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GM for this game: Reralae
Players for this game: Vilyamar, Kaelyn, Sibelius Eos Owm, Okron
This game has fizzled.
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Dreamer of Bladesong
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I don't think so

"I think not." Mitsuru says evenly toward Dusk, "We may have not seen it yet, but the enemy is still out there. For all we know, they could just be waiting, judging our strength without not giving away any of their own. Going on your own is the only temptation they'd need to attack to reduce our numbers."

"Besides," The sylph in the air replies, "I do have the title of a scout for a reason, so if anyone should scout, I'm probably the best bet, since I don't think they can see me either."

((not so much an update as it is to input the resistance Vilyamar is expecting))

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 17:23:47.

Glorious Emperor
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"Then we should be doing the same at minimum," retorted Dusk. "The Scout will be on watch and sitting still for several hours is not very productive. I am confident I can exit and return without being discovered."

((Yay free spot and listen checks every round))

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 22:39:26.
Edited on 2008-11-05 at 22:41:19 by Vilyamar

Dreamer of Bladesong
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2442 Posts

Want to switch?

"Well then, if we're to play everyone to their strengths," Mitsuru interjects, "Then why don't you take the Scout's place, so she can scout the area?"

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 22:45:05.

Glorious Emperor
Karma: 28/16
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"Very well," he conceded. "I will remain on watch after I take my rest. One more, then, should start at watch. Alert me at the first change."

With that, Dusk removed himself from the group, returning to his bedroll. Laying on his back with his hood up and arms crossed, he closed his eyes and entered the short trance he had grown used to over the decades.

((I assume we're doing 4 2-hour shifts?))

Posted on 2008-11-05 at 23:03:08.
Edited on 2008-11-06 at 16:41:15 by Vilyamar

Dragon Fodder
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Watching over the flock

They had left with the scout after her the sprite’s interjection and healing after Xira’s Death Scythe floored Armand after his attempted removal of the deadly, and distinctly evil weapon. Such power, I’ve not bore witness too before. The priest thought to himself, as he cast a Restoration spell upon himself with what little strength he had remaining to remove the taint of the negative energy which had encompassed him. Deunan came near and sprinkled the diamon dust over her comrade as he invoked the healing rite, feeling the cleansing power of the heavens purge his wracked body.

By all that is holy I will find the means with which to overcome that artifact of hell… He thought repeatedly as they made their way across the landfall before them. For the majority of the first leg of the adventure Armand remained quiet. Deunan and Caduceus understanding that what Armand had just experienced was far more than just a blow to his ego, but a resounding hammer fall upon his anvil of faith. Never before had something so easily overwhelmed him, and never again in the priests mind would he allow such an undertaking to rid him of his senses.

Armand ridiculed himself for not erecting the proper defences against the dark arts. Wards against negative energy and afflictions should have been the first thing he placed, and he mulled over his plans for the next attempt at destroying the piece of abyssal weaponry.

As they neared dusk, and the Scout made motion for camping for the night, Armand would have preferred to continue on, their day had only just begun, but he knew too the value of proper rest. Dusk, the soldiers and the Scout had a banter about watch responsibilities, but Armand knew that tomorrow would bring about a whole new plethora of challenges, and thusly did not mind the chance for sleep.

“Deunan and I will stand watch while Dusk regains his stamina, I’ve much to contemplate anyways. We will take our rest when relieved.” Armand says at last. “A couple extra sets of eyes will help in the coming darkness.”

Deunan simply nodded, while Caduceus remained silent, having his own private conversation with Armand via telepathy.

Armand and Deunan set themselves on the side of the fire, backs to each other while they cast their gazes off into the coming night. They spoke about the past and the present, allowing for conversation to anyone who was awake enough to inquire to them, basically killing time, while keeping a keen eye out on the surrounding area. Armands’nimbus of light, a soft gloy with a radius of 20’ acted as double strength circle of protection vs.Evil and lesser globe of invulnerability covered Deunan and others close by, and his constant ability to grant a bless, virtue, guidance, and resistance to those around him, would afford those sleeping within sight a slight buffer against anything that may think to strike while they were unprepared. He would watch over those with him like a Sheppard would their flock.

