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Related thread: Q&A: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
GM for this game: Sibelius Eos Owm
Players for this game: Sibelius Eos Owm, Aardvark, Reralae, Okron, Shades331, Tispers
This game has fizzled.
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Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

Now you get to see what the poochie looks like while Ray and I get the wrong idea.

Fun Time, Nearing End of Twilight and Full Dusk
June 25
Surton, Gaellus

As things calmed somewhat, people started fitfully trying to get some sleep. If it was difficult to get a good night’s rest before, the beast’s howls tonight made the slightest catnap seem an arduous goal. Jeremy turned to his fellows. “Where do you think we should guard?”

Galen had just begun to formulate an answer when he was cut off by a hushed cry. “Listen!” A peculiar sound was rising out of the twilight. As the source of the sound approached, it was clearly the sound of a man, shouting something made mutedly unintelligible. A pause, then:

“Help me! Help! ‘E’s ‘ere! ‘E’s here!”

(I’m going to take liberties, though someone might be interested to know that the woodsman’s bow and quiver lie in the room with the pitchforks)

His cries repeated as he approached, punctuated by gasps for air to maintain his sprint. The hunting party exchanged glances, and then ran for their weapons, save the woman who brought her husband’s sword. Everyone watched the door nervously as someone opened it for the benefit of the collective curiosity. Without taking time to discuss the matter, Ben, Galen, Ian, and Jeremy, quickly drew their weapons and ran through the door, not knowing what they would find.

The man burst onto the street in front of town hall from an adjacent street. Hot on his tail, a large (we’re talking 5’ at the shoulder) black hound sailed through the air and sunk its teeth into the back of the man’s neck, throwing him to the ground with the Demon Dog on top of him. From this distance, those standing at the entrance to town hall could see the pained expression on the man’s face give away into unconsciousness.

One paw on the man’s back, the Demon Dog turned to regard the heroes, its dull red eyes glowing brightly in the growing dusk as torches and pitchforks rallied behind Ben and Jeremy.

(Combat: Start – the monster is some 45 feet in front of you, all the NPCs are behind you and all of you rolled init enough to go before them: Go to town. Or from town, if you’re really rethinking battling this beastie)
Ben 27/27 ---- Jeremy 18/18 ---- Ian 22/22 ---- Galen 16/16 (O: 6, 1: 4)

NPC’s A-H (Albert, Brad, Caleb, Dana*, Ella, Franz, Gordon, Howard): Uninjured
*sword & shield woman

NPC S (Sam): Unconscious with a monster standing on his back 0.<

Demon Dog: Uninjured

June 26
South Road from Corazon, Gaellus

After Ray finished his exercises, he decided to eat some of his road provisions. I busily refreshed my mind of the watch-spell I used last night while Kiara devoured another mouse. Ray gave me the shield.

"I think I will have to get myself a shield too now..." he said with a grin.

“Why don’t you hold on to this one until we get there? If we run into anything, it won’t be any use to me,” I say, handing it back.

We ‘broke’ camp, or rather, stood up, mounted the horses and left, continuing our journey southward. As should be expected so soon after Midsummer, the sun beat down on us, mercifully abated by a stiff breeze. I expected to have burns on my forearms by this evening.

It was sometime past midday when the grasses to my right shifted oddly in the breeze. Under normal circumstances, I never would have even picked this up, but the muted swish of something navigating through the blades alerted me to something more. “You see that?” I asked Ray, adrenaline kicking in. He had.

A wolf burst onto the road from the right, its hackles raised and teeth bared for confrontation. I don’t consider myself an expert on wolves, but it didn’t look normal. Its fur was noticeably grungy and it had a viscous expression on its muzzle. I didn’t have long to philosophize the significance of these things, however, as another one sprung from the grass behind us. I reached for my staff in my belt, drawing a spell to my mind as the fore wolf came running at us with a growl.

My leg dug into my horse’s left flank as I instinctively tried to pull away from the creature, adding discomfort to the beast's terror. It managed to get a hold of my leg and sank its teeth in hard. I defended myself by screaming blue murder instead of the words to a shielding spell as it pulled, dragging me off the horse. My leg came free, however, and snapped back, kicking the horse and further encouraging its immanent flight. (-5 Owen [5/10])

(Combat: Start – We’re side-by-side 5ft apart with me on the right and you left. The first wolf is between in front of us and the other is a ways back. You are wearing your armour ‘cause we were expecting to enter hostile territory, though the shield is still a move action over your shoulder.)
Ray 18/18 (4 PP) ---- Owen 5/10 (5 SP)

Wolf 1 -- Uninjured
Wolf 2 -- Uninjured

Horses -- Uninjured and not happy about monsters in their face.

(I know you were thinking about some rp opportunity, but the course of events is partially reliant on us forgetting to visit Daisuke while we were in town. Instead, I threw us headlong into a fight which will wear us down for the coming evening. Don’tcha love the DM’s sadistic ways?)

