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Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Cute Tann

Hope to get you action soon enough.

Character tweakage will be coming oevr the course of the day.

History I hope to get done tonight.

Please feel free to ask any questions here or by email.

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 10:34:58.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: Engineering suggestion

Kat might want to have a meeting with her section heads first. The other thing she may want to do is establish an Asst Chief Engineer, to run things when she is elsewhere.

The roster has a list of section heads as I left them. Feel free to fire or move as you see fit. Except Bob. I'd like Bob to remain Computer Core Section Head-dude!

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 10:28:24.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Cue the Mission Impossible Music!

"Aye cousin. You are right and I deserved the rebuke. I have come to rely on you over these years that I forget I have to tell you my thoughts. I think you just know them."

Dwan watched the group introduce themselves, looking more for reaction of the others that the speakers themselves. There be some trust issues here, that be sure. Better nip that in the bud quickly.

“Let it be known.” Dwan spoke in his commanding tone that broached no argument, “That all in this room have earned my trust. Be it from saving Sir Antonio, dealing with those Brigands, helping out with the ogre problem, or providing us with key intelligence that we couldn’t have got elsewhere. Suffice it say that I wouldn’t have chosen you if I felt there was any chance of betrayal, so you should view each other in the same light.” Dwan finished his statement and stood up, “Terrin! Get me a drink, please.”

Of course, as he spoke the words, Terrin was already by his side with a drink horn filled. Dwan took the cup and continued, while Terrin quietly left the room. “A few weeks ago, we lost a scout patrol in a region south and east from here. They didn’t return as scheduled and after a few days, we feared the worst. I asked Gwanele to scout the area out using scrying and magic – there be many a beastie in the lands around us and I didn’t want to waste a patrol on a ogre hunt.” Dwan paused to take a drink, “Terrin! Go get Gwanele for me, will you? Terrin?” He looked around the room, “Where did he go?”

Terrin entered the room with a tall woman behind him. She was at least 6 feet in height, with long blonde hair tied up tight in a formal braid, curled and pinned behind her head. Her eyes were of vibrant green, and she was wearing a fanciful white robe, wrapped in many layers firmly around her body. Her beauty however, was marred by the grim expression on her face.

“Dwan.” She nodded to the dwarven leader, “You had need of me.”

“Yes, Gwanele. These are the gentlemen who will be investigating the situation. I thought it would be best if you told them firsthand.”

She nodded and looked around the room. The grimness did not ease from her face, but seemed satisfied she had your attention. She began, “Dwan asked me to look at the lands southeast for possible threats. When I did I found …” She paused and began an incantation. Before you a miniature illusion appeared of a rugged land filled with hills, valleys and wild overgrowth. In the middle of this badlands was an old Keep. The wall around it had crumbled away in places and the forest was close to reclaiming the land. Within the walls, there were two buildings, connected by a single corridor. The main building was a single floor structure with parts of the roof caved in. The other building was tall, at least four storey in height. This building was in better repair, although still suffering the ravages of time. Yet, there were signs of new work here; shutters were intact or new, stonework seemed repaired. At the very top level of the building, there appeared to be new construction as well. The windows were all boarded up with heavy wood planking, and reinforced with steel plates.

“This is what I found. This is an abandoned outpost from the days that the Empire held these lands. When viewing this area through my magic, I spotted four different Imperial soldiers on the grounds. Not your standard grey deserters either, these were Greens – the special forces of the Empire.”

Dwan piped in, “You all know them. Dangerous folk they be! They can kill a man without drawing a weapon, using feet and hands. Their hand-held crossbows are poisoned tip and need only scratch you to put you to sleep.”

“When I attempted to examine the ruins closer,” Gwanele gestured to her illusion, it changed slightly in that the scene went dark and the top level glowed with a green light. In the main building there was another green light, moving around. “This is what I found. Those familiar with magic will recognize this, but for those unschooled in the arts, these are powerful magic signatures. Very powerful indeed! Have no doubt they are evil in nature, though from this distance I could not ascertain more details than that. One of the evils moves from place to place, the other stays in the tower. Of the two, the tower is the most powerful, but the other is not without caution. However, the entire complex is blocked to me otherwise – which means there are mages present in the building. When we see Reds and Greens hiding on our doorsteps, we fear the worst.” Gwanele dismissed her illusion and stepped back so Dwan can speak.

