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Glorious Emperor
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Postage is gonna cost you a Copper

"I'd suggest staying up a while; there's bound to be an announcement at the city center any moment now explaining what has happened." the man says softly.

Dusk nodded at the keeper, taking in the room. Those who remained moved to the windows at the front to peer out onto the street. At least the brave ones did. Others crawl out from under the tables while others still peer from booths along the far side and whisper amongst themselves. Many soon get up and exit the tavern, including some who come down from their rooms in the back, barely dressed for the cool night.

As they exit, Dusk melds into the crowd and rides the current of people towards the city center. Some insight might well be interesting enough to stay up for.

Posted on 2008-08-05 at 07:44:05.

Fulla Wyrmstuff
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99 tnkards of ale on the wall ...

After nearly a year, Ters was still grumping about having to look for employment at this stage in his life. He had fully intended to stay retired indefinitely, but indefinitely was a shorter span of time than he had envisioned. When the earthquake hit and destroyed his lab, he was only able to escape the quickly-crumbling building and the flames with his life and the few possessions he carried. His manor had weathered the tremors pretty well until then, but the last one was sudden, severe, and surprising. He didn't escape unscathed, that's for sure. He suffered severe burns on his chest, face, neck, most of one arm, and both legs from the alchemically-enhanced flames as he frantically gathered his current possessions. While it was plain to see that he was once relatively handsome, the scar tissue visible on his face and neck had severely altered his appearance, even with the beard he affected after the accident. He was lucky to escape with the life he had, for the entire building came down, as if imploding, only seconds after he left it. So now he rides Shagga in search of a way to accumulate enough to replace the lost lab. Flue, his hawk companion, often alerted him of upcoming encounters, so that Ters could either avoid or seek information.

He was riding alone, just hours from the capital city of Wanqir, when the sky split. To a god,. it may have sounded like a simple "cracking" of the sky above Mount Venerro, but to Tersoal, a mere mortal, it was an earth-shaking, sky sundering, body-vibrating sonic scream and rumble combined. So severe were the vibrations felt by Tersoal's mortal frame that if the strength had been a small bit stronger, he feared his innards would have turned to jelly. His poor horse staggered and shied, wide-eyed and trembling, and nearly unseated him. It took long minutes for Ters to calm him, and even that was an uncertain prospect, since the explosion of the moutain in the distance didn't stop with a boom and an echo. It shook the ground like nothing Ters had ever experienced, and spider-webbed the sky with lines of -- force? manna? -- who knew? Like glass hit by a sling bullet, it was.

But Ters changed his goal, and therefore his direction, slightly. The far-off mountain was now his destination. He knew he would reach the capital city on the way and could re-supply himself for the rest of the journey. He also knew that he was not far from that city, even now. And a night's stay at an inn after so many recent nights under the sky that had just given up would be luxury in the extreme for Ters Surely others would head to such a disaster in the making. While he was no fool to rush into danger, willy-nilly and alone, to die unknowing, he also felt that the closer he got to the disaster's origin, the better vould be his chances would be of being "absorbed" into a questing group ...

Posted on 2008-08-05 at 16:16:26.
Edited on 2008-08-05 at 18:47:04 by Wyrmsting

Dreamer of Bladesong
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2442 Posts

The Plight

Wanqir City
Main Square
20 minutes after Twilight

It is a while after Dusk first arrived, but now finally something seems to be happening. The crowd quiets as a group of well-dressed people make their way down from the castle. Evidently, these are the members of the High Council, numbering ten in all, with two representatives from each city, always one man and one woman. Upon each person's garb, there is the emblem of the city they represent: the swirling depiction of water surrounding a shaft of bamboo for Aqinarr, the hard diamond broken by an axe representing Girhn, the woven wood and leaf emblem of Hylon, the faint wind and sand emblem of Fonhinqann, and finally, a stone surrounded by four coloured crystals to show the epicentre of Wanqir.

They are almost dressed in priestly robes, each with their emblem displayed on front, with a larger version on their back. The colours of their city are woven into each representative's gown, with an interplay of all of them for Wanqir. There is the shining mythril garments of Girhn, an aqua tone for the representatives for Aqinarr, a sand and almost wind-worn colour for Fonhinqann, and a leaf green for Hylon. Each also has a similarly coloured, yet simple circlet, made of a proper stone or material to represent the prime materials of their respective city. Their faces are hidden, however, by coloured silk that is held by their circlets forming veils.

