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Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: Boys will play, save the day, looking in the undead way

Moving away from the roots of the apple trees, you soon discover that digging under the shield proves to have positive results as the shield does not seem to extend under the ground. With Brandr and Peter taking over for the boys, they start to make a burrow underneath shorn up with the boards.

Meanwhile, Ela and Crow worked in the same area to see if they could have any effect on the shield with arrow and bows, timed to the other attacks upon it. The water thrown by the ladies merely poured off the shield without a reaction, but the impact of anything against the dome caused it to go redder in that area for a briefly second. But even then, it wasn’t drawing enough magical energies away to make a difference.

“Look out!” BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bad hooch had been lit, causing a huge fireball to erupt across the shield and upwards into the air. For a moment, the energy of the shield before you becomes transparent and the redness collects around the blast. The archer fires a few arrows in rapid secession but they are still stopped. However, the shockwave passed quickly, almost dispersing the fire in the process. A loud cheer comes from the men behind the blast, as if they were somehow victorious by merely creating a big boom.

After an hour of digging and planking, there is a trench created under with enough room for all of you to move underneath if only one at a time. It will require some crawling and your horses will have to be left behind. You grab what equipment you need from your horses, and prepare yourself to enter the dome. The young apprentice once again tells Derry to take the Emergency kit so he might use its power to save his master and the princess.

OOC: I will assume everyone is moving in with the main weapon at ready. If you’d like to change that let me know. It doesn’t matter who enters first because nothing jumps you immediately.

You stand on the edge of an apple orchid that grows right outside the manor house. The red light within makes the leaves look black and the apples hanging ripe as if soaked in blood. For those with infravison, the redness is blinding for a few moments, as if you walked into the bright sunlight from a darken room. However your eyes grow accustom soon enough, except for the odd quality that human eyes seem reflect the red light back making them look undead and demonic to the Syls.

It is quiet.

Very quiet.

Almost too quiet. There are no sounds of the wind or of animals or even insects.

Brandr is the first to notice a dead bird on the grass where you stand - then another and another followed by a squirrel to two. When the ranger cautiously moves the animal corpse with his boot, he notices the grass has a slightly greasy liquid on it.

Noctus produces a map that one of the local ladies drew up quickly and crudely to give you some sense of direction. She had suggested the party was mostly in the Grand Ballroom.

Players map

Posted on 2010-01-17 at 17:46:58.
Edited on 2010-01-17 at 17:49:45 by Alacrity

Topic: Dear Ogre
Subject: Dear Boopoo

First off, get a respectable name. No one is gonna be scared of Lord Boopoo, no matter how much firepower you have. Go for something simple, but scary - Azak, Black Bart, Kinslayer or Stephen Harper.

Secondly, you need to start off with some marketing. Nothing says professional like Hired Goons. Get some henchmen, undead or living, doesn't matter and get the word out that you are lean, green, and mean business.

Lastly, some say that respected is earned. Personally I believe respected is best burned - into the memory. You need to make an example or two out of a couple of population centres. I kno those are future shivering servants but you can't make an omelet without breaking a few heads.


Dear Ogre,

What races or beings make the best minions for a middle management alu-demon with hopes of cracking that glass pit cover?

Britney Lohan

Posted on 2010-01-15 at 19:58:07.
Edited on 2010-01-15 at 20:00:16 by Alacrity

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: Actually

My hero killing ratio (for players that have not abandoned the game - you leave me and I kill with gusto) is really very low. In fact, I believe Jal was the only one and the character had tragic death written all over him (literally)

That being said, I will make you think you are all going to die - often and with gusto.

Posted on 2010-01-15 at 15:25:17.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: giggling is good

I will be posting this weekend. Tried last night but all I could think was "kill them all" so I decided it was time to step away from the computer and go to bed.

Posted on 2010-01-15 at 15:13:26.

Topic: Dear Ogre
Subject: Dear Dak Whisperfoot

I have always believed that to one's self be true - so I'd think you'd best go with the backstab. Meat shields are a dime a dozen - I know because I have a couple of dozen in my freezer right now. Great for late night snacks. Your profession requires skills, time and patience. Fighter have no brains, wave a sword around and get all the glory. I say that you're justified. Stab him once for me.


Dear Ogre,

There is this princess in the castle next door, and I would really like to get to know her, spend some time, and get into her dress, if you know what I mean. Problem is, in order to get a date, I have to climb to the top of the tallest tower, rescue her from a fire breathing dragon and I have to sign a contract to marry her for the rest of life. Any thoughts on getting some action without the to have and to hold?

Alacrity Fitzhugh

Posted on 2010-01-14 at 14:19:25.
Edited on 2010-01-14 at 14:34:47 by Alacrity

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: don't mind if I do

Such a civilized suggestion Raven. Thank you.