“Your job is to go there, find out what the danger is and eliminate it if possible. If it is beyond your capacity to do so, then you must report back to me so I can send in the troops. There is a possibility that they are deserters, just holding up – but I wouldn’t bet a copper on that. Imperial soldier on my land makes me nervous and I would rather be able to sleep at nights.

“Now we have a layout of the Keep, as it was back when the Empire build them, so we can give you that if it is of benefit to you. We believe that you will find a possible entry point to the basement of the main building. There should be sewer drain that empties some distance from the structure.” He looks around at a few disgusted faces, “It should be over 100 years unused so it may serve as a passage, or it may not.

“You will be compensated for this with 500 durins (Gold Pieces) each for this mission, with 100 made available to you immediately for any personal expenses. If you do not have a horse, one will be provided for you. If you’d like a pack mule for the journey, we can provide that as well, however any horses or mules must be returned after the mission.
The easiest and fastest route to the keep is two days journey by horse, and then you will have to hike and climb another half day to be within sight of the building.”

Gwanele adds. “Each of you will also be given a powerful potion for healing. As well I have made available one potion of invisibility for whoever of your group would benefit the most.”

Dwan nods and finished his drink, “Any questions?”

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 09:17:29.
Edited on 2006-10-09 at 09:18:10 by Alacrity

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: yes

I had notices this game becoming "As the Starship Turns"

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 09:00:43.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: bored out of his ...rock

Magma thinks to be up and getting ready to go almost as soon as the word that they are leaving reaches him. But wisdom prevails upon him and he bids his time, not willing to be fooled by promises of journeys continued. No doubt they would have to discuss matters again, make sure all were fed and perhaps go shopping one more time before they continued their quest.

Posted on 2006-10-07 at 14:35:53.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: 10 year old daughter

I have a daughter who enjoys D&D and would like to start reading the stuff at the inn. So PG is the way to go.

Posted on 2006-10-06 at 13:48:11.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery
Subject: The Bob played on.

Stardate: 2366.10.21
USS Discovery, Lt. Ames quarters– 2200

Bob dealt the cards to the players at the table. They were playing a version of poker called Texas Hold’em, and since Bob liked to deal and wasn’t into the gambling, he had volunteered. Caleb, his new bro was on the short stack, Ensign Gates, a human navigator Bob just met was doing better with a seemly stack in front of him. Next to him was Petty Officer Brunson, a grizzled older man with a medium stack and a bemused expression. Bob liked Brunson because he was cool about things, and rank meant nothing to him. Then there was Lt. Ames, sitting with the large stack and enjoying every minute of it. Bob wasn’t sure he liked Ames yet, but he was willing to keep the jury out. The young man had been discussing his girlfriend Liza with the table, using words like choking, stifling and boxed in his discourse. It was obvious to Bob that Ames didn’t realize he knew Liza and was a confidante to the fine lady.

“I hear what you are relaying dude, but I don’t see the picture. You talk the R, E, S, P, E, C, T, but you are missing the tune, Dig?”

Thomas Ames looked at Bob for a few seconds, then turned to look at Caleb. The Risan translated for him, “He thinks you aren’t respecting Liza enough.”

“I do!” Ames denied, “But she’s choking me. I need my space.Can’t spend every waking minute with her.”

“Positivelymondo dude, space is the final frontier, but while you should be playing federation, you seem to do the Romulan shuffle. It is give and take Bro, not the quid pro quo.”

“You are worrying more about your space, and not enough about hers.” Caleb added.

Gates piped in, “How do you do that?” he asked Caleb, “You two know each other long?”

“Nah,” Caleb laughed, “Not until tonight. I find the more I drink, the easier Bob is to understand.”

“Shields down dude. Only way to parley.”

Gates and Brunson exchanged glance and chuckled. Ames looked disgusted. “What are the blinds now?” he asked, wanting to change the topic.

“10/20 to you Mister Gates?”

