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Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: I know

I will play for her or ask vanadia to step in.

Posted on 2012-01-08 at 20:28:28.

Topic: Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
Subject: Going gets tough

Destiny Bridge, Day Two of Journey 1:10pm ST

Looking coolly as he could Jon said,” Wuo Jai Jeong Yi Chi. (Let me repeat myself ) We have a contract and we plan to honor it. Have a good day Mr. Chung.” With that said Jon clicked off the wave abruptly, “Tess, Jio Weh Sung Chiuh. Let's just get the hell out of here! Show these locals how this lady can dance. Save the big burn for a surprise.”

“Aye Capt’n” Tess responded immediately, “We’re dancing pretty hot as it is, but let’s see if I can’t coax the beat up a notch.” She reached up and readjusted the goggles placed over her eyes, and prepared Destiny for a little bit of reckless speed.

“Did you want me to check in with Decimus and inform him of our current plight and see about getting some ground support for the delivery or would you rather I leave the Baron in the dark on this one?” Jason asked as he crossed the bridge to the Com station, “It’s up to you Cap’n, I just work here.” Jason sat down at his console bringing it to life with a few quick gestures that spoke of long practice with the equipment and started checking the local times of his informants figuring out who to call first.

“Jason you’re the silver tongued devil of this crew when it comes to talking information out of social circles so go for it. It might not be a bad idea to compliment the Baron on his choice wine being so popular that we were offered to sell it before we got there. If he asks let him know some local named Chung must have thought he could improve his status by delivering the cargo. That should send alarms yet keep us looking innocent. I figure the Feds will be monitoring the waves so try to do it with straight face. Do your best spin. Having your Captain looking Chwen is not always a bad thing. Better they should under estimate us.”

As Tess moved the throttle up, the engines purred like a kitten but grace suddenly cocked her head and moved out of the bridge mumbling something about the left rear manifold was about to go and having work to do. The finest of sound could set Grace off towards the engine room or into the ducts and air shafts of the ship.

The wave did not hail again and there was no sign of attack or danger so Tess kept course as The Captain and Jason discussed who to call and why. With grace and Ken now gone from the bridge, she didn;t feel so closed in as before. Only so many people could fit up here.

Tess completed the sweep she was doing and the "destination" that Mr. Cheng had given helped her.Destiny was a great ship but it's sensors were only so good but Tess found the Arrowhead's pulse beacon signal and was able to find coordinates. Tzu Mieh was its name and it was hiding by the asteroid they mentioned and it is moving to intercept. However it didn't wasn't moving fast enough to be concerned , like it was waiting for something or perhaps had a technical problem. She could even make out the ship though the glass of the bridge window as Destiny passed by the asteroid.

Suddenly there was a flash of light so bright and the Arrowhead was gone. No sound in space robbed the brilliant explosion of its drama but in a instant the ship was destroyed.

Tess gripped the controls desperately, knowing what would happen next but unable to stop it. She barely had enough time to scream "Brace for Impact!!" into the comm. The shockwave from the blast rode out across the black, slamming into Destiny and threw it across the black like a leaf in the wind. Luckily no other ships were close by to risk further impact or collision.

Jon and Jason were tossed to the floor of the bridge. The electrical system shut down and the engine when offline immediately from the strain. The sound of things hitting the floor and glass breaking can be heard throughout the ship.

You are adrift in the black.

Arrowhead Courier Tzw Mieh Bridge, Day Two of Journey 1:00pm ST

Wang Cheng turned and looked at the man in the distance behind him. The huge man with the battle armour and the automatic weapon in his hand pointed directly at Wang's head. "We did what you asked for, and they have refused. Do you wish me to hail them again Agnat?"

The man smiled, "No. I believe our business is done here. Just let me get to my ship and you can be on your way. I have learned all I need to know. Wish I knew what type of ship that was though, it is gonna bug me now. I want you to move to follow them, as if you are interested but don't try to catch them."

"If you wish us to." Wang signed to his pilot to do as Agnat said, "And our payment?" Wang asked carefully, still eyeing the weapon carefully.

The armoured man picked up the case beside him and flipped it open in a practiced flourish on the counter. Inside were stacks upon stacks of alliance credits, bundled neatly. "As I said. Sorry about the gun but I had to know you wouldn't try any funny business. Now gentlemen. I bid you farewell." and with that he stepped backwards out of the bridge and up the ladder to the airlock where his one man ship was coupled. He slipped inside the and shut the door and released the airlock. His ship immediately lifted off the hull of the arrowhead and drifted away as it moved around the asteroid. He spun the ship around and moved in the opposite direction. Great thing about this single man ship he had, it could do an incredibly fast clip on short range. Just as he was far enough around for the moon to protect him, he pressed the button on his wrist band and laughed at fools would don't check the cases that money is carried in. By the time he swung around, the black ship would be dead in the black and easy pickings.

