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Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: okay answers

Bro - Sorry I got your sons names mixed up, but i do so with my own as well. Giddy has not posted for two months and he has yet to let you know the turbines were uncoupled.

Tann - Actually no you didn't post that you went back to engine room. In fact, I asked your specifically where Wolf was going before leaving ship and you said you were gathering guns and ammo from yours and Asher's room only.

"The only stops I'm making Roger are to pick up my extra ammo box of 100 rds for the Pistols and an extra 50 rds for my shotgun. As for the JC I'm reloading the few rds I fired and grabbing all 3 of it's magazines and 150 Shotgun rds for a total of 200 shotgun rds. Of those 200, 100 of them will go to John for the SPAS shotgun he has and I'm putting all into my backpack. Then its on to the Mule. And just to be clear I have all 4 magazines for the pistols."

You did post you had a bucket of scrape but you did not post where you got it. I could only assume you got it along the route between Asher's gun supply and the mule. You probably would not keep scrap in the engine room anyway but in a supply locker.

I wanted Wolf to go into engine room so he'd discover this missing part himself. But you didn't so I improvised a way to get you back. As to when did this happen between now and the time you left to go to the atmo processor. Part of online gaming is that sometimes i have to guess.

Posted on 2013-11-06 at 16:01:39.
Edited on 2013-11-06 at 16:05:27 by Alacrity

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: here you go.

The following is a general guide to creating characters in the Verse. If you are from a free-form background and don’t get this stuff, let me know and we can work it out together based on what person you want to play.

Attributes in Serenity RPG are dice, not stats. You pick a higher dice to represent a better attribute. The steps of dice progression are:

d2 – d4 – d6 – d8 – d10 – d12 – d12+d2 – d12+d4 etc.

Any time you want to do something, from fly a ship to shoot a guy, you take attribute + skill die and roll them against a difficulty class.

You have six attributes, three are physical and three are mental

Agility – Your ability to move quickly and physical coordination
Strength – Just how strong is your character.
Vitality – a measure of general health and toughness

Alertness – Intuition and observation. How much you can spot and notice.
Intelligence – Basic smarts. How bright you are and how much you’ve learned
Willpower – Determination and force of will.

Initiative (How shots act first in combat) is Agility + Alertness
Life Points (Hit points, how much damage you take) is Vitality + Will Power
Physical combat – strength + skill
Gun combat – agility + skill
Basic Combat Dodge – Agility + alertness

Making the characters;

Everyone starts with 48 points. If you want d12 in strength, it will cost you 12 points. But don’t be dividing up points yet. First there be Assets and Complications.

Assets are bonuses and addons that help your character do things that define them. Kaylee’s ability to talk to engines, Jayne’s ability to take a hit, Wash being able to fly the ship all come out of assets. Assets are major or minor. Every player should have at least one asset, and no more than five. Minor Assets cost 2 points and major assets cost 4.

Complications are those quirks or personality traits that make people human. Jayne getting greedy when the money is good. Or the circumstances that make things difficult like Simon and River being wanted fugitives. Minor complications add 2 to your points and major ones add 4. Everyone should have at least one complication and no more than five. Note, play to your complication in the game will get you plot points as well.

Once you have your assets and complications done, you take the remains points to give to you attributes. Remember that d6 in an attribute is considered average.

The following are the list of assets and complications in general terms. If you want to know them in specifics, let me know. If you can think of something not on here, let me know. If minor or major is listed after a trait, then that is the only level possible for that trait.

