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The Unknown

Greetings, I have decided to post up my older story "The Unknown" This first post will have just the First chapter, then i will post up the rest. All in all it has 25 chapters to it now. And still more to come. It will be by far my longest story. so Please, Enjoy the old chapters along with the new - SilentOne

The Unknown

Chapter One : The Beginning
Scorpions POV

Blood streamed down the street with the pouring rain. I stood and stared at the vision in front of me. How did our home come to be like this? I have wondered this for awhile. The nightmare never leaves. The wounds from my past haunt me. My past did you ask? Let me tell you what happened.. All those years ago. When my life ended.

The sound of feet running down the street in panic, howled in my ears as I stood frozen in fear. I vaguely hear people calling my name, vaguely feel the touch of someone’s hand against my shoulder trying to pry me from my spot. Our home was gone. My family was no more. I scream in pain, in loss. I feel myself drop to my knees as my legs finally give into the threat of buckling beneath me. I hear my friends scream in horror,

“Scorpion! Scorpion, are you okay!” they asked me in panic. I have yet to answer the repeating question. I feel someone lower themselves to the ground, sitting across from me. I vaguely feel myself get dragged across the ground and into a persons lap. I feel myself lean against a strong torso. Finally, my tears are released, I lean my face into the fabric of the unknown persons shirt crying for everything I lost.

“Scorpio, It’s okay. I’m here now. It’s okay” I heard someone whisper into my ear over and over again. I find myself trying to figure out why that voice sounds so familiar. The voice kept repeating what it was saying, over and over again, softly into my ear. I soon felt calm and relaxed. I finally knew why the voice sounded so familiar. I threw my arms around the persons neck and cried harder, my words dying in pain filled sobs.

I don’t know how long I stayed in that spot, In the arms of my closest friend. He didn’t seem to mind that I showed weakness. Something I rarely do. “It’s okay Scorpio. It’s okay. Let it out” He said calmly. I finally calmed down enough for a muffled reply to be heard. My face still buried against his shoulder, I said it quickly, and quietly as I felt myself slump towards the ground. Darkness was finally taking over me.
“Thank you Kaga.” Was all I said before darkness fully claimed me.

It was a few hours before I started to awaken from my dreamless slumber. I shot up into a sitting position trying to remember what had happened. But as I went to sit up a gentle yet firm hand pushed me back down. I started to struggle until I heard Kaga’s voice entering my cloudy mind. At once I started to calm down. I blink trying to get my vision to clear, and it started to work. Things became shadows, then blurred colours until finally everything became clear. The first thing I saw was a face so close to me I let out a shriek of fear. I jumped so bad I fell off the bed with a loud thud, bringing the blankets with me. I heard someone laughing, maybe it was Kaga’s little sister Dusk. Dusk was a cute, yet really annoying child. I slowly sit up and I feel Kaga’s arms wrapping around me as I slowly stand up causing me to become unbalanced. I ended up crashing into Kaga. “Sorry” I mumbled quietly.

“I was worried about you Scorpio. I never seen you freeze up like that before” I heard Kaga say. I look into his eyes and see worry, and relief mixed into one. I never wanted to worry Kaga, never did I want him to worry about me. I was strong on my own. I went to tell him that, but he cut me off and continued on, “I know you are going to say that you’re strong on your own. But you aren’t. Everyone has weaknesses, and everyone has their breaking points. You are no different, even if you think you are.” He said sternly. I advert my gaze towards the floor - it’s very interesting. I knew he was right, but didn’t want to admit it to him. I felt him pull me into a hug and I felt something I never expected to feel. A tear drop, not my own, fell upon my neck. Kaga was crying. I blink in shock and wrap my arms around him.

“I’m sorry I made you worry Kaga” I said in a shaken voice.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:02:17.

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Chapter Two

Hello, This is Chapter Two, i have lot of chapters to post, so i shall keep my babbling to very little. Please Enjoy -SilentOne

Chapter Two : A Friend’s Courage.
Kaga’s POV

I watched as Scorpion stood there, just staring. What was she doing? Why wasn’t she running like the others? I heard the pain filled howl she let out at the site of her home, her family, that laid before her. I heard our group of friends yelling and screaming, trying to pry her to move. I seen her fall towards the ground, I was too shocked to catch her. I walked over, not knowing if she would shy away from me. I lower myself onto the ground in front of her and pull her onto my lap.

“Scorpio, it’s okay, I’m here” I tell her gently feeling her lean against me, as the sobs racked her body. I heard her softly say thank you as she went limp in my arms. I quickly checked for a pulse and was relieved when I found one. I quickly tell the others to go on without us, that I’ll stay with Scorpion. I stand up, picking our fallen friend up and start to move towards the shelter the others helped us build if the need for it ever arose.