OOC: Positions
Tess, Jon and Jason are on floor in the Bridge
Ken is on floor is Rec room #2
Grace is knocked down in the Engine Room #15
Dr. Stephanie is on floor in Infirmary #20
Some of you will receive PM's with additional info.

Posted on 2012-01-08 at 20:27:04.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: Had to steal the line

Hornsilver Mine level 1, Regina, Frisco, Day Nine 12:10 am Planet Time

If Brigit is effected by Willow verbal barbs, she shows nothing of it as she looks down the new hole in the ground. "You know, for a moment I thought you were bluffing me Willow." she says with a big smile.

Sam goes down the ladder first, followed by Brigit. After a short time, Sam calls out and all clear and Willow and Wyatt go down the shaft to the corridor below. the door above closes behind you but a quick test shows that the release on this side will reopen it without a code. But as Willow descends she sees a small red glow on the opposite side of the hatch. It is a panic button, she recognizes from her medical training for labs that would be working on dangerous pathogens. The button would seal the doors and override all codes in case of a hazard release - which would trap anyone inside forever.

The walls of the drift are formed of rusting hull plating. Its sides slant slightly inward towards a narrow roof supported by steel reinforced trapezoidal arches placed every few feet. The plates are from a ship, that is sure for some are stamped "Warning Exhaust Pipes", Avionics Access C" and "Ground power Connector". Wyatt finds a small registration sign reading "Lucius Newberry - ComTrans - Boros". Brigit smiles widely upon seeing the plate as well. "No doubt now sugar. We found the treasure."

The end of the corridor opens onto a large oval shaped room with concrete arches supporting a domed ceiling of fitted hull plates. Near the edges of the floor are the remains of three big crates. Willow spots a faded cover from one of the crates label in english and chinese - "Control 98242683 - Quarantined Cargo. Do Not Open. Biohazard."

The objects in the centre of the room catches your attention. Three sarcophagi fashioned out of shaped concrete form a triangle in the centre of the room. The top of each sarcophagus has been formed so that it looks like human bones. Chinese figure cross each sarcophagus Jwei Gai Won Se (So guilty as to deserve a thousand deaths). Each lid has matching seals made of metal.

Sam whistles loudly at the sight of the stone coffins. "This ain't no mine." he exclaims, "It's a tomb."

Hornsilver Mine - Topside, Regina, Frisco, Day Nine 12:10 am Planet Time

The hovermule banks up the hill and then Wolf swings it around and comes to a stop. There, before them, is the one shaft to the mine. Not much to look at really. the old building that used to hold the lift for the mine is broken down and faded. The roof is completely gone and the windows smashed out. The twisted metal of the of harness for the lift engine stands like an old armoured warrior over the mouth of some dungeon of Earth that was. the shaft would be about 20x20 feet in size. There is a cover over the shaft, made of quarter inch thick steel plates and 2x4 wooden beams. Which is why Wolf had spun the mule around before stopping. So he could use the winch and pull the cover off. But as you get closer, you see that someone has already been here and opened up a corner of the cover so to slip underneath. Looking down the dark of the shaft, there are many handholds available and the safety ladders mounted to each wall (for when the lift was busted) are still intact.

Posted on 2012-01-08 at 19:23:10.
Edited on 2012-01-08 at 19:25:29 by Alacrity

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: I don't think so

I thought it was an excellent post as all have been so far. Thanks for the first posts.

Posted on 2012-01-07 at 22:21:26.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: gold and silver

The concept of a gold piece as a standard of currency used by the populus is not realistic. A silver piece would be more likely used and it wouldn't have that much silver in it.

So a leven is your standard coin (dollar, gp, credit, whatever) and a fuscat is worth 8. In the base D&D system, you are being offered the equivalent of 8000 gp, in a world where 10 leven would keep you room, board and food for a week (not luxury, mind you).

Does that make you more excited?

Posted on 2012-01-07 at 18:28:38.
Edited on 2012-01-07 at 18:31:17 by Alacrity

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: healing kit

What kind of healing kit did you have in mind? Bandages? Gauze? Herbs?

Posted on 2012-01-07 at 03:52:20.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming
Subject: Audalis Dreaming

It began in Portua, capital city of Pardinal where a group of merchants were moving a large caravan of goods to the city of Sundel to the north. As with many merchants, they wanted bodied more than skill and were hiring the green and the very green as guards. Not that you had much experience, but you had enough fights under your belt to know what to expect and enough sense to take ready cash when it was offered. But the merchants were thinking that lots of armed men were the way to go.

