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Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: thanks

Weaver needed the happy ending in my books and as for Jimmy, I was thinking creepy all the way. Jimmy died in the the jailcell but now, James is in town and nothing really matters anymore to him except getting revenge on Willow. I am sure you will cross paths with him again.

One last loose end to complete and that is what was on the datadisk you found. Then I will post the "pilot auditions" to get the new players in, then a fast forward a few months and bada - new game starts.

Posted on 2012-07-31 at 12:18:22.
Edited on 2012-07-31 at 12:50:01 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Asher

Asher has no money on his sheet and I believe that was because it was all spent on ammo and grenades. Wonder if the Captain will be paying any of you soon......

BTW - posted the Newhouse ending

Posted on 2012-07-31 at 03:00:33.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Newhouse ending

Beylix, Newhouse, Sheriff Office

Sheriff Arness disconnected the transmission and slam the vid screen down hard. "Damn it!" he yelled loudly, "I knew I should have shot that man when I first saw him."

Deputy Weaver was over by the cells talking to Jimmy, offering him a drink and some condolences, "Listen I am really sorry about your parents Mr. Blake. I hate to see it when the world of luck turns against a man. Let me talk to teh sheriff in a bit and I ..."

"Oh don't both Weaver! I am sure Jimmy boy doesn't want to hear it from the likes of us, isn't that right boy?"

Jimmy looked up from his cot, his eyes still partially blacken by the beating that the sheriff gave him a week ago. "Whatever. You really think you can hurt me anymore Sheriff?" he sniffed dismissively, "Deputy Weaver, thank you. I appreciate your decency"

"Yes yes yes, very decent our man weaver. Be a decent fella now," the sheriff drawled as he drew out his pistol. "Be so decent as to unlock the cell."

"Unlock the prisoners sir?"

"Yes. Quick as a bunny. Time for Jimmy to escape."

"Oh!" Weaver smiled, "So you 'll let him go so he can bury his family. I knew you'd ... "

"No so I can shot him repeated as he escapes. If I can't get money from him, I might as well enjoy myself."

Jimmy started and moved away from the cell door. Weaver stepped in front of the jail cell and put his hand out at the Sheriff, "Now now Sheriff. You don't want do that."

"Oh yes I do. get out of the way."

"Come on Sheriff."

"Weaver that was an order."

"you'll have to kill me first sir."

"Okay then." And the sheriff cocked the hammer back and pointed his gun at Weaver with no remorse or hesitation. But before he could shoot, the door behind him opened and Miss Ellie came into the office, with a tray full of what she passed off as food.

"Howdy all!" She said as she turned around, her eye going big as she saw the gun, "I made Beef stew with What's going on?"

The sheriff smiled. Not a nice smile of seeing a friend but a hungry, cruel smile of someone who decided he wanted something and was gonna take it. "Miss Ellie! Put down that slop and get ready to start paying interest!"

Fear engulfed her eyes, "What? No! We agreed..."

The sheriff was on her in a heartbeat, grabbing her by the hair and pushing her face down on his desk. He laughed pleasantly as he held her down and shouted, "No it is payback time and I am going to enjoy this!" He pulled at her dress as she struggled helplessly. "Weaver. go stand outside and make sure we aren't disturbed."

"No! Sheriff Stop!" Weaver cried out.

"LET me go!"

"Now Weaver! "


Sheriff Arness never really knew what hit him as he took the first shot through the head and the rest into his chest. He was dead long before he hit the ground. The deputy stared down at the gun in his hand and could not for the life of him remember drawing or firing but he had.

"Oh my Buddha. You shot the sheriff." Jimmy said from the cell.

Miss Ellie was crying and screaming. The deputy dropped the gun and ran to her to hold her tight and tell her that everything would be okay. that she was safe and Arness would never bother her again.

People came running to the gunfire in the sheriff's station. The was an initial shock and disbelief but Jimmy was not surprised to see that no one really was saddened by the loss of the sheriff. Once the story got out of what happened, then people started talking about the mean and nasty deeds of the sheriff and how he was a money stealing woman grabbing Kuh Wu Jwei Gai Won Se. the deputy confessed to the crime but no one was accepting any of it as he acted to save the lady.

Soon it was agreed that the sheriff be buried, and Weaver would be the new sheriff. Weaver admitted that he could not read or write so he couldn't be the sheriff but Miss Ellie volunteered to help him with paperwork until the town folks could find some deputies for him.

