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Topic: The Return of the Prodigal Son
Subject: In the theatre

With a wry grin, Jhaven wandered through the theatre making sure to stay out of Vaskar Steelsong's sight. Wishing to surprise his long-time friend, he took advantage of his Elven boots and approached his friend from behind. As he neared Vaskar, he could see the joy on the other's face as he continued to watch the crowd's reaction to his recent performance.

With a quick clap of his hands, he said amusedly, "Well met Vaskar Steelsong, the ummm yes yes, 'the drangonslayer.' Oh how the tail grows, the crowd would not like to know that said dragon, was a wee tiny little lizard crossing the road, now would they?" chuckled Jhaven as he verbally jested with his long time friend. "Care to offer a friend a sit at yer table, so that I might enjoy tha spectacle as well, an maybe a wee bit of nectar as well?" continued Jhaven as he reached for a chair, spinning it around to sit down. "Aye indeed, my boots are muddy, and my breeches dirty, but I've yet to get a room and a bath, for I rushed right here upon hearing that you would be performing. Funny coincidence that has us both in Thyatis together," finished Jhaven as he brushed at his boots and arranged his cloak on his left shoulder, making sure that his sword arm were free. A small glint of fine chain mail showed beneath his leather jerkin as he settled in and began to relax in the company of his friend. Keeping alert for signs of danger, his memories of Thyatis, well, his last visit had not been a pleasant one. Perhaps, they had not liked Jhaven's music as much as they had enjoyed Vaskar's he silently mused.

"So, my dear Vaskar, what brings you to Thyatis? Or are you just earning coin performing your 'arts'?", he asked.

Posted on 2008-04-29 at 16:36:21.
Edited on 2008-04-29 at 16:53:00 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Continuing onwards to town

With the battle and other things behind them for now, Alasdair guided his horse along the road to river city of Star Falls... The events of the days past, both the good and bad played across his mind. The King's own message and the arrival of Rayne Fireheart were somewhat unsettling as well. For while the King did confirm their own suspicions, the arrival of a new member, yet unknown to them would prove to be a mixed blessing. He did however look forward to getting to know this warrior. He knew her worth as a aerial scout would be much needed in the coming days ahead. When Ulthok did finally approach, he could only nod as he suggested that the enemy they confronted were bidding their time, waiting till the right time to strike.

As Ulthok finished, Alasdair replied, "Aye my friend, I've been thinking upon that as well. We may indeed need to complete some contingency plans, as well as, some diversionary tactics if we are to succeed in retrieving the blade and securing Lady Althena's safety."

During their ride to the city before them, Alasdair takes notice of Rayne's movements above and when she lands moves closer to speak. Clearly his throat as he approaches and then says, "M'lady Fireheart would ye be so kind as to walk with me a bit and tell me what the King has informed you of our mission? I'm also interested to know about anything you may have seen while above us."

As they ride, Alasdair keeps a wary eye alert to any dangers. Wishing to keep things to themselves, both he and Lady Althena communicate mentally using their psionic abilities. They each take comfort in the intimate contact of each others mind, for mere spoken words pale in comparison.

Then as they approach the city, he calls out to all with a laughter in his voice, "To the city and a hot bath." Thus said he spurs his horse forward keeping an eye out for danger. As he approaches the gate, listens to Magma's words and comments about the city before them. "Take the lead my friend Magma and lead us to the most comfortable inn," says Alasdair unto the noble Magma. Thus he motioned for all to follow the lead of Magma as they made their way through the town. Making note of the various shops and sights as they ride through part of the town, he reigns his horse outside. "On the morrow, should we explore what this place has to offer, we should do so in pairs or groups. Safety and a rememberance of the recently delivered warning doth warrant it," says Alasdair. "For myself, I intend to have that hot bath, a good meal, good company (with a quick look towards Lady Althena) and in the morning to stretch my tense legs with a walk about the town's many shops to see what deals might be had," finsihes Alasdair with a calm and confident tone... knowing full well the doubts each of them must have in their perceived safety.