So you struck out over the hills and pastures of Pardinal towards the Railir Peaks. Somehow, the six of you ended up around the same fire on the second night and found that you liked each others’ company more than the brash bragging of the young ones and the depraved games of the hard up soldiers. Two Khords, Two Syls, a Keldan and a Human princess – sounded like a bad punch line but you didn’t care. You at least respected each others’ privacy and the lady could sit and eat without fighting off unwanted hands.

Once you were in the Railir though, things got bad. You were attacked at night by creatures as soon as you were far enough in not to turn around. They were humanoids with rough hides of gray or brown, no hair, tendrils across their faces and as evil as evil could be. They attacked on mass and without fear or fatigue. They would take your fellow guards when they fell and eat them alive or torture them in sick disgusting ways so that their screams would echo through the mountains. You had heard whispers of these creatures before but never this far south – the Cruniak!

The six of you were able to work together and protect the caravan leaders and get through the mountain pass. It wasn’t easy, and you spent many a night without rest. The mage’s spells were very beneficial as was his ability to fly above the battle. Bjarki the Khord warrior was a battering ram against the wave of Cruniak. Gamard, the other Khord and cleric of Solanis kept you alive though healing and the use of light spells that seem to drive the creatures off. Crow used his bow and throwing daggers to great effect and also Talon’s bow and dual short swords were always at ready. Bas, the female gladiator held off the attacks with shield and disemboweled them with her short sword. You learned to watch each other’s back and made it through. But you were the only six guards to survive out of the thirty hired.

So it was that the merchants gave you each 100 levens each as a bonus for your bravery and you are enjoying a congratulatory drink at a local tavern called “The Red Dog Inn”. It seems that you may all end up going separate ways now when suddenly there is a bit of a commotion outside. A man comes in and loudly tells the bartender “Hey! The Mayor just posted a 1000 Fuscat reward to any person or persons who can go after the Cruniak, wipe out their lair and bring back the head of their leader! Woooie! That’s a lot of money! If I was an younger man, i’d be sharpening my sword right now. Hey, give me a Bulleye! Now in my days I was...”

The old man’s story is lost in the eruption of chatter. You all look at each other across the table, some with grim determination, others with carefree smiles. Yes, that is a lot of money.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 21:26:27.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: no problem

Look up - Characters in AD (which is Audalis Dreaming). You will notice at the top of the column, there is a link as well. All the threads will be linked when i am done.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 20:45:23.
Edited on 2012-01-06 at 20:46:17 by Alacrity

Topic: Characters in Audalis Dreaming
Subject: The Lady

Picture is temp until Lady Dark gets back to me.

Name: Sebastianne Darkhold (Bas)
Player: Lady Dark
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Level: 2

STR 17 +1/+1 to hit and damage
DEX 18 +2 reaction, +2 missile, -4 AC
CON 15 +1 per die
INT 13
WIS 12
CHR 11

AC: 0
HP: 22
WofP: Gladius (2), Dagger, dagger thrown
Non-Weapon Prof: Blind-Fighting, Animal Lore (horses), Heraldry, Seamanship, Survival, Endurance, Running, Jumping, Armourer

Weapon: Gladius, dagger (1), throwing daggers (3)

Equipment: Piecemeal Armour ( Pieces of different armour put together to protect as well as chain AC 4), Small Shield, Backpack, Bedroll, Cloak, Torch, Iron rations, flint and steel

Sebastianne Darkhold was wealthy, spoiled, and completely unsatisfied with the expectations placed upon her - to marry, to breed, to run houses. During a heated argument with her parents over the proper disposition of servants, Bas decides she has had enough and walks away from it all. Taking her own meagre savings and a very small bag of clothing and supplies, she steals a horse from the family stables, and heads off into the sunset.

Her intention was to find the most deplorable job, by her parents standards, but could not bring herself to become a paid lady. And she was terrible at a servants life. I mean, she was just terrible. She tried bar-wenchery, but that was short-lived, as well, and then tried her hand as a deck hand on a ship. And was kicked off, for being bad luck. She was terrible at just about everything she did.

As it happened, she was walking back to her little bedroll in the woods one evening from bathing in the stream, when she was beset by three drunken louts. Fighting naked is difficult, fighting naked with long wet hair constantly slapping you is harder. And yet, she beat them senseless, barehanded. She wasn't sure if it was a fluke till she entered the local underground fight circuit, and soundly trounced four more opponents. THIS was a truly marvellous thing, because her parents would have fainted had they seen Bas in the ring.

