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GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: t_catt11, Admiral, Raven, Vanadia, Bromern Sal, Eol Fefalas
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Den Mother
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A change in the wind

Dapple listened to Arien with no expression on her face, but her hands were on her daggers, and her weight centered as if ready to counter any move. Such readiness was necessary with the brash knight, who thought with his heart first and counseled his head later. He would rush in to his beloved sister, and if Char and Kilgim followed, Dapple would have little choice but to be with them. She had a quiet moment of astonishment at the calm acceptance of such a fact, and so was already beginning to nod when Arien’s words penetrated.

“But that will boon us not. You say the sewer grate is passable? Let us move as soon as cover of darkness falls. Adrian and Jal can create a distraction with their magic. Then we shall enter though the grates, gain entrance to the Keep…”

It is truly the end of days…the boy learns caution, and you throw caution to the wind. You would risk your live for these? You think you have friends? You think you are even capable of…
This time Dapple did shake her head vehemently, not wanting to listen to the poison any more. Realizing she had done so visibly, she looked up to see the others looking at her curiously. “Char’s right, dividing our efforts too early would buy us nothing. Best to keep our strengths together until we are inside. Maybe being invisible wouldn’t be good if we need to travel together, but is there anything any of you can do to quiet those of us who rattle and clink with every move?” She tilted her head at Kilgim and the mages at the question.

After the others discuss the plans (assuming some discussion, of course) Dapple finds a quiet tree trunk to get a little rest. Huddled within her cloak with the hood pulled low, she closed her eyes and refused to think of anything for a while.

When it was time to set out, Dapple took the lead from Char when they drew close to the hidden sewer. With the setting of the sun and the cooling of the air, Dapple felt her senses coming alive. That’s when the feeling rolled through her. A vicious exultation arose within her, along with bile as pain ripped through her. It was as if she was being pulled apart. This is what it feels like to go mad she thought, just before the joy and pain disappeared, as if it had never existed.

The taste of vile revulsion remained though, and she spat on the ground and wiped her mouth with a gloved hand. “What the hell was that? “ she asked as everyone had seemed to pause behind her.

Posted on 2007-02-16 at 06:32:11.

Trilogy Master
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Ok here it be

Talas listened in silence as the identify of this “Alloryn” was finally revealed to the three members of the party unaware of her importance to the Knight Arien.
It was also clear that Dapple, Char and Kilgrim all knew of her and were friends with her and all seemed on edge.

A few moments of talk between the 4 and it was decided that there was possibly no need of a distraction and they would enter the area of the Monastery through some type of storm drain. Once through it the Knight Arien would leave them at that point to hunt for his sister alone, while Char having been put in charge would lead them in.
But once they all reached said drain Talas could not believe his eyes or stay silent.

“Ranger are ye daft, I will not fit through there, tight fit you said, but for me too attempt passage would be like putting a cork into a bottle of sprites with me as the cork.
If this be the only way in then we are doomed from the start”

He would not tell the party this if possible but the big strong fearless gladiator at that moment felt a lot of fear. Upon seeing the drain Talas had quickly come to the conclusion that he had somehow acquired a fear of in closed spaces. Better it would be to for him to cause some type of distraction and be able to move freely then to find himself the preverbal cork in the bottle and cause danger to the rest.

It was here as he awaited the group’s answer that he was forced to one knee and did almost pass out, a wave of some type of powerful magic washing over him. Having no real exposure to such magic, the pit fighter found himself on the edge of passing out. But as suddenly as it had came so it was gone and Talas shaking his head roughly, slowly regained his senses. He looked to the others to see that they too had felt this wave of magic and he did ask of them
“What just happened?”
Turning to Jal
“Are we discovered??”

For the moment his claustrophobia forgotten he only wanted to know what had happened and if the party was discovered..

Posted on 2007-02-20 at 08:11:25.

Eol Fefalas
Turning Capashanese
RDI Staff
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Phenomenal cosmic power!!! Itty bitty urchin-mage.