Posted on 2010-01-13 at 20:41:03.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: well

I have been called an ogre, an Old prude and a clone of Olan in a single day on the forum. Only so much a guy can take.

Posted on 2010-01-13 at 20:32:07.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: Excuse me

Olan is ten years my junior - I was making people paranoid and twitchy long before he came around. I have party members that just kill the guy who wants to hired them because he "has" to be the bad guy. Olan was 7 when I first starting playing. So who cloned whom???? Eh?

Not that was ever my intent.

Posted on 2010-01-13 at 20:18:07.
Edited on 2010-01-13 at 20:18:26 by Alacrity

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: Next on Mythbusters - can moonshine destroy a magic shield

So Ela and Crow to the West, Peter and Brandr will start to the left of the roadway, then also moving west to get away from roots. Derry is moving with the Diggers, but hanging back with the apprentice. Noctus is off somewhere private acquiring a general map of the castle from a local. The young men with the wagon are working to the east by themselves, piling all the earthenware jars against the shield. Judging by the wagon set up about 30 yards away flipped on its side for cover, you think they may have done something like this before.

I am going to assume that if you find a way in, you are going to take it so we don't spend too much time hanging around.

You might wish to discuss amoungst yourself a basic "marching" order so I know who is usually first, who opens the doors, who checks for traps, who gets hit with the traps, whose turn is it to buy a round, etc etc etc.

Posted on 2010-01-13 at 13:35:08.

Topic: RDInnsider - The March Issue Is Here!
Subject: moved

I think they will be moving the olympics to florida this year because rain is melting away Vancouver's ski hills.

Posted on 2010-01-12 at 18:53:19.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: where we stand

Still awaiting a post from Raven and Tann.

I'm need a bit of detail as to where people are. Merideth and Crow are off to the .... to use weapons. Brandr and Peter are digging ...... of the castle. Noctus is busy and Derry is .... to help. Is anyone supervising the explosives?

You can post here or in the game just if you want to be specific, it is helpful. Otherwise I will move you like a pawn in a meaningless game played by a mad, hungry, bored and arbitary god.

Posted on 2010-01-12 at 14:58:27.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: hey!

How did your daughter get into my notes!!!!!?????

Lovely story. Glad to see you encourage her to write. I started Veronica on this very module when she was eight years old and she has become both a great player and a excellent writer too.

Posted on 2010-01-12 at 01:54:57.
Edited on 2010-01-12 at 12:56:06 by Alacrity

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: only in the funny papers

Suddenly, a piano falls upon the ranger killing him instantly. Everyone must Save vs spells or become paralysed standing around wondering where the piano came from.

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 19:31:13.

Topic: Fantasy/Scifi art by Arthur Wang
Subject: check out the crudely drawn map!

Ummm....No. Definely not an artist. My stickmen are overweight, I'm that bad. I wish I could draw and I always love to go through the gallery of someone who can. You have some wonderful pieces in your gallery.

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 19:27:19.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: don't mock the crudely drawn map!

Although crudely drawn, it is there for your benefit. I have no problem leading you through the castle blind.

"There are 6 doors in this room, going left to right with two on the west wall, 1 on the north, one between the NNE wall and the NE wall and one half build intoi an alcove of the EES wall. The other doors are in the ceiling and floor, respectfully."

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 19:18:28.

Topic: Fantasy/Scifi art by Arthur Wang
Subject: Welcome AW

Welcoem to the inn. We always enjoy new members here. Feel free to look around and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me or any other moderator a line.

Always good to have another artist on board.

Don't feed the Grugg.


Posted on 2010-01-11 at 18:56:18.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: If you look on the crudely drawn map

If you move to either side of the palace, you will be away from the roots.

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 18:54:00.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: matter of style

I stand corrected

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 17:29:57.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: A map!

Overview - princess

Well it is one of my patented crude maps - I am no artist. However this gives you an overview of the shield, the orchard around the manor and the roadway in. Assume the top of the page is north. The big circles are apple trees, the haevy line is the shield. There is a roadway in, and a side entrance to the kitchen. You'd get all this from the people. Noctus has found a lady with a wealth of knowledge and he is pumping her for information as you dig/burn or dose.

You will get a better (but still crudely drawn) map when you get in.

Where the boys are digging now will accomplish nothing as they will hit the roots of the apple trees and take hours to get through (left of roadway). However they will quickly discover that the shield does not extend past the ground.

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 15:43:40.

Topic: Speed of Games
Subject: It depends

In my experience on this site I find that games have a curve where you get a lot of posts at the beginning and then it slows down. It is hard to keep people playing regularly online because Real Life tends to interfere with a good fantasy. That being said, there are games here that keep a constant speed - usually one post per week is the best. But my last five attempts at games have all crashed becaused people stopped posting.

