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Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: Almerin is locked out

Almerin is locked out of the site right now but he contacted me via FB and told me

"Luke leads everybody inside the temple. I don't like the idea of splitting up, so let's not do that."

Posted on 2015-06-26 at 13:34:46.

Subject: for the record

Arien will jump in to defend Fin with his flaming sword and heavenly charms.

Maximus will stand his ground and hold faith in his burning blade to defeat the Skeleton-pop.

Posted on 2015-06-26 at 08:38:25.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Silver Screen Moment

Rim’s Dream “Bridge” Day Five of Journey. 10:00 am ST

“Sir. I am picking up a distress signal from sector 7G.”

The Captain of Rim’s Dream looked up from his tea, “Sit Rep please, Corporal.”

“Yes Sir. I have a Firefly class vessel sending a distress signal from 7G. Long range shows completely burned out core. Six life signs, one female, and five males. They are on backup life support and battery power only.”

“Scan for weaponry and the like Corporal.”

“Already have sir. No weapons on the scan and with the little power they have, they’d be down if the have them.”

“Very well.” The Captain said and sipped his tea. There were unwritten rules about ships whether they roved the high seas of earth that was or the Black of the verse – Distress calls had to be answered because one day it could be you. “Send a patrol boat with a full security attachment and approach with caution.”

“Yes Sir!” the corporal flipped the communication, ‘Security this is the bridge. We got a DS-19 in sector 7G. Request recon and pickup but approach with caution, repeat approach with caution. No contact has been made.”

“Bridge this is Security control. We have target acquisition and will rendezvous. We will go for warm entry in 30 minutes.”

Posted on 2015-06-25 at 08:43:38.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: messing

I do not "mess". I set up plot devices that lead the players to a climactic moment.

For the record, Mmv said she was amused by Grace's situation.

Posted on 2015-06-25 at 08:11:29.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Here we go.

Rim’s Dream “Olivier’s” Day Five of Journey. 11:00 am ST

"If we're going to get through this we're going to have stay professional." JC growled at the tailor. The tailor stepped back from JC and gave a miffed snort.

“Hey, we’re shiny! Totally shiny!” The man said more coldly now. “I am a Bespoke Tailor and I can professional you into the next week and back Honey. I was just having some fun but I see you’re a serious man.” He says and makes a hand gesture that looks like swatting a fly and dismissing a servant at the same time. “And a serious man needs a serious suit. Well trust me darling, I am gonna make you look good.”

“So Olivier, I just got here. How are the wedding preps going?”

“Oh it is chaos, just chaos. The baron has the entire penthouse level for himself and guests and the security restrictions are making a lot, and I mean a lot of passengers, pissy. And these are high rolling muckymucks who come with their own tailors – or shall we call them what they are – slaves. Oh my. The verse is the same no matter where you go. The golden rule I tell you – whoever has the gold makes the

(so they aren’t mingling?)

“They are using the casinos and going to the entertainment but it is all private tables and boxes sweetie. No way for an honest merchant to get in with that crowd. That’s why I was so estactic to here you are going. Say my man a few times to the right people and then I will be in the den of dragons. That would be shiny indeed.”

(Groom and the Guns)

“Gun collection? No I had not heard of anything like that sweetie. I’m sure he does though - after all that is how he made his money right? But from what I hear, Mr. Steele is staying on his private yacht and comes across to play only. If he has a collection of anything sugar – it will be there. But he ain;t the showing off type, at least not to the likes of me. Love to get him into my dressing room though. Man probably orders suits by the dozen.”

(Steele and the ladies)

“Well now honey. Let me tell you.” Olivier says with a smile and another flicking gesture, “I don’t think that him and the bride have been waiting at all. That Lilianna was always a slip of a thing and now! Well let’s just say she up a cup size or three from what I can see. And they are keeping everyone away from her - claiming she has a cold or something. You ask me, she is already preggers and they don’t want the scandal. She seems too young for him but you know, different strokes for different folks and I ain’t one to judge people on their stroking sweetheart. But as to slowing down, men are all the same really – if they can get it, they will - on the side or the fly.”

(Wedding planner)

“Have not heard much about a wedding planner.” He says with a shrug, “I am sure they do but it is not a large wedding for what I have heard. Only 50ish guests at the most and they are all staying on Deck 10 – Lilac statesrooms.”