(allowing for convo etc)

At the end of the hour, if uneventful, Armand prepares for sleep, but before he does casts “Omen of Peril.”, begging the gods above the question.. “Does danger loom around the bend as I close my eyes to this days end?”

Posted on 2008-11-06 at 00:24:34.

Extreme Exclaimator!
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Debriefing Dusk

"You spoke with the woman, Xira, as if you knew her," said Dusk when he and the dwarf were a little apart from the group and far from Xira. "What do you know of her?"
"I had the honor of battling Xira during the Elite Tournament at the Fonhinqann Gladiator Arena!"

"She nearly killed me with that Death Scythe!"

"Destroyed my original Flaming Scimitar!"

"I was allowed a limited use of my Spells!"

"Rules forbade me to summon a Familiar or Allies!"

"I sent a Bolt of Lightning against her and she avoided it with ease!"

"Then I tried a Flame Strike and she twisted away from it as easy as you please!"

"The crowd was hollering 'Black Scythe! Black Scythe' ... but Xira closed upon me with her Silver Scythe and shattered my Flaming Scimitar!"

"I thought I was a Goner! For a moment I just hung my head waiting for her to slay me! But with an unexpected flash of desperation I somehow unleashed a Heat Metal Spell to buy myself some time!"

"Then she touched me with her bandaged hand and the most sickening feeling began to overwhelm me ... followed by the slashing of her Silver Scythe that somehow imparted a blackness that tried to claim my soul ... but I desperately clung to consciousness and tried to impart a Cure Critical Wounds Spell to surprise Xira with an act of kindness!"

"But she stopped me from casting the Spell and I can still hear the venom of her disdainful words echoing in the canyons of my mind from time to time!"

"Fortunately the Heat Metal Spell caused her to drop the Silver Scythe ... but when she pulled out the Black Scythe ... it was so horrible!"

"Desperately I unleashed a Dispel Magic Spell against that horrific sight as her weapon threatened my very life ... but I do not quite remember what exactly happened ... all I know is that the Dispel Magic Spell failed ... and Xira was glowing White Hot from my Heat Metal Spell ... as that Black Scythe cut deep into my soul ... "

"... and somehow I clung to a very thin thread of my life force ... and Xira somehow fell to the sands ... and we were both spared to live to this day!"

"She nearly killed me with both her Scythe weapons!"

"Fortunately my combination of Spells were able to overcome her arrogance!"

"Thought she was going to die, but the healers were able to keep her from dying!"

"My reward was the bag of gold that I shared with you friend Dusk ... plus Xira gave me the choice of taking the Death Scythe ... or learning the tale of the weapon!"

"At the time ... it seemed best to take the weapon ... for all the good it did me!"

"I thought that taking the weapon would break its bond from Xira ... for she has held it for 13 years!"

"She also told me that the original owner looks just like her ... but that owner has probably made another Death Scythe!"

"The damage to Xira's mind ... and to her hands ... I though I might be able to spare her more pain ... and when she first arrived here ... I thought at first she was that original owner ... but there is no mistaking the cold venom of disdain that spits from the words of her mouth when she chooses to speak to anyone!"

"Now with this Linsemptus problem ... it seemed like the inevitable destiny ... and the bond of weapon and warrior ... was best suited for Xira to wield the Death Scythe against our enemies ... and pray she never turns that Dark Blade against any of us!"

With that lengthy explanation out of the way, it seemed as though a great weight had lifted from Manalagna Hammer, plus it made the uncomfortable ride somewhat more bearable for the Druid Dwarf as the time of telling his tale had made the ride seem to pass more quickly!

Manalagna just stared blankly at Dusk, realizing the enormity of the burden, plus the freshly deepened wounds of the Death Scythe had robbed the Druid of precious abilities!

He focused on the ride ahead and drew upon the restorative power that had been granted him and the others, but it was not enough to renew his former abilities!

Manalagna Hammer is robbed of precious abilities as he remains at 11 Strength and Dexterity; recovers his Constitution and Wisdom to 17 and 18 each; but at the expense of only recovering his Intelligence and Charisma to 9 respectively!

Posted on 2008-11-06 at 17:45:36.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Speak of the... Well, what is she?