(By the way, nice avatar)

Posted on 2009-12-16 at 05:49:56.
Edited on 2010-03-23 at 20:50:11 by Sibelius Eos Owm

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 2/0
37 Posts

It's rap- I mean, It's RIPPING TIME!

(don't mind the title, I just felt like it, lol)

His cries repeated as he approached, punctuated by gasps for air to maintain his sprint. The hunting party exchanged glances, and then ran for their weapons, save the woman who brought her husband’s sword. Everyone watched the door nervously as someone opened it for the benefit of the collective curiosity. Without taking time to discuss the matter, Ben, Galen, Ian, and Jeremy, quickly drew their weapons and ran through the door, not knowing what they would find.

The man burst onto the street in front of town hall from an adjacent street. Hot on his tail, a large (we’re talking 5’ at the shoulder) black hound sailed through the air and sunk its teeth into the back of the man’s neck, throwing him to the ground with the Demon Dog on top of it. From this distance, those standing at the entrance to town hall could see the pained expression on the man’s face give away into unconsciousness.

One paw on the man’s back, the Demon Dog turned to regard the heroes, its dull red eyes glowing brightly in the growing dusk as torches and pitchforks rallied behind Ben and Jeremy.

After recollecting his thoughts, Ben immediately began issuing orders to his friends, and hopefully the citizens would be willing to listen as well.

"Ian get around around to its backside, I'm going to get it off that man, Jeremy, Galen, pull that guy away from the battle to safety and have someone tend to him, then join us in battle afterwards. Everyone else, cut off its escape and aid us as you can, don't let it get away!"

With that Ben proceeded to rush at the dog with his sword pointed forward, hoping to use enough force to knock it away from the man it had just taken down.

(Bull Rush, do your worst Sib's dice, I dare you!)

Posted on 2009-12-16 at 20:58:46.
Edited on 2009-12-16 at 20:59:23 by Tispers

RDI Fixture
Karma: 22/5
513 Posts

The power of the mind

Seeing my companion and oldest friend get injured, I instantly think of what needs to be done. I recollect my thoughts on the power of the mind. "The greatest foe lies within" I recite to myself. To bring the mind under control is to have the advantage. So what happens when you conrol the minds of others?

Contemplating this, I focus my thoughts into a single form of energy. My vision is slightly hindered; this is the first time I have used such an intense mental power before. The viens in my eyes become visible, but instead of red they are a yellowish-white. And the burning... such intense pain for so simple a comand. If I hold onto it any longer I will surly cause damage to myself...

Getting into a defensive stance I point my fingers for reference and shoot the energy of the mental power at the wolf infront of us, targeting its very psyche!

After unleashing the power of my mind, I instantly go for the shield on my back and sling it on. The best offense is a good defence...

-Combat manefesting: no AoO when manifesting (+10 vs. DC)
-Mind Thrust (DC 14?), 1d10 damage, cost 1 PP
-Equip Shield, move action

-total AC +4

Posted on 2009-12-17 at 00:08:20.
Edited on 2009-12-17 at 03:23:20 by Shades331

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

Hey, guys? Let's never get non-warbeast mounts again, 'kay? Pain in the butt XD

As I kicked the wolf off my leg, Ray was already focusing his psychic energies into a deadlier form. He looked down at the wolf and an amber pulse shot through his irises. Immediately the wolf recoiled under the sudden concussive headache. (-3 dmg) It shook its head in confusion while my horse dragged me away into the grass and Ray flipped Ben’s shield around, taking hold of the straps almost as if he knew what he was doing (and he did).

I turned my torso in my saddle and levelled my left hand at my assailant. My leg throbbed as I concentrated on not allowing the horse’s gallop to disrupt my spell. The wolf instinctively tried to dodge the magical missile but was quickly regretting trying to ambush two metaphysics users. My missile drove into its shoulder and burst, unleashing its destructive energy into muscle and bone. (-4 dmg)

Ray had barely taken hold of his horse’s reigns again when the creature had gathered enough of its senses to take control of the foolishness its rider was participating in. It dug its hooves into the turf and dove left into the grasslands, ploughing through the grass that slapped at Ray’s shins.

From behind him the second wolf crashed through the grass, joining the ambush and gaining ground quickly. The first wolf was in pain, but not ready to let the prey escape yet. It dove into the grass after me, hot on my heels.

(Alright, So your mount has decided to act on it’s own 101: You are considered on the back of a moving creature, and anything you do in your round will reflect that (manifesting, ranged attacks). This is not the end of your adventuring days, however, for you have the power to take control of the mount again. You can try to direct your unruly beast of burden through a difficult Ride check as a move action that provokes AoO (with the wolf 10 ft behind you). With this check you can do anything you normally would be able to direct the mount to do, but should you fail, your turn ends in frustration. If you feel that your horsemanship is not up to this task, you always have a second option: Bail out as a free action and make a Ride check to not die when you hit the ground at your speed—err, to soft fall.) (Is it just me or is the OOC just about as long as the post itself? How depressing)

Ray 18/18 (3 PP) ---- Owen 5/10 (4 SP)

Wolf 1 -- Yellow Status (chasing me)
Wolf 2 -- Uninjured (chasing you)

Posted on 2009-12-17 at 04:12:06.
Edited on 2009-12-17 at 04:15:19 by Sibelius Eos Owm

RDI Fixture
Karma: 22/5
513 Posts

Abandon ship

The tides have turned, and what would have been an easy slaughter of the first wolf soon turned into a split up between our two factions. The horse is not one trained or bred for war, so it will be hard for me to handle it. I do the only thing that I can do: jump off and hope the landing is not so bad.