Arien had revealed Alloryn to be his twin sister and, in doing so, had drawn Jal’s attentions back from his almost distracted searching for Wynter and to the party, once more. Arien’s sister, he thought as his ice-hued eyes ticked towards the keep’s tower, here?
From what the spellbinder had gathered from the conversations spawned by Char and Dapple’s return with that dagger, finding the Knight’s sister among the Imperials (here or anywhere else for that matter) seemed to be cause for great concern among those who knew her – especially (and understandably) Arien himself. Jal, too, could empathize with the internal battle that the knight was surely fighting and, for a moment, felt a great swelling of sorrow for the leader of this party. At the same time, though, Jal couldn’t help but wonder – especially given Arien’s description of his sister as being a sorceress of some power – if the man’s thoughts of rescuing her were not… misguided?... overly optimistic?...

He sighed softly, chasing the tumbling thoughts from his mind in search of some semblance of clarity, as he stepped away from the party and moved to get a better look at the keep. Jal knew a bit about the Empire and the goals and ideals of the reds and Greens who served it (though, surely not as much as Valentine might) and, if Arien’s sister was in the once ruined keep, would the knight’s rescue of her be an exercise in futility? Would he even be rescuing his sister as he knew her? When, many years ago, Jal had realized that the Master’s intent was to destroy Wynter, he too had entertained thoughts of trying to rescue her and, to this day, he regretted not having acted on those thoughts even though it surely would have cost him his own life (and despite the fact that Wynter, over those long years after, continued to assure him that the outcome wouldn’t have been any different if he had). “Where are you, Wynter,” he whispered, leaning on his staff as he studied the tower, “I could use your help… your advice, dear girl.”

Again, there was no immediate reply from the ghost-girl, but Jal waited expectantly nonetheless. He listened carefully as the others discussed strategy – a magical distraction to cover the party’s entrance to the keep… no… no distraction, now… we all go through the tunnel together – and, as the plan came together, the Spellbinder made sure to note the changes and ensure that the most useful spells for the situation were brought to the forefront of his mind. There was not much he could contribute to the tactics, though, and as such, Jal stayed silent and maintained his watch on the keep and his vigil for any sign of Wynter…

((OOC: I/Jal may have made an “assumption” of sorts above… just to be clear, Jal doesn’t know that Arien is planning on separating from the party in order to go rescue Alloryn on his own… he’s just assuming because, after all, Jal would likely be thinking the same thing…. Now, later that night…))

Nightfall, of course, found the group stealthily approaching the drain that would hopefully allow them access to the lower levels of the keep on the borderlands. Jal’s senses were tingling and he was keenly aware of the mana about him and flowing through him but, as the group neared the mouth of the hidden sewer, two things happened that concerned him greatly. The first was Talas’ sudden apprehension at actually entering the drain tunnel…

“Ranger, are ye daft,” the big gladiator asked in as soft a whisper as he could manage, “I will not fit through there. Tight fit, you said, but for me to attempt passage would be like putting a cork into a bottle of spirits with me as the cork. If this be the only way in, then we are doomed from the start…”

Jal’s eyes flicked curiously to the gladiator… Do you truly worry about getting stuck or could it be that you are afraid of close spaces, my friend? the urchin-mage wondered… Then to the mouth of the sewer as if trying to judge if the possibility did, indeed, exist for Talas to somehow get wedged within. He was reaching out to rest a reassuring hand on the gladiator’s shoulder, intending to offer words of encouragement and perhaps offer up an alternative, when a great wave of mana pulsed over him. Even as his large friend crumpled to one knee – perhaps in reaction to this very surge of magical energy – Jal gasped as the power crashed through him. His entire being seemed to burn with incomprehensible amounts of power, every tattoo, scar, and brand etched into his flesh flared to burning life, and, for the briefest of instants, Jal felt that nothing arcane was out of his reach... There was nothing he couldn’t touch, nothing he couldn’t see, nothing he couldn’t do by bending the world’s mana to his will!

It would have been an almost ecstatic experience, Jal thought, if there hadn’t been something wrong about it… What have you done, Valentine? was his next thought. His wide eyes turned towards the former Red, set to accuse the man of initiating a magical diversion even though the plans that had been made had called into question the safety of such a thing, but Adrian, he noticed, was looking at him in much the same fashion…

Indeed, several sets of eyes were now cast in the direction of Adrian, Jal, and Kilgrim.

