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Topic: Dark Fantasy QnA
Subject: Claim markers

Claim markers are for items you find, not areas. So Lum just claims the stairs. Not a bad find, steel is steel.

The problem with markers is they really only work if people care about agreed upon laws. If they don't they can just take whatever you have marked.

Posted on 2016-09-06 at 10:37:12.

Topic: Dark Fantasy QnA
Subject: opening post

Feel free to make an opening intro post. There is no combat happening at the moment but there will be more description very shortly so don't go too far.

Posted on 2016-09-06 at 08:45:26.

Topic: Dark Fantasy QnA
Subject: Titansgrave QnA

Hey there. Ask any question you may have about the campaign here.

Posted on 2016-09-06 at 08:40:27.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Sorry. SO sorry

William (my son) had some issues this weekend and I was kept busy. I am back at work so I will try to get some character sheets done during my lunch break.

Posted on 2016-09-06 at 08:39:34.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Tomorrow

Posting in a pm to the players. But definitely tomorrow as I am tired and off to bed.

Posted on 2016-09-04 at 21:28:51.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: My bad

I am hoping to work on the characters tonight so I can post finalized sheets for your viewing pleasure. If not, then tomorrow.

Posted on 2016-09-04 at 12:06:40.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Claims

Your are given territories to scout out and the markers you have are keyed to your team.

Posted on 2016-09-03 at 12:22:46.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: action

When it’s your turn in a combat round (15 seconds), you tell the GM what you want to do. On your turn you can take a major action and a minor action or two minor actions. You can take these in any order and can take fewer actions if you like. You can talk while taking your actions, but since a round is only 15 seconds long, what you can say is limited.

Some actions take a negligible amount of time. They are known as free actions and they don’t count toward your usual limitation on actions. The rules will note when something is a free action.

A list of the most common major and minor actions follows. You are not limited to these actions. If you want to do something else, just say so and the GM will adjudicate it. The GM may require you to roll an ability test depending on what you are trying to do.

Major Actions

all-out attack
You attack one adjacent enemy in hand-to-hand combat, throwing the full weight of your Strength behind the attack even though your ability to react to counterattacks will suffer. If you hit, you do +1 damage, but whether or not this attack hits, you suffer –1 to your Defense until your next turn.


You may move up to half your Speed (rounded down) in yards and then make a Melee Attack against an adjacent enemy. You gain a +1 bonus on your attack roll.


You concentrate on defending yourself this round. Until the beginning of your next turn, you gain a +2 bonus to your Defense.


You provide some quick first aid to an injured ally. You must be adjacent to your ally and you must have bandages ready. This is a TN 11 Intelligence (Healing) test. If you are successful, your ally gets back an amount of Health equal to the 1d6 + your Intelligence. A character cannot benefit from another Heal action until additional damage is taken.

melee attack

You attack one adjacent enemy in hand-to-hand combat. An enemy within 2 yards of you is considered adjacent.

ranged attack

You fire or throw a missile weapon at one visible enemy within range.


You can move up to double your Speed in yards. You cannot take this action if you are prone (you’d need to use the Move action to stand up first).

Minor Actions


This action allows you to start using certain powers or items, such as fighting styles and potions.


You take the measure of your opponent and plan your next strike. If your next action is a Melee Attack or Ranged Attack, you gain a +1 bonus on your attack roll.

guard up

You put your skill to use balancing action and defense. Add +1 or +2 (your choice) to your Defense until the end of this round. However, you suffer the amount you choose as a penalty to all tests you make, even opposed tests, for the remainder of the current round as well. (This is a key difference between the Guard Up and Defend actions. Guard Up only lasts until the end of the round, where Defend lasts until the beginning of your next turn.) If you choose this minor action, you must do it before any major action you take this turn. You can’t follow up a Guard Up action with a Defend action.


You can move up to your Speed in yards. You can also go prone, stand up, mount or dismount a horse or vehicle, but if you do so you can only move at half Speed (rounded down).


