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Newbies! Dinner is on!

Stadate: 2366.10.21 USS Discovery, Captain’s Ready Room – 1145
=/\= “Blair to Gavison.” =/\=

Kelsey snapped out of his reverie at sound of his captain’s voice. Old memories of Academy training infiltrated the subconscious recesses of his mind, frightening away the strange emotions that flurried about the imagery of his wife and daughter to replace them with a nearly overwhelming urge to stand at attention before the instructor.

“Gavison here.” God, Kel! How long have you been out of the Academy now? Instructor…
=/\= “Commander, if you could spare a few moments, step into my ready room, please.” =/\=

“I’ll be right there, sir.” Kelsey rose from the seat and glanced about the room. It wasn’t really necessary for him to place someone in charge while he was in the next room, but Gavison hated to leave things open-ended, even for a moment. “Chief,” he said to Tuvar as he passed. “You have the chair.”

Stepping through the door, Kelsey followed Noah’s instructions and took the offered seat. He sat straight-backed, doing his best to remain the epitome of ceremonial. When Blair smiled, Kelsey returned the affectation and allowed himself the slightest degree of relief from his soldiering.

“Thanks for dropping in, Commander. How is that baby girl? I apologize for not having seen her in person yet, but I didn’t want to intrude.”

“Thank you, Captain. Dr. White tells me that Kaila is doing well. Far be it for me to argue. To be frank, right now I couldn’t tell you anything more than she’s breathing, pink, and the apple of her mother’s eye. Oh, and you are more than welcome to drop by at any time. Dr. White has cleared her to return to our quarters, so social visits are ok… I think—I’ll have to check with him, but I believe it is all right to visit without sterilization.” Kel’s bumbling fell off when he realized, rather red-faced, that he was going on and on.

“I envy you, Kel.” Blair seemed to not have noticed, or at least he was a good enough friend not to call attention to Kelsey’s nervousness. “Christine and I never had kids… not that it looks like that was such a bad decision, considering how it all worked out. Still,” Noah shook his head. “You have something that I probably never will.”

Kelsey was about to offer up a hearty encouragement about the captain’s future when Noah’s demeanor suddenly took a turn towards the more serious. With a nod, Commander Gavison pressed his lips tightly together and awaited the captain’s real reason for the meeting. With the morning’s affair he wasn’t so sure he could read Blair like he had originally thought he could.

“Commander, I know that you have elected to continue your duties, but if you need some time off, or a reduced workload for the next few weeks, say the word. Do not neglect your family for this ship – we are all on the same sire.”

“Thank you, Captain, for the consideration, but I have a feeling that if I were hovering around the quarters Sherry would end up skinning me alive. I think it best for her sanity that I remain at active status.”

“Kel, I’m sure that you know I had another reason for asking you here.” Gavison gave a nod when Noah accepted his reasoning and continued on even though he hadn’t a clue why Blair had asked him in. They’d concluded the business that morning and unless there was something specific about this evening’s encounter with the Valmont the XO hadn’t the foggiest, so he just gave the nod and waited for the captain to continue.

“You don’t particularly care for Lieutenant MacTavish, and he feels much the same way about you. I know that, the both of you know that, most of the crew probably knows that, as well.” Blair gave up a small, wry smile. “Jack MacTavish is obnoxious, overbearing, and quite often an insufferable ass. He also happens to run possibly the most efficient department I have seen in my entire Starfleet career.” Noah gave a shake of his head. “I am no military man, and MacTavish complements my weaknesses very effectively. He is an able commander, level-headed and quick to act when need be, and seldom makes a bad decision. If you can name me one soul on this ship more qualified to the two-oh post, I will listen… but you and I both know that you won’t come up with that name.”

Kelsey took a deep breath at the pause and gave a brief nod, a small frown on his face as he considered what the captain said. Finally, he just allowed for Blair to continue having nothing constructive to add.

“I won’t ask you to be professional about your disagreement—you are too good of an officer to do otherwise. I do respect your opinion, Commander, but in light of the facts, I don’t see how I could come to another conclusion. I did want to sit down with you and share my reasoning, however—I value your input.”

“Thank you, Captain. I appreciate your candor and your trust. I can assure you that the differences I have with Commander MacTavish are more than manageable—“ Harder now that Avanti won’t be the buffer between us, but manageable none-the-less. “—and I can guarantee you, sir; I will let you know when I disagree with one of your decisions.”

“Very well. Thank you for coming, Kel. And please do give your wife my regards.”

“My pleasure, Noah. We’ll have you over for dinner soon. I’m sure Sherry will be more than happy for the company.”

USS Discovery, Bridge – 1315
Kelsey looked up from the latest telemetry reports concerning their course and a small meteor (already catalogued with Starfleet) to the smiling face of Lt. Raines.

“Here you go, Commander. It took me a while to get it, but her is everything you’d want to know about Lt. Cmdr. Hardgrave,” Raines said as he handed Kelsey the PADD. Commander Gavison accepted the slim device and briefly glanced at the display, confirming the name at the top. “Also, I had Mr. Ames arrange for a formal dinner in the officer’s mess for sometime this evening, but I haven’t heard anything from the captain about a time yet. Quarters have been arranged for Lt. Cmdr. Hardgrave and the others that will be transferring aboard. I made certain to include fresh flower arrangements from the nursery as well as baskets of freshly replicated fruit. I think they’ll feel right at home, sir.”

Kel looked up at Ben from beneath a cocked eyebrow, a smile creeping up on his bearded face. “What? No chocolate on the pillow?” He chuckled and gave a nod of approval. “Well done, and thank you Mr. Raines. I’ll follow up with the captain concerning the time of the dinner and let you know.”

“Thank you, sir. If you’ll excuse me, I need to see Mr. MacTavish and Dr. White.”

Kelsey gave another brief nod and returned his attention to the information he’d just been delivered.

USS Discovery, Bridge – 1650
End of shift was approaching quick. Well, at least what would normally be considered end of shift. Tonight they rendezvoused with the Valmont and that meant that Kelsey would be pulling a late shift. On top of that, the captain had responded to his message about scheduling the dinner with a late dinner time of 2100 hours so he’d have a little break to be with the family before having to mix and mingle with the new officers. Some alien races felt it rushed to require new arrivals a dinner appointment the day they arrived aboard a new assignment, but it had been naval custom for centuries and dinner with the captain was an honor rarely passed up on.

The doors to the lift flitted open revealing the Domtarian in an unusual color. The look on the large alien’s ridged face caused Kelsey to smile.

