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Topic: Question and Answers Game
Subject: Eq

So will this house stand up to a 9.7 earthquake?


Santa hat, reindeer ears, angel wings ... I'm ready honey!

Posted on 2006-11-23 at 13:38:02.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Like with Paladins? look! Over there! Goblins! *stab*

I was wondering if anyone would object.

I can see your point with Char, and let the record show that Someone wanted Dapple to go up to the mantis and snap its neck while you questioned it. Talk about bloodthirsty!

It's fun to be the DM.

Anyway, I can edit my post so that either Talas or Dapple takes care of the beast while the others are elsewhere.

"Char: Where's the bug? Talas: I cut him free."

Not a biggie. It is why I wrote one of you dispatched it and moved on.

Posted on 2006-11-23 at 11:58:10.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Really big

"woof" "with passing hand gesture

The battle is over and as far as you are concerned, the good guys won. The bug brigade is safely dispatched and you have all made it out alive. Now for the clean up.

Kilgim uses his divine magic to soothe the wounds of Char and Jal. He offers his aid to Dapple who merely shakes her head and walks away. The same reaction she has to Char’s offer of a potion. She chooses to use her own with no help from others. The dwarf shrugs at Dapple’s refusal – knowing she had always been a reclusive type. He uses his magic twice on Jal, bringing him back to full health. The other two blessings are used on Talas and himself, bringing everyone back to fighting ready. Talas checks on his horse, who is hurt but the spell of the mantis has wore off at least. Talas feeds to his horse the potion of healing – although magical healing is not as effective on animals, it does seem to help poor Magma.

Adrian holds the Mantis mage hostage to question it. It chitters away madly at its captives until the magic spell is used. Even then, it doesn’t help much. The mage struggles to get free, crying out at its captive.

“Trifles, trifles, light as air! We have questering for the lady. Lonely took the lady, but we construct our own uncivilization and exclusified anykind. We can not disrecall the paindemonium of the assassatoir and the untellable things that follow. Yet the lady calls.

“We are called by the lady. Venturing desperoically forth into unfathomed fathoms. Group veripick to assumove the Lady. Trifles, trifles, light as air.”

Beyond that, the creature makes no sense. Once the end of its usefulness and your patience is reached, one of you quickly dispatched the creature. (ooc: If you want something more, let me know but he ain’t making much sense)

Dapple goes over the bodies but finds nothing really of interest. Their armour is great, if you are a bug. Their weapons are made for small hands and four of them. They have no valuables beyond that with is on the mage. He has a magic staff which paralyzed Talas’ horse. He also bears a necklace that looks like a compass. Only it doesn’t point north, it points in the southeast. (who is taking these?)

Luckily, the Ankhegs have provided you with somewhere to dispose of the bodies quickly. The hole is already dug for you so tossing their remains within is an easy task. But the Ankhegs are too big and heavy to move, plus, their armour is highly valued. In his letter to Dwan, Kilgim mentioned the ankhegs remains and that the finders fee for the shells should be given to the boys. (100 gp each shell)

The route to the boys’ farm is in the direction you would be going, and the farmstead is not far from where they had fled. The building is destroyed, but they do manage to find some of their possessions and parts of their father to bury.

The mission weighs on your minds, and you don’t want to lose a day escorting the boys back. Jal, in that eerie knowing way, claims that the threat from the bugs is gone. Although many of you are beginning to suspect as to where Jal’s knowledge comes from, others are not so sure. In the end, Phil makes the decision for the boys to go to Freegate with Kilgim’s letter and that it is a journey they will make alone. As much as he appreciates the offer, it is important to him that they stand on their own. Besides, it is less than a half day away from the city, and not that far from areas of rocky lands. You stay along enough to help bury their father, and then you part company. Some of you give the boys some coin to get them started, others merely watch them leave.

It is now mid-afternoon, and you put must speed to your horses in order to gain some of the time you have lost. Talas chooses not to ride Magma out of fear of injuring him further, so he runs on foot. No doubt, the Gladiator has magic aiding him, for he keeps up the pace with the horses quite well. The battle has warmed some of you to each other, and friendships are born anew.

