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Related thread: Q&A: The Day They Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality
GM for this game: Sibelius Eos Owm
Players for this game: Sibelius Eos Owm, Aardvark, Reralae, Okron, Shades331, Tispers
This game has fizzled.
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Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
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Owen uses magic-google! He rolled a 5 = 13! Owen comes back with info and a pop-up ad!

Sometime after Midday
June 26
South Road en route to Surton, Gaellus

As cruel and savage as the beast’s countenance might have been, it was still a living creature deserving of mercy. Ray set down his sword and dug into the sack he had bought to carry his gear, pulling out his shirt from back home. He quickly tore off a strip from the bottom and bandaged the wound in the wolf’s neck as best he could, hoping that the slash across its throat wasn’t too deep. The only other wounds the wolf received were magical in nature and Ray had no way of knowing if there was any specific way to treat such wounds and he was fresh out of Aspirin.

The cloth of the shirt was soaked blood red in a moment, but as Ray rolled the wolf so that its wound was not in the ground, its breathing slowed and deepened slightly. He watched, unsure if this was a good thing or not, but as the breaths continued rather than faded, he could only assume that it was not fading away.

With that, he picked up his sword and cleaned it of the animal’s dark blood on the grass and returned to the road. From there he saw that his horse had stopped running and was now making its roundabout way back. It was here I found him after I had managed to eventually tame my own mount.

“Let’s not run into anything else as wants to kill us, alright? I don’t think Buttercup here could stand the stress.” To say nothing of myself, or Kiara, who had now climbed bodily into my backpack and saw absolutely no reason to ever come back out, not even for sunbathing (well, okay, maybe for sunbathing).

I glanced at the bandaged body lying off the side of the road. “Is it just me, or did these wolves look strange to you? A Worg is like a black wolf right?” I looked at the body again. Worgs were supposed to be surprisingly intelligent, weren’t they? Either way, I didn’t think that’s what we had bumped into. “You think we found the “Demon Dog” already?” I said with a quick grin.

With nothing left to hold us up after Ray’s horse came back, we set off again, alert for more inconveniences.

(After 3.P: Ray’s HP 18/19 [Or maybe 21] – 3 PP, Owen’s HP 11/16 [Or maybe 14] – 4 SP)

About an Hour Afterward
South Road to Surton, Gaellus

A lone vulture fluttered down to the grass a few feet away from its prize. It glanced up, alert for competition, and then returned its gaze to the carcass that lay before it. It hopped forward cautiously and watched its potential meal carefully for signs of life. There! The chest rose and fell slowly with ebbing life. The lone scavenger was thankful for its initial caution—even prey near death could be dangerous if it knew there was nothing left to lose.

All that remained was to wait for the last drops of life to slip away and leave the carcass behind. That’s how life worked when a creature was this wounded: Death was the only path.

The vulture checked the sky again for a commitee of its kind to start forming, bringing competition. There was no such activity, but still, it began to grow impatient. Every moment the meal drew breath was another moment others could arrive to contest the meat.

It hopped forward, checking the breathing closely, having decided to try to help the creature along. It drew back its head to drive its sharp beak into a wound, but just then the wolf's flank expanded with a sudden stronger breath. The vulture leapt and fluttered back in confusion and alarm. Slowly, the wolf got to its feet, provoking the carrion bird to escape to the safety of the sky.

Later that Day
Surton, Gaellus

As we discussed the problems of the Demon Dog, my mind turned back to the wolves that had ambushed us earlier that day. Would a worg fit the description for this monster? I asked myself. Truth be told, worgs were one of the creatures I had only passed in the Monster Manual without looking into it too much. If I remembered correctly, they were a favoured mount of goblins, which mean that this 'Demon Dog' (easily near as tall as some member of our group) probably didn’t fit.

“So we know that it tends towards the night. We also know that physical weapons of iron and steel have little effect against it, yet fire seems to do a tad. And it has the uncanny ability to strike fear into even the strongest of us...” “I would assume this howl is other-worldly, though it is loosely used. It must have been magical, for I know none of us here are cowards... except perhaps Owen and me.”
I chuckled at this evaluation while I thought. The creature flies and looks like a giant wolf and has the ability to inflict supernatural fear through its howling, and apparently likes the night. One detail stood out to me in particular—that it could fly, apparently without any physical ability to do so. This idea reminded me of a monster, I think it was near the end of the book. I could see the picture clearly (it didn’t seem to be that big of a pooch, but perhaps the art was misleading), but to remember the name took another moment—it was called a Yeth Hound. I only recalled the monster because I noticed that its entry had a fly speed but I couldn’t figure out why until the descriptive text listed its ability to magically fly at will.