"If you are that interested, then just ask. If I am inclined, or the knowledge isn't a secret, then I'll answer." Xira's voice trails back to the others, "I don't twist the truth like humans and other beings seem to do."
'Humans'. The use of that word by one typically implies that they are not human, however, Xira looks very much human. Or, at the very least, looks as though she was human at one point. At the camp, Xira sets her own sleeping spot vaguely off to the side of the group, and even though she is invited to eat dinner by Farah, Xira declines. After a moment, where it seems everyone does not wish to take up the offer, Xira turns away.

"Where did you get the scythe?" Willow asks, probably surprising herself with raising the question.

Glancing back over her shoulder, Xira replies tonelessly, "At a crater in the desert."
Willow raises an eyebrow. That was peculiar. Why would there be a crater in the desert, assuming it is sand, unless the impact was recent or there was something preventing the hole from filling. Not to mention, why would the scythe be just lying there, unless...

"Just lying there?" Willow asks, to be sure of her train of thought.

"No." Xira replies simply, answering the question, but nothing more.

Becoming aware that her questioning has attracted some attention, by the eyes of the others settling between her and Xira, Willow looks down and mutters, "Oh," and ceases her questions. With a last look at the baleful item, she reaffirms her decision to question Mist (preferably aside from Armand and Deunan) on watch that night.

Posted on 2008-11-06 at 18:25:06.
Edited on 2008-11-07 at 05:00:28 by Reralae

Dragon Fodder
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2264 Posts

Armand will pose the question on everyone's mind...

Armand listened to Willow's curiousity voiced, then subsequently silenced by Xira's curt response. "Since we're all wondering it anyways, I might as well give voice to the thoughts we all undoubtedly share. How did you come about being the owner of that tainted weapon, the details of your acquisition must be as intriguing as the infernal thing itself. A weapon that feels evil, yet isn't, repels and shuns the light, but isn't dark... it's like a blight upon this world that simply cannot suffer to be cured... it simply exists to exist.. I would know more of you Strange Warrior, for in all my travels I have never encountered such a pair of individuals as you... And yes, I do so claim sentience in that blade you bear, for certainly it has a will if I sensed but a glimpse of it's true nature."

To that, Caduceus stopped his mental squabbling long enough for a reply, the topic of another sentient object piquing his own interests.

Posted on 2008-11-07 at 15:16:53.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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2442 Posts

Not much of a story, in truth

Xira shrugs, but her eyes for a moment seem to turn a lighter shade of brown as she remembers, "There's not much to tell. Thirteen years ago, I was wandering the desert, hoping to get stronger. I was an avid gladiator as well as a healer. There were rumours of a huge monster prowling the desert, and that's why I was there, to slay the beast and get stronger in the process."

Strangely, Xira's voice is no longer cold, and perhaps a hint of the warmth of the person she was can be felt in it.

"Suddenly, there was a burst of darkness, and I heard an eerie screech. It was like it was a meteor impact, for a crater then suddenly formed, with me on the edge. I fell in, just in time to see the monster, I can't remember what it was now, be decapitated, and disappear into the void. I thought I was going to as well, but it just suddenly stopped, and in the centre of the blackness that was there, was a woman. Her black hood had fallen back, and I could see her face; she looked beautiful, almost as though she were royalty. However, there was something strange about her. Uncommonly pretty, yes, but there was something about her appearance. It didn't seem real. Do you know how dolls can look stunningly pretty? It felt like that, a prettiness that was at the same time unreal, flawless, yet passive like a china doll. She wore a black breastplate with golden lining, with similar shoulder pads and a hood in a similar style. She also wore a black garment with long sleeves, and black pants with a golden embroidered bottom. As you can guess, her boots were also black. I thought it was incredulous, wearing black in the desert, but she didn't seem to be perspiring at all. It was like she didn't even notice the heat. She turned and looked at me with her black eyes, and I could see in her hands this scythe. I asked her if it was a very strong weapon, for at the time I was using only a mace. Her response was simple and to the point: if I was truly curious, I should try it for myself. I couldn't believe it myself, and so I pointed out that she might still needed it. She replied that she could make another."

Xira's eyes fade back to their dark shade, and she finishes, "Her name is Krixa Donybo. That should be sufficient. It is enough from me."
On her back, the Death Scythe's 'eyes', if you call them that, briefly glow red, visible through its wrappings, at the mentioning of Krixa's name, but fade just as quickly, like a candle flickering. Xira turns and walks over to sit at the side of the camp, implying the conversation is over.

