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GM for this game: YeOlde
Players for this game: korleonys, Jadewren
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Garayon - Legacy of Darkness

I cannot hold on to my anger and hatred anymore…
I must do what I feel is right.
I am NOT Evil…
Though I question my past actions…
I know I have learned something from my mistakes…
I will not be used for the purpose of evil.
That is not my purpose in life…
I have no use for anger, hatred and revenge…
I banish all negative motion from my soul…
I start my life anew…
I forgive all who have wronged me...
I can only pray, my beautiful goddess Aphrodite…
That my sins be removed from my soul..
I am born again…
I find trust in my love...
Truth in my happiness…
Tranquility in my friendship…
My life is for the love of everything for all time.

- Leighanna Valeigha‘s Prayer

World of Garayon
24th YE (Year of the Empire)
Month of Apina
Kalatar City
Imperial Palace

The Emperor of Kalatar paced angrily back and forth upon the dais before his throne of gold. The men gathered before him, all high ranking members of the Imperial Court, looked nervous and fearful of their lives. Each man knew that the temper of the Emperor was not something to be taken lightly and more often then not heads would roll upon the ground before the day was through. They waited in silence, each man fearing to speak a word lest their ruler’s ire be directed at them.

“How could this happen?” Emperor Kalatine finally asked when he paused in his pacing and gazed down upon the assembled court, “someone tell me how anyone could break into my dungeon and still away with a prisoner and escape the city unnoticed… HOW?”

There was a long silence and finally a man stepped forth and an almost audible sigh escaped the other men as they saw someone draw the attention of the Emperor away from the rest of them. The man was well built, a warrior without doubt, wearing a fine suit of blood red plate armor with a dragon embossed upon his breastplate.

“Your Majesty,” Captain Trenor spoke up, clearing his thought before continuing, “we are investigating the incident and the Dragon Blood Guard are scouring the Imperial palace and grounds. We do know that magic was used to overcome the dungeon guards and affect the escape from the cell. However, we have found no clue as to who it was that aided the prisoner in his escape or where they have gone. The guards were the only ones who witnessed the escape but their memories appear to have been erased.”

The Emperor’s gaze locked on the man while he spoke and as the Captain of his own Imperial Guard gave his brief report it only served to increase his anger. The Emperor himself was an elderly man, yet anyone could see he had been a powerful warrior once and no doubt still was to some degree. Huge muscles bulged as he clenched his fists in anger at this affront to his court.

“So you’re telling me,” the Emperor asked, “that you have no clues as to who is responsible and that they have escaped completely? Is that what you are telling me?” His rage was apparent and it caused even the battle hardened Captain of the Dragon Blood Guard to cringe and take an involuntary step backwards.

“Yes, My Lord,” the Captain managed to stammer, “we have found no trace of them and believe they used magic to escape the grounds. They … could be anywhere by now. However… the Court Magical Advisor is examining the scene and will report on whether or not there is any trace of where… ”

The Captain was cut short by the banging open of the main doors leading to the Great Hall, causing everyone to look up to see if relief had arrived to redirect the Emperor’s growing rage. The Captain sighed a little in relief seeing an elderly man walking quickly across the large floor towards the dais.

The man appeared ancient for a human, average height with a mane of long white hair and a flowing white beard, he walked quickly showing no apparent sign of his advanced age and carried a long staff but he did not lean upon it for support. His blue robes were of fine craftsmanship and bordered with gold, and about his neck hung a large jeweled medallion which had to be worth a small fortune. He walked up through the men, who parted the way for him, and stopped at the base of the dais and gave a short nod to the Emperor.

“Your Majesty,” he said in firm authoritative voice, one which seemed to command respect, “I have finished my investigation and am here to report.”

The Emperor looked down at the man and remained silent for a moment, then not hearing anything he asked angrily, “Well? What did you find YeOlde?”

YeOlde, Royal Advisor of Magic and Arcana to the Imperial Court, smiled slightly at the Emperor’s impatience and nodded his head again in response to the question.

“Magic was used to render the guards unconscious and to remove all memory of the escape,” he began, “it was also used to provide egress from the dungeon itself. Once outside the prisoner and his accomplices affected escape from Kalatar using magical means. Unfortunately, I could find no trace of evidence to their identity … whoever it was is very powerful and quite skilled.” The old mage smiled and shrugged his shoulders in resignation of his failure to find anything that would appease the Emperor.

The Emperor screamed out his rage and clenched his fists so hard the bones in his hands crackled so loud it was audible to all in the room. He started to pace again his rage spilling from him like rain from a thunderstorm until finally he stopped and seemed to slowly calm himself. He stepped back to his throne and fell into it, closed his eyes and then took a deep breath to calm himself. After a few moments he opened his eyes and looked upon the scared nobles before him.