The ensign looked at his cards. Bob knew he was going to fold before he said so, This dude shouldn’t play poker. Face’s a billboard “I fold.”

“I’m out” Brunson tossed his cards back to Bob. “Anyone need a refill?”

Ames looked up, “I’m a bit peckish, actually.”

“Anyone into nachos?” Bob asked.

“What are Nut chews?” Brunson asked.

“Nachos. They are like corn chips and cheese and all sort of good stuff.” Bob rubbed his tummy to express the goodness. ‘Sheila? Could you please ship up some Nachos, Bob style, extra grande. Thank you my dear.”


The replicator in the room suddenly hummed and activated. Everyone in the room exchanged glances as Brunson opened up the unit to see a heaping plate of cheese covered nachos.

‘How did you … ?” Ames started.

“Smells good!” Caleb commented.

“Did you just call the Replicator Sheila?”

“No dude.” Bob laughed, “Why would I name the replicator? That’s just weird, dude.”

“Who’s Shelia then?” Ames asked.

“My pet for the Discovery Computer, dude. I thought of using DC but DC is way too impersonal. So I looked closer and found her name was Shelia. Dig?

“You talk to the Computer?” Gates asked in a cautious tone.

“I talk to Sheila, she answers, and we get each other. It’s casual, dudes. Now dig in the munchies dude and let’s get this game going. I need to get some sleep tonight.”

OOC: My apologies if I took any character too far.

Posted on 2006-10-06 at 09:58:51.
Edited on 2006-10-06 at 10:00:29 by Alacrity

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: Silent Bob

As I have begun the CWWLLO campaign now, so Bob will become the background character I intended him to be. Once a week tops.

This has nothing to do with how long it takes to Un-Bob myself after I post. Nor the looks I get as a 40 year old man telling people "Chill Dude. It be Cool."

Posted on 2006-10-05 at 20:29:28.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Up up and away

The list of characters is up on the first post of CWWLLO now. I love how fast everyone has posted.

I will do up a brief history then so you can at least understand where you are at.

Posted on 2006-10-05 at 20:23:03.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: okay

I will slip in a breakdown of characters at the start of the campaign. Name, Race, Class, aparent insanity, player's name.

Need to touch up all the characters a bit but that will come over the next week. Old characters need to go up a level, New ones need history and insanities tweaked. I just wanted to allow everyione a chance to post. Thanks for the immediate response by the way.

Would a brief history of my world and current events help? Tell me if you are lost in the history.

Posted on 2006-10-05 at 14:56:29.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: And we are off

Dwan Granitecrusher, Head of the Iron League, and leader of the city-state of Freegate looked over the list of names before him again. The group that went into the valley had a few members leave them, as was the norm with adventurers and sellswords. He had hoped to patch up the holes with a few good men he had met and talked with in the last few days. Hopefully he had made good decisions but time would tell. Unfortunately, time was not a commodity he had in great excess.

He stood up and left the list behind, leaving his office and heading down the hall to the central dining area. His assistant Terrin, soon feel in step behind him. “Terrin! Get me the maps of the area in question,” He said, pausing hold the handle to the doorway, “and have the gentlemen meet me here in the dining hall.” He opened the door to see that the group was already in the room and the maps were spread out on his desk.

Dwan looked around the silent room. The knight Arien Thedell stood ready by the desk, in bright armour. In the shadows behind him was the young lad Dapple, always hiding from the light that one. The Ranger Char, with his odd shaped swords lounged in an easy chair positioned with its back to the wall. The northern nodded a silent greeting to Dwan, but his desire to be outside of the city shone in every sinew of his body. Dwan’s own cousin Kilgrim was also there and came immediately to clamp arms with Dwan. These were all that was left of the Antonio’s saviors.

Near the buffet was a huge muscle bound man in patchwork armour. His long blond hair and icy blue eyes showed him to be one of Sueli – the so called barbarian clans of the north. An ex-gladiator, taken as a slave and trained to fight for sport – Talas had no love for the empire or its people. Further along was a gangly youth with unkempt long black hair and arcane tattoos all over his body. If not for a demonstration of his powere, Dwan would have thought that Jal was a thief by nature. By the lad had arcane powers, that was for sure. The other spellcaster was the complete opposite – lean, physically fit with a body that many fighters would envy. Most wizards don’t carry bastard swords either – but Adrian was ex-red corp of the empire. Many of the reds were forced into service, more slave than conscript.

