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Topic: RDI T-shirts
Subject: okay!

I redid the order they lost before.

Posted on 2008-09-04 at 18:39:58.

Topic: What is Your Light Saber colour?
Subject: apparently

Either I am the only evil one, or the only openly evil.

Posted on 2008-09-04 at 14:37:29.

Topic: What is Your Light Saber colour?
Subject: What is Your Light Saber colour?

I have a red lightsaber

My lightsaber is red, what color is yours? Take the quiz.

Your Lightsaber is Red.
You are evil and vicious and will never think twice before you kill someone. You most likly have a devious plan to take over the galaxy.

Other famous jedi with red lightsabers:

Darth Vader
Darth Tyranus
Darth Sidious
Darth Maul

Posted on 2008-09-04 at 02:42:00.
Edited on 2008-09-04 at 02:42:24 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: stuff

I will look over my list of gear that you might have snatched. Nothing special beyond the souped up gun of Ethan, which is now broke. Off the top of my head, you got a couple of 38 specials, a shotgun(shot), and that's about it.

Tann is bogged down with RL right now and will be very brief in his posts for a bit. So you may want to keep the mechanics involvement to a minimum unless you deem it very necessary.

Posted on 2008-09-03 at 02:32:34.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: weekend warrior

As of tomorrow, I will be returning to work and my son will be in regular day care. This will move my postings to almost always on the weekends.

Posted on 2008-09-02 at 17:49:03.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: returning to weekend warrior

As of tomorrow, I will be returning to work and my son will be in regular day care. This will move my postings to almost always on the weekends.

Posted on 2008-09-02 at 17:48:30.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: get up

Sam can awake up and be aware of his surrounding. I believe I sent you a pm about what he is strapped to at the moment.

Waves .... Cathy asked me the same thing. The way I figure it, these are just like emails. They are not person to person so you do not have to be on the ship. You could use the Doc's set up to access the message.

1) Wyatt hasn't mentioned the messages to anyone.
2) if you access the message from a cortex terminal without a black box on it, and a good BB, then others can grab the signal if they know how and when.

Posted on 2008-09-02 at 16:21:21.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: No, Mr. Blake, I expect you to ....

“Now, Doc,” Wyatt turned his attention to the old man. “I also gotta offer my appreciation for your care of my crew. Like I said, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to credits, but I never leave a debt unpaid, so name yer price an’ I’ll see to it you get paid.”

“Haha,” the doctor laughed, “Nothing to worry about Captain Wyatt. I’m on retainer by the mine as their doctor on call, and I figure if you are hauling miner’s stuff, it’s all under the same roof. If I ever need a Transport though, I’ll keep you in mind.”

“I got two more things t’ ask, Doc. Where do you think I can find J.W., and would you mind if Sam and Wolf stick around until we get back?”

JW? Well he’s just got came back from some parliamentary visit, which means that Cora and her Ladies Auxiliary have a days worth of parades and speeches and tea parties that they’d like JW to be part of, willing or otherwise. If he can manage to dodge them, he’ll likely as not be at the Lawrence Saloon. Nice place, clean, but it is a miner’s watering hole and the good ladies of this town would never set foot in there. Otherwise, his house is on the Sweetside, closest to the Schoolhouse. Him and Miss Brigit may escape there to get reacquainted if you catch my meaning. As for your men, I would say that Mr. Dash will be my guest for the night. The knitter will fix him up well enough but ribs can be a touchy thing and I’d prefer him to rest as much as possible. Any of your other crew are welcome to stay with me as long as they like. Don’t get company much though so I’m a bit rusty with conversation.”

“That’s right good of ya, Doc.”

At that moment there is a knock on the front door. The doctor turns around to go answer it, leaving you for a moment. After a brief time, he returns with a young man, around 20 years old. He is tall, around 6 feet, with black hair, well care for, and a very handsome face (Picture: a young Pierce Brosnan). He is dressed in a formal black suit, tailor made, his hands are clean, manicured and look like they have never done work before in his life. He is clean shaven with a chisel jaw and soft lips. His cologne is reminiscent of jasmine flowers and a sea breeze. No gun on his belt, although the bright polish on the shine of his shoes could be considered dangerous. Both Asher and Wyatt notice the bulge under his left arm that denotes a shoulder holster for a small gun.

