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Topic: Castle Rautenberg Q n A
Subject: You are up and on the chart

RPN - don't post to far into story. Things will be happening.

You know I can't bring myself to take YeOlde off the player list. sigh.

Posted on 2011-10-07 at 21:05:14.

Topic: Escape From Castle Rautenberg
Subject: Enter the lost soldier

Max sat in on the stone floor of the prison cell he occupied and tried to breathe deep and regular. the Germans had beat him hard but he was still alive, and still thinking about a way out. He'd get out of here - he knew it.

It had all started well - the mission that is. But when the plane was attacked Max had been ready; his gear consisted of the usual stuff along with his explosive kit and his Thompson and as much ammo as he could carry. When the call to jump now had come he was up and out the door in no time. The jump however didn’t go so smoothly.

Not long after his chute opened he felt an impact and he started to plummet downward; looking up he saw that a body from the plane had crashed into his open chute. The falling body had continued on to its doom but in passing it ripped a gaping hole in his chute. Quickly he drew his knife and cut away the main chute and once clear he deployed his back up chute. When it opened he was perilously close to the tree line and he crashed down through the trees and along the way he struck his head on a large branch and was knocked out.

Coming too he felt someone moving him; he thought it must be his fellow rangers but they seemed to be a bit rough with him. As he came fully awake he heard them speaking German and knew he had been captured. By the time he was awake he had been stripped of all of his weapons and gear and his hands were tied behind his back. They questioned them but he only told them his name and rank in English; no sense in letting them know he understood everything they said.

After awhile more troops came, they must have been searching for more survivors of the crash. He was glad to see no other captives; that meant they would carry on with the mission. The German soldiers blindfolded him and hauled him into a truck and drove him someplace. Once he arrived they kept him blind until they had him inside a building in a cell where they did a proper interrogation of him.

A German sergeant took great care in his interrogation techniques; he managed to beat on Keller and most of the time kept him from passing out. In the end he learned nothing from him. they put him back into the cell to await further interrogation. But Max knew something else was wrong. Something had these guys scared. They were talking about experiments and monsters. This was supposed to be a rocket fuel site! What was going on?

But all he could do was wait. Scared people make mistakes, and he'd be waiting for any chance to pay back his capturers.

The door opened and two guards yelled at him to get up. he didn't move, letting them pick him up and drag him back. Let them think he was weaker than he was....

Posted on 2011-10-07 at 21:01:41.

Topic: Escape From Castle Rautenberg
Subject: Hard to keep a good monster down

“You’re one lucky canary, mister, to run into us. We can give you some protection, if you can give us some answers. First of all, what was your job here?” The Captain says and the Sarge moves to translate for the german prisoner. The man is very agitated and nervous at first. He keeps tell you that there is great danger and that you must flee while you have the chance. But eventually you get this much from him.

His name is Drew Goldstein. He is an electrical engineer brought to the castle two weeks ago to help them with a power surge problem, or so he was told. He doesn't like the Nazis or want to work for them but they have his wife and daughter captive and one wrong move and it would mean Auschwitz for him and them. (A number tattoo on his arm confirms at least part of his story) At first he did what they said but he knew they were doing something very evil here. Something that required a lot of power and attempting to ... well he didn't know but he had heard Herr Doctor say something about opening a dimensional rift.

Last week, they has done an experiment outside and it went horribly wrong. A soldier was electrocuted but then, they found something living in his corpse. After that, things became very bad for Goldstein. He was forced to work on the generators to maximize power. They worked him day and night with little sleep and constant guard. But the guards talked of a creature growing. Civilians were taken for another experiment and then the soldiers started to become scared - there was talk of more monsters appearing. He heard Guards talking about something with no body that possessed men.

Herr Doctor and the Commander attempted the experiment again and all hell broke loose. There was a blue light and then creatures from nightmares poured out. Demons of darkness and fire. Goldstein ran blindly upstairs and hid upstairs in an office until a few moments ago when he decided to make a break for it and found you.

He has no idea where the Commander or Herr Doctor are but he knows that similar equipment is set up in the crypts below the castle. He also tells you that another American soldier was fought with the plane, and is being held prisoner in the castle, in the dungeons below.