You pick one major action that you prepare to execute and then end your turn. Any time until your next turn, you can interrupt another character and take your prepared action immediately. If you don’t use it by your next turn, the action is lost. You cannot take the prepared action if you’ve already taken a major action on your turn.

press the attack

You stand ready to pursue an enemy if they should fall back or flee your blows. Declare an adjacent enemy combatant when you take this action. Until the beginning of your next turn, if that enemy moves away from you, you may immediately move up to your Speed in yards in direct pursuit of that enemy at no additional cost in actions. This occurs immediately after your foe’s movement, before they can do anything else. However, you can only use this minor action on an enemy you have already successfully struck in melee combat this turn (whether you inflicted damage or not). When you make your move, it need not bring you adjacent to that enemy if you can’t go that fast. In that case, you simply move as far as you can before stopping. You are free to forego some or all of the movement this action allows when your enemy triggers it, if you wish.


You can unsheathe a weapon, pull out a potion, or otherwise ready an item that is stowed. As part of this action, you can put away something already in hand. You could thus put away your bow and a draw a sword, for example.

stand firm

You lower your weight and prepare to resist any and all efforts to move you from the place where you stand. Until the beginning of your next turn, any enemy who attempts to move you or knock you to the ground must succeed in an opposed test pitting their Strength (Might) vs. your choice of your own Strength (Might) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) in order to move you or knock you prone.

Variable Actions

Cast -You attempt to cast a spell, which requires a casting roll. This may be a major action, minor action, or free action depending on the spell and the skills used.

Reload - You reload a missile weapon. This may be a major action, minor action, or free action depending on the weapon used, your talents, and the skills used.

Posted on 2016-09-02 at 20:38:29.
Edited on 2016-09-02 at 20:38:54 by Alacrity

Topic: Titansgrave Adventures
Subject: Titansgrave Adventures

It has been a good year ....

It has been a year now since you joined up with Dwan Granitecrusher – the Dwarven owner of the Pegasus Roadhouse. Dwan hired you as Reclamation Scouts – which basically meant you search through the miles upon miles of the Rust Wastes looking for reusable materials like steel, plastics, alloys, fulgin or working tech. You received payment based on what you found and how many Claim Trackers you placed that were successful, however room and board at the roadhouse was included and you could pick up extra money working there as servers if you wished. But if you had a good find – a really good find – then the standing payment was 5 gold and a party. Last week, the Lost Boys pulled out a crate of usable batteries from the waste and they got their five gold. Maybe today would be your day.

You move through the ruins of the past carefully, weapons out and ready, and always looking for possible trouble. Hugh towers that used to reach of the sky now lie collapsed on the ground and this once massive city is now rusting away, deserted. The waste was not a safe place. Many of the fallen towers of the ancients were shelters for those who did not want to obey the laws of the city states. Bandits, thieves, brigands and cutthroats all called this place home and you have noticed the markings on the walls nearby of a white bird with wings spread – the mark of the White Hawks claiming their territory. They will claim anyplace as their territory but really itis a question of who can hold it.

Lum is moving ahead of the party as you often have him take point. He has found a few semi-intact building ahead and has suggested you check them out. You are following that lead when something happens unexpectedly. The road beneath Lum suddenly falls through like a sink hole. You rush forward to aid him but it turns out he did not fall far and is unhurt. However, the fall has revealed a cavern area beneath the city.

You draw your flashlights out and begin to survey the area. This cavern is deep but you find a steel stairwell that is still sturdy leading down into the darkness....

Posted on 2016-09-01 at 11:10:12.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: working

Would love to get this started over the long weekend. We just need to finalise the characters. I have posted the basic start of the game under Titansgrave Adventures

Posted on 2016-09-01 at 11:04:39.
Edited on 2016-09-01 at 11:11:18 by Alacrity

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Interesting

We will need to modify that background a bit as there is no Japan in this world but that is easily done. Also the characters start out around 2nd lvl so you would not be that well trained.

Posted on 2016-08-31 at 15:57:29.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Nice

Good start. Elf do have long lives here on Valkana. They are the first people to develop magic and are often the ones on the forefront of mixing magic and tech. Elves were almost completely wipe out at one point so they either are city elves or Daresh. City elves are always seeking power, status and position to better themselves. Daresh tend to small communities or a nomadic life keeping away from mainstream culture.

So your background works well as a city elf choosing to be a Daresh.

Posted on 2016-08-28 at 17:37:51.
Edited on 2016-08-28 at 17:38:24 by Alacrity

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Enemies

The type of enemies you will be facing will be of many varieties.

Bandits/Mauraders - people who distain from the city states and live in the ruins of the past. They range from lawless communities to complete cutthroats and murderers

Old Weapons- genetically modified organisms that were bred to kill. Half man half machine cyborgs do exist and are slaves to their programming. Old security droids and robots often still protect their territory

Darkspawn - monsters that are purely evil and seek to prey upon innocent victims. Some say they came during the long night, others say that the Prophet brought them into this world.