“Good Evening Gentlemen,” He says pleasantly, oblivious to the fact that it isn’t evening yet, “My name is Blake. James Blake. I was asked by an associate of mine to come here to inform you that the coast is now clear. The bird has flown. The owl has left the nest. The eggs are back in one basket. The Alliance ship just….” His voice trails off as he spots Willow. Once he sees her, it is like no one else is in the room except her and him. His eyes take in the doctor with a smouldering desire, and his lips curl into a smile that is both dashing and demure at the same time. He walks directly over to Willow, looking deep into her eyes and says, “I have never had a dream come true before, until now.”

OOC: I was going to move forward a bunch but decided to let everyone reply to Wyatt and throw some eye candy at Willow. I'm a bad man.

Posted on 2008-09-02 at 00:28:15.

Topic: Hail the birth of Alacrity!
Subject: well shucks

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. It is a bittersweet birthday as I also face returning to work and putting William into daycare now. I enjoyed my thee months of paternity leave and wish I could stay off longer.

Anyway, here's to 42. It is the ultimate number to us Adam's fans.

Posted on 2008-08-30 at 12:31:04.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: locked up

You own a Firefly - there is no locked up tight, not even in space. One of your ship's flaw is "everyone got one" which means everyone knows how to override the locks, the hatches etc.

Think about how often Serenity got boarded....

Oh .. don't forget There are two wave messages waiting on the ship, one for Willow (coded) and one for Sam (double matrix coded with a sig key link).

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 03:20:20.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: A few notes

I would like to advance Roc forward this holiday weekend to the point of the Ice being picked up by the miners at night. It is currently about 3:30 pm planetside, and it will be dark by 9:00 pm (which is when the miners will arrive).

So please let me in on any plans you have between those times for sneaking about or surfing the cortex or whatever. Post here or in the game (game preferred)so I can start rolling dice and drinking whiskey.

I am sure you are all aware but just to refresh:

1) You have not been paid for this job.
2) The people picking up the Ice won't know you have not been paid.
3) Your method of payment is currently fried as Sander's chicken.(another thing that Wolf might want to do - go back to bank and see what happened and how dirtback robbers got into a vault so quickly)
3) You will need to keep a low profile for awhile in case there are alliance moles/sympathizers among the townies.
4) Sam is laid up for the night but will be conscious soon (about two hours). The knitter will finish its work around midnight (assuming Sam doesn't move around alot. If he does, the machine will tell him in a feminine, but mechanical voice - "please stay still, it is necessary for proper healing that there is as little motion as possible" and then repeat in mandarin.)

Posted on 2008-08-28 at 18:13:53.
Edited on 2008-08-28 at 18:14:28 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Vin Diesel???

There is plenty that Wolf could be doing. The wound will take a short time to be cleansed and healed. During that time time you will be in the OR with Sam attached to the knitter and Morgan on the medcomp. You could chat with the doc, or ask questions that Wolf would ask (what does this do? this? A laser saw? Can it ...aagh! I just cut off my leg doc!).

If you'd like to bypass the wound scene, then there is the mule that needs fixing. As well, you are the only member of the crew that is not "attached" to Rocinante yet by Alliance records so you could mosey into town and see what's going on. You could ask your captain what he'd like you to do.

You are also a hacker type and the Doctor has a fully operational cortex terminal (think computer with universe wide internet) with a wide screen. Might be able to help the captain dig up some dirt on selected people, places, things, etc. Easedrop on the alliance frequencies, scramble some codes to confuse the blockade ships, flood the wave transmitters with cortex porn, play Grand Theft Transport XXVII-Capital City etc etc etc.

Lazy is not listed on your sheet as a complication. You are supposedly overconfident, hate alliance officers and branded as a jailbird - no lazy there.

Posted on 2008-08-28 at 13:48:56.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: well

Graphic novel ... in my dreams!

BTW- I never thought that Sam would go into the bank. I thought you'd stop Brigit from going in and wait to see what was going to happen.

Posted on 2008-08-27 at 17:38:09.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: scenes

The gunfight was a classic scene for me. Every moment was so well played.

Asher chasing after the people and the brass band, with weapons in hand and trying to convince the crowd to keep the party going.

Wolf running over the band. That would have been such a funny scene of film.

Wyatt nailing Ernest Ludlow between the eyes.

Good Times...Good Times....

BTW - Great Post Blammm.

