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Topic: Hi ^__^
Subject: new banner to test

Welcome to the Inn


Posted on 2010-10-06 at 20:22:02.

Topic: Loaded Dice #58: Here I Come to Save the Day
Subject: Ack


Pun fallout. Oh I am slain!

Posted on 2010-10-05 at 19:21:07.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: old age?

Don't worry. Your enemy won;t die of old age. They are immortal...


I'm so evil.

Posted on 2010-10-05 at 16:58:38.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: spiders

Tann is correct about the spiders being single file down the hallway. They are about the size of horses, only rounder.

Da'Moon's dow - I need that on a t-shirt

Posted on 2010-10-05 at 10:55:19.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Dapple's secret

The question has come up as to who knows Dapple's secret. As I recall, she was outted in Antonio's castle (1st adv) in the final battle. So Char, Kilgim (Alloryn and Shona) know Dapple is a girl but Arien does not because he had been tossed out of the window at that point and rescued by the elves. New members since the first adventure would not know (Adrian, Maximus and Flynn).

Now if I am incorrect in this matter, please let me know.

Posted on 2010-10-03 at 21:15:24.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: what he said

This is not a reality based game. This is playing 633 squadron, or the longest day, or the Battle of Britain, or any John Wayne WWII movie. With monsters thrown in. Mazis are evil, SS are more evil, commanders are really evil and all gernmans carry lugers.

Posted on 2010-10-01 at 12:21:38.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Well

You could use the house as a place to sleep for the night. It is off the road, it is sheltered, there is food too. You'd still want to set a watch but it is better than in a field.

You could camp out in the field.

You could keep going through the bush.

You could follow the road to the castle.

You could stay off the main road but use it to plot a course to the castle.

Remember that it is early morning and you have been going since yesterday evening.

You could form a barber's shop quartet and tour swisserland.

Possibilities are endless....

Posted on 2010-09-30 at 18:56:21.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Ummmm........

You might want to re-consider that plan of action Tann. The Hydrogen is explosive, pressurized and supercooled to −423.17 F/−252.87C. So best case scenario here would be killing all four by flash freezing them, which would be murder. Worst case, flash freeze you, them, everything in a 100 foot area and blowing up that section of the port, which would include Rocinante.

As for time, you would have to release the pressure, undo the value and then remove the safety mech that prevents people from accidently doing what you are suggesting. So at least 20 minutes unless you wnt to cut the hose - which would definitelt lead to a worst case scenario.

You are a big guy who is a scrapper, good with bare hands and a knife. You could try to talk your way out, do a bit of intimidation, or just slug one of them and see what happens. Up to you. This isn't a major plot line, I just thought you'd like to have something specifically for Wolf.

Posted on 2010-09-30 at 13:32:18.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: posted


Posted on 2010-09-30 at 03:13:58.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: posted


Posted on 2010-09-30 at 03:13:30.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: posted


Posted on 2010-09-30 at 03:13:04.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: getting tense

Newhouse, Beylix, Rocinante, Cargo Bay, 1:50 pm, Day Three

"Funny thing was, Mr. Blake; he drew with the intent to do harm to my crew. Now, tell me why I shouldn't let him rot on this dirt ball while we make our merry back to Frisco, collect our pay, and leave the likes of him to his fate." Captain Wyatt asked the banker.

The smaller man didn't seem to upset by Wyatt's words, "Well Captain, I understand you position and can't say it isn't a thought that hasn't cross my mind. But I don't know if you have children Mr. Sung, but either way, they are hard to leave behind. Miss Willow? you mentioned the gun, could you describe it for me? I don't wish to sound like I doubt you but I paid for Jimmy's indulgences and I have a passing familiarity with it."

(Assuming Willow answers. She knows it is small, shoulder holstered, silver and the sheriff said it was a Newtech)

" Wuh de ma!" the Banker curses, " Kao! Alright. I need to send a wave to the sheriff and talk to him. Though I am not hopeful that it will work out well. My wife is going to kill me."

Newhouse, Beylix, Port Authority, Outside Rocinante, Cargo Bay, 1:50 pm, Day Three

Sam approached the ship and noticed there was a man waiting outside the doorway on the cargo bay. He recognized that it was the man he saw with Willow before but other than that the short oriental man was a stranger to him. Up close he could see the man was someone who liked his drink too much and must have been luckier before because he had a nice jacket, but that was about all. The man nodded a greeting as Sam came close.

"Hi. Just waiting for Willow." he said with a shrug.

(insert interaction but I am going to assume it is short and sweet- as in no killing)

Sam left the man behind and entered the one place he felt as home. He walked in on a staff meeting of sorts as he see Wyatt and Willow standing close to Mr. Blake the Banker. The captain looks pissed and Willow was looking like someone had spilled coffee on one of her best dresses. Ma and the guy they freed from prison - Andrew, were coming up fast from the catwalk. no sign of Wolf though, but he might be busy with the ship. Sam hears the banker saying "...I need to send a wave to the sheriff and talk to him. Though I am not hopeful that it will work out well. My wife is going to kill me."