"My friends!" A female voice calls out, seemingly from above, yet when everyone looks, no one is there.

"The Scout." A person next to Dusk murmurs, her tone undecipherable with such a short phrase amidst the ambient noise.

"I have been to the site of the cracks you see in the sky, and they are no simple thing. They are cracks within the world itself!"

This incredulous sentence sparks fear and disbelief within the crowd, which soon threatens to get out of hand, until suddenly the noise fades altogether. One of the guards stationed by the High Council has their hands pointed toward the crowd, likely holding it under a magically induced silence.

"It is something to fear, and it is questionable, but, regardless, it is true." The Scout continues, "At the peak of the mountain of Venerro, the cracks begin, which leads us, the high wizards and myself, to believe that the source lies within Venerro itself."

"The diviners among the high wizards have looked, and found this to be true. There is a force, seemingly from another world, which has pierced this world at a point within Venerro. From this hole, a strange enemy has appeared."

"What they are, we do not know. However, you can begin to see them as they make their way down the mountain on Venerro, and they are many."

At these words, most people indeed look beyond the castle to Venerro, and the uppermost regions of the mountain appear almost blanketed by waves of heat.

"In light of this." One of the representatives speaks, which one is difficult to determine as you cannot see their faces, "We've already sent word to build an advance party which will strike at the source of this disturbance before it gets out of hand."

Dusk notices that the guard that was holding the silence seems to have stopped, but most people are speechless at the moment anyway.

Posted on 2008-08-08 at 17:43:43.
Edited on 2008-08-09 at 17:46:25 by Reralae

Dreamer of Bladesong
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2442 Posts

Godspeed... or however you spell it *sweatdrop*

Hylon City
Barrahen's Office
22 minutes after Twilight

Barrahen shakes his head sadly, "Unfortunately, the only portal the High Wizards consistently maintain is between Girhn and Wanqir, as travel through the mountains is quite inconvenient for their merchants."

"Be as strong as the light, and be swift to break the darkness." Barrahen says in farewell.

Within moments, the trio are mounted and ride forth for Wanqir, their mission firmly in mind... or something to talk (and perhaps complain) about at any rate for one.

Posted on 2008-08-08 at 17:49:30.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Giant Eagle

Manalagna Hammer surveyed the scene and gathered up his belongings ... including the newly acquired deadly weapon he had won in the arena!

Looking up in the sky he viewed the bizarre formation that had forced itself upon the world in which the Dwarf Druid wandered so far from home!

"Come To Me My Faithful Banatan ... For We Ride With The Wind This Night To Confront This Unknown Danger!"
In mere moments the Giant Eagle named Banatan answered the summons and together the Dwarf Druid and his Animal Companion set forth on a journey of possible no return!

Posted on 2008-08-13 at 23:41:01.

Fulla Wyrmstuff
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Journey's end (?)

By the time Tersoal reached the gates of Wanqir, he was a little more than tired. He tried to maintain a cordial demeanor while dealing with the gate-guards and paying his entry. He even went to s far as to have the watch commander sent for. When the commander arrived, Ters made a very large, loud, and elaborate show of how well he was treated by the guards, and how courteous they were, and how the Good Commander should take these 5 gold pieces and distribute them amongst the men who were so worthy. it was all that Ters could do to maintain his composure when the commander's face fell as he realized that he would no longer be able to quietly pocket the coins for himself..The entire gatehouse could have heard Teroal's ebbullient, effusive, and elaborate praises as well as his request of the commander, so vocal was the mage.

Once through the gate, bouyed somewhat by the humor in his encounter there, Tersoal continued down the main throroughfare, looking for a place to rest his weary bones. Road-weary though he was, he was not foolish enough to attempt to rent at the first place he encountered. He looked for an establishment that showed good and recent repairs, cleanliness, and a pleasing façade. When he found a likely place,he stopped, stabled Shagga, purchased a room with a bed, and proceeded to relax.

