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Topic: Freedom's Price - A Serenity RPG
Subject: people with no covert shouldn't sneak.

Kane and Mel

The screen showed Perdition, a prison on the far side of nowhere and lost. The man showing you the data disk seemed to think this was of particular interest to you. But there were many places on the disk. But without the codes – the engineered codes that couldn’t be overwritten and controlled everything, this was a disk of old blueprints – useless to anyone but a collector.

“Well my friend you see there’s the problem in all this, I don’t have the disk anymore, but seeing as how this is already paid for what say we call it even.....” Kane said as Mel moved her hand to her weapon.

If the man with the disk heard Melanie’s holster unsnap, he showed no sign of it. But he did show a conflict of emotions on his face at Kane’s comment. “What? I…” He stood up in disgust and turned to stare down at you, “Can I speak you for a moment? In private? Excuse us lady but I need a moment with your friend here.” Xi says,

Kane shakes his head, “"Whatever you have to say, can be said in Mel as I trust her more then I trust you, besides she knows it all anyway so why the secrecy?"

“Fine”, he says in disbelief, “What is your game here? Of course you don’t have the disk! I know that! I’m not gorram stupid. That was blondie’s job! You want to pay for this useless disk, fine! I’ll sell the good one – but I get my disk as second half of payment.”


Phil was sorta used to women reacting badly to him. He knew he wasn’t good looking in any person’s standard and girls could be a might twitchy around him, but he didn’t hold it against them. This ladies reaction however, did throw him for a loop.

“Oh you poor dear!” the blonde exclaimed and pulled Phil into a tight embrace, clutching his head to her bosom, “Jonathan told me of your plight. Your oppression will end. We will see a verse that is truly free on day.” She released Phil and looked at him with a smile, “So where is he?”


The young mechanic moved closer to the bar and the gentleman she was watching. She approached with caution, angling around tables and chairs to try to subtly get a look at the man’s ear. There ware no tables open close to him, just a bar stool next him. Unfortunately, as she approach, he turns his head to look directly at her. “See something you like there Missie?” he drawls quietly, his hand going to his sidearm slowly.


Angela sits quietly alone at the table. She is somewhat startled when man sits down in the booth with her – and not one of her friends. Short. In a word that is her first impression of him. He is a short man, with unkempt black hair I na style called a mullet and fine if outdated clothing that appear to have been worn a lot over the years. He smells of expensive cologne and cheap alcohol. He smiles at Angela and says, “Hello Girls! Well, I mean just you but Hello Girls sounds so much more friendly than Hello Girl, which just sounds like my father. So what’s a good looking place like you doing in a girl like this? Can I buy you a sandwich? I know I’m suppose to buy you a drink but I’m kinda hungry right now, you know what mean?”

Posted on 2009-09-04 at 20:02:57.

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: Subtle

I like your approach. Straight to the point.

I will be posting today. In the afternoon most likely. I have a query to Tann that I hope to get a reply but if not, I will assume an action and move onwards.

Posted on 2009-09-04 at 14:30:22.

Topic: The blog is live
Subject: it's a little bit funny....

For those of us who grew up in the 80's and play 1e/2e - we are reaching the point where even if we don't like the new rules, we need some familiarity with them in order to communicate with the world wide D&D community. Otherwise we will end up like a group of old codgers at a Home, sitting on a porch watching the gamers go by and complaining about things being better in our day (We has THAC0 and we like it!)

I was at a Con the other day talking with a young man who was a D&D gamer. He and I discussed being a DM and he told me he had been a DM since he was 7. When I told him I had been a DM since 83, he was shocked and said quietly "...dude, that's the year I was born."

If it wasn't for WoTC obvious cash grab of multiple books and editions, I'd probably go out and buy 4e to read up on them. As it is, I'm turning to Cortex now, which is a good system adaptable for anything.

I'm blogging a bit here, aren't I? See! I'm hip!

Posted on 2009-09-04 at 13:21:45.

Topic: Loaded Dice#11: Final Rites
Subject: that's funny

Cute one Scarab

Posted on 2009-09-03 at 15:28:30.

Topic: The blog is live
Subject: SIN!

There be SIN! Repent!

I know I plan on starting a blog soon about my efforts to rewrite my critical/fumble tables and write other articles on house rules.

Posted on 2009-09-03 at 14:27:47.

Topic: Loaded Dice#11: Final Rites
Subject: Hey

That's my job!

Ummm....not wanting to sound critical... But how often is Brad gonna end the comic with a derogatory statement to his fellow players? I'm thinking it could get old fast.

But maybe I don't know humour. Never got the pie in the face either.

Posted on 2009-09-03 at 14:21:32.

Topic: The blog is live
Subject: woohoo

Burn the Germs.

Posted on 2009-09-03 at 14:15:54.

Topic: The blog is live
Subject: This just in ....

Olan attempts to buy out P&G to create a RDI brand of household cleaners. Red Dragon in your Toilet - when you just have to be clean.

No, I am sober, thank you. Just feeling whimsical today.

Posted on 2009-09-03 at 14:14:06.

Topic: The blog is live
Subject: diversity?

Olan tried to buy Marvel Comics for the Inn as well, but Disney outbid him.

Posted on 2009-09-03 at 12:56:09.