Newhouse, Beylix Outside Rocinante, 1:50 pm, Day Three

Wolf twisted the sealant ring on the hose, and turned on the vacuum pump to suck the air out. Once the gauge showed negative pressure, he turned on the flow regulator for the liquid hydrogen, slowly at first because these units were old and could spring a leak - and no one liked super cooled liquid gas in the face.

"Hey!" Wolf heard behind him. He turned to see four men watching him from the shadows. Three were really big guys holding large industrial work tools. The other was very short, and the one doing the talking. In his hands was a sand belt grinder. "Hey you! You don't look like guild. Stacy knows better than to get non-guild workers. they tend to have, you know, accidents."

OOC: They are about 20 feet away but they cut you off from the Rocinante. You don't see guns but a lug wrench is a lug wrench.

Posted on 2010-09-30 at 03:09:12.
Edited on 2010-09-30 at 03:09:55 by Alacrity

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Not playing nice

Dapple rounds the corner quickly with most of the party behind her shouting. The rogue ignored the calls and moved to intercept the threads.

But they moved to intercept her.

Arien and Char see it happen but cannot do anything to stop it. The threats flick and lash out striking Dapple full on. The innate magical resistance that Sunset transfers to the one she sits upon save Dapple from a death of slash and dismemberment. But some threads get through and puncture the thief's body like daggers while others slash across arms, chest and face. She collapses on the top of the stairs just where the corridors branch off. Blood begins to pool immediately around her body.

Movement catches Arien's eye and Char. In the corridor heading north there is a gigantic spider heading towards you. Coming down the stairs from the east, two other spiders approach rapidly.

OOC: You have one round before the two are on the stair top but the other is closer and attack this round. Dapple looks bad. Very bad. Dapple is not moving.

Dapple: Critically wounded to the eye of someone who has been injured a lot (which is anyone in my campaign) and unconscious. Sunset is struggling to get out of the cloak but the dragonnet is partially pinned.

Posted on 2010-09-30 at 02:30:35.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: back I hope

A quick search of the house revealed that no one was home and it looked like they left in a hurry. The evening meal was still on the table, now cold (Chicken and dumplings). The furniture was turned over and the Doc spotted blood trailing from the doorway down the drive (not a major wound but visible). McGuiness walked the tracks of the boots and came to the conclusion that a truck had come up the drive, unloaded the men and loaded back up, with at least some animals. A check of the barn confirmed that there were no animals present, but there had been recently - at least a few cows. The only thing living that the team found was a chicken coop with about a dozen hens and a tabby cat that watched you from a beam near the roof of the barn.

Pictures on the mantel show a family of six, the parents with two sons and two daughters. The sons would be old enough to be fighting in the war, while the daughters were young teenagers.

So what happened? Why would soldiers come and take the family and their animals?

Posted on 2010-09-30 at 02:12:18.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: busy

I am very swamped with work right now and so is Cathy and it looks like William is getting a cold. So please forgive the lag, I will post as soon as I can.

Posted on 2010-09-28 at 12:21:56.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: busy

I am very swamped with work right now and so is Cathy and it looks like William is getting a cold. So please forgive the lag, I will post as soon as I can.

Posted on 2010-09-28 at 12:21:38.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: busy

I am very swamped with work right now and so is Cathy and it looks like William is getting a cold. So please forgive the lag, I will post as soon as I can.

Posted on 2010-09-28 at 12:21:15.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: posts

I was hoping to post this week but I see I have only one post. I am away this weekend on a photoshoot up north so I will not have internet access. I will dedicate some time Monday to catching up if you guys can post over the weekend.

Posted on 2010-09-24 at 12:24:39.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: time slipping

I was hoping to post this week but things kept getting in the way. I am away this weekend on a photoshoot up north so I will not have internet access. I will dedicate some time Monday to catching up.

Posted on 2010-09-24 at 12:23:17.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: damn

I was hoping to post this week but things kept getting in the way. I am away this weekend on a photoshoot up north so I will not have internet access. I will dedicate some time Monday to catching up.

Posted on 2010-09-24 at 12:22:51.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: with who? With what?

Don't leave me hanging.

Posted on 2010-09-23 at 18:40:41.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: The Rules

For all you who join this game - I found the rules - yes I know they are misnumbered but I didn't write them. Olan disagrees abouts the importance of guns.

Rules of Zombie Survival.

Rule 1: Cardio: This one comes up in Zombieland and clearly makes alot of sense. How many fat people do you see at the end of the world when its zombies doing the ending?

Rule 2: Beware of Bathrooms: Really not just bathrooms any good apocalyptic zombie survivor should know better then going into a bathroom, small closet or any other small room with only one way in or out. Only thing stupider to go into then a bathroom is a movie theater. Lots of places to run around before you get eaten.

Rule 3: Seatbelts: Its a safe bet unless your a complete dumb dumb ( see rule #7 ) your not going to be hoofing it on foot in the event of a zombie outbreak. So when travelling on four wheels wear your seat belt. Nothing worse then finding yourself ejected out of your car into the loving and oh so hungry arms of zombies.

Rule 4: Doubletap: Carrying a gun is a great idea but it should never be your primary weapon. When you do end up using it for that last minute 'oh shit' moment remember to double tap. Its an emergency and thats why your using it and not your cricket bat so why skimp? One bullet more in the head will go a long way to ensuring your survival.