[ He'll pay for a single room, or failing that, he'll ask for a room that is currently unoccupied and pay for all the beds in the room. Then he'll inform the innkeeper not to allow anyone to disturb him or enter the room until he, Tersoal, allows it. ]

Posted on 2008-08-15 at 00:54:33.

Glorious Emperor
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Sorry been w/o interwebs

Silence reigned in the deepening night as the council and scout completed their report to the populace. Even Dusk could not bring himself to break the air. It seemed that even the smallest motion or sound would shatter the confidence of the entire world, leading to chaos in the presence of this event.

Whether the event would be catastrophic or not was still to be seen and given that Dusk had built up enough curiosity surrounding the past few hours to last him a lifetime, it seemed right to see this through. This advance party would surely arrive at the city to pass through its gates as a final checkpoint before the site of the event. Dusk knew he still had a few hours before then, so quietly he slipped back through the crowd towards the edge of town, returning to the traveler's inn and acquiring a room from whoever remained. He wouldn't need it long anyways...

((Will sleep the two hours he needs for a full rest. There is nothing I need that I can pay for.))

Posted on 2008-08-27 at 05:24:02.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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2442 Posts

Advents and Preparation

So it was that the warning had finally been realized. Immediately on the morning after the Twilight, notices could be seen displayed around poster boards and other noticeable places in every city. They are ornate pieces of work, appearing as though they were written upon marble with molten gold and a silvery edge. Just because they were short of time certainly didn't mean the Council and the High Wizards were going to not put their all into the campaign.

Yes, indeed it is a call for recruitments. The Council's words upon the notice are clear in that people are needed, and yet it is also clear that this campaign would likely hold a grave deal of danger; they are not so deceitful when it comes for needed self-sacrifice. Also upon the notice is a clear need for volunteers for an advance party, one which may attempt a strike at the source of Venerro before things escalate out of hand.

Thus, two days after Twilight, the advance party finally meets at the core of Wanqir, within the main hall of the citadel of the Council, and before them stands the members of the Council, garbed in the same attire as Dusk saw them in just after Twilight. The hall is an elegant piece of architecture, crafted with marble pillars, inscribed with aesthetic motifs and designs. The hall is lit by beautiful chandeliers of gemstones and crafted with high quality wood. The walls are also made of carved marble, and the floor is made of a strong, durable wood.

"As the representatives for all of Tiancann, we thank you for coming." One of the Council members says.

"This event has caught us by surprise; if we were more alert, perhaps we could have foretold it. But alas, we did not, and so we are unprepared. As such, the armoury available to us is insufficient for what you likely will require." Another member says gravely.

"In all honesty, we never thought to prepare for conflict and combat; recovery after the storms and natural disasters was put at the highest priority, and war was something that was unthinkable at the time."

"However, that is enough about what could have and what should have been done; right now only the future and present need be considered."

"The Scout will be here momentarily. In the meantime, we suggest you all get to know each other. Learn each other's strengths, where you can find advantages, and even downfalls, where you learn to support each other. As you are all here, you all share the same mission; it is only natural that you all should come to know each other to do so in the best way possible. You may also take a look in the armoury, which is located down the hallway to your left, through the open door."

With that, the Council retreat to their own chamber, undoubtedly where they are planning for as many outcomes as is likely and possible, for their murmuring voices can be heard even out here in the main hall.

((YAY! PC to PC interaction finally! Also, in the armoury are common weapons and armours of up to +2 enhancement. Uncommon weapons, special materials, and higher enhancements need to be specifically sought after, and won't necessarily be there. Later on, I'll list the NPC's that are also there, but for the moment just consider them taking in the architecture of the citadel or examining weapons in the armoury.))

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 20:17:55.
Edited on 2008-08-29 at 20:19:34 by Reralae

Fulla Wyrmstuff
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Clears his throat ...

On seeing one of the notices the following morning, Ters knows that he is here for this, his "coincidental" appearance here had to have been orchestrated by the fates. It was too opportune to be anything else. So he followed the direcctions and traveled the streets of the city, getting lost more than once, but finally arriving at the Council's Main Hall. He was not the first to arrive, nor was he the last, but he was sure that he was not too late to be included in the questing company that was forming at the Council's request..

