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Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective - A 3.5 Audalis game looking for one more player
Subject: Also Almerin,

Did you mean Cordia, or Coria? The only maps and stuff I can find in Audulis reference a Coria, no 'D' :p

Posted on 2011-08-08 at 00:17:30.

Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective - A 3.5 Audalis game looking for one more player
Subject: .

Ok so my final character concept is going to be a Khordulum fighter who wants to be a stonelord like his father and fore fathers were. I'm sure I'd get more to it later :p

Also, did we grow up in the town or did we just arrive here and got to know each other in our time visiting the town?

Posted on 2011-08-06 at 05:54:51.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: ,

If I missed anything, ANYTHING in the update, please tell me. If something is wrong with it i'll gladly edit it to fix. I've just been dealing with college bills, financial aid woes, loans and having to deal with getting hours cut from work and money problems :/

So, if it's not up to par it'll get back on track, and if i missed any actions anyone did please let me fix it for you!

Posted on 2011-08-06 at 03:00:18.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: Edge of Darkness
Subject: It's crap, it's short, but it's an update >.<

At battles end the party slowly surveyed the carnage and shared mixed emotions. Some felt pity and grief while others felt pride, relief, and even some anxiety. Some of them came close to death and that realization was a sobering one as the corpses on the ground could surely of been them. Blood soaked the pine needle ground where bodies lay, forever marring the forest floor with the scene of a battle.

Leanderia looked around after the storm of combat had passed and realized she needed to defend herself for another fight ahead. She knelt near the body that just moments before was alive and ready to kill her, and acquired the weapons he had used. Sliding the dagger into one of her own sheathes she picked up the Scimitar and examined it curiously. Satisfied with it, she kept the two weapons to use against the bandits in the certain fight ahead.

Valandril crossed paths with Leanderia as she picked up the weapons that were set aside, and they shared a few words as he slowly handled the corpse of the elf. He felt a kinship even though they were enemies, and respect was to be had for a fellow elf. Laying his body against a tree and covering it, he set the chain shirt aside and did not find any other weapons on him. A quick prayer to Corellan and the elf was set to finally rest in peace.

Uryuu moved off, only commenting briefly to Leanderia and headed into the woods to see to his own needs of concentration and focus as his anger was building like a storm. Slowly, he focused it and put it away to use it later against foes who will surely deserve it being unleashed upon them.

Basyl knelt near the man who slowly bled from his chest, a piece of cloth soaked with blood over the wound. He asked the man the elfs name, and he responded slowly and carefully said words, "Syle". Afterwards when Render returned with the rope, he sat him up and tied his hands behind his back with a sturdy knot, and hefted the man to his feet with help from Leanderia.

The night was now settled in and the surrounding forest was dark, only the fire light flickering from branch to branch illuminating the surroundings. Leanderia moved in the direction where she came from, remembering that she only came in a straight line so going back that way must be it. The prisoner stumbled slowly and walked at his own pace, but complied and brought them along the same path as Leanderia came on. "It's just bout a mile in this direction, give 'er take a few steps either way." The man spoke slowly and sometimes he would stumble, almost falling once or twice. It seemed like his energy was draining quickly, and the wound is beginning to bleed more and more as he stands and moves. "You're all gonna get your asses kicked.." He coughed and spittled a bit into the dirt. "Just let me go and be on your way, and you won't die."

As the group stayed farther back, Valandril snuck forward scouting out the forward position. He was about a quarter mile ahead and the forest was dead quiet and pitch black, the moonlight hidden by the canopy above. Growls, yelps, and barks could all be heard in the darkness but nothing would stop Valandril from expertly exercising his skill in scouting for the first time with this new group.

After about ten minutes of skillfully moving through the brush, the terrain changed from gentle rolling wooded hills to a more rockier outcropping, and small cliff faces. Ahead of him Valandril could barely make out white canvas tents, but no fire. There were three of them in a triangle formation on hard packed dirt and to the back of the camp site was a cliff face. Nearby a slowly flowing stream could be heard. The trees in this area is even more sparse than usual, small brush and thickets replacing the foliage. Over the rustle of leaves and branches, faint voices could be heard with a few men walking from one tent to another clearly in view. They seemed just as armed and dangerous as the fellows that were just taken out. A quarter mile behind him the group was slowly approaching, Valandril deducing they would arrive in about ten minutes at the pace they were going.