It is just as sun is going down that you reach a Waymeet – those structures built by the Iron League as shelter and defense for road travelers. It on is a large stone building, 20 wide and 60 long, some distance from the pathway. There is a stable area on one side, roofed with pens, but also with shuttered windows so you can keep an eye on your animals. Reinforced oak doors are on either of the short ends of the building. The door squeaks loudly when you open it, giving a sign of its lack of use. Inside, there is a single room with a large fireplace/cooking hearth in the centre. A well with a pump is in the corner, which is still operational, although noisy at first. Usually this place would be stocked with firewood and oats by the lord of the land – but since there is none, the supply bins are empty. It is shelter, it has a stone floor, a roof and that is most welcome. There is just enough light left in the day to hunt if anyone is inclined to a hot meal.

OOC: Potion use:
Talas - 1 potion gone (to heal horse)
Dapple – 1/3 of a potion gone
Char - 2/3 of a potion gone

Mana Lose:
Adrian – 2 point (Armour, Colour Spray)
Jal – 9 points ( Colour Spray, Magic Missile X2, C. Languages, 5 point loss due to unconsciousness)

Posted on 2006-11-22 at 12:08:19.
Edited on 2006-11-22 at 12:25:10 by Alacrity

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: it's natural

You think dwarf, you think grim. I will try to remember to check my typos.

Wow. Everyone posted already. I guess that means I can move the story along by American Thanksgiving. So -- Thanks to everyone!One thing I am not clear on though is whether you will question the mantis mage or not (assuming someone has comprehend languages)? I am correct in assuming that you do plan to squish it in the end?

I love the posts after a battle when everyone breaks out the potions. It is like you went to a battle and a bar broke out - here, drink this, here drink this! It is funny from a editing perspective. I am going to assume that people will take the clerical healing offers before doing the dew. Just makes sense not to use up potions before you get to the main event.

Posted on 2006-11-22 at 05:32:30.

Topic: The next Harry Potter....
Subject: hehehe

Reminds me of the SNL skit with Lindsey Lohan playing Herminone.


Posted on 2006-11-21 at 10:59:16.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Yanamari

As you have no doubt seen, Yanamari has posted as Alloryn in CWWLLO.

This will be a joint effort between us, providing silver screen moments up to the arrival of the party in the keep, and perhaps beyond. Alloryn is intrinsic to the plot, so Yanamari agreed to take on a cameo role for me.

Please join me in welcoming her back to the CWWLLO stage.

Nice to have you back Yanamari.

Posted on 2006-11-20 at 13:15:27.
Edited on 2006-11-20 at 13:21:14 by Alacrity

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: Please!

I'm Canadian. Do you know how much paperwork I would have to fill out and file to be allowed to have the uzi? FAC, RSL, Collector's permit, Gun club Registration

And then to buy ammo! Three times the amount of paperwork, plus notices of intention to use said ammo.

Then after that I would have to register, have a security check run on me, as so on.

I settle for a case of whip cream and a bottle of Vodka.

Posted on 2006-11-20 at 11:45:57.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Mana and unconsciousness

Since my wife brought it up with me over dinner (yes, we be geeks) - the mana system I use means that mages do not automatically become useless after unconsciousness.

Instead, they lose mana at the rate of 5 points per round unconscious.

Also remember that even when out of mana a mage can still cast spells - at the cost of his or her hit points.

Posted on 2006-11-19 at 21:58:21.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Arien golfs, Dapple flies, Mantis loses big - film at 11

Note - Raven is celebrating his daughter's fifth birthday this weekend so he didn't post but sent me an email.

Now that you have fought these beasts, you have learned of their tactics. They leap in and out, so attacks are best left to when they move in for the kill. Dapple takes this to heart and balances on balls of the feet like a cat ready to pounce. When the insect jumps in to strike, she moves first, kicking it hard once, and again with her boots. She attempts to entangle it in her cloak but to no avail – it moves just too fast. The Thri-Kreen counters with the polearms, which Dapple dodges as best she can – yet receiving another deep cut across her left bicep before it jumps away yet again.