When I land, I struggle to stand up and get ready for the beast that was chasing after me; I reach for my sword, hoping to unsheath it in time to fight off the wolf.

-Got off horse (free action)
-Got up from prone (move action)
-Drew weapon (move action)

Posted on 2009-12-17 at 05:22:31.
Edited on 2009-12-18 at 15:38:50 by Shades331

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

Things are looking down, but never fear: the battle is far from hopeless yet.

Raymond gave a half-hearted tug on the horse’s reigns, knowing that the beast was not likely to stop for any amount of persuasion he was capable of mustering. Making a split-second decision, he loosed his left leg from the stirrup, stood with his right and threw his arms beneath him as he flew from the horse’s back.

Carried through the air by the horse’s momentum, he slammed into the hard ground and rolled a few feet before coming to a halt on his back. The grass was warm and dry beneath him, but he had no time to think about that, aware of the teeth that sped toward him. He held his shield in the direction he thought the wolf would be coming from as he hastily pushed himself back onto his feet. (-2 subdual Ray [18(2)/18])

The wolf met Ray just as he had drawn the bloodless sword from the scabbard at his waist. With a wicked gleam in its eye, it opened its jaws wide and dove at his leg. His battle instincts kicked in and he drew his leg back, pushing his shield down into the wolf and shoving the beast back. In his peripheral vision he could see Owen’s horse retreating in the distance, adding urgency to his swing as he brandished his sword at the wolf. It learned caution against the fleshy manling as it dodged the steel.

The wolf flattened its ears just beyond the far range of Ray’s reach and watched him carefully. It let loose another low growl, and then leapt forward. Ray took a step back and tensed against the attack, but the wolf caught him on the leg and bit. Ray felt its fangs pierce through his light armour and puncture the flesh underneath, but the pain was minor and wash washed out of his mind by the adrenaline coursing through his body. The wolf pulled back, but he stood his ground, wrenching his leg from the monster’s jaws. (-1 Ray [17(2)/18])

Meanwhile, I clung to my horse with hands and legs, placing my trust in its time-honoured fleeing instincts to escape danger. I barely registered Kiara’s claws sink into the fabric over my back as she sought purchase against unexpectedly departing this ride. After a moment, I dared a glance over my shoulder and found that the wolf was having trouble keeping pace with the powerful strokes of the horse, and was beginning to fall behind. Now, it would be a matter of which party could maintain a run through the thick undergrowth longer, and how soon the predator would decide the expenditure of energy useless.

Ray 17(2)/18 (3 PP) ---- Owen 5/10 (4 SP)

Wolf 1 -- Yellow Status (chasing me)
Wolf 2 -- Uninjured

(Alright, I covered two rounds since it was pretty obvious what you were going to be doing after you bailed. I’m going to go pester the other party to update now. Whether I get all the posts in or not, I’ll be continuing soon. (It should be noted that Jeremy is somewhere in México right now, and thus is beyond expectations of an immediate post) As with any lapse in updating, characters will shift into autopilot as necessary, which here likely means following Ben’s conveniently supplied advice.)

Posted on 2009-12-23 at 05:44:20.
Edited on 2009-12-23 at 05:53:02 by Sibelius Eos Owm

RDI Fixture
Karma: 22/5
513 Posts

Defensive fighting

I take the stance that I had practiced with Ben and by myself. There is no way that I should let another attack in now.

I bring my longsword into reverse blade and keep my shield inbetween me and the wolf. Seeing how the wolf has been going for my legs, I bait it by intentionally leaving my leg out in front, well beyond the saftey of my shield. As it comes in to attack, I withdraw my leg back instanly, push the wolf's maw to the side with my shield and then use the momentum of this left turning motion to bring my reverse longsword down. As the attack is made, I get my footing ready to leap back a bit to give myself more room.

Now comes the time for a new form of baiting. Indeed, me and the wolf will now be reading each other, trying to fake each other out. only time will tell who can read who better... My hopes are that I will deal enough damage to the creature to make it turn heel and run. Most animals will not fight to the death; at least not for food.

-Combat Expertise used with attack
-Take a 5 foot step towards Owen's direction
-Total AC +5

Posted on 2009-12-23 at 06:30:18.
Edited on 2010-01-09 at 20:24:22 by Shades331

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

It’s no Laplace’s Demon, but it seems to do well enough for itself

"Ian get around around to its backside, I'm going to get it off that man, Jeremy, Galen, pull that guy away from the battle to safety and have someone tend to him, then join us in battle afterwards. Everyone else, cut off its escape and aid us as you can, don't let it get away!" Jeremy and Galen ran out to grab the man, but were outstripped by Ben with a cry as he barreled toward the monster itself.