“Computer,” Kelsey rose from the captain’s seat. “Commander Kelsey Gavison relinquishing command of the Discovery to Commander Ly Avanti.” It was an honor that Blair had suggested they allow Avanti: one last chance to command the bridge of the Discovery before departing. Kel was only too happy to oblige.

“No sign of the Valmont yet, Commander.” Kelsey stepped to his usual seat and grinned at his friend as he settled in. “Though I’d imagine we’ll be picking them up in no time.”

OOC: Respond as you see fit.

They knew that there’d be a few minutes before the other Federation ship arrived and in reality there was very little preparation work to do in order to prepare for the meeting, so Kel passed the time by holding conversation with the large Domtarian. It was a time of soft mirth, sharing memories that had been built over the past eight months of working closely together. Life aboard a starship—even one as big as the Discovery—tended to bring those who worked it closer together than a station posting. The interaction was the catalyst for many strong relationships.

“Commander,” Lt. Zara called back over her shoulder.

“Yes,” Avanti responded while Kel sat quietly with a smile on his face.

“We’ve just picked up the Valmont on long-range scanners.”

OOC: taking some liberties – correct me if I’m wrong in the way he’d respond, Al.

“Reduce speed to maximum impulse.”

“Yes, sir,” was the reply.

Kelsey settled back in his seat as Avanti relayed the information to Blair. Within a few minutes Noah Blair arrived on deck.

“Captain on the Bridge,” Avanti declared as was his right. All present (except for those at Helm and Nav) stood in respect resulting in Noah giving a nod of recognition before moving towards the command center. When Avanti moved to allow Blair his seat and Noah waved him off, Kelsey felt a wave of sadness wash over him. It was truly going to be the last evening they spent with Avanti… at least for a while.

“Carry on, Commander,” Noah intoned as he seated himself in the second officer’s usual perch. “The CONN is yours until time for you to leave.”

Avanti gave a nod and resumed his seat. “Helm, how long until we rendezvous?”

“E.T.A. is fifty-two minutes, sir.”

“Maintain course and speed, lieutenant.”

USS Discovery, Bridge – 1813
“Commander,” MacTavish calmly stated. “They be hailin’ us.”

“Put them onscreen, please.” Avanti replied.

“Aye, sair.”

Kelsey leaned forward slightly but remained quiet as the screen shown another captain in his late forties. At the sight of the Domtarian, Captain Horatio’s face lit up and Commander Gavison could only smile in response at the warm welcome his friend was receiving.

“Commander Avanti! Good to see you again!

“Noah Blair,” Horatio’s brown furrowed. “I thought that we agreed I would be the one to promote him!”

“We did no such thing, Caine Horatio. You tried to play the seniority card on me, but as Avanti’s current commanding officer, I trumped you by means of proximity.”

“Very well, but don’t think I will forget this, Blair!”

“Indeed, captain—I will sleep with one eye open.”

“All right, then. Your officers are ready to come aboard as soon as you give the green light. Also, Doctor Milkens and his vaccine materials will be ready momentarily. Oh, and Noah?”



Kelsey glanced at the captain for a moment considering the news of the vaccine. It had something to do with their upcoming mission, of that he was certain, but seeing how Blair had yet to confide in him all he could do was speculate so he remained quiet.

“Commander Gavison and I will see you off, if you please.” Noah said to Avanti as they all rose from their seats.

“Thank you, sir. Lieutenant MacTavish, you have the bridge.”

USS Discovery, Transporter Room One – 1820
“Well,” Kelsey said with a huge grin as he stood nearly toe to toe with the large alien, arms clasped in a friendly warrior’s grip. “It has certainly been an honor, my friend. I’m just glad you were here long enough to see my daughter—even if it was through a protective glass pane.”

OOC: Response as necessary.

“The Valmont is getting one helluvah trade. Two officers and a doctor for one you. If I were Noah, I’d have asked for at least double that.” Kelsey laughed and reached up to pat his friend on the shoulder. “I’d better not keep you. The Future awaits. Good luck, Ly Avanti.”

Kelsey stepped back as Noah took his place, clasping the Domtarian’s forearm. “I am proud to have served with you. Godspeed, Avanti.”

Kelsey shared a sad, but somehow happy, look with Noah as Avanti took his place on the transporter pad just before the engineer gave the order to energize. A short time later the tech addressed Captain Blair, “Captain, I have a request from the Valmont- three to beam over.”

“That will be fine.”

Gavison glanced at Blair again briefly as the pad energized, three white centers of light appearing and expanding until people were transitioning into view, their molecules repositioning to bring them back from limbo. As the energy faded Captain Blair greeted them. “Commander Waldgrave, Lieutenant Arevaci, Doctor Milkens. I am Captain Blair, this is my executive officer, Commander Gavison. Welcome aboard the USS Discovery
“Please show the doctor to his quarters.” Blair ordered the petty officer following it up with a gesture. “Doctor, we will be underway presently. My science staff will see to it that your materials are properly taken care of. We should reach our destination in four days’ time.”

Gavison gave the old man an encouraging nod, but remained at Blair’s side with his hands held behind his back.

“Mister Arevaci, please check in with Doctor White, our chief medical officer. When your schedule permits, drop by my ready room.

“Commander Waldgrave, I’m sure that you will wish to acquaint yourself with your new department, so I will stay out of your way for now. Likewise, however, I would appreciate a moment of face time when you get the chance.”

Commander Gavison cleared his throat, “And you are both required to dine with the senior staff at twenty-one hundred hours in the officer’s mess. Welcome aboard.”

OOC: anything else added?

“Very well,” Noah concluded. “Carry on, then.”

As the others made their way out of the transporter room, Kelsey considered asking the captain about the vaccine and their mission. It was the briefest moment of weakness for him followed immediately by a silent chastisement: If he wanted you to have the leg up, he’d have offered you a step-stool.

Posted on 2006-09-28 at 23:32:37.

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The Question, The Answer

Keely's Quarters

Natalie had given it her all and she felt Ben give in return. For a shy pair of people they could certainly raise some havoc upon a bed when they decided they were ready to, and a sofa, and a wall, and a floor, and a bed again... Natalie had a feeling she drove her point home. She loved him. She wasn't willing to let her own silly self-doubts get in the way of keeping him. Plus, she was more than ready for the sex, and afterward they both agreed it should have happened a long time ago. Happy and energy spent, they cuddled in one another's arms. Natalie gazed lovingly into Ben's eyes as he appeared ready to say something. She hoped it wasn't what she was worried about before. If he was going to break up with her and couldn't even wait until they were dressed to do it he certainly wasn't the man she had thought he was.