Posted on 2007-03-08 at 04:14:49.
Edited on 2007-03-08 at 04:31:52 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Weary of Battle

With a sense of weariness, Alasdair looked about the carnage before them all. I this battle many had lost their lives. It was but small reassurance that they were able to free the tormented souls captured by the gem. Though the battle with the beetle, gem and then the souls had lasted but mere minutes, that time had taken a severe toll on them all.

Alasdair laid a reassuring hand upon Lady Althena's shoulder and asked, "Are ye already, no injuries that need tending?" After receiving her acknowledgement that she would be fine he nodded and stepped away to beging a closer inspect of the field before them. In a loud voice he called out new orders... "My friends, many have fallen today, we need to tend to those that have fallen and are still injured. Lady Cynil and Borther Cor please assist the injured as you may and let me know if my own healing talents might be of use as well."

Then his eyes turned upon the "noble" paladin Conall and he made his way in that direction. To all it was obvious that words needed to be said. It was upto Conall how they would be received. In a harsh voice he said, "I've a mind to send you back to the King's court for your folly today. In your rash actions you've cost this party your trust and the life of at least one party member. Your charge was to be Lady Althena's guard to protect her from harm and foul play, not to be the ruler of her heart. She is a grown woman, far older than you and I put together. Being of noble blood, I would have thought you'd be happy for her to be able to free herself somewhat from the heavy burden this quest has placed upon her entire life. Be happy that she can take some measure of happiness where she can, hold it not against her, for in doing so you dishonor not only Lady Althena, but yourself as well." Thus said Alasdair waited for a response.

OOC - If Conall makes no response, Alasdair will move away and begin tending to the injuries of the others and accessing what may be salvaged from the field to aid them in their mission.

After walking away from Conall, he hears Ulthok call out "Alasdiar, we have company, a lovely elf by the name of Rayne has brought us a message from the king." Turning to look he sees Ulthok and the female pegasus rider named Rayne. With the best smile that he can muster, Alasdair walks forward and gives a warriors salute and says, "Well met, I am Alasdair MacKenzie, leader of the Special Guards. What messgae do you bring and how may we be of service?"

Posted on 2007-02-28 at 14:05:17.
Edited on 2007-03-01 at 01:42:52 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Tortured Souls

With a quick realization, Alasdair noted that the souls had initially been intent on those of their group with a spiritual bent. As evil had not been detected per se, he mused whether they sought forgiveness or absolution of some sort before moving onward, now that they had been freed from the gem.

Though he could no longer see those in his party, nor his beloved Althena, he gave a loud shout issuing a command, "Bless these tortured souls and help speed them on their way. A Sanctuary spell might also be in order to help us get through this mess." Knowing that his last swing was somewhat blind and not desiring to hit a friend, he sheathed his sword and reach out with his mind trying to contact both Althena and any of those souls that he could possibly bring to be at peace or wished to communicate in someway. As he did this, he slowly moved forward, treading carefully as he went so that he would not stumble or fall.

Posted on 2007-02-20 at 17:19:50.
Edited on 2007-02-20 at 17:22:11 by DeryniLord

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Catching UP

To all those in Trilogy, both old and new, I am still alive and kicking and will be posting this week. Sorry for the LOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGGG absence, but real life just got in the way and threw me too many curve balls all at one time.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things and to leading the group once more... But you'd think after my extended absence that you could have gotten further than the same combat which had started in December...

Alasdair MacKenzie

Posted on 2007-02-20 at 16:48:44.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Connall....

I would NOT kill him off. He;s been too much a part of the story and doing that would just be forced. See if you can recruit a new player that is able to keep Connall's past RP consistant. Otherwise, run him as an NPC or have him recalled to the King's side or some other reason. Have any new characters come in with a note and an escort from the king if need be.

Posted on 2007-02-20 at 16:45:44.

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Passings

Tann, and the rest of Tril...
I just wanted to let you know that my father passed away on Dec 20th after a long 7 month fight with lung cancer and 18 months being paralyzed. I know my activity on the RDInn has been next to non-existant over the last two weeks. Once the viewing/service is over with on Saturday, as well as, both holidays, I look forward to jumping back into things here at the RDInn.

Happy Holidays to everyone.


Posted on 2006-12-20 at 22:56:44.
Edited on 2006-12-20 at 23:28:12 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Another battle so soon!!!

