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Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: shares

You all hold at least one share. Wyatt and Willow hold two shares i believe.

Armour - Tactical suit -5W. (-2 step penalty to Agility). Worth 110 credits. Highly illegal to own (impersonating an officer, possession of stolen material from military, attempting acts of terrorism, planning acts of ....)

The helmets are ruined, cracked from within. They were tinted so they would have been useless at night.

Posted on 2013-08-07 at 02:27:53.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: you did realize they all died?

Not sure if I was being too subtle but all three "Marshall's" just had their heads blow out.

Not sure why Bromern stopped his post where he did

Posted on 2013-08-05 at 23:44:36.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Post is up

You don't have to worry about securing the prisoners anymore.

Posted on 2013-08-05 at 02:34:48.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Moving forward

LV-426, Emergency Landing Field, Outside rear of Rocinante, 8:25 am PT

The ASREV lifted off as Wolf attempted to shoot it down with blind luck and foul language. Other than a trail of sparks and a light show, it did nothing. Looking up at the bomb bay doors and the underside of the autocannons, the mechanic quickly had a image of that ship crashing down with armaments and exploding, making him glad he was unable to bring it down.

As the armour of the craft deflected his shots as he tried to break the glass. Asher for a brief moment saw the pilot as the ASREV pulled up to his level. He was not wearing a marshal's uniform and alliance military but dark green with a helmet imprinted with a black dragon breathing fire while in flight. The emblem tweaked a memory in Asher's mind - he had seen that before.

On the ground, Wyatt was coming around as was marshall Dillon but he was covered by the body guard Hack who had disarmed him before.. The guard stung by Willow was still on the ground unmoving. Willow examined Havelock would was surprisingly alive despite taking three shots to the chest. The man muttered something in his pain but held on the consciousness and life.

Tess takes the walking stick away from Matherson and the blue glow dies immediately as she takes it from him. Slash keeps his hands in the air as Ma covers him but he continues to protest like he didn't do anything wrong.

Wyatt shakes out the grogginess and headache from his head and starts to get ready to stand when a pretty young lady by his side says to him, “Easy, it is over… for now.”

Wolf disarmed the guard and motioned to get some passengers to help him but the guard began to move as he did, not fast in any way but still moving.

“So what’s the processor look like, can we get it out fast and back to the ship? I have a feeling we would be better off this rock ASAP” Wolf calls to John on the Comm while keeping his weapon on the guard.

John quickly replied, "I haven't the slightest what the processor looks like quite yet, I've been a bit preoccupied. Right now, however, you need to get everyone away from the ship. I believe it's just become a very, very large and immovable target."

Dillon starts to laugh as he watches the ASREV go up in the air, a horribly insane kinda laugh, "You think you won? You bought yourself three hours, maybe four at most. Wilson will bring the others, no escape for you hun dan meddlers, fiddle will be ours soon enough. Mark my words, the Boss is in too deep to let this go, he’ll kill all of you to get that treasure.” He laughs hysterically, "The Heilong are coming! You'll wish for reavers! You hear me! You'll wish for reavers!!"

Suddenly the guard in front of Wolf twitches and there is a noise like a pop. Then he falls flat on the ground, completely still as blood begins to pool out of his helmet. The guard that Willow knocked out does the same thing.

As Dillon laughs he suddenly stops as his head spasms unnaturally, his eye explode out of the sockets and blood spews out of his nose and mouth as he too falls dead before you.

This proves to be too much strain for the passengers of the cruise line and blind panic takes hold. Some run to Rocinante's Hold, while others just run without rhyme or reason and many are just crying about dying on this rock and no hope for survival.

"What a mess." Hack comments as he hold his gun up, "What now boss?"

Posted on 2013-08-05 at 02:33:31.
Edited on 2013-08-05 at 02:33:51 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: To post or not to post

I may have an opportunity to post this evening. Now Ody and Bro have not posted yet but Wyatt is waking up and I am pretty sure I know what Ody will be doing (firing at ASREV pilot).

It would be a short time frame post - less than five minutes of game time. But it would move you along and give you some information.