And so Bas earned herself the monikers The Blueblood Brawler and The Hitter. The last one wasn't terribly clever, it was given to her by a simpleton whom she had defended one night, and overheard by members of unsavoury groups, and it just stuck.

Physically, Bas appears very much like a princess. During the day, she tries to remain somewhat respectable looking. Bathed, at least. Long black hair reaches to just below her shapely rear. During fights, she keeps it bound in a long ponytail that she tucks down the back of her shirts. Black hair, Blue eyes, great skin. Bright, but not scholarly bright.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 20:16:22.

Topic: Characters in Audalis Dreaming
Subject: The Winged Mage


Name: Wanwa'er (Wan)
Player: Tiamat5774
Race: Kelden
Class: Mage
Level: 2

STR 10
DEX 17 +2 reaction, +2 missile attack, -3 AC
CON 16 +2 per die
INT 18 +4 mana +7 NWP
WIS 16 +2 to saves vs mind based attacks

AC: 7
HP: 12
Mana: 8
W0fP: Crossbow, Dagger
Non-Weapon Prof: Blind-fighting, Spellcraft, Survival, Astrology, Reading/Writing, Lore (Keldan), Lore (Sylvari), Lore (Occult)

Weapons: Light Crossbow with quarrels (50), Dagger

Equipment: Belt, Boots soft, Breeches, cloak, good cloth, gloves, Knife sheath, plain brooch, tunic, vest,
Backpack, belt pouch large, bolt case, Flint and steel, Lantern bullseye scroll case, Lamp oil (1 flask), parchment 10 sheets, rope, silk 50', tent small, Whetstone, writing ink

Spells in Book: (7) Burning Hands, Sleep, Magic Missile, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil, Armor,Identify

As a toddler, Wanwa’er, as he became known to the Sylvari, was very inquisitive and the shyness of his culture was not yet engrained in him.

The Sylvari, since discovering the Kelden on one of their tri-annual Griffon hunts, have struck up a mutually beneficial trade agreement. The Sylvari stop by multiple tribal villages in the mountains to provide repairs to weapons and tools traded in the past and to trade new weapons tools in return for goods to supply their hunt.

During one of such visits, a toddler, curious of the new visitors, climbed into one of the carts and began exploring everything he could get his little hands on. He found some preserved dried fruit and ate heartily, then fell asleep in the food stuffs.

By the time he was found, the weather was changing dramatically. Some of the harshest weather began to move in and prevented the Syls from returning and made them move out of the region. They attempted to contact the Kelden but communication was limited and by the time the news of the child was delivered, the Kelden had already declared the child dead and in their society that was permanent and an act of the gods. Furthermore, as he developed magic skills the kelden would have rejected him for those reasons alone. The Sylvari did try to explain the mishap as best as they could to the Kelden and the Kelden's reply roughly translated was this, “He left, curious about you and your ways. Let him, who is dead to us now, continue to learn your ways.” The Sylvari would not abandon the boy, so they were stuck with him.

Wanwa’er had learned the Sylvari language fluently, ably removing any whistling and chirping from his speech, allowing him to learn the magical arts as the Sylvari have come to know magic. He was treated a little better than an outsider, and more than a pet curiosity. The Sylvari found that Wanwa'er could be trained and so he was.

It was about his 9th year of age, which the owners of The Crowmarhte Brothers Traveling Circus and Daredevil show took Wanwa'er in for the potential they saw in him and his wings, plus a literate savage would no doubt make for an interesting side attraction, and that was how he was treated for a long time.

That was when he met Maithias Crowmarhte. He was one of the few that didn't treat him as a sideshow act. Maithias was the closest person he had to a friend, and as their friendship grew, Maithias would help Wanwa'er with his speech. Wanwa'er's interest in magic grew during that time and he became one of the first in his generation of Kelden to be able to wield magic abilities. Thanks to his new friend, the others in the circus also began to treat him as more a civilized being and less of a curiosity.

Good times were enjoyed by both, and you could almost say they were joined at the hip at times, but dark times must fall and all good things must come to an end. Just as Wanwa'er found where it seemed he belonged, disaster befell the circus.

Traversing through the lands of Ertain, the circus folk were attacked by dark folk from Sendra and swiftly destroyed the Circus people and wagons. All Circus hands died in that attack save Maithias, who now goes solely by Crow, and Wanwa'er who was able to fly his wounded friend out and save him from a deadly fate.

