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Parent thread: Silent Hill Q&A
GM for this game: Glory of Gallifrey
Players for this game: Kaelyn, Valimar, Reralae, Glory of Gallifrey, Throwing Spiders, Duncan74, PrincessAli
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Glory of Gallifrey
RDI Fixture
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So Happy Together

Delilah clings to Chris as they stand in the dark. The scream dies, it's melody torn apart by the wind, leaving them cold. The lingering darkness fills with the sounds of scraping and shuffling, the sounds of the darkdwellers making their way..Chris' iPod starts to vibrate and gives off an eerie lumination as static fills the screen. The sound of it becomes louder as does the shuffling scrape.

The pair watch in horrified fascination as the empty blackness around them is slowly filled with a mad assortment of the darkdwellers. Some of them lack faces of any kind, while others are only mouths, gaping beneath the thin membrous film that coves their bodies. Some are women, with curves that in life would have made men weep, whose skin is now mottled greenish alabaster marbled with black and red veins, clothing tattered. Some are men who may once have been burly but whose bodies were slack and wilted like a Salvadore Dali nightmare conception.

Delilah shatteres the stillness with a scream, and begins to run, blindly, clutching Chris' hand. They stop suddenly and stare, blankfaced, at the two women before them.

Hank stands, unsteady but refusing to give in to her nausea. Blood seeps through the bandages. Cindi smiles politely and looks completely unphased. It is almost as if she expected this meeting. The quartet introduce each other as best they can when Chris and Delilah's eyes grow wide.

The church has begun to smoke. Thrick billowing waves cascade upward, engulfing the face, and as they all turn to watch, the flames begin. At first mere tongues of flame lick the windows and then consume greedily the wooden surface of the building. Soon the building is engulfed.

And the doors burst open. Hank jumps, starled, and backs away as if fearing what she will see, but it is not the many bodies she saw as she left. Transparent people, dressed in their Sunday best, pour from the door. Hank, Cindi, Delilah and Chris can see the outlines of buildings through them.

Cindi sighs. "Oh....that again."

Posted on 2008-06-11 at 22:03:11.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2505 Posts


Cindi smiles politely at the two newcomers, taking everything as it comes. Why not? Companions are a good thing after all, especially in Silent Hill-

Cindi's eyes widen as she suddenly remembers. That's right... no wonder she was so used to this place...

And the doors burst open. Hank jumps, starled, and backs away as if fearing what she will see, but it is not the many bodies she saw as she left. Transparent people, dressed in their Sunday best, pour from the door. Hank, Cindi, Delilah and Chris can see the outlines of buildings through them.

Cindi sighs. "Oh....that again."

That's right... there were those minor annoyances that occured every now and then. There didn't seem to be any congreguity to them; they just happen. The memory she had recovered still had a lot of holes in it, but it is far better than the emptiness she had initially. Her foxlike face looks even more foxlike as Cindi thinks for a moment, curious about this particular apparition. Would I see myself? She wonders, and so she looks among the crowd of ghost-like images, looking for her own image, which her memory suggests would be there.

Regardless if Cindi sees herself or not, afterwards she turns back to the others. "Are either of you injured? I found a first-aid kit earlier, if you think it could help."

Posted on 2008-06-12 at 04:06:09.

Dragon Fodder
Karma: 80/19
2264 Posts


Chris stands there finally coming to a stop after having been yoinked and yanked around by Delilah in her fright. Even as they ran into another pair, and introdutions were made, Chris was aware of the fact that Delilah's hand hadn't left his own, and her nails were digging into his skin as she clenched his large hands like a child their blanket.

"I'm Chris, lost law enforcement apparently," he said even as he fastened the flashlight to the shoulder strap of his SWAT tactical vest.

(introductions and passive banter)

"Injured? no, but there's no use saying this town just aint right, somehow I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. The town, well, the edge of town, is just that, just a black void of nothingness, it's like we're trapped in some pocket hell." Chris tapped his thick table leg against the side of his steel combat boot as he thought. "I've got a feeling as I mentioned to miss Delilah here, that I'm convinced more answers lie within Jack's inn, where I awoke in this nightmare. I've already found evidence that all four of us, plus perhaps another were staying there at some point." With that he showed them the registry ledger with their names in it, as well as showing Cindi the picture of the fox-faced girl he had found baring a striking familiarity.