“Guys, I think I might know what it is. I might be wrong, but does anyone remember what a Yeth Hound does?”

Unbidden, I suddenly had another flash of memory—details that inserted themselves in my mind, details I was certain that I not know before, but now found myself ‘recalling’ the same way I knew how to wield the staff in my belt.

“It is an Outsider, if it actually is a Yeth Hound, one from the Lower Planes.” I checked to see who was listening incase I was spouting heretical concepts.

“It’s a creature with a solid body made out of the spiritual essence of its home plane. That means it can see in the dark fairly well and it probably never needs to eat or sleep.” It also didn’t have a soul but actually was one with a solid form, but I figured it best to not bother mentioning extraneous details. “I don’t remember anything else about them other than their obvious ability to fly and scare.” (Which is to say I only rolled a 13 on the Knowledge check and no one else has (Planes). This actually is a bit more info than I knew about the mon before I picked it up and threw it at you).

“So what should we do, assuming I’m right?” I ask my friends.

Just then, one of the members of the hunting party—the big guy wearing a bandage around his bicep (Gordon, as the others might recognize)—entered the room.

“Apologies for the interruption,” he said, realizing that he cut me off, “I just wanted to check what the plans for this evening are. Brad got bitten pretty badly last night so we’re making him stay behind to recover.” He looked at Ben, “How about you? You were bleeding pretty badly when they patched you up, how are you feeling this afternoon?”

(Don’t let me steal all the thunder; feel free to backpost things: that’s why we put in those little paragraph gaps (well, that and so people’s eyes don’t asplode).)

(After 3.P: Ben’s HP 29/29, Jeremy (possibly 18-20), Ian (guessing 24), and Galen (16-18.) with Galen having infinite Orisons to cast, but still only four first-level spells. In other news, I told you the Knowledge skills could be worth it. (The other update being that I’m not just wiping them to the side with the explanation that we know what we know. We can still meta-game with our encyclopaedic knowledge of monster [compared to the average person] but now we can also use the Knowledge skills to pick up things we don’t personally remember.)

Hardly a few moments after Gordon left us to our discussion, another sound disrupted our philosophizing. A commotion started somewhere and the sound of voices rose through the walls. Just as we thought to investigate the cause of the disturbance, the door flung open and a villager poked his head in.

"They've found it," he said, and vanished, leaving the door ajar in his wake.

Posted on 2010-01-18 at 21:11:20.
Edited on 2010-01-21 at 23:50:14 by Sibelius Eos Owm

Occasional Visitor
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In need of a good plan.

“So we know that it tends towards the night. We also know that physical weapons of iron and steel have little effect against it, yet fire seems to do a tad. And it has the uncanny ability to strike fear into even the strongest of us...” Ray looked to Ben. “I would assume this howl is other-worldly, though it is loosely used. It must have been magical, for I know none of us here are cowards... except perhaps Owen and me.”
Ben grumbled at this, he was exactly fond of being afraid of anything, though his only real fear was large bodies of water. Ben was disgusted with himself that he was forced to run, and out of fear for all things. He made a fist, and resolved himself to being braver and more courageous from now on.

“Guys, I think I might know what it is. I could be wrong, but does anyone remember what a Yeth Hound does?” “It is an Outsider, from the Lower Planes, if it is a Yeth Hound.”

“It’s a creature with a solid body made out of the spiritual essence of its home plane. That means it can see in the dark fairly well and it probably never needs to eat or sleep.” “I don’t remember anything else about them other than their obvious ability to fly and scare.”

"Wait, your saying the thing can freaking fly!?" Ben blurted out suddenly, "this is going to require an interesting strategy to say."

“So what should we do with this information, assuming I’m right?” Owen asks.
Ben fell deep into thought, half listening to any ideas that might pop up, that could spark his creativity, however he wasn't allowed to much thought when the door opened.