Always in need of work and financial boons, the two have had many adventures and jobs together. Then the Mayor of Sundel put out a call for those who would venture forth and hunt down a vicious creature known as a Cruniak.....sounds just like their cup of tea.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 20:14:47.

Topic: Characters in Audalis Dreaming
Subject: The Ranger


Name: Tâlyonaas Faelandaerl (Talon)
Player: RP Noob
Race: Sylvari
Class: Ranger

STR 17 +1/+1 to Hit and Damage
DEX 18 +2 reaction, +2 Missile, -4 AC
CON 16 +2 per hit die
INT 10
WIS 11
CHR 14

AC: 3
HP: 24
WofP: Short Swords (2), Longbow (2)
Non Weapon Prof: Blind fighting, Endurance, Hunting, Running, Set Snares, Reading/Writing, Bowyer/Fletcher, Tracking, Two Weapon Fighting, Animal Lore, Wilderness Lore, Sylvari lore

Hide in Shadows: 15% + 15 = 30%
Move Silently: 21%+20% = 40%
Bow bonus - +1 bonus to attack rolls with long or short bows.
Sword bonus - +1 bonus to attack rolls when using a long or short sword
Infravision - 60' infravision range.
Resistance 90% - 90 percent resistant to sleep and charm-related spells.
Secret doors - Because of their acute senses, elves are quick to spot concealed doors and hidden entranceways. Merely passing within 10' of a concealed door allows an elf a one-in-six chance (a 1 on 1d6) to notice it. If actively searching, an elf's chances improve to a two-in-six chance (1 or 2 on 1d6) to find secret doors, and a three-in-six chance (1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) to notice a concealed door.
Stealth - When the elf is alone and is not wearing metal armor, he gains a bonus to surprise opponents. The opponent suffers a -4 penalty, a -2 if the elf has to open a door..

Dual Sylvari-made Silver short Swords
Sylvari Longbow with 40 white-fletched arrows

Equipment: (worn)
Sylvari Studded Leather armor (well made)
Boots, soft
Belt w/buckle
Pouches, Small (2)

Equipment: (Backpack)
Map case
Flask of Oil (Lamp) x2
Paper (sheet) x2
Writing ink (vial) with quill
Rope (Silk) 50ft -tied outside backpack
Candles x2
Torches x2
Wineskin - tied outside
Herbs & seasonings, various (small wooden box)
Venison (jerked) - 3 days
Sacks, Leather, small x2
Sack, Leather, large
Whetstone, weapon oil and cloths

Known History:
Tâlyonaas Faelandaerl, known simply by Talon to his non Syl friends, is a Sylvari Ranger. He has typical Syl features; tall, almost 6 feet, pale skin, violet colored almond shaped eyes, and long blonde hair pulled back behind his pointed ears and held in place by a thin silver chain with clasps on the end which show his Family seal.

He wears Sylvari made light armor, a long bow often clasped in his hand, a pair of Sylvari made Silver short Swords tucked on his back behind a quiver of long white feathered shafts.

Talon is young for a Syl, barely over 100 years old, having spent most of his life in his home. He was born in Vanima Romen, the Capital of the Southern Sylvari Kingdom of Mealamin. The young Syl’s family is considered royalty and Talon himself is 23rd in line of succession to the throne; though barring any massive tragedy he would never sit upon any Sylvari throne. His family however has high hopes for him later in life to lead their family.

He left his home a few years ago on a pilgrimage to go out among the other races of Audalis; to learn from them and to experience what the world has to offer. He wants to find his own place in the world and to one day return to his people a better person able to serve his people and his family in a superior fashion.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 20:13:35.

Topic: Characters in Audalis Dreaming
Subject: The First aid kit - I mean Cleric!


Name: Gamard the Grim
Player: Hammer
Race: Khordaldrum
Class: Cleric (Knights of Aina'rutha)

Str: 17 +1/+1 to hit and Damage
Dex: 11
Con: 16 +2 per hit die
Int: 12
Wis: 18 +4 mind attack saves, 2-1st, 2-2nd, 1-3rd, 1-4th
Charisma 12

AC: 3
HP: 20
WofP: Warhammer, Sling, Quarterstaff
Non-Weapon Prof: Blind-fighting, Healing, Herbalism, Religon, Spellcraft, Mining, Lore (Solanis)

+4 on saves vs poison
+4 on from magical attacks like spells, wands, staffs, rods and other devices
20% chance of magic item malfunctioning if used by Khord
+1 on attacks against “Underdark” or “Goblinoid” monsters (orcs, goblins, ogres, etc)
Infravision to 60’
Detect grade or slope in passage 1-5 on 1d6
Detect new tunnel/passage construction 1-5 on 1d6
Detect sliding/shifting walls or rooms 1-4 on 1d6
Detect stonework traps, pits, and deadfalls 1-3 on 1d6
Determine approximate depth underground 1-3 on 1d6
Spell Use
Turn Undead as one level higher
Cast “Light” twice per day