The “Demon Dog” curled its snout in a snarl as Ben approached. He gathered all his short-term football experience as he sprinted and tried to throw it behind his left shoulder as he met the beast. In response the hound sunk its jaws deep into Ben’s left side and pushed back, trying to knock him to the ground. (-12 Ben [15/27]) He slipped back half a step and almost forgot his momentum for a second, but regained his balance and shoved into the large hound. As strong as Ben’s enhanced body was, however, the brute was also strong, and much larger, sliding only an inch.

Meanwhile Ian with his short blade manoeuvred into a position opposite Ben, flanking the monster between them. The monster snapped its head around to watch Ian, and apparently realized the position it was in. With a glance at the prey bleeding between its legs, it retreated a step to keep both of its immediate threats, Ben and Ian, in its vision and lunged at the now bleeding Ben. It seized his leg as he tried to dodge, again sinking its powerful jaws through his armour into his flesh. (-5 Ben [10/27]) With his leg firmly in its jaws, the hound tried to pull Ben’s footing out from underneath him, like a real wolf might do, but Ben held his ground.

(That sound you hear, Ben? That’s the sound of this world’s gods rolling up a new characters for a new batch of heroes. I think you’re right about the dice. You’ve now taken both max and minimum normal damage in one round. No tripping, yet, though.)

From behind them, Dana, the woman with the sword and shield, caught up while the rest of the hunting party scrambled to the door to help those already in battle.

(Galen, Ian, and now Dana are all in a flanking position, but Ben is now on the corner of the monster’s square)

With two swords in his hands and direct proximity to the monster, Galen decided to give the monster something to worry about. He swung his swords at the oversized hound, only landing a pair of glancing blows off the creature’s hide. Meanwhile, Jeremy was free of the monster’s immediate presence, leaving him unhindered as he pulled the man away from the melee. Looking at the man, he quickly realized that he would need some form of medical attention, or he would soon bleed to death.

Ben 10/27 (bad luck for you this round 0.0) ---- Jeremy 18/18 ---- Ian 22/22 ---- Galen 16/16 (O: 6, 1: 4)

NPC’s A-H (Albert, Brad, Caleb, Dana*, Ella, Franz, Gordon, Howard): Uninjured
*sword & shield woman

NPC S (Sam): Unconscious and dying

Demon Dog: Uninjured

(Halfway through Jeremy’s action–I just need to know whether he would try a first-aid Heal check himself, or get some one else to do it while he tries to hold off the monster.)

(Guess what everyone? No company anymore! Not even Ben, who half lives here.)

Posted on 2010-01-05 at 04:21:58.
Edited on 2010-01-05 at 04:23:38 by Sibelius Eos Owm

Veteran Visitor
Karma: 6/6
153 Posts

I declare my dodge bonus on you Mr. Wolf

It all seemed to happen as a blur, the "Demon dog" rushing in and attacking the man, Ben charging forwards to attack, and the wolf attempting to devour him. Fear was building up inside of me, in the condition that Ben was in it was unlikely that he would be able to endure another assault. It wasn't very powerful, but there's a spell that I've been tinkering with that might be able to delay it for several seconds. My gaze shifts to the dying man beside me. I have no time to weigh my options I have to decide quickly.

Looking helplessly at the man's wounds I look for anything I recognize. The jugular doesn't seem to be damaged but what looks like an artery appears to dangerously close to the wounds. I look along it for any damage, but with all of the blood it's difficult to tell. I rip off part of my sleeve and look towards the nearest villager.

"Keep this pressed against the back of his neck" I turn my attention to the next closest villager, "Find a doctor or cleric who'd be able to tend to him."

As soon as the villager has him safely I turn around and run towards the Demon dog, struggling to remember the incantation.

Posted on 2010-01-05 at 06:56:51.
Edited on 2010-01-05 at 06:57:52 by Aardvark

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

Fight! Nothing witty to say for now. It's a race to see who will use magic first, Galen or Jeremy

Just before full Dusk
June 25
Surton, Gaellus

Jeremy quickly tore off a length of cloth from his new sleeve and pressed it to the man’s bloody neck. The limits of his medical knowledge taxed, he signalled down one of the hunters (Caleb, for those interested). “Keep this pressed against the back of his neck,” he told him. To another (Howard) he directed him to seek professional assistance. The man nodded and ran toward the church, waving his torch above his head as he called out for Brother Harrison.

Meanwhile, Ben and Ian continued to attack the monster. The waning light made it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the large black creature was at all times, but it was big and not hard to hit. Ben rained a heavy two-handed blow down into the monster’s shoulder, provoking it to yelp. For the strength of his swing, Ben was disappointed in how shallowly he dug in and the resulting wound. (2 dmg) Ian, on the other hand, was beginning to realize how tough the hound’s hide actually was as his sword glanced off. By now, the first of the pitchfork wielding hunting party had joined the battle, lead by Gordon holding a torch above his head and casting the battle into the light again, as the sky was overcome by darkness.

