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Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: visual

A visual of the area that Wyatt, Willow and Sam have entered.


Posted on 2012-01-13 at 20:14:24.

Topic: Floyd Hobart #7 - Winter Is Coming
Subject: why worry

Why worry about death if you have four sons you can play after and then their kids. Like Paranoia with the clones.

Posted on 2012-01-12 at 18:20:32.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: list

1st Level

Animal Friendship
Create Water
Cure Light Wounds
Detect Evil
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Detect Snares & Pits
Endure Heat/Endure Cold
Faerie Fire
Invisibility to Animals
Invisibility to Undead
Locate Animals or Plants
Magical Stone
Pass Without Trace
Protection From Evil
Purify Food & Drink
Remove Fear

Posted on 2012-01-12 at 17:24:21.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: a few notes, warnings and addendums

Just a few things for those who have not gamed with me.

Healing - I use a % system for healing so a cure light heal 25% and cure serious 50% etc etc. However, for low levels I have a minimum amount healed (or else the spell sucks) which is 8 hp for a CLW. So if you have 20 hp and take 10 and get a CLW, 25% would be only 5 hp back but you would get 8 as it is the minimum.

Combat - When you post combat movement, please be specific as possible and give me more than one round of action, otherwise combat takes a long time. So "Bob attacks with bow as long as he can then will draw long sword and attack, favouring the biggest and baddest that he can see". Make use of PM or the QnA if you want to, I don't mind communication - I thrive on it.

Death - You may go to negative 10 plus your constitution bonus. After that you are toast.

Posting - Once a week is expected. if you can;t post due to RL, just let me know and I will NPC your character for awhile. However if it is more than two weeks, don't be surprised if you wake up in a gin soaked bed in a god-forsaken inn with a woman named Lola. Ask Olan about his knight who was possessed by a randy she-demon for awhile.

Mana - Mana is used to cast spells with one point for a 1st level spell, 2 for a second etc etc. If you run out of mana, yo ucan still cast spells but you use HP. HP lost can not be healed, only regained by one hour sleep per hp used as MP. Clerics do not use mana.

Cleric spells - I do not restrict clerics by spheres of influence and domains. you may cast any spell in the PHB as per the level.

Weapon Specialization - If you have a 2 in brackets beside a weapon on your sheet, that means you have specialization in that weapon. The way I do WS, is 1 is proficient, 2 is +1/+1, 3 is +2/+2 and 4 is +3/+3 which is as high as you go. However, as soon as you put 2 in, you go up a half attack per round or one full if bow.

Posted on 2012-01-12 at 16:35:18.
Edited on 2012-01-12 at 16:41:25 by Alacrity

Topic: Audalis Dreaming
Subject: on the road again, just can't wait to be back on the road again

Crow listened to the people around him to see if he could discern anything more of this mayor and his offer. The people seemed to accept that the offer was genuine and there was no scoffing or distrust being brought up in his ear shot. That was saying something in itself because The Pardinese love to make fun of their lords and rulers as much as they loved drinking that salty swill they call beer. However the opportunity to hear more was lost when the Khord cleric made his announcement.

"I Be Gamard the Grim!

"We fought these devils and barely made it here alive!

"But I be a Knight of The Holy Avengers ... and I will help track down this vermin ... exterminate these devils ... and return with the head of their leader ... in the company of those brave enough to company to hell and back ... with a Cleric of Solanis!

"So I say to One and All ... Cruniak Beware!"

After that there was an explosion of cheers, hollers and suggestions that Gamard was buying a round for the house as he was about to become rich. You conversed among yourselves, noting the few groups making for the doors and making a fast exit, while others stayed and watched you with a wary eye. The evening became quite festive indeed when the Cleric stared his War Dance. Soon may of the locals were joining in the celebration, even if they had no idea what the party was for – another quaint Pardinal tradition.

"Heads Will Roll ... and Bodies Will Die!

"It May Be You ... It May Be I ... But Know This Truth ... Cruniak Will Die ... Not I ... Not I ... So I Bid You Good Bye!

"Run To Your Fate ... We Will Follow Soon ... Cruniak Are Waiting ... To Seal Your Doom!"

The evening ran its course and the hour became late. You return to your rooms for the night to get some sleep before the morning but in agreement that you would met up in the morning and prepare for your journey. Crow’s many attempt to woo the red-hair bar-maid were fended off and he, like the rest of you returned to your beds alone.

The sun came up the next day and the sky was clear. The crispness of the morning held a hint of the fading of this summer to fall. But today, the weather promised to be warm but the mid-day.

Everyone is up and awake. Your horses and ponies – a gift from the merchants although they had spares from all that fell during the caravan, are awaiting you in the stables. Talon figures that he will be able to find traces of the Cruniak by late afternoon if you ride swiftly.