"I think before we go on, we may have to go back to where we've been, are you ladies armed? "

Chris could see the interested glances at the ipod strapped to his vest and the white static and glow of white noise it gave off. "I don't know why or how, but it seems to react whenever those creatures are around, sorta like a freak-radar, I won't question the mechanics, but any aid is welcome in this place."

Posted on 2008-06-12 at 21:06:55.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2505 Posts


"Nice to meet you Chris. I'm Cindi Lawran." Cindi says, giving another polite smile, and even a curtsying motion.

((Upon seeing the picture))

Cindi frowns, "Where'd you get that?"

She examines the picture, taking in the setting, as well as her apparent mood in the picture. She doesn't remember being there, in the cemetary, much less the scenario in the picture, but it could still easily be true. Maybe I like drawing grafitti then? She wonders.

"I think before we go on, we may have to go back to where we've been, are you ladies armed?"
"I do have a weapon..." Cindi admits, "But I don't want to use it unless I really have to; I think it's unreliable. If I find something else that's better, I'd much rather use it."

Well, it'll definitely be unreliable if I can't get to it in time. Cindi thinks. Grudgingly, she takes out the gun slightly hidden in the first-aid kit, loads it, and sticks it in her hoodie kangaroo pocket. The gun feels awkward to her, a bit clunky, definitely not her weapon of choice, if she did have a weapon of choice somewhere in that void memory space. Finally, Cindi notices her wrist tattoo. Gothic and flowery? I guess I have a slightly peculiar taste... Cindi thinks.

Posted on 2008-06-13 at 00:46:02.
Edited on 2008-06-13 at 00:49:39 by Reralae

Karma: 57/15
900 Posts

As The House of Holy Burns....

The flames that licked the chapel and danced victoriously lept up the sides of the church and onto the roof. Through the windows, the sanctuary was a hellish blaze. The ancient oak that had stood on this ground before this house of lies had been erected, seemed to pull back it's limbs, as leaves curled and whithered into ash.

The air was heavy with smoke. Purifying smoke. The loft must have burned away, because with a crash, the bell tumbled through the fire and flames and crashed onto the pavement. This was a memory....and he did not know what had lead to this...but he could not deny... The Satisfaction.

A sharp knocking suddenly drew his attention away from the newspaper clipping. It was from the door he had looked through already. The unnatural door....a doorway to another realm.

With his newfound revelation, and the realization that wherever he was, was supernatural. Josh realized he very well might experiencing some sort of afterlife.

Slowly approaching the doorway, and laying his hand on the knob. He hesitated but a moment, before opening it.

Posted on 2008-06-14 at 16:30:11.

Glory of Gallifrey
RDI Fixture
Karma: 34/7
596 Posts


Josh can not suppress the slight tremble in his hand as he turns the knob. But rather than the empty blackness he once saw behind this door, he finds only a closet containing a man.

He has the build of a man who played football in college. Long brown hair has been pulled back into a ponytail, and the beard and moustache appear excellently groomed. All that mars the averageness of his face is a faint scar that extends from left eye to the corner of the left side of his mouth. As the door opens, he looks up at Josh without the terror one might come to expect, as if he knew this would happen.

"Well, this certainly isn't how I'd intended us to meet," the man in the closet offers.

Posted on 2008-06-21 at 12:45:06.

Glory of Gallifrey
RDI Fixture
Karma: 34/7
596 Posts

Hank Preston

"All I havem" she offers weakly, "is a knife. And what do you mean the road is gone? What the hell does that mean?"

Lost. They were all lost. They were all going to die here, they were all going to die and their bodies would be left to rot her, in this place.

Hank stared down at her arm as they apoke, but she was having trouble focusing. Something was happening inside her, something unexplainable. Pain exploded with her mind, as if some hand were in there, tearing sections off. Yet as suddenly as it came upon her, it passed.

