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Topic: Characters in Rocinante
Subject: Retired Crew

The Professor

Player: YeOlde
Character Name: Andrew Bowman aka “The Professor”
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Born: Bellerophon
Age: 45
Hair: Auburn, with a touch of gray at his temples. Large Mustache.
Eyes: Hazel
Build: Tall (6’4”) and Brawny

Description: A handsome middle aged well dressed man whose face is marred by a thin scar running from his left eyebrow down his cheek to the corner of his mouth. His manner of clothes appear a touch above most; tailored dress pants, a long sleeve dress shirt, a matching vest and a bolo style tie with silver clasp complete the ensemble. He looks much the proper gentlemen on a lot of core worlds except for the low riding quick draw holster on his right side and the cross draw holster on his left hip. He gives an overall appearance of being a sophisticated and well educated gentlemen.

Physical –
Agility – d10
Strength – d6
Vitality – d6

Mental –
Alertness – d8
Intelligence – d12
Willpower – d6

Lightning Reflexes (Major)

Friends in High Places (minor) - Former friends and associates from when he was growing up on Bellerophon; many still stay in contact with him occasionally and though they cant understand why he has abandoned his lavish heritage, they still consider him a friend and respect him.

Highly Educated (minor) - Having attended Osiris University he received the finest education in the Alliance. His manner of speaking; his bearing; his proper manners; all reveal a man whose is educated and came from a privileged life.

Memorable (minor) – a thin prominent scar running from the outer edge of his left eyebrow and down his cheek almost to the corner of his mouth.

Deadly Enemy (minor) – The family of a man he once killed in a fight, would like revenge. Fortunately the family is not rich or well connected so they can’t hire someone to do it for them.

Ego Signature (minor) - During a cortex breach he always leaves a ‘calling card’ file which when opened displays a sigil from ancient history. The sigil is the symbol of the Greek God Loki derived from ancient earth mythology. His nickname on the cortex is therefore “Loki”,

Overconfident (Minor) - In gunfights and in hacking the cortex he believes he is the best around. He often pushes the envelope when dealing with hacking a Alliance system as he ‘knows’ none of those Alliance scum have any real skill that can deal with him.

Guns – d6
Specialization: Pistols – d12+d2
Knowledge – d6
Perception - d6
Planetary Vehicles – d6
Pilot – d6
Scientific Expertise – d6
Technical expertise – d6
Specialization: Communications – d10, Hacking – d12, Security devices – d12, Technical repair – d12
Mechanical Engineering – d6

Action Figure comes with


PK12 Pistol, d6w dam, mag 12, rate 3, cost 20c, (3 extra mags) - Carried in low ride quick draw holster (Right side)

Avenger - Sound suppressed Revolver w/sight, d6w dam, mag 8, rate 3, cost 37c, (2 extra mags) - Carried in cross draw holster (left side hip)

Neotech derringer, d6w dam, mag 2, rate 2, cost 10c - Carried in spring loaded holster on left forearm.


Gun cleaning kit , cost 2c
Multiband (Left forearm), cost 5c
Cutting torch, cost 6c
Tool kit, basic, cost 16c
Tool set, electronic, 130c
Lock picks, Elect, 36c
Lock picks, 14c
Mag charges (6) 160c
Debugger, 20c
Optical bomb, 18c

Ballistic Mesh shirt (-1w), cost 46c
Basic clothing, cost 8c (slightly higher than standard)

1000 rds ammo for carried guns, cost 40c

Comm & Security-
Fedband scanner, cost 25c
Earbud Transmitter, cost 80c
Gun scanner, 133c
Jabberwocky Signal Blocker, 14c
Commpack, Long range, 40c

Computers & Software-
Cortex term, personal, cost 100c
Databook, 30c
Data library, prof. cost 32c
Data discs (10), cost 2c
Dedicated sourcebox, cost 40c
Holo-image Development Suite, 84c
Subkelvin 3.0, cost 40c
Xer0 security, cost 10c
CAD Board, 28c

Total cost of weapons and gear: 1226c
Remaining starting credits: 274c


Thanks to his rich parentage, Andrew attended Osiris University where he obtained a Doctorate in Technical Engineering. After graduation, he taught at Osiris University and even earned tenure. He made many friends with connections in the Alliance where he learned that the Alliance was protecting the core planets and abandoning the border and rim worlds and hiding the truth from general populace.