((If anyone attempts to speak to Xira at this point in time, she'll simply not respond, staring blankly ahead))

Taking the hint, everyone resumes their preparations for the night. Eventually, all but the four keeping watch drift into sleep. Off to the side, Willow and Mist discuss the nature of the Death Scythe, while Armand and Caduceus hold their own, mental conversation. Deunan glances around, slightly impatient yet knowing better than to hope something will happen. The first watch goes by without any sign of anything. No wind blows, and no animals can be heard amidst the plain. With a swift exchange, the first watch switches with the second, leaving Dusk, Akihiko and Mitsuru to watch through the night. After about an hour and a half, Mitsuru finally speaks up.

"I don't like it Akihiko, not one bit. There's been no sign of the Linsemptus, although they've already had a couple of days to make their move, or at least move toward the cities. What are they up to?" Mitsuru murmurs.

Akihiko looks over to Mitsuru in kind of an understanding way, "It's alright Mitsuru, if there's something wrong, just say it. I trust your intuition."

Mitsuru smiles, "You know me too well, Akihiko. There is no question that girl's weapon is strong, and I am thankful for it, but there is a point where a weapon's strength is also a weakness to its wielder. I'm sure that weapon's crossed the line."

Akihiko chuckles, "Well, she certainly is colder than your ice spells."

Mitsuru suddenly tenses, "Akihiko!"

Akihiko nearly growls, shouting, "I see it! Everyone! Wake up!"

Dusk, as well as Akihiko, sees what looks almost like an inhuman skull creeping along the ground. It's form is strangely translucent, with what colour visible during this time of night seeming to change chaotically throughout the visible spectrum. It seems gelatinous, fluid, and it wavers with energy that is wreathed about its intangible form. However, Mitsuru is glancing around quickly at five distinct spots.

"I see five enemies, keep your guard up!" Mitsuru calls.

From the side of the camp facing Venerro, from under the ground, springs up what looks almost like an otherworldly soldier. This Linsemptus Foot Soldier is powerfully shaped, and fit for battle. Its gelatinous body appears like a very muscular layout of an androgynous humanoid. In its right hand is a deadly looking blade that has a serrated edge; in its left is a wide circular plane that is evidently a shield. It rushes forward, bringing down its blade at the first person in its way, who happens to be Akihiko. Diving to the side, Akihiko lands on his feet, narrowly avoiding the blade, which leaves a jagged white crack in the air marking its path. The crack dims and fades as quickly as it formed.

"Damn it, this one's strong." Akihiko grunts.

"Obey my command!" Mitsuru calls, raising her hand. A ghostly visage appears above Mitsuru, with an undefinable shape, but its hands are shaping an orb in the air above Mitsuru's own, an orb of frosty blue. The figure disappears, and Mitsuru brings the orb down, hurling it at the Linsemptus Foot Soldier. The orb impacts it in the torso, causing it to flinch back as the ice shreds part of its intangible body, however, its form still looks very much intact. (-36 hp Linsemptus Foot Soldier)

Akihiko, not to be left out, quickly places two bladed gauntlets upon his hands, and punches at the Foot Soldier. The first strike knocks the shield out of the way of his second strike, which hits the Foot Soldier in the arm, cutting relatively deep. (-17 hp Linsemptus Foot Soldier)

"Damn you!" Akihiko shouts as he brings his bladed fist in an uppercut, which goes right through the Linsemptus's head without so much as a scratch.

"What?!" Akihiko exclaims.

"They're not wholly in this world!" Mitsuru quickly deduces, "Our attacks won't always hit them! Use extreme caution!"