“Apologies for the interruption,” Gordon says, realizing that he cut Owen off, “I just wanted to check what the plans for this evening are. Brad got bitten pretty badly last night so we’re making him stay behind to recover.” Gord looked at Ben, “How about you? You were bleeding pretty badly when they patched you up, how are you feeling this afternoon?”
Ben returned to his thoughts, a serious look on his face.

"I'm doing just fine, a little bit of blood loss isn't going to affect me too much, I am fairly sturdy as you can see," Ben reassured him.

Gordon left, but Ben could here some sort of disturbance going on outside. Out of habit he started to move to see what was happening, when another villager popped into the room.

"They've found it," he said, and vanished, leaving the door ajar in his wake.
"Lets go," Ben said shortly, running out to follow the villager.

Posted on 2010-01-21 at 05:54:22.
Edited on 2010-01-21 at 05:56:00 by Tispers

RDI Fixture
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To arms!!

"They've found it," he said, and vanished, leaving the door ajar in his wake.

"Lets go," Ben said shortly, running out to follow the villager.

This is my chance. I draw my sword in the reverse style that I had used in the last fight against wolves. I look to Ben, who now has his shield that we bought back in Corazon. I think back to the fight with the wolves, and how the shield had aided me so much in that fight. I needed a shield, and I was afraid that there was only one other person in town who I could go to for such a thing.

Dana was sitting in the local tavern, her sword and shield at the ready. I had pulled up a seat beside her and ordered a drink of water... I have not yet drunk alchol, and dont think now would be the time to start. I clear my throat and begin my bold manuever to the middle aged woman.

"Dana" I say quietly, soothingly. I do not wish to come off too demanding, i know that this is a sensitve subject. She has a stoic look on her face, giving no clues to what was on her mind. I sigh to regain compossure. "My lady... I know this is bold of me to ask of you..."

"I am not a lady." She flatly states. Her voice and face show niether resentment nor bliss for the term that I have so loosley used. She simply stated a fact, but after the interuption on correcting the issue, she fell silent again to hear me out.

"My appologies Miss Dana, I quiet often use words that may not be appropriate for the context. I am sorry if I offended you." She shrugs. I clear my throat as i continue with my request "I am in great need of that shield," Her eyes widen, and I know I must finish my explination if I am to win it over for the coming days. "I know it must be of great importance to you, the as a part of your husband's soul resides within it; and with this fact, I garuntee you that I would treat it with the greatest of care as I protect this town of the blight that has befallen it. upon ridding this world of the beast, I will quickly return it to your possesion." Her eyes soften a bit, "Please, lend me your husband's shield... lend me his strength to protect what is important to him, to you, and though I be a stranger, me."

She is quiet at first, but she sheds a single tear after a moment.
"You really know your ways with words..." She falls short as she does not know my name.

"Oh! You can call me Raymond. Raymond Cu... Corelife. Raymond Corelife." A Psuedonem. I did not see it as a lie, but rather a correction.

"Well Mr. Corelife. I think my husband would have wanted a young man like you to wield this shield. I know I am not the best at using a blade and shield, and I dont pretend to be; I just wanted to do my best to protect my home." I nod silently in support. "I think I will place my bet on your skill rather then mine though. If you are traveling with those others that fought last night, then you should probably have more battle experience then myself." I smile and giggle a bit. How absurd it sounded that someone was looking up to me in the ways of martial prowess. "Yes, I think you would do well with my shield" She smiles then “You'll be going in first, anyway... You know, you remind me a lot of him, when he was younger.” As her eyes open from the smile, I see a new sense of life in them; hope perhaps? It mighht have been something else, but I needed to get with the rest of the group to assial the barn which we had found the creature residing in.

Posted on 2010-01-21 at 07:57:38.

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
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Hey hey hey, It's not recycling day, but it's time we took out the trash anyway.

Dana Vaile whittled away at a small limb that was to become a torch for the hunting party of which she was a part. The day had been idle after the experiences of the previous night. She hated idling. Within short order there were one and a half dozen ready-to-use torches, enough for every member of the party to take one with spares, each one a respectable three feet in length to be better used in a melee.

This task done and with some hours before the two lads who escorted the supply wagon back to the capital returned, she went to split some of the wood that had been brought in by Brother Harrison and his crew. It being the high point of summer there was very little need for the resource, but it was one more task to do to keep her busy.