Char also plays it cool as the insect warrior bound in for him. His swords at ready, he attacks with a savage ferocity. The sword strike deep once, then twice and then a third time. It is clearly wounded badly as its attacks are all deflected easily by Char and it is unable to jump away afterwards.

Adrian tries to distract the mage, but it isn’t falling for the ploy. In a split second the red mage realizes that his dagger will be no match for the Thri-Kreen, and its spell could fry him before he reaches. He goes for a fast spell, one that will drop the mantis in its tracks. He utters the spells as fast and clearly as he can, firing off a blast of scintillating colours at the mage. The mage has no defense against such an attack, and staggers briefly before falling to the ground unconscious. Electrical energy crackles on its fingers as it falls, giving testament to the spell it was preparing.

Jal, bleeding profusely, manages to reach into his satchel and pull out the potion that can save him. Yet, as he does, he has to release the bleeding wound and the combined pain and blood lost proves too much for him, and he falls unconscious with healing potion in hand. An ironic death to be sure…

Or it would be if not for Kilgim. He sees the potion in Jal’s hand and makes his move, grabbing the flask then pouring the contents down Jal’s throat. Not the first time the cleric has done this, and it wouldn’t be the last – he pours slowly at first then faster as the healing potion takes effect. The wounds on Jal’s body close over and flesh knits together cleanly. Jal opens his eyes and starts to move on his own.

The mantis warrior that laid Jal low leaps in again to attack Kilgim. The cleric is busy nursing Jal back to health so he can not defend himself. Yet, somehow the gods favour the dwarf on this day and hour. He twists and turns as best he can, deflecting the fury of attacks with armour and helm and the mantis doesn’t find flesh to strike.

Arien rides in, seconds too late to prevent the attack but more than ready to put paid to the actions. His flaming sword strikes the Thri-Kreen across its back, gets its attention and cutting off its flight.

Talas sways and gestures to the Ankheg, almost daring it to pick him off and eat the large morsel of a fighter. The insect, mad with pain bites hard at Talas. He ducks and rolls across the ground, then brings Serenity up and deep into the belly. The Ankheg convulses in pain as Talas drives the sword deep, then pulls out and rolls out of the way of the collapsing worm.

Jal, sees the mantis attacking his savior, and reacts with the last spell he cast – fast and effective he fires a volley of magic missile at the Thri-Kreen. It whirls around surprised. Kilgrim attacks it with battleaxes, hits it hard and deep with two strokes. Still holding on, the mantis warrior move to jump away, but Arien takes off its head with a strong backhand strike which sends the head flying in a arc across the field of battle.

Char moves in and finishes off his enemy with two well placed thrusts; watching with satisfaction as the creature collapses to the ground.

Dapple is tired of this jumping back and forth. When the Thri-Kreen moves to jump, she moves as well – into a sprint directly toward it. After a short burst, she throws herself into the air, feet first. The rogue’s flying kick takes the mantis fully in the chest and both of them come to the ground – Dapple landing on her feet with the bug beneath her, quite dead.

The attack is over. All opponents are dead or unconscious while all of the party remains alive. Jal fights the sleepiness that is natural when one uses magical healing to do so much, so fast. In the middle of the path, the four boys still cower, holding each other for dear life. As they realize the fight is over, Thom’s voice can be heard clearly.

“Told you I saw them. Big Locust like bugs! I was right!”

OOC Results:

Arien –Uninjured
Talas –Lightly wounded
Kilgim – Lightly wounded
Adrian – Uninjured
Jal – Seriously wounded (potion didn’t heal you fully)
Dapple – Seriously wounded
Char – Seriously wounded.

One Ankheg is unconscious
One Mantis Mage unconscious.
All others dead.

No signs of more coming out of the woodwork.

Posted on 2006-11-19 at 12:47:32.
Edited on 2006-11-19 at 12:51:00 by Alacrity

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Still fighting

Pain coursed through Magma's body as the acidic breath of this beast hit him. He screamed in pain but was still up and fighting.

"You'll have to do more than that to take me out beastie!"

The fastest way to stop this creture from doing such damage was to bring it down to their level. So Magma turnes his attention to attacking on of the legs, in hopes of making it unstable.