It was late at night when the new sheriff got a chance to deal with Jimmy. He unlocked the cell. "Listen Son, you are free to go. truth is, I never finished the paperwork anyway. Go, do what you have to do."

"Thank you deputy. Sorry. Sheriff."

"Oh don't worry. I ain't to used to it either."

"Listen, I believe the sheriff was wearing my suit when you ...umm..."

"Huh? Oh right. Shoot! You can't run around in those orange overalls. Listen, he kept a few suits and sundries in the closet over there - help yourself. Obviously you were close in size"

"Thanks, and my gun? Dangerous world out there."

"Oh yeah! I'll get your personal effects. they are in the back so go ahead and get changed."

Jimmy walked over to the closet and drew out a nice shirt, vest and pants and slipped them on. As he did, he watched for Weaver to come back. In the few moments alone he helped himself to some items in the sheriff's desk and then closed the drawer.

"Here you go," Weaver came back in and handed him a large manilla envelope. He found his gun, the magazine for it, and his wallet - now empty of cash. "Sorry about the money but Arness spent it all" he said apologetically and then handed Jimmy Two $20 credits. "Least I could do."

Jimmy smiled, "You are truly the most decent man on this planet."

"Well, we shall see about that."

Jimmy left the sheriff station a free man. He thought of going home but what was the point? Mom and Dad were dead, the funds were lost to him and he was on his own in a strange world. Once he would have been frightened but right now, he never had such a clear path before him.

He wandered towards the docks, but to the more expensive hotels that cater to travellers that have to stop over. The saloon was going full tilt and it wasn't long before he found who he was looking for - a man with cash and not much sense. He followed the man as he strolled outside for a smoke and pinned the sheriff's badge on his own vest as he approached.

"Excuse me sir?" Jimmy said

The man turned around nervously but saw the badge and relaxed, "Yes Sheriff. You are awfully young for a sheriff aren't you?"

"Yes, but I am a fast study. Would you mind following me sir? it is a matter of some urgency and I need your help."

"Of course. How can I help a fine lawman like yourself." he asked following Jimmy into the back alley.

"It seems that this gun has too many bullets." Jimmy said plainly and drew his gun out.


The newtech gun was as silent as the ads promised. The delivery of the shots to the man's face and body was like a whisper and the dead man dropped quickly. Jimmy drew out the man's wallet, grabbed the credits and returned the billfold to the dead man. He put the cash into his own pocket, removed the badge and then calmly walked across town to another saloon. A cheap looking joint that offered the baser comfort in life.

"What can I get ya?" The barkeep

" A room and a woman to go with it. Your best of both if you don't mind." Jimmy laid down a 100 credit note on the table.

"Whoa! For that you can have Bella for the entire night."

"How much forever?" Jimmy put down another two of the same bills.

"Come again?"

"How much to own Bella?"

"Hey now, she is my best ..." the barkeeper watched as Jimmy put down two more. "Bella! Come here"

A buxom brunette who was still in her youth and had an energy about her came over. "What is up?"

"This man just bought your contract. You are working for him now."

Bella looked Jimmy over and smiled prettily, "Well you aren't hard on the eyes honey."

Jimmy smiled and lead her up to the room. There he looked he over and nodded with approval. "Yes you will do fine."

"You got plans for me Honey?"

Oh yes. But first two things. One, call me James. The other is you, are now Willow. Bella was your old life, and we are starting anew. Beyond that, do whatever I ask and we will be just fine."

Posted on 2012-07-31 at 02:57:11.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: I figured

I knew everyone loves Ma so don't worry. Just checking.

The "free" chance to change your character was the character skills assets and complications, not equipment. So if Wolf wants to buy a Decker shotgun and get it modified, I am sure there are ways. The gun costs 90 cr and mods would run probably another 30 or so. Of course you couldn't buy it officially as you have a criminal record so you have to look black market so the price could be double that. Beaumonde has lots of people willing to sell though. Maybe Willow would like to visit Dodger and ask him.

Posted on 2012-07-31 at 01:35:39.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Or should Ma move on?

I added Ma as an NPC back when we started as you had only five crew and I wanted you to be able to leave someone behind on the ship. You now have a 7 man crew so perhaps Ma should be written out? Or is she really part of the whole Rocinante experience.

BTW - Celeste and Loki. You should read Trish's write up and decide how your character would react to her.

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 20:06:27.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Forgot ma

Sorry I forgot about Trish. Put her in the single guest underneath Willow. Assuming you all agree with the set up.