Posted on 2011-08-06 at 02:58:46.

Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective - A 3.5 Audalis game looking for one more player
Subject: .

I've decided! Kord Fighter it is!

Posted on 2011-08-06 at 01:26:05.

Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective - A 3.5 Audalis game looking for one more player
Subject: Ok cool...

I'm not sure what I'm gonna play, I'm either gonna play a melee/caster type, or go with a Khord fighter type who aspires to be a stone lord. either one.

Posted on 2011-08-05 at 19:37:20.

Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective - A 3.5 Audalis game looking for one more player
Subject: Very awesome!

Recently my own game has been flourishing, and my interest in glued to the inn, so if you don't mind I would love to join your game! I'm in a good place to be at the inn for a very long time and my obligations towards rdinn put me in a spot where if i just up and left I would make many people very angry

So if you would have me, I would be honored Almerin, as your games are always amazing and since I've been Dming my game I've been wanting very much so to be a player again!

Oh, two quick questions:

1) With the hp, your having us roll at level 1 or take max? Since level one in 3.5 has everyone taking max hp.

2) are you saying don't worry about equipment and don't get any as we'll receive items in game?

Posted on 2011-08-05 at 17:56:51.
Edited on 2011-08-05 at 17:57:52 by Jozan1

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: Sorry everyone!

I'm writing the update right now, it'll be done tonight. But something came up this very moment and I gotta make some phone calls and maybe head out soon, but it's being typed up as we speak!

Posted on 2011-08-04 at 20:52:48.

Topic: All right, I've had enough!
Subject: O.o

Well holy geeze I think I missed something and I'm ok with that :p

Posted on 2011-08-04 at 20:33:30.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: Oh geeze

I forgot the update, sorry guys. I'll see what I can do asap.

Posted on 2011-08-03 at 15:38:35.

Topic: The Guild Season 5
Subject: .

Which realm is that?

Posted on 2011-08-03 at 03:24:33.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: .

Leanderia could lead the way to the bandit camp, and you guys are completely free to do what you want with the bandit, but remember he is your prisoner and just outright killing him might be seen as being a little bit more evil or something, just a heads up ;P

Posted on 2011-07-31 at 19:54:48.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: Phew!

Been a very busy weekend, and I'm glad everyone is having fun posting and rping away! Update to come monday or tuesday, maybe even late tonight if I'm feeling up to it. Hang in there folks! :p

Posted on 2011-07-31 at 19:41:20.

Topic: Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale
Subject: ,

this game is nothing like dark alliance, since dark alliance had an awesome story, fluid game play NO glitches ( except exploitable cheats) and a waaay more indepth character building system (picking your skills, stats, spells, abilites)

plus honestly its graphics werent THAT Much worse than daggerdale, and it was on the Ps2!

Posted on 2011-07-27 at 04:00:00.

Topic: Obituaries
Subject: Here lies Gruhmbar...

The greatest Hobgoblin fighter ever known to walk the land. Overthrower of tyrants and ruler of Darguun itself, Gruhmbar fought side by side with his partner, Dorn the Warforged Barbarian, but decided to stay behind and lead his nation into another step of greatness. His downfall began when demons waged an all out war upon the lands of the mortals and tearing the lands asunder, Gruhmbar fought vigorously to save his nation. Eventually he was captured and on account of his great ties to his partner Dorn, was tortured and his soul torn from his body to power mighty engines of destruction for the demon host. Later, Dorn and his living saint Lheriel Gherrian would save the soul of gruhmbar and return it to his body for a final burial, as the body and mind was too torn and beaten to breathe life once more.

Posted on 2011-07-27 at 03:53:36.
Edited on 2011-07-27 at 03:54:02 by Jozan1

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: .

Alright, now everyone go rp!

Posted on 2011-07-26 at 19:17:34.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: .

Posted last night if no one saw it, read away!

Posted on 2011-07-26 at 18:08:10.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: Edge of Darkness
Subject: A short one but thats what combat gets...

The sounds of combat reverberated through out the woods as the attackers now had the tables turned on them, and were ambushed quite effectively. After the opening salvo and their leader down the three bandits remaining began to make their moves.

