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Nenmar - Day 2 - Morning of Silence

The group awakens to the sun bathing its rays upon their faces. The sound of the water lapping against the cliffs instantly threaten to return them to slumber, however that is the only sound you hear.
Tispers lay there calmly, wondering what just happened to him. He brought up has hand in front of his eyes and stared at the blue sky through them. Slowly he got up, grunting in the process, and trying to figure out what was going on around him.

Guinevere wakes up and crawls up to a standing position. Still shrugging off the 'sleep' she dusts the front of her shirt and pants off. She twists around back and forth to see who else is here, uncomfortable with being out in the open and undefended out of town.

"You okay?" She asks the gigantic half-dragon who is also standing.

Okron stands up and wobbles around for a bit, but feeling light headed due to standing up rather suddenly.

Tispers held his hand up to his head and squints. "Did anyone get the name of that boat?" he grunted deeply. He felt groggy as if he just woke up from a deep slumber, and felt overslept.

"I'll take that as a no. Okron, are you alright?" Guinevere asks.

"I'm fine, just a little light headed." Okron says

A sudden tear is heard, as though the fabric of reality was torn, and before your very eyes a white gash in the shape of an erratic lightning bolt appears. As quickly as it came, a whoosh sound is heard and the bolt vanishes, leaving Richard in its place. Suddenly, the brown runes reappear and ram straight into Richard's body, winding him for a moment.
Richard stands up slowly, being very new to these time fluxes. "What just happened?"

Guinevere recoils at the sudden violent expression of the world's instability. After the initial shock she seems to take it in stride, "So how are you doing?" she asks Richard

Richard grunts, obviously still trying to recollect himself.

Tispers remained to ignore them and walked to the cliff edge and looked out to sea with an extremely grim look on his face. He obviously had something on his mind, but it looked like he didn't exactly want to talk about it either. "So what now?" he asked.

Looking quite shaken Richard looks from one person to another, as they do not seem to find him appearing in a lightning bolt strange, he takes it into stride.

Guinevere feels a slight nudge against her hand, a nudge with a few whiskers in front.
"Aiee!" she squeals and whips around to see what it is.

Nina, Tenee's leopard companion, looks sheepishly at you and bows its head in apology. But, before you can respond, the leopard walks to the center of where the ring of stone pillars stood. Tenee's still form has still not moved from the center of the mosaic.
When Guinevere realizes who it is, she visibly releases some tension. Then she goes over to Tenee to see what the matter is.

Okron wanders over to Tenee to keep up with the group.

Tenee looks as though she's simply sleeping in, but a quick check reveals that her breathing is very shallow.
Guinevere checks Tenee's forehead for a fever, then tries to lift the elf child.

Tenee's temperature is not warm, rather it is slightly cold. Her face, now that Guinevere is examining it, appears unnaturally pale. Guinevere pick her up gently, although her limp form does hinder Guinevere substantially.
Guinevere bears Tenee with no small struggle. "We should get back to the city, there's no telling what could be out here."

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 03:40:41.
Edited on 2008-06-15 at 03:41:30 by Reralae

Dreamer of Bladesong
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2231 Posts

Nenmar - Day 2 - Startlement

A sudden tear is heard, as though the fabric of reality was torn, and before your very eyes a white gash in the shape of an erratic lightning bolt appears, exactly in the same spot as Richard. As quickly as it came, a whoosh sound is heard and Richard and the bolt vanish.
Tispers notices what Guinevere is trying to do and walks over to her. Not allowing her to move any further he bends down and takes Tenee into his own arms and throws her body over his shoulder. "It will be easier for me to do the heavy lifting, do you think, is she dead?" he asks, not quite sure himself.

Nina looks at both of you apprehensively.
"She is not sick, but she is not well. She is alive though.” Guinevere says solemnly

Nina suddenly jolts upright, baring her teeth toward the north. Tispers catches a faint sound, which can instinctively be identified as running. Many things running, all in your direction, and from the north, where Nina is glaring.
Tispers looks in the same direction as Nina, uncertain as to what was coming their way. "Something is running our way... there are lots of them, I wonder what it is..." he simply states.

Guinevere looks alarmed, listening for the sound herself, wondering if it's dangerous.

A whole lot of squirrels and rabbits and other wildlife run through the clearing, bypassing you. This was obviously the sound that was heard...
Tispers stays still slightly stunned at all the wildlife running by. He didn’t want to move in fear that he might step on something and accidentally kill it.

The animals have run past, but just what was it they were running from?
Tispers stands his ground then puts Tenee on Nina's back. "Take her somewhere safe, something big is coming," he informs the animal companion. Tispers draws his great sword from the sheath on his belt and stands ready for anything that is going to come at them.

Okron’s eyes look around frantically, trying to make sense of all the sudden commotion.