Dwan cleared his throat, “Come, Sit, and we shall discuss the situation you have been called here for first, then eat afterwards while I answer any questions you may have." Dwan motions you who are standing to the chairs around and takes a single high back chair to sits down. After you have all sat down, Terrin, the young dwarven assistant stands behind his leader and remains there. Dwan says to you "You know who I am and I have spoken to each of you individually, but since you will probably be working together for the next while, why don’t each of you introduce yourself and tell a bit about you. After that I will explain why you are here and what the problem is, fair?"

OOC: The game is open for posts now...

Posted on 2006-10-04 at 19:42:27.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery
Subject: What about Bob?

Stardate: 2366.10.21
USS Discovery, ten forward – 2110

Bob entered the area of the ship called ten- forward. This was usually a happening place, low keyed but still with the groove. Tonight, that wasn’t it. A good portion of ten forward was actually fairly empty, however there was a section roped off to the side – a senior officer shindig! He smiled as he saw the Jackdude with the Sci-tie Hemlos. Chief triggerpuller could use some R&R. Bob made a mental note that he needed to have a dude to dude with the Commanderdude.

Bob walked over to the bar. Of course, with the “do” happening, Jacandra wasn’t at the bar. One of the other bartenders was holding the shop, a black skinned human with a handle bar moustache. Lt. N’Doug nodded at him, “Hey Issacdude! You got the COMM tonight.” He said holding his fist towards the man.

Issac touched his fist to Bob’s “What it is Bob!” he said, a bit awkwardly but Bob could appreciate the effort, “ Yes a dinner party for the new officers. What can I get you?”

“Give me a Bambozzle, dude.”

“You got it.” Issac did his magic behind the bar, accessing the computer to direct the replicators was something anyone could do, but Issac mixed drinks the old way, pouring and measuring liquids together and serving with a flourish a tall red coloured drink with ice and lots of fruit pieces within, “One Issac special Bambozzle.”

“Whoa! Awesome Dude.” He sipped it gently, ‘Dude, no one does it better!”

Issac smiled that big smile of his, “Thanks Lieutenant. Cheers.”

Bob took his drink and moved over to an empty table. Before long, another person entered the bar. A Sci-tie by the uniform, Bob was sure that he was one of the crewmembers that had been on that Gavin mission. The science officer ordered a tasty purple drink and made his way to Bob’s table across the room.

"Lieutenant... Bob, isn't it?"

“First try, on the fly, nothing on the side. Please to make yours. We rubbed noodles on the Gavin III headache. You got mine, but you have me in the dust dude.”

"Call me Caleb."

“Risan dude?”

“Yeah. How did you …”

“It’s the strut, dude. You got the strut.”

Caleb nodded and laughed, he was regarded the gathering of senior staff. "So, the brass are up to something tonight, eh? Didn't you get a new boss out of the Valmont meeting?"

”Absolutmondo dude. She’s over there now but I’ll grease her palms soon enough. Pretty hot and tasty by the flyby, and I won’t be straining the neck. Course, Sango was the same except you never knew where to look cause she probably expected you to look, yet it isn’t polite to look, but if you looked, you couldn’t stop looking so you learned to look at anything else – which looked silly.

Caleb nodded, trying to figure out what exactly it was that N'doog had said. The young officer found his gaze drifting back to the staff dinner, despite his intentions to put it elsewhere.

"I want to be there someday..." he murmured, then looked up, a little ashamed at having stated his thoughts out loud. For some reason, though, the catullan put him at ease, so he continued. "Yeah. I feel it every time I step on the bridge. One day, I want to be in that circle."

”Hey bro! It’s good to know where’s your go, dig? That’s good. Many people go with the flow but don’t row. You’ll be there dude. Me, not my scene but I respect the commanderdudes. It ain’t easy doing the whole Bee act. But someone has to do the work.”