Divine Prayers(Spells): 5 – 1st level

Weapons: Club, Quarterstaff, War Hammer, Sling with 40 bullets

Equipment: Banded Armour, Buckler, Belt Pouch, Backpack, Bedroll, Chain, 2 Wineskins (water and wine), Trail Rations (5), Torches (10), Flint & Steel, Flasks of Oil (10), Sack, Rope 50', Boots, Breeches, Cloak Sleeveless with Hood and buttons down over his shirt, Holy Water (3)

His parents were assigned to transport Shrooms from the Mushroom Fields deep within the Khord Kingdom to a variety of places on the surface world of Audalis.

On a journey to Sendria his family was attacked by a band of Shroom Raiders and they seized the 15 year old Gamard with the intent of ransoming him or selling him or worse, but when they beheld his deep purple eyes the superstitious Shroom Raiders recoiled in horror, believing the young Khord to be cursed and his family and Shrooms as well.

They burned the Shroom Wagons, but fled away into the dark forests, leaving the Khord family to find their own way back to their Khord Kingdom and were greatly disgraced.

Gamard and his parents were forced to work in the Shroom Fields to repay the lost shipments and were stripped of their station as Shroom Transporters. Gamard was an outcast due to this misfortune, but he remained in the Shroom Fields for 5 years until Age 20 when he was banished by the Khord Elders for the disgrace upon his parents.

Having had no real allegiance to any particular deity as a result of his parents disgrace, the wandering Gamard the Grim as he began calling himself (chip on his shoulder) came upon a group of Solarin Priests who invited him to join their order (Preferably the Knights of Holy Anger, see below)

Gamard the Grim spent the next 10 years in service to the Knights of Holy Anger as they trained him in their ways of service to Solanis.

From age 30 to 55 Gamard the Grim was allowed to journey with various Priests of Solanis as an apprentice to learn how to interact with the various races of Audalis as a Priest of Solanis.

At that time he was free to go out on his own, but Gamard the Grim chose to spend another 2 years in a Temple of Solanis (place to be determined according to Alacrity and his adventure) where he learned more from a 'retired' Knight of Holy Anger before venturing out on his own as a Priest of Solanis.

At age 57 Gamard the Grim hired himself out as a Healing Cleric (think of the Cook in one of those Stephen Segal movies) to traveling caravans and did his part to fight when necessary.

He hired on as a healer (think of the Cook in one of those Stephen Segal movies) for a caravan headed across Pardinal and then decided after encountering the Cruniak to hire on as a mercenary Knight of Holy Anger when the mayor of Sundel posts a reward.

Gamard the Grim is presently 59 years of age.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 20:12:27.

Topic: Characters in Audalis Dreaming
Subject: The Khord Warrior


Name: Bjarki
Player: Gallirian
Race: Khordaldrum
Class: Fighter
Level: 2

STR: 18(00) +3/+6 to hit and damage
DEX: 16 +1 reaction, +1 missile, -2 AC
CON: 17 +3 per die
INT: 10
WIS: 13
CHR: 12

AC: 2
HP: 26
WofP: Battle Axe (2), Short Sword, Short bow
Non-Weapon Prof: Blind fighting, Mountaineering,

Weapons: Battle Axe, Short Sword, Short bow with 30 arrows in quiver

Equipment: Chain Mail Armour, Med. Shield, Helmet, Boots, Breeches, Tunic, Vest, Cloak, Belt, Gloves,
Backpack, Bedroll, Belt pouch (lg.), Crampons, Flint and steel, Sack (lg.), Rope (50’), Grappling hook, Candles (5) Iron pot, Dry rations (2 wks.), Water skin, Hooded Lantern, Lamp oil (3)

+4 on saves vs poison
+4 on from magical attacks like spells, wands, staffs, rods and other devices
20% chance of magic item malfunctioning if used by Khord
+1 on attacks against “Underdark” or “Goblinoid” monsters (orcs, goblins, ogres, etc)
Infravision to 60’
Detect grade or slope in passage 1-5 on 1d6
Detect new tunnel/passage construction 1-5 on 1d6
Detect sliding/shifting walls or rooms 1-4 on 1d6
Detect stonework traps, pits, and deadfalls 1-3 on 1d6
Determine approximate depth underground 1-3 on 1d6