Rule 5: No Attachments: This is a tough one but you can not have attachments. If you got kids or a wife your less likely to survive then the gal or guy who has no attachments and nothing slowing him or her down. Or worse yet making bonehead decisions like 'going back into the room'

Rule 6: Travel in a Group: The best way to increase your odds of survival when travelling in a zombie outbreak is to make sure your a traveling buffet. Going it alone gives the zombies no choices but to eat you. Going it with the old man with the limp, the little kid who cant run and the middle aged woman with the plastic leg gives the zombies more options and you better odds you can run away faster then they can.

Rule 7: Keep the Dumb Dumbs Close at Hand: One of the most sure fire ways of making sure you survive is keeping the less intelligent as close at hand as possible. When you find somebody who asks you 'Whats going on? What Happened? Those are the ones you want with you. That way when the zombies come they are likely to stupid to realize its not Amway calling and run.

Rule 8: Kill with Efficiency: Its not about pretty its about efficiency. Alot of folks run for the gun cabinet where as the truly savvy go looking for the most blunt and effective way to destroy the brain. That can be anything from a baseball bat... to a toilet lid! Kill with Efficiency... dont use weapons that need something to work and use weapons you can swing over and over and over again. You dont tend to run into 1 zombie at a time.

Rule 9: Guns Are for Hunting, Not for Zombie Killing: This one is simple. Guns need bullets. When your running who has time to stop for bullets? Keeping a shotgun with buckshot on hand is important but only when your pinned in and need a quick getaway. Its not a proper means for killing zombies as they run out of ammo and need reloading. Remember a Cricket Bat, or Toilet Lid do not need loading!

Rule 10: Be Quiet: Its the end of the world as you know it so try to avoid squeeling like a 4th grade school girl and perhaps invest in some good sneakers. Nobody said you have to kill all the zombies and there is certainly no shame in sneaking around and surviving versus tearing around like a madman and ending up being an undead happy meal.

Rule 15: Know Your Way out! Nothing worse then a poorly planned escape. If your going to be a hero its always a good idea to plan ahead and as the rule states.. know your way out!

Rule 17: Don't Be a Hero: The hot chick who was totally gonna give you some is not worth becoming the undead. So when the going gets rough and the hot chick is about to get undead... its time to flee. No making a stand no ending up a brave zombie. Better to be a chicken liver live guy.

Rule 18: Limber Up: When either fighting a zombie or running from zombies its not a great time to be pulling a muscle or throwing your back out. So limbering up is kind of a must. Stretch it out a little.. it may save your life.

Rule 19: Blend in: Much as Shaun did in Shaun of the Dead its important to blend in. Whens the last time you saw a zombie try to eat another zombie? not easily done but with the right odor and smearing of goo on your face it can happen.

Rule 20: Find The Right Shelter: Shelter is key to survival but since we are already travelling in a group you should ask yourself why the shelter needs to be stationary. For me a motor home or large all terrain vehicle that seats a half dozen would do nicely. Plus when zombies arrive in your neighbourhood there is no last minute scramble to pack and leave. Just put it in drive and roll!

Rule 21: Zombies can't Climb. Much like you have never seen a zombie eat another zombie whens the last time you saw a zombie climb a wall? Well other then the debacle that was the remake of Day of the Dead which had spiderman zombies. Zombies can climb so find high ground if you do need to stop.

Rule 22: Be ruthless: Much like having no attachments being ruthless is key. When your bride turns into the undead, reach for the lid to the toilet seat and be ruthless. The weak and compassionate will not survive in the world of the undead.

Rule 23: God Bless Rednecks: Rednecks are loud, brash, well armed and ready to kick ass now and ask questions later. So when a redneck shows up in your group half drunk and rumbling louder then your humvee welcome him. Sure rednecks can attract zombies but they also are well armed and kill a whole lot of em when they do come for dinner. Best of all they are good bait for you to make your exit while he is making a mess of the zombies and before he realizes he just ran out of bullets and does the happy meal groan.

Rule 24: No Drinking. This one should be pretty plain obvious. Escaping zombies is tough enough as it is. How well do you think you will do after downing a couple shots of Jack Daniels? Drinking is not a good survival tactic.

Rule 25: Check the Back Seat. I cant tell you how many times somebody has eaten it or in this case been eaten because they are just not smart enough to check the back seat. Always check the back seat friends. Always!

Rule 26: Enjoy the Little Things: Its the end of the world. Dont sweat the small stuff. Loot a neighbourhood or two, trash a car, speed! Do the little things and enjoy em. Who knows how long you have to live!

Posted on 2010-09-23 at 18:12:28.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: how else?

Love. It conquers all.

Posted on 2010-09-23 at 12:14:37.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago Q&A
Subject: Guidebook

Saw this the other day and thought all the players in this game could use this.

Guide to being a Zombie

Posted on 2010-09-22 at 12:19:47.

Topic: Anagrams!
Subject: second

A Denied Revolting Horn

Posted on 2010-09-22 at 01:44:06.


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