He suspected that someone had aided the mage Darius to escape, that someone could be in this very room. The man had been sentenced to death for treason and crimes against the Empire; being a powerful mage he probably had powerful friends and no one her was above suspicion. Yet he had no proof of anyone’s involvement in the man’s crimes, he had named no accomplices to his actions and had plead guilty to everything he had been charged with at his trial. It had been as if the man wanted to die; but if so why then the elaborate escape and who was responsible.

“Very well,” the Emperor finally spoke, “continue the investigation Captain. I want everyone questioned again. This escape could not have succeeded without inside help and I want anyone who might be involved interrogated thoroughly. Dismissed!”

The assembled nobles bowed, turned and left the room as quickly as they could without running; anything to get out of the gaze of an angry Emperor. Once the doors closed behind them the Emperor looked up and saw YeOlde still standing where he had been and raised an eyebrow.

“You have something else to report Wizard?” He asked in a calmer voice.

“Nothing certain,” YeOlde said with a shrug, “just a hunch really. I don’t think we will find anything here to lead us to Darius and his accomplishes. By now he is no doubt long gone and secluded away in some well protected lair which even my scrying attempts can not penetrate.”

Sensing the old wizard was trying to tell him something, the Emperor asked, “I sense you have a suggestion for me then?”

“Yes,” the wizard said with a small smile, “I suggest you don’t waste too many resources on searching for this man. I suggest that you put out a general reward bulletin across the Empire and to all allied nations and if he surfaces then he might be captured or even killed.”

The Emperor’s eyes narrowed a bit at the suggestions from his advisor and raised and eyebrow before asking, “Why is it I sense you know something but are not telling me everything?

“Your Majesty,” YeOlde said slowly with a smile, “you know I would never keep anything involving the court from you…. without good reason.”

The Emperor sat back in his throne looking at the old wizard; he knew that the man was older than he looked and had great knowledge and wisdom which had served the Empire well over the years since he had assumed the throne. Yet he also knew that YeOlde had his own agenda and did things behind the scenes which he considered none of the Emperor’s business.

“Very Well, Royal Advisor,” The Emperor said with a nod, “implement those actions immediately. But I want a full report of all findings before me by noon tomorrow. Pray that Darius the Black stays out of Kalatar and out of my grasp forever or so help me I will kill him with my own hands next we meet.” With a wave of his hand he dismissed the mage.

YeOlde bowed his head, the only reverence he showed the ruler of the court, turned and left the Great Hall and went to handle the commands issued by the Emperor. His mind was filled with thoughts about Darius’s escape and how his accomplishes had expected to get away without the Emperor knowing who had done the deed. If YeOlde hadn’t intervened and aided in their escape he had no doubt that they would all be in the dungeon or dead right now. He hated to keep things from the Emperor but he had to protect her from even her own stupid mistakes. She would get away with this one, but soon he would talk to her and let her explain why she helped one of the deadliest sorcerers in the world escape from a death sentence.

Yes, one day soon he would have Leighanna Valeigha explain her traitorous actions and how she felt about committing treason to the Empire which she served.

World of Garayon
24th YE (Year of the Empire)
Month of Apina
Valeigha Estate

A soft chime sounded in the transportation pattern room, announcing the arrival of someone to the entire household; seconds later a beautiful red haired woman with soft Elvin-like features appeared upon the center stone of the transportation floor. Leighanna Valeigha, Ambassador of Kalataria to the Nation of Saluma, had arrived home safely.

The door to the room opened slowly and an elderly man stood there looking at her, seeing who it was he smiled and bowed gracefully to her.

“Welcome Home, Milady!” Marten the head Butler and chief administrator of her estate greeted his employer, “I trust everything went well on your trip.”

Though Leighanna had not told any of her staff about her mission, most knew she was nervous about this trip and probably only worried about her safe return. It wouldn’t do to tell them that she had just helped a condemned criminal escaped from the Imperial Dungeon of the Ruler she served as Ambassador.

“Everything with the estate is in order, Milady!” Marten told her, “though of course your ‘pet’ has been causing the cooks the usual grief when dealing with the baked goods.” His slight smile told her that they were all getting use to her familiar and his usual antics. “I am sure he is sleeping off his latest gorging someplace quiet.”

The thought of her familiar brought a smile to her face; good old Pythagoras, or Pyth as she called him, was relentless in his pursuit of his favorite food – sweet baked goods of any kind. She had to leave him behind on this mission as it was too dangerous and besides she didn’t want him questioning her about the legality and rights and wrongs of helping a man, who had been trying to kill her in the past, escape from a death sentence.