Bjarki is the son of Bothvarr, a competent Khordish warrior though of no great renown. He was raised on the south-eastern border of the Khordal kingdom, near the Sylvani border and not too far from Sendria. While his border origins have provided him with opportunities for adventure and training, they have also exposed him, as is common in border communities, to ways of life that differ from the main stream of his own culture. Thus, his familiarity with the Sylvani and human tongues. Thus also, his free-spirited (for a Khord) disposition, i.e. his Neutral Good alignment, and his appreciation, seldom mentioned among other Khords for obvious reasons, of Sylvani wine. His preference for the short bow over the crossbow may be attributable to this circumstance as well, though if asked he would cite the bow’s quicker firing rate. His current desire to adopt the life of a wandering adventurer is also a result of his
exposure to other peoples. He has found that his curiosity can sometimes overpower his natural or cultural inclinations toward judgment. On the down-side, his temperament often makes him feel like an outsider among his kind.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 20:09:35.

Topic: Characters in Audalis Dreaming
Subject: Characters in Audalis Dreaming

The Thief-Acrobat

Name: Maithias Crowmarhte (Crow)
Player: Tann’Talas
Race: Sylvari
Class: Fighter/thief
Level: 2/2

STR 17 +1/+1 to hit and damage
DEX 18 +2 reaction, +3 missile, -4 AC
CON 16 +1 per die
INT 15
CHR 12

AC: 2
HP: 20
WofP: Composite long bow, Dagger(2), Short Sword(2)
Non-Weapon Prof: Blind fighting, Disguise, Gaming, Hunting, Jumping, Reading/Writing, Tightrope Walking, Tracking, Tumbling

Weapons: Composite long bow with 12 flight arrow and 12 sheaf arrow in quiver, Throwing Dagger (6) ,Short Swords (2)

Equipment: Acrobatic Armour (leather and thin steel – equivalent to stud Leather), Backpack, Flint and steel, Map(? of what), Wineskin, Belt pouch- large, Caltrop x30, Belt pouch- large, Mirror- small metal, Thieves' picks, Belt pouch- small, Nuts (per lb) x2 and Raisins (per lb), Belt, Boots -soft, Breeches, Gloves, Good cloth cloak, Shirt

Bow bonus - +1 bonus to attack rolls with long or short bows.
Infravision - 60' infravision range.
Resistance 90% - 90 percent resistant to sleep and charm-related spells.
Secret doors - Because of their acute senses, elves are quick to spot concealed doors and hidden entranceways. Merely passing within 10' of a concealed door allows an elf a one-in-six chance (a 1 on 1d6) to notice it. If actively searching, an elf's chances improve to a two-in-six chance (1 or 2 on 1d6) to find secret doors, and a three-in-six chance (1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) to notice a concealed door.
Stealth - When the elf is alone and is not wearing metal armor, he gains a bonus to surprise opponents. The opponent suffers a -4 penalty, a -2 if the elf has to open a door.
Sword bonus - +1 bonus to attack rolls when using a long or short sword.
Dodge/Tumble Evade - -2 bonus to AC
Backstab - Surprise attack may inflict double damage. For every four levels beyond first, the damage multiplier increases by one.
Climb walls* 40% - Able to climb vertical or smooth surfaces.
Detect noise* 10% - May hear faint noises.
Find/remove traps* 35% - Skill at finding and disarming traps.
Hide in shadows* 25% - Grants the ability to hide in shadows.
Move silently* 25% - May move without making a sound.
Open locks* 45% - Skill at opening locks with the proper tools.
Pick pockets* - Skill at pilfering small items from pockets or purses.
Scroll Use 10% - May use magic scrolls at 9th level.
Thieves' cant - Knowledge of the secret language of thieves

Maithias Crowmarhte was born into a circus family of acrobats, jugglers and trapeze artists traveling from town to town doing up to 3 shows a day. From a very young age, even for a Syl, he was trained to be like his parents, 2 brothers and 1 sister all acrobats themselves. His parents as well the owners of The Crowmarhte Brothers Traveling Circus and Daredevil show. A circus composed of mostly Syls with a few trusted Khords, Humans and a few other races mixed in.

However it was not till he was in his late 60’s that he was brought into the families second occupation and told the reason for so few humans that of professional thieves working for the Sylvan King as spies and gatherer’s of information when the circus traveled in the human lands of Audalis. For the next 10 years Maithias was trained in the arts of the Rogue and was quite good at them when combined with his skill at acrobatics‘, almost some said a natural.

During this time he met and became friends with one of the circus performers, a male Keldon named Wanwa’er. Over the course of the next few years the two found themselves getting into quite a bit of mischief and became the closet of friends. Almost always where one was the other was never far away.