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 20:02:19.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: book

The books keeps ammo very simple for a reason.

In the S&S book there is armour piercing, explosive and depleted uranium listed. All three are labelled as highly illegal, dangerous on a ship, and very expensive. Regular shotgun ammo is plenty deadly my friend. You don't need to have mucho maxxum super deadly hyper hollow botox ammo.

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 20:00:49.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: here

My suggestion only.

T = Tess
Wy = Wyatt
Wo = Wolf
A = Asher
J = John
Wi = Willow
S = Sifu (not posted yet)


Posted on 2012-07-30 at 19:53:51.
Edited on 2012-07-30 at 19:54:03 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: sigh

Stick to the ammo in the book please.

Blueprint is under the ship picture in characters of Rocinante

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 19:50:28.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: great post Bromern!

Nice lead into bringing the new crew aboard too! Great stuff.

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 18:56:50.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: try boobs vs buddha

New topic!!!

Sleeping arrangements! Check out the floorplan of the ship and please work out who is sleeping where. I believe the Captain has a double near cockpit, Sam had the single closest to same, Willow had a double at the back with the guest quarters as she needed closet space. Not sure where Ash and Wolf are.... but assume in the crew quarters.

Anyway - please sort out.

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 18:51:14.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: location location location

Depends on where you are in the verse. Beaumonde obviously has its seedier side with thugs carrying automatic weapons. Ariel - not so much.

I let the guns slide at the start and during this campaign but as the GM I am stating clearly - if you overdo the weapons expect a peck of trouble. Explosive rounds? Must be a Dust Devil looking to kill alliance citizens, why waste a trial Sarge?

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 18:41:08.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Frag what?

Tann - just use the ammo in the books. What you are suggesting using would be highly illegal, dangerous to use on a ship and frankly very very expensive.

The "gun" thing here is getting out of hand in my opinion. You are flying in a tramp freighter which is gonna be boarded by alliance patrols. If they saw that many weapons or ammo stored, you all be bound by law fast. Not counting the movie which was overdone, in the series the crew stuck to pistols, rifles, shotguns and one assault rifle (Vera).

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 17:10:12.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: that reminds me

Robert? or Anyone...

Does anyone have the transport travel time calculator that was once available?

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 15:22:06.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: 4 shared

you can find the books easily enough.

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 15:15:44.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: the other book

There is a lot of cool stuff in the Six Shooter and Space Ship handbbok as well.

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 14:33:02.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: plates and mates

There is a plate vest in the book. It is basically a ballistic vest that has been modified with an extra plate in front and back. The important part about this is I found out I was doing Ballistic vests completely wrong. Haha... Umm. Yeah. Sorry about that. I was subtracting the -1W but not converting the wounds to stun, which would have changed some outcomes (Wolf and Luke so it balances out). I am sorry about that. One thing to note about the plate vest is it brings your agility down one or two steps so that would effect dodge, shooting, running, climbing etc etc.

The last campaign really did not require a lot of covert. The next one, well covert will be an asset, let me tell you.

Those of you who have submitted changes to character, bear with me I will have time to look at them later on. I need to post the remaining loose end tie ups first.

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 13:36:20.
Edited on 2012-07-30 at 13:39:10 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: do you need the arsenal?

Seriously, don't you think you might not want to sleep on all that ammo considering what happened at the jail?

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 02:45:06.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: not sure why this is an issue

Loki's character I accepted into the game and into the crew because he has a lot of skills that cross over. My reasons being - what if someone is injured badly? Take the ending of the last campaign - what if Brigit attacked Willow first? What if Wolf was killed and had to be revived and required extended care? Suddenly you have no mechanic or medic (or pilot or whatever) and you could be in a world of hurt. So I figured that Wyatt would be thinking about that and thinking a pilot with medical expertise, plus tech and mech couldn't hurt to cover if someone is hurt. Which is incidently what role Bowman was gonna play. So officially John Ryan is the tech guy, Tess is the pilot and Wolf is the mechanic but it never hurts to have an extra set of hands in the engine room as the repair scene in the last adventure showed.

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 02:03:32.
Edited on 2012-07-30 at 02:05:53 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: answers

Yes Robert wrote the letter in my post. Thank you for such a great piece to put into my closing post.

Tann - I see what you mean about the guns although I did have to look it up and read a bit on them. I'm Canadian and don''
t know much on guns. Our most cherished right is to bear breasts ( I kid you not)

I am all for changing skills, assets, and complications to better suit the character you are playing. so take advantage of the one time offer. I know Willow will be switchin gsome of her's too.