Caleb shook his head and grinned. "Tell you what - let me buy you a drink, Bob." He paused for moment. "Say, are you a gambling man? I hear that Lieutenant Ames in ops is scaring up a poker game later on..."

Bob smiled, “Righteous dude. I’m not usually into the mentally challenged taxation, but I could get into some festiveness. I’m doing the Bambozzle, and it is getting to the done. Say, you ever try skateboarding?"

Posted on 2006-10-03 at 20:05:04.
Edited on 2006-10-03 at 20:10:14 by Alacrity

Topic: Name That Tune
Subject: I think

Some cheating has to be allowed here. there is alot of music and I almost stalled the game with my first try.

Posted on 2006-10-03 at 14:56:08.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: so

Are the drinks at Ten forward on a large computerized tab?

Posted on 2006-10-03 at 14:27:34.

Topic: Name That Tune
Subject: really

no one but you got it, did they?

Anyway I do know the anser to this one, but I will see if anyone else gets it - so we don't dominate the game.

Posted on 2006-10-03 at 14:04:35.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: pay scale

Did we ever decide whether Starfleet officers get paid? I remember we discussed it before but I don't remember the outcome. I thought earth had moved beyong the whole capitalism scheme and when to utopia by the replicator lights.

Posted on 2006-10-03 at 13:57:07.

Topic: Name That Tune
Subject: how about


Ye Entrancemperium?

Assuming I am right ...

Jack -- relax.
Get busy with the facts.
No zodiacs or almanacs,
No maniacs in polyester slacks.
Just the facts.
Gonna kick some gluteus max.

Posted on 2006-10-03 at 08:33:27.
Edited on 2006-10-03 at 08:41:02 by Alacrity

Topic: Name That Tune
Subject: Ok Ok

Rock And Whirl by Strange Advance

Sigh. I feel old again.

Same Era

"But believe in me baby and I'll take you away,
From out of this darkness and into the day,
From these rivers of headlights, these rivers of rain,
From the anger that lives on the streets with these names,
cos I've run every red light on memory lane,
Ive seen desperation explode into flames,
And I dont want to see it again. . .

From all of these signs saying sorry but we're closed
All the way down ...."

Posted on 2006-10-02 at 18:06:30.

Topic: Name That Tune
Subject: Muppet Show

Is mine too hard. Canadian Group, 80's. This wasn't a charted song.

Posted on 2006-10-02 at 17:40:35.

Topic: Name That Tune
Subject: Maneater

Nelly Furtado.

Here is mine:

"Made my lover laugh and cry,
For me she did the same,
It's all in how you say it,
Not in what you say."

Posted on 2006-10-02 at 17:06:12.

Topic: The One Word Game
Subject: razor


Posted on 2006-10-02 at 14:15:13.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: thanks

All I want to know is if Bob comes into ten forward in biker shorts, spandex and a crash helmet - who will be there for him to see.


Posted on 2006-10-02 at 10:47:15.

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: FMI

Is ten forward off limits to junior personnel at the time of the dinner, or are they off in a corner or did they get a special bigshotdude room?

Posted on 2006-10-02 at 09:58:18.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Working away

Just need some fine tuning to get started. Hopefully by end of day or Tomorrow.

Note for new Players (Tann, Eol and Bob)
Dapple, although female and half-elven goes to great length to hide both features. To your eyes, until you are told otherwise, Dapple is a human boy - hard to determine what age, but not quite a man. I trust you can all manage to play this secret well.

Note to previous players (Olan, Raven, Bromern and Vanadia)
Your players know Dapple's secret by now but understand her wishes to hide it. Since you are all honourable good characters, I am assuming this is no problem.

Posted on 2006-10-01 at 15:24:37.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Silver Screen Moment I - Fate plays a hand

Alloryn Jessamin Thedell didn’t have a problem with lying to people. In fact, she was schooled quite adequately by her mother in the arts of fabrication and persuasion – as all good Cerjorn women should be, she would add. But there was something about lying to her brother that always felt wrong to her. Not that he was hard to fool, quite the contrary really; Arien would proclaim the sky was green if Alloryn told him so. Yet, any time she was forced to be less than honest with him, she felt a tightness in her stomach, a guilty pain deep inside, as if she had beaten a puppy or taken candy from a school child.

