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Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: coming soon

I will post the maps you have found when i get to a scanner (at work).

Posted on 2014-10-13 at 18:57:39.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: I'm the map

The body of the small goblin seems thin and gaunt, as if it died of starvation more than a disease. Still, beside many chests of flashy clothing, there is not much to see.

Then Wembley starts looking at pages on the floor. He picks one up, "Hey! We have been here." he picks up another, "And here!"

As the cidal gather up the pages he find more and more maps of rooms, some you have seen and some you have not. There are notes and markings on all of them.

Posted on 2014-10-13 at 18:57:08.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: And so we go on

Asante sleeps off the drugs and wakes up in the early afternoon. JC stays with her to keep an eye on her.

"Welcome back." JC says as he sees Asante awakening.

She rolls her head and stretches before her hand goes to her neck where Stephanie had stuck her. Asante looks at JC and then shakes her head and starts to laugh. "She drugged me! Oh that is beyond rich. I would have done the same if the situation was reversed." she says as she chuckles away.

(assuming some reaction)

"This has been an interesting trip. I have underestimated you and the crew around every turn. Oh well. Am I to remain a prisoner or are you going to take me on my word that I won't act against you?"

(assuming that JC fills her in on a vague idea of the plan with the possibility of her helping)

She shrugged at the idea, "That sounds all very well and good but I still thing the baron will attempt to put us out of the picture as soon as possible. But if I am wrong and you are right - I am willing to try. Could be the Baron is gonna underestimate you too."

JC watches her to gauge her reaction but he really cannot get a good reading from her. She seems sincere enough but she is also very glib and smooth. On the other hand, she is the only passenger not armed since the beginning and JC knows that very few vessels can catch Destiny on full burn.

Day Two of Journey, Destiny's Galley, 6:00 pm ST

Dinner is served and everyone gathers around the table. It is a larger crowd than normal but you move some furniture around to get everyone around the table. The steaks smell go good and the accompanying dishes are well done as well. Catie seems to have a knack for cooking that is well received and Grace's Sterno grill certainly made the steaks.

Tess puts the ship on auto-pilot with the proximity detectors on maximum. She has not found a sign of the ship Asante alluded to and she is wondering if Asante is bluffing or the fact that they are cruising at a speed that would be full out hard burn for a firefly was another factor.

Asante came to the table with JC and stop a moment before she sat down to say, "I want to apologize to everyone for perhaps getting off on the wrong foot with you. I want to help yo uall and I want to nail Templeton to the wall. I think our motives are the same and I am willing to try whatever plan you have to achieve our goals."

OOC: Dinnertime conversation? Anything people want to speak on or up about, this is the time.

Posted on 2014-10-13 at 18:53:17.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: here we go Whoosh

And so it came to an end, not the end that you expected or perhaps wanted but it did come to an end.

Wolf was visited by Hudson and Wyatt who told him that work was being done to secure his release. While he waited, the Alliance made no more attempts to make him sign paperwork signing away his rights.

In the afternoon of the Second day, a shuttle is brought to the hotel to take all of you to Rocinante. A gentleman named Baron Winters, in formal dress and sash, meets you and thanks each of you for the recovery of his violin. He is the owner of the ASC ( Alliance Spacecraft Corporation) Shipping yards that are located on Osiris. He has arranged to have Rocinante brought to a orbiting station before being towed to Osiris.

As you approach the ship, it is very beat up. Bullet holes from the auto cannons have scarred the hull. The shuttle doorways are sealed with temporary sealants , the one pod drive is completely charred from the damage and the back end shielding around the core is broken. Once you land and get inside, it looks less like you home and more like a wreck from where alliance soldiers searched the ship from top to bottom and did not care how they left things. Clothing dumped on the floor and emptied out, drawers left on the floor, all the impersonal signs of how little the soldiers cared. The kitchen is such a mess that Ma almost faints from the scene.

"Don't you worry!" Baron Winter says assuredly, "I am gonna take care of your ship like she was my own. I will make sure everything is cleaned up, polished and fixed to the best of our abilities. I will oversee this personally and anything off spec or not as designed - well, I respect your business and privacy. You have my word on that. You saved a lot of folk and something very precious to me without asking a lot of questions, so it is the least I could do."

Everyone gathers up their personal belonging and give instructions as to what belongs where. Asher is relieved to see that his hideaway gun cabinet was not found by the alliance. Baron Winters smiles and tells him, "Nice workmanship here - we won't change a thing." some time is required to convince Ma not to stay on the ship and oversee the restoration herself but the Baron seems to be a man who understands a debt at the very least.

