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Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Geeks bearing gifts

Reminds me of a time that a player (warrior) asked me for a vorpal weapon. I said sure, no problem. He was very happy for awhile then realized I had given a vorpal sword for no reason. Then he became really really twitchy. He gave a vorpal sword so that means everything is either immune to vorpal or everything needs one just to hit. And it is probably possessed and I am gonna kill the party ....

Relax. I promise no EMP in my next post.

Posted on 2012-10-08 at 01:22:57.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: dead weight

You are about to travel through the black for 15 days, I'd personally want to have as many spare parts as possible. You want to build robo-algae, well that is your call.

Posted on 2012-10-06 at 02:18:58.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: the list

Here are the spare parts sent to Tess fro mGrace. I will add them to the ship character sheet as a spare part list.

1 Catalyzer for the compression coil
200 feet of Fiber optic cables
1 Fuel injection manifold for reactor
1 Emergency Kill Switch for reactor
4 Intake valve for Thruster pods
6 Nozzles for Thrusters (for fuel or air)
2 Hydraulic arms for bomb bay doors
4 “rejeuv” Algae packs (used to create oxygen, these are dried preserved Algae that will flourish in the tank)

Posted on 2012-10-05 at 12:58:48.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: A very long Post

Rocinante, Common room, The Evening after the auditions

The cortex news feed flickers to life on the screen in the sitting area of the Rocinante all the crew gathers as John sets up the monitor so all can see. Ma has made her famous puffed rice balls with honey and nut clusters and everyone is enjoying the moment, getting to know the new crew members. On screen, a well dress man behind a desk appears with an EMAN symbol behind him. His smile is soothing, his manner professional, and his hair combed within an inch of its life.

“...and while the senator swore that he was not intoxicated, he could not explain his nudity. Back to you Diane.”

Camera switched to a woman in a business suit, blonde hair and a low cut top. Her smile is bright, cheerful and she has a laugh like silver bells.

“Ha ha ha. Well I guess he won’t be invited back next year Tom. Ha ha ha.” She sighs heavily and dramatically, “Our final story tonight is a tragic one. “ Diane face becomes somber and serious, “Successful farmer and local philanthropist, Yardiff Bey was killed today in a Barbeque accident.”

Scene appears behind her showing a smiling Man accepting a humanitarian award.

“Mr. Bey was entertaining guests at his home when a gas leak caused an explosion that killed at least four people including Mr. Bey. For more at the scene, we now send you to Alliance Reporter, Tricia Takanawa.

Camera changes to a scene of an asian woman reporter standing by a yellow tape, far behind her is a devastated house and the signs of a explosion. Uniformed men, local law enforcement, report in the background to an older man in a brown duster jacket wearing a gold star.

“Diane, the police are still trying to piece together what has happened here. The explosion was so devastating, so destructive that it looks like a bomb was dropped on the estate. We have four men confirmed dead Diane and this would have been much higher had it not been for Mr. Bey spending his last moments of life warning his guests and staff of the imminent danger. “

In the background, an alliance patrol led by a federal Marshall has appeared. The Marshall is pointing and gesturing at the sheriff and pushing a Pad-like device into his face. The sheriff takes the device and flings it over his shoulder into the fire.

“Bey’s success was hard won by his own hands as he bought land that was considered barren by most and turned it into a golden land of abundance. Although a highly successful entrepreneur, Bey never forgot his roots and was a big contributor to local charities and events.”

The Marshall is angry. The sheriff tries to walk away but the Marshall grabs him by the collar. The sheriff elbows the Marshall in the head and then turns to land a punch to the gut that doubles him over.

“With no family that we know of, the fate of the farming land will become a hotly debated topic in the Farmer’s Guild meeting. Bey bought the lands for next to nothing back in the days, but now it represents a 10 million credit business of corn and sunflowers.”
The alliance soldiers move to protect the Fed, the police move to protect their sheriff. Soon there is a pitched battle of fisticuffs going on behind the reporter with the older sheriff standing his ground well against younger men.

“No matter the outcome, Yardiff Bey’s presence will be sorely missed in this community. A tight knit community of men who work the land and toil for the food we eat. Back to you, Diane”

Screen changes to the newsroom, focus on lady anchor and her cleavage.

“Thank you Tricia. Truly a sad day for all of Beaumonde, and not just our hometown. Well that is news as we saw it tonight. For all of us at Eisley Moss Action News, we wish you well and may the good news be yours. Goodnight.”

Camera switches to male anchor.