No intrusion at all Teller. Nice to know people are enjoying this series. It will continue with the next adventure, once new crew are on board.

Posted on 2012-07-29 at 20:10:01.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: The Long Long Long Goodbye

Regina, Frisco, Day Nine, 1:00 am Planet Time

Wyatt Sung sat beside Andrew Bowman as they sped across town towards Rocinante. Three of his crew were being looked after by the doctors and right now, Wyatt was worried about the one he left behind.

"If you even have a ship to go to Captain."

Brigit had hissed that at him and laughed as she was being lead away to the remains of the jail and something in her voice and the laugh chilled him to the bones. So as soon as Bowman could hand her off to some boys he trusted, they had grabbed the mule and headed out.

It was the first that Wyatt had the chance to see the damage done to the town that night. Road torn up by the flipped hover mule, the jail was missing it's roof - all and all it was pretty dramatic but he wasn't really focused on that right now.

They got over the ridge and pass the rail station to see the Port authority building and the landing pads. Rocinante was there, but there seemed to be something outside of its hatch, a pile of some sorts. As they got closer and the lights of the mule illuminated the scene, it became clear it was a pile of bodies.
Wyatt was out of the mule before it fully stopped and ran over, hoping he wouldn't recognize anyone in the pile. There were four of them, all men and all very dead. Attached to the shirt of the one on top was a note, written in Trish's handwriting like the captain had seen so many times in grocery lists.

"What happens to Ship-Jumpers"

As he looked over the bodies, the hatchway opened up and he turned to see Ma standing there, Pink Shotgun in hand and her hood up over her face. She was not injured in anyway and she came down the ramp as quick as she could to hug Wyatt. After a few moments embraced she pulled back and looked at Wyatt. There was a question in her eyes, one that needed no note to say.

(assuming a response of everyone is okay. Everyone made it)

She hugged Wyatt again and the Captain allowed himself to breathe a soothing breath of relaxation. Brigit never saw Trish, and therefore underestimate what it would take to steal the ship. Mentally he added another thing to his list of crimes against his own that school Marm had committed.

Regina, Frisco, Day Nine, 2:00 am Planet Time

All three patients were resting well in the doctor's surgery. They would all recover and be right as rain soon but Willow was glad that Doc McGuire had such a well cared for operating room. Wolf had been a mess but lucky that no internal organs had been hit. Willow massaged her arm where she had been hit and stepped outside for some fresh air. The night air was cool and clean with only a slight smell of burned wood from the town. So much damage and destruction.

"Good Evening Miss Willow. Am I correct in assuming that all your companions made it out of the mine alive?"

Willow started at the unexpected voice in the dark and then a man in black stepped into the light of the porch. It was Lau Tsu. He looked at her with concern but a smile, as if knowing she was okay was all he needed.

(Gonna let Willow continue this encounter)

Regina, Frisco, Day Nine 7:30 am Planet Time

"Sheriff Bowman? You better come to the bank."

Andrew had yet to get to sleep that night between caring for his new charge of a town and his other family as well, the crew of the he had just arrived to the jailhouse to see Brigit locked in the one intact jail cell. It didn't have a complete roof over it, so someone had put a chain around her ankle as well so she couldn't climb out. Despite the long night, Bowman didn't really feel tired yet, but more ... complete than he had for many years.

"What's up?" Andrew asked.

"You better come see," said the young man.

At the bank, Andrew walked through the doorway and was lead into the back near the vault. There, lying on the floor, with vacant eyes staring off to space was Nora Blake. Andrew looked to the man who shook his head and then crouched down to look closely at her. She was dead, but he had no idea why. There wasn't a mark on her physically although he could see that she had been crying a lot before she died. Beside her was a shotgun, and he remembered that Wolf had said he had met her last night and she wanted to be take to Jimmy. Although he knew, Andrew checked to gun and it was loaded but not fired.

``Go get the Doc. He can't help her now but maybe he can figure out what happened."

Regina, Frisco, Day Ten, Planet Time

Wolf, Sam and Asher were up and about now, although the Doctor warned them frequently about doing anything foolish like jumping off building or destroying old mine shafts. Not that he expected them to listen.

A celebration was held during the day and evening for the Heroes of Hornsilver. It was a joyous occasion but a quiet one out of respect for those who died and those who had lost friends. But there was a reason to celebrate with a new sheriff, the embargo lifted and the mine to be reopened soon.