The so-called Demon Dog glared up at Ben with its glowing red eyes filled with hatred. It lunged to attack again, but Ben reacted quickly enough to escape its jaws. More torches and pitchforks continued arriving, conspiring to surround the monster and trap it in a cage of foes and weapons. (Ben, you are now back in flanking with a guy by the name of Brad). Dana attacked but only grazed the monster’s hide. All the while, the beast grew visibly more agitated.

Ben 10/27 ---- Jeremy 18/18 ---- Ian 22/22 ---- Galen 16/16 (O: 6, 1: 4)

NPC’s A-H (Albert, Brad, Caleb, Dana*, Ella, Franz, Gordon, Howard): Uninjured
*sword & shield woman

NPC S (Sam): Unconscious and dying, still. Jeremy’s ad hoc Aid Another check still pending for whoever tries to heal him first.

Demon Dog: Green status and pissed about it

(Alright, the round is finished. Jeremy’s actions for flaring are prepared, with the prayer that no one sees him casting (unless he wants to change that now). There is now only one spot left to attack the monster in melee from, which can be filled by either NPC C or Jeremy (or NPC H if he returns from the church soon enough). I have lunch and piano lessons to be getting to, so Ray and I and our own wolves shall have to wait a bit.)

EDIT: both Galen, Ben, and I hope Jeremy doesn't change his mind.

Posted on 2010-01-08 at 19:44:11.
Edited on 2010-01-09 at 05:43:33 by Sibelius Eos Owm

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 2/0
37 Posts

Doing Damage but it be time to get defensive!

They clearly had the advantage, and Ben knew that, however it seemed that he was the only one doing anything to it. Maybe his allies weren't focused enough, but no matter, he would have to depend on them while keeping the demon's attention. He entered a fully defensive stance, focusing more on dodging the enemies attacks rather then letting the armor do the work for him. Ben seemed to have all the aggression on himself as well. He growled and snarled at it, doing fakes on it while keeping careful to dodge, taunting it to come at him.

"Focus everyone, attack it with everything you got!" he commanded.

- Full Round action to Full Defense, AC +4
- Taunting doggy.

Posted on 2010-01-09 at 05:38:50.

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

I told you we weren't in trouble yet.

Middle of the Day
June 26
Riding to Surton

Ray reversed the blade in his hand, holding it like one might a dagger, and baited his foot forward a bit to try to lure the wolf in for attack, keeping the rest of himself behind his shield to make the lure more attractive. The animal lurched, testing the bait, and Ray lunged out quickly, more so than either probably expected. The wolf flinched away, startled by the full charge, but wasn’t fast enough to avoid Ray’s backhand stab. Fur and flesh gave way as Ray carved out a cut into the scruff of the wolf’s neck, starting just below its ear. (-9 dmg, nice hit)

Blood quickly drenched that side of the wolf’s body, and it was clearly beginning to favour its left leg as it stalked around Ray beyond his reach. Ray circled around the wolf, trying to put himself in a position to get to me as soon as possible. The wolf stalked around Ray, too, looking for a weakness rather than going for the foot again.

In a burst, it threw itself toward Ray and leapt up at him. Ray held off against the weight of its body and shoved outward with his shield, throwing the wolf back to the ground, who recovered in an instant and retreated further, keeping a suspicious eye on his foe.

Meanwhile, Ray could only just still see Owen retreating into the distance. From here he couldn’t tell how he was faring.

Ray 17(2)/18 (3 PP) ---- Owen 5/10 (4 SP)

Wolf 1 – Yellow Status (chasing me?)
Wolf 2 – From Uninjured to Red Status in one hit! Ha ha!

(He's actually gone 5ft away from you, if that was in question. You could go after me (and turn your back to the wolf), or you could try to finish this beast (or at least intimidate it enough that it thinks better of this fight))

Posted on 2010-01-09 at 05:40:19.
Edited on 2010-01-09 at 20:24:30 by Sibelius Eos Owm

RDI Fixture
Karma: 22/5
513 Posts

No time for this!

Owen was in need of help, i was sure of it. But this animal was still trying to get at me even though it was sevearly injured. Most animals would run if they got into this kind of trouble without a pack to support them.

Perhaps it would be more easily influenced, having a huge gash cut in it from my sword. I knew at this point that I coould kill it; if with anything else I could prob into its mind and destroy its psyche. But I am soft at heart. I don't like killing, even animals.

I shout out in an agressive manner, trying to imitate the bears I have seen on television while they are on thier hind legs. I might not have a lot of gurth on me, but i hoped it would be enough to make the wolf decide that it should stick to weak, sick animals as oppossed to humans.

-Intimidate check

Posted on 2010-01-09 at 19:00:46.