Allure – You are damn good looking and you know it. You can play it up, dress it up or just have that look.
Athlete – You excel at one specific athletic specialty (tennis, running, swimming etc)
Born behind the Wheel – You could drive before you could walk. You can drive any type of a specified vehicle (ships, land machines, etc) so well that you can amaze people.
Cortex Spectre – The is no record of you on any alliance data bank. As far as the computers know, you do not exist
Fightin’ Type (major) – You are always ready for a fight and can handle yourself well in a tussle.
Friends in High Places (minor) – You have friends and contacts in the high class social groups.
Friend in Low Places (minor) – you have friends and contacts in the underworld and seedy parts of the verse.
Good Name – You are known and have a good reputation. People respect you for something you did or have done or supposedly did.
Healthy as a Horse – You rarely get sick and shake off injuries faster than most.
Heavy Tolerance (minor) – You can drink most people under the table. Doc has to hit you twice with meds to put you under.
Highly Educated (minor) – You have school training and can refer it from time to time. You can rhyme of facts and figure galore about a whole lot of places and things,
Intimidatin’ Manners (minor) – You have that look that makes people scared of you. Complete strangers call you sir.
Leadership – You have the way about you to bring the best out of people. You inspire, you motivate and the right word of praise for you will make people want to work harder.
Lightning Reflexes (major) – You are a fast draw. Most guys haven’t touched their guns by the time you have drawn and shot them.
Math Whiz (minor) – You do math in your head faster than a gorram computer.
Mean Left Hook (minor) – You are deadly in a fist fight. Hands can do lethal damage.
Mechanical Empathy (minor) – Machines talk to you and your hear them. The slightest of sounds from an engine means volumes to you and you are gifted at fixing them.
Military Rank (minor) – You rode a tank or held a general’s rank on one side or the other. Be it winning or losing side, you have served in the military and have military training.
Moneyed Individual* – You are loaded. Your dad is rich, or you wrote the jingle for Fruity-oat bars that everyone sings. Either way, you can get you hands on cash if need be.
Natural Linguist (minor) – You have an ear form languages and pick up different ones easily.
Nature Lover (minor) – You are at home in a forest and in harmony with nature. Trees seem to talk to you and you have a gentle touch with animals.
Nose for Trouble – Every once in a while, you get that feeling as if her is trouble about and sure as shooting, you know that trouble is about somewhere.
Prosthetic Limb/organ – You lost something in the war or a fight or an accident and had it replaced with a bionic replacement that enhances its ability. An extra strong arm or an eye with infra-red, either way you are better than you were before.
Reader* - you can sense other people’s thoughts and feelings. Getting inside a person’s head is possible for you, even if you don’t want to.
Registered Companion* (minor) – You have completed the Companion training and are legally entitled to the benefits of the guild members.
Religiosity – You are a man or woman of god (Buddha or Christian). Faith guides your actions and movement through the verse.
Sharp Senses (minor) – Pick a sense and yours is better than most.
Steady Calm – Even in the most dangerous situations, you remain clam, as if nothing fazes you or could ruffle your feathers.
Sweet and Cheerful (minor) – You are a happy person and you like to show it. Nothing can bring you down and people just can’t help but like you.
Talented – One skill you are exceptionally good at and perform better than most.
Things go Smooth – Lady Luck likes you and good things tend to happen to you.
Total Recall (major) – You have an amazing ability to recall something you have seen or heard in the past, in great detail.
Tough as Nails – You are much tougher than you look. You can dish it out and you can take it as well.
Trustworthy Gut – You have learned to trust your gut reactions as they are rarely wrong.
Two Fisted (major) – You are ambidextrous.
Walkin’ Timepiece (minor) – You don’t need no watch, you just know the time. Freaky really and your friend use you to set their owen clocks.
Wears a Badge – You are a law man, a sheriff or a member of some law enforcement organization. You are sworn to serve and protect.