CityStates - the city states are always scheming for more control and greater tech to build their own empire. They have many different agents that may oppose you.

Posted on 2016-08-28 at 08:26:38.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: answers

Boo Boo – HP is for Hit Points which is a measure of how much damage your character can take.

Clock was supposed to be cloak. Another typo.

Your character does not have to wear the armour or use the blasters, they are offered. You can use Arcane Bolt without Mana as a missile weapon and mages work better without armour. I understand your character’s motives for not wanting weapons but do realize you will be in hostile environments with creatures bent on killing you so you will have to defend yourself.

You may have other items; I was just giving a basic list of equipment. Please pass any item requests through me first.

Tann: No imports from another world please. Keep within the world given and the rules I have laid down.

Ody – Love to hear the story behind Lum.

Posted on 2016-08-27 at 21:08:06.
Edited on 2016-08-27 at 21:09:05 by Alacrity

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Ody - That is called a typo

Sorry. Typo. Blaster Long Arm is separate skill. Sorry.

Posted on 2016-08-26 at 12:53:35.
Edited on 2016-08-26 at 12:54:27 by Alacrity

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Character creation complete

¬¬¬¬Here is character creation completed. I moved it all here to make it easier.

Eons before Valkana heard her own name, she bore witness to beings not of this realm. These Ancients planted the seeds of life for Valkana, and as that life grew and civilizations formed, the thirst for supremacy blossomed into war. Gifted with an unmatched intellect, the Saurian Empire built mighty war machines and claimed dominion on Valkana, until the heavens themselves fell upon them. Valkana was plunged into darkness and a thousand years of war. In this crucible, great heroes were forged, and together they extinguished the flames of battle. A new civilization was built on the ruins of the old. A peaceful world of magic and science, where the forces of Chaos are patient and not easily contained. Left to fester, ancient evils threaten to emerge and unleash mayhem upon the world. And so, to face them, new heroes must arise from the ASHES OF VALKANA.

The story is set on the world of Valkana, which is inhabited by several different races, including humans, elves, saurians (lizard people), orcs, hobbits and dwarves. Long ago, the highly intelligent saurians developed advanced technology that allowed them to dominate all the other races, until one day the sky fell, leaving the world in ruins. There followed a thousand years of Chaos Wars, but eventually peace was established between all the races. But now, an old threat re-emerges, and it will be up to a band of four adventurers to save the world...

SR in the time line stands for Solar Reckoning, a very significant point in their history (see below).

Pre-history: An ancient alien civilization terraformed Valkana and seeded it with life but never returns.
-1200 SR: The Ancient World. The rise of the first civilizations. Elven and Saurian Empires dominated the lands of early Valkana. They subjugated the other races – Dwarves and Orcs.
-500 SR: Ancient Wars. The start of the ancient wars between the elves and saurians.
-350 SR: Rise of the Saurians. Saurian empires (and their servitor races) defeat the elves and almost drive them to extinction except those who retreat to hidden sanctuaries. Technology flourished during this time.
-275 SR: Orc Civil War. With war all but a thing of the past, the orcs grow restless at their menial task jobs. The orcs rebel, the dwarves fight for the saurians and the saurian empire is torn apart in civil war.
-200 SR: Cataclysm. While the flames of war engulfed all of Valkana, the storm of cataclysm befell the world suddenly. No one knew what caused it but destruction engulfed the planet, sending everyone who survived underground. This begins what is called the Endless Night, a total darkness that enveloped the planet.
1 SR: Solar Reckoning. The sun comes out and the Endless Night is lifted.
1-990 SR: Rebirth. Civilization is rebuilt. Saurians, Orcs, Dwarves and Elves resurface to find new denizens of Valkana – humans and halflings. No one knows where they came from, but the saurians and the elves were forced to share their world. Humans aggressively reproduced and established most of the new City-states. Magic awakened during this time, elves being the most talented at it. Technology and Magic flourished during this time, often in combination with one another.
990 SR: Rise of the Prophet. A saurian female named Dhawan rose up and preached about the abomination that is the merging of tech and magic. By this time, it was very prevalent and she began instilling a fear in society about it. She preached of a second Cataclysm that would befall Valkana unless more people fell into her beliefs.
999 SR: Chaos Wars. Followers of the prophet and those that opposed her clashed over a 100+ year war that devastated the world once again. During this time, some more advanced tech city states suffer from a cyber attack called the Data Plague, paralyzing their data information systems and robotic infrastructure.
1115 SR: End of the Chaos Wars. The Prophet is defeated. City-states arise from the ashes.
1250 SR: Present day. Some city states with high tech but most of the world exists with whatever can be salvaged from the ruins and waste. Some towns and communities exist, trading posts and the like but there are many marauders, bandits, and “leftover” creatures from the war. This will be a dark fantasy series.