Posted on 2008-08-27 at 17:16:31.
Edited on 2008-08-27 at 17:17:35 by Alacrity

Topic: Looking for Interest in New Online RPG
Subject: hang it all

At this point I think I will suspend these concepts until a another time. I want to get back into my writing and I am spending a lot of time on games right now. So I am streamlining my virtual life right now, starting with stopping Chess and Risk.

I may start a game in the near future as a writing exercising, if I find I have time. It would involve four players playing high level characters (Fighter/Mage/Healer/Rogue). Each one is a hero in their own world but at the start of the campaign they find themselves in another world, completely naked and with no clue as to how or why.

So sorry to be a tease, but I'm bad that way.

Posted on 2008-08-27 at 14:07:38.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: aim

BTW - If Wyatt, Willow and Asher are aiming to misbehave - best let me in on it so I know what to expect.

Posted on 2008-08-26 at 16:19:45.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Nice work Robert!

Sounds like a big project but I like what you have done so far.

Great posts so far in the game. Waiting on Tann, Blammm, and Vanadia to post so I can move forward - hopefully by this weekend.

Posted on 2008-08-26 at 14:37:13.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Silver Screen and the doctors return

Lt. Ling adjusted the strap on her helmet and swore bitterly at no one in particular. She looked again at her wrist chronograph and continued with the swearing. In three hours, 45 minutes, she was supposed to be meeting Lt. O’Leary in the level 4 a supply closet where, she hoped feverously that he would be taking her in a manly fashion. She only had to get through one more hour of standby duty and she’d be off but no – the scramble alarm had to sound and her squad had to be first on the list. It was like the verse was trying to keep her frustrated and out of sorts. All she could hope for was that whatever this mission was on the dustbowl below; it could be done quick and neat. She touched the screen on the control panel and entered her clearance code. The image of her superior officer, Captain Jin, came up immediately. “Sir! Orders?” She asked crisply.

“We detected an explosion on the surface with elements that are similar to the contraband materials.” The captain drawled in a bored monotone. “Go down to the surface and check it out.”

“Define ‘check it out’ sir.” Ling knew better than to accept a vague order without asking for clarification.

“Investigate explosion. Determine if there is Comet Ice present, if so, make arrests, detain prisoners and bring them back here. If it is a local matter, then disengage and return.”

“Yes sir.” Ling replied with a strong feeling that this was going to be a local matter if she had anything to do with it.

“These are civilians Ling. I don’t want another Shang Tao.”

“Shang Tao wasn’t my watch, Captain.” Ling replied tersely

“Either way, keep the men in check.”

“Yes Sir. Ling out, Sir.”

The sooner she was off the planet and having her clothing ripped in a closet, the better. She looked over her team and nodded; they were a good group and she could trust them. She leaned over to the pilot, “Hey McBroom! We safe for dust down?”

“We are,” the pilot laughed heartily, “But the locals might be pissed at us for blowing their straw and stick houses down.”

“Fine. Well do a grav-belt drop then”

“Not a problem. I’ll just hang around.”

Ling left the cockpit area and entered the cargo bay where her team sat ready. Sarge Card was her second and a good man, Corporal Suddeth was also a fine soldier and a cool head under fire. Corp. Kremers and Beyer were good men in a fight and took orders well. Private Fitzhugh was new to the group and already proving to be a bit of a loose cannon. She’d tie him down soon enough though.

“Listen up!” she shouted out so they could all hear, “This is a simple drop and flop. Stunners and sidearms only. No, I repeat no autos or grenades. You got that Beyer?” The beefy private merely nodded and looked disappointed. She continued, “Corporal Suddeth – you are driving the skiff. Beyer, Card, Kremers, and Fitzhugh – get your grav- belts.”

“Coming up on the Mark” McBroom called out and the light for the back door lit up. The men took their positions quickly as the back boor of the ship opened up. Suddeth immediately shot out in the AK17 skiff, flying in a wide arc to recon the area. As soon as he was clear the team ran out the open door and leapt out the patrol ship.

The first to land was Beyer, then the others followed suit. Five soldiers dropping to the ground out of nowhere was intimidating to most folks, and the whine of the charging sonic rifles only added to the effect. Then Suddeth flew a close pass over, the 50 cal on the swivel rotating back and forth as if looking for someone to mow down.