Guinevere (if anyone cares to look), seeing Tispers draw his sword, calls forth her own powers, the change in her nature evident in her eyes (that's why I said if anyone cared to look)

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 03:47:09.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Nenmar - Day 2 - Linsemptus Scouts - Round 1

Going through the trees themselves, three humanoid shapes emerge. These humanoids appear almost skeleton-like in appearance; however their forms are translucent, with their colours changing throughout the visible spectrum. Their forms are gelatinous, fluid, and waver with energy that is wreathed around their intangible forms. Also, sparks against the very fabric of reality run across and through their entire forms.

Seeing their target in plain view, they run forward, straight for Nina and Tenee.

Nina, in response moves back, careful to keep Tenee's form on her back.

In the back (I guess) Guinevere looks on in horror at the monsters that seem to be committing to hostilities toward Tenee and the leopard. With a thought, jet black energies surround her right hand. Holding it at the creature closest to Tenee, the energy congeals into a smaller area just in front of her outstretched palm, immediately after that firing off as a black ray.

The creature hit turns and charges at Guinevere, obviously distracted from its intended target.

It reaches back with one seemingly gelatinous appendage that thins and sharpens into a deadly looking blade. It swings upwards with it...

When it looks as though Guinevere would dodge the attack, the unknown monster tilts its blade just slightly. Suddenly, a white rift outlines the path of the deadly weapon as it pierces and cuts into Guinevere. The rift causes a massive strain upon her body, overloading the senses with pain. (The effect of all the pain is paralysis)
Tispers fixes his position and lines up his two targets, the uninjured enemies. He could help Guinevere, but he wanted to take care of the other two before they could gang up on someone, after all, strength comes in numbers. Tispers takes a deep breath in and calling upon the power from his lungs, he breathes out a steady cone of fire onto them.

After the flames subside, one humanoid figure appears unscathed. The other has had an effect on it much like what Guinevere's energy attack did, except on a slightly larger scale.

The two creatures also leave their target and head for Tispers. Fortunately for Tispers, he's out of range of their movement, for the moment.

Okron seeing these monsters hurries to aid Guinevere while drawing his swords.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 03:50:11.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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2231 Posts

Nenmar - Day 2 - Linsemptus Scouts - Round 2

Two arrows shoot from the trees ahead, both burying themselves into two of the creatures. The one in front of Guinevere lets out an unearthly shriek as it dissipates into nothingness. The other, in front of Tispers is caught off guard, flying through the air as it also dissipates.

The final creature looks around reflexively for the attacker... but apparently fails to see anything.

Without hesitation or shock that his prey had just been taken down before he could do the job, Tispers jolted forwards, swinging horizontally at the last creature with all the strength he could muster up.

Despite all the force in the world, Tisper's blade fails to catch on anything as it visibly passes through the creature.

The creature angles its left appendage, forming a similar serrated blade with it, and slashes at Tispers.

However, the blade is drawn up too short, and fails to hit Tispers.

Nina's eyes glance around the field, checking for other threats, and failing to find anything just waits patiently for the end of combat.

Seeing at how Guinevere is currently out of trouble Okron alters his course and goes toward Tispers in hopes to help in this battle some way. Reaching the monster, he gives a swift slash with his blade.

The creature sharply ducks beneath Okron's hasty swing.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 03:52:04.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Nenmar - Day 2 - Rii

Another arrow flies from the side, impaling the creature swiftly, and causing it to double over. A final arrow finishes what the first started, tearing a whole straight through its intangible form, with the rest of the body dissipating soon afterwards.

"I'll take those three crystals if you don't mind." A female voice calls from the source of the arrows.

"Crystals? Huh?" Tispers says loud enough for Okron to hear him.

Guinevere's body shudders as it regains its mobility, and she moves her body making sure everything is back to full normal capacity. "Who did that?" she asks, having seen the arrows but been unable to do anything anyway.

"I don't know, but they mentioned something about Crystals" Okron replies.

Walking out from behind the trees is a female archer. Her bow gleams softly, and appears slightly transparent at times. She quickly places it over her back and continues towards where you are.

Upon reaching the spot where the creatures where, the woman picks several items off of the ground. "Thank you." She says. Her voice is extremely pretty, and though her looks are slightly Elven, there is substantially more grace than even an elf has.

"Who are you?" Okron asks

Tispers with his sword drawn raises it and holds it against her body. "Who are you and what significance do these crystals have to you?" he says with an angry look. He was not only mad that she had taken his kill, but that she was also taking the spoils for herself. He wasn't too pleased and the fact that he was now stuck in this annoyed him even more.

"He has a point, you did kind of show up out of no where, though I thank you for saving us," Guinevere says peaceably.

"As do I" Okron says with agreement.

"Here's a better question." The woman says sharply, "What use are these to you?" She extends her hand and reveals what she picked up. At first you cannot even tell that something's there, but you eventually see an octahedron with a transparency reminiscent of the creature's appearance.