She thought of Darius and how the man had become infatuated with her and how he turned himself in to the Empire to face charges all because he said he loved her. What really worried her about Darius was that he had told her they were very much alike and that he saw the evil that dwelled deep within her. A darkness that had become all too prevalent lately and which she had been trying to repress and master it forever; an ever continuing battle within her own soul.

He had tried to convince her to flee with him, but in the end he had left without her, only Starsona had gone with him to see that he would find his way safely to one of his secret lairs upon any of a dozen worlds. She didn’t even know where they had gone, not wanting to know in case they found out about her involvement and questioned her then she couldn’t reveal his location.

“Are you alright, Milady?” The butler asked, shaking her out of her reverie, “you seem distressed about something. Is there anything I can get you.” His face showed some concern as he waited for her reply.

Posted on 2008-05-28 at 23:34:30.

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Coming home

:: Oh but she had been gone quite a lot lately, on her mission to gain control of that part of her.. So there really wouldn't be much of a question with the servants, even if they didn't know exactly what was bothering her... surely there had been some clues to at least one. Her refusal of Alacran's proposal the most likely one to be flittering amongst the servants. Her reasoning they probably had no idea but she thought that he would know... her love, at the very least should understand. Although she would have given anything to take back that hurt look upon his lovely face and take away the pain that she knew she'd caused his even more beautiful soul. The problem was, she did not know if she would ever be good for Alacran... That spark that Darius had seen in her.. well, it was more then a spark, it was likened to a candles flame that she couldn't snuff out. But she would, in time she would with help of the Goddess. It was her love that kept her at peace, that quelled the fire within.

"I have been troubled quite a lot lately haven't I been Marten?..."
She'd give him a grateful smile, moving across the floor to him she'd lie a hand lightly on his shoulder,

"thank you for taking such good care of me... Everything will fall into place, that is the way of things...yes?..."
she'd let her hand drop back down to her side, continuing to look upon Marten with that soft smile, her emerald eyes were most likely a little trouble but she tried to lift as much of that as she could. She was home now and she could not allow any more rumors to start flying about.. Not that she believed that Marten would say anything, he was the head butler and purely professional. But she could be wrong, she is the first to admit that she'd been wrong on some occasions, she just prayed that she'd not been wrong about this...

"I think all I need is a cup of cook's soothing tea and a good night's rest."
Some time alone to reflect on all that had happened for it had happened so quickly and there was to be much explaining to do once YeOlde caught up with her. Oh she knew he'd be frustrated with her... perhaps even angry. She'd looked to him like a father when her own had been so distant for reasons she'd only recently come to understand.

"Could you bring some up for me, to my room... or, if you are too busy, anyone else that is up ....thank you Marten."
She'd go to her room to wait for her tea... but then she'd start to think again, mulling over her decision. She could have been killed tonight, most likely would have been had it not been for YeOlde... but... she would have been willing to because even though her past with Darius the Black had been wrought with troubles and murderous intent... she too saw something in him that she saw within herself... that spark of good... The ability to love even though it was not returned... The fact that he'd turned himself in to the Empire was even more proof of how he felt, his desire to repent... for he had told her all of this when he'd attempted to hold her prisoner until she relented to his will... but she had not and he'd found that he loved her still so he had turned himself in to pay for his crimes. An action that was very noble and brave in Leighanna's eyes. Not that she'd failed to see it before then, it was the fact that everyone else could see that he'd desired to change, to let go of his hatred of her ancestors. At any time he could have killed her, forced her into submission, any horror at all she knew he'd been capable of... But as she had said remembering the conversation she'd had with him right before he'd turned himself into the authorities... 'Just as there is that darkness within me... so there is a light equal that I see in you.. Yes, we are alike. You are what I could have become had I not been loved...If I did not have the loving guidance of the Goddess. But I will not be turned to the darkness, for I love the light.... So will you deny yourself the light still or shall you try to embrace it and find joy in your life, I do not think it is too late for you Darius...'
In her room now, looking up at the lovely painting of Unicorns that her love had gifted her.. her fingers lovingly tracing the frame... So many questions she'd have to answer... so many demands... but what could she have done? Just as she could not condemn the love of her life to a possibility of her losing herself to this darkness that kept ever near.. she could not let another suffer a sentence that she'd believed to be too harsh under the circumstances. He'd turned himself in, the penance should not have been so high... Everyone, she thought, deserved a second chance when there was love... For when there was love, there was hope. ::

Posted on 2008-06-09 at 13:32:00.
Edited on 2008-06-09 at 13:40:43 by korleonys

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Returning home...