Posted on 2006-11-19 at 06:37:24.

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: cabbage patch kids

And if people wait a couple of months there will be plenty in the stores at 700 a crack, which is what Sony wanted in the first place.

Posted on 2006-11-17 at 15:24:01.

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: oh, the usual

Peace on Earth.
Good Will to all Men.
And a Uzi.

Posted on 2006-11-17 at 14:49:57.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: yes

You would have seen Char's injuries.

Why? Is Dapple gonna sell popcorn? She wouldn't move to help Char would she?

Posted on 2006-11-17 at 11:41:01.

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: songs

At my Wife's birthday party, my daughter was telling everyone about the soloist part she got in the school play - Oliver. Some people asks her to sing for them, which Veronica was hesitant to do but then did. Now I have hear her sing to herself most of her life. She sings quietly to herself so much that we often say she has a song in her heart and it has to get out.

But when she sang for real in front of us (Who Will Buy), my heart leaped and I cryed. Her voice is so beautiful and she has learned through choir and school musicals to reach the notes and hold them. I didn't realize how good of a singer she had become. It wasn't just that she was good, but there was such joy behind her voice. I was overwhelmed.

Posted on 2006-11-17 at 09:40:36.

Topic: Memorable NPCs?
Subject: I remember

I still have nightmares about Elvaleryn....

Posted on 2006-11-16 at 11:57:44.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: communication

I am always for PM's or Email for communication. If Arien finds himself between saving the damsel in distress, killing the demon or saving a friend in need - I don't want to make the decision for him. So I will let players know if I need input. Heck, I can always phone Olan or Lance or Tann as I have their numbers. Raven ... bit expensive to ask "what's the dwarf's doing now?"

But often, combat is predictable. Like I would expect Kilgim will attend to Jal. Arien will run interference to let the dwarf do his work. etc etc etc.

If battle plans are given with the Plan A/Plan B/Plan Hell breaks loose then I can usually run entire combat without a problem.

Posted on 2006-11-16 at 09:09:51.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: Combat

In order for combat not to be a round by round posting, if you could give me a more general plan of action in your posts, and a back up plan if plan A fails, then I can do multiple rounds of combat in a single post.

Unless y'all like the round by round combat. Then we can stick to that. In the previous version of CWWLLO, I did not do round by round, but I had only one spell caster.

Posted on 2006-11-16 at 05:55:55.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Found some time, did some combat, don't hate me ....

The Mantis Mage is ready with staff in hand, firing a blue beam of light at his foes – Adrian and Talas. Adrian feels his muscles tensing, stiffening up as if moving were impossible. Through sheer will power and determination, he throws off the effect of the spell and continues to move forward. Talas also finds a way to resist the paralyzing force of the magic but unfortunately, Magma does not have such luck. The great horse finds itself unable to move while in mid gallop. Talas and Magma crash to the ground, and the gladiator is thrown some distance, rolling to a stop at the feet of the Ankheg that just raised itself up. Whatever his plan was, Talas has no choice now but face the creature over him. Sheer luck (and one heck of a saving throw) has protected Talas from serious injury and Serenity close to his hand when he landed. The warrior snatches it up to defend himself against the beast.

Arien rides in again to attack the other Ankheg. With flaming blade alit he dodges and weaves the jaws of death until the prefect spot presents itself. Then he drives the sword deep into the bug with a satisfying crunch and a spurt of insect goo. The creature collapses dead as the knight rides out of its wake.

Dapple faces the critically injured Mantis. She strikes with a solid kick to its side which it blocks easily, but then the rogue spins rapidly on her foot, circling around to land the kick on the other side. The boot connects with carapace, crushing the head and making life no longer worth living for the Thri-Kreen. It drops to the ground.

Talas rolls out of the way and come up with a sharp swing. The blade connects but doesn’t bite deeply. The gladiator jumps back as the Ankheg tries to bite him in two, leaving merely inches between it and Talas.

The red mage Adrian faces the mantis and attacks with his bastard sword. The mantis mage is swift but he gets a good blow in to its side. He moves in for a backhand at the exposed arm when he feels the grip of his sword shift. It is like a moment frozen in time for the mage as the sword flies out of his hand and continues out of his grasp – a good 10 feet away. The insectoid spell-caster takes the opportunity to leap backwards and begin casting a spell.