“Di’ja feel dat,” Char queried, likely already knowing that the spellcasters had felt it, wanting an explanation as opposed to a simple yes or no.

“What the hell was that,” Dapple spat.

“What just happened,” Talas demanded, slowly getting to his feet, his eyes turning to Jal, “Are we discovered?”

Jal’s eyes traveled the faces of his companions, hoping to find some clues to the answers they all sought, and stopped on Valentine for a long moment. The urchin mage’s look said; I’ve never felt anything like that before. Have you? “I… don’t think so, my friend,” he answered Talas quietly. He was still tingling from the mana surge, though, and its curious nature left him doubting what it might have meant, “but I have never before felt anything like it… mayhaps we should proceed as if we have been made known to someone…or something.”

((OOC: This side’s not tingling… is it supposed to tingle? … Okay, leaving it up to the “leaders of the pack” to decide our course of action…. Jal’s got some ideas that he can offer up, I think, but I’ll wait to see what happens in the next post or two before I go “too far”… ))

Posted on 2007-02-22 at 14:30:48.
Edited on 2007-02-22 at 15:29:06 by Eol Fefalas

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
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1835 Posts

Oh wonderful...

This was truly turning into a great mess. Arien's sister, eh? Were it anyone else, it would be easy to write it off as a simple mistake on her part. Maybe she had joined the Empire... it wouldn't be the first time someone with a bit of arcane power ran off to try and find answers in the Imperial archives. She would only see dissapointment and sadness, and that was if the slaver-like style of education they forced upon their own was not too much for her to bear.

But, if she was anything like Arien, she was more likely captured.

Either way, she had to be rescued. The Empire was no place for real wizards. The reds only cared about puppets.

(OOC: later that night)

Situations went from bad to worse, it seems. Talas had a sudden change of heart regarding the small spaces. He flipped through his mental storage capacity, suddenly cursing himself for only learning how to enlarge things. There was one way... however.

"Talas, if it would put your heart at ease, I do have the means to 'grease the gears' a bit. Surely you have seen what happens if you line your sprite with butter first?"

Going over the patters and symbols for a grease spell in his head, he is interrupted by a wave, no a surge of power. It's as if he could no anything! Frantically he tried to remember what that wish scroll he once stole from his superior looked like. He knew he could cast it!

Then it was gone. Just like that.

His eyes seemed to meet with Jal's.

What did that street rat do? Is he trying to empower me so I will respect him? Pity him? Someone should have told him how long it takes to cast a 'real' spell. He barely gave me time to think about what I was doing!

Obviously the utterly incapable Reds didn't conjure this up. That leaves Arien's sister and him. Judging by the look on his face... he is either studying my reaction to his trick or...

"I have never before felt anything like it... mayhaps we should proceed as if we have been made known to someone…or something."

Maybe not. Damn! What is this! Could this be the divination magic I heard of? Maybe... he's right.
"Jal... is... probably... ... ... ... right. I do know of great diviners who are able to sweep massive tracts of land to see and hear things, but I do not know what being the target of such spells feels like. The Reds are obviously to incapable to perform such a stunt, however I would suggest we act as if we have been outed. You never know which mercenary wizards they have on their payroll...

Now... about that grease, Talas?"

Posted on 2007-02-22 at 15:26:36.
Edited on 2007-02-22 at 15:27:36 by Admiral

The Tired
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Silver Screen - Dalmer and Alloryn

Dalmer didn’t want to sleep. His dream of late had been filled with knights in shining armour coming to slay him. Knights with flaming swords, really bright armour and the whole thing made him shudder. Like some gods damned fairy tale Tonight’s activities had provided a welcome chance to avoid slumber. “What happened here?” he demanded.

“She …the prisoner managed to unscrew the hinges off the door using the buckles of her uniform. We caught her trying to get out through the kitchen.”

Dalmer shook his head, “Resourceful isn’t she? Where is she now?”

“We returned her to her room and tied her to the bed. I hit her with some tox to make her quiet.”

Dalmer’s hand lifted and the soldier found himself in the air, float as it were, “You gave her what?”

“Umm…..ahhh…just a bit of tox sir.”