In the Mule, Wyatt sees the case that Matherson had left behind with the mind control devices in it. He picks it up as they leave and empties the contents into the high temperature metal smelter as he walks by.

You return to the hotel and meet the advocate that was one of the passengers you saved. You take a moment to recognize her as she was in an evening dress on the ship and meets you wearing a business suit and looking very professional.

"First off," Sandra Wong says, "I want you to know I would do this for free if I could but If I do then the Military could claim conflict of interest. I will charge you the very least I can without it cross the line of scrutiny. The good news is that this is a very simple case and I really do not understand why they continue with this charade. Mr. Apollo was clearly in a battle situation, picked up the weapons to defend himself and wasn't aware that a permit was needed. As well we have many witnesses beside yourselves that can corroborate that Mr. Apollo fought alongside the two gentlemen, not against them. We have a vocal deposition from the late Mr. Matherson telling us the two wished to help defend the passengers and they accepted that they might not survive."

She then sighed, "The bad news is that without an alternate murder weapon, we have no way to show that someone else killed them. However, I am told the Marshalls are following a lead right now so I remain hopeful."

In the early evening, Wyatt receives a wave from Colonel Sanders who says that he has cleared the burial of Havelock on Hera. they will keep Havelock in a stasis container until the ship is ready to be flown again. At first Havelock family was against the burial on Hera but someone in the family stepped in and made it happen.

You all start to receive invitations from various passengers and dignitaries to parties being held to celebrate their survival and the return to their lives. Shuttles and hover vehicles are all arranged to pick you up and drop you off and you feel very popular suddenly. The hotel is going out of the way to make sure you are happy.

Another passenger you rescued turns out to be Jupiter Jones - owner of the Cortex news program FoxAction Media. He takes to the airwaves with personal stories told by the passengers about what happened during the rescue. The accounts are all very heroic, and somewhat embellished but the news keeps coming back to Wolf still being held and how a hero was being kept behind bars.

Later that night, you all receive notice from either Sanders, Hudson or Vasques that the handgun has been recovered. This allows all of you to sleep easier that night.

One the third day, Sandra Wong is allowed in to see Wolf and she lets him know that she is handling the case and that the weapon of the Mercenary has been recovered. She has pushed for an inquest to happen in the morning. In the meantime she arranged for Wolf to get proper medical attention and some half decent food.

Baron Winters send you a wave that it will be seven days until Rocinante is flightworthy. He promises that the ship will be better than it was before - better, stronger, and faster.

Tess receives a wave and is elated to find out her old ship is back in business. Seem that Destiny was not destroyed in battle but actually the mechanic had been working for a year to restore it. Tess informs the crew she will be leaving soon to rejoice her friends. She enjoyed her time on Rocinante but since it will be so long until it is flying, she might as well leave now.

The media coverage continues to put pressure on the military to release Wolf. The story of the rescue seems to be shifting to focus more on Havelock as the leader of the rescue and the attention on the crew fades a bit. As well, turns out that the man in the White tux, Mr. Matherson, bequeathed his entire fortune to Portia Amber Jr. (Amber Amber Sunshine). This sizable fortune puts Amber in control of her own fate and her mother requiring to remember who she is.

The forth day brings the inquest into Fenris Apollo's charges and Ms. Wong was able to get a judge from Londonium to preside instead of a military judge, citing conflict of interest. The inquest lasts for most of the day and all of the crew present are brought in to give testimony as well as most of the passengers. In the end, Wolf is cleared of all charges and released. He is also given a room at the hotel with the rest of you. Sandra Wong normally charges 1000 credits and hour and the bill would have been 12, 000 credits but she cuts that in half for you. She does have one thing to tell Wolf before she leaves, "Mr. Apollo, although we have cleared the charges against you, I have to warn you that with your record and this incident on record as well, you will have to be careful about any weapons you carry on your person from here on. Another charge of restricted weapons and you will be in serious trouble that even I won't be able to get you out. So hand gun for self defence or rifle - no problem, but automatic weapons and things on the restricted list - avoid them."

So everyone is reunited and you have several days in a high class luxury hotel to kill. With the reducing to your reward but the payment from the farmers for the goods delivered, you netted 11,000 credits which is a significant amount.

With Tess gone, Wyatt and Willow turn to looking for a new pilot. It is a hard task to find a pilot who is not flaky, drunk, looking for a free ride or with behavioural issues. You go through many candidates before you start to despair that you might need to lower your standards.