Another Linsemptus appears from under the ground, but unlike its squadron leader, this one appears to be far more frail. It appears almost like a vaguely humanoid skeleton; however its form is translucent, with its colours changing throughout the visible spectrum. Its form is gelatinous, fluid, and it wavers with energy that is wreathed around its intangible form. This is likely what the whole of that creeping skull's body looks like. The Linsemptus Scout steps forward at Dusk, bringing its arm up, which morphs into a blade-like form, with a serrated edge. Somehow, it sidesteps with Dusk's movement, and brings the blade down, barely scratching into Dusk's forearm. Yet, like the Foot Soldier's attack, this attack by the Scout also creates a crack, of a lesser extent, and an agonizing wave of pain shoots through Dusk's body, threatening to root him to the spot in pain. Focusing on the task at hand, Dusk manages to quell it in his mind, and the rift dissipates. (-1 hp Dusk, and you made the fortitude save to avoid paralysis)

((This is still the surprise round, and Dusk can make his one action now (it's his turn in initiative). Hooray for the first fight/ambush! And also for this being my 1000th post (at least according to my post count)! Anyway, good luck, and game on))

Posted on 2008-11-07 at 19:08:07.
Edited on 2008-11-07 at 20:51:23 by Reralae

Glorious Emperor
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Moar Fight

"Akihiko!" said Mitsuru.

Dusk tensed at the sound. His eyes caught sight of the skull nearly at the same time the humans' had and his hands moved swiftly to the hilts of the short swords tucked neatly behind his waist and over his shoulder. The smooth draw of both blades was reassuring despite the slight nervous feeling that lumped in Dusk's gut.

It was a familiar feeling, a sense of trepidation and fear that Dusk coveted. He may be long-lived, especially compared to humans and most other races, but he was not immortal. The fear of death kept his mind in check.

It also happened to provide a handy dose of adrenaline when danger neared.

"I see five enemies, keep your guard up!" Mitsuru called from across the fire. Dusk picked out the outlines of the skulls, noting their positions relative to him.

The others were starting to wake from their sleep, their own senses struggling to take over from the fog that layered on their minds in sleep. One sight of the Linsempti would be enough to jolt most people out of a dead sleep, let alone the fact that a group of them were attacking your camp.

In Dusk's one hand is a blade of dark adamantine that reflects some of the firelight. The black metal seems otherwordly in the darkness but not nearly so much as the Linsempti. The other blade was white, almost akin to ivory but still steel. Dusk whispered a short phrase in elven that loosely translated to "To begin in Light" as he drew the blade. As he finished the last word, a silvery light seemed to illuminate the blade and the runes etched into the blade and handle, exuding positive energy.

Dusk would have questions for the Scout when she returned, and Mitsuru, both of whom seemed to know more about their foes than him, at very least.

The two other humans on guard engaged with the first enemy warrior that charged them. Dusk found another of the enemy appear in front of him, floating up from beneath the earth and raising a limb that formed into a serrated blade that slashed at him.

Though he saw it coming, Dusk nearly got caught beneath the end of the blade. As it was, the tip cut a fine line into his forearm as the elf turned his body from the slash. A bright white line appeared behind the attack, similar to the cracks in the world that spiraled out from above Venerro. Something, whether a will or an energy Dusk could not tell which, flowed from that white space between spaces and threatened to lock his arm and body in place.

His teeth gritted against one another as Dusk forced his arm to move and his torso to twist, slicing his own blade, this one imbued with positive energy, towards his attacker.

((Combat Actions so you can roll it up while I describe it:
Activate (free): Sacred Weapon
Attack (Standard): Single attack with Sacred Ninjato vs. Linsemptus Scout

In the next/first-full round, if Dusk can detect more than one Linsemptus attacking him (Spot/Listen with Q.R. feat, I guess), he will use a Ki Dodge and continue to attack the Linsemptus Scout if possible.))

Posted on 2008-11-07 at 20:28:07.
Edited on 2008-11-07 at 23:32:09 by Vilyamar

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Now combat is joined...

With a swift slash, Dusk delivers a punishing blow to the Linsemptus Scout in front of him, causing its immaterial form to writhe in the passage of the blade. (-17 hp Linsemptus Scout)

The final three Linsemptus Scouts make their move, rushing at three of the stirring party. Each of them forms a jagged and skeletal blade, striking swiftly. Yin gives a sharp cry as one of the Linsemptus Scouts slash him across the torso, but doesn't seem that badly off. (-4 hp for Yin, no paralysis)

Manalagna as well is rudely awakened by a poorly placed thrust of another Linsemptus Scout's blade, but given that it was merely a scratch, the gladiator was no worse for wear. (-1 hp for Manalagna, no paralysis)

Lastly, an unfortunate Linsemptus Scout only serves to strike Xira in the shoulder, awakening the dark priestess fully as she feels a couple drops of her blood drip from the mere cut. (-1 hp for Xira, no paralysis).