I sat there for hours, just watching her sleep. We arrived at the shelter an hour earlier, now all I had to do was wait for my friend - my love - to awaken. I seen her stir then bolt up. I gently push her back down. I heard my sister laugh from out in the hall, why did I have to drag her with us? Mother was always fond of Dusk, more so than me. But she was blood. I felt Scorpion crash into my and mumble a sorry. I told her that she worried me, that I never seen her freeze like that. I hugged her tightly, not wanting to let her go. I heard her speak softly, as my tears finally gave way and made they’re mark down my face.

“I’m sorry I made you worry Kaga” was what she said to me. I knew she didn’t mean to, but I was still angry that she didn’t run. I was about to voice my thoughts to her before my sister made her appearance,

“Brother Kaga!” I heard her yell at me causing Scorpion to jump away from me, causing her to be unbalanced once again and go crashing towards the floor, however, just as she was about to fall, my brother appeared (She was near the door) and caught her. My sister eyed me, then at scorpion, then to our brother. “Did I.. Did I do something wrong?” she said as tears visibly appeared in her eyes. I hated to see her cry. I walked over to her - that was after I checked on Scorpion - and kneeled in front of her.

“No Dusk, you didn’t do anything wrong. You just startled us. That’s all” I said calmly to the 7 year old girl in front of me. I stand up and turn towards my brother, noticing that Scorpion wasn’t there anymore. My brother all but pointed towards the bathroom.

“She’s in there” he told me gruffly. “She’s not going to break without you near her Kaga. Stop surrounding her so much that she can’t breath” he added before he left the room. So he did know that I was worried about her. He was fond of Scorpion, more than our other friends. He seemed to think of her as a sister. I looked to Dusk and seen that she too took off. I was standing in a room by myself, thinking over what my brother said. How dare he. I was about to storm into his room when I crashed into a soft, yet strong body. I look up seeing Scorpion looking at me.

“sorry” I mumble angrily. I turned and stormed down the stairs, knowing I left her hurt and confused. I heard my brother’s door open then shut. I knew she went to him - she always does.

A few hours later I walk back up stairs into my room and see Scorpion sitting near the window. She turned towards me, I guess she heard the door open. I walked over to her and sat down near her and opened my arms towards her. I gathered her into my arms as she crawled onto my lap and started to cry again. I stroked her hair - like mother always did to Dusk when she was crying - and whispered soothing words into her ear.

After awhile I picked her sleeping form up and placed her on my bed and walked out the door closing it softly as to not awaken her. I walked to my brothers room and knocked softly, I entered when told and seen him sitting on his bed with a book.

“I’m going out for a few hours. Please watch over scorpion for me. She is currently sleeping now” I ask my brother, “It means a lot to me.” I seen him nod his head as he flipped a page in his book, I knew he was listening. “thank you Bardar” I tell him softly as I leave.

I run along the road to where I seen Scorpion fall. I was on a mission, a quest. Nothing was going to get in my way. I quickly moved passed the running people and stopped at the broken down house now in ruins. I squeeze through the door and run up the broken stairs and into a room. I look around and gasp as I see what I was looking for - Scorpion’s prized possession. I pick it up then let out a startled scream as the roof collapses on top of me.

I feel myself falling. I feel heavy boards come down on me. I had to get out of this trap I found myself in. Bardar can only keep Scorpion occupied for a little while. Then she’ll start to ask questions. I wiggle myself through a small opening in the wood. I see light from the doorway and move towards it. I faintly hear the tear of my clothes ripping, but I don’t care. I have to get what I came for to Scorpion. I move closer towards the doorway then finally break free from the ruins. A few people were standing around - I assume they saw me run in but I’m not sure - murmuring as I emerged from the debris. One thing caught my attention. A lone elderly man was staring at me with wide eyes. He came up to me and put a shaky hand on my shoulder,

“why? Why did you do such a reckless thing? Don’t you value your life?” he asked me in shock. I smile slightly at him and shake my head,

“I of course value my life, but I had to get something for a friend of mine. Even if it costs my life in doing so. I just had to get it” I told the man kindly. The next thing he said was directed to a small group of teenagers around my age.

“That’s what you do for a friend.” he said to them. The kids murmured calling the man crazy. The man paid no mind to it. He then spoke clearly,

“it’s called courage for a friend. A friend’s courage.“ was all he said.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:07:07.

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Chapter 3

Enjoy - Silent One

Chapter Three : If You Care About Her..
Scorpions POV

I opened my eyes finding myself once again on Kaga’s bed. I slowly sit up, then stand up and look around. The place seemed oddly quiet. I walk out of the room and towards Bardar’s room and go to knock on the door. As I was just about to knock however Bardar opened the door.

