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Topic: Characters in Destiny - a Serenity RPG
Subject: The Mechanic

 photo Hayley.jpg

Character Name: Grace Lin
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Born on: Londinum
Age: 25 (she was 16 when she stole an alliance ship)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Build: Athletic

Physical –
Agility – d8
Strength – d6
Vitality – d8

Mental –
Alertness – d10
Intelligence – d12
Willpower – d10

Friends in low places (Minor) - contacts in the bad side of town
Highly Educated (Minor) - A whole whack of schooling
Math whiz (Minor)- Faster than some calculators
Mechanical Empathy (Minor)- Understands machines and they like her.
Thought You Might ... (Major) - Grace spends a lot of time planing and re=planning worst case scenarios and developing plans to deal with them.

Annoying Family (Minor) - Family attempts to track Grace down on occasion
Loyal (Minor) – friends and Matthew
Memorable (Minor) - not many girls with green eyes
Twitchy (Major) - don't trust many folks, and really has trouble making friends without a dozen background checks.
I'll Sleep when I am dead (Minor) - Grace does not sleep long and prefers to do catnaps in case someone, something comes after her.
Athletics D6 Running D8, Climbing D8
Craft D4
Influence D6 Conversation d8
Mech Engineering D6 Repair D10, Maintenance D10
Melee Weapons d6 Combat Knife d10, butterfly knife D10
Guns D4
Perception D6 Deduction D8
Planetary Vehicles D4
Tech Engineering D6 Hacking D8, Security Systems D10

Multi tool
Ruck Sack
Throwing Knives (3)
Combat Knife
Butterfly knife
Basic tool kit
Ballistic vest
hand gun
Fusion Torch (battery power)
Purification Crystals

My name is Grace Lin. My father worked at Blue Sun. He wasn’t the president but he was pretty close to it. So we had a lot of money. When I was born, my father decided that I would be raised to be perfect. I learn everything proper. From keep my hair neat to table manners.

I was raised to believe that the Alliance was wonderful and they made great sacrifices to help us. When I was six, an incident happened. My nanny wanted more money then my folk were willing to pay. So my nanny tried to destroy one of Father’s vehicles. That when I learn I was good with machines. I fixed the engine and even left enough evidence to get my nanny sent to jail. After that little incident, my father started showing me off to all the other rich folk. A lot of people thought I was perfect. However I was far from it. I hate all those parties and I loath those useless folk. However I didn’t do anything to upset my parents. I practise fixing machines. After those parties, it felt good to get greasy. It felt like I was proving that I wasn’t someone’s little doll.

When I was twelve, things got really interesting; I was now better at fixing things then Father’s mechanics. I was allowed to walk through the gardens. I found a way out of the garden. Now I could go into town. That when I met Matthew. Some cop had caught him trying to steal some money. Matthew was bad mouthing the officer. The officer punched Matthew in frustration. Some instinct stepped in and I called out at the officer for striking the boy. The officer knew who I was. After the officer left, I turned my attention to him. Matthew didn’t like me. He told me he didn’t need a girl’s help and he stormed off.

We met again some time later. He got into a fight with a guy and ended up with a broken hand. I ran into him cursing because someone broke his hovermule. He wasn’t happy to see me smirking at his problem. He call me a prissy doll and to go away. I told him I could fix it and he didn’t believe me. So I fixed it right in front of him. That surprise Matthew. He asked me for my name and told me his. He needed help to the hospital so I helped. As we were heading there, we talk. I learned stuff about the rim planets and about Matthew.

Over the course of the year we became close friends. I snuck out to see Matthew. He gave me a lot of stuff to think about. He told me bout his two brothers. As I became closer to Matthew the more I realize how much the people I had trusted had lied to me. Matthew trusted me now and told me about how he and his friends some times did illegal things. I knew Matthew was a bit of a smuggler and thief. Then the war started. My father supported the soldiers. He soon had a lot of Alliance ships in his possession. Matthew older brother had joined the independence. Then a couple weeks later he got a letter saying his brother was dead. An Alliance ship had shot the ship he was on down. Matthew was heart broken and swore he was going to get the Alliance for it. I found out later that it was my Father’s Ship that shot the ship down.