World of Garayon
24th YE (Year of the Empire)
Month of Apina
Valeigha Estate

I have been troubled quite a lot lately haven't I been Marten?..." She'd give him a grateful smile, moving across the floor to him she'd lie a hand lightly on his shoulder, "thank you for taking such good care of me... Everything will fall into place, that is the way of things...yes?..."
Marten smiled at his employer and nodded slightly, seeming a bit uncomfortable with her touch.

“If you say so, Mistress!” he replied gently. Perhaps it was the familiarity that she showed now that he had not seen previously with any of the household staff.

I think all I need is a cup of cook's soothing tea and a good night's rest."

"Could you bring some up for me, to my room... or, if you are too busy, anyone else that is up ....thank you Marten."

The head butler smiled and bowed slightly to her request as she turned to head towards her room.

“I will have Sarah prepare some of her finest herbal blend for you,” he said to her back, “and have one of the girls bring it to you as soon as possible, Mistress.”

He watched her go, worry still etched deeply in the lines of his aging face, he sighed slightly and then turned and headed downstairs to the kitchen to see Sarah the Head Cook.

Leighanna walked down the hallway a short distance to her room which sat at the end of the hall. Pressing gently upon the large pair of intricately carved solid mahogany doors, they opened almost effortlessly to her touch.

Standing in the doorway for a moment, she took in the wondrous decor of her master suite: Fine woven blue carpets from Naipon graced the floor of a large, lavishly decorated, bedchamber; against one wall sat a large four post canopy bed made of two toned burnished mahogany; the bed was covered with elegant quilted bedding in alternating shades of blue & cream with white silk sheets beneath; draped from the canopy top was a sheer netting with hints of blue and cream and a touch of gold; next to the bed sat a small marble-topped table upon which rested a large ceramic vase with a dozen fresh long stemmed white roses.

Off to the left sat a raised alcove containing a large high-backed copper tub; next to the tub rested a brass table with a round glass top upon which sat small bottles of perfumes and tins of scented powders; next to a large closet sat a tall full-length mahogany framed mirror of the finest workmanship; on the opposite wall from the bathing area there hung a large painting of several unicorns running and playing upon a lush green field; and finally all the large windows were draped with sheer white lace curtains which seem to brighten the ambience of the room.

Leighanna only had a few moments to take in the feeling of being at home once more before she heard a faint buzzing that grew rapidly closer; turning to face the still open doorway from whence the sound seemed to come she saw a multi-colored blur come flying into the room. The ‘blur’ smacked into her chest causing her almost to fall backwards, yet the small size and weight of the thing caused no real harm but only startled her with it’s rapid ‘assault’.

“YOU'RE BACK!” a tiny familiar voice sounded in her head as a small colorful fairy dragon clung to the front of her robes.

“You are never going to leave me alone again,” cried Pythagoras, or Pyth as most called it, as the fairy dragon pulled itself up to look directly into her face, “do you hear me missy?” The tiny ‘voice’ was filled with simulated anger, but Leigh could tell that her tiny companion and close friend was very relieved to see her alive and well.

(Room here for interaction)

After a few moments, their reunion was interrupted by a soft knock on the still open doorway; looking up Leigh saw one of the chamber maids, Harmony, standing there with a silver tray upon which rested a teacup and a small ceramic pot.

“Pardon the intrusion, Mistress,” Harmony said softly, barely audible; Leigh remembered that the young girl, barely 18, was always soft spoken, shy and for some reason fearful of her Mistress.

Once the girl received permission to come in, she would walk over to a small round table sitting against the wall near the door and set down the tray and poured a cup of tea for Leighanna. Leaving the cup there, she turned to face her mistress and bowed.

“If the Mistress requires anything else please call me,” she said then turned and left the room. On the tray Leighanna found a small pitcher of cream, a small jar of honey and a round smooth wooden stir stick.

“So?” Pyth asked knowingly, “How did it go?” The tiny fairy dragon moved up to sit on Leigh’s left shoulder, its tiny clawed feet clinging tightly to her robe, resting in its customary place.

Posted on 2008-06-12 at 23:39:35.
Edited on 2008-06-12 at 23:43:08 by YeOlde

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Amariss Fayne...

Three seconds to make the decision of my life.
Do I take a left, or do I hang a right?
The watch aren't too far behind.
I act as though they are blind.
They'll never know where I am.
I know they will, then suddenly 'bam'!
It's weird, because I never lived a full life.
I'm only a man of twenty-five.
Right or left? What do you think?
Yeah, maybe I had one too many a drink.
So tell me, what would you have done?
Are you like me? Would you have run?
I think you would, because we are all the same.
I am the only one I can blame.
So, left or right? Which way?
Remember this is for it all.
I didn't go either way. I hit the wall.
Took my life, that tragic day.
But now I haunt you only to say,
Don't run from your fears...
For they will haunt you for many years.