Dlamer twisted his hand and the soldier screamed in pain. A small voice in the back of his head told him to stop, but he didn’t listen. With simple gestures he tore off the limbs of the soldier one by one the dropped the torso on the ground. “Untouched! I said untouched!” Dalmer said though grinding teeth. He stepped over the dying body of the soldier and hurried to the stairs leading up to the room.

He entered the dark room. The sword was on the floor beneath the bed and the girl was sleepin gin a drugged slumber. The rage within him would not be unanswered, “Get up!” He commanded.

The girl opened her eyes and tried to stand. the soldiers had tied her up to the bed. Dalmer waved his hand that the bonds broke one by one. She stood up and took a few steps. Every movement was resisted to the last and Dalmer saw the defiance in her eyes. Part of him admired the spirit, while another fantasized about breaking it. “Take the sword in your hands.” He commanded.

Alloryn stepped slowly, like a summoned undead staggering from the grave. The emperor had said the action had to be of free will, but Dalmer no longer cared. She’d take it and she’d do what he wanted. The mage stopped before the sword and then finally stooped down to grasp the hilt.

The colonel found himself on the ground. A wave of energy hit him like a club. His green left arm throbbed with power. He rolled quickly and stood again. Looking at the girl in the dark.

He eyes had changes to a glowing green. The wave had come from her, form the spirit that now was in possession of her body. The necklace of command strained as if being pulled apart at the seams.

‘I order you to stop!” he shouted

“I WILL NOT BE CONTAINED!” A cold feminine voice came from within the girl. The sword dropped to the floor from her limp hands.
Dlamer found himself being lifted up. This was unexpected for he had been told that without light, she’d have no power. Clearly someone had the wrong information about the spirit. He focused the power of his hand, and lifted the girl up as well, then threw her against the closet wall as hard as he could muster. It seemed to work as he found himself on the ground again. Not waiting for a second chance, he brought the girl up and smashed her again into the wall, and again, and a third time to be sure. He let the limp body of the girl slump to the floor. Damn. This wasn’t the plan. The Emperor will not be pleased
The hatch to the room opened and Boris’s head popped up. “Colonel? Sir? I can’t see a thing?”

“That’s because it is dark in here Boris.”

“Oh! Are you okay sir?”

‘Yes, but we have had a setback Boris. Tell the men and the reds we are going to plan B. Let the dwarves feel her wrath when she awakes. It is time for us to leave immediately.”

Posted on 2007-02-23 at 03:19:39.

Resident Finn
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I live. I hate work. And I hate it when our daughter gets ill. The poor thing.

Kilgim doesn't know what to make of Arien's plan as he hears it. He certainly has faith in Char's skills to lead them and believes that is a good decicion, perhaps even surprisingly so for the knight, not so well known for thorough planning. But the part of him concentrating on finding Alloryn... That's what we all want, laddie. More than ye know it seems. Hope yer not plannin' on goin' yer own. We'll be needin' yer skills an' ye ours...
Customary to himself, the bald warrior-priest kept quiet and listened to what others had to say. "Uh, sure.", Kilgim found Char saying. He couldn't help a little chuckle as he eyed the surprised expression on the woodsman's face. That certainly is very much like ye, Char ol' boy. Still not used to bein' the center o' everyone's attention, are ye? Kilgim nodded solemnly. "Aye, ye'll do well, laddie. Well indeed."

Then it was the young lad, who caught the dwarf's eye. Dapple shook his head as if not agreeing with Arien and Char. “Char’s right, dividing our efforts too early would buy us nothing. Best to keep our strengths together until we are inside. Maybe being invisible wouldn’t be good if we need to travel together, but is there anything any of you can do to quiet those of us who rattle and clink with every move?”

Kilgim nodded to Dapple. "Aye, there'll be somethin' me can do about it. Me Lord's granted me power t' silence sounds with a prayer, but the spell won't last fer all eternity. But mayhaps enough t'get us inside. Still it's a double edged sword, laddie... The spell creates an invisible bubble o' complete silence. Arien an' meself won't be able t'hear anythin' either. Ye'll 'ave t'be our ears - ye an' Char."