Some inside me snapped. An anger inside grew and took control. I stormed into my father study. My Father was startled at my anger so it took a few minutes for him to react. I lashed my anger out at him and even started swearing at him. My Father and I fought for a while. It ended when my father slap me. That really hurt and while I was getting over the surprise. My Father told me I was going to be kept in my room. He was going to find out who had taught me the words and about the war and have him or her killed. Then he sent me to my room. I knew better then just to stay in there and cry. I grabbed a bag and stuff the little clothes I had that weren’t dresses. I also packed my tool kit. Then I ran away from home.

I went straight to Matthew. I knew I had to warn him. However as soon as I saw him, I started crying. Matthew saw me and comfort me as I told what had happened through my tears. After I was done, Matthew was quiet. Then he told me that he was going to take care of me. He took me to where he and his friends were staying. I met Roger and Hail. Matthew explained that he was planning to steal the Alliance newest ship for shooting down his brothers.

Hail’s face got real sour when I offered to help. However Roger was looking excited. I knew exactly where to find the ship they were looking for. We plan to do that night. The four of us headed to where they kept the ships. The newest ship was the Alliance Patrol & Enforcement Cutter. And the four of us stole it. We started the crime business. We did smuggling and any kind of job we could get. The Alliance didn’t bug us because our ship was one of theirs. Hail and I didn’t get along. However Roger liked me and I proved many times how useful I was. I made friends with some folk in our trade. Things got complicated between me and Matthew. It was hard for us to do anything when the other one was near by. We end up doing something really silly.

We final realize we were in love with one another. It kind of hard to ignore especially since the ship was tiny. We did our best because we both knew it could be really bad if it went south. Matthew got a letter saying that his other brother was in trouble. He needed Matthew help. Hail and Roger tried to convince him to stay. He wouldn’t listen. He expects me to give him a hard time. I didn’t, I knew he wouldn’t stay. When we separated, he told me he loved me and he come back. The three of us stayed in business. Things got really bad after that.

As it turns out Hail had heard there was reward for me. She hated me so much she would sell me out to the Alliance. She sent me and Roger into a trap. The Alliance caught us. Roger and I put up a good fight but there were too many of them. Roger died in the fight. The Alliance arrested me and put me in Larkhill Reclamation Colony on Hera. I was being let go whenthe ship they were transporting me was attacked, but I found Destiny in the Black. I going to find Hail and make her pay. Then I am going to find Matthew. Promise

On Grace:
Grace's behaviour and actions are usually based on her opinion of the people around her. Due to her past experiences, Grace is a little paranoid and uncomfortable around strangers. When among people she likes and trust, she is polite, relaxed and otherwise easy to be around. However when among strangers , it's a different story. Grace gets very quiet and glares at people with suspicion in her eyes. If she really does not like the person, she avoids them like Reavers and stays in her room or in the engine room. Similarly when the ship takes passengers or anything to do with strangers on the ship, Grace will disappear into the engine room.

Over the five years that you have known Grace, she has come to trust you. She is friendly with everyone on the crew. She tends to not talk about her past and she will get annoyed if people press her too much on it. She also does ask that no one but herself go into her room. If she suspects that someone has been in her room, it would not be a good day for them. While she won't mess up the engines, Grace does know how to break or damage anything that has wires, nuts, bolts or screws in them.

Posted on 2011-04-26 at 01:26:02.
Edited on 2013-11-19 at 02:17:55 by Alacrity

Topic: Characters in Destiny - a Serenity RPG
Subject: The Pilot

Character Name: Tess “the-devil-made-me-do-it” Zhou
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Born on: Shadow
Age: 25
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: Athletic

Agility – d10
Strength – d8
Vitality – d6

Alertness – d8
Intelligence – d6
Willpower – d8

Born behind the Wheel (major) – You could drive before you could walk. You can drive any type of a ship so well that you can amaze people.
Steady Calm (minor) – Even in the most dangerous situations, you remain calm, as if nothing fazes you or could ruffle your feathers.
Talented: Pilot (minor) ~ Flying is her business, and business is good!

Lightweight (minor) ~ wheee!
Loyal (minor) – Browncoat through and through.
Superstitious (minor) – Don’t mess with my lucky charms.