Ben sat up and momentarily leaned over the side of the bed, before reaching his arms into the air in a magnificent stretch. “Natalie…thank you,” he said looking into her eyes. She smiled, hoping he wasn't about to break up with her with his hand still on her bottom. That would indeed be in very poor taste. “There is something…well, something I needed…wanted to ask…”

Asking? Ok, asking isn't an announcement like, 'We aren't right for each other' she thought. Asking felt safer. She forced herself to say something because he appeared to be waiting for encouragement to go on. "You, wanted to ask me something?" she asked back, running her hand along the muscles of his chest. "You can ask me anything, Ben. I'm here for you." she answered, feeling less worried with every passing second. She had a feeling he wasn't breaking up with her after all so she was relieved.

“Well,” he said, he appeared to be stalling,nervous yet again, making the butterflies in Natalie's stomach dance, “we should move in together…I mean…that would be nice.”

Her worry instantly turned to joy. She hugged him and kissed his face all over, then drawing another passionate kiss from him again, she looked into his eyes with a huge grin on her face, "You really do love me, don't you?" she asked as if only sure for the first time at this moment. "Yes, of course I'll move in with you, Ben!" she answered,jumping atop his prone form in a compromising straddle (but barely noticing for once) and kissing him once more.

She was so excited! This meant the thing he had been wanting to say to her was that he was more serious about their relationship than ever, not that he wanted to break up with her. "So..." she began, the wheels in her head turning, ", you weren't necessarily frustrated about the lack of sex?" she asked, realizing she hadn't had to attack him the way she had earlier and could have taken things slwoly after all. "Not that I mind. It was nice...more than nice, fantastic, but...I thought...I thought that was what you were trying to tell me the other day. I was worried you'd leave me because I wasn't...affectionate enough."

TAG: Raines

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Another 'iffy' post... It'll get better. ;)

Stardate: 2366.10.21 USS Discovery, TAC Office, Deck 8 – 1228

"…I appreciate your humility, mister MacTavish, but I am of the opinion - based upon simple facts - that there isn’t another officer on this ship more qualified for the position. Rank is not a real issue, as you well know - I could place an ensign as officer of the deck, and he would have command of this ship.

As for demeanor, I have yet to see 'overwhelming charm' as a requirement for successful command. This decision is mine, Jack, and I have made it."
Captain Blair’s firm defense had echoed in Jack’s mind repeatedly since the impromptu staff meeting and, much as was the case when that saucer-eyed racoolemur had first spoken to him on Gavin III, he found that, though the words made sense, they had set off a disquieting buzz in his brain that he found hard to shake. It was unbelievable. It was surreal. It was…

...drivin’ me ta th’ bloody edge o’ distraction! A low growl rumbled in Jack’s throat as he chased the thoughts from his head again and tried to focus on the intel rips that Llafet had left for him. He had had the files open and had been staring blankly at the display for the last thirty minutes but, so far, he hadn’t been able to absorb so much as the first word and it was beginning to compound his aggravation. He tried to drown the growling by shooting a full half a cup of coffee down his throat in a single gulp and then, slamming the mug down on his desk (perhaps a little harder than he had intended) he scowled down at the LCARS terminal and forced his eyes to scour the reports. It took a few minutes – he re-read the first entry three times – but he managed to get his mental bearings and was able to start committing the data to memory. Despite the fact that he’d managed to lock his attentions back to the work at hand, though, his mind still had trouble letting go of this latest surprise.

Craziest damned cruise I’ve e’er been on in me life, Jack mused. When he had first received his orders to serve aboard the Discovery he was a little more than skeptical about how he would do on a science vessel and, quite honestly, had expected to find himself transferred back to an NZ patrol boat within the first two months of his tour – or court-martialed all t’gether. Having spent most of his Starfleet career aboard cruisers, carriers, and militarily inclined starbases, Jack MacTavish was definitely more comfortable with ‘jarheads an’ jump-jocks’ than he was ‘eggheads an’ arse-kissers… An’ if I e’er once entertained th’ notion o’ landin’ two-oh, I sure’s hell dinnae imagine it’d be under th’ command o’ th’ likes o’ Blair…on a fargin’ explorer… but to his surprise, serving aboard the Galaxy class vessel had actually been the exact opposite of what his expectations had been. His service record had a straight eight months with no reprimands, in fact, he had received a commendation for some bloody reason, and, most surprisingly of all, he had yet to actually come to blows with the XO…

And, of course, there was Chantelle.

Jack blinked and one corner of his mouth twitched as a crooked grin threatened to crack the near-permanent scowl affixed to his face. Tha’s the craziest bit, isn’it, he thought, losing track of his progress through the intel reports again and failing to notice that just the thought of her had started to chase the tension from his mind. He reached for his coffee, leaned back in his seat, and the threatened grin became more of a promise as an image of the science officer’s sleeping face drifted through his memory. He had come to admit (to himself, at least) that he was in love with the delicate little woman… probably had been since she first spilled coffee on him all those months ago… Even if he hadn't realized that it was "that kind" of love until he'd found himself hovering by her bed after she'd been injured during the Zellogite attack... Aye, there’s been a lot o’ changes for ye on this’n, Jackie-boy… a lot o’ changes indeed.
=/\=Lt MacTavish?=/\= Chief Zamudio’s hail interrupted his reverie.

“MacTavish,” he replied, “What is it, Chief?”

=/\=Lt Hemlos to see you, sir.=/\=

Jack’s smile broke free, at last, as he glanced at the chrono-display… She’s remembered lunch, t’day. “Well, let ‘er in, lass.”

((OOC: Spot check, LysKhala… You can pick it up from here if you like… Looks like Jack’s got some bridge duty to tend to, so I’m off to whip up some posts in that regard…))

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Stardate: 2366.10.21
USS Valmont, Visitors Quarters, 1718

Long, slim fingers ran over the smooth hollow pip as Katrina Waldgrave fastened it onto the collar of her orange undershirt.

Katrina laid out her uniform on the bed of her visitor’s quarters and smiled.

The promotion hadn’t come as a surprise; it never did. She’d been a lieutenant for three years working as Assistant Chief Engineer, before that four working in her specialised field of Warp Drive Engineer. Yet the USS Venture hadn’t got the promotion routes required for someone of her skill and experience and her captain, an astute balding man in his late fifties and been well aware of that.