~ Anonymous

World of Garayon
24th YE (Year of the Empire)
Month of Apina
Kalitar City
Imperial Academy of Magik and Apothecary Arts

Amariss Fayne sat in her small cell in the Academy wing for acolytes and tried to restrain herself from breaking down and crying. But she vowed that she would not let this make her cry.. She was too strong for that. To calm her nerves she reached over to the nightstand and pulled out her diary and with quill in hand began to write about what had transpired only an hour earlier:

Today started out good, just like any other day since I started the academy. Woke up early, ate breakfast.. I’m still not use to eating so much. The food here is plentiful and I think I have gained a few pounds since starting a few weeks ago.. I better watch it or I might get fat. Anyway, after breakfast I went to my classes, my writing is improving though my teachers still say her penmanship is too messy but I can make it out just fine, besides I don’t want anyone reading my diary or my spell book.. aren’t they suppose to be private.

My cantrips teacher says I pick up things very quickly.. But even though I perform the tricks right they are never happy with my work.. they think I could do them better.. well I think they are too picky.. they want everyone to do it their way when my way works just fine.

So anyway, after my 4th class and right before lunch I was called into the New Student’s Advisor’s office and I knew that was trouble:

“My dear,” the Head Advisor said in a soft pitying tone, “you have been here a month now and it is time for your first review. As you know these reviews are important to discern which students have potential and which ones do not. We don’t want to waste people’s time now do we?” He finished with a question she knew he wasn’t looking for an answer though.

“Looking over the reports of all your teachers,” he continued looking at some papers before him on his desk, “I am afraid I have to decide that it would be a waste of time and money for you to continue here where it seems you are just not going to work out.”

Amariss started to protest, didn’t he realize this was her dream? She had lived on the streets for as long as she could remember, struggled to survive, with the help of Gavin the Cobbler who took her in and saw she had food and shelter, and she hadn’t liked what she was becoming; just another street thief who picked the pockets travelers to live. She wanted to be something better, a mage with power, and yeah she wanted to be famous but most mages were because people feared and respected them; that was what she wanted and here was her chance.

The Advisor saw her protest coming and raised a hand to forestall it, “I am sorry, believe me. Your work thus far has been subpar, you argue with your teachers, you fight with classmates, you skip classes, you just don’t seem to take your time here seriously so I am afraid that I have no choice but to reject your application at this time.”

She sat in stunned silence, she was being kicked out and it didn’t seem like there was anything she could do about it. She slumped back in her chair and looked blankly back at him.

“Your admission fee will be refunded to you,” he said still sounding regretful at the choice he had to make, “minus the costs for the last month of training. You will have until tomorrow evening to move your things out of the academy. I am very sorry.”

With those final words, he had settled it all irrevocably; so shocked was she that she only nodded and rising from her seat, Amariss returned to her room.

I still have trouble understanding these people, who do they think they are? Rejecting me? Well one day they will regret it and they will be amazed that one they had rejected would be one of the world’s greatest Sorcerers. They would see!

Amariss sighed and put aside her diary and got up off of her small cot. She took her small bag out from under the cot and began to pack. She wasn’t going to wait here till tomorrow, she didn’t want to stay here another minute. She was so out of here.

As she finished her packing there was a soft knock at the door, she was in a foul mood and stomped to the door and jerked it open, “WHAT?”

She paused and almost staggered back at the tall figure standing just outside the doorway; he was a tall thin man with soft elvin features though he was not a full elf. He was wearing a Master’s robe of soft blue and he had a kind smile upon his face.

“May I come in?” He asked softly, no hint of pity in his voice, which seemed to calm the temper of Amariss.

“Master Tobin,” Amariss replied, sounding almost like a question, “ah.. of course… come in.” She stepped back and let the man into her small room. She always like her teacher of Arcane History, he was a half-elf like herself and he was the most patient teacher she had here at the academy. He never seemed to have a harsh word to say to any of the students, and while most thought he was weak because of his easy going ways none had any real complaints about him.

“I just heard about your… leaving,” He said as he stepped into the room and looked around at her cell, he saw her packed bag still sitting on her cot, “I ’m sorry I couldn’t do more to help you here. I talked to the Advisor but the other teachers were .. well they said you caused them too many problems.”

She felt the anger building back up inside her and almost vented it right there to him, but she managed to pull it back knowing that this was the one person here that was on her side, willing to give her a chance and she realized the had done all he could.

“Thank you Master Tobin,” she said once she calmed her voice again, “I really enjoyed your class and only wish I could continue my teachings but I guess it is not to be.” She turned and walked over to her cot, wrapping her spell book, the one Gavin had bought as a surprise for her starting the academy, carefully in a leather hide before putting it in her bag.