After a time she was joined by Gordon who came to inform her that the others had returned sooner than expected from Corazon. Together they finished off the pile then Dana set out for her home to make up some supper and take a short respite.

She was just tending to her small patch of vegetables, neglected in the middle of being weeded when all this madness began a few days before, when a couple of men passed her in a hurry, shouting at her that the beast had been found.

Quickly she set away her spade, gathered up her husband’s arms and followed them to town hall.


“We found it in a barn by one of the abandoned homesteads, not too far from the edge of town. There ain’t too many places on the plains to make yourself a den so we figured we ought to check the farmhouses as well. He’s holed up in there and it don’t look like he plans on coming out anytime soon—as soon as he howled we was out of there, expecting him to be coming right after us, but he just stayed inside and growled at us some and left us to come get you.”

Without much hesitation we set off for the barn. Albert, probably the oldest of the few of the hunting party laid out a plan for us—the six of us experienced monster hunters—to run in and try to get the monster out into the open so that everyone could get at it without having to put too many people into too small a manoeuvring space. An idea to take the whole barn down was shot down as being far too risky, even with the recent rain, and the collateral too high.

Shortly, as promised, we arrived at the barn. Its door still hung half opened where the men discovered the evil lurking within earlier. From the outside it looked inconspicuous enough, a small barn and a house in the near distance. I watched the black gap of the door while I waited for my torch to be lit, trying to catch a glimpse of what could be inside, but I couldn’t see anything, and the angle of the slowly setting sun provided no insights.

(Alright, it’s party time again, guys. Anyone who wants to pick up a torch need only mention it, or else they’ll go in with their regular gear. It should be noted that there isn’t much light in the barn and humans rather lack darkvision, so the only light we’ll get will be coming from the torch-bearers (me, so far). Torches are effectively clubs with a bit of fire damage and light on the end, so they are universally proficient. I still have 5 damage from earlier, so if Galen wants to retroactively mend my leg sometime when we were alone, that would be great, but it’s not a lot of damage to be spending a spell on. Ray’s injured, too, but not even enough to glance at.)

Ray: 18/19 with 3 PP left, Owen: 9/14 and 4 SP. Everyone else at full HP, Spells, IP, and AP (but then, Ben’s Awesome Points are unlimited anyway…). As I might not need to tell you thanks to the last battle, this monster is capable of insta-KOing anyone who happens to be hanging below the double digits, not counting (heavens forbid) a critical hit on any of us, so heals should be dished out to keep fighters out of this area and those who are below ought to stay the hell away from that things teeth (Also don’t forget that dying in 3.75 is to Con mod with Con checks to stabilize, so Ben will survive, barring some kind of major screw-up.)

I do tend to ramble in the OOC, don’t I? Let's take this trash out.

Posted on 2010-01-30 at 08:00:38.

RDI Fixture
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This creature had killed a man already. And from its performance while Owen and I were away indicate that it wishes to add more to its human casualties. For the future of this town, I will give my life to protect it… to protect them. I draw my sword and done the shield that Dana had given me.

I look into the barn. The darkness will not aid us in our fight, but will most likely aid our foe. I turn to our torch bearer(s), and choose to stay next to Owen.

“Owen, keep your guard up. I will help you as you do you’re… ‘tactical maneuvers’…” I use innuendo as I look back to the townsfolk a few paces behind us. I wait for Owen to respond in a way to confirm my idea.

“Tell, me… are we all going in the one entrance way at once? Or are we staggering our assault or going in through multiple entrances?” I have not scouted the barn’s layout, but I presume there has to be at least one window that could be used for an alternate entrance or exit. Or perhaps there is another door on the opposite side of the barn. I do not know, but asking would enlighten me.

As we get ready to enter into the barn, I activate my power to see into the future. My vision turns purple once more as ‘prior-images’ are placed into my field of vision. I am ready for the fight. But how we are going to get this thing out into the open is beyond me.

Posted on 2010-01-30 at 20:56:38.

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It's simple

"Though we have been told to draw it out into the open, let's aim to kill it while we are in there," Ben quietly told his friends, "use as much magic as you desire, I don't think there will be any chance of anyone catching a glimpse."