With the battle over Alasdair had been intent upon clearing this field of death quickly. Hoping to have been able to briefly talk with Althena, he had turned to walk her direction when he heard Af'til's scream. It was a sound he'd likely never forget. Seeing Af'til's body upon the ground and the sphere floating in the air some short distance from him, Alasdair ushed forward ripping his own cloak from his shoulders as he moved. With an easy stride he moved forward, never having drawn his sword. For in his studies he had heard of similar devices and creatures, unsure what was truly needed, he was determined that it would not harm another. He quickly threw his cloak over the creature and began bundling the thing tightly within.

(OOC - either that will work, or I gave Tann a good second target for the upcoming round)

Posted on 2006-12-07 at 15:37:04.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Honors and Duties

Having reached the Knight DeBuecamp, as Alasdair later learned his name, he realized that healing was not an option. Never having sought conversation with the knight, his only goal would have been healing or the easing of his pain. None-the-less, his injuries were too severe and the knight had bled out and was dead before any aid could be given. With a quick look to Conall and then Althena, Alasdair moved away from the scene and focused on the tasks yet to be done.

Calling out to the others he said, "Af'til and Magma, be soon kind as to scout about and keep a sharp eye for anything else that is amiss or may be coming our way." Having heard the Brother Cor express his desire to speak with Conall away from the others, he then continued, "The rest of us should see if anything can be salvaged from this field of battle that might aid us. Then with care, we need to burn the dead and move out from this area, for too soon will others come passing by. With our attention back on our mission, we should not delay here for too long. Though it is night and we've ridden hard this day to catch the brave Conall, this should not be a place we chose to camp for the night."

Looking over to Althena, he mentally communicated, "M'Lady I am fine fear not. I hope you understand the decision to press forward. There will be time later to discuss things with Conall, for I fear that Cor's words will sting for awhile if I know the gruff dwarf at all."

Posted on 2006-11-29 at 08:59:36.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Healing Time

With the death fall of the beast before them, Alasdair did a quick survey to see who was in the need of healing the most. Seeing the knight laying on the ground dying, he raced forward, for if there was nothing he could do, perhaps he could use his powers to ease the man pain. With that in mind he rushed towards the dying knight intent on healling if it were possible, easing his suffering if it were not.

As he made his way to the knight's side, he looked about for signs of another attack, as well as, his lady Althena. Seeing that they were in no apparent danger and that his lady was safe, he focused on the tasks before him. With a gentle hand placed upon the man's forehead he sought to comfort him and said aloud, "Easy now.. the fighting is over, you have indeed helped destroy a powerful foe this day. I am Alasdair MacKenzie and you are safe now."

OOC: Alasdair will use his psionic powers to try and heal the man. If that is not possible, he'll use them to ease his suffering.

Posted on 2006-11-22 at 08:26:09.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Desparate Measures

Alasdair knew that the situation was bad. Several of his party were injured, the knight that originally was fighting along side Lord Conall had been wounded mortally. While mobility had served him well while on horseback, he was still unable to strike a mortal blow to the foul creature before him. With a quick action he vaulted from his saddle and strode forward seeking to stab the beast's unprotected underbelly. So he struck a mighty blow intending rip it open and spill its inards over the field.

Posted on 2006-11-19 at 17:07:44.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Daunting task at hand

THe beast before them was tough indeed, Alasdair mused. Knowing full well know that a strike with the blunt side of his sword was worthless, he maneuvered about seeking the beast vulnerable spots. Seeking to strike the creature a telling blow he made a deep strike aimed at the creatures underside as it moved about. Desiring to bring this beast down, he struck quickly and deeply.

As he sought the correct move and target to strike, Alasdair was also mental surveying the status and position of his comrades. It worried him that two were is serious danger, though saw full well that aid was alreay to them. Worse yet, this meant that they were not attacking at their company's full strength. He finally understood just how much this monster must have been harming the local countryside, for no mere villagers or townguard could have hoped to prevail against such a monster. So with steely determination Alasdair did seek the best opportunity and plunged his sword deeply into the beast.