“Oh I don’t think anyone is gonna cause trouble anymore. Ever since the Star of Sihnon was destroyed by pirates, the security here has been tight. There are holding cells near the bridge, and the casinos have their special ‘rooms’ and there are others places down below where security can house people.”

Olivier finished his measuring and laid out some cloth over JC’s shoulder to see the colour in the light. “Okay Honeybunny, you need to do big tough scary man stuff and Carl and I need to work. I can have it ready for early this evening so come back for final fitting and we should make you look marvelous.”


Oh Sweetie, just having my suit at a wedding of this magnitude is payment enough. But I’ll give you some of my cards to pass to anyone who asks about it. Believe me daer, you are an investment in my future.”

Rim’s Dream “Concourse” Day Five of Journey. 11:00 am ST

Jon then led the rest out of the shop, seeing ships brochures on the tailors door Jon grabbed one with the deck layouts. When they were out of earshot,” Steph, if you see any old friends slip off and socialize, take Catie with you, find out what you can. I’ll stay with Angela and watch for security stations.. They will likely have a port for Grace’s bug.” Sliding it from his pocket he slipped it to Angela, “You seem to have a knack for secret things and looking like that you shouldn’t have a problem distracting security people and getting this plugged in…..” Looking at the ship’s layout, “We’ll try to find a way into the guess quarters, I’d say that Daniel would be there instead of the brig. We may find the brothers too. This whole thing is fluid and need to gather information quickly. When things start to happen it will happen quickly so use your best judgment.”

Stephanie smiled a smile that was meant to be reassuring but he worry came through her eyes, “Please be careful Jon. I don’t really want to have to break you out of a “brig” or Jail or whatever.” She nodded to Catie and the two went off with cards in hand.

Jon looked over at Angela. Her eyes were flickering around, noting all her surrounding and the passings of people. No detail seemed to be missed by the payload specialist. Then she said simply, “Casino.”

(assuming a pardon me)

“Angela smiled, “The casinos. Alliance keeps a tight leash on gambling activity in the verse. They would be monitored by the alliance gaming commission so there would have to be ports there. Video feeds, security stations. The best place would be the casino. Shall we?”

Rim’s Dream “Loading Docking” Day Five of Journey. 11:00 am ST

“I am Templeton Steele. I would like to speak to Lilianna Fairchild – my fiancé. Would you know where I could find her?”

“Erm…” Grace squeaked before forcing herself to cough, trying to make herself breath “I don’t know for certain, sir but I can get someone who might be able to help you.” As quickly as she could without raising suspicion, she darted to one of the ships cons, paging for Seth to come to the cargo bay.

Seth came to the cargo bay swiftly. He was fully dressed for security escort duty on a black leather armour, his sword on his back and the gun on his leg holster. “Mr. Steele. “ He said formally and bowed politely.

“Seth! Good to see you. How is the Mark 4 working for you?”

Seth looked down at the gun, “Fairly well although the power pack is a bit too easy to remove in close combat situations.”

“Oh!” Stelle said and then it seemed like he really heard what was said.”Oh! Was there a problem? Is Lilianna okay?”

“Yes Mr. Steele. Lilianna is fine but unfortunately she is not inclined to speak to you right now and the Baron left instruction that she was not to receive visitors. Besides, it is unlucky for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.”

“Yes. Well I was hoping we could make an exception.”

“No.” Seth said flatly.

“I am ... come again?” Steele stopped in mid0-sentence. Grace was pretty sure her uncle was not used to hearing that word.

“No Mr. Steele. I have my orders.”

Templeton furled his brow, ‘Seth we are all friends here. I gave you the Mark 4 to protect Lilianna and surely I could speak to her fr a few minutes? You can stand over me if you’d like.”

Seth pulled the gun off his side and pulled the power pack out in a fluid motion to hand it back to Steele butt first. “I have my orders. If you’d like the weapon returned, you may take it back.”

“No!” Steele said looking around for someone else to talk to. “Listen, I just want a few minutes.”

“I understand your desire Mr. Steele but I have my orders.”

Steeles walked away for a few steps and then stopped. He looked around the cargo bay as if seeing it for the first time. “This is a really nice ship. I don’t recognize the model.”

“I was told it is a wildfire.” Seth replied.

“Wildfire?” Steele said in wonder, “Heavily modified perhaps. Well Seth I can understand you have your orders and I appreciate your dedication to duty.”

“Thank you Mr. Steele.”

“Say ... Could I get a tour of this ship? Nowhere near Lilianna, I understand but I would love to look around this amazing vessel.”

