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Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective
Subject: .

Traubon went along with the group into the room as the skeletons were dismissed with ease. Inside the room they found some mundane items such as rope, a chest, an interesting magnifying glass and a harp.

Glitch quickly scooped them up and Traubon was ok with this. They will dish out everything to who ever needs it later on. But one thing troubled Traubon, the fact that these skeletons were chained up like pets.

"Seems like someone's keepin' these creatures all held up, let's be careful with this last room who knows how many more could be chained up in there."

Traubon slowly stayed in front of the injured group members, unknowing what horrors could lunge at them at the opening of this next door.

As they entered the last room, the horrid stench of flesh and corpses assaulted Traubon's nostrils, sickening him immediatley. Whatever guard he had up was lowered as shock hit him, the sights and smells over whelming. Forever will the image of the slowly breathing corpse stay in his mind, the large bin of human organs and most vividly, the flesh eating creature that was soaked in blood.

The creature stood, and soon made it obvious that some sort of intellect still was kept as it started casting a spell, and other skeletons came from the darkness.

Quickly, Traubon tried to regain his compusure and realized now that death could be upon them, their bodies decorating the room on hooks soon.

"Everyone stay careful, don't let it work its evil magics on yah'!"

Traubon then moved in to fight the evil caster, hopefully keeping it occupied so no harm coud be done to his fellow adventurers.

Posted on 2012-01-04 at 23:43:55.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: well

Firstly I'd like to say, oh my word was not expecting this.
Also, yes turn undead if you can (if everyone is not nauseated or something), and let's not let her cast any spells. An undead spellcaster, ALWAYS means trouble D:

OK. Posted sooner rather than later, and I'm going to try to keep the caster from casting and hopefully do damage to it, while if all goes to plan, Brokkrok can turn the skeletons.

Posted on 2012-01-04 at 23:31:25.
Edited on 2012-01-04 at 23:44:39 by Jozan1

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: lol

burned by Almerin. This game just keeps slipping my mind along with a lot of other things >.<

Posted on 2012-01-04 at 23:27:54.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: ,

Yes I was thinking at work that I was ready to continue this, and it seems a few others have beaten me to it ;P

Will post over weekend

Posted on 2011-12-30 at 00:37:45.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: Ok yes

The holidays are tying me up pretty bad, sorry for being away but just so much end of the year jib-jab that I haven't even really been on my computer at all o.o

If we're taking a break until after the holidays I'll get a post in before the end of the year (which sounds funny)

But I'm starting up work again, Girlfriend stuff and traveling all over the state for the holidays is getting in my way D:

Posted on 2011-12-21 at 19:13:23.

Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective
Subject: .

Carefully they came to the first door that blocked their path. Traubon watched as Ta'nil skillfully checked the door for traps and locks, not finding anything. So it was to Traubon's surprise when a white hot streak of lightning exploded from the door, injuring his comrades in front of him. Luckily for Traubon, the bolt stopped short of hitting him, and Brokkrok quickly went to work healing the blisters and burns of Glitch and Ta'nil.

Upon opening the door after the trap, another unexpected surprise waited for them. Six horrific skeletons, rotting decaying forms chained to walls attacked. Brokkrock immediately stepped up, his clerical skills honed to combat such atrocities.

Traubon tried as much as he could to muster up his force to fight. He had faced down the horrors of the beast of Stone's Hollow, but now it was things other worldly. Quickly Traubon knew that such injuries sustained by the lightning could not take a beating from foul undeath, he put himself in the fore front and began to fight, striking at the undead with heavy blows.

(Traubon will use power attack, sacrificing 1 BaB to gain +2 Strength damage on his attacks)

Posted on 2011-12-12 at 23:04:17.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: .

I'm sorry, it's finals week. I'll post now D:

Posted on 2011-12-12 at 19:37:47.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: Probably came with

A special dutch hangover, eh? eh?

lol anyways, sweet update. I think after being wouunded so much Glitch and Ta'nil should be healed, and then Brokkrok take lead as he has the torch.