Topic: The blog is live
Subject: Okay

So how does one start a new blog?

Posted on 2009-09-03 at 12:30:10.
Edited on 2009-09-03 at 12:33:44 by Alacrity

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: Larkhill vs Perdition

There seems to be a misconception here. None have you been to Perdition. The colony you were at was Larkhill. Perdition, as you see on the layout, is a high security prison on a dead moon on the far edge of the rim. It is now privately owned and it is where Alliance sends anyone they label as a "terrorist".

My fault really because as I look over my post I didn't do a good job of explaining what you were seeing. I thought I had wriiten another paragraph or two on details but I see that I did that in my mind not on the paper.

Doesn't change anything though. I will add the details in my post and we will move forward from there. Prehaps Mel and Kane have heard of Perdition or were forced to stay there before being transferred to Larkhill.

Posted on 2009-09-02 at 10:54:46.
Edited on 2009-09-02 at 12:29:07 by Alacrity

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: L shaped

No - you and Mel have moved to the back and side of the bar so you can't see the TV or the woman who walked in. if you look over at your table, you'd see only Angela there but I can't imagine that would surprise you. Grace is defiant of authority in any form and Phil has the attention span of a child watching sunday cartoons and eating chocolate coated Sugar Bombs.

Posted on 2009-09-01 at 10:18:35.

Topic: Loaded Dice#10: Things Get Tight
Subject: light

ack...suffering from pun fallout. Too bad to live, too silly to die.

You forgot the green slime omn the floor and the grey ooze on the walls. What kind of a DM are you?

Posted on 2009-08-31 at 13:39:49.
Edited on 2009-08-31 at 13:40:11 by Alacrity

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: that's my daughter

Yes but I will hand out PP after the "encounters" end.

Posted on 2009-08-28 at 19:21:15.

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: Plot points

As a reminder to some and something new to others - everyone starts the game with 6 plot points. These points can be used by you to:

Add an Extra die - if you want to succeed in a roll you can add an extra die by using the points. Each point represents a step so 1 point is a d2, 2 are a d4, 3 are a d6 etc.

Reduce Damage - If you have been hit you can roll a die to reduce the damage taken. The points for the die roll are the same as above.

Effect a roll already made - if you missed by a small amount you can add to your roll with points, except that a point is equal to +1 only.

You gain plot points by playing your complications, successful goal accomplishments and making the story move along. Go examples would be Mel coming up to Kane to assist in the deal making, Grace twitchily looking for people watching. Angela forgetting something crucial to the game at the right(wrong) time or Phil going for the girl.

the most PP you can have at any time is 12. If you want to use them, just make a note in your post For Example - "Grace will attempt to make a signal jammer out of the spare parts (3 PP add please)"

Posted on 2009-08-28 at 18:53:54.
Edited on 2009-08-28 at 18:55:56 by Alacrity

Topic: Loaded Dice #9: the Gate
Subject: whoa

these comic threads go all over the map don't they?

Posted on 2009-08-28 at 14:58:10.

Topic: Loaded Dice #9: the Gate
Subject: Where

Where do you pack a ten foot pole anyway?

"Is that a ten foot pole or are you happy to be adventuring?"

Reagan - I love Ron. It was a Bloom County reference to the fact that people used to blame everything on Reagan while he was in power. My humour when I'm tired is Dennis Miller style obscure. I apologize for any slight to the Gipper.

Posted on 2009-08-28 at 14:27:12.

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: No rubbing of Tann

Hey, it was a classic moment in the wonderful game (that for some silly reason is now dead). I come only to praise you, not to rub anything.

Posted on 2009-08-28 at 13:04:27.

Topic: Loaded Dice #9: the Gate
Subject: it s all Grugg's fault

Floods, Volcano, Reagan, it is all Grugg's fault.

Posted on 2009-08-27 at 21:50:44.

Topic: Loaded Dice #9: the Gate
Subject: VOTE!


Posted on 2009-08-27 at 17:44:07.

Topic: Loaded Dice #9: the Gate
Subject: You'll pay for that

See, I would throw a uber strength mutant ice water weird in the pond just for them not looking. Miss a detail of my dungeon? I don't think so!

There was the double post of threads again. I killed one for you.

Posted on 2009-08-27 at 13:07:35.

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: stuff

MMV - The Radio receiver on a multiband is to listen only. Now you could modify yours on the fly, but you couldn't be sure that Kane's would reciever or if he even has his turned on. I am sure you can get a high end "cellphone in a watch" in the core, but not right now.

Suicidolt - I will assume jacket then but don't feel you have to hand me plot hooks - this scene has all the potential to become as grand a comedy as when the crew of the Rocinante drove the hovermule over a brass band in a parade.

Posted on 2009-08-27 at 12:10:45.

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: throw your watch

Tossing your watch at him might not be efective. Try a wrench instead.

Posted on 2009-08-26 at 20:09:18.

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: start so young

Oh he's dead, We're dead, we're all dead - I think it may be early for the Dash's lament my dear.


Posted on 2009-08-26 at 19:27:01.

Topic: Freedom's Price Q&A
Subject: chocolate tin

jacket pocket or pants?

Posted on 2009-08-26 at 18:42:23.


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