Suddenly something happens... And that something hits them like an invisible gale, though with no apparent physical force. Attuned to his god's magic, the orange bearded cleric recognizes the true essence of the wave immediately. Magic... pure an' beautiful... it feels so familiar... is it a sign? My Lord? Put where it sent by Clanggedin, surely the wave would not appear to originate from the tower, he thinks. The Father o' Battle would 'ave nothin' t'do with the Imperials, now would 'e? And to further strengthen his reasoning, apparently Kilgim was not the only one to feel the wave.

Even the mages did not seem to know what had been the cause of the wave of magical power, but they too had surely felt it - perhaps even experienced something more than he had. Theirs was a different kind of magic. The Art, as some called it, did not come directly from the gods or so the sorcerers claimed. And that was why some of them considered themselves more powerful than priests - considered themselves the true users of magic.

The quick exchange of glances did not go unnoticed. To Kilgim it seemed to contain a mixture of amazement, disbelief and doubt, if not anger. And for the first time the two seemed to agree on something. They did not know what had caused the pulse of energy. "Divination? Mayhaps, maybe not. Me ain't no sage about things magical, but at least it didn't feel like a spell cast by a priest... it wasn't like divine magic. Not that me's got much experience o'followers o' other gods, than me own."

"So ye want me to get rid o'all the clinks and clanks?"

Posted on 2007-02-23 at 08:54:42.
Edited on 2007-02-23 at 09:03:58 by Raven

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
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Takin' a little pressure off the DM...

Char quickly scanned the group as they made their responses. Dey be as unsure as yerself, Char-lad. That wasn’t a good thing to conclude. The ranger knew that he didn’t have any magical knowledge, so he relied on those who did to fill him in on what he lacked. When they didn’t know either that meant that they were moving through a black cave with no light and Char didn’t like that feeling. Glancing towards the knight he wondered what their intrepid leader had to say about things. They hadn’t much time do decide on whether they wanted to continue, or back off. He’d heard of divination magic, captains in the camps he’d grown up in had often spoken of the benefit and Char had wondered why they needed scouts like he’d grown to be at all with that kind of magical assistance. If this were a wide sweep of magical scrying their position was compromised and the ranger felt a desire to return to the cliff. Higher ground could offer a distinct advantage if they were required to defend themselves against Imperial attacks. Then again—Char glanced over his shoulder once more, peering at the keep with narrowed eyes—if it weren’t, they’d be wasting precious hours and run the risk of being discovered.

Shaking his head, Char decided that Arien was preoccupied with thoughts of Alloryn.

“Kilgim,” he said in a hushed tone. “Pray, my frien’. If fer no udder reason dan t’ quie’ da big man der.” The ranger dipped his head in Talas’ direction before continuing. “I says we take’r luck wit’ da keep, move quick an’ ‘ope dat we be undetected.

“Da’ Moon’ll take da lead, der, lessen ya ‘ave differin’ views, Arien. Arien shou’ be secon’, Talas numma three, da two o’ yous—“ Char motioned at the mages. “—Come nex’, den Kilgim, an’ I be bringin’ up da back. Dat’ll keep dose o’ ya wit’ da spell quie’ an’ in da middle.”

Char glanced over his shoulder again, motioning at the entrance, “Well? As Eftari always be sayin’, ‘light yer heels lads, cause da gods ain’t gonna move da eart’ unner yer feet fer ya.'”

Posted on 2007-02-24 at 03:45:14.

Trilogy Master
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No Grease, no Butter, no Slim Fast ......

As Talas listened to Adrian’s idea of using some spell called Grease to help him get through the drain before them the Ex-Gladiator and slave knew this was not to be. Turning to Valentine

“You will not lay a hand on me or cast any magic upon me Red!! Your people killed my family and enslaved me for their pleasure. You say you no longer ally yourself with them well this I find hard to believe knowing your kind so well. Yes you are a member on this task and I must work along side you, but I do not like you, I do not trust you and never will.”

Turning to Char.

“I offer to stay outside the compound walls and create such distraction as to draw as many enemy away from you as I can. But if you still insist that I must venture through this drain then I shall go last for if I do fail to make it through, then no one else will suffer for it but me.”