Posted on 2011-12-06 at 18:26:43.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: ,

Left seems good, and the order is pretty much worked out, I'm fine with Almerin making up the rest of the order, our gracious DM surely wouldn't put is in an order that would put us in harms way, right?

Posted on 2011-12-01 at 22:11:11.

Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective
Subject: .

Traubon walked cautiously through the building, and stopped when a voice perked up from the front of the church. It was a man who was worshipping still despite the decrepit scene around him.

Traubon's companions asked some questions, but it was soon discovered after Glitch's impatience that the door on their right lead down to a lower level, and the stench that filled the air was emanating from below.

Traubon recoiled slightly at the smell, but decided he would need to explore more of this, especially after the doctor's words which seemed to betray his knowledge on what is going on.

"Aye, it seems that we will be needin' to venture down below. Maybe Ta'nil should lead the way, since he seems tah' be one who can keep a quiet foot while walkin' 'round down here."

Posted on 2011-11-29 at 18:20:17.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: Oh my word

I'm so sorry for forgetting, as you've said Almerin it has been thanksgiving, and with that comes all the thanksgiving break homework assignments too -_-

Posted on 2011-11-28 at 22:14:35.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: .

Sorry for not posting, Having to get ready to go home and to go for tests and thanksgiving coming up, (pretty much the end of the semester rush/finals) I haven't had much time to be creative. But Yes I am all for almerin pushing the game along if it gets a bit behind, I'm always loving to RP Traubon and would hate for this game to end

Posted on 2011-11-22 at 00:58:57.

Topic: Hey
Subject: :D

Glad to see you around again!

Posted on 2011-11-20 at 17:22:53.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: Those undead

shall have all my rage! NOT SAVING ME A PIECE

Posted on 2011-11-13 at 16:54:08.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: ,

Traubon will enter into the nearest door, and only go so far as the first room, unless he is accompanied any further. Also to anyone who had dialogue with Traubon, sorry for not responding but i wanted to get a post in, and I have a lot of work this weekend so PM me if you want to do a conversation for your post, and i'll respond how traubon would.

Posted on 2011-11-12 at 18:10:49.

Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective
Subject: .

Traubon finished his breakfast that Granny Tapestries set out for them all, and soon he was on his way to the graveyard. Following the rest of the group, he kept his eye on the ominous church as they made the short trip over to the burial grounds of Sedostra. One big old cherry tree and randomly set tombstones were all that seemed to occupy the graveyard, but they had more than just sight on their side.
After a prayer with Brokkrok, and finding nothing of note from it, they began to scour the earthen patch for any clues. Only a purse, a fresh tombstone, and a ring-like worn away spot from one of the branches were all they found.
The first thought that came to Traubon's mind was that of a hangman's noose, and a body swaying from the tree. Looking back down at the anonymous tombstone, he wondered who could of been buried there.

"I'm wonderin', who could ah' been buried here so recently and if it could be havin' anythin' tah do with these disappearin's. Fresh graves n' all, ya know?"
Traubon looked back at the worn down church, and to the group. This place was most likely their next course of action.

"I'll be bettin' that place is where all the action is, run down church like that who knows what's going on in there."
He looked to Glitch, and heard him talk about the purse, and what the marks in the branch could be.

"Aye, I think that mighta' been a noose hangin' from that tree. Don't know anyone who woulda' like to be swinging from a tree in the middle of all these folks buried here. And the purse could be someone who was missing. Maybe we should take it back to the Tapestry house?"

Traubon looked around as Glitch began his spell casting, and he moved closer to the church, curious as to what could be inside.

"I'm going to start lookin' round through here, probably more inside."

He headed off in the direction of the nearest church entrance, and slowly examined the exterior before carefully opening the door.

Posted on 2011-11-12 at 18:06:47.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: ,

QUestion, none of the graves seemed disturbed correct? and there is not tomb, above ground housing for the dead, or anything, right?

Posted on 2011-11-08 at 21:54:13.