And she remembered.

Not all, no, most of her life was still a complete blank, but there was something, in the midst of all the unjnown within her, that stood out.

"I know this place," she whispered, staring through the dark at nothing, the thousand yard stare of those who have survived terrible things. "I... I grew up here. Over...Over by the florist. My father was a gravedigger. But I don't... that's all I have."

Hank looked up at the others, the tall beautiful girl with the long black hair, the cop, or so she was going to assume, and Cindi, who had patched her up.

"Chris, can I see your map?"

If Chris agreeed, she would look on the map for the florist and see if anything jogged her memory. She will notice the Flower Shop and suggest they start there, as a group.

Posted on 2008-06-21 at 13:00:08.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2505 Posts

You too?

"I know this place," she whispered, staring through the dark at nothing, the thousand yard stare of those who have survived terrible things. "I... I grew up here. Over...Over by the florist. My father was a gravedigger. But I don't... that's all I have."
Cindi looks at Hank sharply, "I live here too... my flat is over by Jack's Inn."

Cindi's voice trails off, "I wonder what happened to Meera... I hope she's OK."

Cindi begins to fidget slightly. Half of her wanted to run over to her apartment and see if Meera is alright. To hold the kitten fondly. Yet, another part of her can't help but wonder if Meera is even alive now, and doesn't want to split up the group.

Cindi turns to the assembled group, her foxlike face distracted, not really paying attention, "I'm sorry, I'm just worried about my cat. I know she... might not be alive... but..."

Cindi bites her lip. It probably seems a bit irrational to the others, but how is she supposed to help it? Meera could be alive, and the kitten would be very comforting. In a way... Cindi cares for Meera almost as though Meera is her daughter. Cindi shivers. She is uncertain what do to.

Posted on 2008-06-21 at 18:56:51.
Edited on 2008-06-21 at 18:59:11 by Reralae

Karma: 57/15
900 Posts


"Well this isn't how I expected us to meet."

Josh simply stared at him for a moment, unspeaking and unblinking. In truth he had nothing to say. He was simply too dumbfounded.

"I think I've gone insane...."

Turning from the man, he strolled slowly towards the table he had been seated at, and resumed his seat once more. He simply did not know what to think or say. Absently, his hand returned to the binder that had been labeled SILENT HILL. Was it possible to find the answers to questions he didn't even have?

Posted on 2008-06-22 at 03:01:41.

Throwing Spiders
Regular Visitor
Karma: 16/2
67 Posts

Splitting up

Delilah trembled, her hand still clutching Chris's but she loosened her grip a little when she realized she might be close to cutting off his circulation.

Hank and Cindi had just suggested two different avenues, and she couldn't bear to part with anyone, not when they had all just found each other. But a pain filled her head, and she turned into Chris, pressing her face into his chest. She felt like someone was peeling her brain open, looking for something, and when the feeling passed, she looked up at Chris and stepped away.

"I'm sorry," she said, and let his hand go. "I just.. my head felt all funny for a second."

Looking at Cindi and Hank, she considered sharing her own memory, but decided against it. "Cindi, if you have someone at home, then maybe we should check, but we should all go. I don't think it's safe to split up, not in this darkness."

She wwaited for responses and glanced at Chris. She wanted to be with him, feeling he was the safest. After all, he must have been in law enforcement, and he did have that iPod to tell him when things were going to get hairy.

"But before we do anything, i just want to say that if we were to elect a leader of some type for this exedition, i would have to nominate Chris. He's got the iPod. And I'm going where he goes."

Posted on 2008-06-22 at 16:03:09.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2505 Posts


Cindi nods thankfully towards Delilah, "Thank you."

Cindi then addresses the group, "I'm not pushing us to go, and if you feel we should go elsewhere, that's fine."

Immediately after saying these words, Cindi feels doubt gnawing at her mind. What if Meera is alright? How long would she stay alright? Cindi shivers again, her serene appearance shattered by the motion. She can't just forget about Meera!

"I'm sorry," Cindi murmurs, "I can't concentrate."