Posted on 2006-11-12 at 07:40:24.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Bugs... though a large one

Keeping an eye on the others and trying to gauge their individual successes, Alasdair heard Conall's call to use blunt or crushing weapons. Thinking to himself, 'why not try' he changed the grip on his mighty Dragon Slayer and prepared to strike with the flat of his blade. Moving about the beetle quickly, he used his horse's mobility to find the right target. As he moved forward to attack, Alasdair did think of Lady Althena and hoped that she would indeed try to use her psionic powers to attack the beast, or at least in trying to do so, perhaps it would become confused and give them all an opening to strike a mortal blow.

To him though it seems that his companions magical attacks were causing more damage than their physical ones. Accordingly he called out, "Keep the spells coming, the beast has been hurt by such attacks it seems."

Posted on 2006-11-05 at 08:07:19.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: A Battle to be won and friends to protect

Alasdair charged his horse forward with the mighty Dragon Slayer raised to strike the foul creature now before him. Watching both the monster and the position of his friends, he kept a mental picture in his head of the battle ground as it unfolded before him.

Search for an apparent weak spot in the monster's defenses, Alasdair did strike seeking to deleiver a mortal blow quickly and thus ending the danger to his companions. With a loud voice he called out, "Conall, did ye think to deprive us of all the fun to be had? Thinking ye could steal the glory of killing this beast along did ya?" she says with a wry grin and a laugh.

OOC: So Tann, have you given thought as to what the two rings actually do? Might come in handy right about now, or it may not. But either way, would be nice to know.

Posted on 2006-10-23 at 12:21:22.
Edited on 2006-10-23 at 12:42:45 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: New Plans and strategies

With the arrival of the monster with a dragon's head between them and Conall, Alasdair knew that this new creature must have been what the townsfolk in Fort Panzer had been talking about. With a quick shout to his companions, "Seems that Lord Conall does still breath. To aid him, we must all think and act wisely." With a look to everyone he then continued, "Those with magic stay back out of range, while those of us who are best suited for close combat move forward and into the fight. Lady Althena, since you have no current protector, I request that you stay back with those wielding magic and attempt to stay out of harms way."

Then with a grim determination he drew his sword and readied his shield. Then it registered to him, this thing before them might be able to be hurt by his Dragon Slayer sword given to him by the King. Resheathing his long sword, he quickly leaned to his right and drew the great bastard sword from its sheath on the saddle. With a quick salute, he spurred his horse forward, intent on using his horse's quickness and mobility to get him into the fight quickly.

Posted on 2006-10-18 at 09:23:33.
Edited on 2006-10-18 at 09:30:03 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Calmer sentiments

Alasdair was glad to hear that not everyone seemed to think that he and Althena had been acting badly. So when Ulthok rode up beside him and said "I totally agree that we need to catch up with Conall as quick as we can however I may be able to on my own move much faster and find our running friend.I don’t mean to put myself in danger Someone could just lead my pony along with them and I will use the speed of a hawk or eagle who won’t have to follow the land but be able to fly in a straight line to where our friend may be," he was somewhat releaved and surprised.

Not having previous thought of Ulthok's ability to move faster then the party, he quickly said, "Master Ulthok, while I know pulling rear guard does not site well with ye, I would not have ye rush off by yerself either." Then continuing to think on Ulthok's offer, he turned in his saddle and said, "If I have ye word that ye'll do nothing foolish and report back to me immediately, then ye have my blessings to scout ahead and find Lord Conall. Please make sure that ye are able to see us again safe and sound," replied Alasdair. "Give yer pony's reins to me and I shall guide him for awhile," he said while holding out his left hand to accept the reins.

Posted on 2006-10-15 at 13:08:10.
Edited on 2006-10-15 at 16:29:43 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: A Hard Ride Northward

Alasdair rode his horse with a cold determination about him. For no well-mannered Paladin was going to get out of his duties to protect Lady Althena so easily. Words and discussions may still be needed between them, but he had no hard feelings towards Conall and hoped that he would realize that she didn't need his protection in the areas of romance. True the words of Brother Cor hit home with him as well, "While I do not condone the childish manner in which Lord Conall has run off to seek penance for his failures, I view the behavior of the two of you with even less favor. Behaving like lovesick children at festival with no mind for the task at hand." Now he had to make sure that the others realized that he was still very much aware of their mission. Though he had hoped that the party's stay in Panzer might have allowed all to relax their guard and remember the value in the sort of life they were all fighting to protect.