“Stay tuned after the news for an all star cast in The Expendables 400. Goodnight.”

Eisley Moss Spaceport, the next day, late afternoon

There was a bang at the door, a strong hard bang of someone looking for the occupants. Wyatt and Willow were already in the cargo bay discussing future jobs so Wyatt hit the switch to open the cargo bay doors. Asher and Tess look on from the catwalk above, while Wolf, John and Tess turn on the camera in the common room that links to the CB feed. There stands the sheriff that they had seen on the news last night, same brown duster, very similar to the one that Wyatt wears, but sporting a black eye and a few facial bruises. Behind him are four men, farmers you’d guess by the dress. The men all seem rather thin and haggard, but they have a look in their eyes like they have been given hope after a long time without any.

Sheriff smiles a genuine smile as he looks at both Wyatt and Willow. “Good day sir, Ma’am.” He says, “I’m Sheriff Buford T. Justice. That’s right – justice. My Ma always said that with a name like justice, best be a lawman, so here I am, just like my daddy and his daddy before him. But I ain’t here for law business, not with you at least. Would you be looking for hire?”

(assuming an answer of yes)

“Good. Glad to hear. It ain’t a big job, the five of us to Higgin’s moon and then twice as many coming back with us. We can stomach hammocks if you must.”

(assuming some question of details)

“Well you see, there was a man around here named Yardiff Bey. He wasn’t a nice man although you will find folk around here who say differently. Back a few years ago, Bey wanted these men’s land and they wouldn’t sell. They knew a snake when they saw one so they refused despite the price. So Bey had their families taken. Yeah, you heard me right, take in the night and no trace of where. Just a threat that if they didn’t sell for half the price now, they’d never come back. They sold, did what he said and didn’t tell me. But Bey sold their families off as slaves, warning these men that if they stirred up trouble, then the families would meet with an unfortunate accident. You know, I have been a lawman for a long time and I am still always surprised at how men will treat other men for money. Anyway, Bey met with a ...” The sheriff drifts off as if searching for a word but his eyes flash mischievously, “an unfortunate accident the other day – you may have seen it on the news? Gas leak my Aunt Fanny! He messed with someone who could handle themselves. Wish I could shake their hand actually. Anyway. I got the paperwork here that tells me where the families are, and proving their unlawful in-den-ture-ment. If you could fly us there and back, I’m footing the bill and ...well I’d take it as a personal kindness. I know people who wished I owed them a favour, believe you me.”

(assuming a yes. Details are not really important as it is a narrative. The price is basic passengers and who knows, maybe you offered a discount)

Higgin’s Moon, a few days later

The whole crew stands on the gangway of the Rocinante and watch as the men are reunited with their families again, wives, daughters and sons. It is a very touching moment and the Sheriff seems right pleased as well. There was a tense moment not too long ago, where the magistrate had send his lawyer to talk with the sheriff and he was going on about due process and compensations and that kinda legal mumbo-jumbo. But his talk got rather rattled and stilled as Asher and Wolf brought out every single gun that they owned and began cleaning them slowly and carefully within sight of the overdressed mouthpiece. After that, things went rather smoothly.

“Good men you got there.” Sheriff says later to the captain as you are about to leave, “Don’t suppose you’d part with either of them? I could use a deputy.”

(assuming a definitive no from Wyatt)

Eisley Moss Spaceport, one month later

After the return of the farmers and their families, word seems to get out pretty quick and jobs start coming your way. Willow keeps in contact with the four farmers and the sheriff and serves as liaison to the jobs as they come in. They won’t make you rich, by any stretch of the imagination, but it keeps the bills paid. Willow was confident that the team was being scoped out by the farmers, and that a big job was on its way if trust could be established - more than trust really but an acceptance as one of similar minds perhaps. It gives the crew a time to work with each other and get to know as John, Tess and Wolf all learn their way around the boat. John’s medical background gives him a topic of discussion with Willow and his interest in flight suits and parachuting is interesting to some to say the least. Tess is easy to talk to and finds an emotional draw to Ma, as many do once they get past her scars.

After a while, Tess gets a notice from the local post office that a package has arrived for her. She, wolf and John go pick up a rather large box marked with high level security clearance emblems. Tess almost squeals with delight as she reads the message attached to box in an envelope labeled “For Tess and her new ship.”

Hello Quing Ting

Hope you are doing well. I'm fine, but can't say where I am. I heard about your new job so I'm sending you some tech that might help. Don't worry, most were gained legally so it won't cause problems. I got you a military grade Newtech 500's sensor array with dash board, a fusion core backup battery and some EMP protection tape.