He tried to get others behind a cause to stop the Alliance abuse of what he saw as needy people in the border planets. Instead of help he found threats from the Alliance against his job and even his life.

Abandoning school he left for the outer worlds much to dismay of rich family back on Bellerophon. Having always had a natural gift for technical things and being rich he had access to some very sophisticated electronic gears. He took up the gun to survive, and due to fast reflexes became a very deadly gunfighter. Due to his technical expertise, education and eloquent way of speaking, he picked up the nickname ‘The Professor’.

He shunned his former life and his family, and when his parent passed away his younger brother, Thomas, took over the family estate and warned his brother never to return.

He earned his facial scar in a fight with a man who attacked him with a knife; killing the man in self defense he earned a vendetta by the man’s family. Fortunately the man’s family doesn’t have the money to hire someone to kill him, but relatives of the man are out to get him, if they can find him.

Through the years he has given up trying to help everyone in the border worlds, now he just tries to survive and help those he comes across. He sided with the Independence and fought for a time and served as a tech specialist until he was wounded, captured and spent a year in an Alliance prison. He was released after the war ended and took whatever odd jobs he could to make a living since he was cut off from his family inheritance and didn’t really want it anyway.

His last ship, a Dragonfly class named Prospect, was his home for over a year until unfortunately the Captain was jailed and the ship confiscated by the Alliance on smuggling charges and the crew had to break off to find other gainful employ.

Andrew has become the sheriff of Frisco on the planet Regina where he keeps law and order in the town and is well appreciated.

Posted on 2008-10-27 at 16:34:49.
Edited on 2012-09-20 at 18:35:31 by Alacrity

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: ball of confusion

that's what the world is today...hey hey.

Posted on 2008-10-27 at 13:23:38.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: red herrings, blue movies and purple haze

Just a note - you still have some rum and chocolate that you can sell. There is money in town between the banker, the Lawrence and JW so you might be able to fetch yourself a good deal.

Timing - The meeting for Willow is at dawn (6:30 am). The town hall is at 9:00 am. Unless Willow does something terribly wrong or gets ... busy, I seriously doubt she will be at the temple for longer than 2 hours. The temple is right next to the Bank so she won't have far to go either.

Although this may not need to be said, I just wanted to bring up the point that in this game, there is a lot of things happening. Not everything is key to the plot, or even the subplots. Sometimes I am introducing characters or situations that will be important in the next campaign. Sometimes I'm breathing life into an NPC who's gonna die in the next scene, just because I want to be a writer and make you feel something - anything. Sometimes, I'm just playing with weird and wonderful.

So if you are trying hard to put all the pieces together and make sense of it all - you might want to relax and enjoy the ride. I play a pretty intrinsic Verse and sometimes, you aren't playing with the rooks, you playing with the pawns.

Posted on 2008-10-27 at 12:19:23.
Edited on 2008-10-27 at 12:22:25 by Alacrity

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Something for everyone, a comedy tonight

Note - I had to play with order of events a bit to make everything make sense.

Maximus was enraged and the focus was this new mage Matthias. He moved with a speed brought on by rage with the intention of throttling the joker and making him make amends.

“Your anger is misdirected, friend,” the mage urged the charging gladiator even as a hold person spell started to weave itself together in his mind, “I apologize for your embarrassment but the spell that caused it was not mine.”