With his bloody and bruised face, the elf gripped his weapons and had his eyes locked on Render with much malice burning within them. He charged at the halfling who had broken his cheek and brought both his blades to bear, bringing them down on the halfling with great force. Luckily for Render though the elf got slightly caught up in the brush that he was hiding him, and the scimitar and his dagger both missed as the halfling was easily able to side step the slow swings and strikes.(two misses from the elf)

Even though he had missed his mark the first time, Uryuu's training already had another arrow notched and ready to fire in his hand. The bandit was just taking his first few steps as the arrow hit home square in the mans chest. Uryuu and the man both looked down at the arrow as it stuck in the armor, and then limped down as it did not penetrate fully through the armor, but instead caught on a metal stud. With a look of relief upon his face the man continued to carry himself forward hoping to bloody his blade.

Valandril stopped and tried to call out to the elf who was in the group, but the fighting and fire and excitement of everything made his words lost in the air, as he could only watch the elf try to stab and slice Render, who ended up not being harmed at all. Seeing Uryuu's arrow not penetrate the mans armor he moved to cross behind him and fire at the attacker, while making his way behind a large tree to his right. He loosed the arrow as he passed by Uryuu's right side, letting it sail straight into the mans chest. This time the arrow easily passed straight through what must of been a thinner part of the armor and continued on, only stopping after it buried itself five inches within the mans chest. He tripped over his own feet and fell over on his face, breaking and pushing the arrow deeper. He was unconcious but dying very quickly as blood pooled and he slowly stopped moving as much, this man was either dead or would be dead in minutes.(A good hit with double max damage for 15 damage!)

Looking up at the world from the ground the man that Basyl had knocked over grabbed his axe and shield, and tried to stand being weary of Basyl nearby. As he stood, Basyl tried to pierce his defenses at an oppurtune time but the man brought his shield down on the rapier, knocking it aside as he came to a full stand.(Failed AoO). He then gritted his teeth and swung low coming up from below with an axe swing, the blade facing upwards at Basyls lower body. The blow was easily dodged as Basyl just took a step backwards and let the axe sail into the air his attack over extending and exposing his right side to Basyl. Not missing an oppurtunity he reached out with his rapier and pierced the mans armpit pushing the rapier into the side of the man, felling him instantly.(7 damage)

Fearing for his life, Render dropped the sling where he stood and grabbed his morning star, needing something to put inbetween the mad elf and himself. He swung with the spiked club at the elf but missed hitting nothing but air. He drove the point home though that he was ready to fight for his life and whether he was smaller than the elf or not, a spike through a foot, thigh, or worse still hurts just as much as any other sized spike.

Leanderia looked around and saw that two foes were dispatched with ease, one being the assailant that was attacking the blue eyed man. Only one bandit stood and gripping her kukri tight, charged trying to end the fight an the threat of these evil men. As she made contact with the attacker she drew the blades curved edge across the left side of his face, leaving a large cut from above his temple to his jaw, and also cut off his ear. As he turned in horror to see who had attacked him she came back with a quick return and slashed the elfs throat, leaving him to drop his weapons and grasp his neck, but to no avail. He dropped to his knees and quickly bled out, with Leanderia standing above him.

With the last bandit dispatched, the only one left alive was the original victim with the dagger protruding from his collar bone area. By now he was laying on the ground with shield and flail next to him, breathing steadily and stabilized, but obviously in no condition to fight.

( Ok everyone, combat is over with all bandits killed this round and no damage taken in return. Together, there is a dagger, a shortsword, a hand axe, a scimitar, a flail, and a large and small shield. A quick look at the elf reveals a chain shirt, a studded leather suit is still just fine. The other is damaged greatly. The living prisoner has scalemail. Good job everyone, check the QnA 1st post for xp and group gear.)

Posted on 2011-07-26 at 09:56:08.

Topic: Montreal anyone?
Subject: Montreal anyone?

So, in five short weeks I'll be heading off to my second college up north, and I'll be an hour away from montreal. I plan on visiting a few times and was wondering if anyone was close to there or knew what there is to do up there?

Posted on 2011-07-25 at 05:00:24.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: .

It's impossible to stealthily move away if your opponent is watching you, but if they become distracted and take their eyes off you have a chance to hide. So, Uryuu if your assailant doesn't look away or get distracted, you won't be able to sneak away.