I don't know if it is only this site though. I know I have tried a few Sci-fi based forum games on other sites (don't tell Olan) and discovered much the same pattern if not worse. I think that with a Play by Post game, you often get start up and then crash.

Posted on 2010-01-08 at 19:25:25.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: got caught up

Don't worry. I won't be updating again until next weekend. i like the once a week model of online gaming.

Posted on 2010-01-08 at 17:37:17.

Topic: Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm
Subject: Shovels go, Wagons ho, To and fro.

“If you don't mind I will borrow this for a moment and go talk with my friends. Perhaps we can figure out what to do about this glowing dome. Don't worry, I shall return before we use any of the things inside." Derry said.

“By all means kind sir,” The apt replied as he handed the bag over, “My master said it was for emergencies and I think this situation qualifies. If you can use anything in it to save my master I would be most grateful.”

"Under. Has anyone tried digging beside it? Maybe it doesn't keep on going too deep into the ground." Brandr had approached and asked the young local. "Hey mageling! You or any of your friends tried digging? You know where I could get some shovels?"

“Shovels?” his voice cracked in surprise, “Why didn’t I think of that?” he mused aloud and then turned to the crowd of people while shouting, “Boswell! Jerry! Get some shovels! Try digging under the …thingie”

Two young men broke from the crowd and ran off towards town, followed shortly by two others as a murmurs goes through the crowd of “Good idea.”

"I think trying a shovel is a great idea. Let’s circle the building and see if there are any ways in. Let’s dig. Let’s consider all "normal" options. I suspect they won't work, but let’s try. I don't want to waste the scroll if we don't need to because there is obviously a mage of some power involved here and we may need it later."Derry said, "If it comes to it, I'll try the scroll. I would be very surprised if I am able to dispel the entire spell. This is high level magic. But it might weaken it, open a gap, or have some other temporary effect which would allow us to get in. If in is where we want to be. I can't guarantee just what impact it might have so let’s consider all options. Any suggestions besides digging?"

"Has anyone tried to do anything with that bubble besides walk through it? Perhaps tried an element on it? Water or fire perhaps? Likely it will have no effect but as you have said we are short on ideas..." Ela asked. The suggestion caused a ripple through the crowd.

“Get some Water!”

“I have that pitch in my shed!”

“Dad’s got that bad batch of shine that will burn goods!”

More men leave the crowd at a run in order to fulfill the requests called. Desperate to do something for their liege and beloved princess, some of the people seem to be eager to accept your suggestions as orders - however most of the crowd still hangs around, making a racket and commenting on every suggestion.

Noctus drew attention toward him. "Good people gather around one and all. Fear naught for my fellow adventurers are already hard at work seeking a way to pop yon bubble and free those inside. No need for such good folks as yourselves to bother any longer; go instead and tend your fields and shops. Soon enough this will be over and a new celebration will begin. Go and make ready!" The crowd doesn’t disperse of course, but the chevalier accomplishes his plan of drawing them away from the rest of the party.

Soon, four young men arrive with shovels, a pick and some boards. Without asking for direction, they run to the shield and begin setting up for ditch digging with the enthusiasm of youth, just to the left of the roadway leading into the castle/sphere. Shortly after them comes a wagon loaded with earthenware jars and other people with buckets. The arrival of the wagon causes a panic through the crowd and they begin leaving in such a hurry you’d think that a dragon had appeared.

OOC: You are alone now except the few people who want to help – The Apt, four men digging, one guy with the wagon loaded with bad homemade alcohol, two ladies with water and another man who brought a bucket of tar/pitch. The sphere encompasses the entire manor house and the gardens around it so it is very large (hundreds of feet wide). It is hard to see through but you don’t see any movement from within, just the trees surrounding the house and the manor itself. You do notice that when people were “attacking” it the redness seemed to get darker where the attack was and lighter elsewhere in the sphere.

Map is coming soon. Most likely Monday

Posted on 2010-01-08 at 15:47:52.
Edited on 2010-01-08 at 15:52:10 by Alacrity

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: WOW~!

Everyone posted within 48 hours! Woohoo! Love the Enthua...Enthu...Enthas... Participation!

I may post today to move you along because my weekend might be crazy with Vanadia leaving earlty Sunday to fly to New York for a half week. Single Dad and posting don't often mix.

Posted on 2010-01-08 at 14:47:32.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: water under the midget

Okay, so since we all had the time to spend on this matter - go post to the game, if you haven't already. If everyone posts before Sunday, I can move us along again.

Posted on 2010-01-07 at 16:22:39.

Topic: Save the Princess Q and A
Subject: My toes are fine and thanks

I always appreciate a voice of reason.

Can we just let this go and move on please? I appreciate all my players and don't want this to esculate where someone decides to walk away. We are all adults here, right?

Posted on 2010-01-07 at 16:09:29.


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