OOC: If anyone wants to buy supplies, let me know. You may back post conversation from the evening if you wish. Otherwise my next post will have you on the road.

Posted on 2012-01-12 at 16:24:27.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: rock paper scissors

I don't have rock paper scissor dice. Now I have to buy more dice


Posted on 2012-01-12 at 11:49:48.

Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic
Subject: Well someone call Al and Bro!

I see another Mythbreaker episode! Do healing potions work on the outside as well as drinking? We'd have to wound someone first ......

Posted on 2012-01-11 at 18:18:16.

Topic: Floyd Hobart #7 - Winter Is Coming
Subject: never made connection

There is a lot of parallel between Shakespeare and GoT. GoT just goes on longer.

Posted on 2012-01-11 at 14:50:37.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: yea and no

Yes you are correct that there are emergency lights set up to come on in the case of power outage. They do run on battery power.

However, in this instance, the backup emergency lights are out as well and will be out for a few minutes.

There is a reason. Some of the crew will know why.

Posted on 2012-01-11 at 14:48:54.

Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic
Subject: Last Crusade

In Indiana jones and the Last crusade, the show indy pouring the holy Grail directly into his dad's wound. As well, there is a series of books based on D&D characters where healing Draughts were used directly on the wounds.

So I think you have a legal precedent there Rob.

Posted on 2012-01-11 at 14:45:49.

Topic: Breaking the Fourth ~ A D&D Webcomic
Subject: love it

Great comic as always. It is Fourth and Floyd day!

Posted on 2012-01-11 at 13:53:21.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Sorry

Been delayed on the PM's but RPN reaction was prefect for his character. One thing about the emergency lights is they do not come on immediately. All electrical systems are dead and the back up do not come on for five minutes.

Posted on 2012-01-11 at 13:21:18.

Topic: Floyd Hobart #7 - Winter Is Coming
Subject: Floyd Hobart #7 - Winter Is Coming

Ladies and gentlemen, the seventh episode of Floyd Hobart is now up. Hope you enjoy. Floyd takes on the Game of Thrones as a RPG. Remember, in the Game of Thrones yo ueither win or you die - often.

Winter is Coming

Please be sure to let Jing and I know what you think! We love comments.

Posted on 2012-01-11 at 13:05:33.

Topic: Are you ready for 5e? Do you care?
Subject: Ah basic!

I forgotten about the basic set. Dwarf, fighter, wizard, elf, cleric and thief were your classes. The stripped down simple combat system and only two levels of spells. I have a player who still thinks magic missiles are d6 because he started in basic.

Posted on 2012-01-10 at 19:49:56.

Topic: Are you ready for 5e? Do you care?
Subject: I'd settle for

A well written game system with clearly defined rules that are easy to learn, play and lend themselves to role-playing and not roll-play. You should only need three book max to play the game, with lots more as extras (I'll buy them out of curiosity, I promise!).

I'm asking too much aren't I?

Posted on 2012-01-10 at 18:41:10.

Topic: Are you ready for 5e? Do you care?
Subject: Are you ready for 5e? Do you care?

Forbes article on 5e coming

So the Wizzies are looking at 5th edition D&D. The Accountants of the Coast must have realized they spent all their cash on exorcising Gary's ghost from the basement and decided to make everyone buy the rules yet again.\

But my cynical views aside, what do you think of a 5e? Playtesters are suggesting it will be more retro and playable (that would be 2e but I'm bias).

So how would you redesign the D&D rules? What are you thoughts on the matter? Come out Come out all you old school, new school and I don't know what school players and give your opinions please.

Posted on 2012-01-10 at 13:43:25.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: the law of the game

I am looking at this as the Dungeon romp type game. Therefore you will leave, you will have one random encounter and then you will arrive at the entrance to the lair. Don't sweat the details.

Posted on 2012-01-10 at 02:20:52.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: yeah

I went a "cut and paste" too far

Posted on 2012-01-09 at 20:04:21.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: Yes the ranger

The Ranger has tracking as an ability but so does Crow. You listed it among your NWP Tann. So you are doubly blessed.

Posted on 2012-01-09 at 16:37:43.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: much better thanks

I am doing well thank you.

Come now - you would get upset if i did't give you a gun fight sooner than later. This is Serenity. Without a bounty hunter/assassin or two, it is just a bunch of friends flying around in the black.

Posted on 2012-01-09 at 01:51:07.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming
Subject: Dark man playing dark lady

Bas was looking around the room at the reaction of the people. She laughed ruefully, "The money is good Crow - certainly more than we would get for clearing out rats from a church crypt or spiders from a forest. Sundel needs the trade route to be clear and the mayor has at least four lords who will tribute to keep the route free of threat. So at 250 each, I'd say the reward is what it is. I doubt the Mayor would entertain us to negotiation, besides, the longer we wait the more chances of someone else getting there first. " She motioned with her head towards a group of human sell-swords moving out of the bar in haste and then another group in the corner that were huddled in close and talking but watching the announcement of the cleric with a cautious eye.