Ling looked around. There were some peasants; most of them were leaving as they usually did once authorities came. Everyone has something to hide. she thought cynically. There were dead people, some in the streets and property damage. She read the sign declaring this a bank and started to feel hopeful, but she’d be in worse trouble if she wasn’t sure. She keyed her comm. inside her helmet, “Okay. Do a perimeter search, two by two, two buildings out in all directions. Card with Fitzhugh and Kremers with Beyer – double time now.”

“You got a date or something, Looie?” Suddeth quipped back.

‘No. I hate peasants. Like to be gone before I find a reason to mow them all down” She turned off her comm. and shouted to the people, “Who’s in charge here.”

“That would be me.” An older man answered, standing near one of the dead. There was a woman standing next to him, clinging to his arm – a red head in a peasants dress.

“Looie? Can I question the redhead?” Fitzhugh asked via the comm. “she looks like she needs a hard questioning.”

“Negative Fitzhugh. Keep to your search.” She replied and turned to the man who answered her, “And you are?”

“JW McClarrin. Owner of this here mine.” He said and offered his ID card. Ling took it from him and put it into her scanner. She read the data as it came up.

“Senator. What happened here?”

“Some local colour decided to try a bank robbery. Things didn’t go smoothly for them.”

Ljng smiled to herself, Definitely local and said, “We detected an explosion. A large hydrogen explosion.”

“That you would have,” the Senator replied, “One of the boys souped his mule with a transport fuel cell. Mighty unstable.”

“Ahh.” Ling walked passed the Senator and into the bank. More bodies and what looked like the owners of the bank in some distress. Looking better and better she thought happily.

She poked around for awhile waiting for her men to report in and replying with very vague answers to any of the senator’s questions. He obviously didn’t want them there and she really didn’t care.

“Report.” She spoke into her comm..

“Negative Looie” Kremers replied

“Nothing so far Looie, but I think the saloon here needs much further investigation.” Fitzhugh replied with a laugh, “There are some ladies here that …”

“Give it a rest Fitzhugh and get out here where I can make sure your pants are on.”

‘Ahhh…. Yes Ma’am.” He replied and Ling ground her teeth. She hated being called Ma’am.

She opened up a channel to the ship. “Ling reporting.”

The captain looked at her through the screen, “Yes Lieutenant.”

“Local matter captain. Bank job gone bad. We did a perimeter search and found on trace of Ice or any other contraband.””

“Very well Lieutenant. Return to base.”

“Yes sir.” She answered and waited. The captain always added some job to do after his dismissals.

“Oh, and Lieutenant? Are there casualties?”

Here it comes "Yes sir."

“Oh. Have them checked for ID and scanned for death records”

Like anyone cares “Yes sir.”

The screen went dead and Ling let out a sigh of relief. IDs and scan was a ten minute job. “Fitzhugh! You got dead patrol. Grab or scan and make it fast.”

“What! Man!”

“Now Private!”

The private ran into the bank to start searching for ID cards on the dead and if they didn’t have cards, scanned their fingerprint and retinal. This would be fed into the central computer for death recording and next of kin notification. Fitzhugh was in the bank for about five minutes before he keyed his comm. “Looie. Can I question the lady in here? She’s got some mighty fine … suspicions.”

“Fitzhugh.” She shouted angrily, “You are going on report if you don’t get out here with those scans in five.”

The private came running in two, stopping to look over the man outside the bank. He had an ID card which Fitzhugh flipped to the Lieutenant as he scanned finger and eye. Ling ran the card as she waited. Ethan. Ludlow. List of petty crimes, and a number of warrants of backwater moons – nothing she cared about. Two Brothers – Ernest and Edward, also with a long list of misdemeanours and one with some hard crime. Lovely model family She thought. Father ….

Ling gasped audibly when she saw the father’s name. How did he end up with such Joo Fuen Chse for sons. She keyed her comm to the Skiff. “Need you down here, Sarge. We got a body to take back.”

JW looked confused, “Why are you taking the bodies? We got a cemetery right over there.”

Ling looked at the old man, “We are not taking all the bodies Senator. Just this one,” She pointed to Ethan’s corpse. “His father is Commandant Herbert Ludlow of the 21st Grenadiers. I suspect he will want to see the body of his son.”

The Doctor’s House, 3:30 pm

Wyatt watched out the window as the Alliance patrol ship hovered over the town. An hour passed, and another and then finally the skiff that had landed before left with what appeared to be all the soldiers.