Posted on 2011-07-24 at 23:00:48.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: .

Lol thanks guys, I did have " A sweet fire " written next to the firepit but the bedroll ate it. Also oak trees grow in the same temperate zones as pine trees, and are commonly found together, just like in upstate ny

Posted on 2011-07-22 at 19:17:49.

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: lets hope this works.


this is the map, any questions please ask.

also b1 is the guy in scalemail who is on his knees trying to figure out how not to die, b2 is the guy in studded leather with the short sword, b3 is the guy with axe and shield that Basyl attacked, and elf is the guy who render smashed with a rock. also, that U on the black dot should be an R for Render. also, pretend I said right cheek, not left

Posted on 2011-07-22 at 17:55:43.
Edited on 2011-08-08 at 07:14:58 by Jozan1

Topic: ~Edge of Darkness~ Q&A
Subject: .

No, thats just a normal move action on his part. but if you go first in initiative you'll be able to shoot before he attacks.

Posted on 2011-07-22 at 16:54:29.

Topic: Forgotten Realms: Edge of Darkness
Subject: post is up!

As the sounds of four very angry and violent ruffians grew near, the group quickly sprang into action to do what they thought was the best choice. Taking advantage of the darkened surrounding and sudden chaos, Render just shrugged at the new arrival and did one of the things he did best, hid. He found a decent spot just outside of the fire light and waited with a bullet ready to fly when the perfect opportunity arose.

“Please help me!" Was all that Leanderia had time to say before she moved closer to the group. But none of the group that she stumbled upon made any sudden moves to help her, and some movement out of the corner of her eye disappeared into the bushes, what it was she couldn't figure out but she swore there was a person standing there just before, someone very short. Were these people just as bad as the ones who captured her? If they were, then she was out of options as running was getting very tiresome fast in the heavy armor she wore.

Uryuu moved in first and fast to cut her bonds with his curved blade and let the ropes fall to the ground. Uryuu then flipped the blade over offering it to Leanderia, giving her something to defend herself with. They both knew a fight was to come and they couldn't afford an obvious combatant to be left out. Who knew how tough these brigands were and what they could be bringing along? As Leanderia took the blade Uryuu quickly skirted away to the edge of the camp, opposite of where Render disappeared to. His short bow was all he needed to deal sufficient damage and he felt secure tugging at the string once more.

Basyl sat perched in his tree, watching the commotion on the ground below. the sturdy oak tree was old and large enough to easily take his weight and cradle him comfortably in the crotch of two branches. Roughly ten feet below him and a mere five feet away from the base of the tree lay the large log that Leanderia had to vault over. He was in the perfect position to surprise one of the bandits, and he was determined to make sure he did. "Swiftblade!" Even though he was in the tree, his friends could help the poor woman who was not in the best position. "Render..." He looked back to see his friend scurry off and make use of the situation and hide. His temper flared momentarily at the cowardice, but looked back to the real threat at hand.

Valandril's tried to help by telling Leanderia to get down, but she moved over to Uryuu instead, who helped and armed her. He grabbed one of his daggers and slid the thin blade from its sheathe and waited with it ready to be thrown. His bow was gripped tightly in his off hand, and his feet twitched ready to dart to the treeline throwing the dagger. Tactical advantage would be theirs during this fight and these men wouldn't know what hit them.

Soon after everyone barely had enough time to get ready, four loud stomps of feet were heard and then through the darkness came four figures, around and over the large log. From the campfire they could easily make out three humans and an elf. The human in the lead had on scale mail and a large shield strapped to his left forearm. A flail could be seen strapped to his side, which he was quickly reaching for. He had a dirty face with rough stubble, a shaved sweaty head and yellowed teeth, but was bigger then all his companions. Two other humans stood side by side behind him, both wearing studded leather armor but one had a short sword drawn and the other had an axe gripped in one hand, and a small shield in the other. The elf was the same as Valandril, a moon elf. But this one had dark brown hair and ruddy tanned skin, signs of being in the wilds which Valandril knew more then his share about. The elf either wore no armor or something underneath his shirt, as nothing was visible except for a scimitar in one hand, and a dagger with the blade pointed downward in his offhand.