These should help with Rocinante “intelligence” and keep your system from being fried. Also I heard your working with a firefly so I'm sending some spare parts.


Like kids on Erastide morning, the box is open to reveal presents from Tess’ mechanic friend. Questions of how did she know where to send it? Or where did she get this? Or How did this get pass security? were all answered with a simple, “With Grace, you probably don’t want to know.”

The Dew Drop Inn. Beaumonde, Two months later

The Saloon was a farming guild establishment – managed and owned. It was where farmers went to have a few drinks, and it was where they went when they wanted to do business. The Dew Drop Inn was a “redneck looking” joint but there was no way for Alliance to get a ear or eye inside. Farmers knew farmers and the serving staff were all carefully screened and usually a family member to someone in the guild. Honest working folk didn’t need Feds around telling them what to do. The double D, as it was affectionately known, had numerous rooms, many without windows and well soundproofed. It was for the working ladies, the owners would say knowing if anyone asked, but if they did everyone would soon shut up around them because they didn’t belong here.

So it was that Willow and Wyatt were joined Tess, Sheriff Justice, and three farmers that Willow had spoken with before (Della, Dee-Lar, and Jake) but not for business. They were from out of town – way out of town – Deadwood to be exact. Another man joined them there that Willow had not met before – a small asian man, shaved head with a relaxed smile and a peaceful manner. Jake introduced him as Fu Sheng. Wyatt noticed the little man had a firm grip and his eyes moved like he missed nothing. Willow noticed that the small asian man walked like a great cat, gracefully but always ready to pounce.

Drinks were ordered and brought, small talk was made and then silence fell as you waited for the Farmers to state their purpose. After a few momet, Della cleared his throat and spoke up

“We have a cargo that we like to ship to Deadwood. I ummm well ...”

“Oh gorram it Della!” said Jake, “Just tell them! We’re all business men here.”

(assuming Willow says something soothing to calm the menfolk)

Della smiled, “Yeah. Right. We want to ship 5 tanks of liquid Avri-Grow to Deadwood. Now that’s illegal, by Alliance law that is.”

Sheriff snorted, “Don’t worry about me son. I take care of my people and town and that keeps me plenty busy without keep up with purple belly nonsense.”

“We can buy Avri-Grow, we can even use it on Deadwood but transport is strictly illegal.” Della explained

“Since it can be used as a mix for a explosive.”Del-Lar added, “I don’t have to tell you that you could get ten times the price for this than we can pay you to ship. From the Black market of course.”

“But that is why we turn to you Captain Wyatt and Miss Willow. You have done us rightly and we know you won’t play that way against us.” Jake said. “So you won’t get into trouble, we arranged to transport a bunch of foodstuffs to an orphanage nearby. Fu Sheng is here as a representative from the orphanage.”

(assuming short intro and talk from Fu Sheng about himself and his order)

“We will pack the food crates around the tanks, label the tanks as corn syrup – even put a false top on it in case someone wants a taste.” Della explains, “You take the long way around so there won’t be much traffic. In case you do get inspected, Fu Sheng here will come with you to assure the goods are legit.”

“We are offering 2,500 credits up front if you do this and another 5,000 when you land on Deadwood with goods intact.” Del-Lar pipes up. “Plus we will fuel you before you leave here and after when you on Deadwood. “


Ending here to allow for talking, wheeling and dealing. As to the rest of the crew, Wolf and John might be installing the new equipment and testing it. Asher could be helping, or he might be on the roof of the building across from the saloon (another saloon but with more brothel than beer) keeping an eye out even if no one asked him too.

They are asking you to haul a liquid fertilizer that is stable on its own but if mixed with an accelerant, become a highly explosive substance. Transport is illegal because it is such a tempting target to any dust devil, ex-military, wacko nutbar militia or assassin that they will do anything to get it.

The long way from Beaumonde to Deadwood is 15 days (360 hours) of travel without hard burn. There will be times when you will be completely alone in the black, or as alone as anyone can be.

The newtech sensor array and dashboard will increase Rocinante’s intelligence scare by d2. The backup battery and EMP tape can be used to protect your vital systems from an EMP attack but wrapping all the systems in tape and adding the battery will be months of a labour of love and boredom.

Spare parts list I will provide later. I have to finish this and get going.

Posted on 2012-10-04 at 21:44:23.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: should be today

Later night than I thought but I have some time to kill at work tonight so I should be able to post then.