[First Round]

The Linsemptus Foot Soldier's glowing red eyes brighten as it brings its sword up, which wreathes in an aura of unearthly energy. With a roar an an immense cracking sound, the Foot Solider brings it down upon Akihiko. Akihiko is blown back slightly by the assault, but manages to stay on his feet despite the force of the impact. The contorted grimace upon Akihiko's face also suggests there was more to the blow than was physical as well, but he quickly sets himself in a stance to attack. (-20 hp Akihiko, no paralysis)

"Damn it... that one's powerful." Akihiko grunts.

Mitsuru quickly runs over, drawing her rapier at the same time. "Don't push yourself." She says gently, and once again, the silhouette appears above her, but this time as though they were pouring water upon Akihiko, which is visible as sparkles of light. (Akihiko +20 hp)

Xira, in the meantime, grasps the bandaged scythe and quickly stands, provoking a punch from the Linsemptus Scout. However, the punch is drawn up short, and Xira avoids it easily. The bandages upon the scythe are ripped apart as the Death Scythe's aura becomes visible. Blood drips from Xira's hands as she swings the Death Scythe into the Scout's form. It shrieks in terror as its body hardly withstands against the assault of the scythe. (-29 hp Linsemptus Scout)

"You want to try that again?" Akihiko asks as he steps back in place against the Linsemptus Foot Soldier.

Akihiko brings his fist forward, but the Soldier blocks it with his shield. "Damn you!" Akihiko yells, bringing his other fist forward and slamming it into what looks like the Soldier's stomach. (-17 hp Soldier) The Soldier recoils slightly, giving another opening which is taken by Akihiko's bladed fist. However, this one goes straight through the Soldier without harm. Akihiko's final blow is blocked once again by the Soldier's shield.

[Status so far]
Xira - Green
Yin - Green
Mist - Green
Farah - Green
Sora - Green
Dev - Green
Mitsuru - Green
Akihiko - Green
Willow - 72/72
Dusk - 56/57
Manalagna - 77/78
Armand - 72/72
Deunan - 72/72

((Okies, we're now in the midst of round 1... Only thing of note is Hammer, you have an enemy right beside you, and everyone (PC that is) except for Vilyamar is still prone... also please note that people generally do not sleep in armour! That means that you who have armour of medium or heavy type probably don't have it equipped at this point in time (I am assuming so anyway)))

Posted on 2008-11-08 at 00:13:54.
Edited on 2008-11-08 at 01:10:30 by Reralae

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Deunan and Armand were woken rather rudely from there rest as the first encounter with the Linsemptus Scouts and their ringleader launched an ambush on the mostly unprepared party.

The counteroffensive seemed to be quite effective for the time being, but as Deunan rose from her slumber, and grabbed her enchanted weapon for a charge against the nearest opponent (+1 Bastard sword of Ghost Touch), Armand wove the incantations for something to aid their companions in the ensued combat.

"Powers that be, forces of light, grant your warrior a Dragons Might!"

When the incantation was complete, Deunan's face was covered in a faint tracing of golden scales, the scales itself soon faded, but the golden radiance remained.

Armand is incanting a Draconic Might focused on Deunan to assist in her charge and the fact that she did not have time to don her armor.

(The subject of the spell gains a +4
enhancement bonus to Strength, Constitution,
and Charisma. It also gains
a +4 enhancement bonus to natural
armor. Finally, it has immunity to
magic sleep and paralysis effects.
Length 10 minutes))

Posted on 2008-11-08 at 02:07:09.
Edited on 2008-11-08 at 02:11:30 by Kaelyn

Sibelius Eos Owm
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Shy, young Willow transforms into a warrior.

When Willow went for bed, she didn't take her armour off, instead choosing to sleep in full gear. Her swords she unbuckled and laid next to her on the ground, close enough to easily grab if there was trouble. Her childhood was reinforced with the idea that a man alone in the wild had to sleep lightly or loose his life. Her troubled life during the years when nature rallied against itself only reinforced this fact, applied instead to a girl.