“I do not really know the layout well Mr. Steele but perhaps Grace here could do so. She is the engineer of this ship and no one knows it like her.” Seth replies and gestures at Grace, who is trying hard to blend into the background.

“Grace?” Templeton says as if something just occurred to him. He looks to the mechanic and smiles broadly, “Yes Grace. Would you give me a tour of this ship please? I am sure we have a lot we could discuss.”

Posted on 2015-06-24 at 10:44:23.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: I believe

I am waiting on the Ladies again.

Posted on 2015-06-24 at 07:24:51.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Today

I hope to update today.

Posted on 2015-06-24 at 07:24:22.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: three out of three

Only three people have posted. Please let me know what you are doing.

Posted on 2015-06-24 at 07:24:05.

Subject: Knee deep in NPC duty

With Olan's wife having another child, I will be covering Arien for awhile. That means I am controlling Max and Arien but still waiting on responses from .... everyone except Keeper.

Posted on 2015-06-24 at 07:21:50.
Edited on 2015-06-24 at 07:22:45 by Alacrity

Subject: How is this

 photo Tomb of Horrors cooridor_1.jpg

The wall of fire is the darker red, the lighter red shows the skeleton movement that you can see.

Posted on 2015-06-23 at 08:23:03.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Posting soon

For the sake of the dwindling player to NPC ratio, I am going to quietly play Catie out of the game. She will be there but more as a spectator then anything else.

I will have to assume some conversation for the next phase. As always, you may change the wording in your post if you feel it is not appropriate to your character.

Posted on 2015-06-22 at 08:43:17.

Subject: Mage

Well, lightening may be a bad idea in a short corridor considering the bounce back possibilities.

Fire has worked against these creatures so you may want to try that but directed spells like burning hands. The is also Acid Arrow that may help.

You might want to consider blocking the other side of the corridor with something like a wall of stone, or force or Iron to prevent more of the ice-skeletons from attacking. They obviously can take some damage so wall of fire might not keep them out.

There is also the idea of casting protection spells on yourself or the party members.

Posted on 2015-06-22 at 07:50:32.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: all will be revealed soon

I will be posting to the game soon. Or, as soon as I am not dog tired and ready to fall over..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Posted on 2015-06-17 at 14:48:55.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: thanks

I need to break out the Wyatt to English translator again.

Posted on 2015-06-16 at 08:29:01.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: No andrew

Steele is not staying on the cruise liner, he is on his personal yacht which is docked just like yours. That is where he would have his gun collection and also he wants the yacht to make a quick getaway with his new bride for the honeymoon.

I will have to look over the module again to see where the Baron is staying. It has been awhile.

I will NPC Tann's characters for now.

Posted on 2015-06-16 at 08:27:10.

Subject: yes

Reminds of Dash in the Incredibles....

"We're Dead! We're Dead! We survived but we're dead!"

Posted on 2015-06-11 at 09:43:43.

Subject: Thank you Mr. Happy

You are all too pretty to die.

Posted on 2015-06-10 at 11:07:36.

Topic: Weird War II Q n A
Subject: a map

I took the liberty of moving you forward to the temple so that the game keeps moving.

 photo Temple of Hamon-Rye outer.jpg

Posted on 2015-06-10 at 11:05:28.

Topic: Weird War II
Subject: easy fight

Four slow moving zombies are no match for six trained combat veterans and the team dispatch the creatures with a minimal effort and no risk to themselves. These undead were not the main threat of this outing and probably not even a minor minion. Their tracks are easy to follow and head from the very place you are intending to investigate.

There is no true high ground to seek in a desert but you manage to reach your destination without further incidents. The temple is easily spotted as a structure in the desert and there are four trucks with German markings parked outside (about 20 feet from stairs). The smell of gas is strong again but you don’t see any zombies or Nazis in the area of the building.

In the midst of the vast desert sands, the last relic of a dead civilization stands before you. Surrounded by the broken foundations of a once mighty city, a temple looms out of the rubble like a sleeping dragon upon its hoard. It is the only existing building among all the fallen and broken ruins. Circular stairs lead up on either side to a platform in front of the temple’s entrance. The temple’s stone walls are worn by time and sand, yet still quite solid and sturdy. There are no windows in the temple walls and only one entrance, behind a platform, supported by pillars. The temple’s roof is capped by one large and two small domes.