Once we start we are looking at a 9 person posting list so I would ask that people try to stay within a week posting, give or take. If we have to wait 3 weeks for everyone to post each time, this will get very slow very quick.

Posted on 2012-10-04 at 15:44:03.

Topic: Hazards
Subject: looks interesting

What I wrote up in 2004 is by no means canon and should be used for ideas only. Obviously, we didn't get far.

I am actually quite flattered that you have taken an interest in a idea I tossed around and if you want to run with it, feel free. I will read, follow and add my thoughts as I can.

Posted on 2012-10-03 at 19:40:55.

Topic: Hazards
Subject: Shipping wars

WE could become regulars on shipping wars. Jenna tower, from Toronto to Alabama, must stay intact.

Posted on 2012-10-03 at 17:32:37.

Topic: Hazards
Subject: haha

Is there an online jenga?

Posted on 2012-10-03 at 16:20:47.

Topic: Hazards
Subject: let me explain

My lack of skill at the time which was ... 2004. The lack of knowledge lead me to read up on chess but i am still learning the game. I got lucky against Olan and he won't play with me anymore.

He also won't play scrabble with me either. Bromern kicks my butt in scrabble regularly.

Posted on 2012-10-03 at 15:54:32.
Edited on 2012-10-03 at 15:57:25 by Alacrity

Topic: Hazards
Subject: Hey I have the file

This is all I have left of the work we did. I welcome you to use or discard whatever you wish.


The game of Hazards originated from the mythical kingdom of Pardinal, in the world of Audalis ( The game is a reflection of life in Pardinal, specifically the intrigue and manipulations of the Pardinal royalty and court.

The game is played upon a 16 by 16 matrix board. The first four rows of the board is called “The Court”. The middle section of 8 rows is called “The Field” but is also called “The Open” or “The Heart” by some players. One set of pieces is traditional black while another is white, although variations do exist in Pardinal. King Julhoun I has an exquisite set done in ruby red and sapphire blue, the house rule to that set is the red moves first.

The Setup: At the start of the game, the pieces are arranged by the players behind a wooden screen, usually part of the hazard board container, so opponents can not see how their adversary will setup their defense. Also, one piece is designated a spy by a tapered red disk inserted in the hollow bottom of the piece. The spy has no greater power than the piece would normally have, except that if it takes the queen, the game is over (See Object of Hazards).Once a spy piece is chosen, it can not be changed at any point in the game. The back row is set the same for both players, however the front row eight pieces can be placed anywhere within the court, as the player deems fit.

The Object of the Game: The Object of Hazards is to defeat the opponent in one of two ways. Take the king or have the spy piece take the queen. Focusing upon the queen is referred to as “The Queen Gambit”. The strategy of seeking only the King is called “The King’s Court”. To try play both ways is known as “Leo’s Folly” and very few players can play Leo well.

The Rules: Once both players have set up their pieces on the board, they remove their shields and the game commences. Players move their pieces across the board in alternating turns, first move going to the player that is playing the black pieces. Piece movement is shown in detail below, and only one piece may be moved per turn. A piece must be moved in every turn, the option to pass is not available in this game. The most important rule in Hazard to remember is that no piece can be taken until the line between the field and court is crossed. One can not move from court to court to take a piece, unless a piece has moved into the field. To be the first to enter the field is called “breaking of the Heart” or “first blood on the Field”.

Front row pieces (Bandit and Goblins) are considered the most expendable of pieces. However if a Bandit piece makes it to the back of the opponent’s court edge, it can be swapped for any piece taken, including a spy piece, known or otherwise. If a Goblin piece reaches the back edge of the court, then it becomes a ????.

Taking the Piece: One Hazard piece can take another one only by moving into the square of the opponent’s. When a piece is taken in the game, it may or may not be the spy piece. Among true Hazards players, it is considered “bad form” to turn the piece over and see if it is the spy without first asking the opponent. This is an unwritten rule of the game that reflects greatly upon the honour and nature of the player. This adds another layer to the game of how much you respect your opponent and how much you trust them. Of course, the player can check the piece with or without permission, but many players feel it that by not knowing, it adds a dimension to the game that is lost by revealing the pieces. When a piece is taken, the player should take the piece from the board and place it on the right of the field. He then gestures with his right hand to the piece, palm up and fingers held downwards. The opponent then either waves the piece away with his right hand or with his left. The right means permission is granted, the left means it is not. Players who check without permission are referred to as “Travers” players. Players who do not ask and they do not check are called “Furidan” players. To play in a style that where permission is granted sporadically in order to throw off the opponent, is referred to as the “Menbren” style.