Ben half grinned, half smiled, he needed to allow those with magic to use their magic without anyone seeing, the fact that they would be hidden inside a barn while they fight was almost too perfect an opportunity to ask for.

"Prepare a medic just in case," he said to the townspeople, then turned to his friends, "I will head in first, follow behind and provide light, if I can draw it out to attack me, then that will be the signal to attack."

"Tell, me… are we all going in the one entrance way at once? Or are we staggering our assault or going in through multiple entrances?”
"Decide that for yourselves, I'm going in through the front, I need one person at least to light my way," he said.

Ben readied his shield and drew his sword, holding the shield up in preparation of being attacked and began to move into the barn slowly, he stayed cautious, and attempted to keep aware of his surroundings.

Posted on 2010-02-03 at 20:10:46.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Accounted for

Galen stood with his arms crossed, torch in one hand, angled away from him, but nothing in the other. A while beforehand, he had considered using some of his inner energy to mend his friend... but he at least hoped his friend wouldn't be in the front lines... that and, all things considered, his energy may be needed elsewhere, namely in healing of Ben, who would undoubtedly fight the creature head-on.

"Do be careful." The voice that might as well be a murmur from the soft tone says, "It's quite likely that the beast will concentrate on one at a time, trying to wear our numbers down and make weakness to exploit, but in the case it doesn't, I can't be everywhere at once, so be careful."

Galen tilted his head slightly, nodding a bit at Ben's suggestion, "Yes... as long as they can't see through the doors or windows... for the glimmers of light of Owen's..." He ponders a moment, "... mine has a fairly audible and distinctive sound to it though... so I won't risk it, even inside... unless... it seems like I can get away with it..." He murmurs.

Tapping a foot on the ground lightly, Galen's mind wanders a bit, in spite of the oncoming battle. Shaking his head to clear it, he quickly follows after Ray and Ben and Owen, to be there in case any of them were hit.

Posted on 2010-02-07 at 18:49:41.

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Yay Torch!

On his way out of the building Ian grabbed a torch. With the torch in his right hand he had it slightly angled away from him, Ian then reached for his short sword on his right hip getting ready for the beast in barn.

“Prepare a medic just in case,” Ben said to the townspeople, then turned to his friends “I will head in first, follow behind and provide light, if I can draw it out to attack me, then that will be the signal to attack.”

“I'll provide the light,” Ian responded to Ben, while following him toward the barn. “I'll follow you're lead as to how to lead it out of the barn.” Adjusting his hand on the grip and gripping his sword more tightly, Ian watched Ben head in, then followed in to the barn a little after Ben.

Posted on 2010-02-10 at 01:46:12.

Sibelius Eos Owm
A Midsummer Knight
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1376 Posts

Plato’s Barn and the Shadows that compose visible reality

Almost Sunset
June 26 (Day 6)
Near Surton, Gaellus

Brother Harrison and a few youths from the town busily set up a first-aid station to deal with the injuries that would no doubt arise from the confrontation that was about occur. The middle-aged priest himself sent up a prayer for the strength and safety of those who would be participating in the fight against the forces of evil that sought always to consume the heart and mind.

Behind and around the six of us, the seven members of the hunting party that remained formed into a semi circle away from the door, prepared to lend aid and strike at the first need. While they did so, we whispered amongst ourselves quietly while each getting ready. Each of Galen, Owen, and Ian bore torches to light the way and to sear the monster’s flesh while Ben and Ray kept with their swords and shields, and Jeremy took up his rapier.

"I will head in first, follow behind and provide light; if I can draw it out to attack me, that will be the signal to attack," Ben said, stepping up to the door. He poked his head inside, but could only see the barest detail of the barn. There were stalls along either side of a central clear aisle, and a rung-ladder leading up into a loft.

With nothing immediately suspicious, he stepped boldly past the threshold, and continued deeper into the barn, followed immediately by Ray and myself to light their way. Galen followed behind me, followed by Jeremy, and last but probably not least, Ian stood by the door as rearguard.

The light from my torch alone illuminated nearly the entire interior of the barn, discounting cast shadows, and combined with Galen’s, the only pools of darkness sat in the corners and up in the loft. Ben paused by the ladder and looked up into the still shadowy loft. Knowing that the climb would put him at a disadvantage, he called up into the rafters, “Hey you! I know you’re in here!” After a second he added, “Why don’t you come down so we can have a little fun?”