Allergy – something sets off your body to a rash or sneezing fits.
Amorous (minor) – Sex might not be the only thing one your mind, but it is in the top 3.
Amputee (minor) – You lost a limb and never got a fancy replacement
Bleeder (major) – You suffer a blood condition that makes you bleed and not clot well.
Blind (major) – Since birth or after some accident, you are completely blind. May need a guide animal of some sort.
Branded – You are a bad bad apple and you are rotten to the core. Everyone knows you and everyone knows what you are capable of.
Chip on Shoulder – Anger management? Screw that! You lash out at people for the slightest of things.
Credo – You have a personal set of principles that you can not go against no matter what. The sense of honour you have is all that keeps you going and damned if you are going to compromise that.
Combat Paralysis – Guns start to blaze, you stop moving. You need to take a few moments before you can face a fight.
Coward (minor) – You ain’t no hero and believe to leave the fighting for those who are into fighting.
Crude (minor) – Yo usay the wrong thing at the wrong time, and the right time and well any time really. Subtle is not your middle name.
Dead broke (minor) – No matter how big your take, you always seem to be broke. Money just burns through your pockets
Deadly Enemy (minor) – Someone doesn’t like you and you are on their list of who to eliminate. Even if you kill this guy, he has a brother, sister and uncles that would like you dead.
Deaf (major) – You can’t hear a thing. Your ability to speak may be effected
Dull Sense (minor) – One sense doesn’t work so well.
Easy mark (major) – You are gullible and believe every hard luck story in the verse.
Ego Signature (minor) – You have a thing for leaving calling cards wherever you go, a little sign that you were here for your fans and enemies. Makes you easier to track.
Filcher (minor) – You steal things out of habit. You tried quitting but you gained so much weight so you try to keep it to a minimum instead.
Forked Tongue (minor) – You like to lie. You get to spinning a tale and the tale takes on a life of its own.
Greedy (minor) –Money can make you do stupid things, like betray your crewmembers.
Hero Worship (minor) – Someone in your life can do no wrong and you won’t hear otherwise.
Hooked – You are addicted to a substance, and require doses of that substance or find your perform will become effected.
Leaky Brainpan – You are crazy. You talk to people who aren’t there, or think you are a flower and people should water you. Whatever the case, you are a nutcase.
Lightweight (minor) – You get drunk really easily. Doc has to show you a needle to make you pass out.
Little Person (minor) – You are a dwarf. 3 to 4 feet tall.
Loyal (minor) – Some group of people know you are loyal to them, and that you’ll do anything they ask of you out of loyalty.
Memorable (minor) – You have something distinctive about you that makes people remember you.
Mute (major) – You can’t speak. You have to use non-verbal communication
Non-Fightin’ Type (minor) – You just don’t believe in violence and will avoid conflict if you can.
Overconfident (minor) – “Hey, I can do that” is your motto in life. You are bold, brave, cocky and full of dare.
Paralyzed (major) – Spinal ord injury has put you in a wheelchair for life.
Phobia (minor) – Something scares you badly. If you come near it, it freezes you up completely.
Portly – You never met a pot roast you didn’t like. You are a heftyperson.
Prejudice* - You dislike a certain group of people and react negatively when brough tin contact with them.
Scrawny (minor) – You look like you have missed a few meals.
Slow Learner (minor) – You have a mental block on a certain set of skills that keeps you from learning it well.
Soft (minor) – You can’t take pain and crack under the smallest of pressure.
Stingy (minor) – You never feel rich enough. You lock away money, never spend it on things you need.
Straight Shooter – You are generally honest and like to remain that way.
Superstitious (minor) – You believe in the crazy mumbo –jumbo that affects your everyday life.
Things Don’t Go Smooth – Lady Luck hate you. Things never work out in the end for you without a series of complications.
Traumatic Flashes – You have flashbacks and horrible dreams of things done to you in the past. It can freeze you up at the worst times.
Twitchy (minor) – You aren’t paranoid – you know there are people out to get you. Trust no one is your motto.
Ugly as Sin – Whether by scar or by birth, you are one ugly critter.
Weak Stomach – Sign of blood makes you weak. A Dead body will drop you faster though. You can’t handle all but the dullest of foods.

With skills you start with 75 points. You begin with the General Skills listed below which you can only take to a max of d6. After that you may go higher in specializations within the skill sets. So for example you might have a d6 in Animal Handling, so you add 2 more to the specialty of horse training to d8. You can go as high as you want within a specialty.


General - Even if you have never done anything in these skills, you have a chance based on attribute alone in these skills. So a novice can shoot a gun, or come up with obscure knowledge.