“He’s not here” was all he said as he walked past me. How dare he just walk away from me. I felt extremely alone. My legs once again buckled from me as I crashed to my knees and loud sobs racked my body. I vaguely heard footsteps behind me and felt strong arms lift me up. It was then I heard Bardar’s voice in my clouded mind telling me it was okay. I felt myself getting moved into a room as I continued to cry. I was angry that I crying in front of Kaga’s older brother. I felt myself get placed on my feet and I looked up seeing Bardar’s sullen face. I made a fist with my hands and started to hit Bardar in the chest,

“it’s not fair!” I screamed out as my pain, my grief took over and I collapsed against Bardar, “It’s not fair” I repeat it over and over as I cried against Bardar. I heard the door open and jumped back as I heard Kaga’s voice enter the air. I heard his foot steps heading towards us. I moved away from Bardar - I suddenly became afraid. Kaga came barging into his brothers a room an angry look in his eyes. He cornered me and slammed me against the opposite wall.

“I almost died for you! And here you are! Hugging my brother!” he roared with hate. I stumble to my feet, blood trickling down my lip. I seen Bardar step up and throw his brother away from me. An angered look in his own eyes outdoing Kaga’s anger.

“How dare you! You left her here under my care and when she breaks down you take your petty anger out on her! You don’t deserve her!” he roared back at him. Kaga glares at Bardar,

“And what do you know brother!? You’re wife died because of you!” he countered. Bardar’s eyes cloud over with hate as they turn a darker blue than normal. I tried my best to get him calm - honest I did. But he just wouldn’t listen.

“How dare you mention her! How dare you! Kaga, if you had a brain I would be surprised if you even used it. If you care about her as much as you say you do, you wouldn’t have made her bleed after she just lost her family. Now I am going to take a walk, and I’m taking Scorpio and Dusk with me. If you follow us brother, I won’t hesitate to kill you” I heard Bardar say as he gently led me out of the room telling me to go get Dusk ready.

I raced down the stairs, “Dusk? Dusk sweetie, we’re going for a walk” I call out and almost instantly the hyper 7 year old comes running towards me. I help her with her shoes and jacket and then buckle up my boots - they’re like army boots - and put on one of Bardar’s extra jackets. He won’t mind - I hope. I see Bardar walk down the stairs towards us. He eyes the jacket I’m wearing and smiles,

“Sorry you had to see that Scorpio” he says quietly as he leads me and his sister outside and onto the quiet street. I watch as Dusk runs ahead of us a little ways to chase butterflies. I slow down and walk behind Bardar as tears start to stream down my face and mix with the blood still trickling down my lip from where I had cut it when Kaga threw me against the wall. I didn’t notice that Bardar stopped walking and turned to face me so I ended up running into him. I look up at him and put a fake smile on and sidestep around him and walked ahead with Dusk. We found a park and Dusk went and played in the grass as I stood next to a tree looking at my feet.

“I meant what I said. He doesn’t deserve you” Bardar said startling me. I knew he was right but I just stayed quiet. Lost in my thoughts.

The sun started to set when Bardar went and got Dusk to go home. I watched them walk off. They probably thought that I was following. I watched as they faded from sight before I sat down. The thought I never thought of now came to my mind. I didn’t have a home. I didn’t want to go back to Bardar’s place because of Kaga. But I couldn’t stay out here neither. I repeated what happened over in my mind from the days events. My family was gone. My house was now in ruins. My best friend threw me against a wall. I wrapped Bardar’s jacket tighter around myself as a cool breeze started to pick up. I stayed unmoving. As the sun set and the moon came up I stayed under the tree, hidden by the darkness. I saw people walking up and laugh as they talk about how they snuck out of their home this time. Home. I wanted to go home. I stood up and quietly made my way back to my old home. I sat where the door once was and curled up and fell into a restless sleep.

I was awaken by a crash of thunder as rain pounded on the ground and me. I took no notice though. I was home. I looked around and saw lights turning off as people settled in their beds for the night. I thought of Bardar, of Kaga, of Dusk. Did they know I wasn’t there? My question was answered when I heard Bardar calling for me. He went to the house across from the ruins that were once my home and pounded on the door. His voice was muffled when the door opened. The woman who answered the door shook her head - he was looking for me. I was safe in the darkness of my home. For now. I saw Bardar run to different houses each one denied them ever seeing me.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:08:51.

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Chapter 4

Chapter Four : Time is running out.
Bardar’s POV

I ran in the rain looking for Scorpion. The thunder clashed in the sky above me. I should have known that when I told Dusk that we were heading home it would make her sad. But I was still mad at my brother for mentioning her. I ran to each house looking for Scorpion, each time I was denied. No one seen her sense her house fell. Then it hit me. I turned and looked at the ruins of Scorpion’s house and seen a shadow curled up where the door once was. I walked over carefully and saw that it was Scorpion. I picked her up easily. The cut on her lip from my brother stopped bleeding. I didn’t know how long she was out in the rain for, but probably sense it started. She was drenched and shivering. I look down at her,

“Why didn’t you just come back with us?” I ask her hoping for a response. My wishes were granted as her voice replied weak and weary.