She’d always taken promotion well. She’d often been described as ambitious; yet this, to her, was but a manifestation of her solid self-belief and lack of reliance on anyone else. An orphan child quickly learns that to get anywhere in this quadrant you had to work hard for it.

She untied the belt to the black satin kimono she was wearing and let it slip to the floor.

The USS Discovery had become infamous from her exploits within the few months she had been in service. In particular, the Zellog incident and the Gavin III mission. These were experiences she was keen on hearing about from those that were involved. The CEO she was replacing looked like a hard act to follow.

Kat had done her homework, using her free time to read stories and talking to her friends from the academy that had worked with various officers and crewmen aboard Discovery.

Kat took her time dressing; “First Impressions…” after all.

She glanced in the mirror pinned her black shoulder length hair up in a formal style and straightened her tunic.

“Computer - time?” Her words were often curt and direct.

=/\= 1750hrs =/\= came the automated response.

It was nearly time.

The USS Valmont was due to rendezvous with Katrina’s new life at 1800hrs.

=/\= Transporter Room to Lt. Cmdr. Waldgrave =/\= a male voice said over the comm.

Katrina lightly tapped her commbadge.

“Waldgrave here,” she said.

=/\= We’re approaching the rendezvous location. Please make your way to the transporter room. =/\=

Katrina took one last look in the mirror her soft brown lips curving into a smile. The third pip, although hollow, suited her.

“I’m on my way,” she said, tapping the commbadge once more as she strode towards the door.

Yes, she thought, the pip suits me… but will the ship?

Posted on 2006-09-29 at 07:30:42.
Edited on 2006-09-29 at 08:39:26 by kicktoria

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Get off the ship already!

USS Discovery, Transporter Room One – 1820

Avanti left the turbolift to head for the transporter room. It was a strange thing for him to be wearing the command red, but it wasn’t a bad fit. The more he thought about his experience on the Discovery, the more he realized how much he had changed since coming abroad. Tier and him were now getting to be friends more than enemies. Then there was Sango. She turned down the Asst. Chief Engineer position and took on the role of Warp Core Specialist. A demotion to some but to her it meant she wasn’t in any direct line of command to Avanti. There relationship was starting to unfold now and Sango was leading him by the hand – dragging him if she had to, into a strange and wondrous new stage for Avanti.

He turned the corner and his musing wa broken by the sight of Kelsey and Noah awaiting to see him off. He smiled genuinely at them, not surprised by the show of affection.

“Well,” Kelsey said with a huge grin as he stood nearly toe to toe with the large alien, arms clasped in a friendly warrior’s grip. “It has certainly been an honor, my friend. I’m just glad you were here long enough to see my daughter—even if it was through a protective glass pane.”

“Thank you Commander. You have helped me more than you could know over the months together. I hope that we work together again someday. Your daughter is a wonderful gift and I am sure she will be growing like an eel before your eyes. May the winds guide your journey, may the water bring you bounty, and may life keep you in harmony.” He said formally.

“The Valmont is getting one helluvah trade. Two officers and a doctor for one you. If I were Noah, I’d have asked for at least double that.” Kelsey laughed and reached up to pat his friend on the shoulder. “I’d better not keep you. The Future awaits. Good luck, Ly Avanti.”

“Thank you sirs. It has been an honour.”

Kelsey stepped back as Noah took his place, clasping the Domtarian’s forearm. “I am proud to have served with you. Godspeed, Avanti.”

“Winds to your bow, Captain.”

Kelsey shared a sad, but somehow happy, look with Noah as Avanti took his place on the transporter pad just before the engineer gave the order to energize. A short time later the tech addressed Captain Blair, “Captain, I have a request from the Valmont- three to beam over.”

Posted on 2006-09-29 at 07:36:16.

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pickin it up...

Stardate: 2366.10.21
USS Discovery, TAC Office, Deck 8 – 1228

Chantelle straightened her tunic as she waited anxiously outside Jack's door. The chief chimed Jack's office and told him "Lt Hemlos" was there to see him. Being announced as if she was merely a casual visitor assured her that at least for now, she and Jack had been successful in keeping their relationship as subdued as possible.

No sooner had the announcement been made than the door swished open for her. Jack was already on the front side of his desk in anticipation. He waited until she was fully inside the office and the door had closed behind her before he grabbed her hands and pulled her to him.

"Aye, yer jes the parson I wanted to see" he said as he gathered her into his burly embrace.

Chantelle let go of a deep sigh and responded enthusiastically with a warm kiss on his now smiling lips.

"I'm glad to see you too" she said, lingering against his broad chest. "I've been thinking about you all morning…to distraction, I might add”

Jack grinned broadly and continued to hold her. She could feel his heart beat through his uniform as she closed her eyes and embraced the scent of him.

"Aye, I've been thinking aboot you too love."
reluctantly he loosened his embrace but continued to hold her waist with his big but somewhat surprisingly soft hands.

"What brings ye to me lair lass?" he joked as he looked warmly into her eyes.

She smiled...contrary to popular belief, Jack MacTavish was disarmingly charming when he wanted to be and at this moment he wanted to be.

"I was wondering if you might have time for a quick bite to eat. It's getting late and I thought maybe if you hadn't eaten, we could go together."
:Eol...insert your own dialogue here please)::

::assuming he says yes among other things::

“ I don’t have much time, I have to get back to the lab for a meeting this afternoon, but I’ll give you my FULL attention until then” she cooed uncharacteristically.

TAG : Eol. It’s your turn luv.

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On the bridge with Bob

Stardate: 2366.10.21 USS Discovery, Bridge, 12:00 noon

Lt. N’doog hummed a bit to himself as he waited for the turbolift to reach its destination. The loss of Avanti was a definite bummer, but he was always keen to meet new people. He wondered what Commander Waldgrave would be like. Hope she’s cool. Wonder if she’s a babe?
The doors open and Bob crossed the floor of the Bridge to reach the engineer station. He greeted the people he knew as he passed, “Troydude! Looking good! Hey Shelly! I got a slice of a holo we need to board!” He smiled and passed the other crewmembers until he reached Z’var. “Z’var, I am here the relieve your feeties from standing duty.”

The Female Vulcan arched an eyebrow at the Catullan. “You are early, Lieutenant. My shift is not scheduled to end for another 26 minutes and 34 seconds.”

“Yeah, well I had to shive some cranial attention to Avanti, not too mention the old bye dude, and didn’t feel like taking the long way. Besides, this way you have time to do your chop chopie workout thingie.” Bob said waving his hands around in a mock karate poise.