Then, a lady shows up, Introducing herself as Jade Storm. Her resume is impressive and she seems clean except for a need of an inhaler once in awhile due to a lung infection. It is her smile that strikes both Wyatt and Willow though, the sincerity and cheerfulness of the smile which makes you want to believe in better days.

But it is her letter of reference that cinches it for her. She moves Willow and Wyatt into a room of to the side where no one can see them and hands the letter to them. Wyatt looks at it and almost coughs from surprise. Heya, Wyung-sung! is written on the envelope and it is Sam Dash's handwriting:

Long time, no see, puhn yoh! I’d’ve shot ya a wave but, things bein’ as they are with all them hidden eyeballs on me an’ such, I conjured scrawlin’ a note on a piece of paper’d be a damn-sight safer, get me? I’m hopin’ that this here dispatch finds its way to ya without too ruttin many complications.

Anyhoo…Just cuz I ain’t seen ya in a spell don’t mean I ain’t been payin’ attention, though. Fact o’ the matter is, a li’l fairy told me as you an’ Roc’re in the way of needin’ a new driver… which brings us to why, exactly, yer gettin’ this note passed to ya by this whip of a woman… (and, Wyatt, if anyone but a good lookin’ gal with dark hair and darker twinklin’ eyes ain’t the party passin’ ya this note, shoot ‘em down, now, an’ burn atmo! On t’other hand, if she’s what I’m sayin’, keep readin.)… The bao bei standin’ front of ya’s Jade Storm an’, aside from my own ruttin’ self, I cotton she’s one of the best pilots in the Verse… Don’t tell her as I said that, though, as she’s like ta get all wheezy on ya as her head gets ta swellin’ and you’ll need ta make sure she gets a knock on that puffer of hers… Like I says, puhn yoh, girl’s a jing chai pilot an’ ain’t to shabby on the technical side, neither. Just like a bunch of us, though, she’s got her hitches but, given what I’ve come ta know bout her (an’ I could fill ya in, but I figure she’d be best to do that), I reckon she’d be right ta home amongst you folks. I’d consider it a kindness if you’d take her in and give her a shot, brother… I don’t reckon she’s like to let ya down, none.

Gotta fly, Wyatt. Atmo here’s gettin’ a might thick an’ them gorram hounds’re still nippin’ my heels… Just figured I’d send a wheel-wizard yer way and drop ya a line as ta let ya know that ol’ Sam’s still out here and still suckin’ air. Give the crew my regards (y’know… kiss Ma on the cheek and give Miss Wil a smack on th’ keester, fer me) an’, Good fuzzy Lord willin’, we’ll cross paths again ‘fore too much of a spell.

Keep a keen peelin’ on yer six and stay frosty, puhn yoh,

P.S. Get rid of this once yer done, get me? Burn it, eat it, everwhat ya gotta do…. S

Once both Willow and Wyatt have read the letter, Jade offers up a lighter and says, "I am thinking you might want this."

Ok. Stopping here so you can interact with Jade and get to know her. Then I will move everyone forward to the ship being ready for flight.

Posted on 2014-10-11 at 18:36:06.

Subject: death

I was joking about the 50% death rate. I rarely kill off PC's but this is a tough module. Probably one of the toughest I have done

Posted on 2014-10-11 at 14:29:27.

Subject: timeframe

I think I can set a date of starting this as before halloween but somewhat near then.

If anyone is waiting on me to send them something, feel free to send me a reminder. I will not be offended.

Posted on 2014-10-10 at 01:34:24.

Subject: Maybe

i am going to use efreeti just for warm ups.

Warm ups

Posted on 2014-10-09 at 15:48:03.

Subject: Well

the last time you were together was five years ago when Galen called you all together to help him find three magical items of evil. You ventured into the mountain of the white plume, dealt with vampires and giant magically enhanced crabs and other evil creatures. You found the items, found effreeti and a giant undead dragon and barely survived. It was a good time.

Posted on 2014-10-09 at 15:43:28.

Subject: Late

To all the players in all my games, my son is sick right now and work is busy so I am running behind in all my games. Please bear with me.

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 18:03:16.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: late

To all the players in all my games, my son is sick right now and work is busy so I am running behind in all my games. Please bear with me.

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 18:02:45.

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: Late

To all the players in all my games, my son is sick right now and work is busy so I am running behind in all my games. Please bear with me.

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 18:02:19.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Late

To all the players in all my games, my son is sick right now and work is busy so I am running behind in all my games. Please bear with me.

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 18:02:03.

Subject: critical spell failure?

I have never heard of that before. Tell me more .....

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 16:41:37.