With specialization, if there is a category you can think of, but don’t see – bring it up. This is hardly the exhaustive list. Some cross over several skill sets, so don’t specialize twice.

Animal Handling – You like animals, or you know how to talk to them.
• Specializations: Training, riding, zoology, veterinary, specific animal
Artistry – you have some artistic talents
• Specializations: Appraisal, cooking, forgery, game design, painting, photography, poetry, sculpting, writing.
Athletics – You are good at moving and using athletic skills
• Specializations: Climbing, contortion, dodge, juggling, jumping, running, swimming, any sport
Covert – The subtle arts of the sneaky sneak.
• Specialization: Camouflage, disable devices, forgery, infiltration, disguise, hide in shadows, streetwise, open locks
Craft – You can create things out of other things.
• Specialization: Architecture, blacksmithing, gun repair, leatherworking, cooking, pottery, origami, metalworking
Discipline – You have had some sort of training, usually military.
• Specialization: Concentration, interrogation, intimidation, leadership, mental resistance, morale
Guns – Anyone dip can squeeze a trigger – this is about aiming and knowing how to hold the gun
• Specialization: Assault rifles, energy throwers, grenade launchers, machine guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns
Heavy Weapons – The big guns that are used to take a ship out of the sky.
• Specialization: Artillery, catapults, demolitions, forward observer, mounted guns, rocket launchers, cannons
Influence – Sometimes words are better than guns and glances.
• Specialization: Administration, barter, bureaucracy, conversation, counseling, marketing, seduction, streetwise
Knowledge – Knowing stuff and more stuff.
• Specialization: Culture, selling goods, appraisal, philosophy, earth that was, sports, religion, local customs
Melee Combat Weapons – Weapons held in the hand that don’t shot nuthin’
• Specialization: Clubs, numchaku, swords, knives, dagger
Perception – Picking up on the subtle clues in your surrounding
• Specialization: Deduction, empathy, gambling, hearing, intuition, reading lips, search, sight, smell, taste, tracking
Performance- You got a song in the heart or a desire to act out.
• Specialization: Acting, dancing, costuming, keyboard, guitar, wind instruments, singing
Planetary Vehicles – You have the ability to drive, steer and operate land based vehicles
• Specialization: cars, canoes, sailboats, hovercraft, ground vehicle repair, military combat vehicles, submarines, yachts
Ranged Weapons – Any weapon thrown or shot that isn’t a gun
• Specializations: Blowguns, Bows, crossbows, darts, grenades, javelins, knives, slings
Survival –Buck naked on a rock – things ain’t so bad.
• Specialization – water, land, desert, nature, space survival, specific environment, making fire, hunting
Unarmed Combat – You fight with fist and feet
• Specialization: Boxing, brawling, judo, karate, kung fu, wrestling, street fighting

Skilled Only – you must have points here to try these at home.

Linguist – You know languages well
• Specialization – Arabic, Armenian, French, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, etc
Mechanical Engineering – You know machines and how to fix them
• Specialization: Invention, machinery maintenance, mechanical repairs, plumbing, security systems, identify problems, rewire and reroute electrical.
Medical Expertise – You have studied medicine either in school or on a battlefield
• Specialization: Dentistry, forensics, general practice, genetics, neurology, pharmaceuticals, surgery, toxicology, prosthetics
Pilot –If it flies, you can drive
• Specialization: Navigation, astrogation, astrophysics, gunships, transports, helicopters, patrol vessels, ultra light, covert stealth ship
Scientific Expertise – Plenty of schooling or self taught, you the nerd, man!
• Specializations: Earth Science, Terra-forming, Historical sciences, life sciences, mathematical theory
Technical Engineering – If it has a computer, you can work with it.
• Specialization: Communications, computer programming, hacking, security devices, technical repair, create/alter technical devices

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 19:08:56.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: Tess - the character

Character Name: Tess “the-devil-made-me-do-it” Zhou
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Born on: Shadow
Age: 25
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: Athletic

Agility – d10
Strength – d8
Vitality – d6

Alertness – d8
Intelligence – d6
Willpower – d8

Born behind the Wheel (major) – You could drive before you could walk. You can drive any type of a ship so well that you can amaze people.
Steady Calm (minor) – Even in the most dangerous situations, you remain calm, as if nothing fazes you or could ruffle your feathers.
Talented: Pilot (minor) ~ Flying is her business, and business is good!