“I know it is hard,” the mage said softly, “and it is especially hard here at the Academy .. for people like us.” She heard something in the end and turned to look at him with a quizzical look on her face.

Master Tobin walked over and sat on the cot, his face now level with hers and sighed softly, “You see, a lot of … our kind.. get rejected soon in the first couple of months, especially if they have other problems.”

Still seeing the questioning look on her face he smiled slightly and elaborated, “What I mean is.. for us.. half-elves.” He left her to think on that for a moment. He was saying that the administration here was biased against half-elves and maybe all half-breeds like her.. like him.

“So if what you are saying is true,” she said slowly, “I never had a chance.. and never will”

Tobin shrugged, “Maybe not here at the academy, but there are other alternatives.” Reaching into his robe he brought out a scroll case and looked at it a moment before offering it to her.

“You might find a teacher elsewhere that will understand your troubles and accept you as their student,” he said with a soft smile, “I know a former student of mine.. who took the same class you did with me.. and she was a … troubled student and of questionable origins.. yet she overcame those problems and prejudices and is now one of the most renown mages of our time. With this letter of introduction from me, she just might accept you as a student.. if you are willing to try?”

She took the scroll case from her, seeing it was sealed and it had a name written on the outside, no doubt the name of the mage he was referring to: “Leighanna Veleigha”
“Why are you helping me?“ Amariss asked looking up at him questioningly.

“”I think you have potential,” He said rising from the cot, “and I think you might benefit from learning the arts from a person of similar origins and one who was also a trouble youth.” He smiled slightly at the end as if reminiscing about some past event.

“Well?” he asked raising a brow, “Do you want to give it a try?”

Amariss thought for a moment, then jumped up off her cot, swung her bag over her shoulder and nodded, “Yes, I would. Where can I find this ‘teacher’?”

“She lives far from here,” he said turning towards the door and walking out, “You will have to travel but I can get you there in a very short time.”

She ran out of the room to follow him, all her possessions swinging from her back, “If I am going I would like to say some goodbyes to … someone first.” She couldn’t leave the city and travel far without at least seeing Gavin one last time. She didn’t know when she would be back and it wouldn’t be right if she didn’t talk to him before leaving.

“Very well,” Tobin said as they turned towards the front of the Academy, “So say your goodbyes and when you are ready, return here and ask for me.. I will be waiting.” He saw her to the front steps and left her there, returning to his work.

Amariss ran down the steps of the academy and through the streets of Kalitar to the Cobblers shop of Gavin, the man who had saved her from the streets and cared for her till she went away to the academy just a month ago.

She found him hard at work, as usual, on someone noble man’s fine leather boots. He looked up as she entered and smiled slightly, then noticed the bag on her shoulder and frowned.

“What’s wrong?” he asked concerned.

She sat down and slowly explained to him that things at the Academy were not working out. She told him most of it, how she was being rejected but how one of her teachers was helping her out by directing her to a private teacher that might take her as a student. He sat quietly and listened and when she finished he sighed slightly and then nodded slowly.

“I knew this day would come,” he said, “I thought it might be still a year or two away.. but never the less it is here now.” He rose from his seat and walked around to her, she stood to meet him and she was surprised when he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

“You were always like a daughter to me,” he said, his voice breaking a little, “but if you must travel far away to achieve what you wish for in life, then that is what you must do.”

Breaking from the hug he looked down at her, his eyes moist and filled with emotion as he held her gently by the shoulders.

“Do what you must,” he advised her, “watch out for yourself, because in the end, you are the only one you can fully trust.”

She felt herself almost overcome with emotion, she never knew how deeply the man cared for her. She found her voice was lost to her and all she could do was nod to him.

“Very well,” he said releasing her and turning back to his work, “You best go, before you change your mind again.” He bent over his work, and didn’t look at her again.

Amariss nodded and turned slowly to leave; she opened the door and stopped to look back at him. “Take care, Gavin… Father,” she said softly, almost a whisper as her voice was so choked with emotion and then went out the door.

After the door closed behind her, Gavin the Cobbler looked up at the door and closed his eyes as tears ran down his cheeks.

She went straight back to the Academy, having no one else here she needed to say anything to at the time. She told the guards at the main entrance that she was here to see Master Tobin and soon she was escorted to his office. He rose as she entered and smiled.

“You are ready I take it.” he said, a statement more than a question. He handed her a small sack that clinked as she took it. “The remainder of your academy fees. It will help you if you need anything. Come with me.”

Master Tobin hurried from his office, she ran to catch up with him not sure why he was in such a hurray. He lead her deep into the Academy to the upper levels where new students were never allowed; this was apparent by the stares she got as she followed in Tobin’s wake.