Subject: Let me check

Let me see my list. Maximus in the first room, Ody before the first room....

Arien - final battle, sacrifice for the greater good. Angels and virgins weep at his brovery and heroics..

Yeah, you are good.

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 16:29:03.

Topic: Tann's 2014 NFL U Pick'em Game
Subject: yeah

Vancouver gets all the nice stuff.

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 14:05:22.

Topic: Tann's 2014 NFL U Pick'em Game
Subject: ???

There is a Denver Minnesota? Did it move from Colorado?

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 13:31:23.

Subject: Really

I would not want to run in front of the bear, he might grab you and toss you to the dragon like so much popcorn.

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 12:57:48.

Topic: Tann's 2014 NFL U Pick'em Game
Subject: Lady Luck has spoken

NY Jets
Green Bay
San Diego
St. Louis

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 12:01:51.

Subject: don't sweat

Don't worry to much about a high level of background for your character unless you really like to do that sort of thing. This is a one shot adventure where you start at the doorway to the dungeon and I expect a 50% fatality rate.

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 11:58:16.

Topic: Tann's 2014 NFL U Pick'em Game
Subject: Ups

did we update?

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 00:10:27.

Subject: Lurk

the duches of Ulek or the Principality of Ulek. Either would have both.

Posted on 2014-10-07 at 21:29:22.

Subject: Some history

As you are developing your characters for this game, keep in mind that you are seasoned adventurers and you have at one point worked with every member of the party before. There is a common person in all of your lives who has brought you together for adventures before. Galanthanus – a Mage/Rogue who happens to be the son of Yolanda, queen of the Grey elves. Galan, as his friends call him, often refers to himself as the heir non-apparent as his mother has been the queen for thousands of years and appears to all as ageless. He is a bit of a diplomat, more than a bit of a spy and very loyal to the people he calls friends. He is about 400 years old and was one of the few surviving members of the adventuring party that ventured into the Tomb of Horrors and lived to tell the tale.

Celene is home to the Grey elves and they are constantly at war with the Wild Coast and the Pomarj. The dwarves from the Principality of Ulek are also at war with the Pomarj which gives Elf and Dwarf a common enemy but age old distrust and animosity between the two races are hard forgotten. Galen was actually working very hard on bridging those feelings when you last saw him.

To the north of Celene is The Kingdom of Furyondy and Veluna, ruled under King Haster I. Unfortunately King Haster has not been a very good king (the coronation party is still going after three years) and the lands are in civil war. To the west, Keoland is ruled by King Sandurs the Half-elf and Keoland includes Gran March, Yeomanry, Sterich, Geoff and Bissel as protectorates. The Duchy of Ulek is the lands of the High elves under King Gralene and the County of Ulek is where the Halflings live under the protection of the High Elves.

The game starts with you receive an urgent message via a "Sending” from Yolanda, telling you that she needs your aid immediately. This is strange because normally Galen would be the one to contact you. To make matters seem even more dire, within hours of the sending, agents of the elves find you to provide magical teleportation to the Queen. Something is very wrong in Celene.

Posted on 2014-10-07 at 17:55:22.

Subject: fighters

A pure fighter can specialize up to three.

Specialization does not negate the need to be able to use a sword in an opposing hand. So yes, you still need ambidexterity.

only one attack with other hand no matter the specialty

Posted on 2014-10-06 at 21:33:43.
Edited on 2014-10-06 at 21:34:27 by Alacrity

Subject: no

Mana is only for magic users not priests

Posted on 2014-10-06 at 17:14:08.

Subject: Mana

Here is the article I have never posted because I have trouble with tables.

Since the dawning of the Dungeon and Dragon era, players have faced a simple dilemma when looking at starting a game. What shall I play? In the eternal struggle between fighter vs. mage, mages often were left in the dust because they couldn’t fight well hand to hand, they’d only have one or two spells max at first level, and they had to pick the spells at the start of the day, not knowing what lie in store for the party. It is not surprising to see that the low level parties were often fighter, fighter, fighter, thief and a fighter/mage multi-class because who wanted to be a mage? On the other end of the spectrum, high-level mages have almost god like power and can rarely use all their spells in a day, mostly because they have to take such a generic list to possibly be useful in any given situation.

The problem with the whole idea of memorizing spells each day has never made sense to me. While I could see a first level struggle to remember all the words and movements to a magic missile, I find it hard to believe that the 20th level mage would need to remind himself how to cast a spell he has probably cast every day for the last 20 years. He could do it in his sleep, and probably does, which is why he is still single, but that’s another article.