“It’s not my home” was all she said as her arms fell almost lifeless. I ran quickly back to my place, knowing Kaga will be angered at her. But there was no other place to take her. I opened the door quietly, knowing that Kaga and Dusk were sound asleep in the living room so I went upstairs to my room. I shut the door and locked it so my bothersome brother wouldn’t barge in and scare Scorpion off again. I went to my dresser and pulled out some clothing and took off my jacket from her body and then peeled off her shirt and put the shirt I grabbed from my dresser and pulled it over her head. I followed the pattern with her pants replacing her soaking wet ones with a pair of my dry warm pair. I hope I made it in time to save her life. I put her in my bed and tucked her in and was about to leave when she grabbed my arm tightly,

“Don’t go” she pleaded weakly. I nod slowly telling her I’ll be right back and grabbed another pair of clothing and leave the room to change then walk back into my room and I climb in beside her and pull her towards me. She was freezing cold. I pull the covers over us and hold her tightly against my body, trying to warm her up. I think back to when Dusk noticed that she wasn’t here. I should have known then that Kaga scared her off, but I thought she would know to come back. I hear her breath even out as sleep finally claimed her. I stayed awake just thinking about what all happened today. I missed my love dearly. I’m still mad at Kaga for mentioning her - even if it was years ago that it happened. Time was running out.. I will never heal from the emptiness I feel.

“Time is a waste of believing in” I mumble as sleep too claimed me.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:10:30.

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Chapter 5

Chapter Five : Some Secrets Revealed
Scorpions POV

I bolted up into a sitting position in a strange room. I slowly got out of bed and I saw that I was wearing different clothes. All at once the events of the night before came flooding back. I stumbled slightly as I remembered why I didn’t want to come back. Kaga.. He hit me. Because I was seeking comfort from Bardar. I sat down on Bardar’s bed and sighed as I looked around now seeing that Bardar wasn’t in the room - was he even in the house? I heard yelling from downstairs and a shrill scream of a child. I held my head between my hands as memories flooded in my mind.. Memories of that forsaken night. The night my world turned upside down..

I was walking home with Kaga and our group of friends. Like normal I argued with one of them about taking the back roads to my house. It was a dangerous neighbourhood I lived in. Lurking in the back roads was your death wish signed and paid in full. I heard gunshots and screaming. People started running by and a familiar face was in the crowd I grabbed them and pulled them over to where my friends couldn’t hear us,

“What’s going on Sparkle?” I asked her fearfully. Hoping it wasn’t them. Sparkle gave me a sullen look,

“They came. They’re back.. And they’re after you” was all she said as she took off down the road. I stood there for only a moment before everything she said hit me full force. I ran towards my house just as I reached there my little sister screamed out in pain as I stopped stock still watching them torture and murder my family. They set our house on fire and left without a trace of who they were, why they were there, and what they came for. That’s when my story began.. Yet that’s only part of it.

I was startled out of my thoughts when Bardar’s door opened and I shrunk back in fear until I saw it was only Bardar himself.

“You okay?” he asked me gently as he came fully into the room with Dusk in his arms. I nodded my head despite the sickening feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach. Something was going to happen. Just like it happened to my family, it was going to happen to Bardar. Somewhere down deep in my gut, I knew I had to get away from here. I looked around for my clothes then looked at Bardar curiously. “You’re not leaving here. You’re not running away anymore” was all he said as he set his sister down.
“Please don’t go away” Dusk said. She was smart for her age, she knew what I was planning just as her brother knew - but did Kaga know? I look at my lap forcing myself to forget my past momentarily. This peace I felt, will not last long. Not with this gut feeling I have. My safest secrets are beginning to be revealed.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:11:39.
Edited on 2006-09-16 at 10:12:51 by SilentOne

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Chapter 6

Chapter Six : Bitter Betrayal..
Kaga’s POV

I felt anger weld up inside of me at the sight I saw when I went into my brother’s room the next morning after the fight. Scorpion was curled up beside Bardar. I couldn’t believe she would go to him. What was so special about him. I stormed over to where Bardar and Scorpion was and dragged my brother out of his bed - he was weak when he was sleeping. I saw him bolt up and look around. I didn’t care if I woke her up. I saw my brother look at him confused then he became angry as he stood up,

“What the heck do you think you’re doing?” he asked in a low whispering yell. I knew he was angry, I could have woken Scorpion up. But I didn’t care.

“what am I doing? What are you doing!” I yelled at him. I could see him looking towards Scorpion to see if she was awake. She wasn’t, but I didn’t care if my yelling caused her to awake from her seemingly peaceful slumber. How dare she betray me. Bardar dragged me out of the room and down the stairs and slammed me up against the counter in the kitchen.

“If you hadn’t have scared her, she wouldn’t have ran off. If you could control your temper she would have come back with me and Dusk. Instead I find her sitting in the ruins of her house soaking wet and barely awake!” He roared at me, finally letting his rage take control. I was going to say something but he cut me off with a swift punch to the mouth, “If you hadn’t have hurt her she wouldn’t have ran off” his voice was low, almost pain filled.