I scanned the darkness, too, looking for some sign of a giant hound that was supposed to be hiding in here. It crossed my mind that the beast had run while unguarded, but for some reason that didn’t seem terribly likely to me.

In the next moment a sudden flash of insight struck me. I saw in my mind’s eye a pair of darkly glowing red eyes in the middle of a bulky shadow. The image came and went within less than a blink, but I turned quickly to face the real double of the vision, springing up from its hiding spot. Reacting quickly, thanks mostly due to the vision, I raised my left hand and called forth a thin ray of snow and frost, which leapt out and struck the massive hound in the chest with a hiss, indicating better than a warning could have that it was here. (-2 dmg)

Beside me, Galen had been lucky enough to be inspecting the pile of hay next to the beast and saw it rise to begin its attack. He too, within a moment’s notice, struck out with his magic. No sooner had my ray of cold stricken it than Galen’s own call summoned a sharp crack of electricity. This attack, however, it dodged better, leaving the blue arc to discharge into the rafters.

With a howl of rage, the hound loped down from the loft as if jumping off, pausing in the air next to me. Ben, Galen, Ian, and Jeremy, who had heard the terrifying bay of the monster just recently, felt the sound wash past their ears with no more effect than a quickening of the pulse. Ray and I, however, had to fight the sudden urge to flee into the corners and curl up into the fetal position.

The moment the Yeth Hound fell within five feet of the ground, though, Ian leapt forth as he had been preparing to do since he spotted the monster standing up in the loft with Galen and I. With quick moves, he threw himself into the battle and smote the hound in the side of the head, charring fur and dealing a powerful blow together in one hit. (-4 dmg -1 fire, Green Status) (Ian’s new initiative just before Hound)

Half-terrified, I flailed my torch before me defensively as the monster fell upon the wooden haft with its powerful jaws. The wood buckled and splintered, but the hound relinquished its hold without snapping the weapon while I tried not to contemplate how close I had been to that being my arm. (My Wartorch: -3 dmg Broken status but not destroyed [-2 to attk and damage])

With another bellowing howl of anger, the hunt was on.

Ray 17/19 (2 PP) ---- Ben 29/29 ---- Jeremy 18/18 ---- Ian 20/20 ---- Owen 9/14 (4 SP) ---- Galen 17/17 (1:4)
Ray: +1 AC, CMD, Saves (Defensive Precognition) 2/10-r
Ian: -2 AC (Charge) 1-r

Yeth Hound -- Green Status, -2 AC (Charge) 1-r

(Alright, due to the semi-staggered lay up I had us enter, the following people are in melee range of the Yeth Hound at the beginning of their turns: Ray, Ian, Galen, and myself; Ray and Ian are flanking as soon as Ray takes his first action. Ben is a 5-ft. step away from the action, which would take up the last free square to fight from, thanks to the way the stalls on either side of the aisle are set up, but don’t worry, I should be moving out of your way soon, Jeremy. I don’t remember the actual initiative order, so I can only say one thing for certain, and that is that Ian moved to the last of the six of us to go, thanks to his timely readied action. Also, for those who might be wondering, my new Forewarned ability is what you see described above. Map to Come.

Once more, I’d like to post a reminder that (in theory) I should be moving this on at the latest 3:30pm next Wednesday, with or without your contribution. Also, I’d like to note that if you can mention things that you plan to do in the rounds after the first, you can expedite the process and free yourself from having to come up with a new post before another week)

Posted on 2010-02-10 at 22:32:14.
Edited on 2010-02-11 at 02:55:41 by Sibelius Eos Owm

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Take this... unlimited lightning blast!

As Galen made his way into the shed... something seemed off... that is, the infuriatingly obvious lack of a hound. Then again... the thought struck him. Their scents lingered in the air... surely it knew they were coming. That, coupled with the beast's already apparent intelligence, meant that...

Galen quickly scanned the few shadows that remained, which would not go to waste. A light blue line also aided him, fired by Owen, to alert him to the position of the beast. He quickly reacted, launching a minute bolt of lightning... but since he was aiming in the beast's original spot, it missed. He cursed under his breath, fighting an internal struggle to moderate the rate of his heartbeat, and to keep his mind clear of the adrenaline beginning to flow in his veins... cursed testosterone. The beast gave a howl, and Galen rolled his eyes.