Awaiting an answer Talas hoped he would be able to remain outside the walls or would find another way in he did not want to crawl through such a very very small tube.

(OOC: Ok just to let everyone know that my attitude towards Adrian is due to his growing up as a slave under the Red’s and his deep seated hatred of them and in no way am I trying to cause problems.

As for his claustrophobia I added that to the character to give him more of human side and a little character depth. Think about it here we have this giant of a man skilled in combat both in an arena and outside of it and on the surface he appears fearless but yet he is scared to death of going through the pipe before us. Kind of makes ya stop and think hmmmm.)

Posted on 2007-02-25 at 03:13:46.

Den Mother
RDI Staff
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1188 Posts

Sorry, I'm the phobic one here...

Dapple listened closely as the others discussed the feeling that had stuck them as her stomach slowly eased its churning. When it appeared that only the mages and Kilgim had felt anything of real consequence, Dapple started to voice her experience, but then stopped herself. Why show how different you are by telling them this? What would it gain anyone beyond exposing yourself?
Instead, talk turned of Talas and the sewer grate, with the big man expressing concern over getting stuck in the small space. Dapple was accustomed to reading body language and other non-verbal cues, but the big fighter was just as accustomed to playing to an audience, and dampening any clues he didn’t want seen. Still, the sheen of sweat on his brow in the cooling evening air was the final tell: there was more to his objections than he let on. The man was afraid. (OOC:Asked the DM for perception roll, and I won).

Having Talas balk at entering the grate was a problem. (Dapple didn’t much care either away about his reaction to Valentine’s offer. She didn’t like Valentine, but then again, she didn’t like anybody.) Arien, Char and even Kilgim were decent fighters, but having more bodies between Dapple and sharp pointy things always made a great deal of sense. So, to convince him was the task at hand.

Dapple forced herself to walk up to the big warrior, her own sturdiness diminishing to waifdom in light of the man’s sheer size. She tilted her head up at him, looking quizzically, like a sparrow taking the measure of an ox. “Talas,” she spoke aloud, her deep voice quiet in the gloom, “crouch down beside me, as if you are walking in a small space. Make yourself as small as you comfortably can, and still be able to walk. I’ll take your measure. “

(Assuming the gladiator does so, otherwise the rest of this post is invalid. Also assuming DM agrees to my actions.

When Talas did so, Dapple moved to stand beside him. She walked around him, touching a shoulder here, a bent knee there, closing her eyes from time to time so that her body, rather than her eyes understood. She then crouched beside Tann, holding her arms out to encompass a space around herself. When she was satisfied that she knew, within her very bones, how much space Talas needed, she nodded. Before the man could rise, she moved with lightning speed to grab and hold his chin with hard fingers. Cold gray eyes bored into those of the warrior’s.

“Know this, big man. I go in there first, and risk my life to find our way through traps and other perils. If I say that there is room for you to pass, you may be assured that it is true.”

Dapple let go and stepped lithely to the sewer entrance, awaiting the signal to head in.

Posted on 2007-02-26 at 00:31:20.
Edited on 2007-02-26 at 22:50:41 by Vanadia

Trilogy Master
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A big man brought low LOL

Talas was awaiting the parties answer as to his usefulness at creating a diversion when much to his surprise he was approached by Dapple.
She tilted her head up at him, looking quizzically, like a sparrow taking the measure of an ox. “Talas,” she spoke to him, her deep voice almost silent in the gloom, “crouch down beside me, as if you are walking in a small space. Make yourself as small as you comfortably can, and still be able to walk. I’ll take your measure. “

For the first few moments the big gladiator just looked at the young boy thinking if this was some sort of jest but the determined look in Dapple’s eyes finally convinced the big man to at least attempt to squat as asked. As he did so Dapple moved around him taking as he had said the gladiator’s measure. Then without warning the boy grabbed him by the chin.

“Know this, big man. I go in there first, and risk my life to find our way through traps and other perils. If I say that there is room for you to pass, you may be assured that it is true.”

The look in Dapple’s eyes for the first time since Talas had met him ice cold, the ex pit fighter found within himself a new respect starting to grow for the young boy. Mayhap this one was right and moving through the pipe would be ok, but yet still Talas would take no chances.