The pieces on either side:

Back Row: Sa Ps Me Ri Gu La Pr Qu Kg Sj Ld Ct Rd Mg Fr Sa
King (1)
Moves 1-3 spaces any direction, Can not jump, can take Pieces

Queen (1)
Moves straight or diagonal unlimited any direction, Can not jump, can take Pieces

Prince (1)
Moves diagonally up to 4 spaces any direction, Can not jump, can take Pieces

Sanjan (1)
Moves 5 spaces any direction, can jump one piece, Can take pieces but can not take and jump in same move

Riders (2)
Moves straight unlimited, Can not jump, can take Pieces

Guard (1)
Moves straight 3 spaces, can jump one piece, can take Pieces

Courtier (1)
Moves up to five spaces total with one turn (90 degree), can jump any number of pieces, can take Pieces

Lord (1)
Can Swap spaces with any opponent piece up to 3 squares away, or moves 1 space any direction. Can not take any Pieces

Lady (1)
Can Swaps spaces with any of same side's piece up to 3 spaces away, or 1 space any direction. Can not take any Pieces

Sailor (2)
Moves diagonal unlimited, Can not jump, can take Pieces

Farmer (1)
Moves 2 spaces any direction, Can not jump, Can not take a Piece nor can it be taken

Priest (1)
Moves 1 spaces any direction, Can not jump, Can not take a Piece nor can it be taken

Mage (1)
Moves 1 square any direction or “Teleport” to any unoccupied spot within 3 spaces of own King, Can take pieces but cannot teleport and take in same move.

Merchant (1)
Moves Straight or diagonal for 4 spaces, Can not jump, can take Pieces

Front Row:
Bandit (4)
Can move Diagonal 1-2 spaces, can not jump, can take via a 1 space move only, forward only

Goblin (4)
Can move Straight 1-2 spaces, can not jump, can take via sidestep of 1 space only, forward only.

Posted on 2012-10-03 at 15:35:08.

Topic: Hazards
Subject: I did

I actually made the board and pieces at the time. A friend and I tried to play test it but it became complicated fast by my lack of skill in playing chess. I remember the corner pieces are an issue but do not remember why.

Posted on 2012-10-03 at 15:31:55.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Ummm...yeah

I'll be in my bunk.

Posted on 2012-10-03 at 14:07:59.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: tonight! maybe

Hopefully Vanadia and I will be able to post today. Thank you all for the great posts. So much to do, so little leisure time to use.

Posted on 2012-10-03 at 12:14:10.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: yeah

I wanted to post this weekend but we had a lot going on and I could not get around to it. Will try by Wed. I would love to see posts from Tann, Celeste and Vanadia before then.

Posted on 2012-10-01 at 12:35:28.
Edited on 2012-10-01 at 12:43:24 by Alacrity

Topic: man, I suck
Subject: don't make me sing

Hey Olan

Based on “Hey Mikey” by Toni Basil
Lyrics by Roger (Alacrity) Briant

(Oh Olan , you´re so fine
Your website really blows my mind, hey Olan , hey Olan )
(Oh Olan , you´re so fine
Your website really blows my mind,, hey Olan , hey Olan )
(Oh Olan , you´re so fine
Your website really blows my mind, hey Olan , hey Olan )
(Oh Olan , you´re so fine
Your website really blows my mind, hey Olan )

Hey Olan !
You´ve been away form usat and stayed away toolong,
You talk about the rules but I think you´ve got them wrong,
Why can´t you say goodnight so we can just go home, Olan
´Cause Zombies are cool, and Raven’s really Rad,
Celeste is really hot, Oh Eol don’t get mad,
Bromern is not around and I’m all alone, Olan!
Oh Olan, what a pity you don´t understand
When you update the site, we all think it’s really grand,
Oh Olan, you´re so clever, don’t you understand?
It´s guys like you Olan
Oh, what you do Olan , do Olan
Update the site Olan!