Not long into her slumber, a shout brought her to full consciousness. Her senses leapt out to determine the disquiet as her instincts brought her hands to the grips of her swords. Another shout followed the first directly, Akihiko nearly growled, "I see it! Everyone! Wake up!"
Knowing her world my by sound than by sight for the first few seconds, the sounds of shouting and of combat assailed her ears. Her pulse quickened, her body translated into high-response mode as she tried to get to her feet, where she would stand a fighting chance against this ambush.

Willow was on her feet before most of the sleepers had chance to get up. With a jerk, she flung the sheaths off her swords, and she was fully equipped for battle. Since she bought her rather costly suit of armour so long ago, it had hardly seen the need for real use, with the last year so tame. It kept brilliantly, however, for purposes of show and formal function, and was almost as comfortable as her civilian clothes. Now she was learning how much of a benefit that lightness of her armour was, particularly with the way it let her body move so freely.

Three of her giant paces away, Yin was on his back, practically defenceless against a thin, ghostly figure whose body flickered different colours. Her normally timid and quiet voice rose to shout like any of the others. "Yin, get out of there!" She bore down on the gaunt creature as Yin rolled out of the way. She wound her right arm back and prepared to deliver a powerful sweeping slash to the miniature creature. She aimed her attack low, to cleave deep into the centre of mass of this Scout creature that came only as tall as her elbow.

EDIT: Attached a little more into the post. The little creature was like nothing else she had ever encountered before. Was this what the Linsemptus were? The tall one looked more like a human, despite its inhuman height. A tiny crack of white light remained in the air where the Linsemptus swung its blade. Was this more magic? The image of the mage's disappearance back at Wanqir refreshed itself in her memory. Whatever these Linsemptus were, wherever they came from, they were going to meet a staunch opposition if they were to keep up such lousy manners.

---------------------------------/End Edit
(Assuming, of course, that none of the Linsempti choose to change targets to Willow between the first round’s standing up and the second round’s attack. Time to break out for a real fight (I know most of you have had a decent exchange already, but so far the best action I’ve got is smacking merciful swords around with the guy I’m about to rescue [hopefully]. Here’s to the first group combat, having lost a number of possible party members on the way up. Oh, yeah, Hammer, will Banatan be making an appearance? Or are we keeping him away, as this battle looks pretty well incorporeal?)

(My goodness, how often I find myself writing the word 'adrenaline' in a battle post)

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Behold the power of the Linsempti... specifically the Foot Soldier

With a quick dash forward to aid her comrade, Willow brings her blade to bear. The Linsemptus Scout seems to have not seen her coming, for she easily runs it through where there would have been a heart, were it truly a live, humanoid creature. However, to her dismay, her sword leaves no trace in the Scout's intangible form.

Seemingly unable to form its serrated blade twice in a row, the Linsemptus Scout in front of Dusk does a quick jab forward that is unexpected. It catches him in the stomach, but there's not much force behind the blow (-2 hp Dusk).

Deunan swiftly gets to her feet, grabbing her one weapon that is sure to strike true against these abominations. Taking a swift glance around the camp, the one enemy that catches her eye is the Linsemptus Foot Soldier, not only because it's the closest, but it also seems the most threatening, compared to the skeletal Scouts at least. Running forward, Deunan raises her blade, only to have it be repelled forcibly by the Foot Soldier's shield.

As one, Sora, Farah, and Mist quickly get to their feet as well, ready for the fight. Mist hurriedly runs over to aid Willow, trying to go around to the other side of that Linsemptus Scout. Supplying himself with his own "Boing!" sound effect, Sora leaps over to the Scout by Manalagna and slams his small blade into it (-2hp Scout). Farah, being the ranged combatant of the group, simply nocks her longbow and fires. The arrow flies true, impaling the Scout in front of Xira. The Scout gives an unearthly scream as the arrow blows a hole through its intangible form, causing it to dissipate from the centre. (-9 hp Scout, Scout is felled)

Dusk, in the meantime, takes the opportunity to repay the Scout, with interest. He brings his sacred weapon and deals a swift blow to the neck of the Scout, catching it off guard like it did to him. However, the Scout's intangibility comes into play again, causing the blade to pass through without harm. Not to be dismayed, Dusk brings the blade back in a reverse strike, but the Scout evades it by dodging to the side of the blow.