Discipline – d6
• Specializations:
Concentration ~ d8
Mental resistance ~ d8

Guns – d6
• Specializations:
Rifle ~ d12
Shotgun ~ d8
Pistol ~ d10

Mechanical Engineering – d6
• Specializations:
Mechanical repairs ~ d8
Rewire and reroute electrical ~ d8

Pilot – d6
• Specializations:
Astrogation ~ d10
Transports ~ d10
Gunships ~ d12
Short range Shuttles ~ d10
Ultra-light aircraft ~ d8

Technical Engineering – d6
• Specializations:
Communications ~ d8
Technical repair ~ d8

Fruity Oaty Bars (10) ~ 1
Goggles ~ 1.2
Rucksack ~ 2
Good Whiskey ~ 5.6
Deck of Cards ~ .2

Weapons Etc.
Pistol, heavy ~ 22
Holster, Speed Draw ~ 10
Rifle ~ 30
Scope 12x ~ 8
Harness ~ 6 (usually left a home w/ rifle unless under special circumstances ^_^ )
Knife, Combat ~ 1.6
Grenade , Flashbang (10) ~ 8

When asked about her life before the war, Tess usually just shrugs and mumbles something to the effect of “it doesn’t matter”.

Tess and most other young people from Shadow, were some of the first to join the Independents in the war. The plan for total “Utopia”, plus the violent nature of the Alliance was at complete odds with the hard workin’ folks of Shadow. Tess herself came from a family of ranchers, something that the family had been doing for generations. Their ranch was the culmination of at least 150 years of hard work, and the Alliance threatened to undermine their way of life by smothering it with rules and regulations. Rules and regulations that were made by go tsao de politicians that had never seen a cow.

It could be said that Shadow was hit the hardest during the war. It all depended on who you talk to. What was once a vast, plain swept planet with cattle ranches, granaries, and dotted with towns is now a black rock. The Alliance, in a show of force, bombed the entire surface of Shadow in order to teach the Browncoats a lesson. What happened instead was even greater tenacity and determination from everyone who fought.

From the very beginning of her military career Tess showed a great aptitude for driving, specifically piloting. She blamed it on all of that horse riding she had done on the ranch, “You get on ‘ol ornery on a bad day and you sure feel like you’re flying. Especially if she throws you from the saddle.” Speed was the game, and what a fun game it was. She was soon shuffled into a gunship as the main pilot. When Shadow was destroyed, Tess became increasingly foolhardy. She began pulling off stunts that no ship should be able to perform, and when someone called for a pilot with “more balls then brains”, Tess was almost always chosen. The phrase “the devil made me do it” was often used by Tess after a near impossible feat, mostly to the crew that looked a little green around the gills.

It was during this time that she developed her belief in her lucky charms. Certain items were always present when she completed the death defying stunts for the Independents, and she began carrying them as talismans for future capers. She is always seen with her goggles, a few black feathers fixed to her hair, and the pockets of her cargo pants show oddly shaped lumps through the fabric.

On Tess:
Tess? Oh sure, she’s easy enough to work with. You could say that she gets a little flip sometimes, but her general demeanor is fairly pleasant. Her humor can get pretty confusin’, it usually sounds just like every other gorram sentence that falls out of her mouth. I think we’ve all lost our lunch a time or two after one of her stunts, but she says she’s keeping that to a minimum. Well, she says that right after sayin’ “Devil made me do it”. Don’t talk too much ‘bout her life before the war, but she’ll jaw your ear off about cows and horses if you give her an opportunity.

It’s pretty easy to see that Tess considers Destiny her home, and everyone on it her family. That girl loves this ship. She and the captain have some kind of history. Not that kind of history, they were in the war together. The two can go rounds, giving each other a ration of luh suh, but nothing gets ugly. Naw, she’s not one to rile very easy, but if you do get under her skin, an’ she goes real quiet, you’d better hide. But like I said, pleasant enough. Don’t go worrying your purty little head about starting an argument with her. She’s even-tempered, sometimes crazy behind the wheel, but still pretty even-tempered.

Posted on 2011-04-26 at 01:22:42.
Edited on 2011-04-26 at 14:32:59 by Alacrity

Topic: Characters in Destiny - a Serenity RPG
Subject: The Captain

 photo JohnBarrowman.jpg

Name: Jonathan “Jon” Brown
Male, Caucasian
Age: 26

Agility - d8
Strength - d6
Vitality - d10
Alertness - d10
Intelligence - d6
Willpower – d10

Life Points – 20
Initiative – d8 + d10

Athletics d6
-Dodge d10
Covert d2
Discipline d6
-Leadership d12
-Morale d12
Guns d6
-Pistols d12
Influence d6
Linguistics d4
Perception d6
-Hearing d12
-Intuition d10
Planetary Vehicles d6

Fighting Type [Major] – Seeing how he keeps finding himself in them, Jon's got pretty good at handling himself in a fight.
Leadership [Minor] – Jon's time in the military gave him a good feel for what he had to do to get people to succeed.
Military Rank [Minor] – Jon served as an officer with the Independents, and was given command of a few operations before the war ended.
Steady Calm [Major] – Having been shot at, stabbed, punched and nearly blown up several times, there is very little that shakes Jon nowadays.