Cindi takes in a deep breath, "I'm sorry... I said I wasn't going to push us to go, but I have to go. I just can't push Meera out of my mind."

Cindi bites her lip, "It would undoubtedly be safer if we went together, but this is something that I have to do, and I don't think you should just be dragged along because of me..."

Posted on 2008-06-22 at 18:05:45.

Karma: 61/1
931 Posts

Jonah enters the picture

Flower Shop
"Well this isn't how I expected us to meet."
The words left Jonah's mouth almost of their own volition, and he snapped his mouth shut as the last word came out, wondering first where the words came from, then wondering what in God's name had happened to him. His last memory was of being at the hospital...where the hell was he now, and how had he gotten here?

As these and more jumbled thoughts raced through his mind, he looked up to see the man staring at him with a dumbfounded expression on his face. I know just how you feel, friend, thought Jonah.

In the silent chaos of his own racing mind, it actually startled Jonah when the man spoke.

"I think I've gone insane..."

Jonah watched the man turn and walk toward the table and sit down, and tried to collect his thoughts enough to form a coherent sentence.

"I...I're not the only one, Josh. I think the whole world has gone insane."

The man seated turned to peer intently at Jonah when he heard his name spoken.

"Yes, I know you," said Jonah. "Your name is Josh Rood...I know you. But...I...I have no idea why I know you."

They shared a brief look of shared confusion and bewilderment. Jonah caught a glimpse of his reflection in the glass of the window. He noted that he was wearing his casual knockaround clothing; his black jeans, black t-shirt, scuffed and well-worn biker's boots and his favorite leather jacket. He experienced a moment of blind panic as he realized he couldn't grasp a single shred of memory as to why these were his favorites, where he had purchased a single item, or when he had changed. He vaguely remembered wearing his business suit, showing up for work...and like a wisp of smoke, the details slipped through his fingers. He also took note of the crowbar in his hand, only now really noticing that it was there. Now why the hell do I have this? he wondered.

His thoughts snapped back to the present, in all its insanity. "My name is Jonah least I'm pretty sure it is. Do you know me, Josh? And for Christ's sake, do you know what's happening here?"

He took a long second to look around, and at least one answer came. He was in the flower shop...and he was safe. For the moment.

As he stepped toward Josh, meaning to sit down and try to collect the bloody chaos that was his mind, he absently stuck his free hand in his pocket and felt the butt of a pistol nestled inside. He snatched it from his pocket and looked at it with wild eyes, noting that it was a 9mm Glock. When it was fully in his hand he could tell by the weight that it was empty. He frantically wondered Why do I have an empty gun? And while we're at it, friends and neighbors, am I the one that emptied it? And at what? Or whom?
Since he seemed to be toting all sorts of wondrous toys and baubles, he ran his hands through his pockets, partially to see what other goodies were there, partially to see if there was any more ammo for the Glock, and partially to have something to do to keep from going insane.

He didn't find any ammo, but what he found just seemed crazier and crazier with each item. He came across a small ball of yarn (Ah, yes, I'm the Mad Knitter!), a deck of playing cards (so I can play poker with the voices in my head, no doubt), and a dog-eared copy of M.C. Escher's painting The House of Stairs, with its eye-fooling images of convoluted stairways and passages ((OOC: Google it if you want a visual reference.))

Then...the mother lode! Ah yes, friends and neighbors, some sanity in a bottle! From the inner pocket of his jacket, he pulled a small pint-sized bottle of (sniff, sniff)...ah, yes, some fine Irish whiskey. He gave a little laugh, somewhat desperate, somewhat maniacal, as he found it.

He sat down heavily in a chair next to Josh and slammed the bottle on the table, briefly startling Josh. "I don't know about you, my friend, but I need a drink." He tipped the bottle in Josh's direction, said "Here's to the bloody end of it all," and took a healthy swig. He put the bottle back on the table and slid it toward Josh, taking brief note of the binder Josh was absently paging through. "So...I reiterate my previous questions. For the love of God, tell me you have some answers."

He waited for Josh's response, blindly hoping that more answers would come to him as time passed.