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
Karma: 59/5
1376 Posts

Twilight approaches, and this time we had better be ready, or it will be for us ^^

June 25
Surton, Gaellus

Nearly surrounded and in the full illumination of a triad of torches, the Demon Dog’s intimidating presence was not diminished. The large beast seemed to have its full attention on Ben, a fact that was not missed by Galen. With the hope that his actions would be overlooked in the heat of the struggle, he stepped back from the melee and began to focus his mind. He made a quick gesture with his sword and called forth a mote of glowing positive energy with whispered resonating words of power. Using his body to block as much of the cast off light as he could, he channelled the energy into Ben’s shoulder, where it spread through his body, healing his wounds. (+5 Ben [15/27])

If anyone had noticed Galen’s strange actions, they wouldn’t have had anytime to understand what he was doing as a sudden burst of light exploded in the middle of the battle. The entire melee halted for a second as everyone recoiled in shock. Cries of “What the hell!?” mixed with various choice curses punctuated the battle, but Jeremy saw that his gamble had been successful, the flare had caught the demon dog wide-eyed and dazzled.

When Ben recovered he stepped back, holding his sword before him defensively. If the monster was going to insist on taking chunks out of him, he was not going to make it easy to do. While the monster focused on Ben, Ian drove his sword directly into its other flank, but as was becoming the norm, he failed to penetrate the tough hide.

Gordon, the brawny man standing next to Dana, realized that people’s weapons and tools were bouncing off the beast’s hide as though they were made of wood. With a flash of inspiration, instead of throwing his weight behind the pitchfork that occupied his right hand, he lunged out at the demon dog with the torch, wielding it like a branding rod. The reaction was immediate, the demon dog yelped aloud, more in surprise than pain, and snapped its head around to see what had harmed it.

Its bright red eyes locked onto the flame in the man’s hand. A low rumbled started in it’s throat, then it threw back it’s head and released the same low pitched wailing howl that had been disturbing the village’s sleep for the past week. Instead of the usual pulse-quickening effect that affected those who heard it from a distance, pure unleaded terror claimed the hunting party. This was no mere fear-inspiring cry, but something that instilled a supernatural terror that bravery alone was helpless against.

As people started fleeing, the man who branded the beast, Gordon, force himself to hold his ground. The hound rounded on him quickly and lunged out to bite him, wrapping its jaws around his upper arm and tearing. (7 Gordon [Yellow]) Gordon refused to be bested by the creature, however, and was not thrown to the ground.

As another of the torch-bearers turned to flee the monster also leapt out at him. Brad was bitten in the back of the neck, close to the same place the unfortunate villager whose screams roused the party. (12 Brad [Red]) He stumbled under the force of the blow, but he managed to keep his feet underneath him as he mindlessly charged for the gap between a pair of houses.

Within but a few seconds, the demon dog was surrounded by nothing more than a ring of pitchforks, torches, and a few swords. Gordon and Galen were the only ones that had resisted the sudden urge to flee. With a look of malice at either of them, it turned its head and leapt into the air. Gordon lashed out with his torch a final time, but missed as the monster took flight and glided away through the night air. The two remaining defenders watched with mixed astonishment and aggravation as the monster’s retreating silhouette sent the planned pit trap to an early grave.

On the ground, unconscious and unable to run, the villager still lay, bleeding out for lack of the attention of a healer.

Ben 15/27 ---- Jeremy 18/18 ---- Ian 22/22 ---- Galen 16/16 (O: 6, 1: 3)
(Ben, Jeremy, and Ian panicked for 2-8 rounds, I’ll let each decide for themselves, rolls don’t matter here)

NPC’s A,C-F, H (Albert, Caleb, Dana, Ella, Franz, Howard): Uninjured, panicked
NPC B (Brad): Red Status, panicked
NPC G (Gordon): Yellow Status

NPC S (Sam): Unconscious and dying, still.

Demon Dog: Green status, dazzled (9) and flying away into the night.

(THREE people succeeded against fear, and two with 20s. That is the largest number of low-numbers (‘cause the DC isn’t that hard) I’ve never seen my dice pour out all at once. If it matters much, Brother Harrison, who is the third person to succeed against fear, will arrive in a couple rounds, having been alerted by the howl, to see if anyone’s wounded. The line starts here for people wanting a Heal check for double hp recovery. If you’re nice I bet you can get another cure spell or two from Galen while the villagers aren’t looking.)

June 26
En route to Surton

The wolf watched Ray warily, as if considering whether it would still be worth it to try to take him down. Ray, not wanting to waste anymore time trying to finish the animal off and also harbouring merciful tendencies, shouted at it, and raised his sword threateningly.

The wolf took another step toward retreating, and a second shout from Ray sent it running, tail between its legs, through the tall grass. Raymond watched it go for a moment, but didn’t spared no time in tracking me and my antagonist down across the road.

Tall grass frustrated his pursuit, but within a moment the parting of grass near him alerted him. Ray took a step back and held his shield out toward the attacking other wolf, which leapt past him as he dodged.

Ray glanced a weak blow off the wolf’s pelt, and it leapt at him only to be shoved aside by its shield. There was a pause as each foe considered the other, then Raymond lunged forward with a strong swing. The wolf tried to dodge, but Ray’s sword caught it right across the neck, slitting it from left to right. The wolf collapsed on the spot, bleeding and breathing shallowly. (critical 13 dmg)

Sooner rather than later, my horse calmed down and was compliant to my guidance again. I returned to the road where Ray was watching his horse skittishly making its way back to its master and provider of num-nums. We stayed on the alert for another attack, but it seemed the other wolf had been thoroughly convinced to stay away from us for the time.