Creating a character
Class: There are only three classes to choose from – Warrior, Rogue and Mage. Mages have access to healing magic. Rogues are not just thieves but fighters who prefer to use speed and agility over heavy weapons.

Race: Saurian, Human, Orc, Elf, Dwarf or Halfling. Each have bonuses and penalties in ability scores

Weapons Available: the usual medieval set of swords, bows, maces etc. Then there are energy weapons as well (Blaster, heavy blasters, blaster rifles, etc). Black powder/gunpowder was never discovered on Valkana. Alchemy exist which has the ability to create limited grenades.

Your character is defined by nine abilities:
• Accuracy represents your character’s physical precision and skill with finesse and ranged weapons, such as bows and rapiers.
• Communication covers your character’s social skills, personal interactions, and ability to deal with others.
• Constitution is your character’s fortitude and resistance to harm.
• Dexterity encompasses your character’s agility, hand-eye coordination, and quickness.
• Fighting is your skill at combat with heavier weapons, such as axes and spears.
• Intelligence is a measure of your character’s smarts, knowledge, and education.
• Perception covers all the senses and the ability to interpret sensory data.
• Strength is your character’s physical prowess.
• Willpower encompasses mental toughness, discipline, and confidence.
You will rank your abilities from best to worst and I will assign bonuses based on the rank. Stat for class is fairly obvious (Warrior – Fighting Strength Constitution, Rogue – Accuracy Dexterity Perception, Mage – Intelligence, Willpower and Communication)

Background: All of you live in the town of Thay, where the roads to the three major city-states intersect. The town grew around a tavern called the Pegasus Inn. The inn is owned by a dwarf named Dwan who hires young “adventurers” to head out to the Rust Waste (a giant ruin of a former city) to find lost tech and useful items. These Scouts are paid in room and board at the inn, plus cash for items found. Dwan is a very fair and reasonable man to work for and rewards hard work. He also gives Scouts the chance to work at the Inn on the side for money. The main item that scouts want to find are the old batteries made of an element called Fulign. These batteries power everything (including Blasters) but so far only one mine is left that has any of it. Dwan has a solar recharge centre but would rather find the old batteries than pay the outrageous prices of the city-state that controls the mine. As well you are looking for operating tech, weapons, energy production devices - basically anything that can make things better.

Everyone should pick one item they have on them that is somehow precious to them and ties them to their past. Can be anything you carry on you.

Take a look at the skill list below and pick one Weapon group and three Skills that you want to be particularly good at. Note that these will not be you only skills, just the ones you want to shine at. I will assign other skills based on the background you give me.

Accuracy Skills:
Arcane Blast: Using the mage’s class power of the same name.
Blaster Pistol: Proficiency with weapons from the Blaster Pistol Group
Blaster Long Arm: Proficiency with weapons from the Blaster Pistol Group
Bows: Proficiency with weapons from the Bows Weapon
Brawling: Proficiency with weapons from the Brawling
Weapon Group. (short blades, fist, etc)
Dueling: Proficiency with weapons from the Dueling Weapon
Grenades: Making ranged attacks with grenades.
Light Blades: Proficiency with weapons from the Light
Blades Weapon Group.
Staves: Proficiency with weapons from the Staves Weapon

Communication Skills:
Animal Handling: Interacting with and caring for animals.
Bargaining: Negotiating with others and making deals.
Deception: Lying to and tricking those less mentally adept than you.
Disguise: Making yourself look like someone else or a different class of person.
Etiquette: Knowing the social niceties of various cultures.
Gambling: Playing games of chance and profiting from them.
Investigation: Interviewing people for information and finding and deciphering clues.
Leadership: Guiding, directing, and inspiring others.
Performance: Entertaining an audience with an artistic talent.
Persuasion: Convincing others to agree with you.
Seduction: Making winning moves in the game of love.