Ters is a fairly tall, slender, human male, over 6 feet tall, who is currently wearing a loose-fitting shirt and pantaloons, both of fine, soft, black leathers. He also a wears a cloak that radiates magic if detected, and has a wand-sheath at his belt and narrow scrollcases poking out of his belt pouch. He is not wearing a head covering or hat. The visible portions of the skin on his face and neck show severe burn-scarring, with an indication that they are not the only areas so marked. His hazel eyes are bright and intense, but are surrounded by faint "laugh-lines" under the eyes and near the temples. His greying hair and beard are cropped to nearly the same medium length, "sculptured" to be easily cared for and maintained. He moves confidently, smoothly, and slowly, with the ease of a person used to rushing only when dictated by circumstance(s).

He speaks clearly and concisely, as if to make certain that he isn't misunderstood. "My name is Tersoal Montwyvern. I am a former adventurer who had retired, and happily remained so for the past five years, until recently. An earthquake destroyed my nome and my laboratory, forcing me to become the itinerant mage you see before you. I am currently homeless and looking to restore that home.":

"What you should know of me? I am out of practice when it comes to delving and seeking danger. That is to say that I am not used to the group dependency on others, for I have had to depend on none but myself for some time. But I am not without skills and knowledge, and I don't have to learn or re-learn much. Reminders of the sort of actions and attitudes you will require of me will come with the remembering and the situation or situations we encounter. As with all of us, mistakes will be made. I will say now that while I will accept constructive criticism if I make these mistakes, I will not abide by being berated or belittled for them. That is not a threat. It is the only such warning anyone will get."

"That being said, I have not forgotten that, as a group, our lives will depend on each other, and I am fully capable and ready to put my life at risk for any or all of you, if the need arises, without prompting. I hope you will accept this as truth and not require me to prove it to you for the sheer sake of proof. If any of you have further questions, I will answer to the best of my ability."

Here Tersoal smiles easily, crosses his arms and waits for the next introduction

Posted on 2008-08-29 at 21:31:18.

Dragon Fodder
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The honoured and the humbled

Armand and Deunan arrived later the next day, with the help of spells erasing fatigue or the tiring of their steeds muscles, they made great time. By the time they entered the great hall, they had already passed a dozen or so proclamations and adverts that only strengthened what the two soldiers of faith had come to know. Standing there in the great hall, many eyes fell upon the pair, for certainly those of the Council had come to know if not the name, then the reputation of any blessed as a Saint, and what was not visual was tactile, as he who stepped forward after listening to the sagely wizard’s words.

“Lord’s and ladies of the High Council, and those brave souls who stand aside me and before you, let me introduce ourselves. I am Saint Amaranth, though those who shall become as brother’s and sister’s in the coming days against this singular threat shall suffice to call me Armand. This here–he said with a sweeping of his arm towards the woman at his left– is Lady Deunan Noot, knight protectorate of the weak in the name of the pantheon of light. And this, he said holding before him a twisted ash walking stick, is Caduceus.” As Caduceus spoke Armand began reading the aura’s and detecting the alignments of those gathered.

The staff hummed with magic at it’s introduction before such people of import. “Greetings Lord’s and Ladies, it is an honor to be here in your presence, humbled as I am. Like many great companions before, I shall see through this mission to a success, for that is the destiny of one such as I, to tell tales of greatness and glory from one generation to another, after living them first hand.”

Armand smiled and put Caduceus ‘away’ which was to say under his open palm and resting against his side as he continued. “We come from the far reaches of Hylon, but we have traveled farther still and in the name of purging these lands of darkness such as that which threatens to blanket the skies even now. I do not presume to know those who have gathered here today save for the strength of their convictions, and the aura’s of their souls, and I would gladly venture forth with those here, whose stock I have measured, and found of pure intent. May this quest bring swift victory, and with it the safety returned to a panicked people.”

Deunan stepped forward, drawing her gleaming bastard-sword emblazoned with the gilded wings of a gryphon across the guard, turned it over and knelt by the blade, her hands folded over the upturned pommel. “By my family name and the lineage of my people, I shall commit myself to this cause wholeheartedly; on my honor.” With her vow made clear, she took a stand, and sheathed her weapon once more across the back of her highly polished plate mail.