Hey Olan !
Now when you take DM’s side – The players seem to know,
Every time we play, someone is gonna go,
There´s some magic we could use, so don´t say no, Olan
So come on and play with us any way you can,
Any old game you got, You know you are the man!
Oh please, Olan, please, don´t leave us in a jam, Olan
Oh Olan, have some pity you don´t understand
When you update the site, we all think it's really grand,
Oh Olan, you´re so clever, don’t you understand?
It´s guys like you Olan
Oh, what you do Olan, do Olan
Update the site Olan!
(Oh Olan, you´re so fine
Your website really blows my mind, hey Olan , hey Olan)
(Oh Olan, you´re so fine
Your website really blows my mind, hey Olan , hey Olan)
(Oh Olan, you´re so fine
Your website really blows my mind, hey Olan , hey Olan)
(Oh Olan, you´re so fine
Your website really blows my mind, hey Olan)
Oh Olan, what a pity you don´t understand
When you update the site, we all think it's really grand,
Oh Olan, you´re so clever, don’t you understand?
It´s guys like you Olan
Oh, what you do Olan , do Olan
Update the site, Olan

I expect youtube versions people! Blow PSy off the charts.

"Olan Dungeon Style"

Posted on 2012-09-27 at 20:12:14.
Edited on 2012-09-27 at 20:14:29 by Alacrity

Topic: man, I suck
Subject: Boots of Butt Kicking Goodness!!!!

What are you talking about? *Shouts* You are Webmaster! My God...

[swatting Olan with a newspaper]

Pull-yourself-together! "How can I be active?" Is this a question? You will show us you remember that you are Mr. Webmaster, and you will remind us who *you* are. Well, you know where we are! Go, confront the problem. Fight! Win! Post Darling!

Posted on 2012-09-27 at 19:02:53.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: nor more character updates

Jessy is a "off ship" character so I will not be posting her. I will add SiFu when I have a free moment.

Posted on 2012-09-27 at 13:13:00.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: upcoming

I will post this weekend to move into the new adventure. I will be moving it along quickly to not get bogged down, but not to miss out on character interaction.

The next adventure will be very "action" filled but not all gunfights. You will be put into situations where you have to use skills and make decisions that will effect lives. Everyone will have a role to play as the game plays out. As always, feel free to ask questions if yo uare unsure of the tech or what options are open to your character. Sometimes I will PM you with a direct "as the X, you know that A is gonna happen so you will have to do B and C quickly" so look to you messages.

Looking forward to "Death in D minor".


Posted on 2012-09-27 at 12:50:39.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: 9 of 9

Once Sifu comes on, I will be dealing with the same size as the TV series. 9 people. Wow.

Posted on 2012-09-27 at 12:41:17.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: update on updates

I believe that I have updated all the characters. Please check them over and let me know if I miss anything.

Posted on 2012-09-21 at 12:15:48.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Date

I have never put an official date up. I alway thought that the game started around the Shindig episode. Also, Brigitte would have been dumped on Triumph after her encounter with you guys. Working that backwards, I got a date.

Posted on 2012-09-20 at 21:14:20.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: date

If anyone is interested, I would put the date of the beginning next adventure as October 2517.

Posted on 2012-09-20 at 20:00:25.

Topic: Characters in Rocinante
Subject: Retired Character

Name: Samuel (Sam) Dash
Position: Pilot

Agility: d10
Strength: d6
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d6

mid-bulk transports
Unarmed Combat
Planetary Vehicles
Technical Engineering

Assets (* Denotes might not be known to all):
Fightin’ Type – Sam is always ready for a tussle
Born behind a Wheel – there ain’t a ship that Sam can’t fly
*Cortex Spectre – Sam ain’t Sam and the Alliance doesn’t know it
Lightening Reflexes – Fast Draw, quick to react.

Twitchy – When Everyone is out to get you, it pays to be paranoid
Crude – Sam speaks his mind without filters
Credo – Sam won’t let innocent people get killed or hurt if he can help it
*Deadly Enemy – Sterling Phoenix, a former Browncoat wants Sam dead

Action Figure comes with:
Avenger (sound-suppressed rvlr w/ sight): D: d6w Mag: 8 R: 100ft Wt: 3 Rate:3 Cost: 37c
Neotech Derringer(x2): D:d6w Mag:2 R: 20ft Wt:.5 Rate:2 Cost 10c (20)
SPAS30 Cmbat Shotgun: D:d10w Mag:5 Range: 10ft Wt:8 Rate: 2 Cost: 45c
Combat Knife: D:d4w Wt: 2 Cost: 4c
Commando CM30 (LD Sniper Rifle): D:d8w Mag:5 R: 1000 Wt: 10 Rate: 1 Cost: 45c
Ballistic Mesh Vest: AR: 1W*Wt: 4 Cost: 46c
Gun Cleaning Kit: Cost:2c
grenade, flashbang (x10): Dmg: 2d6b, stun for 1 turn, dc15 survival Cost: 1c (10)
grenade, smoke (x10): Dmg: d4s, +8 attack difficulty Cost:1c (10)
grenade, frag (x10): Dmg:5d6w Cost:2c (20)
Chameleon Suit: AR:-1w Cost: 50c
Mags for Avenger (4) - 32 rds
Mags for deringers (2 ea) - 8 rds
Mags for Shotgun (4) - 20 rds
Mags for Sniper Rifle (4) - 20 rds
Back History