"Shut up." He simply muttered.

He noted that there was one thing that sometimes happened mentally when he was in a dire situation, usually when playing a game through for the first time in its story... but inwardly he hoped it wouldn't come to that. Knowing he was in biting range, and knowing his frailty, at least compared to some of the others, he took a step back from the beast, although it could likely be seen as his nerve breaking slightly. However, he knew better than to let his fear take over. Inwardly, he changed his mindset, using one of his many fictitious characters as a facade, to hold his nerve.

He grit his teeth, holding his left hand high, knowing he had to keep light shed on the situation. His right hand, however, he quickly weaves in front of him. An oval was visible, but the rune he inscribed within the circle was much less so... considering how few eyes would be on it anyway. "Ottor gtkmru." Me mutters sharply, as the symbol burst with an audible crack in the air, sending another minor arc of lightning at the beast.

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The Mind and Fear

My eyes strain as the monster bellows. My pregonation showed me a split second prior that it would rear up a bit and howl, but it could not prepare me for the actual thing. For a moment I hesitate, closing my eyes and struggling against the flood of thoughtless fear that tries to overwhelm me. But in this split second, the female voice from my dreams comes back to me: “Do not doubt yourself”.

My eyes snap open. The fear is no longer surging through m body. In fact, I feel all the more bold because of the Herald of light that I feel is with me. I take a step back and reverse my blade for better defense. I bring the shield of hope that Dana has given me, and with it to protect me, I force the power of my mind to create a force of lethal energy. I start to see the veins in my eyes glowing gold as the energy intensifies. The sensation is almost overwhelming, but before it gets to out of hand, I release it upon my foe. I watch, hoping that my mental assault will be enough to severely wound it.

Posted on 2010-02-14 at 20:21:11.

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Things take a turn for the darker, in a manner of speaking.

Raymond turned in time to see the hound bear down on me with its powerful fangs. Automatically his mind and body knew how he might dodge, but it wasn’t him who was attacked.

He raised his shield before him, prepared to defend himself, but instead of attacking, he stepped back to the far wall of the barn. As he had planned since he had heard of the Hound’s apparent resistance to weapons, Ray began to channel his psychic energies offensively as he had done with the wolf earlier that day.

Ray lashed out with his mind, creating pressure within the Hound’s mental pathways, but even as he did so, he could feel the beast resisting, pushing back, until the energy for the manifestation was gone from his mind.

As the adrenaline pumped into my brain, everything was becoming more and more lucid. I busily retreated into one of the stalls, putting distance between me and the Hound so that I could concentrate on my casting. Not wanting to hit Ian and Galen, I mentally picked out the homing Magic Missile spell and threw it at the monster, smiting it in its hovering foreleg. (-2 dmg)

Galen, too, retreated to focus on his casting. He fell back behind Ian and took aim at the beast’s flank, floating just over the wall of the stall behind it. This time, the crackling arc of electricity that leapt from his fingertips struck, singing fur and scorching flesh. (-1 elec Yellow Status)

As Galen escaped, Jeremy moved in to his spot to fight. He thrust his rapier into the Yeth Hound’s face, causing it to rear up do dodge him, snapping its teeth in fury.

On the other side, Ben moved in as well. He waited as it reared down within range, then, with a mighty guttural roar, he raised his sword above his head and wildly smote the flying monster in the shoulder, dragging his blade down through to its spare ribs, proving once and for all that the monster’s hide was by no means impenetrable. (-6 dmg—Nice Power Attack; Bloodied)

Acting more on new instincts than any coherent plan, Ian dove into a somersault, expertly rolling without hurting himself on his weapons. He popped up just in front of the Hound’s nose, between it and me, and delivered a swift blow from his torch on its neck that gagged the monster. (-3 dmg -1 fire; Red Status)

The Hound’s growl turned into a choked yelp as it recoiled from Ian’s blow. It snapped back, but then turned tail. Loping through the air, it bounded along under the loft and then leapt up where the airspace was least defended. Galen and Jeremy both struck out at it without success and it flew onto the loft and disappeared into the shadows above the door.