Constitution Skills:
Drinking: Consuming large quantities of alcohol and avoiding the aftereffects.
Rowing: Propelling a vessel with oars.
Running: Moving quickly in both short sprints and long distance hauls.
Stamina: Enduring fatigue, disease, and privation.
Swimming: Moving through the water and staying afloat.

Dexterity Skills:
Acrobatics: Executing gymnastic, balancing, and tumbling maneuvers.
Advanced Driving: Maneuvering more advanced vehicles, as opposed to the carts and wagons covered by the Strength Driving.
Calligraphy: Writing with artful penmanship.
Crafting: Making items with manual skills, like woodworking, sculpting, leather working, glassblowing, etc.
Initiative: Acting quickly in tense situations.
Legerdemain: Using sleight of hand to trick others, hide things, and pick pockets.
Lock Picking: Opening locks without using keys.
Piloting: Taking off, maneuvering, and landing flying machines
Riding: Directing a mount such as a horse or pony.
Stealth: Sneaking about quietly and out of sight.
Traps: Detecting and disarming traps and other mechanical devices.

Fighting Skills:
Axes: Proficiency with weapons from the Axes Group.
Bludgeons: Proficiency with weapons from the Bludgeons Group.
Heavy Blades: Proficiency with weapons from the Heavy Blades Group.
Lances: Proficiency with weapons of the Lances Group.
Polearms: Proficiency with weapons of the Polearms Group.
Spears: Proficiency with weapons from the Spears Group.

Intelligence Skills:
Arcana (various): There is a separate focus for each arcana and only mage’s can take these Skills.
Arcane Lore: Knowing about magic and its traditions.
Brewing: Making ale, mead, and other concoctions.
Cartography: Making and reading maps.
Cryptography: Creating and deciphering codes and ciphers.
Computers: The lost art of computers and advanced machinery and knowing how to operate and
program thinking machines.
Cultural Lore: Knowing the traditions and beliefs of various cultures.
Engineering: Knowing the practicalities of construction, building, and invention.
Evaluation: Determining the value of goods and objets d’art.
Healing: Aiding the wounded and sick.
Heraldry: Knowing coats of arms and royal families.
Historical Lore: Knowing important events and personalities from the past.
Military Lore: Knowing strategy, tactics, and famous applications thereof.
Musical Lore: Knowing musical traditions and songs.
Natural Lore: Knowing natural flora and fauna.
Navigation: Planning and following a route from one place to another.
Research: Making a systematic investigation, usually using records, archives, and books.
Religious Lore: Knowing religious traditions and practices.
Scientific Lore: Knowing the scientific method and the latest facts and theories.
Writing: Expressing yourself with the written word.

Perception Skills:
Empathy: Discerning the feelings and emotions of others.
Hearing: Using your auditory sense.
Searching: Finding things that are hidden or obscured, such as secret doors.
Seeing: Using your visual sense.
Smelling: Using your olfactory sense.
Tasting: Using your gustatory sense.
Touching: Using your tactile sense.
Tracking: Following tracks and other signs of passage.

Strength Skills:
Climbing: Scaling walls and other vertical obstacles.
Driving: Directing and guiding carts, carriages, and other wheeled vehicles.
Intimidation: Overawing others with physical presence and threats.
Jumping: Springing and leaping.
Might: Performing feats of raw power, such as lifting or holding up heavy objects.
Smithing: Forging items made of metal, from weapons to jewelry.

Willpower Skills:
Courage: Overcoming fear in the face of adversity.
Faith: Deriving inner strength through spiritual or moral belief.
Self-Discipline: Focusing your mental energy or controlling your impulses and emotions.

Pick a fighting style. Warriors pick 3, rogues 2 and mages get 1:
One Weapon
Weapon and Shield
Two Handed Weapon
Dual Weapon
Pole Weapon

Very limited spells in this world but I will go over the mana point system with those who wish to play a mage who will get three schools to start. The schools are:
Air Arcana
Divination Arcana
Earth Arcana
Fate Arcana
Fire Arcana
Healing Arcana
Heroic Arcana
Lightning Arcana
Power Arcana
Shadow Arcana
Water Arcana
Wood Arcana

Light – Padding under the clothing
Leather – reinforced leather and padding
Scout – mix of synthetic material and tough leather, scout armor provides good protection and unrivaled mobility.
Light Battle – This armor is made from thin sheets of Dracolan, composite material that is highly shock resistant. (slows you down)
Heavy Battle - A full suit of Dracolan armor, designed for warriors and used in armies throughout Valkana. (slows you down a lot)

Equipment: You don’t have much but you all start with a scout suit of armour, a standard issue blaster with three batteries (10 shots per battery), a backpack, a rain clock, Food rations for a week, two potions of healing (heals 50%) and one Stim pack (instant +10 HP)

Any questions?