Z’var nodded briefly, “That is very considerate of you Lieutenant.”

“Not a problem dude.”

"Perhaps you would like to learn some of the basics of martial arts?”

“No can do dude. I’m not into violence, cathartic or otherwise.”

“Very Well then. The station is yours. All systems are running within parameters.”

A-ok. Dude.” Bob called out as Z’var headed off to the turbo lift.

Bob linked his fingers together and stretched. “Okay Shelia. It’s me. How you doing today?”

=/\= Welcome Lt. N’doog.=/\= the computer intoned.

Bob’s hands stroked the console and then his actions seemed to become a blur. As always, he began to talk softly as he worked. ”Shelia my dear, Can I get some onesies and twosies please. Twosie the essential system and onesie the backups.”

=/\= Running diagnostics=/\=

“Who are you talking to?” The ensign beside him asked, while watching Bob’s hands with amazement.

“I’m talking to you dude. I’m Lt. Bob N’doog. Nice to make yours. Before I was chatting to Shelia. That’s my pet for the Discovery Computer. Only me though, I did that once and the captain got all whoa and I was like hey and he was like official this and that.”

The Ensign shook his head, “What did you say?”

“Don’t let it shake your noodle, bro. I talk to myself when I work. Just ignore me unless I’m facing you. Dig?”


Bob laughed, “It’s cool dude. It’s cool. Shelia? How's about we gleam the cube on that hot modular aft thruster?”

=/\=Reducing stress to aft thruster. compensating with other thrust units =/\=

Shelia gets me.

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(USS Discovery, Keely’s Quarters, 1700 hours)

So..." she began, the wheels in her head turning, ", you weren't necessarily frustrated about the lack of sex?" she asked, realizing she hadn't had to attack him the way she had earlier and could have taken things slowly after all. "Not that I mind. It was nice...more than nice, fantastic, but...I thought...I thought that was what you were trying to tell me the other day. I was worried you'd leave me because I wasn't...affectionate enough."

Ben laughed despite himself. “Sweetheart, I was content with the way things were going. We both have had some bad experiences, and I really didn’t want to rush you…um…also…I thought you might not…you know…want me like that,” he blushed.

Natalie giggled at him and planted a long, sensual kiss on his lips. “Don’t be silly, Ben,” she cooed. “What’s this shy act, anyway? You weren’t shy a few minutes ago.” Again Ben blushed.

“Yeah…yeah…call me Lt. Sensitive,” he joked. “As I recall, you weren’t too shy yourself. I honestly thought there for a minute that you had lost it…or maybe some alien life form had taken over.” Natalie scoffed and playfully smacked him with her pillow. Ben chuckled and grabbed her wrists, and began to tickle her relentlessly…which lead to other things.

++++ CENSORED ++++

A little later…
Ben put his arm around her slender waist, holding her close against his large frame. “I could probably get us bigger quarters. We could decorate them however we want…they would be ours…you know…add our own personal touch,” he said finally.


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(USS Discovery, Keely’s Quarters, 1743 hours)

Natalie rolled over, exhausted and out of breath. They were certainly making up for lost time. After a time, lying together, listening to eachother's heartbeats, Ben put his arm around her slender waist, holding her close against his large frame. “I could probably get us bigger quarters. We could decorate them however we want…they would be ours…you know…add our own personal touch,” he said finally.

Natalie nodded, "If we could, that would be nice. But, I would need to make special arrangements for all of my plants, special lighting, one plant even needs a heating lamp...I hope you don't mind but those plants are like children to me I would have to take them with me in the move."

He nodded with an expression that seemed to tell her he had been prepared for that. "I don't mind" he answered.

"Good." she smiled and kissed his chin, looking lovingly into his blue eyes, "I also think it would be nice for my writing and your playing, to set up a little music corner. Something nice to celebrate the first thing we noticed we have in common." she began thinking of her things and his things and how to mix them together into a melded home, a real home, not a place that would look like two room-mates shacked up there. She discussed a few more ideas he seemed open to listening to as far as decorating went and then they realized that they had lain there in their own glow, talking for over an hour.

Natalie looked at the time, "Lovie, it's 1705. Aren't you hungry? Think we should get some dinner?" she asked, reluctant to leave the warm bed, or dress but certainly starting to feel hungry.

Tag: Raines

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(Keely’s Quarters, 1750 hours)

Ben thought Natalie’s suggestion for dinner was a novel idea. He’d had such a busy day that eating a mean didn’t happen. He was also a bit worn out, but he was certain he’d manage.

“Yes…let’s eat,” he said. “I’ll have to hurry because I’m due for a formal dinner in the officer’s mess at 2100. You just relax and keep looking pretty…I’ll take care of dinner.” He gave her his best smile and kissed her on the cheek.

Lt. Raines put on his skivvies and walked towards the replicator. Natalie did have a good sense for decorating, and Ben became even more enthusiastic about the prospect of them living together…although he had once again chickened out and failed to ask her what he really wanted to. Well, things would be alright this way and give him a little more time to get up his nerve to pop the question.

“Computer, two of Raines’ cheddar broccoli casseroles and two fruit punches,” he gave Natalie an over the shoulder smile and wink. He knew how much she loved this dish, and it was one of Ben’s own additions to the replicator menu on Discovery.

The two ate their meals, happily exchanging ideas and thoughts on the subject of having new quarters together. Ben told a few of the jokes that Mr. Ames had shared with him earlier in the week…only one of which Natalie thought was remotely funny. She shared with him the high points (and the low) of her experiments in Xenobotany. It was all quite romantic and quaint…possibly the best experience Ben had had with Natalie. He was, for the first time in a long while, contented.

“Computer, time,” Ben asked reluctantly.

“The time is 1933 hours.”

“Sweetheart, I hate to say it…but I really have to be going. I need to shower and change into my dress uniform. I’ll also need to double check and make sure the arrangements in the officer’s mess have been taken care of before dinner.”

“Its okay baby,” said Natalie gently. “Will you stop by and see me afterwards?”

“Of course! Will you be awake?”

“Oh yes…I’ll be awake,” she yawned. “I may need a nap for now, though. You wore me out,” she said as her face turned a deep crimson.

Ben smiled at her last remark and quietly put the used dishes back into the replicator and out the rest of his uniform back on. It had been a long day, indeed, but it wasn’t over yet. He exchanged a long, passionate kiss with Natalie before he left which almost lead to a third round of copulation.

“I’ll see you tonight,” he said standing in the open doorway.