Topic: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Subject: ,

I'm desperately trying to save up money for it, but failing Q.Q

Posted on 2011-11-07 at 19:40:20.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: noooooo

My computer restarted itself and now I lost my post D:

I'm retyping it now... *sigh*

Posted on 2011-11-06 at 02:17:39.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: ,.

updating later today

Posted on 2011-11-05 at 19:23:43.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: Ok

Actually, the manner in which I wrote about Traubon wondering about the beard was more of a self reflection, a thinking to himself. I actually didn't ask Brokkrok about the beard thing, but Traubon curiously wondered to himself about it. Sorry for any confusion : X

Posted on 2011-11-02 at 17:51:09.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: .

I have a quik question hammer, so Brokkrok already told the story as to how he got his braid, correct? That is the jist of one of your earlier posts that I'm getting, that he told us soon after we had arrived.

Posted on 2011-11-02 at 15:29:03.

Topic: Monster Hunters Collective - Q/A
Subject: uh oh...

It's pillow talk time!

Posted on 2011-11-01 at 02:21:56.

Topic: 2011 NFL Season
Subject: ,

I'm just glad the Bills did as well as they did.

Posted on 2011-10-31 at 23:49:04.

Topic: The Monster Hunters Collective
Subject: here we go

Traubon came home that night from the hunt and slumped into his simple beddings, and quickly slept off the drinks he had consumed. The sting of losing a comrade, especially someone so young, lingers for a while and he knew that He will never forget Jethro.

Waking the next morning, Traubon slowly made himself a breakfast of some slightly stale bread and cheese, washing it down with some cool water. He reached into his large chest that sat against his wall and looked at the gear that he was given, the remanents of the beast's lair. He was given a good amount of weapons; axes, a dagger, and a conveniently fitting chain shirt. It was obviously made for a Khord, as the length was shorter and the chest was broader. He didn't want to think about who owned it previously, just that he was greatful the Khordalum armor could be used once more.

He spent the next hour of his morning polishing and fixing up the armor and weapons, only doing basic maintenance as his expertise was stone craft, not metallurgy. He was just finishing polishing the hand axe, it's handle a light shade of wood with two leather straps intertwined down the haft, when Glitch had came entering his hovel.

Traubon! Traubon! Look what I made! The little Brathspur ran up to him, catching him slightly off guard as he shoved a small wrist mounted crossbow into his face.

"Uh Glitch! Mornin' to ye! That seems tah' be a fine craft ya got there, 'cept the part where it won't fire n' all."
Glitch went on to explain about some spell, technomancy and something about techsense, and it was all Traubon could do to keep up with the little speed talker. He nodded and agreed, even though his mind was spinning trying to comprehend what exactly he was saying. He snapped back when Glitch mentioned something about needing to borrow his weapons, and them most likely not being destroyed.

"Well, ya definitely sound like you know what your talking about, even though I'm kinda at a loss. But if ye' are so confident, then I guess I can let ya use this axe here."
He handed over the almost completely polished hand axe and set out to the back yard where a stump and his work shed resided.

He stood, watching curiously as the Brathspur flipped through his ancient training manual (which he lent out only after carefully explaining the frailty of the book) copying the poses of the Khord drawings.

Suddenly a look of what seemed to be an idea coming together came over Glitch's face, and he took to make one final form, and started saying the components to a spell.

Traubon took a step back as the sudden outburst caught him once again off guard. "Oy, he's gonna be the death o' me one day I swear." He looked back up to see Glitch confused, fumbling with the axe. A minute or two more of thinking and suddenly Glitch grabbed a stick and with his permission started to draw in the dirt.

While Glitch was drawing, Traubon curiously went to investigate why there was a crossbow bolt impaled into his lawn. With it in hand, he was about to turn to Glitch and ask if he knew about it at all when he saw him already-


Once again Traubon was spooked as a gnomish battle cry resonated through out his yard. Only this time a miniature fighting machine was drilling perfect axe practices for a few minutes, before fumbling again.

"Ah, ya seem tah got it workin'! Like ya said, Khord work is the best, too bad not everyone' can understand such ah' simple fact."

After practicing a bit more, and elated that his spell worked, Glitch left Traubon to his business as he left, but not before inviting him out to a drink which he happily accepted.

After working a bit more on some stone utensils he met Glitch at the Golden Barley and they had an exellent night drinknig and fiddling with the new inventions Glitch had made.