Char and Dapple made no move to intercept Maximus. Valentine muttered a fast incantation while Arien sought to move himself between the two. Kilgim stood up and began to move towards the two as well.

Matthias vanished from sight at the instant that Maximus would have grabbed him. The floor beneath the gladiator held no grip on him anymore and he found himself moving forward still at great speed. Terrin, who was moving the drink cart at the time, turns around. For a second, those watching see a very surprised look on the young dwarf’s face just as Maximus crashed into him and the cart. Dwarf and Barbarian strike the wall then the floor with a dramatic bang.

With a brief “Poof”, Matthias reappeared next to Gwanele – actually appearing in such a way that he has his arms around the archmage in a rather suggestive manner. Gwanele seems shocked but doesn’t immediately resist the hold.

Arien can not stop his forward movement and hits the grease on the floor. The knight falls and slides across the floor, tripping the entwined mages and barrelling into Kilgim rather abruptly. Matthias fines himself on top of the comely archmage, on the floor in the middle of Dwan’s office.“Jackpot!” the rather dry face in his head says with a bawdy chuckle. ”I hook them up for you kid, now you just have to reel them in!”

Maximus comes to his feet again, still enraged, “Remove your spell or your face and your cackling bird shall pay the price, mageling” he shouts.

"Stop right there, you oaf," Arien bellowed, "Before anyone gets hurt! Don't be fool enough to think that Dwan will allow violence within his own hall!" Hoping that he had the big man's attention, Arien softened his tone. "Besides," he added with a smile, "it's always better to be the friend of the man who throws magical fire, is it not? Were it me in pink, you'd enjoy a good laugh, aye? So sit down, appreciate the joke, and pay our host the courtesy of your attention." The last was given in a tone that brooks no insolence.

‘Besides,” Kilgim says as he gets up himself, “You ain’t got any on you, laddie.”

Maxmius looks down and sees his armour is no longer covered in pink sparkles – as if the whole event never happened. Terrin then stands up rather unsteadily. The dwarf’s beard is completely speckled with pink sparkles. The dwarf brushes himself off with as much dignity as he can muster and leaves the room in the hurry.

“Caw, caw, never knew what hit him, caw”

“ENOUGH!” Dwan shouts as he smashed his hand down on his desk, “I understand the need to melt down some tin as much as anyone but we have serious business here. So unless I need to find another team, can we settle down and go conserve our energy of the enemy! Maximus! I expect you to stay awake when I summon you. Matthias! Gwanele! If you two could stop acting like elves, I would like to get on with this.”

(assuming that people settle down. The rest of the briefing will go as previously written)

Dwan sighs heavily, “Unless there are any more questions regarding the mission, then you are free to go and prepare as you see fit. Supplies and horses will be ready in the morning when you set out. The usual 100 durins is available to anyone requiring it.”

OOC: last chance for questions before you head out.

Posted on 2008-10-26 at 23:42:39.
Edited on 2008-10-26 at 23:44:14 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Bars, Bouncy bouncy, and blast off

Beylix, Newhouse, The Green, 11:00 am

Dason Wang was a three times loser. Lost a good paying job years back for being greedy on his skims, lost his wife and family who left him after that, and turned to theft and larceny not long after to make ends meet. After years of finding out how low he could go, murder wasn’t hard for him anymore – if it go him a few credits to buy a meal and a bottle. It had been weeks since he had a decent meal, and his desperation was taking hold.

But he had to play it cool in this here city. The law men here took their jobs seriously and at least one of them was all too willing to deal out justice from the barrel of a gun. Extra care was necessary, but by Buddha’s little pony, he so wanted a drink and food right now.

He stood on the end of the green, a park in the centre of Newhouse, watching people go by and assessing whether they’d be a easy mark. He hocked his guns month ago for a six pack of warm beer, some bread and a willing Ma Tze. But a rock or a piece of board was always easy to find, easier than an easy mark.