“I’ll be waiting.”


(Ten Forward, 2019 hours)

Ben took a nice hot shower before donning his dress uniform. He had about 40 minutes before the dinner began, and decided it was enough time to make sure that everything was set. Both Blair and Gavison wanted to make the new additions to the senior staff feel as welcome as possible aboard Discovery, and Ben had done his utmost to do just that.

Ben had programmed the replicators with a selection which he was sure everyone, espcially Lt. Cmdr. Waldgrave, would enjoy. In fact he was certain it would make her feel perfectly at home. It was an English dish: Sunday roast consisting of roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding. He knew that Captain Blair was fond of Pineapple Upside-down Cake, so that was to be dessert. The table was set with only the finest utensils and china—the best the replicator could whip up, that was. He hoped his superiors would be pleased.


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Corny, But Would You Expect Less From New Love? (Sappy Song-Writing Warning)

(Keely's Quarters 21:23hrs)

Natalie had finished straightening up her quarters and had also decided her earlier shower was now moot given all the extra exartion of the past few hours among other things, so she took a bubble bath, half to get all clean and pretty smelling again and half to relax and reflect on her strange but ultimately very good day.

The most important part of it all was in discovering that Ben really did love her as much as she loved him. She was growing much more certain of that now. Men don't want to live with someone who drives them crazy or someone whom they plan on breaking up with. Moving is a big deal, it's only worth the energy if you really want to be with that person and plan for it to be pretty permanent...if you love them. She smiled. She had never felt this sure of anyone's affections since her childhood. The only people she was ever certain loved her or even liked her were her family. All else was a guess and she was pretty sure the guess was, no. Sometimes she remembered her ex, the first serious relationship she'd found herself in, only to discover she was his other woman and he was married with a wife and kids. When she looked back on how he treated her, some of the things he would say to her or get her to do...she was sure he never loved her and had only used her to abuse her in a way that cruel people do to make themselves feel better by destroying someone else's confidence. He did a masterful job of that, Natalie had had very little confidence to start with. But, Benjamin Raines had been different from those other guys from the start. For a change, Natalie felt someone truly saw her, was looking at her and not just assessing her figure and how to get her into bed. Ben had always shown that he cared about her, her interests, her passions, her job, her quirks...he knew and loved all of those things about her. Others had said she was boring. He found her fascinating and fun. Natalie leaned back in her warm bath, a satisfied grin on her face. She had found 'the one'.


After her bath Natalie felt like she was in a writing mood. She got out her sheet music, blank pages and a pencil, the old fashioned kind. She rolled out her travel piano onto it's stand and began writing and playing, humming occasional melodies to herself as she tried them out.

"Now, my love it seems we have begun.
How could I have known you were to be 'the one'?
I was looking for no more than just a friend, but in the end,you took this broken heart and made it mend..."

She had been working on it long into the night before her door chime rang again. "Come in!" she called, knowing who it was. She got up and left the song writing pariphenalia where it was. She had more important matters to attend to...


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USS Discovery, Deck 8
TAC Office – 1238 hours

The door to the CTO’s office slid away a heartbeat after Jack had locked down his workstation and made the short trip around the desk. Chantelle, tugging at her tunic, stood on the other side, that nervous smile playing on her lips.

“Afternoon, Lieutenant,” he nodded as she crossed the threshold into his office but, as the door whooshed closed behind her, he was quick to fold her hands in his and pull her to him. “Aye, an’ yer jus’ th’ person I wanted ta see,” he ssaid as he wrapped her up in his arms.

Chantelle let go of a deep sigh and a warm kiss on his now smiling lips. “I’m glad to see you, too,” she said, her cheek and fingers lingering on his chest, “I’ve been thinking about you all morning… to distraction, I might add.”

The TAC Officer’s grin broadened and his arms wrapped a bit more tightly around her waifish frame, as he bent to plant a kiss on the top of her head, he caught that faint scent of apples that he had come to associate with her (though, she professe that she used nothing apple-scented, at all, in her hair or otherwise) and he felt his heart jump a bit. “Aye,” he replied softly, lifting one hand to cradle the back of her head as he languished in this stolen moment of closeness, “I’ve been thinkin’ aboot ye too, luv.” His lips brushed over her forehead as he relaxed his embrace, letting her slide back a bit into his hands so that he could look her in the eyes. “What brings ye ta me lair, lass,” he grinned, finally, trying a hand at humor to distract himself from the thoughts that were actually gallivanting about in his mind.

She smiled, then… one of those shy, ‘I know something that everybody else seems to miss’ smiles that literally gave him chills. “I was wondering if you might have time for a quick bite to eat,” she said, “It’s getting late and I thought, maybe, if you hadn’t eaten, we could go together.”

“Twist me arm,” he winked.

“I don’t have much time, I have to get back to the lab for a meeting this afternoon, but I’ll give you my full attention until then,” she cooed rather uncharacteristically.

“Ach,” Mac groaned, buckling his knees as if the tiny woman had just put him some kind of telekinetic hammer-lock, “Uncle! I’ll go… I’ll go!”

She giggled and her cheeks flushed a little. “You’re crazy, Jack MacTavish,” she beamed, playfully swatting at him as she slipped from his embrace.

“Dinnae say tha’ too loud, luv,” Jack quipped tugging the jacket of his own uniform back into shape before reaching out to brush a stray lock of hair away from her cheek, “I un’erstand we’re ta be getting’ a new head-shrinker ‘s well’s a new CEO, an’ I dinnae want th’ fairst thing ta reach ‘is ears ta be somethin’ aboot Mac bein’ a loopy bastard.

Ten-Farward is it, then?”

(OOC: assuming a “Umm.. sure…” or some such…)

“Grand,” he smiled, stealing one more quick kiss before cueing the door open, “let’s get to it, then. Ye’ve go’ a meetin’ soon, aye?” Despite wanting to keep her tightly in his arms, Jack only made the briefest contact physical contact – his hand lightly resting on her elbow – as he ushered her out of the office.

“Chief,” he rumbled as he passed Zamudio, “I’ll be in Ten-Farward fer the next thiry-minnits er so. Lt Mueller ‘as th’ shift until then.”

“Aye sir,” the Senior Chief replied with a curt nod, “Have a good lunch, Lieutenants.” A wry smile danced over her features as she watched Mac and the CSO disappear through the hatch and into the corridor. I wonder if Mac realized that he left the com channel open after I announced, Lt Hemlos… She almost laughed out loud when the door hissed shut behind the two el-tees… Mac’s got a girlfriend… Oh my GOD! An ominous chill ran down her spine just then and choked off the laugh before it made it to her lips. The smile faded a little as she looked up from her paperwork and peered nervously around the TAC office. “Better just keep that to yourself, Michelle,” she whispered, “just keep that to yourself….”