Kilgim moves to attack the remaining ankheg, when he finds a mantis warrior landing between him and the boys. The dwarf knows his magic will not fool the Thri-Kreen so he throws himself in harms way. The double headed polearm and axes parry and feints back and forth for a moment - then the mantis gets his weapon caught in the dirt as Kilgim deftly dodges a blow. When the gods give a cleric a gift, he doesn’t ask why. One attack slices upwards and over, taking off two of its arms at the shoulder. The blackaxe buries itself deep in the thorax of the creature and continues out the other side. It falls to the ground dead.

Dapple is attacked by a Thri-Kreen who leaps into the fray. She dodges the razor sharp edges of the weapons three times before one of the edges cuts her shoulder. The thing leaps back out of reach before Dapple can retaliate.

Char sees the injured Thri-Kreen die at the hands of Dapple, so finds another target. The mantis leaps towards Char, so he fires at it as it flies. It can’t dodge the missiles in the air, so both arrows find their target. But the creature still lands and attacks. Char defends himself as best he can, but the Thri-Kreen strikes him hard twice before leaping away again.

Jal finishes his spell and fires a volley of magic missiles at a mantis warrior. It staggers with the attack, and then turns its attention to Jal.

Beware my love Jal hears from his ghostly companion, but it is too late. The Thri-Kreen attacks Jal with a hard thrust which takes him deep through the side. Jal staggers back, seeing so much blood pouring from the wound. He collapses to the ground, holding his side trying to keep his life from flowing out of the wound. No! My spellbinder! Not yet! he hears faintly as struggles to remain conscious. The mantis leaps away from him, as if he is already dead.

“I …” Jal tries to reassure Whyter, but he can’t make himself speak properly. His eyes are drawn to a pair of dark withered hands that seem to be coming out of the ground, grasping at the feet of Wynter, as if to drag her down.

No! Jal! You must live!

OOC: At this point:
Arien – Still dirty, that armour will take weeks to polish, uninjured
Talas –Lightly wounded
Kilgim – Lightly wounded
Adrian – Uninjured but unarmed
Jal – CRITICAL and heading towards death’s door.
Dapple – Lightly wounded
Char – Seriously wounded.

Enemies report
Three Ankhegs dead, Two Mantis warriors dead
Three Thri-Kreen injured lightly, One Ankheg wounded seriously

Note: Only Arien and Kilgim are aware of Jal’s plight
As well, Only Dapple and Char are aware that Adrian has lost his weapon.

Posted on 2006-11-15 at 12:16:12.
Edited on 2006-11-15 at 12:19:50 by Alacrity

Topic: Star Trek: Discovery - Q&A
Subject: Bromern takes art requests????

Wow! If I had known I wold have made a list, checked it twice and sent it off before the holiday deadline!

What other side are you talking about Rob? The Discovery hasn't moved in so long I have forgotten where we are.

Posted on 2006-11-15 at 08:07:24.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: damage

The total at the bottom of posts? Id that the damge so far per person or just the damge that specific round? Just want to know if it is the drinking time or the fighting time?

Posted on 2006-11-14 at 14:00:10.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: hahahaha

Cwwllo fan fiction ... That's a funny thought.

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 16:16:35.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off Q&A
Subject: stupidly busy

I will be very busy in my personal time from here to the end of the week. So I might not be able to post the next phase of combat until the weekend. If things lighten up, I will get right in there.

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 16:08:20.

Topic: Plot twists most worthy of a dice shower?
Subject: Humperdink, Humperdink, Humperdink

Thak-co, Thak-co, Thak-co.

The guy from Alabama is telling me how to pronounce things...

Posted on 2006-11-10 at 10:48:09.

Topic: Getting to know you
Subject: ok

Good to know you are on our side RK. Hate to see that power used for evil.

Posted on 2006-11-10 at 10:07:04.

Topic: Continuing Where We Last Left Off
Subject: Back up the Knight too!