For in Alasdair's mind they had done nothing wrong... yes, they had spent the day walking about the small village, as had the others, they had eaten dinner together, as had the others and they continued to talk. All knew of their interest in each other and it was indeed inevitiable that Althena and Alasdair should show their affections openly. They each knew that life was too short and too precious to let things go unsaid between them. Till now they had indeed been bottling up alot of emotions and hiding it as well as they could. He was still perplexed that any would have gotten so upset at the sight of Althena meerly sleeping cuddled along side Alasdair as he sat in the common room of all places. In his mind they had in no way been inappropriate nor negligent in his duties as the leader of the Special Guards.

With this on his mind he rode up to Lady Cynil and said, "Perhaps you could use your abilities with the woodland creatures to scout ahead and attempt to locate Lord Conall and/or warn us of any hidden dangers?" Then he dropped back to ride beside Ulthok for a moment and asked, "Would this be an appropriate time to try and teleport us as you had before? Would that even work in this circumstance?"

As he rode back to his forward position, he paused along side the ladies and said, "If any of you have ideas which would help locate Conall or get us to his aid faster, now is the time to speak up." With a brief look to Althena, their eyes met for a moment, the anguish clear in his eyes for the peril that he held himself to blame. Then spurring his horse forward he regained his position along side Magma and continued on in silence for awhile, his eyes alert searching for dangers and any signs of the noble Conall of House the Glendower.

Posted on 2006-10-11 at 13:11:14.
Edited on 2006-10-12 at 07:47:56 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Silent conversations

With a nods of his head as he rode forward he answered Althena's words that only he could hear. "M'lady while I would like to believe things are as you've said with Conall, I can not but help feeling otherwise, as he did indeed leave the bulk of his possessions behind in his room. It were as if he didn't not plan on returning at all," said Alasdair from his mind unto hers.

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 17:16:01.

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Rash decisions

Having releaved Af'til earlier, Alasdair did set about readying the mounts. It was then that he noticed Conall's horse missing, he did not pay it too much attention and with no one to ask, decide to inquire later. After awhile the others finally came into the stables, all that is except the noble Conall. With a surprised look upon his face, Alasdair listen to Af'til as he told the group of Conall's visit to the stables some 4 hours past. With a quick run to the Inn, Alasdair goes up the stairs to Conall's room, making sure that he is not still there fast asleep. Finding Conall's room empty, save for the vast majority of his possessions. He sighs inwardly and says aloud, "My friend, I do indeed hope you've not gone off and done something more stupid than I would. Noble ye may be, but suicide is not for the likes of thee." With a final look around, he quickly gathers up Conall's possession and heads back to the stables.

Handing Conall's stuff to Brother Cor he says calmly, "Please see to these things for they need to be carried now." With a glare and a inward curse upon himself for not having pressed for a quicker explanation of Conall's missing steed he then says to the others, "Perhaps it is my fault for Conall's hasty departure." Acknowledging the quick looks of confusion on many of his friends faces he continued, "Last night during my watch Conall came downstairs to the common room and found Lady Althena fast asleep in my arms. This didn't sit well with his ideals or his views on being the Lady's Guardian." With a look to each of them, he then says with a steely determination, "The Guardian must now be found and protected himself, for I know him well enough to have guessed that he rides North to try and reclaim his perceived loss of honor." With that said, Alasdair quickly saddles his horse and loads the rest of his gear hastily, making sure that nothing is left behind.

Once in the saddle, he looks over at his friends judging their readiness. As the last one mounts their horse he calls out, "We ride now not for our mission but for the life and safety of our friend. We ride hard and fast for we are already four hours behind him. Af'til you have the lead. I shall follow next along with Magma, the Brother Cor and Ultok shall take rear guard with the 'ladies' in the middle." With a hasty look for their acknowledgement, Alasdair spurs his horse forward out of the stables and onto the North road.

To Lady Althena he mentally says, 'I pray that we are not to late. For while we disagreed earlier, I value his friendship.'

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 11:24:05.
Edited on 2006-10-09 at 12:59:10 by DeryniLord

Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Morning Questions

Understood and thanks for the answers.