"I'm in for a fight, never doubt it." she says, "But we have an edge - we know what we have fought and we have someone who can track them."

Posted on 2012-01-08 at 21:37:24.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: Moving on

The hall now stands in deadly silence. Brutal is rescued from the pit without delay and the team moves into the room where they find their former companion Max Keller. He is looking good considering that he has been held captive and tortured. He has been beaten and the slash across his back has formed a deep red welt but all in all he is alive. the team is one man up now and you spend a few moments filling each other in and introducing Greta, explaining why she is with you and carrying a gun.

The dead soldiers give forth to you two more lugers with two clips each. Two more machine guns and two more rifle, with a total of another four mags for each type.

There is a set of double doors at the end of the hall and three doors on the north side of the room. A set of steep stairs going straight up are also on the north side near the doors to the east.

Greta points to the double door. "The way to the crypts should be through there. It was once a wine cellar, " She points to the doors to the north and east, "and that should be the kitchen, unless the nazis have, how do you Americans say it? - renovated."

Posted on 2012-01-08 at 21:26:15.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: I know

I will play for her or ask vanadia to step in.

Posted on 2012-01-08 at 20:28:28.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Going gets tough

Destiny Bridge, Day Two of Journey 1:10pm ST

Looking coolly as he could Jon said,” Wuo Jai Jeong Yi Chi. (Let me repeat myself ) We have a contract and we plan to honor it. Have a good day Mr. Chung.” With that said Jon clicked off the wave abruptly, “Tess, Jio Weh Sung Chiuh. Let's just get the hell out of here! Show these locals how this lady can dance. Save the big burn for a surprise.”

“Aye Capt’n” Tess responded immediately, “We’re dancing pretty hot as it is, but let’s see if I can’t coax the beat up a notch.” She reached up and readjusted the goggles placed over her eyes, and prepared Destiny for a little bit of reckless speed.

“Did you want me to check in with Decimus and inform him of our current plight and see about getting some ground support for the delivery or would you rather I leave the Baron in the dark on this one?” Jason asked as he crossed the bridge to the Com station, “It’s up to you Cap’n, I just work here.” Jason sat down at his console bringing it to life with a few quick gestures that spoke of long practice with the equipment and started checking the local times of his informants figuring out who to call first.

“Jason you’re the silver tongued devil of this crew when it comes to talking information out of social circles so go for it. It might not be a bad idea to compliment the Baron on his choice wine being so popular that we were offered to sell it before we got there. If he asks let him know some local named Chung must have thought he could improve his status by delivering the cargo. That should send alarms yet keep us looking innocent. I figure the Feds will be monitoring the waves so try to do it with straight face. Do your best spin. Having your Captain looking Chwen is not always a bad thing. Better they should under estimate us.”

As Tess moved the throttle up, the engines purred like a kitten but grace suddenly cocked her head and moved out of the bridge mumbling something about the left rear manifold was about to go and having work to do. The finest of sound could set Grace off towards the engine room or into the ducts and air shafts of the ship.

The wave did not hail again and there was no sign of attack or danger so Tess kept course as The Captain and Jason discussed who to call and why. With grace and Ken now gone from the bridge, she didn;t feel so closed in as before. Only so many people could fit up here.

Tess completed the sweep she was doing and the "destination" that Mr. Cheng had given helped her.Destiny was a great ship but it's sensors were only so good but Tess found the Arrowhead's pulse beacon signal and was able to find coordinates. Tzu Mieh was its name and it was hiding by the asteroid they mentioned and it is moving to intercept. However it didn't wasn't moving fast enough to be concerned , like it was waiting for something or perhaps had a technical problem. She could even make out the ship though the glass of the bridge window as Destiny passed by the asteroid.

Suddenly there was a flash of light so bright and the Arrowhead was gone. No sound in space robbed the brilliant explosion of its drama but in a instant the ship was destroyed.

Tess gripped the controls desperately, knowing what would happen next but unable to stop it. She barely had enough time to scream "Brace for Impact!!" into the comm. The shockwave from the blast rode out across the black, slamming into Destiny and threw it across the black like a leaf in the wind. Luckily no other ships were close by to risk further impact or collision.

Jon and Jason were tossed to the floor of the bridge. The electrical system shut down and the engine when offline immediately from the strain. The sound of things hitting the floor and glass breaking can be heard throughout the ship.

You are adrift in the black.