Ray 17/19 (1 PP) ---- Ben 29/29 ---- Jeremy 18/18 ---- Ian 20/20 ---- Owen 9/14 (3 SP) ---- Galen 17/17 (1:4)
Ray: +1 AC, CMD, Saves (Defensive Precognition) 3/10-r

Yeth Hound – Yellow Status; Totally concealed, last seen on the loft just above the door.
(you might notice that the Hound's status used to be listed as Green. I don't know what I was smoking, since I've already declared him to be bloodied )

(Alright, there's a lot to mention, so keep your pants on.
-It turns out you can’t use targeted spells on creatures you can’t see (e.g. Magic Missile, Mind Thrust) so I had to put Ray’s action on hold.
-Thanks to its total concealment, you can’t see it, so you have to pick a square to attack and have a 50-50 chance of hitting it if you guess right.
-Normally you need at least two free hands to climb, but a ladder is hardly a challenge, so with a free hand you can climb the ladder in a full-round, or one move action if you swift climb (-5 to check). If you get caught half-way up, shields are useless and you have no dex bonus.
-Remember that if you go up without any light, you are at a serious disadvantage (you’d be lucky the Hound doesn’t have any Rogue levels like Ray’s succubus).
-Happy hunting. I would encourage holding actions until a light spell makes it upstairs (don’t you dare throw your torch, you’d kill us all).)

I hope I didn't forget anything.

Posted on 2010-02-21 at 08:55:23.
Edited on 2010-03-21 at 20:34:55 by Sibelius Eos Owm

Sibelius Eos Owm
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Allow me to illuminate you. Just a quick post to encourage you all to take action.

I watched the hound disappear into the near pitch-black area over the loft. I scrambled out of the stall I withdrew into and tried to spot the hound. I scanned the darkness for hardly a second, but there was nothing to be seen. There wasn’t enough illumination on the second level to pick out any targets.

For a brief moment I wanted to throw my torch into the loft to illuminate it, but I knew there would be much too much dry hay and wood. Beside me Ben turned to start his way up the ladder. I stopped him for a moment and with a word and a touch I endowed the blade of his sword with a weak yellow glow, similar to that of our torches, and let him continue. Just as soon as Ben could make it to the top, the sword would expose the monster.

(Ben is going to have to sheath his sword (or shield) to climb, but with quick draw he can have it back out immediately (sheild would take some time, though).)

Posted on 2010-03-01 at 03:19:51.
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Follow my comrad

Ben was heading up the ladder, heroically heading into the darkness to flush out the monster. What if he needs aid up there? I decide that I too should go up. Besides, Ben and I were going to be escorting Lady Emerita, and learning to fight together would be helpful. I dash to the ladder after Ben, putting my sword in its sheath while doing this.

Posted on 2010-03-02 at 18:30:33.

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Opportunity and the lack thereof

Galen waited on the lower level, his eyes casting about the upper floor, not neglecting to glance to his back now and then. Yet, in spite of the tense situation, he couldn't help but think about the inconvenience of being human in this situation. True, the race, whether real or not even in this reality, he preferred didn't have night vision persay, but still, cat eyes could see quite well in dim illumination.

He vaguely felt the hair at the back of his neck stand, though not on end. He didn't like it. If he had had his way... well, he wasn't quite sure what his way would be. Blow the roof off with the power of lightning? Too overt... since he was only irate, not pissed off. Ideally, in the perfect world, the beast would be captured, whether through mundane methods or by magical charms, and relocated. Neither the beast nor the townspeople did anything 'wrong', but then, that's how it always was.

Galen shook his head, and returned to looking up to the second level, holding out one hand. He would wait a bit longer. Lightning was a powerful force, even if it was only at a minute level right now for him. He couldn't afford to waste it at this time. Besides... he had a suspicion the beast would take the opportunity to strike once one of them reached the top. Were he a predator in a similar predicament, that is what he would do... the beast had the high ground, was wounded, and all it'd have to do would be to keep its hunters away from it.

"If you get hurt beyond your tolerance, drop down." Galen murmured, "The fall will hurt, but not as much as the beast's claws or teeth, and I'll be there shortly."

Galen kept his hand ready. When the beast went to strike, it would have to move, and so, he would try to strike before it.

Posted on 2010-03-07 at 17:55:37.
Edited on 2010-03-07 at 19:01:54 by Reralae


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