The next day, they buried Jethro and Traubon showed up in his best dress; his armor. The newly fixed up chainshirt and his halberd at his side, he gave the warrior a proper warriors seeing off, paying no heed to the glances that some folks gave him not used to seeing him in such a serious or war like garb. He left a small gift on Jethro's centered chest, a small highly polished disc of white marble, with the center carved out in a shallow circle and filled with gold. It was once a pendant worn about the neck of some of the Khord elite, but was taken on his way out of the holds.
That day later on, he set back into his old habits of working the stone, polishing, chiseling, hammering away until his apron was covered in a fine dust. The whole day was stress relieving work and only conversed with customers and anyone who wanted to stop by his hovel.

He went to bed tired, exhausted from working so much stone. The next day just past Traubons' meal of hard boiled eggs and grits, a messanger came to the door. Traubon answered, his long night shirt draping past his knees.
"Aye? You want somethin' built?"

"Ah, no sir just a message." The young boy no more than 12 handed Traubon a piece of parchment, and nodded with a smile.

"Thank ye' sonny, now off ya go, I'm a busy Khord." He looked at the parchment, then looked up to the boy, who was already turned to leave. "Oh! Gregory! Sorry laddy I'm still sleeping it seems. C'mere for a moment if you can." He had the boy follow him back to his shed, and handed him a small wooden crate. "Heres the three stone mugs your Pa wanted. Now, you hungry?" With a quick nod and a smile he followed Traubon into the hovel and was given three hard boiled eggs and a hunk of bread. "Go, enjoy yourself. and stay safe!"
He watched the boy leave and then quickly read the letter. the remnants of a smile on his face quickly faded, and he gave a heavy sigh, and walked into his hovel.

He walked out of his hovel, locked up the shed and front door, and gave a glancing look to the two small buildings on the edge of the village as he walked to the tavern, meeting up with his fellow comrades once more. After much talking and explaining of what they need to do, Traubon had made sure he had everything he needed, and the group exited once more unto the road that lay ahead of them.

Soon though, it became apparent that they had an extra traveler, a rare sight to behold to any pair of eyes. A feline looking woman was following them, and he could only aquate her to what he heard from stories of old, as the Kazari.

"You want nothin' tah do with us, we be goin' no where but trouble. Please, for your own good sake let us be." Being as kind but forthcoming as he could, he tried to get her to leave them alone, not wanting to see someone else fall prey to the danger they were going to be wandering into. But sheer determination was obvious in her actions, and soon enough she became a part of their group.

"Now missy, you be knowin' the kindsa' dangers we be goin' intah'. I've told ye' many ah' times, and I don't want another one of our group here fallin' tah' any beasties o' the woods." (he will hold a conversation that Arra would like to bring up)

Soon enough with talking and traveling, they made it to their destination. The mushroom fields of Sedostra. Just at the mention of the mushroom fields it reminded him of home and how his fellow Khord's enjoyed the rare fungus's that dwelled beneath the surface. The other perk, was meeting a fellow Khord of the name Brokkrok. He hasn't seen another Khord in months and having the company would just be worth the trip.

They walked into Granny Tapestry's guest house after being told this was the place to stay, the locals being friendly enough to show them the way.

After asking about Brokkrok, being shown their respective rooms, and paying up, they were directed to a table to sit with Brokkrok. The Khord to Traubon looked like the epitome of what a devout Khord could be. Aged greying hair, battle dress and gleaming weapons, but the focal point of the entire ensamble would be the large, emerald enlaiden braid that dwell within his beard. Insantly Traubon's curiousity perked up and he could not wait to ask how he had received it. It also reminded him of himself of his goal to recieve a braid of his own, let alone have anything woven into it.
After hearing the jist of the story, Traubon nodded, and smild to Brokkrok.

"Let me introduce my self. My name is Traubon Strakelheim, and it is an honor to be in your presence. I am bothered that undeath plagues these fields and would be happy to accompany you on whatever it takes to help find these people." Of course, he spoke in his own native Khord tongue to a fellow Khord, anything else being unreasonable.

Posted on 2011-10-31 at 07:13:36.


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