(If you inspect the downed wolf any, you see that it is a particularly vicious looking specimen, worthy of the old tales about cruel and savage wolves.)

Ray 17/18 (3 PP) ---- Owen 5/10 (4 SP)
(Subdual damage healed within the hour)

Wolf 1 – Dying or Mercy killed
Wolf 2 – Red Status (fled)

June 26
Surton, Gaellus

“Brother Harrison?” inquired a man’s voice.

“Yes, come in, my child, what can I do for you?” the middle-aged priest replied.

“Well,” the man began, hesitant, “what would you say if I told you that I think there might be a witch among these hunters from Corazon?”

Harrison’s eyes widened, “Come, tell me everything. Are you sure?”

“Well, no, I’m not. I thought I saw something, last night, but then there was that sudden flash, and then hell broke loose when the demon howled.”

“I see.” The priest bumped his fingers against his chin thoughtfully. “I think,” he said, looking up, “that it would only be prudent and practical to forget all we know about these events you bring to my attention. For one thing, we don’t know enough to recklessly endanger a man’s life with such accusations, and for another, I think it would be unadvisable to indict someone who is going out of his way to help us with our own problems. Have you told anyone else about this?”

The man relaxed at these words, “No Brother, not yet.”

“Good, I imagine not everyone would react to the possibility with a rational head.”

“Thank-you for your counsel.”

Late Afternoon, Same day
June 26
Surton, Gaellus

We arrived a couple hours before suppertime and a good long time before sundown came again. Ben, Jeremy, Galen, and Ian informed us what transpired while we were away, and that the demon dog would indeed openly hunt humans.

We still had a good four or five hours until sundown and several small parties were scouting the surrounding lands for signs of where the demon dog might have been lairing during the days. Another team of volunteers made some impromptu torch sticks to use against the monster once the hunt began (coincidentally much the same team that had volunteered to dig the pit).

“So what do we know about the demon dog?” I asked, “Do we have any evidence whether it’s an actual outsider?”

Ben 27/27 ---- Jeremy 18/18 ---- Ian 22/22 ---- Galen 16/16 (O: 6, 1: 4)
(Galen spent 1 cure light and 1 cure minor on Ben, plus assisted natural healing)

NPC’s A,C-F, H (Albert, Caleb, Dana, Ella, Franz, Howard): Uninjured
NPC B (Brad): Yellow Status and may be held back until he heals some more.
NPC G (Gordon): Barely Injured, Green Status

NPC S (Sam): Tended. Regained consciousness the next morning, still badly wounded but recovery. In other words, no longer of concern to hard-working PCs.

(So we've got a few hours. None of the parties has returned with a sighting but they'll be coming in until an hour before sunset and anyone of them might have a location. If we don't go out, we can reasonably expect the pooch to return prepared for us)

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My heart strings get pulled on as I see the fallen wolf in such pain, the whimper reminding me of a domestic dog. I take some of the cloth where the other wolf bit me, and rip it off of my pant leg. I try to bandage the wolf’s wounds and sustain it blood flow from seeping out of it. I wonder... is it a Worg or a normal wolf? I never tried to learn the difference between the two, so I couldn’t really tell right now. But it does not matter. I try to bandage it.
(If I fail at sustaining the wolf, I plunge my sword into its heart, giving it a quick and painless death)

Upon reaching the settlement of Surton, and hearing the dreadful tale that Jeremy, Ian, Galen, and Ben went through the previous night; I feel smitten with guilt. I had left my fellow companions, and they could have died had it not been for the beasts own retreat. I had gambled with human lives; luckily no one was killed in this situation. I shiver as I imagine the hunter that had been killed by the thing. I then imagine the children that I had encountered in the same mangled state.
“Jeremy, I am sorry. We were at a bit of a clash yesterday, and I am glad you stayed behind to protect these people. I will do my best to help tonight to make up for my absence.”

“So what do we know about the demon dog?” I asked, “Do we have any evidence whether it’s an actual outsider?” Owen asked later on in the conversation. I tried to imagine a beast that could have any resemblance to that which was described, both through its vague physical descriptions and the detail put into its abilities. Nothing. I could not think of anything that could be exactly as the group talked about. It most certainly could not have been a winter wolf or hell hound, for it most certainly would have used its breath weapon on such a large group of victims as was described of the previous night’s encounter. It also could not have been a werewolf due to the fact that the disease had not spread at all in recent months. The description of a howling ability that gave way to supernatural fear was alien to me. I had no idea. But still there was something to be discerned, perhaps by voicing the clues, someone else might be able to pick up the numbers and connect the dots for me.