"They have no market value that I am aware of, and even if they did, they cannot be used in any jewellery due to their properties."

"I'm not interested in money," Tispers replies.

"Then what are they used for?" Okron asks.

"Neither am I, so that makes us even." The woman replies, "I suppose you only want them because I'm apparently interested in them..."
Tispers removes his sword, "Your name," he simply says, holding his blade at his side

The woman sighs, "Rii." The name has a very peculiar accent, sounding rather foreign even to Tispers.
"Stay out of trouble... Rii" Tispers says, throwing off the accent. He then begins to walk back to the forest no longer caring about anything. This whole thing was going to be annoying, he could feel it, but if it helped him to become stronger, he wouldn't mind.

"I intend to; my job was only to make sure Tenee was alright." Rii replies before walking toward the girl in question.
"Again thank you for your help Rii" Okron says kindly and then goes back to the others.

Guinevere nods to Rii, and flees after Tispers, "Hold on a moment, if there are more of them out there, armour wouldn't help, but there are other dangers."

Upon reaching Tenee, Rii carefully places Tenee's body on the ground. She mutters something in a gentle and flowing language, gathering a condensed bright light at her hand. She infuses Tenee with this light, and immediately, Tenee's breathing grows much stronger, and the colour returns to her skin.
Okron turns around, surprised by the bright light
"What did you just do?" Okron wonders.

"Worry less about me, and more about that kid," Tispers says, annoyed that she would doubt his ability. Tispers swings his back only for moment, to witness what Rii is doing. 'Perhaps that lady isn't so bad after all,' he thinks.

"She should wake up soon," Rii muses, and noting Guinevere's wound provides a similar (although substantially less bright) occurrence to heal it.
Guinevere's visage is crossed with an annoyed frown for a moment, and then she turns back to where Okron and Rii are, to be with as many others as possible. Then she threw her knapsack onto the ground and began removing the black leather cuirass, as well as several other pads for her arms and legs.

"And with that done, there's no more need for me to be here." Rii says, standing to leave.
Guinevere finishes strapping on her armour and calls to Okron, "Bring Tenee and let's catch up to that scale-head"

"We might meet again, but those chances are unlikely." Rii muses softly. With that note, her image blurs and disappears.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 03:57:54.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Nenmar - Day 2 - Return to Enompt

Tenee stirs and slowly gets up. She stretches for a moment; she was out for a considerable length of time.
"Are you ok?" Okron asks "what happened?”

Tenee opens her mouth to respond, but rather than anything coherent coming out, she murmurs a slew of animal sounds.
Guinevere approaches up behind Okron, curious to see what Tenee is doing.

"Pardon?" Okron asks puzzled.

Nina looks at Tenee sharply and growls. Tenee stops in response and then concentrates for a moment. Finally, she says, "OK... I don't know how that happened." Her speech is slightly hesitant, as though Common is now a second language that she's learning.

Finding her voice now, Tenee continues, "I'm sorry, I really don't know what happened... I went to reply, and I did, but then Nina told me I wasn't speaking Common..."
Guinevere looks on curiously at the elfchild, "Well, are you well enough to walk, because our big, fire-breathing monster is running away and I think we should catch up already."

"Oh, well thank you Nina" Okron says meaningfully

Tenee nods, "I'm actually quite fine; I'll follow you, since I don't know which way..."

Tenee mounts on Nina, clearly waiting for you to lead.

Guinevere looks in the direction that she last saw
Tispers, and follows him to the best of her ability if she cannot see him anymore.

Tenee murmurs to Nina, and actually begins to lead the way as Nina picks up Tisper's trail.
Guinevere doesn't complain of this usurpation of her lead, and follows Nina.

Through the winding forest, the makeshift group eventually catches up to the very determined warrior.
"You’re slow," he comments without turning to look back at them, "good to see you back, kid" He continues forward through the forest, trying to remember the path they took before.

"Not my fault I slept in!" Tenee says with a laugh, "Odd for me to need that much sleep though..."

It is apparent that Tenee is unaware of the extent of what happened. The group eventually reaches the west gate of Enompt.

Tenee dismounts and replies, "Well, I'll be by the central district... er; I think that's what it's called... if you need me." Then with a few meows to Nina, she wanders into the city.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 04:01:04.

Dreamer of Bladesong
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Nenmar - Day 2 - Planning

Tispers stops in front of the gate and turns around to look at them. "Do what you need to do in the city and then meet up at the inn, we need to discuss our next plan of action," he informs them.

Guinevere pauses to reflect on this morning's (or was it yesterday morning?) events. Well, one thing was absolutely correct; she did not have a normal day.

Nina looks at the group with her golden eyes, nods, and wanders off.
Guinevere knew which Inn Tispers spoke of already, so she went off into the city streets.