“Bardar, did she really - did she really stay in the rain last night?” I asked him softly. My concern for my friend was greater than my anger towards my brother. Bardar glared at me, he was still angry that I caused Scorpion to become sick.

“Yes, she did. I thought she was with us, but she wasn’t following.” he said mournfully. I now knew, it was her who my brother loved. It was her who he cared about. It was her who won his heart.

“If you hadn’t have scared her, she wouldn’t have ran off. If you could control your temper she would have come back with me and Dusk. Instead I find her sitting in the ruins of her house soaking wet and barely awake!” He roared at me, finally letting his rage take control. I was going to say something but he cut me off with a swift punch to the mouth, “If you hadn’t have hurt her she wouldn’t have ran off” his voice was low, almost pain filled.

“Bardar, did she really - did she really stay in the rain last night?” I asked him softly. My concern for my friend was greater than my anger towards my brother. Bardar glared at me, he was still angry that I caused Scorpion to become sick.

“Yes, she did. I thought she was with us, but she wasn’t following.” he said mournfully. I now knew, it was her who my brother loved. It was her who he cared about. It was her who won his heart.

“bitter betrayal.. My brother” I said as I turned and left the room.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:13:45.

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Chapter 7

Chapter Seven : No Turning Back..
Scorpion POV

I heard them talking, I tried to turn away. But they were talking about me. Did they really care? I heard Kaga say something about bitter betrayal then I took off running. I slammed opened the door, I didn’t care if they heard. I had to get away - just to think. I ran as fast as my legs could go and then some. I had to get away.

I continued running for hours, just running. My lungs hurt but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t know if they heard me or not. I just had to get away.. Just to think. There was too much at stake if I stayed there. I finally stopped running, I fell to my knees, panting trying to catch my breath. I look at my surroundings, I had no idea where I was. But I didn’t care. I stood up and walked towards the edge of the field and sat down to where I could see the water. A gentle breeze picked up but I didn’t notice. I was finally able to think without Kaga and his brother near me. Did I like Bardar? Was that why I was so attached to him? Thoughts clouded my mind.. But I couldn’t find the answers. Maybe, just maybe, the answers lied with whom the questions concerned. But I couldn’t go back. I just couldn’t. I hear kids playing in the field and decided to take my leave.

I wondered around the town, just thinking about nothing. The sun was shining so I wasn’t worried about freezing. I stopped when I see Bardar and Kaga walking towards the direction I’m in. I turn and dart into a back road as I see them walk past, just hearing part of their conversation. They’re talking about why I ran out. And where I was. I walk out of the back roads and take towards my remains of my house. I sit near the door, like the day I was found by Bardar and just sit there, lost in thoughts.

I look up into the sky seeing the sun setting and sigh to myself. I look at the neighbourhood and nod slowly, “This time.. There’s no going back” I mumble to myself.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:14:53.

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Chapter 8

Chapter Eight : Confusion
Dusk’s POV

I can’t remember the last time brother Kaga and Brother Bardar got along. Was it my fault that caused them to fight all the time? Scorpion said it was because they didn’t know how to act around each other, but could she be wrong? Scorpion knew brother Kaga for a very long time, but as time went on I saw them fight almost all the time - it was Brother Bardar she went to when she cried now.

I remember the day so clearly.. The day my brother’s wife drew her last breath. I am Seven years old. But I have the knowledge of a person beyond my years. I was forced to study at a young age, at the age of 4 I read books older kids wouldn’t dream of reading. Yes, I remember it clearly like it was yesterday. Brother Bardar is still sad over his loss, but brother Kaga doesn’t seem to care that his words he yelled the day Scorpion ran away. He threw Brother Bardar’s past in his face, while not looking at his own.

My confusion started the day Scorpion ran off after Brother Bardar took me to the park. We thought she was following, I should have noticed that someone was missing. But I did not. When I noticed however, it had already begun to rain. I curled up with Brother Kaga on the couch awaiting Brother Bardar’s return with Scorpion. However, I fell asleep, only to be awoken by yelling in the kitchen. I became afraid so I left for my friend’s house, I wrote a note to my brothers letting them know where I was - they didn’t have to worry.

I now sit on my friend’s bed just thinking. Remembering. Brother Bardar’s wife was pretty, pretty like Scorpion. I heard later that Scorpion was sick and once again ran off. I ran out to find her, but my friend’s father stopped me - said it wasn’t safe. I stayed put but I still worry. The same questions ran through my mind - was scorpion okay? Was she hurt? Was she still alive?

..That is my Confusion. I am Seven years old, I have the knowledge of a person beyond my years. People are obsolete to me. My confusion still stands. My name - Dusk.

Posted on 2006-09-16 at 10:15:52.