That was when “He” walked across the Green right in front of him. It was Andrew Gorram Bowman, Dason was sure of it. Some called him the Professor but he looked like a meal ticket to Dason. His former boss, Daniel Putman had a brother killed by that Ri shao gou shi bing. Showed his picture around to everyone promising a big reward if anyone was to bag him. If Dason could take him out, then he could get in Danny’s good books again. Maybe even get himself a reward! But he needed a gun.

As if blessed by Buddha’s little pony, at that moment a man came out of the hotel. Smartly dressed, but without a sidearm, he walked down the street towards the lower end of town. Dason bent down as if to tie his shoe and palmed a fist sized rock from the road gravel. Whistling a merry tune, Dason followed after the man, thinking to himself that his luck had finally changed.

Regina, Frisco, Main Street, 11:30 pm

It felt good to have money in hand again. The funny thing about money is no matter what you had, it never seemed enough. The extra credits from the banker came as a welcome bonus, but even then, with everything else on the list of “to do” it could be all gone in a week.

Asher and Willow chose to stay abroad the ship with Trish, as they had enough excitement for one day. Wyatt accepted the invitation to join the miners for the evening, despite it bring him back to the temptation of the drink. On the way over to the saloon, Wyatt walked next JW and asked, “I noticed that runabout and the dragonfly docked near my ship, JW. Any idea what the business is for those on board?”

“I don’t rightly know” JW replied and he looked over to Bailey.

“The Transport was dropping off passengers and refuelling. Crew was looking for a load to carry but we ain’t got one. So I think they decided to check out town while they were planetside.” Bailey answered, “As to the small one, some guy looking for a brother and sister wanted by Alliance. Offering a portion of a reward with anyone knows anything. Apparently they were last seen on a firefly leaving Beaumonde. Easy to spot the guy though, wears these fancy red and gold duds by Newtech.”

“Bounty hunter.” JW said in disgust and spat on the ground. “You ain’t got these fugitives do ya? Second thought, I don’t want to know if you do. I play stupid better when I don’t know anything.”

(any conversation here)

The Lawrence is quite the scene as miners crowd the place. Card games are being played where a table can be found and the whiskey is running like a river. JW must have got the word out to at least the miners because no one calls Wyatt by the name Sheriff. Wyatt notes that the saloon has three serving girls that are triplets, as well there are some working ladies here as well. The captain notices that the blonde woman that Asher was talking to before is no longer here. He doesn’t see anyone that looks like they would be the crew of the Defiant but this is more of a locals saloon.

(not sure what you wanted to do here or if you had a purpose. The drinking will be quite the temptation to Wyatt as he is offered a drink constantly. Unless you state otherwise, I will assume you head back to the ship after 1:00 so you can get some sleep before the meetings tomorrow)

The Doc’s place 12:30 am

Brigit rolled over and purred gently in Sam’s arm. The Pilot couldn’t remember a night of such pleasure before nor a woman that could bring him to such heights and depths either.

“I better run now sweetheart,” Brigit said and detached herself as she stood up. Sam admired her body as she gathered up her clothing and felt desire wash over him again.

“Listen Sam.” Brigit said as she redressed herself, “I want to be honest with you. Things ain’t what they seem around here. In fact, I ain’t what I seem.”

(assume a response similar to huh?)

“How would you and your captain like to score a job that would leave you with enough money to buy your own moon? Cause I’m onto something here and when I find it, I’ll need a ship to get it off this dustball. Now your captain is a tough one. Some deep tragedy in his past, I would bet family killed or the like? I’m gonna need your help to convince him that this is the best score he’ll ever come across. Equal shares across the board, because this is a motherload. Will you help me?

(assuming a yes, anything if you take your clothing off again)

“Have you ever heard of the Lucius Newberry?