The city's as crowded as ever, and everyone is slightly calmed by the daily business that is the city.
Tispers walked through the busy streets without a particular objective in mind. He then decided he should get himself a map of the country. He also figured he should get some prices for making/repairing a ship. He knew it wouldn't get down right away, but it was something to work on while he was here and there wasn't any rush anyways.

After a few words with the commoners, Tispers catches a few mentions of a ship making family in Enompt, but from the sounds of things, they've been fairly busy, and so their price has heightened slightly. (12500gp)
After hearing about the ship making business he figures that it might be better if he waited for a bit, with that he goes off to find a map.

As for a map, Tispers' wanderings around the city happens to find a tavern that seems to function as a tourist stop as well. There are several rough maps lying on a table inside, and Tispers manages to secure one. The map is very plain, considering it was free, but provides a vague outline of the country.
Guinevere eventually makes her way back to her shelter-house and cleaned the wound on her arm; thinking with amazement how such a small (by comparison) cut could produce the mind-numbing pain, still present in memory. She figured out how long until the dragon man, Tispers, wanted everyone to meet at the Inn while replacing her armour in her backpack.

Feeling no need to wander around the city, Okron decides to go to the meeting place ahead of time.

Tispers soon enters the inn later and gives a slight glance at Okron as he enters as he approaches the front desk. "I need a room for discussion, let my companions enter when they come, but no one else," he tells the person at the desk.

The man at the front desk harrumphs, "You're fortunate. Normally we don't have any rooms to spare for the temporary visitors, but the one on the left side of that hallway there is unoccupied; you may use that one provided you don't break it."
"Thanks," he said, putting down a couple gold coins on the desk and walked down to the room. He motioned for Okron to follow him as he walked.

Guinevere later went to the battlements and stared out in the direction of the forest, wondering where the last man in the group went. It was obvious that his fate was intertwined along with everyone else's. She pondered reflectively for a moment on the violent flashes of energy that have occurred so often recently. Not much time passes before her stomach roars out a plea for sustenance and she makes her way to the Inn, if not to meet the others, but to purchase lunch.

When Guinevere enters the inn, Okron quickly grabs her hand and drags her into the meeting room, calling towards the innkeeper that lunch would be nice.

Guinevere sits with the two larger warriors on either end of the table to her. She watches them both alternately, calling to her mind the task she has been given to complete along side these two.

"Lets start by recollecting what has already happened," Tispers started, "it is a memory technique my brother taught me, we'll start at the point where we all met up for the first time, one of you may begin."

"Well, I saw you in the center, I was with Tenee at the time, so then I tried to follow you, up until the point where that Richard person challenged you." Guinevere discloses, speaking directly to him.

"I was eager to fight him... but he quickly disappeared after we got out of the city," Tispers added, "when did we meet up with Okron?"

"It was outside the city; I don't remember how I got there, all I know is I suddenly appeared" Okron adds

"I see, and that’s when Tenee called out Nina and we met her friend for the very first time," Tispers continued.

There is a timid knock on the door.
Guinevere rises from her seat to get the door.

"Then we went in to the forest where I got lost and..." Okron stops in mid sentence and turns to the door.

Upon opening the door, Guinevere finds a young woman who is carrying lunch precariously on her hand opposite the one she used to knock. Precariously balanced upon her arm is a large plate which is half bread, and the other half has three relatively large bowls of stew. She places the relatively simple lunch on the table, curtsies and exits the room.
Tispers waits until she leaves and then grabs a piece of bread and devours it in an instant. "The strangest part of the journey was what happened at the ring of pillars at the cliff side," he said with a gulp as he swallowed his food.

The food is appears quite plain, but is actually above par in terms of taste and sustenance; it even manages to satisfy Tisper's appetite.
"The Cliffs of Venerro," Guinevere recalls. "That was weird. Then those monsters attacked." All the while she is self-conscious of the red mark on her shoulder. She takes herself a bowl of the stew and eats with little difference.

Okron grabs a bowl and starts spooning the stew in to his mouth.

Tispers then grabbed his bowl of stew and ate from it, although it wasn't like that of a barbarian; he ate it carefully and used his spoon properly as if he were from nobility. "It makes me angry that Rii took my kills, you two better not do the same... unless I am in immediate danger," he warned them.

While listening to them, and in between swallows, Okron says "Oh you can't forget that Tenee got injured, she also doesn’t even know how anymore"

"Well, the next thing is to decide what to do next," he said. He then reached into his pack and pulled out a map that he had gotten before. "Right now we are in Enompt, we should probably move onto the next town to see what happens," he tells them. He spread the map out on the table and stared at it deeply, he then pointed at their current location.

"How would we know where to go? Or would we be wandering from town to town?"