The Doctor and Willow entered the study. The Doctor looked around, finally spying Wolf and waggling a finger to him to come so he could look at his wound.

“Captain. Your man is doing well. Good thing he was wearing a ballistic vest though, because it saved his life more than once. He's very banged up and bruised right now, but he will up and around in no time. He’ll need to stay here overnight so the bones can be properly mended and he can get some rest. Morgan will stay as well as he is on the mend too. Now If Miss Willow has no objections, I will tend to Wolf’s shoulder wound and call this a successful day.”

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 03:22:06.
Edited on 2008-08-20 at 03:26:15 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: laying out the line

I want to build the second post with Vanadia so we can have a suspensful build up to the doctor coming out of the OR - he's dead Jim scene. I also have a silver screen to add about the alliance patrol ship.

So post if you got something to say. Asher might be checking out the cooler for some milk. Wyatt might really need a drink right now. Wolf might find a copy of Busty Browncoat Babes 3 in the holo-file. He's given you free reign in his house.

WWJD - What would Jayne do?

Posted on 2008-08-19 at 20:32:43.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: didn't know you were competing in the olympics

Not a Problem Tann, I knew you would be moving the Mule.

Note - some of the weapons being used by the crew (mostly Asher) are considered illegal by Alliance. I will assume that you gather them up before you leave.

Posted on 2008-08-18 at 14:35:33.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: excellent posts

Great all round job - I feel so humbled reading them. Blammm - the part about loading Sam's weapon and putting in it's holster was such a fantastic touch.

I have posted, but there will be a second part that will tell of the alliance visit and have Willow and/or the Doctor coming out to tell you the news.

Posted on 2008-08-18 at 03:12:44.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Getting while the getting is good

The group of eight men came into the bank and took to the doc’s direction immediately. Four went over to the teller, Morgan and the others to Sam. Wolf brought the hover mule to the rear doorway as the men lifted Sam up gently, with backs straight as if he was a precious cargo. The Hover mule can seat 4, 6 if you don’t mind being cozy and aren’t in a rush. The men drape Sam across the back of the mule to keep him flat and steady. One of the miners gets into the mule and adjusts a back seat to drop flat, which is where they carefully put Morgan.

As the men gathered about Sam and the other wounded, Wyatt steps out of their way, worry gripping his gut but never showing on his face. "Keep your iron shut up when walking through that Tong-yard, Kid. Willow might've sweetened some up earlier, but I ain't puttin' us in harms way unnecessarily." Turning to JW, Wyatt gave the man a nod instead. "I appreciate the kindness for me and mine."

“We‘ll talk later tonight. I best do some crowd herding.” the older man said as he stepped outside. If he noticed or was bothered by Asher holding his woman tight, he didn’t show it.

Taking his communicator from his pocket Wyatt calls Rocinante "Ma," he said into it with a dry voice. "Keep Rocinante locked up nice an' tight as though no one's home 'til we git back. We're gonna be sittin' tight at the town doc's house fer a spell."

There is silence on the comm. And then two mike clicks, a sign from Trish that she received the call and would do as told.

The Doctor heads towards the front door, “I’ll ride ahead and lead the way Ms. Willow. If you don’t mind, would you ride with the injured and keep them stable. Don’t let Wolf drive! He’s wounded and should be resting.”

Asher comforts the distraught Brigit and starts to make for the doorway. Willow intercepted them before they could get through the room.” How are you, Miss Brigit? Shall I take a look at that lip? Seems like you’ve been struck, you poor dear!” she asks.

Brigit smiles and detaches herself from Asher, “Oh never mind me. You take care of those brave men.” She says smoothly, shooting Asher a look of a woman who knows she’s crossed the line but with a mischievous grin of enjoying it too. She touches her lip tenderly, “I’ve received worse beatings than this in my time,” She says very sadly still looking at Asher and then looks around as if just realizing something, “I best be getting to JW. He can get mighty sore if I’m away from him for too long.” With that she moves quickly to the front entrance of the bank, and outside where JW is talking loudly to the crowd.

“Now listen up!” JW didn’t shout but he knew how to project his voice, “Anyone not wanting Alliance digging through their private lives better skedaddle and fast!” Folks took the hint on that rather quickly and the street began to clear, all the while conversation of a new sheriff in town was to be heard.