Deunan and Armand were certainly a pair of opposites. Where Deunan stood in gleaming armor of the highest quality and materials, polished to a shine with impeccable attention to detail, her opposite, Armand bore no such splendors. A simple black tunic and breaches lined in golden stitching, ragged and torn in some places covered his frame, a longer blackened cloak baring many years of wear and tear draped from his shoulders, a bandoleer across his chest containing a series of pouches and a spell-book strapped always within arm’s reach. What was most peculiar however would be the man’s face, barred from view by a thick iron mask, welded shut about the neck, fused to a gorget as a singular piece, three bolts holding the piece closed in the back. The helmet bore only thin slits where the nostrils and mouth would be, and the eye slits were filled with a blue white glow. Surrounding Armand as well was a cloud of pale smoke, with little motes of light flittering within it, and he radiated an almost tangible feeling of purity and good. One capable of reading aura levels would read his as blinding, the epitome of purity and the zenith of mortal ascension on the positive energy scale.

“As sir Tersoal has dictated, so shall we. I am skilled in the arts both godly and arcane, while I leave much of the martial expertise to dear Deunan here. I am a skilled healer and an extension of my Lord’s will, and as such am blessed with his divine countenance. Where our sagely friend has had the benefit perhaps, of looking out only for oneself these past moons, we have dedicated our lives to the support and flourishing of others. May that be the case now as well. We are at the disposal of this noble cause.” With that he bent low as a sign of respect to those present. Though anyone with even an inkling of religious knowledge would know that a man of saintly stature was ranked on par with a Father of a church, his bow, a testament of respect was almost unheard of, and more than a little surprising given the rather ‘stuffy’ stereotype given to the archetypes of the religious community.

Posted on 2008-08-30 at 02:47:44.
Edited on 2008-08-30 at 02:55:26 by Kaelyn

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
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The shy, young Willow

True to her fashion, Willow remained thoughtfully silent during nearly the entire trip, her mind trapped with thoughts of her beloved, who should soon be taking this route home to Aqinarr. For the first time, she found herself worrying for him, an unpleasant turn.

Yin, true to his fashion, acted the part of Lieutenant for the both of them. He was the kind who, though not so experienced, could make a good leader, a person that his people would look up to and follow. He also showed the wisdom of asking Willow for her take on matters, which could indicate the ability to consider his allies' opinions.

At last, two days later the troupe rode in through the east gates of Wanqir, sailing the colours of the Aqinarrian guard. The daunting sight over Venerro was a constant chilling reminder of their mission. In those two days on the road there was no report of the situation, so the unconscious mind naturally began to fear the worst. Upon arrival, they were quickly ushered through the streets to the citadel by the people, facilitated by their appearance on horseback.

(Not being responsible for the appearance of the numerous NPC's I seem to trail around)
Both the Aqinarran Lieutenants approached the gathering of other individuals. (Random thought- Banatan is elsewhere right? Wouldn't that interesting for a giant eagle to participate in this discussion.) Willow found herself quickly admirring Deunan, a strong and confident type who would clearly take no guff from anyone. So moved by the introductions on the previous two adventurers, Willow nearly introduced herself. The moment her voice began in her throat, it stopped itself. Unfortunately, more than a few noticed her attempt to speak. Suddenly on the spot she looked to the ground. Mercifully, Yin introduced them instead.

"I am Lieutenant Chang and this is my colleague, Lieutenant Hiswena. We have travelled from Aqinarr with a troupe to join this mission. Each of us is skilled in physical combat."

Willow, once the attention was diverted away from her, took the time to look over each of the others who would be so bold as to undertake this journey. She saw that she was likely the youngest member of the group, save perhaps for one girl of her own troupe, Farah. She was probably also the tallest of them, standing at about 6’4” and ridiculously tall for the average human girl. She had long sandy-brown hair reaching to the small of her back and brown eyes. Currently she wore her full combat gear, amounting to two longsword sheaths at her hips and her breastplate armour, which she wore as though it were regular clothing, not hampering any movement her body may need to make on the field of battle. A critical eye might see that her nose was slightly long and pointed or any number of small things, but she was unlikely to warrant a critical eye in the first place. Other assessment showed that she had superior control over her body and the force she could exert with it. Anything I missed you can find at the AoD Information thread, where I have another description up.

Posted on 2008-09-03 at 04:22:13.