Lightweight (minor) ~ wheee!
Loyal (minor) – Browncoat through and through.
Superstitious (minor) – Don’t mess with my lucky charms.

Discipline – d6
• Specializations:
Concentration ~ d8
Mental resistance ~ d8

Guns – d6
• Specializations:
Rifle ~ d12
Shotgun ~ d8
Pistol ~ d10

Mechanical Engineering – d6
• Specializations:
Mechanical repairs ~ d8
Rewire and reroute electrical ~ d8

Pilot – d6
• Specializations:
Astrogation ~ d10
Transports ~ d10
Gunships ~ d12
Short range Shuttles ~ d10
Ultra-light aircraft ~ d8

Technical Engineering – d6
• Specializations:
Communications ~ d8
Technical repair ~ d8

Fruity Oaty Bars (10) ~ 1
Goggles ~ 1.2
Rucksack ~ 2
Good Whiskey ~ 5.6
Deck of Cards ~ .2

Weapons Etc.
Pistol, heavy ~ 22
Holster, Speed Draw ~ 10
Rifle ~ 30
Scope 12x ~ 8
Harness ~ 6 (usually left a home w/ rifle unless under special circumstances ^_^ )
Knife, Combat ~ 1.6
Grenade , Flashbang (10) ~ 8

When asked about her life before the war, Tess usually just shrugs and mumbles something to the effect of “it doesn’t matter”.

Tess and most other young people from Shadow, were some of the first to join the Independents in the war. The plan for total “Utopia”, plus the violent nature of the Alliance was at complete odds with the hard workin’ folks of Shadow. Tess herself came from a family of ranchers, something that the family had been doing for generations. Their ranch was the culmination of at least 150 years of hard work, and the Alliance threatened to undermine their way of life by smothering it with rules and regulations. Rules and regulations that were made by go tsao de politicians that had never seen a cow.

It could be said that Shadow was hit the hardest during the war. It all depended on who you talk to. What was once a vast, plain swept planet with cattle ranches, granaries, and dotted with towns is now a black rock. The Alliance, in a show of force, bombed the entire surface of Shadow in order to teach the Browncoats a lesson. What happened instead was even greater tenacity and determination from everyone who fought.

From the very beginning of her military career Tess showed a great aptitude for driving, specifically piloting. She blamed it on all of that horse riding she had done on the ranch, “You get on ‘ol ornery on a bad day and you sure feel like you’re flying. Especially if she throws you from the saddle.” Speed was the game, and what a fun game it was. She was soon shuffled into a gunship as the main pilot. When Shadow was destroyed, Tess became increasingly foolhardy. She began pulling off stunts that no ship should be able to perform, and when someone called for a pilot with “more balls then brains”, Tess was almost always chosen. The phrase “the devil made me do it” was often used by Tess after a near impossible feat, mostly to the crew that looked a little green around the gills.

It was during this time that she developed her belief in her lucky charms. Certain items were always present when she completed the death defying stunts for the Independents, and she began carrying them as talismans for future capers. She is always seen with her goggles, a few black feathers fixed to her hair, and the pockets of her cargo pants show oddly shaped lumps through the fabric.

On Tess:
Tess? Oh sure, she’s easy enough to work with. You could say that she gets a little flip sometimes, but her general demeanor is fairly pleasant. Her humor can get pretty confusin’, it usually sounds just like every other gorram sentence that falls out of her mouth. I think we’ve all lost our lunch a time or two after one of her stunts, but she says she’s keeping that to a minimum. Well, she says that right after sayin’ “Devil made me do it”. Don’t talk too much ‘bout her life before the war, but she’ll jaw your ear off about cows and horses if you give her an opportunity.