There was nothing to be done about it this time though. Guileless as Arien was, he never have let her taken this journey. Oh yes, Brother? I am off to traipse through the forest in search of this old fort and a man who has a large scaly green left, because I keep seeing them in my dreams. Be a dear and don’t wait up? No that wouldn’t have flown over well. Arien would be beside her now waving that sword of his in the air and probably setting have the forest on fire. Not the approach that was needed here.

The Mage pauses near some trees. She had put an invisibility spell upon herself before and had to remind herself that although unseen, she could still be heard if she became out of breath, and some animals would smell her sweat as well. Take your time Alloryn! You know he is there. No doubt it was not wise for her to be here, alone and seeking someone she knew to be dangerous, but she couldn’t shake to feeling, the urge to come here. It drove though her like a spike being driven into her temples. Even taking the road away didn’t help, within days the urge became overwhelming and she abandoned the merchants she swore to protect to come south again. They had many guards, I am sure they won’t mind one less and frankly Arkin was more interested in my physique than my magic.


Alloryn froze and forced herself to breath regularly. Someone had stepped on a branch near her. She was sure of it. Silently, she drew black swan from her pinned up hair, the thin long dagger gave her comfort in the stillness. She waited but nothing seemed to come from the trees or bushes. An eternity passed in the minute she awaited there, until the bushed moved near her. The soldiers emerged from the trees to the forest, both moving close to the ground, scanning it with intense focus. Their uniforms gave them away as much as their language – Special Forces imperial soldier – Greens.

“Deke, she passed through here recently. We are close.”

The other came right close to Alloryn, not realizing she was there. He examined the ground at her feet as she gave a silent prayer to Wee Jas to save her. “Damn! They stop right here.” He stood up and looked around staring through Alloryn, “Think she got wind of us?”

“Maybe, Deke. I stumbled back there. Might have heard.”

“This way then,” Deke pointed with his arm extended. Alloryn moved herself back as much as she could and thanked all the gods she wasn’t voluptuously endowed. The man’s finger was dangerous close to her. They have been tracking me? How?

“Hold on a second.” Deke said looking down at Alloryn’s feet. “Just hold s …”

Alloryn knew she had been found out. The dirt around her shoes had shifted as she avoided the intended grope. With a strength of will beyond what she though she could muster, she drove the Black Swan upwards and into Deke’s neck He staggered back as her spell dropped, causing her to appear in front of him as he fell to the ground.

“Deke!” the other man shouted. Alloryn pushed the soon to be dead man into the other man. He grabbed her by the hand but the blood on it caused her to slide out of the grip. Black Swan was knocked from her grip and into the bushes.

No time to retrieve the family Heirloom, She ran as fast as he could, in the only direct she had open - south. She wished that she hadn’t lied to Arien and would have done anything right now for him to appear. She started to gather the mystical energy of mana to her. Although running, there were some good spells she could use that required minimum incantation. She had always been a fast caster so they didn’t have her yet.

A sharp pain in her shoulder, caused her to reach up and grab it. A small crossbow bolt had grazed her across the flesh and caught in her sleeve. not a serious wound. I’m fine The was a sharp turn ahead, she ducked behind it and chanted as fast as she could. Just as the soldier came around the corner, she fired off a series of brilliant white missiles from her fingertips. They caught him hard in the chest, but he didn’t stop. He was upon her in an instant, grabbing at her hands. Another soldier arrived and grabbed her legs, then more were all around. She was tied and gagged without mercy. The soldier she had elude before slapped her hard, a ring on his finger drawing blood across her face. The other soldiers stepped in his way to prevent further harm.

“The Bitch killed Deke!”

A soldier with command insignas in his sleeve stepped forward. “How did Deke let this slip of a girl get close enough to him?”

“Ummmm. She was invisible at the time.”

“No excuse! Pick her up gently and bring her to the outpost. I’m sure this is the one Dalmer has been waiting for, and I, for one, do not want to disappoint the captain!’ He said with a wither gaze at the soldier. “Order were unharmed, Seiner! You’ll face the captain for this. Mark my words.”

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