(assuming a yes, maybe if you take your clothes off or no, but hum a few bars)

“During the war, the Lucius was loaded with crate and crates of platinum pieces - a veritable fortune that was earmarked for the independence’s war effort. But something happened and it disappeared. Well I found out it crashed here, on this planet. The survivor of the crew buried it deep in what was then the abandoned mine shaft. After the War, JW buys the mine and strikes it rich, not realizing what is there deep in his mine. Now I haven’t found the treasure yet. For that I need to talk to a man named Sam Hawkes.” Brigit comes close to Sam and holds him tight, “Now I hired a man to get Hawkes for me and I think something between him and your captain went very wrong. I overheard Wyatt saying something to Ethan before he died about killing Ernest Ludlow. You gotta believe me, I didn’t hire him to kill or attack anyone. He was supposed to find Sam Hawkes and convince him to come here so I could speak to him. What really happened up there?”

(have to stop to let you speak)

Rocinante, 12:45 am

Rocinante starts to shake violently. Everyone on board wakes up confused as it feels like you are taking off. It takes a moment before you realize that a ship near Rocinante must be taking off at full burn. Trish grabs her shotgun and starts to head for the door before Asher stops her physically. “Safer in here than out there if the damn fool wants to take off that way, Ma.”

After a short time, the ship stops rocking and things settle down again. Only then does Asher grab his guns and heads outside with Trish and Willow in tow. Outside, the ground where the bounty hunter ship is blackened and charred and the ship can be seen above a speck in the sky.

“Why he’d leave in such a dang hurry?” Asher wonders out loud, “Reckless idiot could have set the whole town on fire if he had a blow back.”

Trish is the first to notice the burnt pile on the ground. As she approaches she waves to Willow to come quick. There, on the ground is the twisted remains of a human caught in the blast. His red and gold armour is now melted and twisted from the heat. But Willow knows immediately that the fire did not kill the Bounty Hunter. The hole in the forehead of the skull speaks a different tale of death.

Asher runs back into the ship to radio the captain. As he does, he sees a hat caught next to a landing strut of Rocinante. He recognizes the hat as being similar to the one worn by the woman he met in the bar, with whom he shared the pie.

OOC: Okay. I need to finish the conversation with Sam and Brigit, and then bring Sam and Wolf home so that we can start on the new day.

Bro – Let me know what you want with Wyatt and either you will see the other ship leave as you are heading back or you’ll get a call from Asher.

Just a note - lawless town, so no one is gonna be investigate the death of iron man there.

Posted on 2008-10-26 at 19:39:39.
Edited on 2008-10-26 at 19:40:11 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: the Lucius Newberry

We are getting to a point where the "Lucius Newberry" will be referenced. This was brought up by Kora back on the comet so I am "re-printing" here for your reference. better than everyone searching through our story.

Kora had been separated from her unit during the war and needed to find her way back to base. She happened across a group of soldier clustered around a transport called Lucius Newberry. She hooked up with them because they were pulling out as soon as they loaded up the transport with crates. She offered to help for a lift to base. The commanding officer, one Colonel Maddoc was more than willing to take her on. There were lots of crates and they were all very heavy.

Sergeant Sam Hawkes and Lt. Kombes greeted her kindly. Sam joked with her about her call name but didn’t question her about what her unit was or her task there. They supervised the 20 men in the unit but also helped out. Those were heavy crates, really heavy and there were so many that the cargo bay was full by the time they finished.

Maddoc never raised a hand to help. He just watched them, along with this red-haired woman that was clinging to his side. kora never did get a good look at the woman, but she was hanging tight to Maddoc like a second shirt.

Then the shelling began at a distance. The Alliance was moving towards their position. The men moved to the ship but the Colonel ordered them to hold their positions until he could inspect the hold.

Every instinct in Kora’s gut told her something was wrong, and it was confirmed when the cargo bay doors closed with a slam and Lucius Newberry lifted off into the sky, leaving all the men behind. Maddoc had betrayed them, but for what? Some red haired harlot and a bunch of crates?