The map appears to be a vague depiction of the southern end of the continent, listing Enompt, its sister city Restin just to the north of Enompt. It also lists the Cliffs of Venerro, but with a ‘danger’ sign, as well as Intem and Farro, cities even further north. It finally lists a bizarre landmark, named the Temple of Nenmar that appears to be just north of the center between Farro, Intem & Restin.

The Temple of Nenmar also has a 'dangerous' sign by it.

“We'll go to these cities here, and get information about this thing," Tispers drew lines from Enompt to Restin, then Farro, and then finally Intem. Then he pointed at the Temple of Nenmar and poked at it for a bit. "I'm interested about this, especially since there is a danger sign here, we will need some information if we want to be prepared for it."

The Paladins of Enompt (and Restin) are often told to keep away from Venerro and the Temple of Nenmar; the reason why, besides common Linsemptus attacks, isn't known.
"We could probably cover more ground if we split up, but it might be better to stick together and take our time in case we get attacked by those monsters again," Tispers commented in the silence.

"So we should head north then? To Restin? Should we buy horses?" Guinevere asks Tispers about as much as possible in a few quick sentences. It is quite obvious that she doesn't travel too often beyond the city walls.

"Horses? What on earth do we need horses for?" he replied, "Well you can get one for yourself if you’re not used to walking, but I prefer to walk."

“When shall we leave?” Okron asks.

Tispers looked out the window to see how late it had gotten, he wouldn't mind leaving right away, but he didn't want to have to go through the hassle of setting up camp.

Tispers stood up and grabbed his map, putting it back into his pack. "Come on, we'll stop by the stable if your still eager to get a horse, I'll help you pay for it if you don't have enough," he told Guinevere, "I would like to set out right away, we will be setting up camp though."

"I have more than enough to buy my own horse, thank-you," Guinevere says with perhaps a hint more iciness than intended; "I don't think I will get a horse, they're so much trouble."

"Ok we're leaving then, get your stuff and we'll find Tenee, she at least deserves to know that we are heading out of town," Tispers tells them.

"Uh, what about that Richard fellow?" Guinevere asks. "I guess he's been gone for a while now . . . ."

Okron checks his things and then goes out of the room "I'll pay for the meal"

"He'll show up sooner or later," Tispers replied, walking out the door. He walked passed the front desk and gave a wave of thanks as he exited the building, he then headed down to Central where he hoped he would find Tenee.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 04:08:34.

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Nenmar - Day 2 - Leaving Enompt

At the desk Okron asks "how much do we owe you for the meal?"

"That was covered by the sum the other one already left." The innkeeper says.
Guinevere left shortly after, thanking Okron as he paid for the expenses, and went back to her 'home' to make absolutely sure that she already had everything in her backpack, not that there was much that she left in the abandoned home when she was away.

Guinevere sits in the half-light of her 'home', upon her bed with her knees curled up into her chest. The room could have been as black as the darkest night but it wouldn't have mattered. With a few moments in contemplative silence, she tosses her platinum hair over her shoulder and returns to the city streets, ready for adventure now.

Tispers reaches the Central District without trouble, but it appears that Tenee is not there; with a bit of disdain he realizes that she must've meant the central area of a different district.
Tispers was anxious to go and he didn't want to hunt down Tenee all over the Enompt so he decided it was best that they just leave, perhaps they would meet up with her again someday. He waited to see where the others were.

Okron goes to catch up with the others.

Guinevere arrives in the central district to find Okron and Tispers already standing there waiting for her. With a twinge of regret she hoped that she didn't keep them waiting. "Hey, so are we going to hit the road?"

Without a word Tispers began to walk in the direction that would take him out of the city and onto the right road.
Okron calls to Guinevere then starts with Tispers
Guinevere also follows.

At the north gate, the group can see an extension of the forest they passed through when they went west; it appears that the forest almost surrounds the city.

However, there is a clear, well-traveled path that apparently leads the way between Enompt and Restin.
Tispers doesn't seem to say much during the trip, but you can tell something is on his mind; he mostly stares forwards the entire time.

Guinevere wonders if she should put her armour back on, but she mostly decides not to worry about it. As her mind wanders she wonders how Okron can stand carrying around his heavy armour all day. Maybe it was lighter than she thought?

Once again, Guinevere feels a set of whiskers against her hand even as she walks forward.
She yelps again, but quickly recognizes the sensation.

Tispers stops and turns around swiftly with one hand on his great sword.

Okron seeing this action draws his two swords then turns about himself.

Nina, of course it is her, is in stride with Guinevere. Upon getting your attention, she tilts her head at you all inquisitively, her intonation relatively clear.
Okron seeing no threat puts away his swords.

Tispers relaxes his hand and lets his hand drop back to its original position. He shook his head lightly and turned back around. "If you see Tenee again... let her know that we are leaving to find the ending to this story," he told Nina

Nina nods, then turns and runs off.
Tispers, looking back one final time, continues on his previous train of thought and moves forwards.