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Chapter 9

Chapter Nine : Mixed Feelings
Kaga’s POV

We were once again looking for the run-a-way known as Scorpion. I used to think of her as a friend - until she betrayed me. She ran off when Bardar was screaming at me in the Kitchen. She was sick so we needed to find her before she ended up dying. I on the other hand, couldn’t care a less for the girl. I just left because Dusk asked me to. At least, one side of me didn’t care. The other part of me still feels the love for Scorpion - the worry for her life. Anger and hate for the girl stirred up in my darker side. Worry and concern stirred up in my kinder loving side.

We walked for hours and we couldn’t find her. She wasn’t at the field she loved. She wasn’t at the park they took Dusk to. She wasn’t anywhere, so I gave into my anger and hate and left Bardar alone to look for the worthless female.

I started walking back as thoughts clouded my mind. Thoughts of how me and Scorpion got along when we were younger. We used to be close, we were never apart. Then it all changed.. the day she met Bardar. My bothersome idiotic older brother. The army man.

Anger clouded my mind as I went through the back roads, ignoring the nagging voice in the back of my head not to go in. It was sudden death if anyone caught you in the back roads - yet I didn’t care. I didn’t care I never saw anyone again.

A shrill cry of pain was heard, it took me a few minutes to figure out it was me that screamed as the blade sliced my arm. I faintly heard footsteps running towards me as the gang members each took their turns cutting me up - I remained unmoving. My vision started to cloud over from loss of blood, the last thing I saw was Bardar throwing the guys off me. So my older brother DID still care about me.

There was no need for these.. Mixed Feelings.

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Chapter 10

Chapter Ten : A brother’s love
Bardar’s POV

I saw Kaga take off in an angered storm. I paid no mind as I continued to search for Scorpion. Kaga can take care of himself - I hope. I figured that if Scorpion wanted to be found she would let us find her. But I still worried.

A few minutes later I saw Scorpion walk towards her house. I was about to walk over to her when I heard a familiar scream of pain. I took me only a second to realize that it was Kaga. I quickly tore off down the street, my feet pounding against the rough concrete below me. I looked down each back road I passed - searching.
I stopped short almost missing it. There my brother was getting beat and cut by 6 guys. I saw red. I may hate the idiot. But he’s still blood. I ran in and threw them off of him then stood in front of him protectively. The gang members all stood up after they each hit a wall.

“well well, what do we have here? Another intruder into our territory” they said spitefully. It was true, I did intrude. But I wouldn’t let them know they were right. I narrowed my eyes watching the guy on my right as he flipped open a knife, yet at the same time I watched the other 5.
“what right do you have beating a poor guy to near death?” I asked hatefully at them. The guy with the knife ran at me but I quickly dodged it and grabbed the guys arm and slammed him face first against a wall. “Now, now, that’s not wise at all” I said tauntingly to them. I smirk hatefully at them as they each try to get a shot in at me. My training finally paid off - but that wasn’t what shocked them. What shocked them was I had them pinned on the ground in no time at all. I glare at them and press my foot onto the one of their necks and lean down close to them, “I ever catch you hitting him again, you’re fates will be in my hands” I said, darkness in my words.

I step off them and walk over to my brother and lift him up and walk off, It seems Scorpion finally got what she wanted - time. Right now I had to take care of my idiotic brother. I vaguely saw the gang take off running like scared cats. That’s right, no one messes with my brother - but me.

I stepped into the house and placed Kaga down on the couch and went and go the first aid kit, “So dummy, what mess did you get yourself into now” I asked myself as I go about bandaging up his wounds. I smirk to myself as Kaga screams as the disinfectant hit each of his wounds. “Aw, did I hurt you brother?” I ask innocently. I see him nod and laugh, “good” was all I said. But I knew he understood.

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Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven : A friend’s Bond
Sparkle’s POV

I was walking along trying to find Scorpion when I saw the ruins of her house and a shadow near the door. I walked up to it hearing someone cough and seen Scorpion curled up shivering. It wasn’t cold but the look in her glazed over eyes I could tell she was sick. I stepped up to her and helped her stand,

“Scorpio, what did you do now?” I asked her with kindness. She didn’t respond but was able to semi keep herself upright. I turn and see my twin standing off to the side, I look towards him and notice blood on his knife. “Who did you manage to kill this time brother?” I ask him. He didn’t respond, only a scoff as he comes up on Scorpion’s other side to help me.

“where should we take her?” my brother asked me with worry in his voice. He saw Scorpion like a little sister, as I did. I sighed and looked down at Scorpion sadly,

“Even if we had a place to take her, she wouldn’t be able to walk on her own” I said to him softly. What I didn’t expect was to him to lift her up into his arms with ease. I know of a place to take her so I lead the way, knowing he was following me.
“Where are we taking her?” he asked me. I sighed to myself before telling him where we were headed. I kept walking then started to run my brother’s footsteps echoing behind mine.

We ran for miles before we hit the house. I stepped up to the door and pounded on it, “BARDAR!” I screamed hoping he was home. I kept repeating it until someone answered.