Posted on 2006-10-09 at 10:53:00.
Edited on 2006-10-09 at 10:55:14 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Weariness

With a sigh Alasdair replied, "No my friend you've not failed and your honor and sense of duty is well placed. Neither of us wish disrespect for anyone, but we can not ignore our hearts either. We will do what is right for each other, I promise." He watched as Conall placed the bag of coins on the table and then looked to Althena for a response if any. With stunned silence they sat together for a few moments longer. Turning to Althena he said "M'lady perhaps I should walk you to your room now, as I need to wake Ulthok for his watch. I would not have you sitting here alone." Having said this his extends his hand to offer her some assistance in getting up.

As they turn towards the stairs, Alasdair reaches behind him and takes the bag of money offered by Conall and says, "I would not insult Conall or his gesture by leaving his gift behind." As the walk up the stairs towards their rooms, Alasdair pauses outside her door, with a gentle kiss he bids her goodnight, "M'love, I shall remain awake for alittle while longer, I need to wake Ulthok and let him know that all has been well through my turn at watch. If you are awake later perhaps we shall talk. If not, I look forward to the morning."

After waking Ulthok for his turn at watch he quietly tells him, "Though my watch was quiet enough, Conall happened upon the Lady Althena sleeping in my arms.. you can imagine his reaction. I just felt that you should know, should anything else be said. Stay alert and have a safe watch, I shall see you in the morning," finished Alasdair. Leaving Ulthok's room, he ventured to check on his lady, finding her alseep, he did walk into her room and made sure that she was covered. Leaving the door ajar, he sat down on the floor and was content to watch his true love peacefully sleeping on the bed.

Morning rose too quickly and as he heard movement about the Inn, he decided to return to his own room and get ready for their departure. With a gentle kiss on Althena's forehead he turned to leave her room, checking the hallway first, he did then leave, closing the door tightly behind him. After having gotten a cold bath, Alasdair put on fresh clothes and donned his armor, sword and then collected the rest of his gear. With a final check to make sure that he had everything, he left his room and headed downstairs for a morning meal. As his joins those awake he does hear Cor's question "So Alasdair do we this morning leave or do we again await the night?" To which he replies, "Aye Brother Cor we do indeed leave this morning, I am eager to get away from here and to be on the road again as well. We've heard stories of a monster harassing the lands north of here, so we should remain of guard when we leave. I shall go and releave Af'til, he should get out of the stables and get freshened up and eat a hot meal before we leave."

Thus Alasdair did forget about himself and carried his gear to the stables to releave Af'til of his long watch. "Go my friend, get a bath and a meal, I have enough to do here and can watch our horses till the others are ready to leave. Till then enjoy thyself... rest assured we shall be on the road shortly," jests Alasdair as he busies himself checking on the mounts, watering and feeding them. To himself he thinks, 'gentle animals, so faithful... battle may be at hand soon enough, I shall not burden your back with saddles and gear untill we are all ready to leave. When we do leave our order of march shall be as before.'

Posted on 2006-10-07 at 11:38:49.
Edited on 2006-10-07 at 11:41:57 by DeryniLord

Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Weary and on guard

As Alasdair and Lady Althena pondered their new rings and could not determine their true intent or powers, he looked her in the eye and said, "M'lady, though our current situation and location would never have crossed me as being appropriate... (picks up her ring and takes her left hand) I offer you this ring as a token of my love, as a symbol of our love and a public token of the pledges we've made between us in this life and beyond. My sword and shield shall be your protection and you shall forever be first in my heart and in my thoughts..." says Alasdair as he slowly slids the ring onto the ring finger of her left hand. His heart races as she likewise affirmed her feelings of love and devotion to him. Once the rings were upon both fingers, they did feel some kind of power stirring, but each was unable to grasp the power or fully comprehend what had just occured.

With a gentle smile Alasdair motioned for Althena to sit closer to him, as he knew that his watch was far from over and that she was indeed tired. As she drifted off to sleep he shifted to allow her a more confortable position in which to rest. After awhile, Alasdair heard a door open and footsteps draw closer. Hoping is was Ulthok, come to take his watch, he was surprised when Conall placed his hand upon the table and said "The Lady Althena looks like nothing more than a common bar room harlot and if you have any mind of taking this any further know we will cross swords. I have given you your space and this is how I find you repay that space."