Chaos reigns at first as the untrained horses run in a panic and the boys scream in terror. The Knights words sooth them slightly but they are frightened beyond measure at this time.

Char lines up an arrow and lets fly at the Mantis warriors. They all look the same to him, so since he can not discern a leader, he picks one. The first arrow flies true and strong directly at the target. Char has already loaded another arrow when he sees something he thought was impossible – the creature moves with lightning like reflexes and managed to dodge the arrow. Not believing his eyes, Char fires a second and then a third, placing the shots carefully. The second one is dodged again, but the third flies directly into the path of the mantis’ dodge, striking it full in the chest. The creature staggers slightly, with slimy ooze seeping from the wound – a heart shot that would have killed a man. Obviously, these things don’t keep their hearts in the same place.

Both Arien and Talas charge at the same time, though in opposite directions. Arien dodges a probing jab of the ankheg, and strikes upwards, a glancing blow that skitters across armour and not much more. Then with a twist of the reins and a follow up backhand, the flaming blade of Luin’naur cracks through the natural armour for a deep cut. The monster makes a horrible screeching in pain and agony. It strikes back with a vicious bite, but Arien bashes its jaws away with his shield, escaping wounds at the cost of the polish on his armour.

Talas’ style is that of a gladiator as he rides forward, almost daring the creature to take a bite. When it makes a move, he feints to one side and moves back. With astounding strength and agility for someone his size, he strikes with an upwards cut. The blade of Serenity passes through the armour like butter, across the neck and out through the other side. Part of the creature’s head is severed cleanly and it falls to the ground dead – the open wound spewing ooze and goo everywhere.

Adrian finishes his spell and the air around his body begins to shimmer in a reddish light. He nods his head in satisfaction and then draws his glassteel bastard sword, ready to enter the battle.

Dapple hugs the shadows, moving slowly towards this thing that resembles a bug she’d squash under her boot. Char’s arrows had distracted them, and they were focused on the ranger, not noticing the young thief moving behind them. She struck with her daggers at the one wounded by Char’s arrow. Hitting towards the neck of the creature, she was unprepared for the strength of the carapace. The blade enters lower than planned, through the shoulder and deep, hurting it greatly and rendering it unable to avoid the second dagger. It staggered at first, and then leaps high in the air to allow itself to turn and fight.

Kilgim finished his prayer just as the ankheg was moving in to grab a meal. The creature moved back again, confused by the disappearance of some of its prey, but then chose another target. The mandibles snap at Kilgim, a solid blow but the dwarf’s armour takes the brunt of the attack. Acid burns the Dwarf though but the cleric is not letting the pain stop him.

Jal steps forward and casts a spell, shooting a barrage of colourful lights into the face of the ankheg that attacked Kilgim. The creature starts to thrash around wildly, and then slowly slumps to the ground. It isn’t dead, but it appears to be knocked unconscious by the colour spray.

The uninjuried Thri-kreen leap into the air, throwing their triangular wedges as missiles as they fly over your heads. The two aimed at Arien shatter on his shield. Char manages to duplicate the reflexes of the attackers by dodging the two thrown at him. The third attacks Talas as he turns around his mount. The first wedge shatters off his shoulder guard, the other wounds him slightly on the left arm.

The injured mantis throws his wedges at Dapple. The first one goes wildly off into the trees, but the third strikes true and cuts into Dapple’s right thigh.

They land with double headed polearms ready, still at a distance from their prey, knowing they can leap in and out faster than you can move. Two more Thri-kreen land as well. One is a warrior like these ones, but the other is taller and has a deeper blue carapace. Instead of a polearm, this one has a mage’s staff.

The fourth Ankheg has emerged from its hole.

OOC: One Ankheg dead, One Unconscious. One seriously wounded. One Thri-kreen critically injured
Talas’s wounds are minor.
Dapple and Kilgim’s wounds are light. Dapple’s look bad, but isn’t. Kilgim knows he will take continuous damage if he doesn’t do something about the acid.
Arien is uninjured but the armour is dirty (Hell hath no fury than a Knight dirtied)
On the field – 6 Thri-kreen and 2 Ankhegs.

Posted on 2006-11-09 at 20:04:19.

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