Glorious Emperor
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For two days Dusk waited within the city limits. He took his few hours of rest when he wished, but for the remainder of the time, he wandered and observed the citizens of Wanqir.

The city seemed distant to him. He could remember a time when a place like this would seem right at home. It would have been a place where he could feel secure in the fact that fear held the city’s collective consciousness in an iron fist. A place where he could as forgettable as the gruel one ate for breakfast.

Not this time, however. This time was different. He felt isolated and exposed as he walked the streets. More eyes drew to him than he was accustomed to. There were strangers in their city often but now, with the coming of the Twilight, the ordinary denizens seemed off put by even the simplest of changes in their scenery.

Dusk found the name associated with event to be unanimous. Everywhere he went the commoners spoke of the Twilight. The Watch had been increased, mostly to ease the minds of the simpler folk who thought that more men in arms on the cobblestones would mean less of chance for the threat to convalesce into a real danger.

He took in the defenses of the city or at least those that were open to public view. Dusk could guess that Wanqir’s officials would have magically enhanced most of their defensive walls and structures but would they be new enchantments or ancient ones? The city was not recent and while only the recent year had been calm, the same could not have been said for the previous decades. The natural world had its own way of reclaiming arcane energies.

At dawn, two days after the Council of Wanqir had addressed their citizens, Dusk approached the great doors to the chamber. Previously he had pondered his options to either approach the council to attain a space on the advanced party or perhaps simply to exit the city and begin his own approach of the mountain, tying in with the group as it left. But he had found and read the multitude of notices as soon as they went up and decided this was not the time to play alone.

He was the first, but certainly not the last, to enter the great entrance hall. A single guard from the front door led him to the center of the hall and bid him wait for the council. Dusk took up a place leaning against one of the marble pillars and waited. The council members filtered in and out for some time, a few looked his way as they went about their business of preparations. Dusk watched them in silence, waiting for others to join him.

They soon gathered, standing arranged as they did during their proclamation after the Twilight. Dusk pushed off his shoulder blades and walked slowly into the middle of the hall before the veiled council.

“You know me,” he said calmly and softly, leaving his hood up. “Or at very least, of me. I will aid your party as best I can. You must prepare for the worst. I have never seen anything of this kind.”

With that, Dusk returned to his pillar, silent and waiting.

After some time had passed, not long, perhaps an hour, others began to enter the hall. There were not many. A human man, neither elderly nor young, entered the hall. The council still did not move or speak until others arrived. Two other humans entered, followed shortly by another group of soldiers, though Dusk knew them to be of Aqinarr from the sigils adorning their armour. Finally, after some time of milling about, a dwarf entered the hall as well, though it took Dusk a moment to realize since the dwarf was fairly tall for his kind.

As soon as the dwarf joined the group, the council members shifted and began to speak.

"As the representatives for all of Tiancann, we thank you for coming." One of the Council members says.

"This event has caught us by surprise; if we were more alert, perhaps we could have foretold it. But alas, we did not, and so we are unprepared. As such, the armoury available to us is insufficient for what you likely will require." Another member says gravely.

"In all honesty, we never thought to prepare for conflict and combat; recovery after the storms and natural disasters was put at the highest priority, and war was something that was unthinkable at the time."

"However, that is enough about what could have and what should have been done; right now only the future and present need be considered."

"The Scout will be here momentarily. In the meantime, we suggest you all get to know each other. Learn each other's strengths, where you can find advantages, and even downfalls, where you learn to support each other. As you are all here, you all share the same mission; it is only natural that you all should come to know each other to do so in the best way possible. You may also take a look in the armoury, which is located down the hallway to your left, through the open door."

Dusk listened and watched as they turned as one and moved further into their citadel, leaving the humans, dwarf and Dusk to… acquaint themselves with one another. Dusk listened as Tersoal Montwyvern, Saint Amaranth, and Lieutenant Chang introduced themselves and their respective parties. The elf remained silent, watching, judging and learning of those who would depend on him and vice versa over the coming weeks. He watched those who spoke and those who listened, those who bowed and those who stood straight.

Finally most of the group had been identified save the dwarf and Dusk. A few of the humans looked at both expectantly. Dusk still did not remove the hood of his cloak and his low cowl, though he did step forward away from the pillars. Dusk looked at the tall dwarf, catching his eye, but no introduction came forth.