Yin, looking a bit embarrassed in spite of himself, quickly rolls to the side and stands, grabbing his sword in the process.

Seeing that its target is out of simple reach, the Scout in front of Willow turns toward her. It reaches its fist back, and lunges forward in a powerful sweep. From just plain common knowledge, such an attack would merely bounce off Willow's armour, causing the attacker to hold their hand in pain and perhaps leaving Willow with a slight bruise. Evidently, common knowledge doesn't apply to the Linsempti. The Scout's fist goes straight through Willow's armour, impacting her with a good punch. (Scout critical hit, -4 hp Willow)

The Scout by Manalagna takes a swift punch at the warrior still lying on the ground, giving Manalagna a good sized bruise. (-4 hp Manalagna)

Giving a large yawn, Dev finally gets up, "Sheesh, can't a guy get some sleep without having to worry about an ambush?!" He asks angrily, "Oh well, at least things are getting interesting." With his katar blades already in hand, Dev races over toward the Foot Soldier with an exclamation that seems to be "I'm gonna get the MVP!"

The haze of sleep also seems to cloud over Armand, and he finds that it takes a while longer than normal for him to stand. However, although perhaps slower to act, his influence was certainly no less than any of the others.

"Powers that be, forces of light, grant your warrior a Dragons Might!" He exclaims, and with a golden glow around her, Deunan looks considerably stronger.

Finally, Manalagna, gritting his teeth at the thought of such a cowardly opponent, grabs his blade and goes to stand, receiving a sharp punch in the process by the Scout beside him. (-4 hp Manalagna) Manalagna brings his blade down, but the Scout simply sidesteps the blade.

[Round 2]

Its vague head turning toward the now enchanted fighter, the Linsemptus Foot Soldier turns sharply, bringing its blade across in a hard strike. The blow is just too fierce for Deunan to block, and the blade draws blood from a wound across her torso. (-6 hp Deunan) The jagged crack from the blade's path manifests, but fails to hinder Deunan. Unfinished, the Linsemptus Foot Soldier brings its blade up, and slams it down, nearly knocking the blade out of Deunan's hands as she raises it to defend. The blow is fierce, and even Deunan's enhanced strength can't stop the sword from dealing a severe wound to her shoulder. (critical hit, -12 hp Deunan) Finally, the Foot Soldier sweeps the blade across, giving Deunan a fierce wound in the leg despite her attempt to avoid the blow. (-14 hp Deunan)

"So that's what it does." Mitsuru murmurs.

Mitsuru steps forward, and a faint blue aura appears around her. She raises her hand, and as she taps Akihiko on the shoulder, the aura flows from it to hover around him.

"Good call." Akihiko nods.

Xira, in the meantime, grabs her sling for the Death Scythe, and using it she places the Death Scythe upon her back as she walks toward the Foot Soldier.

"Over here!" Akihiko shouts, punching the Foot Soldier in the side with a strong hit. (-15 hp Foot Soldier) The Foot Soldier then pays sharp attention to Akihiko, and parries the next three punches with well timed movements and placements of its body and shield.

[Status so far]
Xira - Green
Yin - Green
Mist - Green
Farah - Green
Sora - Green
Dev - Green
Mitsuru - Green
Akihiko - Green
Willow - 68/72
Dusk - 54/57
Manalagna - 69/78
Armand - 72/72
Deunan - 56/88
NOTE TO ME: Deunan has paralysis immunity

((Alright, your moves... ^_^))

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(Deunan's backpost for her attacks in Round 2)
Deunan took a series of hits that only fueled her fire further to rid this world of the invaders blasphemous presence, and she counter attacked calling upon the Realm of Light and the Guardinals to guide her hand in a Smite against evil.

(Next Round)
Deunan would not relent in her attacks against the enemy Foot Soldier, her strength in Faith, and her Ally would not let her give up.

Armand, now fully alert and on his feet, sought to give Deunan a hand in combat, and with a twiddle of his fingers called forth 5 darts of magical force.

"Arcane Missiles of magic force, I summon thee to now fly forth!"

Posted on 2008-11-10 at 04:25:18.


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