Credo [Major] – While his upbringing lacked a lot of things, it did impress upon Jon the need to be a gentleman and protect those weaker than him. Jon never leaves a bad situation until all the innocents are out of harm's way, and never, ever hit's a girl.
Straight Shooter [Minor] – While his reputation for not lying got him far in life, it presents Jon with a real problem when he has something to hide, which seems more often than not nowadays.
Stingy [Minor] – Something Jon's noticed since the war ended is that getting work as a freelancer doesn't exactly pay great, and he's hesitant to spend anything he doesn't have to.
Things Don't Go Smooth [Major] – Jon would greatly appreciate it if just once he could do something without someone shooting at him, something exploding, or accidentally starting a small scale war.
Overconfident [Minor] – Despite his recent string of setbacks, Jon always believes whatever comes next is going to finally go his way.

Newtech Pistol (Maria) (+1 Damage Die)
2 Optical Bombs
5 Flashbangs
Patch Tape

Born to a single mother who died during childbirth on a merchant ship (Pale Sun) in the middle of the Black, Jon came into a life filled with setbacks before it even began. Having nothing from his mother save his name, Jon was informally “adopted” by the ship's captain (Kent Clarke) and crew, and for nearly the first twenty years of his life the Black was the only home he knew. Taking on a role as the ship's official “mascot” until he was old enough to actually assist, he spent the majority of his childhood shadowing the ship captain, mimicking his actions and pretending to captain the ship on his own, much to the amusement of the crew. Every moment he could spare he spent around the crew, learning what they were doing, and occasionally pointing out how they could achieve the same ends with less effort. By the time the war had begun, Jon was a respected crewman on the ship, and there were rumours someday he'd probably be running it himself. (Captain Clarke is still flying the Pale Sun to this day)

While fighting between the Alliance and Browncoats intensified, Jon found himself drawn more and more to the Independents' struggle, and soon he found he could no longer idly sit by as the war moved in the Alliance's favour. Not wanting to endanger his adoptive “family”, Jon slipped off the ship while it made port on a remote world, and wasted no time in signing up to fight.

In the war, Jon's natural leadership skills and unwavering resolve quickly moved him through the Independent ranks, eventually leading him to a captain's positions on a handful of missions as the war dwindled down. It was on these missions that he first developed a camaraderie with a young female pilot, Tess, who was every bit as cocky as him, and to his relief quite a bit luckier. After a series of small successes between the pair of them, they embarked on a near suicide mission in the heart of Alliance space which led to their capture, and subsequently their escape and discovery of Destiny.

And the rest, as they history

On Jon:
Like most ex-Browncoats, Jon has a pronounced distaste for the Alliance, though in the years since the war ended he's focussed more on keeping his own crew alive and ship flying than dealing with old grudges. He has a great love of the 'verse however, and isn't a fan of anyone who seeks to deny any part of it to anyone, which can sometimes get him into trouble.

Since captaining Destiny, he's proved himself as a caring leader, generally known for putting his crew's well-being before his own, and for always being there when they need him. Though getting paid is a large motivation for Jon, and he's loath to spend what he does get paid if he can avoid it, he seems more inspired to take a job when it seems interesting and risky, which inevitably ends with him getting in over his head.

His tendency to get himself into trouble gives him opportunities to shows what years of military training and leadership can do, and though not the strongest or quickest man out in the Black, he's one of the most confident, and hopes his calm and levelhead will help him and his crew out when things go down.

Posted on 2011-04-26 at 01:19:20.
Edited on 2013-11-19 at 02:23:04 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: hello

Moved this thread to the QnA area.

Posted on 2011-04-26 at 01:15:52.