However some things are destined to come to a violent end and so such was to be the fate of The Crowmarhte Circus. While traveling the lands of Ertain the circus was attacked by a large band of human led dark folk from Sendra and within a few hours the circus was destroyed and everyone lay dead. Everyone that is but Maithias himself and his friend Wanwa’er, who due to luck and his ability to fly whisked them both to safety.

A few days later healed somewhat he returned to the site of the circus’s destruction and buried its dead. Since that day Crow and Wanwa’er have become close friends and now travel as a pair of hired muscle, guarding caravans, merchants and doing any profitable job that comes their way For Maithias now calling himself only Crow, life goes on and so does he............

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 20:08:29.
Edited on 2012-01-09 at 20:02:14 by Alacrity

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: good Idea

Move this to the QnA forum and changed the name. party is now posted.

Note on Non Weapon Proficiency - I have given some character some of these out of interest in fairness but I really do not find they play into online gaming very much. That being said, if you object to yours, let me know and I will change them. Even in tabletop I have replaced NWP with a skill system that is similar to 3e.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 20:04:19.
Edited on 2012-01-06 at 20:26:41 by Alacrity

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: hehe

I applaud Hammer's enthuasiam.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 14:34:35.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: Last call

Last call for all those who need to give me equipments or changes to characters. I will be posting them soon and if you don't tell me what you are carrying, you are travelling very light - backpack, bedroll, clothing (this is a PG site), one torch, flint and tinder, some iron rations and a belt pouch for your coins.

Posted on 2012-01-06 at 13:51:11.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: Keep flying

I will be posting to all my games this weekend.

Posted on 2012-01-05 at 14:01:47.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Hello all

I will be posting to all my games this weekend.

Posted on 2012-01-05 at 14:01:20.

Topic: Castle Rautenberg Q n A
Subject: My fault

I meant to send out a note to all about who knew Max and how well but I never got around to it.

The original mission was two 15 men teams, one to take out the bridge, the other to storm the castle. Max would have been on the bridge team and Luke would have been on the castle team and therefore have only passing familiarity with Max. I didn't establish who was on what team because I didn't plan on adding Max until later in the game. So since Romo was on the castle team too, Luke would be surprised that you knew each other. Perhaps as an officer, Luke never dined with or shared quarters with the enlisted men? It really isn't important to the game so let's just let it slide.

I will be posting to all my games this week to get them going and starting my new D&D game as well.

Posted on 2012-01-05 at 13:43:11.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: good points to all

Just let me state for the record here that Tann and I are friends and have been for awhile so there is no animosity in this discussion. We have it often and frankly I don't mind discussing game theory with new people.

I like what RPN suggests as it makes the most sense to me. If you think of this is "realistic" prespectives of a group of adventurers gathered around a table discussing a quest, I don't think "who is the leader" is a question that would come up. What supplies do we need? When are we leaving? are you gonna eat that? - that seems to be more in line with such a gathering.

Take Tann's example "Say we find a cave with 3 Ogres and an Evil Wizard". Well the fighters will charge, with finesse fighters taking the ogres on the sides while the armour and axe warrior comes up the middle and draws attention. The archer moves to one side to fire arrow, the spellcaster steps back to cast a spell and the thief crouches low and to the shadows to look for a exposed back. Do you really need one person to direct you for that?

I have Dm'ed since 1982 (Good Golly that is a long time! Has it really been 30 years! Crap, I'm getting old.) and the idea of a party leader was always the first one abandoned by my players. It usually causes infighting and with online games you have the posting of thoughts of "I don't like this leader" which leads to real life feelings being hurt.

Crow putting Wan over the other members is a natural impulse (they are friends) and good role playing. Same as Bjacki might put Gamard over the others as they are the same race, ditto for Talon and Crow. But you are a team and you need to watch each others back.

Oh, and never make the thief the leader! It is like putting him in charge of the gold!

Anyway, as I said, I bow to the wisdom of the party.

Posted on 2012-01-05 at 13:28:07.

Topic: Floyd Hobart #6 is up
Subject: glad you liked

We aim to please

Posted on 2012-01-05 at 12:59:14.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: I have it

You were both successful.

Posted on 2012-01-05 at 03:08:33.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: the one with the red hair??????

I get a group shot

Posted on 2012-01-05 at 02:59:51.

Topic: Audalis Dreaming QnA
Subject: Thank you Riacaud

Interesting if somewhat esoteric idea. Not really what I was looking for though.

Posted on 2012-01-05 at 02:39:58.


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