The whole damn planet ain’t much more than a garbage dump for the ‘Verse; gorram pathetic scrapheap of a rock. True enough, United Reclamation’s got their papers signed with the Alliance and owns big damn chunks of the place but, so long’s they can keep all the independent salvagers under thumb and get their cut of the scrappin’ to keep in the good with the purple bellies, they don’t pay too much attention to those as come here lookin’ fer work. Other’n sendin’ their trash here, though, the Alliance ain’t got much interest in the place an’, I reckon, it’d take nothin’ less’n a uprisin’ of drunken browncoats to even get a patrol sent out this way. So, all considered, Beylix was a little slice of Heaven fer a go neong yung duh jwei gai won se like me and, once I went on the dodge from the Alliance, it seemed like as good a place as any to kick off this new life of mine. Once upon a time, I flew (among other things) for the jing chai Alliance… not no more, though… not for quite a spell.

I ain’t who I used to be, get me? That’s right, pay no never mind that my speechifyin’ is more in keepin’ with folk out here on the Rim, the fella I used ta be was born an’ bred in the Core. I grew up on Londinum, see; come from a right respectable family (as them in the central planets tend to conjure, anyhow). I got my early schoolin’ in some of the best schools in the Core and, bein’ as I was brung up by my folks, them as tended to believe that life didn’t get no better’n what the Alliance was providin’, I turned out to be a plumb upright, uptight citizen, my own self. Hell, back in them days, I was such a buhn dahn as to politickin’ an’ sech that I joined up with the military right outta high school and, bein’ as I showed some skill at gettin’ ships and skiffs to do things they like wasn’t made to, I ended up bein’ one of the better pilots what ever took to the skies for ‘em. Anyhoo, the early bits of it ain’t really the all together of this little yarn, so I’ll spare ya the details. Let’s just say that life was as good as I thought it’d get back then; I was educated in flyin’ an’ fightin’ an’ sech, I made good pay, I saw the ‘Verse, an’ I had a shiny gorram rep. Far as I was concerned, when the Unification War dusted up, ya’ll out here on the fringe were shiang jing ping for not wantin’ to fall in under the Alliance – the high uppity-ups in Parliament an’ Mil Brass made it all sound so shiny, y’know? Who wouldn’t wanna live the kinda life we’d growed to love in the Core, right? So, at first, I didn’t have no tussle with doin’ what I were told to – I believed the bull mi tian gohn propaganda what got shoveled out by the muckity-mucks an’ did my job without nary a peep in protest – had my part in bombin’ the livin’ hell outta more’n a few cities (hell, entire planets) an’ did more’n my fair share of up-close an’ personals, to boot. Like I said, for a long stretch, I was a damn fine citizen an’ soldier and, as far as the politickin’ of the war went, it was all how as far as I reckoned.

Thing is, though, even ‘fore we got round to headin’ out to Athens, I’d started to conjure that things wasn’t exactly factual where them politics was concerned. Fact of it is, after I seen the “collateral damage” we was causin’ – whole settlements, towns, an’ cities leveled ‘cause they were thought to be shelterin’ a browncoat or two, thousands of innocents killed (some as even supported unification) for nothin’ more’n bein’ able to say the Alliance made an example of a coupla Independents playin’ hide-an’-go-hump-yerself – I started to figure that all the pretty words an’ ways what the gummint tossed about to convince us we was right weren’t much more’n Parliament tryin’ to g’en ho tze bi dio se. First time I seen a kid blown into itty bitties on account of a bomb what dropped from my boat, I got me this right sour knot in my gut an’, I reckon, it was just bout then I decided I was like on the wrong side of the fence, never mind what my superiors was talkin’ at.