After a few moments, the silence of the forest starts to feel unnerving to the group; the lack of wild animal sounds isn't the best thing to hear.
Tispers stops for a moment and looks back at the two. "Okron, I want you to stand the rear," he notes to him. With that he continues forward again.

Posted on 2008-06-15 at 04:12:50.

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Nenmar - Day 2 - More Scouts - Round 1

Dashing from Tispers' right, another one of the same figures from earlier that morning appears, catching everyone off guard. It charges straight into Tispers.

Tispers manages to jump back from the creature's serrated blade as another one jumps in from the left for the same target.

The second one is luckier than the first, and from dodging the first Tispers just gets in range of the second's blade. The blade cuts deep, and the same white rift effect is generated, but fails to cause anything noticeable.
Tispers drew his great sword quickly. Feeling the pain he burst into a rage, his muscles beginning to bulge and veins began to show up all over his body. His eyes quickly changed as he swung his blade down at the one that actually hit him.

The blade slams into the ground, creating a cacophonous racket and upheaval of earth. However, as the dirt settles, the creature appears unfazed.

A sudden tear is heard, as though the fabric of reality was torn, and before your very eyes a white gash in the shape of an erratic lightning bolt appears. As quickly as it came, a whoosh sound is heard and the bolt vanishes, leaving Richard in its place.
Having not quite gotten used to tearing of fabrics Richard is still slightly shaken, but he puts this aside as he rushes into the new enemies presented before him. He charges (moves) towards the nearest enemy. As he makes his attack another blade appears in its shadow, striking immediately after the first.

Richard's dagger visibly goes through the monster on the first strike without effect, but his second strike finds purchase in the unknown form.

The creature recoils from the hit, but still appears quite alive.

The creature hit turns and attempts to punch Richard in the face.

Feeling the air part at the attempted strike, Richard ducks underneath the creature's appendage.

Guinevere's heart skips a beat at the reappearance of the monsters. With memory of the last encounter still faintly visible on her arm, she gets away (5ft step back and right) and gives Okron a close-up of swirling black energies gathering around her hand, and then transferring to her palm as she fires a beam at the incorporeal monster.

The beam flies straight through the monster without effect.
"Damn!" Guinevere curses.

The first creature to appear forms a serrated blade with its appendage yet again, and slashes at Tispers.

The creature successfully slashes across Tisper's back, and again the white rift effect appears, but it fails to do any effect to Tispers.

Okron takes a step forward and draws his swords slashing one down.

The blade passes through straight through the creature's form, with no resistance or effect.

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Nenmar - Day 2 - More Scouts - Round 2

A sudden tear is heard, as though the fabric of reality was torn, and before your very eyes a white gash in the shape of an erratic lightning bolt appears, exactly in the same spot as Richard. As quickly as it came, a whoosh sound is heard and Richard and the bolt vanish.

Noting the disappearance of its target without much acknowledgement, the Linsemptus creature turns to punch Tispers in the gut.

Tispers sharply steps back and out of the way of the flailing appendage.

Tispers then retaliates back at it with another vertical chop.

The creature is nearly cleaved in half, but it somehow maintains its form, even as it begins to dissipate.

Noting the state of its ally, the other Linsemptus takes a swipe at Tispers' back.

The creature manages to punch Tispers in the back, with little effect.

"Okron, please try to stay out of my way," Guinevere says, and then she turns and ran to get some distance in from the enemy. (To a point directly down from the left Linsemptus, but as far away as a move action will take me) In a second, dark energy leapt from her hand at the other monster that was ganging up on Tispers, "Hey you! Over here!" She shouted at it.

The creature ducks reflexively under the black blast, instantly reforming into an upright position.
Okron takes both swords and brings them together, forming an X, and then slashes horizontally with both swords sliding one across the other in to the enemy

The creature gets caught in the crossing of the two blades, but despite the keen force of one in particular, it only did a standard amount of damage.

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Nenmar - Day 2 - More Scouts - Round 3

A sudden tear is heard, as though the fabric of reality was torn, and before your very eyes a white gash in the shape of an erratic lightning bolt appears. As quickly as it came, a whoosh sound is heard and the bolt vanishes, leaving Richard in its place.

The left Linsemptus takes its 'arm' and forms a thin serrated blade. Knowing its failed effect on the Half-Dragon, it turns and slashes at Richard.

The blade cuts into Richard's chest, and a white rift appears along the path of the blade. The rift however seals without any noticeable effect.
Tispers goes into a horizontal sweep on the same enemy with his great sword. "Die!" he yells.

The blade severs the Linsemptus in half along the horizontal plane, and it dissipates slowly, an unearthly shriek exiting its form as it does so.
Tispers then swivels around and brings his sword down on the one behind him.