Bowman send a wave to Sheriff Arness of Newhouse and lets him know about the death of Pearson and the Blakes. Needless to say the news that his former jailbird is now a lawman, that his hopeful cash payout from the Blakes to release their son was not coming, and that JW McClarrin was calling the council back to Newhouse to review his term as sheriff immediately - did not sit well with Arness. He was quite angry in fact when Bowman ended the wave. (More on this later)

Regina, Frisco, Day Twelve, Planet Time

With everyone now back to working order and the doctor clearing all to fly, Captain Wyatt is eager to put this planet behind him and get somewhere where he can get the ships fixed and the jobs flowing. Bailey, JW and some of the townfolks come out to see you off. JW pulls Wyatt aside before he sets off.

"Listen Captain, we owe you a world of gratitude for what you did for us. I took the liberty of having your boat fueled up on my account. But as I was going through my affairs last night I found something that Brigit left behind, I guess she assumed I wouldn't find it. Anyway it was an account with a fair amount of credits in it, no doubt stolen. Now I gave most of it to the Tong to rebuild their temple, and held some to fix the jailhouse. But the rest, I transferred to the account you gave the bank. So if you look there, there be 3000 credits. Should help pay for some repairs and fueling when time are lean."

After many goodbyes, a number of gifts of homemade pies, and having to tear Asher away from triplet girls that were very sad to see him go, Rocinante takes to the sky, leaving Regina behind them.

Three Days Later

Wyatt wakes up in the middle of the night to an urgent wave. It is Bowman.

"Wyatt! She's gone. Brigit! A bunch of alliance soldiers came here with paperwork and a high up muckied-up and said they had priors and presence and jurisdiction. JW checked it over and there was nothing we could do. they took her from us. My gut is telling me that you might not have seen the last of her!"

Three Months Later, Beaumonde

Wyatt woke up in his bunk with a bad feeling in his gut. Yesterday, when they were out in the market buying stuff for the ship, Sam started and was acting all twitchy. Even more twitchy than he usually did.
By the time they got back to the ship, he was acting fine but something was bothering him and Wyatt knew it.

So why the bad feeling....

He got up and went up the ladder to the topside. No one was in the cockpit, but they were on land so that wasn't unusual. He walked down the hallway towards the galley. There, Trish was up, sitting at the table with her head down. Her shoulders shook slightly and Wyatt realized she was crying. No sound could escape the damage caused by surgeons so long ago and no tears from burned tearducts - but she was crying none the same.

He came to her and put a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him through the darken hood and handed him a note.


This isnít the easiest thing Iíve ever written Ė not that I write much, anyway Ė and, I thought more than once about writing it at allÖ Hell, itís been my way for a long time to just up and leave without a word spoke or even so much as a look back. Safer, quicker, and more painless that way, get me? Thing is, all them other times, all them other places and folk I set in my wake, I knew none of them was meant to last or to mean much, anyway, so it werenít a chore at all to just up and goÖ truth be told, puhn yoh, I conjure it was supposed to be that way with you, too. Supposed to just be Sam Dash, driving the boat til driving the boat werenít the thing to do anymore, then off Sam goes toÖ wellÖ wherever. Thing is, you made a friend of me, WyattÖ A friend, honest and true. You know things about me that ainít but two or three other folk in the whole ruttiní Verse knows and, still yet, you and me come to an understanding that I ainít come to with none otherÖ and, maybe brotherís more fitting in this situationÖ Tah mah duh, Iím startiní to sound like Will with her flowery love poems and such! Anyway, I know as you know what Iím getting at, here, so Iíll just let it go at thatÖ kinda the way I always haveÖ and say what I was aiming to say when I first started writing this mi tian gohn.

Itís time for me to get off this boat, puhn yoh. I been here longer thanís safe for any of us, puhn yoh, and the longer I stay, the worse itís bound to get. I ainít worried so much for myself, neither, as I am for you and yours (ainít that a kick in the nethers)Ö I reckon it didnít really occur to me just how close things were getting til this last run, reallyÖ We brushed up against the Alliance some, and you know how I get with that Ė Made me a mite skittish and I shouldíve knowed then as it was time to go. Friendly as we are and comfortable as Iíve got driving Rocinante for you these last couple years, though, I talked myself into brushing it off as my standard twitchiness Ė but, when that meh lien duh jyah jee (shameless hussy) Brigit made like she knew moreín she should about me, that was the cincherÖ thatís when I knowed betterín to have believed that Iíd be driving Roc forever or that I could ever stop running from who and what I was, get me? Werenít never my aim to hurt you, Wyatt, or none of the rest as Iíve come to think of as my family on this boat, but, if I stay, I fear thatís like to happen sooner more than later. Best way to keep all of you out of trouble that ainít yours, I cotton, is to put as much space between me and the rest of you as can be put. And, the easiest way to get that done without the chance of you talking me out of it is to slip out whilst the rest of you are sleeping. Iím sorry.