There has been a fight here recently, as there are bodies lying on the upper platform. These ones are not moving and among the smell of gas, there is also gunpowder and the all too familiar smell of death. For the distance though you cannot tell if the dead are Nazis or denizens of this play. However the doorway to the temple is wide open and light can be seen from within (assume you stop about 20-30 feet west from closest vehicle)

Posted on 2015-06-10 at 11:03:56.

Subject: Never look up the monsters

i do not know if this things is in the MM, why don't you ask it?

Posted on 2015-06-10 at 05:56:09.

Subject: posted

Nim - that is fine. I can NPC if necessary. I assume Lum will attempt to turn the ice creatures now.

I have posted. You are not fighting on two fronts anymore, thanks to your mage but you are definitely against some badass monsters. If any of you are familiar with this creature, keep in mind that no one in the party has ever seen them before.

Bwahahahahaha. Mine is an evil laugh.

 photo wight.jpg

Posted on 2015-06-08 at 12:57:28.
Edited on 2015-06-08 at 13:01:52 by Alacrity

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Again
Subject: First round

Maximus attacked the ice sheathed skeleton with Jal burning in his hands. The fiery blade cut into the cold undead melting the hard frost. The blade struck well both times but Hoth seemed to be stunted in its effect on the creature. Then the ice wight struck with unexpected power and strength. Maximus felt icy claws tear into his flesh through armour and wounding him in left arm and right side. But the cold of the wounds seemed to spread like a fire itself, draining his strength and life. To the others – it was as if the gladiator ignited with a black fire, dark as midnight that seemed to burn for within his body.

The other Ice Creature that was closest ran forward and leaped the ten foot pit with ease to attack Finarsil as she attempted to put up her fire shield. It attacked before the Bard could complete the incantation and she was mauled by its claws. As with Maximus, a black fire ignited within Finarsil and the coldness spread through her body.

Odyson called upon the spirit of his deity to turn the undead away before they could attack more of his friends. But as he tried, he felt the dark evil power of this place giving strength to the undead and cutting off his own ability to draw the magic. In the end, the shaman was unable to turn the ice skeletons away.

Kadrin attacked with his crossbow but the bolts seemed to barely scratch the ice of the monsters. He pulled out his horn in order to get some magic aid for his companions.

At the other end of the corridor, Sparrow used the power of her bow, created from the bones of the undead dragon Undeatha, to take down one zombie-ratman and then another. They were slower now and easier to hit but the power of her bow should have been more effective against them. It was as if in death they had become tougher than before.

Arien used the flames of Luin’naur and struck at the Ratmen. The sword did not fail him and he was able to kill two of them before they started to get try to surround him.

Lun called upon the power of her god to attempt to dispel this evil. She too finds that this place hampers her ability and adds strength to the evil but these are not strong enough undead to stand her wrath. 12 of the zombie-ratmen disintegrate before her holy power.

"Everybody into the tunnel! That is a lot of zombies to kill twice!" Jarenion calls out as he works his spell.

Arien calls, "Defensive formation!" he called. "They come on two fronts!" and moves back behind the spellcaster along with the others just as the wall of fire appears, cutting off the ratmen from the party.

But within the corridor, two companions burn with black fire, Two Ice-skeletons are in combat and three more are moving up to fight as well.


Maximus: Seriously wounded and down two constitution points (15)
Finarsil: Seriously wounded and down two constitution points (11)

Note: Finarsil did not get the fire shield up but did not lose the spell as it is in her flute. If she wants to activate it, she can but that will mean no one can help her with healing or aid.

The open pits are a definite hazard in this corridor. It also limits how many ice skeletons can attack at once, but you are 8 people in a tight spot.

Posted on 2015-06-08 at 12:52:02.

Topic: WWII Horror LFP
Subject: Dick

Dragon Keeper has taken the role of Dick in this game.

As Ody has suggested, we are looking for a pilot in the Destiny Firefly/Serenity based game. Either as Tess who is in the pilot chair now or as their own character. I have been without a "live" pilot for so long know that I would consider a major reality shift to put in a new pilot.

Let me know.

Posted on 2015-06-08 at 09:23:11.

Subject: Ack

My weekend got away from me but at least Arien posted. I will try to get my post up soon.

Posted on 2015-06-03 at 08:06:15.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: posted

A lot going on. Hope you enjoy

Tann - Don't move Wolf too far into the town in your post. Depending on what happens with Jade, you may get involved.

Posted on 2015-05-29 at 13:14:30.

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