This creature jumps to the side from the assault, and quickly returns to its position. Then Tispers' assault is met with a punch to the face.
A strand of black energy appears in Richard’s hand. He tosses to wards the beast and it wraps around its neck tightening quickly.

The assault fails due to the lack of something to tighten onto; the strand simply recoils back to Richard's hand.
Guinevere blinks at the sudden reappearance of Richard in her line of fire. It didn't matter anyway, as her target fell under Tisper's mighty swing. Her next manoeuvre would be to get a clear path to shoot at the other, so she ran around to find a way to hit it.

Okron goes to slash at the bizarre creature again.

Okron slashes with precision on the first strike, but finds no resistance as it passes through the creature harmlessly. The second strike, however, is evaded by the creature as it ducks again.
Tispers swings his sword at the creature again, swinging again and again each time to kill it.

The creature lets out an unearthly shriek as it is cleaved in half.

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Nenmar - Day 2 - Return of Tenee

Tispers calms himself down, letting his muscles relax, with that he sheathed his great sword.

"Happy now Tispers?" Okron says with a smile "No one stole your kills"

The black energies dissipate from Guinevere's hand. "We did it, they're not so tough." Guinevere laughs. Looking at Tispers she notices that he is not exactly uninjured.

Richard sheaths his dagger and looks towards his allies. "What were those?"

"Don't really know." Guinevere answers quickly. “They attacked us back at the Cliffs just before you left and then again now. By the way, what were you doing for such a long time anyway?"

Okron sheathes his swords.

Tispers, kneeling on the ground seems to grab something too small to be seen by the rest of the group. He picks it up and looks for a spot to store it in. After awhile he pulls open a hidden pocket in his pouch and sticks it in.

"Huh," Guinevere says, lifting another into her own palm, "It's the things from before."

Tispers stands up and holds out his hand to her. "I'll hold onto them for now, they seem important enough to keep anyways," he tells her.

"HEY!!!! WAIT UP!!!!!"

Looking back, Tenee, riding on Nina's back, can be seen as they follow up the path swiftly. Upon reaching the group, Tenee dismounts, and says (directly towards Guinevere), "I'm so sorry! I must've said the wrong place or something... but I'm sorry!"
"Hey, what are you doing? You actually want to follow us after what happened at the cliffs?" Guinevere responds.
"Huh? What happened at the cliffs besides me sleeping in?" Tenee asks, slightly puzzled.
"We were attacked by strange creatures, which wavered in all the colors of the rainbow," Tispers explained. He then showed her a wound on his arm to show proof of them being attacked.

"Speaking of which" Okron says while reaching over and filling Tispers with a positive energy, causing some of the wounds to disappear

Richard distances himself, from the rest. He impatiently waits for the conversation to move onto a more relevant subject.

At the description of the creatures, Tenee's eyes go flat, "Linsemptus." She says with a snarl.

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Nenmar - Day 2 - Defining the Linsemptus

"I assume that to be the proper name of these creatures, this is the second time I have seen and encountered these creatures before, what exactly are they?" Tispers asked.

"The Linsemptus are what's causing that." Tenee says, pointing to the sky that's essentially covered in cracks, much like a window pane before it shatters. "I haven't been able to find out much about them, but I do know that they are vile creatures whose only purpose seems to destroy."
That seems to be enough to capture Richard’s interest as he says, "Great, where can we find more?"

"Linsemptus…" Okron repeats, testing the foreign word.

"In that case, they will need to be stopped, I won't be able to get any revenge if they destroy everything," Tispers replied. He had a scary look on his face and it seemed that his original plan was changing in his mind. He quickly continued down the road, hoping to get to the next town as soon as possible. "I'm going ahead, I'll meet with you further up the road," he said with a wave.

Richard gets up, "You might meet some of those creatures on your way there. There’s no way that I will miss a chance to meet some more of those." he says to Tispers as he follows.
"Just how many types have you encountered anyway?" Tenee asks curiously.
Turning to look over his shoulder Richard says, "To the best of my knowledge, only one."

"I see..." Tenee says, "Well, just so you know... I've been following all the rumours and information about the Linsemptus I've been able to find. There are at least nine types out there, from what I've heard."
Guinevere continues down the road after the two already walking warriors. "You might want to hurry up; we can talk while we walk. Might make the journey pass quicker." she called back, the cheerful girl replacing the image of the dark magic that she is able to call up.
Tenee nods, remounts on Nina, and follows.
"So you were saying something about the Lin-sempt-us back there?" Guinevere asks Tenee

"Well, I've heard and read about nine different types of Linsemptus." Tenee says, "And I'd guess that there's more out there too."

"The nine types I've heard of all have the same wavy colour aspect, but have different shapes: there's four different humanoid forms, a snake-like one, one in the shape of an eye, an avian one, a clam-like one, and even one in a shape like that of a dragon." Tenee continues.