Boxed in when the shelling hit, the unit began to take losses immediately. Kora and Sam scourged across the battlefield to find enough parts to make a transmitter. An aerial was needed though to boost the signal. Kombes found some spools of wired and led it behind him to hook it up to the tower where an alliance attack skiff had crashed. Use the hull as the aerial – great idea.

But there was one surviving member of the skiff crew who shot Kombes as he ran.

Kombes staggered and with his last strength, flung himself on the skiff, using his body and the blood to connect the hull to the wire.

kora got a signal out and her unit was able to save her, Sam Hawkes and 5 other men - all the others died. No one knew what was inside those crates or why they were betrayed.

Posted on 2008-10-26 at 18:35:28.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: KEY

First step to world peace - ban clothing.

must post, must post, must post

Posted on 2008-10-26 at 12:46:36.

Topic: RDI stats
Subject: i

Don't even get me started on the Pegasus/Pegasi vs Succubus/Succubi problem!

Mmmm...... Succubuses....

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 19:00:34.

Topic: RDI stats
Subject: moose

Moose is singular and plural. There's a moose. Look at the herd of moose. Not Mooses or Miice, or Meese.

Woohoo - Canada is #2! Woohoo!

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 18:07:30.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: nice post

The connection for Andrew Bowmen.

Andrew was a friend of the family to Eden, Wyatt's wife. He was considerd as a uncle in name and was in attendance at Wyatt and Eden's wedding. Wyatt liked Bowmen for his outspoken ways epecially on the alliance and their meddling ways. He was also handy around tech things and the cortex.

Wyatt saw Bowmen a couple of times afterwards. He came to visit them on the farm. The two lost contact during the war, both assuming the other must be dead - victim of the war.

Does that jive with everyone?

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 17:59:17.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: woo

Blessings, blossoms, bloomers, bosums!

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 17:52:23.

Topic: RDI stats
Subject: regional

Do you have a regional breakdown? How many Canadians/Finlandish/reformed southern baptist?

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 17:26:48.

Topic: Bromern Sal's second son: I'm new here.
Subject: hello

Welcome to the Inn Cooner.

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 15:55:40.

Topic: Bromern Sal's Eldest son, I'm new to this site
Subject: gothic assassin princess......ok

Welcome to the Inn TsAh. Enjoy your stay, don't feed the Grugg.

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 15:54:41.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: ahhh

Whatever happened to a simple cell phone. I don't want tv, or mp3 or bluetooth or camera or videoconferencing or gps or a friggin phaser built in. Talk, text and that is it.

Actually I'd take the phaser...

Posted on 2008-10-24 at 15:43:13.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: zzzzzz! I need coffee.

Posted on 2008-10-23 at 18:48:48.

Topic: Entertainment for geeks
Subject: metal?

Metal! Swooon...So dies Alacrity......

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 23:55:02.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: wow

like just


Posted on 2008-10-22 at 20:41:09.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: hairy

My moustache is too long. Should shave it off again.

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 19:30:23.

Topic: Entertainment for geeks
Subject: No idea

I am terrible at deleting things, but rpg radio was how long ago?

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 18:20:33.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: oka

One too many blows to the head with the old snake, apparently.

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 18:19:53.

Topic: Entertainment for geeks
Subject: done

Cathy did it once but the recording was never used.

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 15:06:50.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: Moe

I'll have a flaming Moe!

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 10:18:21.

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts
Subject: aaaahhhh

I can't believe I didn't keep a copy.

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 00:40:02.

Topic: Entertainment for geeks
Subject: Christmas? I've done christmas

God Rest ye Merry Gaming Fans

and I also did "Have an Elvaleryn Christmas" but it is no longer posted. There a few odes to the inn in the poetry section.

I did one for the Inn based on Telegraph Road by Dire Straits and I do not have a copy anymore. Anyone got that one?

Posted on 2008-10-22 at 00:27:52.


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