“You may call me Dusk,” he said. “Those who know me already know that my business and birth are my own. It shall suffice that I know what I am doing.”

((Dusk appears almost indistinguishable from the pillars and shadows with the hood of his cloak up. His chin is visible and all can tell he has tanned skin, for an elf. His heritage is not immediately apparent, however. Everyone can see his brown traveling boots and pants as well as his shortbow. Beneath the cloak are his sack, belt, his two Wakizashi and his arrows. The sack and weapons may be glimpsed as he walks. He also has supple black leather gloves and a black stone medallion with a strange sigil engraved on its face. He also is wearing a white cloth shirt that can be seen beneath his cloak. It is laced to the neck.))

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Every Warrior Needs a Friend

Manalagna Hammer surveyed the crowd and noticed the Elf named Dusk securing himself in the shadows of the pillar.

After announcing his name and formally announcing his pledge to go with the adventurers to investigate the phenomena that has befallen the region, the Druid strides over to the Elf to introduce himself.

Long years ago as an aspiring arena gladiator in the land of Alastari, Manalagna Hammer had the good fortune of fighting alongside many warrior Elves in the employ of his manager.

Manalagna recognized a quality warrior and his being an Elf made no difference to the Druid Dwarf, in fact, fighting alongside an Elf was more encouraging to Manalagna than the stigmas between most Dwarves and Elves!

"Every Warrior Needs a Friend," bellowed Manalagna Hammer as he extended his right arm as a sign of warrior comradeship to the Elf. "My Name is Manalagna Hammer! Perhaps You Know Where a Fellow Warrior and Comrade Could Spend Some of His Gold on Needed Magical Supplies? I Will Make It Worth Your Time to Accompany Me in Finding the Necessary Supplies!"

Manalagna Hammer will select a new Flaming Scimitar from the Arsenal that was offered by the council to all who were signing on for the adventure!

From the 1995 Gold he has left [after giving 5 Gold to the young lad who watched his weapons and provided the Sheathe for the Death Scythe] Manalagna Hammer is willing to spend 1795 of his Gold on Assorted Magical and Healing Supplies!

That would leave him with 200 Gold for the Adventure!

Since Vilyamar mentioned 95 Gold is what is needed for a Proper Pearl, Manalagna offers 95 Gold to Dusk to be able to purchase the Proper Pearl and is willing to finance anything else that the Elf may need for the coming adventure!

Kaelyn mentioned some kind of magics that enhance weapons so some of the Gold that Manalagna spends would be to Magically Enhance his following weapons:

2 Throwing Axes
10 Short Spears
5 Javelin Quivers (6 Javelins ea) = 30 Javelins

If Dusk introduces me to someone else that may need some Gold for Magic Items or Weapons then he will consider sharing from his recent Arena Victory!

Any Suggestions?

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"Every Warrior Needs a Friend," bellowed Manalagna Hammer as he extended his right arm as a sign of warrior comradeship to the Elf. "My Name is Manalagna Hammer! Perhaps You Know Where a Fellow Warrior and Comrade Could Spend Some of His Gold on Needed Magical Supplies? I Will Make It Worth Your Time to Accompany Me in Finding the Necessary Supplies!"

Dusk looked down at the arm of the dwarf. His garments were strange for a human or elf, let alone for a dwarf. This... Manalagna seemed to collect as many odds an ends as anything else. The elf did not return the gesture other than by eying the dwarf again.

"No," he simply replied, and much quieter than the dwarf. "I must assume that anything we could need would be provided as best as possible by the council."

Dusk crossed his arms and leaned against he pillar. His eyes peered around at the others, some of whom stared at the dwarf, too. Dusk looked down at his own belt and the one blade visible. Something in his mind remembered the rusty blade he and the tiger cub had found in the rotten chest.

"Wait," he said. "There may be one thing you can aid me with..."

Dusk opened up his backpack and loosened the neck of the bag within. Despite being able to fit within the knapsack, the bag weighed a static 12 pounds and could carry much more than that. After a little search, Dusk reached in to find the old sheath of the shortsword they had found before the Twilight event.