It’s pretty easy to see that Tess considers Destiny her home, and everyone on it her family. That girl loves this ship. She and the captain have some kind of history. Not that kind of history, they were in the war together. The two can go rounds, giving each other a ration of luh suh, but nothing gets ugly. Naw, she’s not one to rile very easy, but if you do get under her skin, an’ she goes real quiet, you’d better hide. But like I said, pleasant enough. Don’t go worrying your purty little head about starting an argument with her. She’s even-tempered, sometimes crazy behind the wheel, but still pretty even-tempered.

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 16:13:15.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: posted

I have posted a bit. the conversation with Matherson and the Engine room reveal.

Not sure what to do with Ash though as I need to know where you are laying the bombs and how you are setting them up.

I also need a list of locations that you photographed the case.

Love to move this forward. I have a couple of silver screens to do and then I would like to get to the "here they come" stage.

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 16:00:34.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: and another

More of a synopsis of the Verse history

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 15:55:57.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: fast reading up of Serenity

A fast summary of Flrefly and the Verse

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 15:53:44.

Topic: Voyages of Rocinante - Serenity/Firefly RPG
Subject: update

LV-426, InsideRocinante, 9:10 am PT

“Now, you an’ your two helpful sidekicks have proven mighty resourceful since I’ve met you. And it could be that y’all could be jus’ as resourceful in this game o’ poker we’re playin’ with those that are after the violin. If’n you’re willin’ t’ help, then I could use some assistance with a matter that could mean the difference between life an’ death for the lot of us.”

“Captain, I never wanted to be in this situation but I am glad that we have you and your crew right now. My men are at your disposal and I will help out anyway I can. When this is over, if we are all standing, I’d love the chance to do business with you without the threat of dying involved.”

“When we first landed on this rock we noticed tha’ someone was tryin’ t’ transmit. We stopped the feed as quick as we noticed, but we was able t’ determine tha’ the attempt was bein’ made from somewhere on board. The way I see things, whomever it was that was sending a signal was in cahoots with the mercs that are raisin’ such a stink. I also figure that the culprit is mingling with much finer folk...a wolf in sheep’s clothin’ t’ quote an old sayin’ from Earth That Was. I don’t ‘ave much time t’ find this person what with all the preparations I am needin’ t’ do, but I can’t very well have the Huen Dahn relaying the location o’ all them that are relatively innocent t’ the mercs. Think you an’ yours can root the problem out should you be returned to the rest o’ the passengers? Root them that’s on the inside out an’ make sure they don’t share any more information with our common enemy?” Wyatt explained.

Matherson pondered for a moment and then took the black box out of the case and then took a “diagnostic device” out as well and pocketed it. “This is a receiver for data from the feeders. I should be able to jury rig it to scan for the radio device sending the signals. But what shall I do when I find out? Let’s be honest with each other here – I am not opposed to ending a problem quickly.”

Engine Rooms, Rocinante , 9:35 am PT

The captain didn't really have much to offer by way of what he thought was going on, so he tried his best to focus on the task of docking the shuttle. That meant not much in the way of conversation with Wolf and keeping his imagination at bay by needlessly running through the docking sequence. Once the shuttle had settled and the docking clamps were back in place, hit the comm again.

"Where are you, Willow? I'm back."

(Assuming a “in the engine room. Come quickly and bring Wolf")

The two men raced to the engine room where Ma and Willow waited for them. Wolf sniffed the air puzzled as he came in and then he saw the engine. The compression coil is gone, vanished except a whole lot of dust, which makes no sense to anyone. You are officially humped - no repairs will lift you off without a new coil. Someone really does not want to risk you leaving the planet.

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 15:35:26.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: Straight, gay or bi - it is all good in the Verse

A pilot with some tech ability. Preferably can use a gun too. I plan to write John and Tess out of the game at the end of this so I hope to combine the two.

As I have Tess in the Destiny game, I guess they have to survive somehow....