“Ok yes I will trust your word as to my ability to pass yet I still think just in case I should enter last.”

Now, with Dapple’s assurance, it was to Talas not so much his size but his hidden fear of enclosed spaces that he would have to overcome. But if not and he did freeze once inside the pipe better he enter last then risk the lives of any behind him. The guilt of his claustrophobia being the death of another party member, yet another fear in and of itself....

Posted on 2007-02-26 at 04:50:02.

Bromern Sal
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Char eyed Dapple in her activities wondering after the thief's intentions. When Da' Moon grabbed Talas by the chin, Char was momentarily caught up with concern that her action might just spoil her disguise. But Dapple played it off with ease and when Talas stood once more the ranger glanced at Arien, raising his eyebrows as if to say, 'Pa-leeeeeese.' Then he motioned towards the grate once more.

"If'n dis 'appy li'l party be o'er den; can we en'er da keep now?"

Posted on 2007-02-27 at 05:22:30.

The Tired
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In you go.

OOC: Tann has asked that his character’s name be changed to avoid confusion. Therefore Talas is now Maximas Meridias Jerale. Please update your notes and notify the media.

I have been very busy of late, so sorry about the delay.

Arien took in all that was said by Maximus (formerly Talas) and the surprising words of Dapple Moon. He shook his head and moved himself directly in front of the gladiator so they could have eye contact.

Arien’s words were calm and collected, but his eyes flashed of anger, “Maximus, you took this mission knowing the dangers, knowing the way we were taking in and knowing your companions. Now is not the time for you to be saying no and now is not the time to sow seeds of distrust. Adrian is with us and serves with us – put all else aside. All he has tried to do from the beginning is to be helpful. He is from the empire, yes, and he makes no apologies for that and I don’t ask him too. Dapple is from the empire, as is Jal. The lands I call home were imperial less than 75 years ago. We all agree the empire is evil, and has touched us all. I judge a man on his deeds, not his past. So if you cannot get pass these prejudices of yours, then leave now and await our return at the base camp. But if you are the better Man that, as I think you are, then drive out those feelings of fear and distrust, fill the void with courage and stand with me. My sister may be in that tower and she needs our help. I need you. She needs you. Are you with me?”

(Assuming Maximus is staying)

Dapple took the lead down the tunnel, with the other following behind. The old sewage trench was definitely not constructed by dwarves and it became big enough to be roomy even for Maximus and Arien. Those of you with military training come to realize this was probably build this way as a alternate route out of the keep, come a siege or an attack. This is confirmed when secret caches of rusty swords, spears and shields are found along the way.

Traveling the length of the tunnel, there is no sign of recent use. Soon Dapple reaches the end of the passageway, her elven eyes searching the way out. There is a small hole in the roof, certainly the former latrine area, but it is boarded up. Tearing out the boards would be very noisy and certainly attract attention.

Dapple feels around to see if there might be another passage or a secret door. The wall to the south reveals something of interest, when it starts to give way was she pushes against it. The bricks are stacked without mortar, and can be easily removed. Ever the caution one, Dapple checks over each brick as best she can, looking for trap mechanisms, but finds nothing. Wordlessly, she begins to silently remove the bricks, with Char moving beside her to help until a way is created.

Before you is a room. It is the old uniform storage from back when the tower was occupied. Shelves and wooden dowelling still hang here, but the contents are long removed. There is only one door out of this room, on the west wall. There is no one in the room, nor anything of interest. From above, you hear the sound of feet running back and forth, as well as objects being moved.

There is a scent in the air, of pine sap and astringent (think Pine Sol cleaning fluid). The smell is very strong but there is no source to it in the room. Whatever it is, it comes from something close by.

OOC: I sent maps out before, but let me know if you need another.

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As the last brick...

Setting the last of the bricks aside, Char paused and gave listen to the activity he heard from above. The light of their lantern cast its glow past Dapple's and the ranger's forms throwing their shadows into the room and making them dance a bit. After a moment, the ranger (ever conscious of Dapple's personal space) refrained from touching the thief to get her attention, but instead, motioned her towards the door where her acute hearing might be put to good use. Turning back to the others he considered the spell that covered the noise the warrior's armor might make. Would it last much longer? How much time did they have before the duration (was that what he'd heard those war mages call it?) expire? Shoring up against his mistrust of magic the ranger gave his companions a nod and then proceeded into the room, stepping carefully and peering up at the ceiling for a moment to discern what kind of support was overhead.