With a soft sigh he looked up at Conall and said, "Keep your voice quiet, for the Lady does still sleep and I've no desire to wake her." Holding up his left hand and turning the ring upon his own finger he continued, "We too know of propriety and of the appropriateness of duty and honor. Nothing has past between us which should offer your high ideals... nor am I so niave as to really think that she of all people needs your permission to fall in love, accept a proposal of marriage or to exchange vows as we have done. She is not some little girl to be protected, but a full grown woman who was born long before you or I were a glimmer in our grandparents eyes. I know that I am not her first love, though I am honored that she feels I am her last love and her only true love. Please dear Conall do not marr tonights pleasantness with unfounded feelings or challenges," said Alasdair.

Shifting to keep Althena comfortable, he then continued and looks Conall square in the eyes and said "If finding a priest in the morning calms your senses then so be it, but be it known here and now, that when this is all over, we still intend on a public ceremony with the King's blessings and you as my best man... If all that I have said now still meets with your disfavor and you need to 'cross swords' with me, then I shall not disappoint you... but for now let it rest until the sun rises. For as soon as Ulthok releaves me from my watch, I intend to carry Althena to her bedroom to sleep." With an intentional and forced grin he said, "but how such as you could confuse a woman, let alone a 'lady' in love with a bar room harlot is beyond me, perhaps you've more experience in bar rooms than me. Rest assured that there is nothing 'common' about her or our situation," jested Alasdair in hopes that Conall would accept what had been said and refrain from pushing a topic that would only lead to one end. An end that would be tragic for one of them and to the mission itself.

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Topic: The Trilogy War
Subject: Evening Watch

With many a question and thought on their minds Alasdair and Lady Althena mused at their new rings. With a smile, he said, "M'lady I would suggest that we look these over together and talk tonight whilst I stand my watch. As these may be cursed, I would endeavor to find that out before either of us wears them. Besides, I am sure that your feet could use some rest. For now lets return to the Inn for an evening meal together before my watch begins," finished Alasdair holding out his arm for the lady to hold onto.

When they return to the Inn Alasdair's first task is to check on Af'til and give him a short break if needed. Afterwards he as he had indicated orders a large meals for Lady Althena and the others to enjoy. He asks those of his party present in the common room, "Hmm, what have any of ye heard whilst spending our day in Panzer?" With the meal and conversation dying down, he readied himself for his turn at watch and was surprised when Lady Cynil whispered into his ear, " "Stay with her; the night is good to me. I can watch the hours pass and wake Ulthok when his turn has come." Though he yearned to accept her offer, he gently patted her should and relied, "Aye m'lady, I would indeed love to accept thy generous offer. However... I do think it would be inappropriate for my not to take my turn at watch. If the Althena would honor me with her company still, then in this room shall we spend it till my turn at watch is over," said Alasdair in a soft warm voice. With a smile he continued, "Perhaps it is you who should be getting some sleep or checking on someone close, I've heard Conall's restless sleep these past few weeks, please check on him before turning in for the night," asked Alasdair with a gentleness not often heard by the others, except Lady Althena.

As the others eventually leave the common room, he turns to his love and says, "M'lady this has truly been a wonderous day. Would ye please sit with me awhile?" asks Alasdair as he takes out the small pouch that the two rings are in. Placing them on the table he asks, "Pretty are they not? An interesting tale the shop keeper gave us regarding their history. Perhaps we should seek to learn something of them before deciding to claim them as our token of love?" asks Alasdair.

(OOC: - Alasdair will use the Psionic abilities of Psionic Sense, Contact and Probe to try and learn what he may of the rings)

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Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Hmmm....

Laughs at himself... what you've never heard of the Breast Monster of Fort Panzer. Tales of its evil doings are spread far and wide... No puns intended... get your minds out of the gutter, for I need all the room I can while there myself. Of course it was a Freudian slip... but a damned funny one at that.


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Topic: Trilogy War Q/A
Subject: Now your talking

Hmm, sounds like a good plan to me...

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