Posted on 2016-08-26 at 10:11:59.
Edited on 2016-08-26 at 10:13:31 by Alacrity

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Maps and party

The maps are from the Titansgrave book produced by Green Ronin Games. Geek and Sundry ran a youtube Table series of a party playing Titansgrave with Will Wheaton as DM.

The party will know each other for a year and have gone on several recon and recovery trips together in the Rust Wastes.

Posted on 2016-08-26 at 08:04:29.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: Lum

I like it Ody. Simple but elegant

Posted on 2016-08-25 at 13:19:54.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: So

We have an Orc warrior, an elvish mage, a rogue and a spiritual human mage

Sounds great actually.

Posted on 2016-08-23 at 18:44:49.
Edited on 2016-08-23 at 20:21:29 by Alacrity

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: close up

The Pegasus Inn is marked on the map with a triangle. Thay has grown around it but not officially on the map.

The three city states are Nestoria, Vorakis and Karros. Nestoria is currently experiencing civil unrest between the ruling classes and the guilds. Karros is ruled by living robots called Golems that reign with a iron fist and firm laws. Vorakis is ruled by a mage organization called The Circle who seek to control all magic and keep it separate from the world of technology. The only active Fulgin mine is under the Circle's control.

 photo valkana map closeup.jpg

Posted on 2016-08-23 at 14:34:50.
Edited on 2016-08-23 at 14:36:12 by Alacrity

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: The map

Here you go but it is very expansive

 photo valkana map hr.jpg

Posted on 2016-08-23 at 14:23:02.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: great start Ody

Like it. So How did he get to where he is now? What brought him to becoming a scout for Dwan? What item does he have that is precious and connected to his past? What does he want out of life?

Posted on 2016-08-23 at 13:32:09.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: clerics

If you wanted to play a cleric, you'd make up a mage but have a religious type background where you divine the magic from your faith and gods. There is some armour limits to spells but other than that the equipment is not limited like some systems. So you could do the evil smiting preacher or the blaster-slinging holy dude or the slight strange spiritualist woman from another place.

Posted on 2016-08-23 at 11:10:22.

Topic: Tann’s NFL U Pick em Game 2016-17
Subject: Hey

Welcome Bannix. Hope you enjoy your stay here. I promise no Bann and Tann jokes from me.

Posted on 2016-08-23 at 08:15:31.

Topic: Looking for players.
Subject: time to Party

So when you come up with the character, think about the what kind of person/being you wish to play and where they might have came from. This is an open ended world so you have a lot of room to play. You could have been raised in the Rust Waste with bandits and decided you needed a better life. A noble son from a city state that has been disowned or family betrayed. A farmboy who discovered he had magic talents. A fugitive on the run from a murder charge that was really self-defence.

Being born to an upper class elven family of Nostoria City, Lorelei wanted for nothing as she grew up – her future pre-decided by her parents. Her elder brother was destined for the priesthood, Lorelei was to become a healer and her younger brother was to become a commander in the military. Lorelei enjoyed her lessons, and also enjoyed archery and horseback riding. Everything was seemingly prefect until she hit puberty and she started to manifest magical abilities. The family reacted as if it were a disease and tried to find a way to “cure” Lorelei from the power within her, but there was no real way to stop it.

Finally, her parents decided to hand her over to “The Circle” which was a group that sought to control mages and their power. Fearfully of her life and unwilling to become a slave to The Circle, Lorelei fled her home and ran away. She attempted to go to other family members but they would only try to try her in as well. Finally she went off on her own, making money through healing and unable to focus her magics because she had no teacher. Finally she came to Thay, where she met up with Dwan who got her a magic tutor. At first, she had a great deal of trouble focusing her magic as no staff or wand seemed to work as a channel for her arts. One day a package came to her through via Dwan by a business partner. It was a bow made of carbon-steel and strung with titanium wire. The note merely said, “For Lorelei. Not all have abandoned you.” Although it was not signed, she was very sure that the handwriting was that of her older brother.