Iíd consider it a kindness if youíd pass my warm fuzzies on to the rest. Tell Ma that Iíll miss her cooking and Iíll be thinking about her every time I hit the bunk and pull that blanket she knitted for me over my toes. Tell Asher that Iím right sorry I pilfered his guns Ė ainít like the Kid needed all of them anyway Ė and that, maybe, some day, Iíll figure out a way to make up for it. Give Miss Will a kiss for me and let her know that I truly appreciate everything she ever done to keep me out of troubleÖ and for pretending not to notice when I was ogling her doing her yoga and s#!t. Ha Ha. See what you can do about keeping Wolf aboard as long as heíll cotton to it. Rutterís tough as nails and can sure take care of his own self, no doubt, but the big galootís deserving of a proper home and folk like you to keep watch over him when that chip on his shoulder starts to tip one way or the other.

I reckon thatís it, puhn yoh. I keep writing and somebodyís like to wake up and keep me from sneaking out.

You got yourself a good crew, here, Cap, and I donít figure youíll have much problem finding someone to replace a wu ming shao jwu (nobody) like me. Hell, mebbe youíll even get to drive your own damn boat for a spell, huh?

Thanks, again, for everything, Wyungsung. Hope to meet up with you again someday when things ainít so tight in the sky. Til then, though, you keep flying, brother.


He read the note once and then again, as if somehow its contents were going to change with a second reading. He held tight to a crying mother bereft of her child and wondered what to do. From Asher`s bunk came the kid`s outcry of disbelief and rage as he woke up and realized that someone (SAM DASH!!!! YOU ....) had stolen a bunch of his stuff. Soon, Wyatt would have to break the news to all the crew so he slowly reached for the ship`s intercom.

OOC: At a glance, Asher can see Sam took: the JC39 Assault Rifle/Shotgun (and associated ammo), a box each of smoke and flashbang grenades, one of the PK 12 Peacekeepers and the Colt .22 (along with associated ammo).

More to come on the datadisk, Jimmy Blake and Sheriff Arness in Newhouse but I need a break.

Posted on 2012-07-29 at 17:10:36.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Loose ends

The kitty plot line was one that I was working on a long time ago and I have lost the thread in my mind, and it was linked to Kora and the Sterling Phoenix who was Sam's enemy, so we consider the kitty written out.

Another plot line was the Ludlows (the assasin on the asteroid and the leader in the bank job) and the their father who is a commander in the Alliance Military. That will take a back seat for now but won't be forgotten.

Tann - you have 6 points in guns which is a general and that is the max. You would put your two into a specialization like pistol or shotgun etc etc. I would highly recommend taking a less "restricted" weapon speciality like pistol or shotgun. Machine guns are not openly accepted on most planets and other than the rim, you are asking for trouble.

Now Reavers. You ought to meet some reavers soon.

Posted on 2012-07-29 at 13:47:07.
Edited on 2012-07-29 at 13:53:25 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: points to points

I am giving you a one time chance to change aspects of your character including complications. I am doing this because some are using characters they did not create. So if you want to redo the assets and complications, you may.

Posted on 2012-07-29 at 03:37:12.

Topic: Gary Gygax B-Day
Subject: Gary Gygax B-Day

Happy Birthday to Gary Gygax, wherever you are. He was one of the founding fathers of role-playing games and D&D. Weird coincidence of this is that tonight I will be playing "Tomb of Horrors" with my friends that I gamed with back in the 80's. Woohoo!

So whereever you are tonight, raise a glass to the Grand Dungeon Master.

I understand in England they are throwing two weeks of sports events and games in his honour an athletes are coming from around the world. Who knew he was so popular!

Posted on 2012-07-27 at 12:36:20.
Edited on 2012-07-27 at 12:36:38 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Way ahead of you big guy

Robert has already contributed to the farewell post. I miss Yeolde as well and think about him every time I post to the game. One of the reason I had "him" arrest Brigit at the end of the last scene.

Posted on 2012-07-27 at 10:49:06.

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