Finally after it seemed to be hours which was probably only a few minutes Bardar came and opened the door and eyed my brother,

“what is he doing here?” Bardar asked me hatefully. I explained that we found Scorpion near the ruins of her house coughing roughly. She was now asleep against my brother’s shoulder. He let us come in and I seen his own brother on the couch bandaged up I turned to my brother and sighed,

“it was Kaga that you attacked, wasn’t it?” I asked him. He nodded in return and handed over Scorpion to Bardar then walked out of the house. Bardar then cornered me and demanded what I let my brother get near scorpion for. I simply shrugged him off and went to follow my brother, the last statement I said lingering in the air as I left,

“I did it, because of a bond.. A friend’s Bond”

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Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve : A brother’s Return
Scorpion’s POV

I felt a cold cloth get pressed onto my forehead. I wonder why the voices sound familiar to me. I felt really hot and cold at the same time. I tried to speak but all it came out was a low groan. The person hovering me started talking, telling me that I shouldn’t talk. The voice wasn’t Bardar’s or Kaga’s voice. So who was it? I once again tried to talk but all that escaped past my lips was another low groan. I let the darkness claim me.

A few hours later, I’m not sure how long I was asleep, I opened my eyes and saw the one person I thought was gone. My older brother sat in a chair beside the bed I was in - probably Bardar’s bed. I gaze at my brother, he was sleeping. When did he get here? How did he survive? I slowly sat up and stood up, I forgot that I was sick and I lost my balance and fell to the floor with a soft thud. I felt someone pick me up gently and ask where I wanted to go. I told them that my throat hurt and wanted something to drink. They set me back in bed and said they’d be back. However, I never saw them come back as darkness once again clamed me.

Later I woke up feeling someone wiping my face with cool water. I stared up at my brother, my eyes asking the questions I longed to hear the answers to,

“I was called off for a mission, that’s why I wasn’t there” was all he offered me. I nod my head slowly and close my eyes. My brother was alive. I had a family now. I open my eyes and see my brother get up to leave and quickly grab his arm causing myself to fall off the bed. I heard him chuckle and then lift me up, “Still reckless as always aren’t you Scorp.” he asked me using his special nickname for me. He sits down on the bed and pulls me onto his lap and just holds me. I move closer to him, missing him.

“It’s okay to cry” he told me. All at once my grief, my gain flooded and I cried. But I didn’t feel ashamed now, because it wasn’t Bardar who I was crying in front of. It was - him.

He held me close as I cried, I held him tightly thinking it was a dream and that he would fade if I let him go. I fell into a peaceful sleep sense that night. My brother had returned.

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Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen : I have Returned
Crow’s POV

I stared at her, the helpless figure on the bed. She was sick, really sick. I wiped her brow with a cool cloth then settled in my chair at her side. My concern for her boiled deep in my heart. I loved her too much to lose her now. I remember the day clearly, the day I was hired for a job. A job that I shouldn’t have taken. She warned me about it, but I refused to listen. Perhaps it’s my fault she’s lying in that bed. She woke up awhile ago, I was overjoyed. She’s asleep again, my worry returns full force. I watch her sleep as visions of what I did came to mind. The bloodshed, the screams of terror. I became what she didn’t want anything to do with.

The night this town was raided was the night I became a cold blooded killer. I got a phone call, and all they said was that I was hired. I left the house thinking no one was up. How wrong I was. She was there, glaring at me from the bottom of the stairs. She was innocent.. In her own eyes. She begged and pleaded with me for me to stay, to stay where it was safe. I told her she was stupid for worrying, that I would be okay. She told me that she wouldn’t be okay if I left. I didn’t believe her, so I left anyways. I walked away from the town where I was born. Away from it all, away from her. Yet as I think back now, I don’t regret walking out. The only thing I regret, is leaving her.

The night was cold in the location of where I was to hit my target. Rain started to fall in a sad song, wind whipped around me like an angry voice. Yet I didn’t stop, I hit my target and was soon given another target to hunt and destroy. I took it without question.

It wasn’t until later that I looked at my next target. It was back in my home town. I had to destroy a whole family. I paid it no mind as I went back to my home town.. Until I read the name of the family I was hired to kill.

I am an assassin hired to kill and destroy families within the area. My last target was my own family. The girl in the bed - Scorpion - is my twin sister. And I am ashamed of myself for what I caused her to feel. Yes dear sister - I have returned.

My name - Crow.

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Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen : A sister’s hate..
Scorpion’s POV

Deep secrets was all I saw in my brother’s eyes from the day he returned home. Secrets that could harm me, and everyone else, but why would he keep such things from me? Was I that unworthy of trusting? The thoughts in my mind kept flowing through me, never giving me a moments rest to sort out which thoughts belonged, and which had to flee.