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 15:16:33.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: Well

In fact I will be looking for a Pilot for Rocinante after this campaign finished which will be soon-ish. That is not a fill in, but a new character will be needed. I offered the role to someone but they seems to have disappeared.

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 14:36:23.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: what!?

Not up to the challenge of playing another gender? Come on! Not like she is a companion...

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 03:02:58.

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Recruitment
Subject: Zombies in Winnipeg - The dullest game ever

You are trapped inside a Tim Hortons on the outskirts of Winnipeg. Zombies outside are trapped by the waist-high snow just as you are trapped within by the same snow blocking the door.

Bill: The Zombies are still there Murray!

Murray: Yep, I reckon they are Bill.

Bill: Should we make a run for it?

Sally: Hold on fellas! I just made a fresh pot!

Murray: We can wait. It is suppose to hit -40 tonight. That will fix them.

Bill: Yep. Give me a refill Sally.

Sally: Sure. You bet eh.

Posted on 2013-11-05 at 02:50:13.
Edited on 2013-11-05 at 02:51:57 by Alacrity

Topic: Zombies in Chicago: Chapter 2 Recruitment
Subject: C'mon Olan.

You better hurry up Olan or I will make a Zombie game of my own and steal all your players.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Mine is an evil laugh.

Posted on 2013-11-04 at 21:01:52.

Topic: Player for Serenity RPG
Subject: Player for Serenity RPG


I am looking for someone to take over the role of Tess in the Serenity based game Destiny's Flight. Tess is the ship pilot and right hand lady to the captain Jon. It is a good crew with some interesting characters so if you like exciting stories and thrilling heroics - I need a Big Damn Hero.

I would like someone that understands the Firefly/Serenity verse a bit. However, I'm relatively open and there are many resources on the Web.

Posted on 2013-11-04 at 17:41:28.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: Sigh

On a sad note, Teller has left both Rocinante and Destiny. Something about too much drama on the inn. So I will play out Jessie and see about getting someone to take Tess in Destiny. I am open to suggestions. I would prefer to keep Tess in the game and I will Tess as an NPC for now.

Posted on 2013-11-04 at 17:36:13.
Edited on 2013-11-04 at 17:36:28 by Alacrity

Topic: The Gobber King- QnA
Subject: Yes you did.

ArchAngel is correct, he did post that his character was looking around but not touching anything. Sorry if I sounded snarky there, it was not a good day on Sunday and I was displacing my frustration. My bad.

I am all for the interactive of character so until you open a door or pick the lock to the cabinet, I really can not move you forward.

Posted on 2013-11-04 at 13:39:38.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: weekend

The weekend got away from me between the university tours for Mmv and the search for RED hot wheel shoes for Incrediboy (long story). I will be working up a post today.

On a sad note, Teller has left both Rocinante and Destiny. Something about to much drama on the inn. So I will play out Jessie and see about getting someone to take Tess in Destiny. I am open to suggestions.

On that note - did we lose Connor as John? I have not seen anything from him in awhile.

Posted on 2013-11-04 at 13:36:18.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: Is someone gonna check the room? Maybe the NPC

Crow steps forward to be cleaning by the silver thing and appreciates the drying effect of both bow and arrows. At least he had a functional weapon again.

He decided to do a perimeter check of the room. The Closet door was large, oak and bound in steel. The door had no lock on it and when Crow listened closely to it, he heard nothing that sounded like movement or mage. As Dudley was putting out the food, the ranger glanced at the cage but could only figure it was for a small animal like a cat or rodent - and probably for travel. Whatever destroyed it, broke out from within judging by the wreckage.

The cabinet in the corner was a solid construction of metal and was locked. Crow could see through the frosted glass that within were decanters and bottles - perhaps even a few glasses. "If you are looking for spirits for the feast." he said aloud, "I think there are some in here, though the door is locked. I can force it but that may break whatever is inside."

The black openings in the room were a caution to Crow. He picked up a piece of the cage and gently poked the blackness. The piece was swallowed up and the blackness seemed to draw it in - magic portal no doubt.