Tispers simply listened to the conversation quietly as he walked forward. He didn't have anything to add at the moment, and he didn't exactly understand it all either, but he figured he knew enough to at least be able to combat them.

Guinevere stares up into the fractured sky, "So really, all this time it's been those monsters that have been doing this?" she asks in wonder.

Tenee nods sadly, "Yes. I'm guessing you ran into the small humanoid ones, since they're the most commonly seen. You must have seen them use an attack that left a white line where they slashed, right? That's only an example of them tearing at the world."
"How are the Linsemptus created?" Okron asks while walking by Tenee.

Guinevere looks down at the healing line on her arm, understanding the paralyzing pain now. "Is that also why you can't hit them sometimes?" She asks, remembering how her eldritch energies kept on going past the monster. If some one had been standing behind it, they'd suffer a lot worse injury than the Linsemptus have been shown capable of.

Tenee shakes her head, "There aren't even any rumours about where the Linsemptus came from; they only just suddenly appeared. As for why you can't hit them, again, I'm not sure. Most rumours say that they're not here at different times, even though they appear to be. Where they are though, all the rumours say something different."
"Hmm... Interesting" Okron says while thinking on this.

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Nenmar - Day 2 - Officially Adding Tenee to the Group

"Well, now that I know what you're doing, I'm going to do my best to help you out!" Tenee says with a smile. "Even fight if need be."
"Don't you think you are a little young to be fighting monsters?" asked Guinevere, ever conscious of her age barely in the later teens. "Even considering that you're an elf."

"Don't worry about fighting with us," Tispers said suddenly, "focus on being support for us behind the scenes, if you can keep finding information on these creatures for us, as well as locations as to where they seem to be showing up a lot at, that would be more help to us than if you tried fighting."

"We should be able to handle ourselves," Guinevere agreed, aware that fighting off two hardly counted for a major achievement.

Tenee shakes her head, "Oh, don't worry about me." She says, with an uncustomary hint of steel and malice in her voice, "This is long overdue..."
"Well I have a feeling that at the Temple of Nenmar there are Linsemptus, thus the reason we Paladins are told not to go there" Okron states.

Guinevere turns to Okron, "What do you know about the Temple Okron?"

"Only that Linsemptus appear there frequently, and that since there are so few Paladins and if we did go there we would lose a great deal of warriors" Okron responded
"So you're knowingly journeying to a place that has seen so many attacks that you are told not to go there?"

Guinevere asks, admiring his courage just slightly. Though that might just be a part of the courage filling her own heart just by walking near him.

Tenee nods, "Yes, they seem to converge around the Temple a lot, don't they? But, I will aid you in battle, whether you like it or not. I even asked Rii if I could get a bow like hers, or even use hers... but of course; she's better at wielding it, so I knew the answer before I even asked."

A sudden tear is heard, as though the fabric of reality was torn, and before your very eyes a white gash in the shape of an erratic lightning bolt appears, exactly in the same spot as Richard. As quickly as it came, a whoosh sound is heard and Richard and the bolt vanish.

Tenee looks over towards where the rift appeared, "Those will continue to appear, and even appear more often, as the destruction caused by the Linsemptus increases."

"When that happens where do the persons it happens to go?" Okron asks.

"I'm not sure." Tenee responds, "I went through one, and apparently I went through time, to a later date; either that or it held me in stasis for that long."

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Nenmar - Day 2 - Outside Restin - Round 1

A wall of stone looms just ahead; this must be the southern gate of Restin.

"Wait..." Tenee whispers, "There's a Linsemptus Scout, one like those creatures you've already fought, over to the side along the wall."

Guinevere and the others glance in the direction Tenee is pointing, but their eyes aren't as acute as Tenee's and fail to see the hidden Scout.

Tenee reaches into her pack, and pulls out a bow that seems to have been too big for the pack. She nocks an arrow and fires, the arrow flying straight and true to thud right into the 'head' of the Linsemptus Scout.
Guinevere Feyheart looks at Tenee after looking at the arrow, her pupils have become pearl white orbs, while the whites of her eyes have become the pitch blacks; her irises are still a pair of hazel rings. "These things will be put to an end, one at a time if need be." With that the blackness growing in her hand balls itself above her palm. With a gesture, she fires at the monster

Recoiling from the arrow to begin with, the Linsemptus Scout is nearly blown off its feet from the dark blast.
Recovering quickly, the Linsemptus Scout dashes forward at a fast pace, ending up just next to the road.

Tispers then rushes up to it, drawing his sword in the process. Tispers then chops his sword down into it.

The Scout recoils under the blade's path, and is slightly torn apart, but manages to stay together.

Tenee urges Nina around, and takes another shot. This shot buries itself into the Linsemptus Scout's torso.

Okron draws both swords and rushes forward.

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