Suddenly the scientist starts to cough and hack. He seems to have problems breathing. Doc moves to see what the problem is but suddenly the doctor breaks free and runs for the door. Brutal moves to intercept ..

When suddenly there is a crash and bang from the front of the castle as the doors burst open. A familiar tentacle swiftly reaches into the room and grabs Goldstein. He screams. The monster bellows a angry cry. It is the creature from the bridge, now trying to get into the castle but only able to reach an couple of arms in. The German man is pulled out screaming until a gut wrenching crunch and ripping of flesh and bone puts silence to his protests.

"SONOFABITCH!" Brutal yells, "How often do we have to kill this!?"

Posted on 2011-10-07 at 20:11:07.
Edited on 2011-10-07 at 20:15:03 by Alacrity

Topic: Castle Rautenberg Q n A
Subject: Not dead yet

Sorry for the delay in getting info out and posting. Work has become busy again. However, Tomorrow is only a half day for me so I should be able to take some time for myself.

Posted on 2011-10-06 at 16:38:56.

Topic: Vote for the Inn
Subject: 4

We're number 4! We're number 4!

Sorry. It is a Canadian thing.......4th place is good. We don't have to be #1.

Posted on 2011-10-03 at 19:36:23.

Topic: WWII Horror
Subject: TANN!

Albert! Stop frightening away my recruits! Sheessh!

Posted on 2011-10-03 at 17:37:38.

Topic: WWII Horror
Subject: sure

Would love to have you RPN. Any idea on a character? Keep in mind this is "hollywood" style world war II so don't worry too much about real history or timelines. If we can get a premise going right away (within two days) then we can slip you into my next post. Otherwise I will post to the game and have you show up later.

Posted on 2011-10-03 at 12:28:50.
Edited on 2011-10-03 at 12:30:06 by Alacrity

Topic: Castle Rautenberg Q n A
Subject: a day or two

I am going to wait a day or two to see who is interested in getting involved. If I get someone who can join quick, it will change to way I post the next bit.

Posted on 2011-10-03 at 00:40:45.

Topic: WWII Horror
Subject: Attention!!

I am looking for someone to join the Escape from Castle Rautenberg game - a WWII horror RPG based on the cortex rules.

I would like someone to play an American soldier who was captured by the nazis and is in the castle. You would jsut be waking up as the game is progressing. If yo uare not familiar with Cortex, don't worry, I can walk you through the system.

Although originally a one shot campaign, this could roll into another game afterwards as a special team that investiagtes paranormal and occult missions.

Posted on 2011-10-03 at 00:20:03.
Edited on 2011-10-03 at 00:28:54 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: let's go

Destiny Bridge, Day One of Journey, 10:00 pm ST

“Fuel cells are still warm,” Tess said to Jason as she began the power up sequence, “I’ll take us out slow and then we’ll boogey on at the edge of their short range sensors. She’ll be ready by the time you’ve made your call to those sah gwa tze fu.”

“Sounds good Tess, Just make sure that we take this nice and easy. The last thing that we need right now is for the Erikson to decide we’re being suspicious.” Jason said as he turned to the communication station powering up the transmitter and keying up the mike.

“Greenleaf control, Alliance Cruiser Erikson, this is fast courier Destiny upon successful completion of the inspection we are now resuming our previously interrupted flight plan.” Jason called into the Port authority and received the green light to proceed. The Erikson was still matching speed and course but there was no reason to delay your journey any further.

““Sheh sheh, Erikson and Greenleaf have a nice day.”Jason replied.

Tess activated the main engines and the ship took off like a shot into the black, with Greenleaf and the alliance cruiser slowly becoming smaller and smaller in the rear monitor.

Destiny Guest Quarters One, Day One of Journey, 10:00 pm ST

“Gorram, that doesn’t look so good. That’s got something techy about it. Grace ,you think you figure this out without causing us no more delays?” Jon started to reach for the case but stopped, “Ah, I’ll just leave this for you.”