The final wooden door down the hallway was without a lock and Crow listened carefully. He heard something faint. Could be the wind, or the animal that escaped the cage or something making a low faint moaning.

Posted on 2013-11-04 at 01:18:59.
Edited on 2013-11-04 at 01:19:45 by Alacrity

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: no

You would need a similar engine at least and a ASREV is a short range vessel. Specifically a Trace Compression Block engine that uses the compression coil for most of the main functionality. A Hornet class, Dragonfly, and a few salvage machine would be examples.

Posted on 2013-11-03 at 00:27:39.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: this weekend

Since Tann is busy with his visiting family, I will have JC be the strong menacing silent type in the back. So if Grace and Angela can post soon, we can move on.

Posted on 2013-11-01 at 19:26:48.

Topic: The Gobber King
Subject: just a note to bring it all together

The Cleaning Golem goes after the party members and the wet floor like .... a cleaning tornado. Soon you are all dry as well as your clothing, armour and what little equipment you have. Once you are clean, the device goes back to wandering the room in search for a speck of dust or dirt. No amount of talking or touching it seems to distract it from its path.

The fireplace gives of warmth and light but does not seem to burn fuel – the logs within are decorative only.

Posted on 2013-11-01 at 19:18:56.

Topic: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
Subject: timeline

The time that has passed is less than 20 minutes so for since you asked them to build so - no. Not enough time

Based of the tools you have given the boys they can build four bombs. Three will be either pin pull detonation or impact (they will rig them to go either way).They will be area fragment explosions that should kill or do damage in a 20 foot range and each is the size of a breadbox. These will take one hour to complete

The fourth on is a heavy on that the used a crybaby canister and that can be rigged for a radio detonation. This is a big boom, capable of destroying a aircraft or at least a section of a building. Note - they scavenged all of Ma's sterno and cooking oil to make this. Completion of this one is one hour after the others.

Sheldon thinks he could make an effective "real" missile from one of your decoy missiles. But he needs more grenades, detonators and a high glucose syrup. That will take two hours more.

Wyatt is talking to Matherson around 9:10. Figuring 10 minutes to complete conversation and then time to get to the shuttle - then the message from Willow across the ship and comms would be just as the shuttle is taking off. Albert is away right now so if Bro could reply to the call and let me know if you will land again to check out the problem of sabotage on the ship.

I will say it here to avoid the doubts - someone got into the engine room and the compression coil is now gone. Vanished except a whole lot of dust, which makes no sense to anyone. This means that you are officially humped - no repairs will lift you off without a new coil.

I feel like I am lingering here too much so I hope this weekend to whoosh us forward an hour or two. Opinions are always welcome.

Posted on 2013-11-01 at 16:43:21.
Edited on 2013-11-01 at 16:44:33 by Alacrity

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: crewman room

A crewman bunk would include a bed, a toilet and wash basin that fold up for space, a locker to put your personal things and numerous hooks and clips to hang personal items.

It has already been established that Grace knows the airducts and access tubes of Destiny better than anyone, which is how she lead the Bounty Hunter astray for so long.

As to the instructions for Angela, if there is some way I can assist, let me know.

Posted on 2013-11-01 at 12:36:08.

Topic: Destiny Flight - QnA
Subject: just a thought

If a man goes out of the way to put out food and drink, he is probably trying to make an impression. If you turn it down, you sorta insult him so .....

Posted on 2013-10-31 at 18:25:38.

Topic: Need stout hearted players (2e D&D)
Subject: love it

and I'm too old and crabby to deal with the moody loner who always works alone and has to be persuaded to help out.

I am totally stealing that line..

Posted on 2013-10-31 at 18:19:27.

Topic: RDINN Feature Updates/ Suggestions/ Bugs
Subject: it does

Check to make sure the email is the same one or at least the right one. As well, check the spam filter of the email service you use. I know with gmail, it sometime will put things into a junk filter if you delete them alot.

Posted on 2013-10-30 at 19:28:40.

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