Posted on 2013-08-04 at 15:10:55.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Hurm

Since Giddy did not specify he was replying to Wolf only, I will say that he broadcasted across all.

So yes, Asher heard the message.

There is certainly enough room to fit everyone on the moon currently in the Atmo processor building. The ship would fit except the doors do not open wide enough to get it inside. Please note the building is made to vent and create air and is not armoured in the least, however, on a scale level it is same as spaceship.

Just a "heads up" though. There are two large metal objects in the immediate area that would be very very very easy to target from space and fire missiles at. One is Rocinante. The other is the Atmo Processor.

Posted on 2013-08-04 at 01:09:03.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Please rephrase

A viable option compared to what exactly?? Selling the passengers into slavery? Unconditional surrender? Settling down and forming a colony?

I am not sure what you want me to give you at this point. Something is gonna happen soon that will clear up a few questions. I would wait until then before making plans. Right now, you have no idea what you are up Against to start making guesses of what is viable.

Posted on 2013-08-03 at 21:37:49.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Willow

Vanadia found a picture that reflected her idea of Willow better so I have replaced the old one on the character thread. Should have green eyes but I need my work computer to do that.

 photo willow.png

Posted on 2013-08-01 at 14:11:29.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Taking shot to the shots with a shot shot

Probably one of those situation where thinking first is probably best

Posted on 2013-07-26 at 22:41:17.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: ramp

The ramp would be all the way up by the time that Asher or Wolf could have targeted the system.

Well I understand your desire to take down the ASREV, it is asking a lot to expect that you have any chance of doing so. It has the equivalent of 600 Life points to you and you you would be doing only 1/2 basic damage if I was feeling generous. It would be like taking down a Dragon with a peashooter and foul language.

Just for the record, I am not going to do any evil GM trick here of having the bullets falling back down at terminal velocity or the ricochets into the crowd of passengers.

Your Captain is down and really you don't know if he is alive or not. Havelock is bleeding from a chest wound he took to save innocent passengers. Willow was just manhandled roughly. You have three captives. It seems to me that there are more pressing matters to attend to than a hopeless attempt to take down a ship that would have to crash land ....somewhere.

Posted on 2013-07-26 at 18:15:29.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: From the rule book:

From the rule book:

For purposes of figuring damage and Life
Points, Vehicle Scale is roughly 10 times greater
than Personal Scale, and Spacecraft Scale is roughly
10 times greater than Vehicle Scale. When using a
weapon from one Scale on the next higher Scale,
treat the damage as 0 (that is, only the basic damage
applies). When going from higher Scale to lower,
multiply damage points by 10. If using Spacecraft
Scale weapons on personnel, any hit is pretty much
an automatic kill.

So, the ASREV is two scales bigger than your guns which are in your hands.

Slim chance? Not really.

There is a reason in the pilot episode, Mal goes for the anti-aircraft gun, and does not try to use his assault rifle to take down a ASREV.

Posted on 2013-07-26 at 17:34:46.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: The plane

Ok. I will take into consideration Wolf and Asher shooting at the Asrev. However, keep in mind that due to scale, you are only doing 1/100 damage or possibly less. Plus your best range is 100 feet, 300 max. This is partially why I did not post you shooting at it because without an anti-aircraft weapon, it would be very difficult to take it down with a handgun.

Posted on 2013-07-26 at 11:06:48.
Edited on 2013-07-26 at 13:49:12 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: The Gun fight - short and fast

OOC: Although there is a order of initiative her, I have attempted to write things in a semblance of order.

LV-426, Emergency Landing Field by Rocinante 8:22 am PT

When the guard started to push her to the ground to fire at the crowd, Willow clung to the arm forcing her down as if frightened, but as soon as the guard was leaning forward, Willow shifted her grip on his arm into the sankyo position. A firm wrench rotated his wrist into a painful lock, and when Willow let herself fall, she pulled him with her. But the move was new to her and not new to the guard who had martial arts training of his own. With a quick flick, he pulled himself free and Willow landed on the ground with a soft thud. The armoured man moved his assault rifle upwards, either to hit Willow or to shoot her in the precarious position that she was in ...