They came to a large room which was in the center of the fourth level; this room was strange in appearance. It was circular with a polished granite floor with many magical marking etched into the stone. Master Tobin talked briefly with a mage standing to the side, the man looked over at Amariss and then nodded to Tobin and left the room, leaving just the two of them there. Tobin returned to her and sighed.

“We have a few minutes at best so we must hurry,” he said excitedly which made her wonder.

“Why?” she had to ask, “Is this going to get you into trouble?”

The mage smiled and shrugged his shoulders, “Perhaps, but don’t you worry I will deal with it. You see low lever students are not allowed to use the pattern room, so what I am doing is against the Academy rules. So no more questions, we must hurry before someone comes and stops us.”

He walked her over to the patterns on the floor and pointed them out to her.

“You see, this is a magical transportation device,” he explained, “by stepping on the magical markings in a certain order you can be instantly transported to a similar room elsewhere on the world. You just have to know the right markings and the right words to say. I will instruct you!”

He then began to show her which ones she needed to step on and the proper phrase to say at each one. He repeated the words carefully until she was sure she understood them and then nodded.

“When you get there you will be inside the household of the one you seek,” he said wearily, “remember this and behave accordingly. This may be the only chance you get. Remember first impression are everything. Good luck!”

He pointed out the first symbol and she began by stepping on it and speaking the first phrase. The symbol lit up and she moved to the second, the third, and so on, each time saying the proper phrase, until she had reached the eighth symbol and as she said the final phrase she saw Tobin standing to the side raise a hand to her in farewell, then suddenly he was gone. But Amariss realized that Tobin hadn’t disappeared but that she had been instantaneously been transported to another place. This room was smaller than the one in the academy, the decorations on the wall were different but the polished floor here appeared to be marble with the same markings from the other room.

She had arrived, but where….

World of Garayon
24th YE (Year of the Empire)
Month of Apina
Valeigha Estate

“YOU'RE BACK!” a tiny familiar voice sounded in her head as a small colorful fairy dragon clung to the front of her robes.

“You are never going to leave me alone again,” cried Pythagoras, or Pyth as most called it, as the fairy dragon pulled itself up to look directly into her face, “do you hear me missy?” The tiny ‘voice’ was filled with simulated anger, but Leigh could tell that her tiny companion and close friend was very relieved to see her alive and well.

(Room here for interaction)

After a few moments, their reunion was interrupted by a soft knock on the still open doorway; looking up Leigh saw one of the chamber maids, Harmony, standing there with a silver tray upon which rested a teacup and a small ceramic pot.

“Pardon the intrusion, Mistress,” Harmony said softly, barely audible; Leigh remembered that the young girl, barely 18, was always soft spoken, shy and for some reason fearful of her Mistress.

Once the girl received permission to come in, she would walk over to a small round table sitting against the wall near the door and set down the tray and poured a cup of tea for Leighanna. Leaving the cup there, she turned to face her mistress and bowed.

“If the Mistress requires anything else please call me,” she said then turned and left the room. On the tray Leighanna found a small pitcher of cream, a small jar of honey and a round smooth wooden stir stick.

“So?” Pyth asked knowingly, “How did it go?” The tiny fairy dragon moved up to sit on Leigh’s left shoulder, its tiny clawed feet clinging tightly to her robe, resting in its customary place.

(Room here for response)

As Leighanna told Pyth what she was willing to speak of regarding her ‘mission’ she was interrupted by a soft chime. She paused and listened to the tone, it was from the pattern room and the pitch of the tone told her that someone had arrived from the Academy in Kalitar. The first name that sprung to mind was YeOlde, he had come for answers.

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A sense of impending DOOM

:: She could not help the way she was even though it seemed to bother the servants of the manor. She came from common stock and even though she was not at all ordinary she was not used to behaving like a noblewoman. She did try, oh very hard when it was she was in the presence of other nobles but when she was alone... well she was just a farm girl at heart.

The buzzing caused her to turn about and look in enough time to see that colorful blur hurdling herself at her chest. She couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled from her as she'd cup her hands about the tiny creature that was her family and give her a kiss spang on the forehead.

I missed you too...
Holding up her hands in mock fear and warding off the oh so savage attack of Pyth she'd giggle... smile still upon her lips...

"I do not plan on it Pyth, but some things... you know... I do have to handle on my own... I truly am sorry to have worried you so."
Her hand reaching up to stroke the fairy dragon under the chin with affection as Harmony came in with her tea.. Yes, there was that same fear... or wariness that she always saw it the way she moved and the shine of her eyes. She did not fully understand the girl's fear of her. She'd never treated her poorly. So instead she'd have to chalk it up to the fact that it was either because she was half elven or that she was a mage. Both of which were very rare here in Saluma and she was accustomed to getting more then her fair share of odd looks. Though, it was something that she'd had a lifetime to get used too. The looks, the whispers... the fear on the other hand was something that she did not believe she'd ever get used to. She was... or so desired to be... a gentle creature at heart... But she knew for certain that she would never do a thing to harm a helpless innocent! Goddess forbid! The girl acted as if Lei would pounce upon her a steal her soul any second...