((Back to you, Fuby luv… ))


USS Discovery,Bridge - 1813

"Commander,” MacTavish said as the Valmont pinged the comm, “they be hailin' us."

Avanti nodded. "Put them onscreen, please." The Domtarian engineer had occupied the Big Chair for the last couple of hours – an honor that Captain Blair had bestowed upon him as a parting gift of sorts, Jack imagined.

"Aye, sair,” he replied, shunting the incoming transmission to the primary viewscreen. The display transitioned from a starscape to the interior of a Federation starship, focused on a dark-haired human male in his late forties. As the Discovery closed on the Valmont, the TAC Officer realized that these next few moments would see Commander Avanti issuing his last commands from that chair and, for a moment, thought that he might have actually been saddened by it a bit.

"Commander Avanti! Good to see you again!" Captain Horatio greeted the Domtarian, the familiarity in the man’s voice wasn’t hard to miss.

As Captains Blair and Horatio engaged in their verbal sparring over Avanti, Jack returned his attentions to the TAC console, bringing the short range sensors to the forefront and floating the pending SEC protocol and COM panels to the side. His attentions only fully returned to the main screen when Horatio shook his head; "All right, then. Your officers are ready to come aboard as soon as you give the green light. Also, Doctor Milkens and his vaccine materials will be ready momentarily…”

Jack arched a brow; Vaccine materials? Wha’s tha’ all aboot? Shortly after he and Chantelle had finished lunch, Lt. Raines had delivered a PADD to him containing information on the new crewmembers that would be transferring over but the reports had said nothing about a vaccine or a Dr Milkens that he could recall. His gaze ticked from the viewscreen, to Blair, to Avanti, and finally to Gavison before dipping to the TAC console again. Ach! Sure an’ ye’ll find out soon enough.If t’were anythin’ the Cap’n thought ye’d need ta know he’d’ve told ye.
"…Thanks." Blair nodded.

Jack closed and secured the channel as the captain made eye contact with Avanti. "Commander Gavison and I will see you off, if you please," Blair said.

The domtarian nodded. "Thank you, sir. Lieutenant MacTavish, you have the bridge."

Jack stepped away from the Primary without a word, his place left with no time to cool as Ensign Sode immediately assumed the rim, and descended the ramp to the command pit. As he came within a few steps of Blair, Gavison, and Avanti, he came to a halt, snapped to attention, and rendered the domtarian a crisp salute; “Et’s been a pleasure servin’ wi’ ye, sair,” he said before dropping the hand and offering the man the ghost of a smile, “Fair winds an’ followin’ seas, Ly.”

((OOC: Assuming anything but an “F*** you, MacTavish”))

MacTavish nodded, removed himself from the path of the USS Discovery’s original command staff, and waited for the turbolift door to close before he finally forced himself to take the Big Chair. His jaw tightened a bit as he drew in a slow breath and, rather hesitantly, situated himself in the ship’s command seat. “A’right,” he rumbled under his breath, “lessee if we c’n find th’ coffee cream wi’oot a map.”

“Lt Zara,” he said, “bring us aboot an’ bring ‘er ta all stop.” He couldn’t bring himself to settle back into the chair as Captain Blair or either Gavison and Avanti seemed capable of doing. Instead, Mac perched almost on the edge of the seat, one hand gripping the arm of the chair while the other went to his chin, his elbow resting on his knee as his steely gaze swept from the main viewscreen and made a slow, discerning pass of the bridge from this angle (someone would later compare seeing Jack take the Captain’s chair for the first time with looking at Rodin’s “Thinker”).

((OOC: “Aye, aye…” whatever. ))

“Mr Sode,” he continued when he didn’t melt after giving that first order, “Advise security tha’ th’ Cap’n an’ th’ XO’ve left th’ bridge wi’ Commander Avanti… Transpairter Room One…An honor guard’d be appropriate fer a send off an’ welcome aboard, aye?”

“Affirmative, Lieutenant,” the tiburonian responded, “Security and the Transporter Chief have been notified, sir. Transport protocols active.”

“Grand,” he grumbled, realizing that if he as going to re-read the data on the boarding crewmembers he was going to have to sit back in order to view the display built into the arm of the chair…

((OOC: And here he’ll be until relieved… reviewing the data as mentioned and trying to determine if he “missed somethin’ aboot this vaccine bezness” and issuing commands as necessary… NOTE: The whole 'honor guard thing' was intended as a 'soft toss' to our security folks (SilentOne, Vesper, etc) if they were just waiting for a reason to post... disregard if necessary.))

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Security soft toss

Stardate: 2366.10.31
Main Secuirty officer, deck 15 - 1815

=/\= Bridge to security. =/\=

Ensign Sode's voice jolted Rrowl out of his reverie. In his mind, he had been stalking the brontha, could pracically smell their blood...

He signed and tapped the intercom. "Rrowl here."

=/\= The captain and executive officer hve left the bridge with Commander Avanti, sir. Lieutenant MacTavish requests and honor guard to send them off and to receive the new senior officers. =/\=

The kzinti officer nodded. "We're on our way," he answered, then cut the communication. His gaze fell upon the form of Ensign Radizt. "Raditz," he teased, "as unattractive as you are, you will probably be better received by honored guests than myself. Take Jeffries and Marks and go play honor guard at transporter room one."

OOC: assuming an "aye aye"...

The aSEC pulled keyed his terminal for the records of the other personnel that would be boarding the Discovery. A couple of engineers, some enlisted ops personnel, a geek or two, and a couple of security personnel, including a fresh adademy ensign. The kzinti's ears flicked in his race's approximation of a grin. Didn't they deserve welcome, as well?
"Walker, you're with me. Chief Aardsma, keep them from setting anything on fire while I'm gone."


Transporter room two, 1820

The glowing forms coalesced into solid bodies, including a young human female ensign in gold. Rrowl was fairly accustomed to the monkeys' insistance of gender equality by this point in his career; the Patriarch knew that Tuvar was a qaulified officer, and Rrowl had known one or two other females who had proven themselves in his eyes. Even so, old thought patterns died hard, and the look on this rookie's face did nothing to quell the instinctive agression he felt.