It was this issue that led me to the concept of mana. Well, actually, I stole the concept from Diablo II but I modified it for 1st/2nd edition D&D. Those of you who play 3, 3,5 or 4 – I have no idea if this works in your world, but feel free to give it a try.

Mana Points: an Alternate Magic System for D&D Wizards
What is mana? Mana is the energy that the mage can channel through his body from the positive or negative material plane. Every mage can handle only so much mana but as they get older and better at their trade, they can channel more and more. Unlike the game, mana cannot be bottled, decanted or turned into a liquid form. Think of mana as an energy that makes the laws of physics sit, lie down and play dead. You are not gonna find a Diet Mana Max to restore your powers fast.
Mana is recovered naturally by sleep. Mages do not lose all their spells due to loss of consciousness as they do under the standard spell memorization system (however if the DM wants they can use the optional mana seepage rule shown later). However, spells that fizzle (due to being interrupted from an attack while casting, for example) still use up mana. To put in simply, once you put the mana into the caster’s hands to do the spellcraft, the mana is released.
Instead of the wizard being assigned a fixed number of various spells per spell level per day, the wizard instead receives a number of mana points equal to the sum of those spell levels (or you can use my alternate mana chart, shown later). So, our sixth level wizard, who normally gets four first level spells, two second level spells, and two third level spells would instead get fourteen mana points (4x1 + 2x2 + 2x3). In addition, the mage receives one bonus mana point for each point of intelligence above fifteen. This is a one-time bonus, not a bonus per level.

Spells cost one mana point per spell level. So a first level spell costs one point, a second level spell costs two points, etc. The mage may cast any spell that is their spell book as often as they like as long as they have sufficient mana. Using our example above, Bob could cast four fireballs and two magic missiles, ten magic missiles and two webs, or five webs, one fireball, and one magic missile, etc. If a mage runs out of mana and needs to cast a spell, they can still do so but at the cost of their life force (Hit points). Hit points lost this way cannot be restored by any magical or other healing means whatsoever - the only way to regain them is to rest one full day per hit point lost.. If a mage is unwise enough to use more lifeforce as mana than he has, he risks literally killing himself with spellcasting (or risk wizard’s twilight, see later in article)
Optional Rule: Wizard's Twilight
Fantasy literature also contains quite a few references to wizards who, in times of dire need, wield their magic beyond the physical limitations of their bodies, risking their lives in an effort to save the day. In typical D&D, the reality is that once your mage is out of spells, they have to rely upon beating monsters with a stick, or hiding behind the fighters if they wish to survive.

If you are using the optional mana rule in your game, you may also use the wizard's twilight rule. What this means is that a wizard may continue to cast spells even after they have expended all of their mana. However, this is very risky.

To continue casting spells one mana is exhausted, a wizard must use his own life force to provide power for the magic. In game terms, this equates to one hit point per mana point needed by the spells to be cast. Hit points lost this way cannot be restored by any magical or other healing means whatsoever - the only way to regain them is to rest one full day per hit point lost.

If a mage is reduced to zero or less hit points due to this, they risk wizard's twilight - a state of being where the mind is essentially burned out, and the caster can do nothing but obey the simplest of commands. Free will and personality are gone; the mage tends to slip in and out of consciousness. Wizard's twilight often results in the death of the caster.

Optional Rule: Blowing Chunks
Once a wizard reaches a certain level, they can manipulate the spells by adding more mana to the mix (referred colloquially as Blowing Chunks). Usually, only duration, area of effect or range can be affected but whether a spell can be manipulated is up to the DM to decide. By doubling the mana output (so 1st level spell costs 2, 2nd cost 4, a 3rd level spell costs 6 mp), the mage can double the range or the duration or the area of effect. Only one factor can be affected at a time. Damage done, or whether a spell as a save cannot be changed.

Level 3 – first level spells
Level 5 – second level spells
Level 7 – third level spells
Level 9 – fourth level spells
Level 12 – fifth level spells
Level 14 – sixth level spells
Level 16 – seventh level spells
Level 18 – eighth level spells
Level 20 – ninth level spells

Optional Rule: Mana Seepage
If a Dm really liked the loss of spells when unconscious rule for mages, they can implement a similar rule here that does not hurt the mage as bad as a sudden total loss. When a mage goes unconscious, the mana they have storied slowly seeps from their body at a rate of 1 point per round. For every point of hp they go below 0 hp, the factor is multiplied. So a mage at –2 loses 2 hp per round, at –5 they lose 5 points per round, etc. Of course if a mage dies, the mana dies with them.

Posted on 2014-10-06 at 15:27:24.

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