Immediately the four of them looked around, instantly seeing Leanderia standing, anger on her face gripping the kukri with force. The other figure was Valandril who was already on the move, darting off to the tree line. What the lead bandit did not see though was the dagger, turning end over end through the air directly at the mans torso. A wet thump followed by a loud yell of pain and then a slow groan was all Valandril heard as he dashed into the immediate surroundings.(good opening salvo, a hit with 8 damage over all!Also Loki you seem to of forgotten you add Dex to thrown weapons, not strength so even with the -4 you got a +1) Leanderia got a better view though as she watched almost in slow motion the dagger twirl through the air, then connect just underneath his left collar bone and sink to the hilt. The fiery hate in his eyes that Leanderia was staring into immediately left and the man bawled out distressed pain, then dropped his flail and shield, sinking to his knees grabbing and slowly feeling the daggers hilt jut out from just above where his heart is.

Render took advantage of the moment and decided now was the best time to throw a stone. Standing closest to him and slightly away from the main group was the elf, he wound up a sling bullet and let the curved stone fly. It launched straight into the elf's left cheek as he had his head turned straight in Uryuu's direction. With a loud crack that many could hear the elf's head whip lashed backwards and almost knocked him off his feet.(a solid hit since he was flat footed, and four damage total) He wasn't down for the count though as he quickly turned and looked straight at Render. "You damned little bastard!" is all he had time to shout before Uryuu launched an arrow from his hiding spot across from Render into the human gripping a short sword for dear life. The arrow narrowly missed the mans shoulder as it flew past into the darkness beyond, it seems the bandits fidgeting around saved him from Uryuus deadly arrow, and immediately the man spotted him in the shadows. Only hate then slight confusion could be seen in the mans eyes as he caught a glimpse of Uryuus trappings, but pointed his sword in his direction as a threat.

From his perch in the tree he could see the others fire their quick weapons and with deadly accuracy one of the bandits was hit with a life threatening dagger, and a smoothed stone found the face of the elf, obviously doing much damage as bone could be heard breaking under impact. One other was fired at by Uryuu, and his shot distracted the foe, leaving Basyl with one free unengaged target. Seeing the man below him gripping axe and shield, he grasped his rapier and spoke to himself a silent prayer, pushing himself away from the tree with the gracefulness of a gliding owl but with the deadly ferocity as a swooping falcon ready to plunge its talons into the prey.

As Basyl descended upon his prey he could see at last second the man look up and mouth agape, cry out as the boot dagger drove straight into his right side in between his ribs. With his momentum the man collapsed to the ground and Basyl knelt on his back, the figure below him soaking up all the damage that a fall from that height would have given him (a solid hit with 3 damage from the dagger, and 1 fall damage transferred onto the bandit). He quickly rolled off as to not let his companions lash out and the figure started to scramble to his feet.

Leanderia stood and watched as the group of bandits who were so tough to capture them now crumbled as one by one they were shot, stabbed, and bludgeoned into submission by this new group she had run into. It seems like this was the group that she was looking for and that luck was on her side tonight, despite everything else that had happened. She gripped the Kukri tight and shifted her feet in the dirt, ready to show her piece now in the fight against these worthless creeps.

( ok everyone, I figured I would only do the combat surprise round now and then you can all post more detailed combat action that are more appropriate to the situation. Scale mail baldy guy was taken out of the fight by Valandrils dagger sniping, but he is still quite alive. The elf hit in the face with Renders bullet is quite combat ready, just bloody and bruised in the face and really pissed off. Uryuu the man you shot at is unharmed but you have his undivided attention. Basyl, the man you drove your dagger into is on the ground but alive, the dagger did some good damage but not enough to take him out of combat. Leanderia, you have seen all this happen around you and now the next turn is when the first initiative rolls will happen, so now the fight begins. Also, everyone who was hiding, (looking at you Uryuu and Render) you have been spotted by your targets, and they have eyes locked dead on you. You were allowed one hide roll to see if you could hide after your shot albeit at a -20 which is the sniping rule, and both failed. Now there's a good chance you both will be in hand to hand combat, not a certainty depending on what happens but a good chance. Good job everyone, you put a real hurtin on the baddies!)

Posted on 2011-07-22 at 05:48:03.
Edited on 2011-07-22 at 06:59:01 by Jozan1

Topic: Totally Random Thoughts


Posted on 2011-07-21 at 19:44:48.


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