Still, he would give her a chance to prove herself - though prove herself she must. Time for test number one.
He gave her fifteen seconds or so before stepping directly in front of her on the transporter pad. The first real memory the ensign would have of the USS Discovery would be a vsion from a nightmare - for all the world, Rrowl looked like a seven foot tall tiger that walked on two legs instead of four, and he knew the effect it had on most humans. He bared his fangs in the expression that signalled agression with his species, and friendliness with humans; Rrowl supposed that both fit the current situation.

"Ensign Coffin?" the kzinti asked.

OOC: assuming an affirmative

"I am Lieutenant Rrowl, your aSEC. Welcome aboard the Discovery." His speech was understandable, though a bit siblant on the "s" sounds. The hulking kzin stood uncomfortably close as he spoke.

"Your quarters will be on deck three with most of the other junior officers; the computer will give you the exact compartment. Main security is on deck fifteen. Your first shift will be tomorrow, and you will be expected to report to Lieutenant Tuvar, the chief of security. Do you understand?"

OOC: again, assuming an affirmative

Rrowl nodded. "Very well, then. You are dismissed."

He watched her walk away, his tail twitching slightly.

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Stardate: 2366.10.21
Transporter room one - 1825

Commander Gavison cleared his throat, “And you are both required to dine with the senior staff at twenty-one hundred hours in the officer’s mess. Welcome aboard.”

Noah smiled tightly and nodded, thankful that the XO had covered for his faux pas. How could he have forgotten to invite the new officers to a dinner held in their honor?

Ah, well. Politicing had never been his strong suite. It was too late for him to worry about that, now.

Once he had confirmed that all personnel and equipment exchanged between the two vessels had been completed, Noah keyed his commbadge.

"Blair to MacTavish."

The Scot's burred voice answered. =/\= MacTavish here. =/\=

"Jack, have helm lay in a course for Aldor V, warp factor five."

=/\= Aye sair, Aldor five it is. =/\=

Noah nodded. "Thank you, lieutenant. Blair out."


Ten Forward - 2055

All of the senior staff had filed in by now, a fact that pleased Noah greatly on some small level. Those that served with him for any length of time knew that for any appointment, on time was late. Either the new officers felt the same way, or they had simply been lucky... not that it mattered overmuch.

Once everyone was seated, captain Blair called for their attention. "Good evening, everyone, and thank you all for coming. I believe that you all know me," he grinned slightly at the odd chuckle around the table, "but this meal is of course for the benefit our new senior officers."

"First of all, alow me to introduce our new Chief Engineer. Everyone, please welcome Lieutenant Commander Katrina Waldgrave." Noah indicated the tall, attractive black-haired woman to his left.

OOC: anything that needs to go here...

"Also, we have a new Ship's Counselor. Allow me to introduce Lieutenant Christoph Arevaci." This time, focus went further down the table to the brown-haired man with pianist's hands.

OOC: same thing...

"Now then," Noah continued, "I believe that you both met Commander Gavison, my XO. Next we have Lieutenant Jack MacTavish, our Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer. Next to him is Lieuteant Tuvar, our Chief Security Officer."

Noah paused, then went to the other side of the table, where he indicated a lieutenant commander in medical blue. "Doctor Victor White is our Chief Medical Officer and acting Third Officer. Lieutenant Raines in our Chief Operations Officer, and the man responsible for the wonderful meal we will soon enjoy." Polite chuckles around the table.

The female lieutenant in blue was next. "Next, we have Lieutenant Chantelle Hemlos, our Chief Science Officer. Finally," he indicated the bajoran woman in red, "Is Lieutenant Damali Zara, our Chief Helm Officer."

OOC: any and all, feel free to intro yourselves, chitchat, etc.

Blair retook his seat. "As you may know, we not only picked up new staff from the Valmont, but a doctor Joseph Milkens, as well. Doctor Milkens is carrying the supplies to manufacture a critically needed vaccine for Aldor V, to which we should arrive in a little less than four days. In theory, this is a simple delivery job; our task is merely to drop the good doctor and his materials off at the federation complex panetside. "

The captain paused and rised his glass. "Enough shop talk for now. Let us properly welcome our new comrades with an excellent dinner and a toast. To the Discovery!"

OOC: run with this as you will...

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honor guard

USS Discovery, Security One – Deck 15

It had been a fairly easy-going day with all things considered. It had been some time since any individual had acted out of line aboard the Discovery, but Tuvar did not mind that much at all. Easy was fine by her because it meant that her crew was doing their job by keeping everybody in the regimented line that was Starfleet’s code of conduct. She read over the reports and saw that only two individuals had been sent to the brig. A couple of punches had been thrown over something that the two did not even seem to remember. A slight laugh made its way from between her lips. Not everyday brought something amusing to her.

Tuvar pushed the PADD away from her and took a moment to rub her temples. A slight headache was forcing its way to her temple, something that she really didn’t need at the moment but was something that she could most definitely handle on her own. Thoughts of Matthew had been keeping her up at night, the distance between them seeming even greater now that they had been able to spend a few months stationed together aboard the Discovery, but his transfer had been ordered with no chance to appeal it. It seemed that she could look just about anywhere nowadays and see the love in an individual’s eyes that they harbored for a soul that matched theirs. Tuvar just wished that it wasn’t so hard to be away from the one that held the key to her heart.

=/\= Bridge to security. =/\=

Tuvar’s attention peaked at the sound of the comm.

Rrowl sighed and tapped the intercom. "Rrowl here."

=/\= The captain and executive officer hve left the bridge with Commander Avanti, sir. Lieutenant MacTavish requests and honor guard to send them off and to receive the new senior officers. =/\=

The kzinti officer nodded. "We're on our way," he answered, then cut the communication. His gaze fell upon the form of Ensign Radizt. "Raditz," he teased, "as unattractive as you are, you will probably be better received by honored guests than myself. Take Jeffries and Marks and go play honor guard at transporter room one."

An amused laughed came once more to the Security Chief as she spoke up, “Although, my shift was over by more than two hours ago, I’ll go ahead and command the detail myself. Besides, who better to provide an honor guard than the Chief of Security herself, right?

“Raditz, form up your team and follow me,” the command came easier for her now than it did just about nine months ago. She had grown to fill the position that she found herself in each day. Even knowing that her decisions had put men and women in a hospital bed or even into their grave, Tuvar still felt better about what she had to do in order to keep the general populace safe from whatever threat may target the Discovery.

It did not take long for the group to get to transporter room one, and there they waited as the others phased into being aboard their new vessel.

Tag: any who is there

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