"Thank you Harmony, but I do think that this shall be all for tonight. I plan on retiring soon.."
Watching her leave, she'd wait until she'd close the door and then listened for her footsteps to start to fade down the hall. Oh, she heard Pyth's question alright. But she'd take her time in answering. Sitting down at the table she'd drizzle a bit of honey into the teacup, stirring then with the wooden spoon... tapping it on the edge of the cup she'd rest it on the saucer and proceed in sipping at the tea.. She was obviously avoiding the question, trying to conjure up the best way to explain the situation to Pyth. But Pyth could be impatient and the longer it took her to say anything the more suspicious she'd grow...

"Oh, there is nothing like Sarah's tea to set the muscles to relaxing at the end of the day...."
Giving a soft sigh of pleasure and taking another sip from the cup before she'd turn her attention to the question at hand...

"It went well... it goes well... ah Pyth, the less I have to worry about right now the better, more then likely you'll know everything you would and would not want to know by tomorrow..."
And then there was the chime... and her insides ran cold. YeOlde already! Pyth would have to notice the tremor in her hands as she'd put her cup back on the saucer, it made a soft clinkity click as she did so... biting her bottom lip she'd rise and walk with a quick step towards the door to her room, out into the hall and if Marten was back to answer that call she'd wave to him in a way that said she'd handle this late caller herself.

~Or perhaps tonight... ~
Her mental voice was a bit worried... but that didn't stop her from pushing open the door to the pattern room and...That wasn't YeOlde! Her emerald eyes widened as her psionics were tapped into, using telekinetic pressure to push the intruder back against the pattern room wall if possible or at least hold her at a safe distance, she could have used a bit too much mental force in the push due to the fact that she was caught off guard by the stranger's appearance.

"How did you... who are you.. what are you doing here??"
Holding out her right hand, her staff would appear at whim, waiting to see if she would have to defend her home or... ::

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First impressions are everything. Such were the words ringing in Amariss' ears as she vanished. She wondered what sort of first impression she was really going to make. Dressed as she was and appearing out of the blue clutching a scroll tube between her hands. Perhaps today she should have taken extra time brushing her hair...

Oh wait...thats right... She had just been kicked out of school. She had not exactly been too caring of her physical appearance after that. Amariss still had lingering emotions from her rejection. Anxiety was the least of them. A sense of insult was still the greater. Still, she had a chance here. Perhaps even a better one then she had at the school. This was the old fashioned way of learning magic wasn't it? Apprentiship? No stupid classes or reports to write. Hands on learning one on one with someone who knew everything she wanted to know. No more multiple teachers trying to stuff useless facts into her head about this or that.

Actually, she was starting to feel a heck of a lot better.

Standing in the strange room, Amariss took a few moments to blink her eyes. She actually had not realized she had arrived yet. She had thought the darkness was a part of the traveling or something. Then, as her eyes adjusted to the dimness in the room she was able to make out the decor.

"Why's it so dark? M' I in a cave?" She spoke to herself in a soft whisper. No, it couldn't be a cave. The walls were wrong for a cave. So why was it so dim here?

Amariss heard the door open to the room, and she turned. Her hands tightened upon the scroll as she felt a flutter of uncertainty in her stomach. Master Tobin hadn't had time to inform her much of the mage he was sending her too, and Amariss found herself wishing that she had taken that extra day to move out just so they could have spoken. Well...

First Impressions are everything....

Amariss forced a smile to her face as the individual stepped into the room.


Somehow the room jumped. One moment she was standing on the floor, and the next a wall had jumped up behind her and grabbed her. At least that was how it seemed to Amariss as she was lifted up and thrown against the wall.

Yup, first impressions indeed.

Amariss' mind was rattled and the scroll was dropped from her hands as she hung suspended against the wall. Her blue eyes were opened wide as her heart did it's best to match the beat of a hummingbirds.

"Nnneh!" Amariss choked out first. her eyes flickering down to her dangling feet, then across the room towards the small female demanding answers from her.


Amariss did her best to appear calm despite the shock she'd recieved. Inhaleing sharply, she spoke with perhaps a bit more volume then was neccessary.

"I am Amariss Fayne from the Kalitar school of Magic. Master Tobin sent me in reguards to a request for you. I have a scroll tube....ah...where..." Flexing her fingers Amariss realized the tube was no longer in her grip.

"I...think I dropped it when your wall grabbed me."

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