Brigit came up beside JW at a run, “You okay, Honey?” he asked as she threw herself into his arms.

“I am,” Brigit smiles shakily, “I hope that that man is gonna be okay though. He was so brave…” Her bottom lip quivered.

“There there dear. Doc will fix him up right.”

Out back of the bank, the wounded are on the mule and the doctor has come around on horse to lead the way. The mule is quite loaded but no one is looking to do top speed, just fast enough to get under cover before the patrol ship arrives.

(I am gonna assume that you’ll figure out seating and the like. Either Asher or Wyatt will drive, despite protest from Wolf.)

The Tong Temple is a large octagonal building behind the bank. It is not particularly fancy, but the grounds around it are lush with floral gardens and hanging baskets that would rival some gardens in the core planets. Many of the tong are among the paths and plant-life, tending the gardens with skilful patient hands. They look up as you pass, seeing the doctor, many of them give respectful bows but no one interferes with your progress. A man comes out of a side doorway of the temple. He looks like a younger, more robust version of the “grandfather” that Wyatt, Sam and Willow had met earlier. He also gives a slight bow to the doctor as he passes, by the bow of someone recognizing an equal. His eyes pass over all in the procession, but linger for a long time on Willow.

The Doctor’s place is a big house, single floor ranch style. The shed is a huge structure, bigger than many of the houses you saw while coming into town. The doctor opens the doors and you glide in with time to spare before the patrol ship arrives. Inside the shed, the building is mostly empty, with an emergency fuel cell generator in one corner and three hover-stretchers covered in white sheets on the other side of the room.

You waste no time, and get the stretchers out and under the two seriously wounded men. The back of the doc’s place has two doors, one oversized and the other regular. The doctor opens up the large one to reveal a small prep area outside of the surgery room. He directs you into the theatre as he hits the main switch for the power, revealing a operating room with three surgery tables. The Medcomp and the 3d imager are clearly labelled with “NEWTECH”. He is all business as he moves from equipment to equipment, opening drawers and pulling out instruments. “Gentlemen! Thank you but you are now in the way.” He says pleasantly and points to a side door, “If you use that door, it will take you to my study. Make yourself at home, there are refreshments in the cooler and the cabinet. Guest bedrooms are there if you’d need to rest. If the door is locked, then I don’t want you in that room. Wolf, I haven’t forgotten you but these two be needing both our attentions now and you ain’t in danger unless you bleed on my furniture.”

(assume some conversation but the doc will only tolerate so much, as he wants to get to work. I will let Vanadia write the surgery scene)

Asher, Wyatt and Wolf find themselves in the Doctor’s home. The place is immaculately clean and tidy. The study has two overstuffed high chairs, a comfy couch, a series of bookshelves, mostly with medical journals but some light fiction and more than a few holo-disks.

The living room is immense with a large wood burning fireplace, now cold. There is a large screen plasma holo-viewer with a cortex terminal connection – so impeccably pristine that you wonder if it is straight out of the box. A liquor cabinet stands against the wall with modest selection of high end booze (no cheap rot gut here), most of them full. Throughout the room there are pictures of a woman. Although there is a definite passage of time in the pictures, the woman is very attractive and often on the arm or holding hands with a younger Doctor McGuire. They look very happy together, very much in love. But there are no recent pictures of the lady, and the most recent looking one is on the fireplace mantle with a black frame.

The kitchen is spartan, with a simple stove, pantry, a cooler/icebox and counter area. The attached dining room has a long wooden table with 6 chairs and a well-carved buffet with fancy china behind the glass doors (locked).

There are three bedrooms, all neat and tidy but appearing as if they have never been used. Each room has a double bed, a writing desk with a chair and a side table for a water pitcher and wash-basin. The bedroom at the end of the hall, presumably the doctor’s room, is locked.

Posted on 2008-08-18 at 03:10:30.

Topic: On line Risk Game
Subject: I am starting a game now

middle earth


Posted on 2008-08-15 at 19:44:16.

Topic: Looking for Interest in New Online RPG
Subject: Grey sky are going to clear up

I am finished my schooling and my friends wedding is over. I have time for myself again!

Posted on 2008-08-13 at 02:58:16.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: You have been woofed.

Okay. Give me some time to up your characters and get the next one started. Should have a new mage (Eol) and a cleric (Blammm) to help out this time.

Posted on 2008-08-13 at 02:54:41.

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