With the bow as her arcane device, Lorelei was able to learn her magic and the control of it, giving her even more healing skills plus control of earth and recently shadows. She works as a scout now for Dwan, searching through the ruins of the past civilization for usable materials and treasure.

Kira’s happiest memories are of her father, when they played together or later when he taught her to shoot a blaster. Her mother was always disapproving of such things but her father didn’t seem to mind. Unfortunately he was away on business a lot and when he was away, Kira spent her time in school lessons and after school lessons and multiple sports. “We have to keep you out of trouble.” Her mother would say. But when Kira was about 12, her father did not come home when he was expected and she became quite worried. Her mother attempted to reassure her with a calm and collected front but somehow, Kira knew something was wrong. Then one month later, a package was delivered to the house and her mother quickly whisked it upstairs. She did not come down for a long time but when she did, she told Kira that her father was dead and would never return. Nothing more would she say except that phrase – dead and would never return.

After that, her mother went out of her way to go to every social event and party within her social class and above if she could work it. At first, Kira thought she was so desperate to find another husband but as she got older she realized the truth – her mother was trying to “shop” Kira around as a pretty young wife for a rich husband. Mortified by the realization, Kira did what any free spirited girl would do – rebelled. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd, dating “bad” boys and wearing all black clothing. Her mother and she fought constantly and any hope of marrying her off was lost. Then rather suddenly, her mother died and Kira was left with the responsibility of the estate. She quickly discovered that her mother had been presenting a sham for years and really they were completely up to their eyeballs in debt. Kira had to sell the house, the contents – everything to pay off some of the debt. But in emptying the house, she found in the attic, the package that came that day. It was unopened, although someone had tried to pry it and smashing the lock. But it opened easily for Kira. Inside were her father’s blaster pistol and the long black coat he always wore. There was a note in her dad’s handwriting saying that her father was part of an ancient organization of peacekeeper and protectors called the Wardens. He was sorry but something dangerous was going on and he had to disappear so that it couldn’t find Kira or her mother. One day, when she was ready, Kira should come to the Pegasus Roadhouse and ask for Mr. Underhill. If he wasn’t there – wait. So she travelled to Thay and the Roadhouse and sure enough, no one knew a Mr. Underhill. So she remains in Thay working as a Scout for Dwan, and waiting for Mr. Underhill.

Catling grew up on the streets of Nostoria City and never knew who her parents were or what happened to them. She is obviously of mixed parentage, with slightly pointed elven like ears and a diminutive height of only 4’9” tall. One doctor had suggested she was half elf and half dwarf – if that was even possible. No matter what she was, she was part of a gang of thieves and urchins that served a petty crime lord by the name of Ratigan. Providing for his charges in the way of food shelter and protection, Ratigan had the young orphans working the panhandling, the snatch and grabs and the burglary angles. Catling – called so because she was very quiet and small, could pass as a young boy or girl to fleece a mark. She started with the begging, but worked up to the simple cons and the top-floor heists where she could fit through air vents and duct work. She was Ratigan’s prize pupil of the street arts and learned how to disarm and rewire security systems. So it was for the first 14 years of Cat’s life but then she began to change, filling out and becoming a woman. She could no longer pass as a young boy but he hands were still as quick and her touch as light. However, the way Ratigan looked at her changed as well. He started to stare at her often with a hungry look in his eyes that made her uncomfortable. Then one night he was drinking and started talking about taking what was owed to him and attacked Catling. She was not ready for this and was forced to defend herself – killing Ratigan in the process. She was forced to flee the city out of fear that Ratigan’s friends and associates would be seeking to harm her or seeking revenge. He may have been a petty crimelord but he was very well connected.

She hid out for awhile in the Rust Waste, hiding among the ruins there. One night she thought she heard a noise and when she investigated, found a small robot under some rubble. She started to repair him and it turned out it had an advanced AI program that allowed it to speak, and introduced itself as Jiminie. It was very eager to help Cat and they became allies in survival. Eventually the two came to Thay where they started working for Dwan as Scouts.

No one starts with any magic items, however each of you needs to have one item that is precious to you and links you to the past. A locket, a knife, a bracelet, etc.

Skills I will get into later but you should have someone who knows engineering, someone who knows computers and someone who knows how to open locks.

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