Topic: Characters in Destiny - a Serenity RPG
Subject: Characters in Destiny - a Serenity RPG

Name: Destiny

AGI: D12
INIT: D10+D8
LP: 6

Allure (minor) – Damn Sexy machine.
Fast Throttle (minor) – Fastest ship around, for sure.
You Want What? (Minor) – Hard to find parts, high maintenance due to retooling
Memorable (Minor) – Everyone remembers this ship

Skills (It is a transport but steers like a gunship)
Aerial Transport Operations/Gun-Ship d2
Perception d4
Space Navigation d2
Space Transport Operations/Gun-Ship d2

Dimensions (LxBxH): 106×125×48
Tonnage: 1920
Speed Class: 7 cruise / 12 hard burn
Fuel Capacity: 60 tons (600 hours)
Cargo Capacity/Maximum Deck Load: 480 tons
Crew Quarters: 6 single cabins
Passenger Capacity: 2 double cabins
Gear: One 30 ton Shuttle, Infirmary
Complexity: Low
Maintenance: 300/month, 3600/year
Quirk: It occasionally vents cool mist in certain areas (2,3,6,7,15 and 21). This mist swirls and disappears quickly and is no harm to anyone. However some of you have noted that the mist often looks like a lady dressed in white. A ghost? Well, no one believes in ghosts do they?

Speed improvement
Better sensors to improve ship's INT
New thrusters to improve ship's AGI
A 3d imager in Infirmary (Newtech compact model)
Pulse beacon randomizer - switch in cockpit and engineering
A 108 character coded lock on airlock, shuttle and flight control in breeched. Means that only Grace can unlock the code that will release flight control, shuttlecraft entrance and any ship that locks only your cargobay.
Claymore Mines .... Don't ask about the mines.

This shows you how the shuttle would sit. Not the same ship of course.

Posted on 2011-04-26 at 01:12:48.
Edited on 2014-04-12 at 18:47:16 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: sigh

grugg - you are scaring me.

Posted on 2011-04-25 at 19:36:22.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: yeah.....right

The crew doesn't have a "face" person. Someone to do the talk, walk the walk and never balk. You have a strong captain, a good pilot, a good medic with generalist skills, a formidable hired gun, and a strong mechanic with black market connections. I was thinking you needed someone who could talk to the moneyed individuals, the lords, the indusrialist, the underworld kings, the contacts and so on. Much like Willow does in Rocinante - the captain comes along but Willow does most of the talking.

Posted on 2011-04-25 at 14:54:00.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: blurbs

You can post here or pm me for the blurbs.

I have asked DB to rethink his character to fil la vojd I noticed. Other than that, things are moving along.

Posted on 2011-04-25 at 03:18:11.
Edited on 2011-04-25 at 03:18:32 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: posting characters

I will be busy most of today as it is Easter. I would like to start posting the completed character however, quite a few sent to me are not complete. I need a few backgrounds because this game is background rich and I do use the backgrounds within the game. If i get a moment tonight before I go to bed I will PM everyone as to what I need for them.

Posted on 2011-04-24 at 13:41:47.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: I will take

I can alway go back and take down the link for other photos so it doesn't clogg things up. But as long as we say the doors are there.

Still waiting on the captain.

Posted on 2011-04-23 at 19:21:41.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Excellent work Celeste

The only thing missing are the doors on the utility hall and the engine room. Believe me, if there is a decompression, you want the airlock blast doors.

But this is great. Thanks Celeste.

Posted on 2011-04-23 at 19:10:30.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: hand drawn

Yes, I'm old school! I prefer pencil and graph paper. Odyson will make a joke here about my crudely drawn map.

Here is my reinterpretation and a review of the need for airtight blast doors if the worst happened. I have put a lift to all levels to haul injuried and equipment. The passengers have a circular stairs to get to their rooms, the engine room has a secured door and Grace has a ladder to her rooms. MMV suggested a trap door in the floor of the galley in case you are ever boarded and need a way that no one else knows about. Med is on the lower level,Captain is near the bridge and the exercise room has doors cause who wants to watch guys working out. (Grace will install a secret webcam girls)


Posted on 2011-04-23 at 17:02:31.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: nice work

What program are you using? I like it. And what is the font?

You technically don't need a head. Serenity didn't have one and each room would have a fold out privy as shown in the Firefly series. As to a shower - that is unlikely. The water is self contained within the ship and could not be wasted on showers. The toilets are not water based either which is why you have to pay to have your sanitation flushed when you are at port. Remeber the scene in the pilot where Inara is bathing with a sponge and dish? (vividly) Zoe speaks about awaiting the joy of a real bath with running water. That is life on a tramp freighter. When you dock, many space port's have rentable showers and baths.