It has been a week sense my brother had returned, and I was starting to feel better as I roamed the house we were currently in. Kaga had finally left me alone now that Crow had returned, but still I couldn’t shake the feeling I held deep inside. Bardar had finally found Dusk and brought her home. Now the house was more lively with her here. My brother kept her mind occupied. In fact he seemed more worried with her, than with me. But that’s how it goes in my family. Put others before blood. But still.. He was hiding something from me. Something no one should hide from their family - no matter what it causes.

I vowed to find out what was going on with my brother, but I was afraid of what I was going to find. I rarely talked to anyone, Bardar and the others became worried. Crow paid it no mind, told them that I was fine. They just had to leave me alone. So they did, and as they left me alone, I began to sort stuff out in my mind. My brother was still hiding stuff from me. Dusk used to come and seek my attention, but that quickly left her mind as I begun to ignore her. All my worry lied on my brother and his deep secret he was hiding from the world - and perhaps himself. It wasn’t until later that I wish I never found out.

I heard him talking things over with Bardar because he needed a friend to talk to. It was that day I decided to come downstairs for something to eat. It was that day I began to hate who I was, and who he was. The deep secret had been revealed. He told Bardar that it was he himself who terrorized my family into death, it was he himself who made it be that I was alone. It was him who murdered our family, our pride, our will to be strong.

From this day forward my brother, you shall receive a sister’s hate - My hate.

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Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen : A Futures Look

It was at that time, I knew I was alone, and would be alone for the rest of my life. My brother - my blood - had done the unthinkable, unforgivable act of murder. He had become a blood thirsting killer, grieving wasn’t in his nature anymore, nor was it in mine to forgive him. He had changed so much, and so have I. Even now I remember the pounding steps of my own feet pounding on the streets and I tore out of Bardar’s house and ran. I ran for miles and I wasn’t planning on stopping. I didn’t care if I was never found. My brother had betrayed me. I now knew and understood the look in my parents eyes when I seen them the day my life ended. I was truly alone, and neither Kaga nor Bardar could take that feeling away from me. Yet as I sit and tell my story of pain, I have yet left out the key detail of the story.. My future. It was years that those hateful and pain filled times have come and gone. Yet even still, the pain remains to this day. Even as I sit outside and watch my children run and play happily. The pain returns.

Those times, those horrid times. The days where I could scream and cry, because things weren’t going the way I wanted them. If anyone said life was a big game, they would be wrong. Life is an adventure, whether it be good or bad.. I still can remember…. All those times…

~~~~~~~Crow’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~

I heard the door slam shut and knew. My secret was out, my sister found out what I was hiding, just like she intended to. I sighs and turned to Bardar, told him I would be back and followed my sister. I knew I had lost her, but somewhere deep down I believed that I could win my sister back - my kind and gentle sister. The sister that I caused to lose everything. She ran for miles, never did I believe that she could run so far and not fall or trip. She never failed to amaze me. Yet she still does as she spun around and caught the side of my face, her words still echoing in my mind,

“I hate you” was what she said. And I knew it to be true. Yet I deserved such cold words thrown at me. “You took away everything I cared about without thinking twice Crow” she continued, her voice becoming sad and solemn. She was hurt, and it was because of me. I looked her in the eyes and knew that just saying sorry wouldn’t take her pain away. My sister hated me.. But I deserved it, oh how I deserved it, and so much more.
“Things have begun, and were done that you can’t change Scorpion” I told her softly. Tears flowed down her face, I hated seeing her cry. I wanted so much to just go back in time and change what I had done. My thoughts clouded my mind, I vaguely heard her speaking to me,

“You left me with nothing but pain” was what I heard through the haze of my mind. And she was right. “you left me.. And took them away” she continued, her voice sounding so far away to my ears. Yet she was standing in front of me her head hanging. It was the look of a broken child inside of a grown body. I had caused my sister to grow up, too fast for her own good. I caused her to become like this, and I felt horrible. I wish I could take her pain away. Her voice cut through my thoughts once again,

“You can’t take back what you did. You left when I pleaded for you to stay where you would be safe. So I wouldn’t have been alone. If you had have stayed when I asked you… If you hadn’t have gone” her voice broke as tears dropped to the ground, “If you had have stayed home.. They would have a fighting chance to protect their lives. But they couldn’t defend themselves when they saw you at the door a blood thirsty gleam in your eyes” she stopped to take a breath, her words cutting me like a knife would, “They couldn’t fight back.. They gave up.. All life.. Because you were their son” her legs buckled out from under her and she fell to the ground sobbing and crying, “they couldn’t fight back” she said sadly.

I wanted to go to her, but her words trapped me, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t go to her. She didn’t want me near her, it was clear now. I took away everything from her, in that one night, she lost more than just her parents and brother.. The scorpion from that night, she lost her calm and caring side. This scorpion in front of me, wasn’t my sister, she was some other being entirely. Now I fully understood,

“you didn’t just lose mother and father, but you lost yourself.. Didn’t you?” I asked her calmly, it finally hit me. My kind and caring loving little sister was gone.. Forever.

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