Posted on 2008-06-23 at 04:48:22.

Dragon Fodder
Karma: 80/19
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Making plans

Chris had remained relatively quiet while the women discussed their views on which avenue to pursue in their attempt to find a way out of this god-forsaken town. As Delilah’s hand clenched his own, he could only squeeze her palm back for reassurance, and when something disturbed her to the point of burying her gentile face into his chest, he could only run his fingers through her hair in a gentle comforting motion for a moment, until she regained her composure. His head swelled for a moment, her heartbeat felt even through the protective clothing he wore as she was against him, but he shook it free, focused on the task at hand. It was then that Delilah nominated him as a leader for the group.

“I’m not saying I’m the best candidate for the task, seeing as whereas you seem to have some sort of memories of this place, I have none, but that too may be an advantage, for my wits and instincts are unimpeded by thoughts of the past… for now at least. Cindi, it may only be a cat, but you said your house was near Jack’s inn anyways, and as I said I’m convinced there’s more within those rooms than I managed to uncover before hearing the flute call.” Chris pointed to the map in the direction of the flower shop. “Let’s check in on Cindi’s feline friend, and then Jack’s inn. If we don’t find anything of use, or only danger, then we will make our way towards the Flower shop on the opposite end of town, Perhaps Wiltse Road will actually lead somewhere instead of a perpetual abyss like Nathan did. I’ll stick to the lead, and everyone keep their eyes and ears peeled, I don’t want to rely on this ipod too heavily just in case it ends up misleading us.”

Chris hefted his table leg once more and felt comfortable in the weight of it in his hands. “If everyone’s ready, let’s get moving, the sooner we’re out of here the sooner I’ll feel comfortable. “ With a reassuring grip on Delilah’s shoulder, Chris took the first step towards Cindi’s place, following her directions.

Posted on 2008-06-23 at 14:56:57.

Glory of Gallifrey
RDI Fixture
Karma: 34/7
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Humaninty is defined by the society it creates. History tells of people brought together, by war or famine or tragedy, who band tegether and reform and recreate societal norms, such as leadership and law. The survivors who wander Silent Hill are no different; Delilah has chosen chris to lead them, feeling he is the safest choice, though she has no reason beyond her impressions. She does not know him, or any of them, but feels safe with him.

Hank, still dazed from her wound, worries about the possibility of infection and if her father is alive. The memory of him digging graves on a hot summer afternoon has left her shaken for reasons she can not vocalize. She worries that nothing is left, and desperately wants to go home, to see for herself that all is lost. Cindi, however, has a similar idea. Her concern for her cat Meera prompts her to suggest a road trip, to which Chris agrees.

Delilah suddenly remembers the keyring she removed from the creature in the parking lot. She hands it to Chris, hoping it will help. But Hank is uneasy.

"Shouldn't we wait for the darkness? I mean, shouldn't we wait till it passes? Because I didn't see these things coming after us before the dark came..." Hank suggests.


Josh and Jonah sit across from each other in the back room of the flower shop. The binder sits on the table between them, closed. For long moments, the men stare at each other, expecting answers from the other, but there is only silence, a deep and profound quiet between them.

"There are others here," Jonah mentions casually, as if commenting upon the weather. "But asking me about them won't help. I don't know them. But you know, I'm pretty sure it will come to me. In time."

Posted on 2008-06-24 at 01:47:35.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2505 Posts

Cannot Wait

Cindi looks over at Hank, and voices what is likely the biggest concern of the group, "I... don't think it will just go away, at least not just with us sitting around and not doing anything."

Cindi winces, and states her own opinion, "Feel free to correct me, but I think that the darkness came because I played my flute. That's the only thing that really happened before it came at anyrate that I know of, and it came so quickly too."

"My heart tells me this darkness won't go away until we make it. I don't know where to start to try to do that, but in any case, I cannot wait. Like I said, I'm not pushing you to come along with me as it's a personal thing, but I have to go. I must." Cindi's eyes are unfocused, almost haunted, as she says this.

Posted on 2008-06-24 at 02:29:53.


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