Arrowhead Courier Tzw Mieh Bridge, Day Two of Journey 1:00pm ST

Wang Cheng turned and looked at the man in the distance behind him. The huge man with the battle armour and the automatic weapon in his hand pointed directly at Wang's head. "We did what you asked for, and they have refused. Do you wish me to hail them again Agnat?"

The man smiled, "No. I believe our business is done here. Just let me get to my ship and you can be on your way. I have learned all I need to know. Wish I knew what type of ship that was though, it is gonna bug me now. I want you to move to follow them, as if you are interested but don't try to catch them."

"If you wish us to." Wang signed to his pilot to do as Agnat said, "And our payment?" Wang asked carefully, still eyeing the weapon carefully.

The armoured man picked up the case beside him and flipped it open in a practiced flourish on the counter. Inside were stacks upon stacks of alliance credits, bundled neatly. "As I said. Sorry about the gun but I had to know you wouldn't try any funny business. Now gentlemen. I bid you farewell." and with that he stepped backwards out of the bridge and up the ladder to the airlock where his one man ship was coupled. He slipped inside the and shut the door and released the airlock. His ship immediately lifted off the hull of the arrowhead and drifted away as it moved around the asteroid. He spun the ship around and moved in the opposite direction. Great thing about this single man ship he had, it could do an incredibly fast clip on short range. Just as he was far enough around for the moon to protect him, he pressed the button on his wrist band and laughed at fools would don't check the cases that money is carried in. By the time he swung around, the black ship would be dead in the black and easy pickings.

OOC: Positions
Tess, Jon and Jason are on floor in the Bridge
Ken is on floor is Rec room #2
Grace is knocked down in the Engine Room #15
Dr. Stephanie is on floor in Infirmary #20
Some of you will receive PM's with additional info.

Posted on 2012-01-08 at 20:27:04.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Had to steal the line

Hornsilver Mine level 1, Regina, Frisco, Day Nine 12:10 am Planet Time

If Brigit is effected by Willow verbal barbs, she shows nothing of it as she looks down the new hole in the ground. "You know, for a moment I thought you were bluffing me Willow." she says with a big smile.

Sam goes down the ladder first, followed by Brigit. After a short time, Sam calls out and all clear and Willow and Wyatt go down the shaft to the corridor below. the door above closes behind you but a quick test shows that the release on this side will reopen it without a code. But as Willow descends she sees a small red glow on the opposite side of the hatch. It is a panic button, she recognizes from her medical training for labs that would be working on dangerous pathogens. The button would seal the doors and override all codes in case of a hazard release - which would trap anyone inside forever.

The walls of the drift are formed of rusting hull plating. Its sides slant slightly inward towards a narrow roof supported by steel reinforced trapezoidal arches placed every few feet. The plates are from a ship, that is sure for some are stamped "Warning Exhaust Pipes", Avionics Access C" and "Ground power Connector". Wyatt finds a small registration sign reading "Lucius Newberry - ComTrans - Boros". Brigit smiles widely upon seeing the plate as well. "No doubt now sugar. We found the treasure."

The end of the corridor opens onto a large oval shaped room with concrete arches supporting a domed ceiling of fitted hull plates. Near the edges of the floor are the remains of three big crates. Willow spots a faded cover from one of the crates label in english and chinese - "Control 98242683 - Quarantined Cargo. Do Not Open. Biohazard."

The objects in the centre of the room catches your attention. Three sarcophagi fashioned out of shaped concrete form a triangle in the centre of the room. The top of each sarcophagus has been formed so that it looks like human bones. Chinese figure cross each sarcophagus Jwei Gai Won Se (So guilty as to deserve a thousand deaths). Each lid has matching seals made of metal.

Sam whistles loudly at the sight of the stone coffins. "This ain't no mine." he exclaims, "It's a tomb."

Hornsilver Mine - Topside, Regina, Frisco, Day Nine 12:10 am Planet Time

The hovermule banks up the hill and then Wolf swings it around and comes to a stop. There, before them, is the one shaft to the mine. Not much to look at really. the old building that used to hold the lift for the mine is broken down and faded. The roof is completely gone and the windows smashed out. The twisted metal of the of harness for the lift engine stands like an old armoured warrior over the mouth of some dungeon of Earth that was. the shaft would be about 20x20 feet in size. There is a cover over the shaft, made of quarter inch thick steel plates and 2x4 wooden beams. Which is why Wolf had spun the mule around before stopping. So he could use the winch and pull the cover off. But as you get closer, you see that someone has already been here and opened up a corner of the cover so to slip underneath. Looking down the dark of the shaft, there are many handholds available and the safety ladders mounted to each wall (for when the lift was busted) are still intact.

Posted on 2012-01-08 at 19:23:10.
Edited on 2012-01-08 at 19:25:29 by Alacrity

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