The full force of a rifle shot hit the guard and caused him to reel backwards. the body armour clearly absorbed the damage of the bullet but could not stop the powerful force. He stumbled back trying to keep upright. Willow seizes the moment and withdrew the butterfly pin from her hair and struck the guard between the armour plates and the boot of his right leg. The pin did little damage but it did draw blood and the guard cried out in surprise more than real pain. He jumped back, ready to swiftly kick Willow in the face for hurting him. Only his muscles lost the ability to function. he collapsed to the ground like Sandy Claws riding a bowl full of jelly down the chimney at Beltane, unable to control his body or move a muscle.

Matherson cane struck the ground and a blue field of energy shot from it towards Portia, Wyatt and Dillon like a wave. Portia was struck first and felt to the ground rapidly. Wyatt was then engulfed. He tried to fight the energy as it sought to overwhelm him but it was too much even for the steel will of the captain and he too hit the ground unconscious. Then Dillion attempted to dodge away but he too was engulfed and he too became a victim of the blueness.

The ASREV fires up the engines and the ramp starts to close.

The other guard opens up with the assault rifle but Captain Havelock throws himself in front of and partial onto of the gun. A three round burst fires into Havelock's body and he falls completely, but he manages to trap the rifle under him to prevent it from use. the guard lets go and draws his sidearm while hastily running back to the ASREV, even though the ramp is almost down.

Hack moves quickly to the federal Marshall and disarms the man in a through business like fashion, not only taking the weapons away but pulling their magazines and discharging the shells in the chamber.

Matherson nods to Slash who starts to walk towards Sifu and the Violin player.

Wolf comes running into the field of combat and sees that guard is being left behind but is still armed is a hand-gun. The big mechanic opens up with one gun and then the other knowing that the armour will protect the guard so he had to make it count. The first burst catches the man and the force spins him around. The second send him flying backwards to the ground. By the time Wolf reached his victim, he is unconscious and wounded, but still alive.

The ASREV lifts off and circles slightly, as if about to pulverize Rocinante but then quickly ascends into the sky and takes off at speed, leaving the three supposed Marshalls behind.

Sifu stands and takes a fighting stance as Slash approaches. Slash pulls his gun up and puts a hand out to show he wants to put it away. The gesture is moot as Ma noisily pumps her shotgun from behind Slash and he turns to see the pink weapon head.

"Hey!" he says like his feelings are hurt, "I ain't hurt nobody."

Tess moves up quickly on the man in a white tuxedo, pulls the hammer back and steps up with heavy cannon leveled, "Call them off. You so much as twitch that cane, and I will ventilate your brain."

Matherson smiles as if Tess said something funny and calls out loudly and clearly, "I just want my case back, Miss. Sorry about your captain, but I figured best to make sure the commander was taken out."

LV-426, Atmo Processor Interior 8:21am PT

As John packs up the radio he hear the tell-tale pops of distant gunfire. Suddenly the radio crackles to life again as he holds it in his hands.

"Gorram hell! We are being fired upon!"

"Pull back! Pull back!"

"But Dillon and Kyle and ..."

Another voice comes on the radio, deep and fierce enough to broker no argument. "You have your order! Get out and blow them. We will deal with this with the whole unit.."

"Copy that sir."

The sides of the building have no windows but many slits for air to pass through. As John moves to look, he sees the ASREV lifting off. At first he thinks that it will fire on the ship but takes off instead and quickly.

Get out and blow them? What's the blow them mean if not the ship?

LV-426, Emergency Landing Field, Outside rear of Rocinante, 8:21 am PT

Jessie emerges from the ship just as the ASREV leaves and the fighting seems to be over. The Captain is on the ground, so is Portia Amber and the Marshall. The Old Captain is down and bleeding and Matherson and his bodyguards seem to be being held at gunpoint by the ladies of the crew. She can hear Matherson say loudly, "I just want my case back, Miss. Sorry about your captain, but I figured best to make sure the commander was taken out."