“So we know that it tends towards the night. We also know that physical weapons of iron and steel have little effect against it, yet fire seems to do a tad. And it has the uncanny ability to strike fear into even the strongest of us...” I look to Ben. He had done the most damage, according to the reports of several onlookers and partakers of the battle. With such an effect, one would think that his moral would be extremely high. But even he managed to fly away at the dreaded howl... “I would assume this howl is other-worldly, though it is loosely used. It must have been magical, for I know none of us here are cowards... except perhaps Owen and me.” I say the last part with a bit humour involved. In past encounters, I had shown less prowess in the way of battle for Ben, Ian, Galen, and Jeremy; but Owen should know that I have gained a bit of confidence since my tutorage under Ben. Overall, however, I hope that it would loosen us up a bit. There is no sense for extreme stress to be involved; after a certain point such an environment would only hinder our performance.

After our deductions with the beast and its clues to the identity of it; I ask for out nights tactics.
“What is the plan for tonight? Will we split up, or are we all going to stay as one group? Will we be hunting this thing, or playing defensive?” If we are going to split up into an offence and defence, I wish to join the group that will stay behind. “The best offence is a good defence.” Is what I would say. Of course, if the others think I would be best served in the field of the hunt, I will oblige. For too long I have been more of a hindrance to the group then a person of aid and support. I will prove to them and to myself that I am just as influential and need to the group as any other; even if I do not yet have full confidence in my capabilities.

I ask for a few hours rest however. I have traveled most of the day, and if I am to fight, I want to be in my best condition. I go off and take a power nap. As I sleep, I dream. I dream of Lady Emerita, but surprisingly, not in the sexual context. I dream of her regal form; not just her physical body, but how she upholds it; the way she acts and reacts to everything around her. I dream of her as she slept in our group that night, when she could have easily slept in the carriage. I dream of our small conversations as we travelled, how she was willing to amuse a complete stranger (who was under her according to her teachings), and the sincere smile she gave me when we did interact with each other.

Then I dream of Aeth. The noble knight who was entrusted with Emerita’s life. He was zealous and firm. He was willing to put his life on the line for his lady, and would have nothing around her that would endanger her. When villains came at them, he fought with a dedication that bolstered the moral of the others. I dreamed of desire for these attributes, these responsibilities, and this confidence.

Darkness starts to enshroud me as I fall into despair. A voice of rage and spite fills my head. It is my voice, yet it is not. A poison is in its words, and it seems contorted from myself image; yet I know its words are true
“How could one such as you even dream of such a ludicrous thing? To be a knight? To be a protector of the weak? How could you? How dare you!” I start to weep; my hands cover my face in shame. My voice laughs in spite. “How could you be such an entity of hope? You are a coward who hides inside while the battle is fought amongst you. You are the one who cannot finish what you start; when it is required, you cannot finish a life that threatens life. You can never become something as you have profanely put into desire this moment in time. Discard it, and be forever the coward you were meant to be!” I reflect on the events that this voice describes; the thief and zombie incidents and the dying wolf whom I aided that very day. Was I to forever be a creature of cowardice? Was I forever to be a shadow of a man? Perhaps that is why I chose black as my primary color for my clothes. Subconsciously I knew that I was nothing but one who would hide in the darkness, and leave the danger for the rest of them.

I was without hope. I was drowning; drowning in the shades of fear and self-loathing.

But, then out of nowhere, a bright white light forms. It is faint at first, but it steadily gets stronger, and seems to get closer to me. While I float limply in the cesspool of hate, it slowly proceeds to my side. It takes human shape, but does not speak. From the corner of my eye, I see that it is Lady Emerita. Her hand caresses my forearm, and a soothing voice is instilled in my head. It is Lady Emerita’s voice, yet it is not her voice... I recognize it vaguely as the woman’s voice from the dream I had before entering this realm of existence.

“Do not doubt yourself. Reflect on your intentions and you will see the truth behind it all.” Such simple words. And they seem to draw me back to those events that the sinister voice had brought up.

The thieves: I had nothing to fight with, and was still frazzled with the encounter with the seemingly infinite ghosts of the grave yard. I could do nothing at that point: I was unarmed and unable to use offensive powers. Any person of battle must know when to fight, and how. To fight for sake of honour alone is self-corroding. It must be done for a cause, and this cause is what will lead to one’s rising to glory.

The zombies: My entire intent was on Lady Emerita and her safety. In this case, I had found my cause and committed myself to it. I was in front of her to take any hit that may have caused her harm, and acted defensively to take as many hits as I could. This way I could buy time for others to save the lady. Putting others safety before my own is honourable; and to place the sake of others before ones honour is also a test many fail; this is what causes much pain in the world today.

The wolves: Mercy is a universal commodity. Either everything deserves it, or nothing does. To give into one’s feelings and desires lowers us to the state of monster or daemon.

The shadows recede as the entity of light shows me the virtues of my actions. I become baptised in this light, and feel refreshed. The entity speaks verbally to me.
“You will get your chance to become that which you desire.” She says “But remember, no one knows the human heart; not even the person himself.” With this, the vision fades.

I awaken. Prepared to take my orders and fight with all my might. I will fight; for hope, for love, and most importantly, for the sanctity of life.

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