Now, I reckon the “easy out” woulda been to eat the barrel of my own damn gun, but, raised as I was in a home where religiosity got it’s fair share of attention, I knowed that blowin’ off the back of my own head wouldn’t sit well with the fuzzy Lord (just like I knowed that tryin’ to resign weren’t gonna sit well with them as were in charge of me… an’ I didn’t cotton to the idea of them bein’ the ones what killed me, neither), so, by the time we comed into deep orbit about Athens, I had a jing chai plan in place to get me killed without bein’ killed for really real (even if ya spent yer whole gorram life in the Core, it don’t take ya long on the Border to ferret out who as can do what to lend a hand in things like that). Again, more with the details that I ain’t like to bore ya with as they’s not too all-fired relevant, no how, but for the generalities of it… Let’s just say that when they sent me out on that bombin’ run over Athens, I already knowed I weren’t comin’ back an’ neither was I gonna dump no more damn bombs. Soon’s my boat hit atmo an’ the squad started burnin’ full on for the target city, I started to go ghost. As far as any of the rest of my squad could figure, I got popped by a Browncoat auto-cannon on the burndown, crashed and burned well outside the hotzone and, I reckon, them as seen the explosion, figured I was like to be scrap an’ dust along with my boat… Truth of it is, there ain’t nobody ever got a good bead on a ship I flew an’ sure enough, not enough of one to blow me outta the sky… I killed myself that day so as I could start livin’ again… the “auto-cannon hit” to my stabilizer weren’t nothin’ more than a smoke grenade I done rigged, the hinky flyin’ wasn’t no damn chore, neither, an’ the explosion what convinced my unit I were killed? Nothin’ more’n one of them gorram thudders as was in my boat that I dropped just ‘fore I quit the fakin’ an’ burned ass out into the black. Weren’t too all-fired tricky to slip past the cruisers an’ sech either, seein’ as how they was all intent on poundin’ Athens to dust, an’ limpin’ my boat to that shady skyplex where she got stripped was a might less trouble’n I woulda conjured, too.

I weren’t long for that plex, neither. Stayed on just long enough for some resident, big damn guay tuh guay known to have me ghosted from the Cortex an’ tailored into Sam Dash (course the cost for all that biz was paid with my damn boat an’ whatever ordnance were left on ‘er, plus a nice foldin’ stack of credits) then, I copped a one-way, fill-in slot pilotin’ a scow bound for Beylix off the plex an’ never looked back.

I were on Beylix for a good spell an’ I took to findin’ work where I could in the salvage yards (most times I didn’t do more’n run mules an’, now an’ agin, took a run outta atmo fer them as got short o'drivers)… for a piece, I even forgot about my old life an’ it didn’t even filter into my brainpan that the purple bellies…er some grudge carryin’ ex- joo bah jeh Browncoat… might be lookin’ for me… until they started showin’ up, o’course.

Din't take long after that fer me ta hitch my wagon ta... ya ain't gonna believe this... another ex-Browncoat. Fella by the name o' Wyatt Sung. Lucked inta the captainin' of a Firefly called Rocinante jus' when I was needin' ta shin out most. He din't like me none too good at first - most folk don't... I'm whatcha might call an acquired taste - matter o' fact, we pert near kilt each other when first we met. That's a story fer another time, though, puhn yoh. Let's jus' leave it wit', these days, me an ol' Wyungsung're shiny wit' each other... Truth of it is, I reckon ol' Wyatt's the one wong bah duhn inna 'Verse I c'n say I trust. If he don' shoot me first (I tend ta get 'im inta a tiff ever' now an' agin), I'll be flyin' fer th' man till the Black ain't black no more, get me?

Sam vanished one day after seeing a face in a crowd that clearly spooked him.

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Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: characters and cortex

I have updated Wyatt, Asher and Wolf so far. Takes a lot more time than I thought.

A bit on the Cortex as it will come into play in the next game.The Cortex is a complex interplanetary computer network comprised of nodes and access points (think massive Internet). An IdentCard was typically required to use the Cortex, and all activities were monitored to some degree. A private link was available to the wealthy via a dedicated source box, and public access was available in a pay by the minute scheme. The Cortex could also be accessed by a ship's computer or by a personal encyclopedia.

People were also known to connect to the Cortex illegally, co-opting someone's account or hacking into a public terminal with false credentials or using a "black box" terminal.

It was possible to locate someone within a ship's orbit via node tracking—but from there, unless they were using landlines to connect, it was very difficult to pinpoint someone's location with only a Cortex trace.

Wave communication is done ia the cortex (like a giant Skype). Radio transmission from ship to ship or ship to planet without Cortex depends on power of antenna, receiver and transmission.

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Topic: Avast, mateys!
Subject: rum


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