabs...

...does that sound like a particularly cute gamer-chick that we all know from Loaded Dice, at all?

Good to know you're easing into that "comfort zone," Kriea... and, as far as coming back with more screaming goes... We love that kind of thing, you know? Pop in whenever you like (hopefully, often)... we'll be around.

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 20:32:20.

Topic: Tumbleweeds, again...
Subject: 12 Innmates logged in...

...two of them brand-spanking licking-new, and seven of them in chat?

I'd say those tumbleweeds have been piled up and set alight, my friends! Let's break out the suds and dance around the fire!

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 20:29:07.

Topic: Halp! First time DMing.
Subject: Good question... guess would be that, first, you'll want to narrow down the choices by "terrain"... Your party is more likely to encounter gnolls out on the plains as opposed to in a town, right?... And, it's not likely that they'd encounter an Ixitxachitl in the desert, is it?

Next, of course, you're gonna wanna think about your party's "strength" and what they might feasibly be able to handle... A group of level 1 PCs up against a stone golem or three probably isn't going to go at all well for the PCs but toss a handful of kobolds at 'em and they stand a snowball's chance.

Lookit me, talking like I'm some sort of DM or something... ... I'm not... but I do have a thought every now and again.

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 18:52:43.

Topic: Halp! First time DMing.
Subject: Told ya...

...that they'd come running, didn't I?


And, yes... you nailed it... As long as you and your friends have fun, that's the most important thing. Grab a buddy, put your toes in the water, and if nobody comes out squealing and shivering with hypothermia... CANNONBAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 18:39:55.

Topic: Tabletop Staples: They Make Your Game Go Round
Subject: Woohoo for unicorns!

Sparkly, tasty (although a little "spam-like" in flavor) and good for warding the low roll boogens off the dice!

Welcome aboard, Kriea!

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 17:53:43.

Topic: Paranoia: Adventures in Clonesitting Q&A
Subject: Friend Computer...

...should release the zombies!

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 17:02:54.

Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic
Subject: Yay... Oh... that day!

"Sure, if you really wanna break out the dice, crowd the DM, and ensure a TPK, come on over... And bring me some damn chocolate!!!"

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 13:41:06.

Topic: Floyd #16 is up
Subject: ...killed a death slaadi with a fork...

Don't all conversations at High School reunions start in a similar fashion?

Seriously, I've never been to one... I don't know!

Good stuff, as always.

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 13:25:44.

Topic: D&D 5e
Subject: Well said, Almerin...

...personally, I haven't really bought any D&D "updates"/books/material since... well, waaaaay back when TSR was still running things... so, what, that's 2e at best, right? I have played other versions and, yes, have bought materials for other systems (Withcraft, Star Wars, and Serenity, most notably). I have not played 4e, at all, and doubt that I'll wade into 5e, either (unless, by some chance I end up in a game here at the Inn run on 5e). *shrugs*

Anyway, I'm with Almerin on this one... I don't think the version really matters as long as the DM/GM and the players all have fun with the game. It's not about the rules when it all boils down, is it? It's about spinning a fantastical tale of adventure and intrigue and having a helluva time with people you enjoy.

So, try it? Sure, if the opportunity presents itself...

Buy it? Not unless I've played in a game that makes me go "Holy shcnifferhat! I need to get those rules!!!"

Posted on 2012-03-28 at 11:19:34.

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