Grace didn't reply. She just kept looking at the case as if he and it were the only one in the room. Jon had seem grace get like this before and there was little he could do. Grace was pondering possibilities and possibilities and then some. Best to just let her be, as she always did right by the ship and crew. He patted her on the shoulder reassuring and then left the room giving the hand signal to Ken and the Doctor to follow him out. Just as they did, Grace suddenly flipped the briefcase over and then back again, mumbling to herself "No. Of course it isn't an explosive. I knew that."

As time passes, the crew begins to resume normal life on the ship. Tess sets in a course that is the fastest, most direct route to Osiris as there is no need to hide with legit cargo. The Doctor send a wave to the hospital and passes the news to the crew that Priscilla is still recovering and not cognitive enough to answer any questions. Grace fumes in her room for awhile that people had been in her room but eventually gets down to business. At 11 pm, Ship time, she comes to the common room with the case.

The tech was mere a high end lock made so only Priscilla could open it. Grace interrupted the power and reset the factory specs so the lock accepted her DNA. Inside was a personal wave transmitter, with the last time used was to the Companion Guild house on Sihnon, the day that Priscilla took ill. Unfortunately the device did not save the message. The other was a key card, coded for a the main hospital on Ariel but as for what, Grace was unable to say.

Dr. Young looks at the key with a bit of surprise. "That's a cyro-key. For clients who have organs grown and kept in cryo-stasis in case they ever need a replacement. To get it you need the key and a DNA sample to prove you are indeed the donor."

Posted on 2011-10-03 at 00:13:50.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: back in the saddle

Hornsilver Mine, Regina, Frisco, Day Nine 11:20 pm Planet Time

"You've been playing with children and fools too long, sugar, you're descending to their level. We're almost at the curve of the drift; I'd better see some light to show your good intentions, or we walk outta here!" Willow called out.

There was a brief pause of silence and then the scuffling of someone moving around, and the sound of water sloshing as well. Down the drift a light pulsed twice to show you the way to go. "Now keep coming down the drift, to the base of the old shaft ." I'll be waiting for you there." Brigit calls out.

Sam, Wyatt and Willow continue down the path for a while cautiously. As you move you see another flash of light in the dark, then another and another. Brief flashes, very small but a sign that you are not alone. Then a voice, familiar to Willow calmly and quietly says near her ear. We meet again Miss Willow. Shame it is once again not under the best of conditions." It is Lau Tsu's voice. As soon as he speaks, three Tong men dressed in black step out slowly into your light and A fourth steps out from beside Willow and Tsu removes his head covering.

(assuming some hello and you scared the bejezus outta me)

"I apologize for startling you like this but grandfather asked me to bear you a message Miss Willow. I am afraid I bear sad tiding for Grandfather has left this world to join his ancestors. Fear not, it was not by the hand of the devil and his mistress. In fact, shortly after you left it was like something he was holding on to for life was no longer a burden - perhaps he found someone to share it with? I would not know." And with that he passes a piece of folded paper to Willow. "But if you brought any measure of peace to him, I will be forever in your debt."

The Message - Willow: They say the son must share the burden of the father but it is the daughter that has to clean up the mess. I fear I won't be here for you to give the chess piece to when you return and I am sorry for burdening you. Many evil acts are done in a war. I only hope that you judge me not for what I did, but what I hid. Please finish what I should have done. Thank you.

"We seek out the devil Pearson to seek revenge for his deeds against the family. But he moves like a shadow and eludes even me. I feel like he is watching us, mocking me. I can find a acorn carried on the wings of an eagle, but this man is beyond my skills. Be cautious. He does not fear death and enjoys its company. I fear I grow old, for i can't track a murderous villain and I trusted the devil in a woman's guise. For my sins, I bear the price."

(assuming some more riddles in the dark)

"You go to meet her? Be careful. She is the more dangerous of the two. We must go and seek out Pearson. Good Luck to you."

Frisco, Day Nine 11:20 pm Planet Time

Asher! You there! You better be alive young man or else I may be powerfully upset at you ruining the work I put into saving you. Ain't too respectful to get yourself killed before all the stitching heals." It was Doc McGuire's voice, followed by the sounds of someone moving debris. "HEY!....... Over here!......... I got a man down and I can't move these beams!" the Doc shouted.

For the second time in a week that gruff old voice has been the best thing Ash could remember hearing. “Doc? …..Oh Doc thank Buddha you’re here.”