"This blade contains an enchantment, that which I do not know the source of, only that it exists," Dusk said, drawing the blade smoothly despite the decrepit condition of the hilt and sheath. "While I wish its properties appraised before we travel and I might have need of it, I do not currently have the gold to purchase a pearl of sufficient value nor to pay a mage for such services."

His hooded eyes turned towards the others and the door behind which the council members had disappeared.

"Unless the council has the resources to provide such items or services, I will aid you, dwarf, in finding what you need in return for funds or such a pearl," said Dusk to Hammer. He bowed slightly, though still did not take the dwarf's extended arm.

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And here be the others

"Hey! Why don't they have any Holy Katars?!" Dev shouts in frustration, which is the only thing heard before a massive clang of multiple pieces of weaponry and armour hitting the floor rings throughout the citadel.

"Whoops, my bad." Dev's voice can be heard as a slight cloud of dust is blown out of the armoury by the commotion.

"Ugh, when will you ever take care and take things seriously?" Mist's voice is heard in exasperation.

"Maybe when you stop being such a stick-in-the-mud, Mist, or maybe when I'm not bored." Dev's voice can be heard responding.

Yin rolls his eyes, a motion easily spotted by Willow, Armand and Denuan.

"I'd better check on them." Yin mutters aloud before wandering over to the armoury himself.

Sora and Farah can both be seen glancing into the armoury, although definitely looking as though they don't want to get involved.

"Well, that was mildly interesting." Sora says aloud.

"I hope it doesn't take too long to clean up." Farah murmurs.

"They do have magic at their disposal riiight?" Sora replies, "So it should be easy."

"Sora, Farah!" Yin calls from right behind them.

"Hey! Don't sneak up on me like that!" Sora says, jumping in spite of himself, swiftly turning around, and knocking Farah into the armoury as a result.

"Whoa!" She calls, and there is another cacophonous array of more metallic noise.

"Is that a Holy Katar?" Dev's voice can be heard after the commotion.

Giving a loud sigh, Yin calls into the armoury, "Alright, I want you four to make this room as tidy as it was before any of you went in. Yes, that includes all of you, Mist, Dev, Farah and Sora."

After a bit of groaning, the sounds of racks being lifted back into place and weapons and armour being placed back echo out into the citadel. Previously unnoticed, there is the sound of a door to the right closing as a couple pairs of footsteps echo in the hall.

"Is this it?" A slightly gruff voice is heard.

"You've forgotten already, Akihiko?" Snaps the voice of an influential-sounding woman.

"Sheesh, you're not in a good mood today, Mitsuru." The first voice responds.

Quickly reaching the others already there, and standing in approximately the same spot as the centre two members of the Council were, the woman, evidently named Mitsuru, immediately introduces the two of them. She has long, dark red hair which falls over one eye, leaving the other, her left, in view. She is dressed almost as though she is at the same level of influence as the Council, with well fashioned yet functional and practical clothing and at her side is an elegant rapier. Beside her stands a man who is dressed casually, compared to Mitsuru; he wears a simple garment of one who is used to travel, and carries his jacket held over his shoulder by his right hand. He has short, grey hair and what seems to be a bandage above his right eye. In his left hand he carried a pair of spiked gauntlets, and is apparently a close-combat person.

"I am Mitsuru Kirijo, and this is Akihiko Senada. As you likely guessed, we are here to aid in this quest." Mitsuru says formally.

"Hey." Akihiko says casually in greeting.

"My actual purpose here will be partly to oversee this operation." Mitsuru continues, "Not as a commander of course, however, I will suggest you heed my advice; I am skilled at providing tactical information, and is thus why I was commissioned by the Council."

"If you're wondering why I'm here, I'm here because it seems like good training." Akihiko says, shrugging.

Mitsuru rolls her eyes, "As I have told you before Akihiko, this isn't a game."

"Yeah, I know." Akihiko replies, "You don't need to remind me."

There is a loud clang as the front gate opens briefly, and turning, everyone sees a person dressed in black, with a black hood obscuring their face, step into the hall. In their right hand is held a beautiful yet apparently dangerous scythe which seems to have a dull blue sheen to its metallic appearance. They step carefully, yet the noise of their footsteps radiates coldly in the hall. They are unhesitant as they approach the group, each step taken with care, yet each step deliberate.

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