(So you have three captives. One is unconscious. One is wounded and unconscious, and the third is wounded and drugged unconscious. Dillon, Wyatt and Portia can all be revived easily and quickly, in fact the revive on their own within 30 seconds. Havelock has taken three bullets to the chest but is still breathing and holding the rifle to the ground. No other passengers are wounded.)

Posted on 2013-07-26 at 02:34:26.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: woohoo!

I got sleep last night! Woohoo! Now I can run this combat and get us moving. Please note that is will only cover about 6 seconds of time passing so reading it will take longer than doing.

Giddy - one small point. The radio is small enough to carry but not put into a pocket. More like 12"x10"x2". Not that it will effect game play, but wanted to be clear.

Posted on 2013-07-25 at 13:22:37.
Edited on 2013-07-25 at 13:25:48 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: post

Thanks to everyone for the great posts. With Vanadia in Boston until Saturday night and Incrediboy in extremely erratic sleep patterns right now, I do not think I will have time or state of mind to post coherently until Sunday. If I can, I will do so sooner.

Posted on 2013-07-24 at 16:37:29.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: DAD!!!!!

Actually he sent me some questions and I only answered this morning.

Posted on 2013-07-23 at 17:59:20.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: okay

Nice. just waiting on Giddy now. Might be able to update sooner than expexted.

No changies!!!

Order of initiative in this combat is:

Hack and Slash
Guards 1&2

Now since combat can change plans easily, I may be PMing some of you on the lower end to say ... based on this, what would your character do.

Posted on 2013-07-20 at 19:10:09.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: no problem

I doubt I will be posting anytime soon, probably not until next weekend. Although once Albert posts I can put up the order of initiative.

Posted on 2013-07-19 at 12:30:19.
Edited on 2013-07-19 at 13:15:56 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: oh wow

Very cool map of the Verse

Posted on 2013-07-19 at 02:09:13.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: yes

Remember you are firing into a crowd.

As to range, the distance is 150 to the action and 300 to at ASREV.

Posted on 2013-07-19 at 01:57:37.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: a bit different

Judging by what I see here, the rules are looking a mite different. Not necessarily a bad thing as the first books has some glaring issues.

Sneek peek to Firefly RPG

Archetype preview

Posted on 2013-07-19 at 01:42:18.
Edited on 2013-07-19 at 01:44:19 by Alacrity

Topic: Pacific Rim….What did you Think?
Subject: I let her be on the ship

Yes I enjoyed the film as well. Good action, good special effects - solid popcorn film. It wasn't a thought engaging film in anyway but I wasn't expecting to be. Lots of it were borrowed from several Japanese sources, most strongly Evangelion.

Posted on 2013-07-19 at 01:29:39.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: perspective

First off, I made a mistake in what i was thinking was the ramp of Rocinante. The ramp faces forward and I was thinking out the back. Sorry if I confused anyone.

Yes you can the open ramp to the ASREV (also forward facing). It is not a huge one like a firefly but more of a ramp like ... The Millennium Falcon.

To Wolf, the crowd is doing an assortment of running, panicking and standing around. What you can see is guy is a Federal Marshall jacket, bleed from the head ready to mow down Wyatt, a lady and some other people. Willow is being held by a guy in full tactical armour, and a another full tach arm dude is about to open on the crowd. Beyond that, it is chaos. You seem flashes of people, Ma's pink shotgun helps spot her. Some guy is a white suit is ducking etc etc

Posted on 2013-07-19 at 01:25:41.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: aha

What a good idea.....

Posted on 2013-07-18 at 18:03:34.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Assume makes a

Remember people are posting what they hope will happen. Not necessarily what does happen. Asher could miss. He could hit a by-stander. Reavers could drop from the sky on Asher. The helmet could come off guard to reveal a long lost love of Asher. Willow move could fail. She could get a extraordinary success. etc etc etc etc

So as I have said many times, post what you think will happen and I will tell you what will happen. I know the order of initiative now.

Posted on 2013-07-18 at 17:02:09.


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