Then with a small crack in his voice Ash said, “Doc…., I’m sorry……, Winnie didn’t make it.”

"I'm sure you tried Asher. Some people have too much hate in them to keep going. " the doctor replied

“Ash? That you? Yell out if you can hear us.” Came another voice, Bowman by the sounds. Soon he heard Wolf call his name as well and the beam over him moved to reveal moonlight, a lantern and three faces of people he was glad to see.

"Don't try to move yet!" the Doctor said sternly and began poking and prodding his side, legs and back before he nodded his head. "You are one lucky man Asher." he says with a whistle, "But you will need some rest and mending." He said as he pulled out his dermal mender and began to work on Asher's forehead where a gash had formed. A small crowd of peopel were coming out now. some were standing around but many were hauling buckets to douse the fire and others moved beams and debris.

Posted on 2011-10-02 at 18:52:28.
Edited on 2011-10-02 at 19:05:15 by Alacrity

Topic: Loaded Dice Filler: Fantasyland
Subject: yo! oh flakey one?

When you get back can we discuss getting Floyd Hobart going?

Posted on 2011-09-30 at 16:05:07.

Topic: Favorite Homebrew
Subject: Audalis

I would have to put in a shameless plug for the Gilskalos of Tiborn in Audalis.

The Gilskalos

Posted on 2011-09-30 at 12:18:34.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: this weekend

will be updating the thread. Work has returned to normal madness levels and it looks like I won't have to work this weekend.

Posted on 2011-09-30 at 10:29:54.

Topic: Castle Rautenberg Q n A
Subject: this weekend

will be updating the thread. Work has returned to normal madness levels and it looks like I won't have to work this weekend.

Posted on 2011-09-30 at 10:29:16.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: this weekend

will be updating the thread. Work has returned to normal madness levels and it looks like I won't have to work this weekend.

Posted on 2011-09-30 at 10:28:49.

Topic: Happy Birthday Vanadia!
Subject: Happy Birthday Vanadia!

Today is Vanadia's Birthday. Post any birthday wishes to the Inn's den mother.

Happy Birthday Dear!

Posted on 2011-09-30 at 10:22:13.

Topic: OSRIC not Ostrich
Subject: excellent

Good Find Raven

Posted on 2011-09-29 at 01:50:41.

Topic: OSRIC not Ostrich
Subject: oh well

Guess they reached their limit.

Posted on 2011-09-28 at 23:02:44.

Topic: OSRIC not Ostrich
Subject: OSRIC not Ostrich

The OSRIC rules are available free at Drive Thru Games

OSRIC stands from Old School Reference and Index Compendium and is to 1e/2e rules what Pathfinder is to 3/3.5 rules. basically they have taken the original rules and re-packaged them so people could produce modules without fear of legal vengence from WotC.

A lot of gamers still like to old rules and many games are played here with them.

Posted on 2011-09-28 at 17:01:00.
Edited on 2011-09-28 at 23:02:54 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Actually

RP Noob has approached me to take on the Ken role and I have given him first offer as he is new and Tann didn't mind.

RPNoob is in Smuggler's Cove.

Posted on 2011-09-27 at 16:58:24.

Topic: Castle Rautenberg Q n A
Subject: okay then

We will fight them onto the end.

So I will need to find another player to take on a captured American team member. Suggestions?

Posted on 2011-09-27 at 16:56:22.

Topic: Good morning Red Dragon Inn! Or is it Evening? I am never really sure!
Subject: ack pfft

I have a headache and no intern to massage my head......

Posted on 2011-09-27 at 16:47:51.

Topic: just curious
Subject: moved

I moved your thread to the recruitment forum as that is where this belongs to attract players.

I would suggest that you delvelop your game concept fully and then explain it to players who might be interested. You have been rather vague as to game mechanics so far and this doesn't strike me as a good one for freeform.

Posted on 2011-09-26 at 19:20:04.
Edited on 2011-09-26 at 19:20:26 by Alacrity

Topic: just curious
Subject: Ummmm

If Jesus isn't born, how can it be Christian based?

Posted on 2011-09-25 at 22:16:59.


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