Posted on 2011-04-23 at 11:02:30.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: couple of things

The missile turret will hold a hover mule. Heck, Grace could even install a drop/lift - just don't try to operate without being in atmo.

You could change access to the guest rooms as through the lower part of the utility room and not through the engine room. Then the engine room could have blast doors which would be a real safe idea.

Posted on 2011-04-23 at 02:02:56.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: flat

The utility deck is one level only. That section of the ship is smaller than the rest, like a big old tube.

The stairs can be changed to ramps in places. Remember each square is 5x5.

Posted on 2011-04-23 at 01:44:44.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: redo the ship

I am all for the redesign of the interior as long as you stay within the bounds of the outer walls estblished already. As GM I want you to be happy with your ship.

Who designed it? Good question. Why a brig on a fast ship with science lab level sensors? Why autocannons and a missile turret used to the point of exhaustion by no damage to outer haul? No emblem, marking and the computer system reformated and defragged. Shuttle intact by no crew or crew belongings? You do not know.

No matter where you put medical, there is a chance you'll have to use the stairs. Maybe you need a better access lvl to lvl than a circle stairs? the circlar stairs are a challenge to bring any furniture in. Does someone want to get out the graph paper and redo the design?

I'm off to look over Db's character.

Posted on 2011-04-23 at 00:31:10.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: 16?

Isn't that the smallest room? (floorplan is on page 4 of this thread)

Posted on 2011-04-22 at 18:34:21.
Edited on 2011-04-22 at 18:34:50 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Destiny it is then

I think Destiny wins as it have a good mandarin name as well and it suits the ship. I will call the game Destiny's Flight. I have some artwork I will use for emblems that you can pick from.

Celeste - The ship is as much a character in this game as are the crew so yes you may interact with the ship and its quirk if you wish, just don't get carried away. Later, I will even ask you to profile me with an NPC or two who would be people you'd know in the verse that you might call upon for help or advice.

Once I have all the characters in, I wil lpost them and we can flesh out the ship more. MMV has asked to convert the Brig into her room so she can be close to the engines. The rest of you will pick rooms, and you will all have to decide what to do with the ex-missile turret (game room, hydroponic garden, hanger for a hover bike, remove completely). Finally you will look at equipment for the ship (Grav suits, mule, hover mule, Infirmary, etc etc)

Posted on 2011-04-22 at 17:47:59.
Edited on 2011-04-22 at 17:48:38 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Quirk

All ships have a quirk - something unique about them that no matter of fixing will change. In Rocinante, when the ship goes to hard burn, there is a sound like a horse galloping across the length of the ship.

This ship has a strange quirk. It occasionally vents cool mist in certain areas. This mist swirls and disappears quickly and is no harm to anyone. However some of you have noted that the mist often looks like a lady dressed in white. A ghost? Well, no one believes in ghosts do they?

Posted on 2011-04-22 at 13:22:15.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: well

I like Destiny or Xuan Zi personally.

Posted on 2011-04-22 at 12:47:42.
Edited on 2011-04-22 at 12:48:00 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: or

I have one that suits the nature of the background although it is similar to Serenity

How about: Serendipity

Serendipity is when you find something that you were not expecting to find.

A suggestion, you don't have to like it.

Posted on 2011-04-21 at 17:31:09.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: mandarin

Rao Nei Yali (Rao-Yali for short)

"Graceful under Pressure"

Posted on 2011-04-21 at 16:39:28.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Seriously...we need a name

Some suggestions:

Black Storm
Dark Sword
Hell's Angel
Fuligin Cloak
Terminus Est

I'm open to ides.

Posted on 2011-04-21 at 16:14:45.

Topic: Artist wanted
Subject: Artist wanted


I am looking for an srtist who might be able to draw up a ship I will be using in a firefly campaign. I have floorplans, and some "similar to" images but I would like to have a picture of the ship in flight.

So it would be an sleek, all black vessel. These are the floorplans.



It would have a shuttle on the top, like this similar ship.


Any takers? Please?

Posted on 2011-04-21 at 15:52:27.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: yeah....that's sexy


Posted on 2011-04-21 at 15:47:58.

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