Once he was inside, he motioned that those behind him wait just within the room and peeled away from them to join the thief at the door. Pressing his ear against the old wood, Char listened for a moment, holding his breath so as not to disturb the natural sounds from beyond.

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Small, dark place...feels like home

Maybe dank dark places weren’t everybody’s idea of traveling, but to Dapple, any passage that was hidden, secret and enclosed was near to perfect. Darkness was rarely a problem as nearly every place that was dank and dark had fungus that glowed ever so faintly to Dapple’s eyes, guiding her along. Even if that source of light failed, her hands, hearing and sense of smell would be enough. It was an almost cheerful thief that made her careful way down the passage, relishing the opportunity to try her hard won skills against any lock or trap in her way.

Oddly enough, the passage widened as they went along, and the anticipated latrine smell didn’t materialize. Dapple began to suspect this was never a sewer in the first place, but had no idea what else it would be for. Smuggling, perhaps? In the end, she came to the end of the passage without incident, and even the big fighters behind her could move comfortably.

Dapple looked up at the opening above them, a hand up to still the others while she considered. The noise of ripping a way clear would be too obvious, and if this passage was here a-purpose, another exit must exist. She takes a deep breath and the quality of the air tickles her nose. It’s fresher than it should be, down here, and she soon enough finds a false wall. The mortarless bricks are there for concealment, and are removed easily by the thief’s strong hands. Char moves up to help, and after checking for any tripwires (alarms, or traps, Dapple wants neither), Dapple gives way to let the ranger work alongside her.

It wasn’t so long ago that he was ready to kill you, little monster. Now you let him within weapon’s reach? I killed his lady love, Dapple “thought” back fiercely, I deserved to die for that. No one would have stayed his hand, least of all me.

Still, the thief moved with alacrity into the newly revealed room, the scent of pine cleaner harsh on her nose and tongue. A quick survey revealed all that Dapple needed to know about the room, and she was already moving towards the door as Char signaled to her to do so. A curt nod barely moved her hood as she pressed ear to wood, listening for what may lay beyond.

OOC: Based on what Dapple hears, she’ll check the door. She’ll note whether the lock mechanism is on this side of the door, or the other, and if nothing is heard on the other side, she’ll open it to take a look out in the hallway.

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Into the mouth of Hell

Maximus did not flinch as the Knight looked him straight in the eyes and began to speak with a determined yet non-hostile tone.

(OOC: Assuming here)
“Maximus, you took this mission knowing the dangers, knowing the way we were taking in and knowing your companions. Now is not the time for you to be saying no and now is not the time to sow seeds of distrust. Adrian is with us and serves with us – put all else aside. All he has tried to do from the beginning is to be helpful. He is from the empire, yes, and he makes no apologies for that and I don’t ask him too. Dapple is from the empire, as is Jal. The lands I call home were imperial less than 75 years ago. We all agree the empire is evil, and has touched us all. I judge a man on his deeds, not his past. So if you cannot get pass these prejudices of yours, then leave now and await our return at the base camp. But if you are the better Man that, as I think you are, then drive out those feelings of fear and distrust, fill the void with courage and stand with me. My sister may be in that tower and she needs our help. I need you. She needs you. Are you with me?”

After a moment he replied.

“Yes I am with you till the end Knight, let us be on our way before we are discovered standing here. But none the less I shall still go last as to cover behind us in case anything evil should lurk inside”

and so that no one will see my fear the huge gladiator thought to himself.

(OCC: again assuming no one stops me from taking up the rear)
And so following the others, sweat on his brow, fighting the fear inside, he was overjoyed and did relax as the passage way widened and he could breathe once again, yet the fear remained, subsided yes, but still lurking. Then Dapple did find the false wall and with Char leading the way they did enter some sort of small storage room, but to Maximus it was the size of a coliseum and happy was he to be out of the tunnel. With a single door as yet to be opened he awaited their next move....

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